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    Jan 26, 2013
    It has been almost 30 years ago that I had an amazing love/sex experience on a ski-trip. I was 17 back then. I decided to write it up for you to enjoy. Because I want this story to be as complete as possible, I decided to write it in episodes. Today is episode 1 of this true story. All comments are welcome...

    Episode 1

    My story happened in March 1989. I was almost 17 at that moment and because of my extensive skiing experience, I wanted to become a licensed ski-instructor for local travel organisations. I applied and got the invitation to follow a one-week course in the Swiss Alps to determine if I was good enough to become ski-instructor. When I arrived in the village high in the Alps, it became clear I was part of a group of 8 young men - or boys ;-) - who would be instructed and tested by a Swiss ski-instructor. Since he was only speaking German and all of us did not speak German fluently, the organisation decided that an already graduated ski-instructor from Holland who speaks German would join our group to handle any language obstacles.

    Our group met in the lobby of the hotel and we were told our "senior" instructor would meet us here. Our group consisted of 17 to 18 year old boys and for most of us it was the first trip abroad alone. After waiting 10 minutes, most of us got impatient and some wanted to try and hit the bar to see if we could score some beer, despite our age. I was going to turn 17 in just a couple of days, which made me the youngest guy in the group.

    Just when we decided we could also meet our instructor later, the door swung open. A cold rush of air and snow blew inside and along came a classy young lady in warm but elegant coat and a hat lined with fur. She walked up to our group and said ; "Hi, you must be my group this week! I am Monique. Nice to meet you." She took of her coat and hat, which set her long blond curly hair free. Her face was angel-like and radiated confidence and joy. I guess eight young men fell instantly in love - at least that was what happened to me. The awkward silence that followed proved that I was not the only one who was impressed by her appearance. Hormones pumped through my body like never before... Only a few brain cells remained master of the situation and begged me to say something to break the silence.

    - "Nice to meet you too! My name is John."

    I felt my face glowing, so I knew I was blushing... I could not force myself to say anything more, since my throat was feeling strangled. I was not the boy who was the most out-going, nor the best looking in the group, but somehow I was the only one who was aware we were all staring at this beauty with open mouths.

    - "And who are your other colleagues ?" She winked to me.

    The others awoke out of their daydreams and realized the messy situation. The seven others started to present themselves at the same moment, so the result was a real cacophony, which led to more embarrassment...

    - "OK guys, let's go to the bar to meet properly!", she said and headed for the bar.

    Eight boys followed her like chicks following mother Duck... One of the other boys, Eric, looked at me and his lips said "wooow" without producing any sound. His eyes went quickly back to her back and so did mine. Monique was holding her coat over her arm and we were hypnotized by her swinging hips in her sexy jeans. She was wearing black pumps and a warm but tight sweater. Gracious femininity ...

    She ordered 9 beers at the bar and with the first alcohol, the atmosphere became less tense. Everyone presented themselves and Monique told some things about herself. She was 23, lived in the Netherlands, was going to graduate from university in June and was already 5 years a ski-instructor. When she was talking, I kinda sucked her in with my eyes. Her lips were full and shined in pink lipstick. Her face was angel-like with big dark blue eyes and long lashes. Long, blond hair with big curls caressed the side of her face. From time to time she put her hair behind her ear with an elegant move. Her sweater was brown, interwoven with gold twines. It was tight around her body with a high collar. My eyes uncontrollably were sucked to her breasts. You know how 17 year old boys are... Full of hormones and a wild fantasy... My experience with girls was fairly limited and I was still a virgin. I knew about girls from the "pages in between" in Playboy and Penthouse ;-)

    With my eyes stuck on her chest, my mind started undressing her. In my imagination I witnessed her voluptuous rack dangling as she draped her blond hair behind her ear. The situation between my legs became clearly visible. Instead of trying to avoid thinking about this any further, I just crossed my legs and enjoyed further. I imagined her in several "centrefold" positions, until I was warned by a certain part of my brain that, if I went on, something was going to happen and it would not be able to conceal by just crossing my legs...

    So I changed to observing the facts : she definitely had bra size 80E (in US terms a 36D). My mother had a lingerie shop in our house and as a child (until I was 10) I often played in the shop when my mom was working. Over time, I overheard so many dressing room conversations between my mom and her customers about their bra size, that I developed a certain gift to be able to guess the bra size when a woman entered the shop. I kept this to myself, but in the end I could check what the actual size was she bought and usually I was spot on. In school, when I was between the age of 12 and 15, my ability was common knowledge and my classmates often brought photos of their moms or sisters asking me their bra size. My answer usually generated wide open eyes and admiring laughter. Some classmates thought I was a kind of hidden lover who had tons of experience with handling girls boobs ; a thought that I left living in their minds ;-) The reality was that I never even touched any boobs in my life...

