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  1. Simon Turner

    Simon Turner Porn Surfer

    Aug 18, 2018
    True to his word, Arthur didn’t take any bookings for me for the remainder of the weekend; instead he’d sent me home with a pot of Aloe Vera and told me to have a rest. The week dragged on and on, and with each day my sore anus reduced to a mere sting, but only when I had my morning poo. As the weekend approached I left numerous messages on Arthur’s home answer-phone but never got a call back.

    By the weekend I’d heard nothing from Arthur and decided that I’d take the weekend off and go out and have some fun. I went to the local Top Rank discotheque with my biker friends. As usual we drank large amounts of beer but couldn’t work out why we never pulled girls! As the night drew to yet another unsuccessful close, I decided rather than cab it, I’d walk home alone. The route home took me past a public toilet, in which I knew gay guys looked for fun. I later found out that this was called cottaging, but at this point in my life it was an unknown phenomenon.

    As I was walking past the ‘cottage’ I saw some movement near the doorway, but it was just a shadowy figure. Again, I later realized that all the participants removed light-bulbs etc to maintain some anonymity. Being a little drunk, I decided that I should go and take a look…

    I entered the toilet block and stood at the urinal as though I was having a wee. It was quite dark inside the block and my eyes took a while to adjust. Once adjusted, I could see a guy stood at the far end of the urinals and he was also pretending to piss. I knew he was faking, as there was not a sound of piss hitting the aluminium splash back. I glanced towards him and could see he was staring in my direction. I turned my whole body slightly towards him and made sure he could see my semi-hard cock. Upon seeing this, he moved sideways along the urinal and stood directly alongside me. Without any further notice, I then felt his hand on my cock and he started wanking me. He was stood to my right, using his right-hand to wank me off. Instead of being shocked, I simply turned more towards him and dropped my hands to my side. Upon this, he knew I was a safe bet and didn’t need to be nervous. He then thrust his left-hand down the back of my jeans and inside my underwear. His middle finger followed the crack of my arse down, until he found my anus. Upon feeling my special place, I felt him apply gentle pressure and I knew he wanted inside me. I leant slightly forward and upon doing so, my unbuttoned jeans slipped down to my knees. He pulled his left-hand away and used it to pull my knickers down to my knees, all the time still wanking my cock. He now had me in front of a public urinal with my jeans and knickers by my knees and my cock poking out directly to the front! He placed his left-hand back on my bum and this time used his finger to work up from my ball-bag to my anus. When he found the spot, he again pulled his finger away, but this time put his finger to my lips. I realized that he was offering me to wet it, before he slid it into me. I sucked on the finger and made sure it was as wet a possible before he pulled it from my mouth. This time the finger found it’s mark in one and I sighed as he pushed it in as far as it would go. I pushed back and he started wanking me faster, I shut my eyes and enjoyed the moment… Not a word had been spoken!

    I was loving this spontaneous sex action and was in another world. I must have been because from nowhere, I felt another hand massaging my left bum cheek and my balls! I opened my eyes and in the gloom I found we’d been joined by another guy, who was now standing to my left. I looked at him and in the dim light I could see his smile, I glanced to the guy on my right and he was smiling too. I realized that I was popular as a new boy.

