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Jul 18, 2017
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Nov 12, 1975 (Age: 43)
The embalming room of our Mortuary
Funeral director / Mortician


Sex Machine, 43, from The embalming room of our Mortuary

Never cross a woman, who can embalm a dead body and discuss what's for lunch all at the same time. Jan 25, 2019

    1. Les Hughes
      Les Hughes
      Hey Sexy vampirTARA, oh my girl your sooo damn sexi, And that Body of yours, got me some hard nipples and damp knickers, you even got the fangs too lol! x
      Love it, you! X
    2. Funanyway
      Hahaha, that's what I'd do if I had a job like that. I'm commenting on your opening profile statement. And you have a special talent and a lot of people might not appreciate your work. Thanks
      1. VampirTARA likes this.
    3. Txcock
      I bet you can be a good panties model.
      1. VampirTARA likes this.
    4. NiteWalker
      Good morning you sweet sexy Vamp!
      1. VampirTARA likes this.
      2. VampirTARA
        And good morning to you also.
        Feb 28, 2019
        NiteWalker likes this.
    5. Donnie6565
      My girlfriend gets wets (wet but more) when we read your stories ( I get a fucking stiff Bonner like when I WAS A TEENAGER)
      1. Jeff Seaman and VampirTARA like this.
    6. perrydog6o
      I'm a new fan love your stories
      1. Jeff Seaman and VampirTARA like this.
    7. Donnie6565
      Do you have any other photos or stories... I wish my girlfriend had some freaky in her . I gonna share with her
      1. Jeff Seaman and VampirTARA like this.
    8. Donnie6565
      Your story was NASTY SEXY
      1. VampirTARA likes this.
    9. Mjr100
      Thanks for both likes sexy
      1. VampirTARA likes this.
    10. lookN4fun56
      Hi sexy...me so horny
      1. Donnie6565 likes this.
      2. VampirTARA
        You go Yankee the wanky of long duck dong, because Me Not So Horny.
        Feb 21, 2019
      Happy valentine
      1. VampirTARA likes this.
    12. BluTaboo
      Thank you for sharing your story. Filling a family shaped hole in mah heart place
    13. NiteWalker
      Happy Valentine's Day you lovely Vamp! xo
      1. VampirTARA likes this.
      2. VampirTARA
        Feb 14, 2019
        Wildside14 and NiteWalker like this.
    14. Flat chested
      Flat chested
      Can I post to you about me and my dog?
      1. VampirTARA
        Umm, a guy and his dog getting it on. Is not exactly my cup of tea. But others may be interested, post it in the stories section of the Forum.
        Jan 26, 2019
        Adam Bear and NiteWalker like this.
    15. VampirTARA
      Never cross a woman, who can embalm a dead body and discuss what's for lunch all at the same time.
      1. hannahsbigdaddy
        That's supposed to be scary? Hahaha..
        Jan 25, 2019
        VampirTARA likes this.
      2. VampirTARA
        No, the time to be scared is when you're on my table and I'm holding a trocar. Just remember, You think when you die you go straight to heaven, no you come to us first.
        Jan 25, 2019
        Adam Bear and hannahsbigdaddy like this.
      3. Woncha
        can you do it with my cock in your ass at the same time?
        Mar 23, 2019 at 2:20 PM
    16. Flat chested
      Flat chested
      You and the story of the dog got me so friggin hard I just had to cum!!! I'll be honest, I let my old rotwhiler fuck me in the ass one day....not out of want but because he weighed 10kgs more than me and he smelt the scent of a dog's neighbours dog that was on heat.....he pretty much raped my ass...my dog came in my ass just as I was pulling myself and came....I'd love to elaborate further to you about it
      1. BlaqBytch062259 likes this.
    17. NiteWalker
      Hope the Lovely Mysterious Sexy Vampire Lady is well!
      1. VampirTARA likes this.
      2. VampirTARA
        I am fine , just busy with the baby and the mortuary. I thank you for asking.
        Jan 22, 2019
        Adam Bear and NiteWalker like this.
    18. thetropper
      We love you comeback
      1. VampirTARA
        Jan 22, 2019
    19. NiteWalker
      Hope you had a wonderful holidays and had fun. Hope you got nice presents as you deserve then sexy lady!
      1. VampirTARA likes this.
    20. silverfox17511
      Happy New Year!
      1. VampirTARA likes this.
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  • About

    Nov 12, 1975 (Age: 43)
    The embalming room of our Mortuary
    Funeral director / Mortician
    Sexual Orientation:
    Welcome To My Nightmare

    * Scroll down below - For Links to all of my stories

    Welcome I'm Tara, I'm 5 feet 7 inches; approximately 120 pounds, long raven-black hair with gray eyes + glasses and natural abnormally long top incisors ( K9's or fangs).

    For 24 years I've been in a polygamist marriage ( not Mormon ) we are Celtic Druids. I have four children, two teenagers, a two-year-old to my husband, and just recently gave birth in September, to a beautiful interracial (black) 6 pounds 3 oz old baby boy to another man that is 79 years old.....

    Now I have 2 Sister Wives: Toni that's a year younger than me, she is also my biological sister. She has has been married to our husband for 23 years, and has 4 children to our husband, 2 boys & 2 girls.
    Then there's Kathy that is a good bit younger than us, she's 23 years old with one child to our husband and another on the way. She has been married to our husband for 5 years.