    After about one hour, Monique left us, remembering us to be at the ski-lift at 9 AM the day after. When her inviting hips disappeared behind the wooden bar door, the dirty talk could start.

    - "This is one hell of a lady!"

    - "Have you seen those tits ????"

    - "If I could only be that sweater!"

    - "My god, I never had such a boner in my whole life!"

    - "She can ride mine any time!"

    These were some of the comments made in the minutes after she left. I noticed that the tone was - somewhat - more "pronounced" than when she was talking with us... When she was there we were good, decent boys, when she was gone we were all experienced porn-actors ;-)

    - "Her package is awesome. Hips, tits, face, ass... It's all in proportion.", said Tom.

    - "Those knockers keep chasing me in my mind", said Eric.

    - "Same here!", I confessed.

    - "Never seen such a big pair on such a skinny girl. She must have a G-cup...", stated Hans.

    - "No way. She has an 80E.", I said without thinking.

    Seven pair of eyes looked at me.

    - "How do you know ????"

    - "Just trust me. She has an 80E. Wanna bet?"

    hey looked at each other, not sure what to think.

    - "If she has another size, I will buy you all a drink on the last evening."

    - "I am on!" "Me too" ...

    - "But if I am right, you need to bring me her bra. I don't care how you do it, but I want to have it in my hands on Friday."

    They looked at me with big eyes, but in the end they agreed, because they estimated the chance I was right to be extremely small.

    That night in my bed. I thought about the day and Monique's lovely body. All I hoped was that my secret gift would bring me a bra worn by Monique by the end of the week.

    I fell asleep, but tossed and turned in my bed and by 4:30 AM I was fully awake and Monique was still in my head. How cold I manage this? I need my sleep because I wanted to show the best of myself this week and get this certification. Monique was going to limit my chances if I could not get a hold on myself. I tried to sleep again, but by 5:30 I gave up. Maybe a swim in the hotel pool would cool me down. With my thoughts between heaven and hell (depending whether I saw Monique as a gift of God or a creature who would keep me away of my goal), I walked down the hotel corridor. I decided that Monique was out of my league : she was just too beautiful, 6 years older than me and would just not be interested in such an inexperienced boy just out of puberty...

    Glad about my decision and the rest in my head, I arrived at the pool and got changed. An hour of exercise would do me good. But when I walked out of the changing room, I get thrown back in time. Monique was sitting on the side of the pool. She was testing the water by dripping some water over her chest.

    Panic !! This was a nightmare scenario : being unprepared one-on-one with this attractive woman!

    - "Oh hi John!"

    Too late to disappear. She noticed me. Heart racing, heartbeat in my ears.

    - "Hi Monique.", I said, asking myself if my voice was trembling, "I didn't think to find you here at this hour."

    - "I know. I didn't sleep well.", she said, while she bent down, scooped some water and poured it over her chest.

    She was wearing a turquoise bikini which was only held up by a very thin string, knotted together behind her neck. The decision of minutes ago was put to the dustbin in a microsecond.

    - "You?"

    - "Oh, I workout in the morning.", I lied.

    I suddenly was aware that this was not really believable, since I was not really muscular or impressive.

    She got up and lined up to dive into the water. Her bikini knickers were already wet and sticked to her well-formed bottom. Above her nice ass, her lines curved in to a slim waist. Looking at her from behind, she stood on the tip of her feet and held her arms straight above her head. Her majestic boobs were visible even from behind ; they peaked out on the side in their turquoise jackets. My dick started growing in my small speedo (yes, boxers did not exist yet). I needed to act quickly or this was going to become embarrassing. Monique graciously dove into the water and I decided to do the same before she re-surfaced. The water would be my lifeline. I surfaced about 2 meters from her.

    - "Ooh shoot!", she cursed, "I forgot I wore a bikini!" and started laughing.

    Looking at her I could see she no longer had he string around her neck. The shock of entering the water had loosened the bow in her neck. Through the moving water I could see the turquoise colour had disappeared on her boobs. instead I saw her big tits with nice big nipples through the water !!! Underneath her tits I saw the two triangles of her bikini in the inside flesh colour. Unsure what to do, I started swimming, pretending to not have seen anything. I hoped that if I would concentrate on swimming, my thumping erection would go away, but I could not take my eyes off the situation.

