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Oct 23, 1947 (Age: 70)
Southwestern Michigan


Porno Junky, 70, from Southwestern Michigan

Looking to love a nice lady. Slide my cock into her. Feb 19, 2017

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Sep 10, 2017
    1. dnick47
      Looking to love a nice lady. Slide my cock into her.
    2. dnick47
      Hard cock for wet pussy.
    3. mikeron
      I love y wife with all my heart but ,we are into swinging. We have one rule, no kissing on the lips. She is bi and has been with several women since we married and has always shared. We both enjoy her sucking and fucking other guys and we are always together. She goes wild having two guys at the same time. This has not affected our love for each other in any way.
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      2. azazul
        Quite interesting
        Apr 24, 2017
    4. dnick47
      My cock is hard ready and waiting for some wet tight pussy.
    5. dnick47
      Playing with myself .. would like female partner.
    6. 48Man
      Thanks for the comments about my wife--glad you like!
    7. dnick47
      Would like to talk dirty with a woman on kik
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    8. dnick47
      Sex without love is meaningless.
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    9. gabyk83
      lets roleplay , i like you
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    10. Thinlips
      Only into my detailed rp. Not into knowing anyone. Just fantasy detailed rp.
    11. Norton X
      Norton X
      Welcome to xnxx forum, Dnick.
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    12. sexy1wife
      Thanks for following me. Hope u enjoy my pics.
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      2. dnick47
        Yes, I like your pics. Would like to eat that pussy as well then fuck it.
        Feb 5, 2016
    13. dnick47
      New to the site. Would like to make some friends and have some fun.
    14. dnick47
      New to the site. Hope to make some friends along the way.
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    Oct 23, 1947 (Age: 70)
    Southwestern Michigan
    Sexual Orientation:
    Sex. Most everyone likes it as do I. To me being joined to a woman is the ultimate experience in this life. Depositing seed in her the reason there are males and females.

    Yet, I believe it is also spiritual connection as well. A man is to love a woman in such a way that she feels good about herself. IT Is more then a matter of getting her wet, removing her clothing and ramming a stiff cock into her sliding it in and out till you cum.

    She should be romanced and treated like a person. She should be allowed to feel good about herself and that she is not merely a one-night-stand. Taking time to caress, fondle and embrace her while whispering sweet things into her ear.

    Removing her clothing should be done with care and romantically. If she stays your hand, do not push but kiss her again and again trying once to undress her but if she stays your hand once more don't push it. Next date she may allow it. By doing so one shows respect.

    If she allows you to undress her be a gentleman. Carefully especially when it comes to revealing her charms because she is granting you a privilege. Especially when it comes to exposing her sex if she allows you to go that far.

    I think of it as a two step process: building her passion but also building her self respect. After being loved a woman should never feel cheap or dirty; rather she should feel like the lady she is.

    Even when it comes to the actual penetration whether in her vagina or her taking you into her mouth. Make her feel good about doing so but if even at that point she hesitates, do not force her. It is her body and I never forget that.

    That's the way I think and how I prefer to love.

    Not Bi but open minded.

    Besides the above I like good movies, books and music. I prefer the classics in music - classic rock, classic country, classic long hair - Beethoven, et. al.

    I tend to be seriously minded not a social butterfly by any means yet I do have a light side having dry humor.

    Hope to hear from you


    Sex without passion is meaningless.