    Some have asked about my screen name - well I was nicknamed vampirTara back when I was in high school. Because I had "Porphyria" it's nicknamed The Vampire disease. So I can not go out in the sunlight and have abnormally long incisors (K9's) etcetera. Back then, tl my classmates didn't know all the details of my disease, only what they saw. Which was a girl with long black hair and fangs that could not go out in the sunlight. So in the beginning I was called Lily Munster or Morticia And if they did, I don't think it would have mattered. If they knew, I also required human blood, because with this disease my body does not make heme. And to top it off I crave it when I don't have it, they would have been either scared or had fun with me even more and their parents would have freaked out having a student like that in class with their children. So that part was kept quiet....Anywho, Below is an older article that explains some of my disease... it is hard to find an article that has it all correct, because the scientists and doctors cannot agree on treatments and such for my diseases rare. But it's the best one I found that puts it in a nutshell.



    By PHILIP M. BOFFEY, Special to the New York Times

    Published: May 31, 1985

    LOS ANGELES, May 30— Werewolves and vampires, those dreaded beasts of folklore and superstition, may have been nothing more than people suffering from a rare class of genetic diseases, a scientist suggested here today.

    Dr. David H. Dolphin, a biochemist at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, suggested that the effects of the porphyria diseases, which involve a malfunctioning in the body's manufacture of crucial heme, could have left some victims grotesquely disfigured, turned all of them into creatures of the night and caused them to suck the blood of their brothers, sisters, friends and spouses.

    Victims of the diseases, Dr. Dolphin suggested in a talk at the American Association for the advancement of Science, could have inspired the mythology of werewolves, which were humans who changed into wolves, and vampires, which were corpses that left their graves at night to suck the blood of humans.

    Aversion to Sunlight

    The effects of these diseases, can be devastating, he said. The malfunctions in the body's chemistry cause the skin to be extraordinarily sensitive to sunlight, with a result that exposure to even mild sunlight will burn and disfigured the skin, cause the nose and fingers to fall off, and the inscissors larger than ordinary, look like they are jutting out in a menacing, animal-like manner.

    The chief defense against the painful effects of the sun, Dr. Dolphin suggested, would be to venture forth only at night, as werewolves and vampires were said to do. Some victims of the disease also become very hairy, he said, conceivably one of nature's efforts to protect the skin from the sun.

    Dr. Dolphin said there is still no cure for the diseases, which strike perhaps one in every 200,000,000 people, but a very few can be treated.

    The scientist acknowledged that the werewolf element of his theory was not new, since it had been put forth by another scientist more than two decades ago. But he contended that his vampire idea broke new ground.

    Treatment Derived From Blood

    He noted that a major treatment today for some porphyrias is an injection of a blood product, heme. Since that treatment did not exist in the Middle Ages, when the myths originated, Dr. Dolphin said, the victims might have instinctively sought heme by biting human victims and drinking a large amount of their blood, as was supposedly the custom of vampires.

    However, Dr. Dolphin said he did not have evidence that the body could or could not get heme by drinking blood, and he could not explain why the porphyria victims would not have drunk the blood of animals rather than human blood.

    He did have an explanation for why the victims of a vampire's bite were supposedly turned into vampires themselves. He suggested that brothers and sisters could have shared the defective gene that causes the diseases, but that only one of them might have experienced symptoms of the disease. If that victim then bit a sibling to get blood, the shock of the experience might have triggered an attack of the disease in the bitten sibling, thus producing another vampire.

    Explanation for Fear of Garlic

    Dr. Dolphin also offered an explanation of why vampires, or porphyria victims, might well have been afraid of garlic, in accord with mythology. Garlic, he said, contains a chemical that exacerbates the symptoms of porphyrias.

    He said his vampire theory had never before been presented to a scientific meeting but acknowledged that he had confided the gist of it to some tens of millions of people watching a morning television show last Halloween. No one at this gathering of scientists immediately stepped forward to dismiss or endorse his theories, but one baldish scientist did wonder aloud whether they might hold promise for his own hair-growth problem. Not all is known about this disease it is a mystery and scientists cannot agree on how to treat it, but for now beware of the porphyrias, if they invite you to dinner.
    WOW! You've made it this far, it shows you have the attention span longer than a squirrel !

    Anywho FYI !
    #1 I'm only attracted to men that are 70 years or older !
    #2 I won't deny, I love a nice very Dark Black penis every once in awhile!

    #3 I'm not here looking for a hookup or a future boyfriend!
    My true stories of events that happened to me :

    1) " The day our family's Rottweiler took me" (beastiality- raped by the family dog)

    2) "The Neighbor's Dog" ( bestiality & incest )

    3) "The Mortuary Vampires"
    ( interracial sex- older women & younger men-murder- vampirism)

    4) "Oh Daddy !" (incest)

    5) "Oh Daddy 2"
    ( bestiality & incest)

    6) "My Halloween party" (incest with older brother)


    "Screwdrivers and a little 9 ball" (incest with older brother)

    " A skeleton in my closet " from my wedding reception (incest- raped by grandfather)


    "My FIRST BLACK EXPERIENCE" ( first time having interracial sex )


    10) " I never thought in a million years" (incest & beastiality)


    11) "A skeleton in my closet #2 Christmas week part 1 (incest & cheating, interracial sex)


    12) " A skeleton in my closet #2 Christmas week part 2 (cheating & beastiality)



    FYI~I'M not here to hook up or date anyone + I DON'T SEXTEXT~KIK~SKYPE~CAM~ So you can spank your monkey!

    Links to all of My TRUE STORIES of events that have happened to me, can be found in my profile info !!
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