    Unable to stand in the deep, she swam to the stairs and just got out as if nothing happened. Being at the end of the pool, I could see her sideways. Her bikini flaps were hanging down on her belly while she pulled herself up the ladder. Her beautiful tits were as perfect as I imagined them yesterday. These big boobs defied gravity while bouncing up and down with each step she took on the ladder. I witnessed everything in slow motion, thankful for this wonderful occasion.

    She turned to me, exposing the full wealth of her rack to me.

    - "I usually wear a bathing suit to go swimming, but I must have been distracted when packing."

    I smiled back while she fastened the strings behind her neck. Her big nipples disappeared again behind their turquoise lining. This time she went into the water via the ladder and we spent 15 minutes swimming. Then she went sitting on the side and gestured to come and sit beside her.

    I was happy my pounding cock was eased by the physical exercise, so I could

    exit the water without risk. For the first time I felt at ease sitting beside her. We talked for about an hour about ourselves and joked a lot. Monique was very open and I got to know that she was single for the moment and that she put all her attention now to graduating in June. I told her I hoped that I could get my certification by the end of the week so I could earn some extra money being a ski-instructor.

    When we went to the changing room, she went on talking to me from her cabin. I heard her wet bikini fall to the ground and instantly my cock was awake again. I wished I was with her inside the cabin. 1000s of things come to my mind about what I want to do with this girl. Her whole body : boobs, nipples, hips, ass and pussy flash through my mind. If I would have touch myself, my semen would be dripping from the wall !

    Only with a lot of focus, I could get a hold of myself again and get dressed. Monique was waiting outside the pool area. I lost myself in her magnificent smile.

    - "See you at 9!", she smiled and wandered away in the opposite direction.

    I had made up my mind twofold : 1) by the end of the week I would have this amazing girl and 2) she definitely had an 80E.

    End of Episode 1
    Please leave me comments if you want to read how it continues...
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      Most probably Episode 2 will be ready next week.
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      Nicely done. Definately interested in part 2.
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    Jan 26, 2013
    Episode 2

    At the breakfast table, the talking point was again Monique. Clearly hormones were not washed away by the night.

    - "And I know something you guys do not know...", Eric said.

    - "Go on !"

    - "She sleeps in room 15!"

    - "That's across the hall from me. I am in 14 !!!" Tom looked like his room being across the corridor meant he had a pass key to her room.

    - "How do you know, Eric?", Gerard asked.

    - "Well, I went to the pool this morning and crossed her in the hall. Her hair was wet so I think she also came from the pool. Afterwards she entered in room 15. But before that she said "hello" very nicely to me..."

    - "Woohooo! Have we got a winner?", Bart stated teasingly.

    This went on all along the breakfast. I had a hard time not shouting out I met her in the pool, we talked for an hour and ... I saw her boobs in full glory. Instead I smiled and enjoyed.

    - "Do not forget about our bet, John. Start saving your money for an evening of drinks for us!"

    - "No, you all should start thinking about how you will deliver me her bra! Are you going to ask for it or just steal it from her room? You know the room number now..."

    - "I will hand it over to you after I spent the night with her!", Tom said overconfidently.

    After breakfast, everybody dressed up and we met at the ski-lift in the village. Just besides the lift, was a door with a sign "Skischule" above it. When it opened two persons came out in the typical red ski-instructor overalls. The first one was a 2 meter tall moustached man and behind him I saw the radiant face of Monique. She was as elegant in the ski overall as in her jeans of last night. She must have had her hair pinned up, fitting inside a big woollen bonnet.

    - "I am Christian, your instructor and examinator for this week.", said the moustache in German, "And this is Monique. I heard you met already yesterday. Monique will be my assistant and will translate if needed. Any questions?"

    We were back again to a good, timid bunch of boys, a long way from the hormone-loaded herd from last night... So no questions :)

    The day went on and everybody tried to impress Christian and mostly Monique with his skiing abilities. Monique remained very professional and was keeping somewhat more distance to us. Moreover, we noticed she had a lot of interest in Christian.

    At lunch we were sitting at a table of 8 and Monique and Christian were sitting apart from us. The atmosphere was a bit down at our table.

    - "Hey guys, we got carried away. She is 5 to 6 years older than we are... What did we think?"

    - "I think you are right, John. Let's just make the best out of the week. We still have the nice view !", said Gerard.

    Most just nodded and swallowed any ambition remaining. I must say I was a bit naughty when putting this on the table. It was my intention to limit competition this week. As an inexperienced virgin in bed, I wanted to get this lady hooked but had no idea how. Avoiding any competition made things a little easier I thought.

