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Feb 17, 2019 at 10:00 PM
Dec 14, 2009
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Northwest Ohio


Sex Machine, from Northwest Ohio

widowed Aug 30, 2018

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    1. Lovetolust
      Love your stories, they really get me off.....
    2. mikeron
    3. Willooh
      Want to phone?
      1. mikeron
        Yes, where area do you live?
        May 12, 2017
    4. zeke23
      Yes...I want to hear more about your wife and the BBC she enjoyed. I want to watch my wife so bad!!
    5. NaddyX
      At cobblestone, the water access was down a steep hilll and prolly a city block walk. As none of the others were "water" people, cept Joy's hubby once in a while, she and I wold often go down to the river. And, Boy!, wold we play. Feely sucky all the way there and back. Had to be careful of possible other people floating down the river. She'd easily let me pull her swimtopdown and suck her nipples.
      I'd pull her crotch aside and finger fuck her as she leaned over and sucked my dick. Sometimewold have to hurry and recover as someone rounded the curve. Boy, the men were sure friendly as they passed.
      Did I tell about the timeshe and Iwere on the river, canoeing, and ran into the college kids?
      Joy was always pretty frisky with me, and if she had a few drinks, she was even more daring for me
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    6. oblyonekanobi
      Hey mikeron... remember us? We're baaaa aa ck
    7. oblyonekanobi
      Just read you infi in what you guys are in to. Barb and are almost exactly in that stsge but ee go slowly about new things and gauge what we are feeling about it. is there a way tHOWEVER o send orivate msg between us? Tell me HOW
    8. oblyonekanobi
      Mikeron would you please describe and tell Barb and I abiut your wife?Have you discussed getting another big cock in her? Letting you watch or participate? Is it just a fantasy?
    9. oblyonekanobi
      Mikeron would you please tell us more about your WIFE? Any outside fucking etc? is that a fantasy? do you think she could be persuaded to read one of our 3 or 4sums?
    10. paulmans200
      one guy i always remeber he ran the local shop, Indian guy call vic, first time i met him on the island he took me to one of the rooms, there i sucked and licked the biggest brownist cock he was thick and long, and fuck me this guy could cum, cum like i have not seen since, he filled my mouth and no word of i lie you could chew it, he made me feel so dirty, we used to meet up of the island and it was me sucking him of, sometimes he would cum over my face then use his cock to smear it all over me and slap me with his cock, if he cum in my mouth he would always ask me show him his cum in my mouth, then tell me to swollow,
    11. paulmans200
      he did say he was going to cum, but i made sure he kept hold of my head, i remember that first taste of hot spunk , fill my mouth, my tongue tingling i cum in my own pants as he was,, he told me it was awesome and would love to do more, he asked how i felt, i told him i loved it, i did become a very regular visitor over there, he told me i was always welcome, i swollowed many loads of his, he also got me to meet some of his friends,
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    12. paulmans200
      the first time i see a mans cock was when i was about 14 , the river was flodded and he was a post man and had fallen in, he was trying to dry himself, but if truth be knowen he was enjoying me looking at his cock, he was hard, so when this guy came along when i was 16, and i was just 16 , i knew what he wanted , it was common knowlege that this guy on the island was gay, i went over there knowing what could happen, so when he droped his trousers i was there first of all holding feeling how hot and smooth it felt , and the aroma, wow, and that first taste in my mouth, i was hooked, and he fucking well knew it,
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    13. stubbychub
      Sorry I mean't two or three times a month, not a week
    14. stubbychub
    15. stubbychub
      My gf is bartender in club ,sometimes ,two or three times a week she 's late coming from work ,Iknow it's all good . her panty,s are wet whith cum ,she just got laid n is usualy still hot knowing I'm going to eat her out ! One time her car broke down ,guy brought her home . Iheard the car in drive and watched her blow him before she came in and gave me big hot french kiss them blew me !!!! Is fun with hot slutty girl !!She cumms so hard when being eaten and loves to tell me about her adventures and share her prize with me . It works both ways ,sometimes she brings her girl friends home to play ,usualy on weekends, but mostley just creammie panties ! yumm yumm !! tell me your stories ?
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    16. Jeffieboy
      Love getting cock slapped.
    17. SkeetR247
      Man, now that"s what I'm talkin about. I want my wife to receive a big cock and watch as she enjoys it.
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    18. hjack
      I enjoy your posts.
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    19. Hearts & Roses
      Hearts & Roses
      Thanks for your comment on my visitors board!As I would love to converse with you more about this most wonderful subject of white women being used and abused by black men big ones and lots of them!
    20. Hearts & Roses
      Hearts & Roses
      Well I feel the same about my wife and would really love to see her impaled on the end of an enormous black cock!
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    I love women and everything about them, but I have been bisexual since I was a teen. The first woman I seen naked and touched was my hot mom.