    I wriggled so that my jeans and knickers fell to my ankles and I pulled my top up so that they could see as much as of my body as possible, I wanted to give them a full show. At that point I heard the main toilet block door open and slam shut, meaning that someone new had entered the block. In a mad panic I pulled my top down and my jeans up. I stared directly forward pretending that I was pissing and blanked out the rest of the room. I then heard voices and glanced behind me. All three men were chatting, although I couldn’t hear what about. After 30-seconds or so, both my original men assumed their positions and the man on my right pulled at my jeans and the man on my left at my top. It was apparent that they wanted me to assume my original state of semi-undress. Slightly nervously, I did as requested and stood semi-naked facing the urinal with my little hard cock poking directly forward and up. The man on my right started wanking me again and the chap on my left started stroking my hair and feeling my balls. After a few minutes I heard the third man from behind say “The car parks all clear” At this the guy on my right said to me “Do you fuck?” I looked back and realized that the third man was acting as look-out. I said “Yes” The first man stopped wanking me, and instead led me by my cock into one of the cubicles. I had to shuffle along as my trousers and knickers were now properly around my ankles. Once in the cubicle I leant forward over the toilet cistern and waited, I knew what was coming! I felt his cock against my balls and then against my anus. He pushed in and started fucking… He was fucking hard and fast! I was not old enough to be fucked by another guy under UK law and this was also sex in a public place, plus I suspect he was probably married. He fucked me for about 3 minutes before stabbing in hard indicating that he’d done and I’d been seeded. He held his hands on my shoulders and said “Nice. Wait there” he then pulled out and the cubicle door clicked shut. I heard another mumbled conversation and then the door opened. This time I didn’t even look back but I could smell a sweet kind of aftershave. This guy found my anus without any issue and went straight in. Again it was hard and quick fucking but when he seeded me he leant forward and with an Asian accent said “Thank you, very nice boy” for some reason I continued with the courtesy and said “You’re welcome”. I and sat on the loo to catch my breath but then realized there were three guys in the block as the door opened again. The third man entered the cubicle, pulled me to my feet and turned me around. Once again, I bent forward and took my final cock of the session. He too fucked hard and fast but by now it was making a squelching noise as I was leaking sperm. This seemed to turn him on, as he came within less than a minute and added to my seed collection. He pulled out and waited until I turned and sat down. He then stuck his cock in my mouth and quite clearly left it there until I’d cleaned it, before he pulled his trousers up and put it away. This was without doubt a married man!

    I pulled my knickers and jeans up, tucked my shirt in and left the cubicle. As I did so a man was stood waiting by the main door. He looked directly and me and I looked blankly back, until I got near him and could smell his aftershave. He’d been my second fun cock of the night. He was a tall thin Asian guy in his mid-30’s and he had a lovely smile. He said “Are you hungry?” I thought and replied “Yes”, “OK he said come with me” We walked no more than 200 yards before we entered the back door of an Indian restaurant. Once inside the staff moved around him with great care, and it was apparent he was the boss! They all stared and smirked at me as though they knew exactly what I’d just done and I felt uncomfortable. He picked up various small dishes from the kitchen and led me to a table, on the way he grabbed me a beer.

    As we sat he said “My name is Khalid. What’s yours?” I replied “I’m Simon” He said “Well Simon, what you just did was very dangerous. You could have been arrested. Did you know that?” I replied “Yes, but when I’ve had a drink I don’t think, I just act” Khalid said “How many men have you had?” I replied truthfully “Eight, including you” Khalid said ” In Muslim culture it’s against the Qu’ran for men to fuck men, but it can be forgiven if they are non-believers or Christians. So white boys like you are very popular in my community” there was a gap and then he said “Would you like to make some money?” I knew that at this point I should have said that I was already being rented out by Arthur but instead I heard my mouth saying “Yes, how much?” Khalid smiled and said “What would you like?” I thought and said “£80” this was double what Arthur was paying me… Khalid sat, thought and then said “£60 for straight sex, £100 for unusual fetishes” I responded immediately “Yes, agreed” Khalid smiled “When can you start?” I replied “Now!” this was of course stupid as a) I was drunk and b) I’d just been fucked three times… Khalid smiled got up from the table and closed the door to the kitchen. He said “Stand up and take your jeans and knickers down” I did as instructed and he said “Look down at your knickers and for that matter your jeans” I looked down and realized that I’d leaked so much sperm that it had soaked my knickers and through my jeans. He said “The kitchen staff know I rent white boys out, but even they noticed your damp patch. They were calling you a whore. I can’t rent you tonight but we can talk tomorrow. Now go home and have a bath” I sensed I was about to make some proper money…
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