    My words did not miss their effect. In the afternoon everyone was focussed on the skiing without any special attention to the female side of the house... Except for me. While skiing I had a constant erection, because I could not restrain myself from undressing her in my mind. I still remember I even thought how her pussy would look like (would it be hairy or nicely trimmed? Would she be wet when thinking about 8 men in her neighbourhood? How would she taste and smell?). To a 17 year old these are all very relevant things to think about when taking a downhill run ;-)

    Christian stopped at a sidetrack of the slope, which was closed off with a white and red plastic ribbon.

    - "This slope was part of the Olympic downhill run in 1948 here. We have prepared the downhill slope of about 800 meters with 10 poles. Let's see what you can do on this part of the slope. Your time will be registered. I will go first. Look at my lines. Monique will come as last. You will start when I lower my ski pole. Questions?"

    He didn't even wait for an answer and speeded past all of the poles without any hesitation. Before the slope went into the forest he stopped. A large cloud of snow dust told us he must have had a very high speed. He put his ski pole in the air and Tom stood ready to start. When Christian lowered his ski pole, Tom took off. One by one we were going to get our chance. I was the last one in the row.

    When Monique and me were alone up there, my mind started drifting away again. I looked back at her and noticed her ever-lasting subtle smile. My God, how would I ever be able to get this beauty hooked? I felt my cock growing between my legs, just by the sheer look upon her body. Focus, John, I said to myself, this is important ! I looked back at Christian and saw his hand go down.

    - "Go, Tiger!"

    Monique's words broke the last bit of focus I had. Did she call me "Tiger"? Hmm, maybe she was interested in me any way? Why would she say that if she had no interest in me? Was this going the be the luckiest week in my life? It's a fact, I will definitely lose my virginity here in the Swiss Alps with Monique. She was so perfect! In an instant I saw back the picture of Monique climbing out of the pool this morning, her lovely tits bouncing with each step....

    And then it happened : I overlooked an icy spot in a curve and I crashed big-time. I fell sideways and landed hard on my hip. Immediately I felt a burning sensation on my side, while I was still sliding at big speed to the side of the slope. I came to a violent halt in the loose snow. Snow entered my mouth and nose and it was even pushed in between my gloves and my overall. A bit dizzy, I wanted to get up but felt all my strength flowing away when I realised what had lead to this. Monique rushed to me and took off her skis.

    - "Are you ok ????"

    - "Yes, I am." I said annoyed, "Damned, how is this possible?"

    Monique kneeled besides me. Her deep blue eyes looked right into mine.

    - "Are you in pain somewhere?"

    - "I fell on my hipbone in the icy area up there. But it think it is ok. Just a bruise, I think."

    - "Can you stand up?"

    I saw real compassion in her eyes. she looked like a young, sexy version of a caring mother.

    I stood up, while she helped me. But when I moved my body, my thermal underwear slid over the bruised area which gave a sharp pain.

    Monique helped me to put on my skis and we both skied to the group waiting downhill. Monique was talking to Christian and quickly he decided I should have my hip looked at in the village.

    - "What a crash, man", Eric said with compassion.

    - "That didn't look good!" Gerard's grin around his lips told me he considered me as one "opponent out"

    I tried to do like it didn't hurt and it wasn't such a big deal, but inside I could cry. How could I be so immature? How could it let my hormones do this to me ?????

    Monique and I skied down to the mountain station of the cable car, which would bring us down to the village. Once there, I sat down on a bench, while Monique went talking to one of the supervisors of the cable car. The pain and disappointment made me really depressed. I could have cried like a baby. Was this already the end of my skiing career? And were my overactive sexual imagination and immaturity responsible for blowing this chance? Clearly the answer was "yes". All I could do was burry my face into my wet gloves...

    A few moments later I heard Monique's ski boots approaching. I swallowed my grief away and looked at her.

    - "It's Sunday...", she said, "The local doctor is not working. The only alternative is the hospital, but that will cost you an expensive taxi ride."

    - "That won't be necessary. It's only a bruise. In the hotel they will have some first aid material if needed." I tried to show confidence, because I realized it was rather my soul that needed care than my hip.

    - "I will look at it in the hotel." she said.

    I looked up clearly surprised.

    - "John, I am almost a master in physiotherapy. I know what to look for and how to treat injuries." She said it a bit annoyed as if I doubted her competence. Physiotherapy, that made sense.

    - "Of course. I did not know you were a physiotherapist."

