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    1. judydoo
      Mike I haven't been able to get there yet baby but I do want to see you cum for me
    2. michaell
      Judy - the only time I can really count on the whore being out of the house is between 7-9 est when she visits her cock sucking mother. I'd love to jack off for you and eat my cum while you watch. I'll plan on doing it wednesday evening - go to iwebcam.com and go to the room that says MASTURBATION. I'll be daddymike and you can text me to let me know if you are there - just type in, Hi mike this is judy.
    3. judydoo
      send me a link sweetie I want to hear you cum all over me ...watch it spew out of your cock pumping and shooting your load.. I have to be careful ...I don't want to get grounded and he's such a nosy ole fart .. wish it were in the day time I have more freedom then you understand
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    4. michaell
      Judy. I'd love to. What time zone are you in? I'm in EST, so I'm normally on webcam around 7-9 pm here. You could watch and hear me talk to you. Let me know what time you would expect to be on, then you could text me (on the masturbation site) to let me know you are there. I love thinking about putting my mouth on your wet pussy and slowly making love to it with my tongue. I dream about kissing your mouth while Susan and her mother Bertha make love to your pussy with their mouths.
      xxxx mike
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    5. judydoo
      I don't have a web cam set up but I would love to see you spewing your cum just for me..
    6. judydoo
      Hi Mike stopped by to say hi sweetie .....XXX
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    I had sex with two of my six sisters as a teen. My older sister Kathy and I did a 3way with a male cousin and Kathy sucked me off and let me eat her cunt and suck her tits for almost 6 years. My younger sister Vicky learned to suck cock and swallow from me. I know my mother Gladys did fuck salesmen and bill collectors for a few bucks, and once caught her with a neighbor (betty webber) in bed eating each other's cunt, but they didn't know I saw.
    I love whores...married two of them, (both had sex for money...first wife a fluffer in porn, current wife was a prostitute for two years) and had affairs with two other incredibly slutty bitches between marriages.
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