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Mar 12, 2018
    1. sargeanto
      Just finished "Game of Inches". Beautiful story. Hope you are considering being published.
      1. Moneyman5 likes this.
    2. Mrzekex
      Since I first discovered a game of inches several years ago, I find myself coming back time and time again to reread it. Do you write for any other sites/have any books available? I would love to buy some of your works, with or without the explicit scenes. Please continue writing, if not for us then for yourself. You have a tremendous gift to infuse emotion I to the pages.
    3. DiamondDave 51
      DiamondDave 51
      I love the story Game of Inches!!! Those are some of the questions I had when you ended it. You are a great writer. I just wish you had of kept it going a lot longer than you did because I like it so much. Thanks for the great read.
    4. DiamondDave 51
      DiamondDave 51
      Did Ashley ever meet her Grand children?
      What happened to Mia? Did she meet her Granchildren? Did she die? When? Before or after Brian did? Did Ashley ever except the house that Brian gave her?
    5. DiamondDave 51
      DiamondDave 51
      What happened to Gia and Mr. & Mrs.Timmons? What happened with Ashley? Did she die after or before Brian.
    6. DiamondDave 51
      DiamondDave 51
      I have a few questions about Game of Inches. Why didn't you let the readers now about Brian and Alexis' children until the epilog?
    7. DiamondDave 51
      DiamondDave 51
      Hey Rhiannon57, have you posted Hobo yet? Just curious because I haven't been able to find it yet. DiamondDave51
    8. JimmyJackJohnson
      I read Game of Inches 5 years ago and to this day it is still my favorite piece of literature. Your writing actually inspired me to write and I have 2 parts published but but I've recently wrote a shorter part to a new series I was hoping to write. I would greatly appreciate any advice or critique you would have for me .
    9. Stealth Eagle
      Stealth Eagle
      Rhiannon57, I would like to invite you to another forum that is also a very good one. If you contact me at stlthegle@gmail.com I will give you the web site.
    10. Jamo128
      I just wanna say I loved A Game of Inches, it's my all time favorite story just the right amount of everything in my opinion. I know they're you're stories and you write them how you want, but I would have like to seen more continued story of Brian and Alexis living their life married, finding out they're pregnant and having kids I think that would make an excellent addition to the story if you ever felt like it.
    11. Wantonly_Siren
      I loved reading 'A Game Of Inches', definitely not as much erotica as I'd hoped for but an enjoyable read no !ess. I hope you write more, honestly that story is good enough to be published. Have you considered getting your writing published on Amazon for kindle unlimited?They say it's pretty simple to publish through them. Are you currently working on anything?
      1. Rhiannon57
        Yes, in fact I am writing a new story called Hobo which I will be posting soon. Thank's so much for the positive feedback I really appreciate it. Hope you enjoy the next story.
        Aug 4, 2017
    12. DrThadius
      Hi, I really enjoy your stories. I am towards the end of A Game of Inches. Are you aware that it is missing three parts? I believe they are. 1,5 and 9.
    13. BigRD
    14. thomas1426
      when will parts 1 5. 9 BE BACK UP
    15. jackwatchu
      What the latest about Jeff and Beth story. love it
    16. Soulburst25
      Your stories are awesome but can you repost 1 5 and 9? I love game of inches that I reread a lot and it would be great if all the chapters was there. I also hope your making more series of stories cuz your work is amazing.
      1. cousinm1 likes this.
    17. BigBlue12
      What happened to chapters 1, 5, and 9 of Game of Inches?
      1. Reader381
    18. jpcarvin
      Did'nt you publish a game of inches under another title.
    19. Nitehawk45
      Hi...I just finished your story "My Sister in Law Beth" and absolutely loved it. I ended up reading it on another site and wanted to send you a comment. I figured you might have it here also and lucky for me it was. Anyway, it was one of the best reads I thought. I'll be reading more of your stories.
    20. Jahx

      I took all the chapters for Game of Inches, cleaned them up, and put them into a single document. I also converted it over to epub, for my reading pleasure. If you would like either one of these documents please let me know.


      1. slyfox0529
        Does your copy include chapters 1, 5, and 9? If so I would like to get a copy to read if possible...
        Nov 2, 2015
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