    - "I told you guys yesterday in the bar." she said raising her eyebrows.

    - "Of course, sorry."

    I lied that. I did not capture that at all yesterday. I must have been staring around her body and her perfect boobs. Another proof men are not able to multi-task ;-)

    In the mean time the cable car arrived and the driver opened the double door. When I stood up I again felt the pain of the fabric of my underwear on the bruised area. I moaned slightly and Monique came to me to help me get fully up. Her arm around me felt good, as a bandage on my soul.

    On the way down we exchanged no words. I was ashamed of myself and was determined to get a hold of myself and make sure I got my license by the end of the week. That was my goal now! Nothing else.

    When we walked out of the cable car, she must have noticed my depressed feelings.

    - "Hey John, it's not over. You will get there! But first we need to make sure you are ok on the physical side. I have a first aid kit in my suitcase. I will have a look at it in my room."

    I looked up in surprise. She noticed that, but misjudged the reason of my surprise.

    - "It's a professional deformation to take that on every trip I take.", she smiled.

    I nodded, but internally I was on red alert. This beauty would take me to her Walhalla, room 15. Me alone... Fresh hormones pushed away any pain or depressed feelings, but a small voice in my mind reminded me on how I got in this situation. Not again!

    Be mature, John! Monique is going to do this professionally. Act likewise. And get your mind out of the gutter! How could this beauty be interested in me anyhow, so stop torturing yourself. You have everything to lose if you make advances, so FORGET it... Hefty internal conversations in my mind. Just when I made up my mind and decided to be the good guy and block away any feelings in the process, panic hit me. My bruised hip was about 20 centimetres away from the center of my manhood. Don't get a boner when she touches you! DON'T GET A BONER! If this would happen, I would make me ridiculous to the end of times. And what about the embarrassment? My God, I need to control myself! My heart started racing in my chest. Maybe I should propose I will treat it myself? Yes, that's maybe the safe side. Yes, that definitely is the best option. Tell her now! Meanwhile we were standing in front of the door of room 15 and Monique was searching for her key.

    - "Monique, I... eh..." My throat was squeezed by my nerves and I could not produce anything more.

    She didn't even react to me. The door swung open and Monique went in. I still stood in the doorway.

    She looked at me over her shoulder.

    - "Come in and close the door. Let's get this done."

    Her calm professional tone made my heart race just a little bit slower. Just enough to control myself and do as she told me.

    - "Take off your ski-overall, while I take my stuff."

    She disappeared in her bathroom and closed the door. I looked around in her tidy room. Immediately I noticed a classy set of lingerie hanging off of a chair beside her bed. Don't think about that! Don't even look at it, you moron! Do as you are told and don't think about anything sexy or you will be sorry, John. My conscience did its best to control the situation, get it over with and be gone.

    I unzipped my overall and stepped out of it. When I saw myself in the mirror in the room, I knew I did not have to worry that Monique would fall for my physical appearance. I wore long white thermal underwear which was not really flattering. This made it a lot easier to put down the last feelings in the lower parts of my body.

    I also noticed a big red spot on my hip. Blood went through my short and my thermal underwear. Clearly, it needed treatment. When I opened the elastic band of my long thermal trousers, I saw an even larger red spot on my underpants. The blood was already brownish.

    At that moment, Monique came out of the bathroom. She had changed her ski clothes for the jeans she wore last night and a wide loose sweater. Her bare feet sunk deep in the lush carpet. In her hands she held a red first aid kit with a white cross on it. In a flash I noticed she did not wear any bra underneath her sweater. Her hard nipples were clearly pronounced through the textile. The fabric of her sweater draped down from her tits. She looked so hot! Her smile was charming as always, but changed into a worried frown when she noticed the blood on my trousers.

    - "Looks more serious than I thought. Take off these trousers."

    Her serious tone was a gift to me. I felt like I was in the office of my usual doctor, where there was no place for thoughts of her sumptuous rack. I obeyed her orders and stepped out of my trousers. She looked carefully at the large bloodstain on my underwear. She carefully fold over the elastic band of my underpants and tried to pull the fabric loose. The sharp pain was back.

    - "It has dried up already, but now the fabric is stuck to it. I will try to get it loose with some warm water."

    When she went to the bathroom, I got again a fine look at her nicely formed bottom in her jeans. When she came back she had a wet towel with her, went on her knees beside me and started pressing the wet towel on red spot in my underpants A burning sensation came up.

    - "Now we have to wait a little..." She looked up to me and again I saw the young, sexy caring mother in her look.

    After about a minute, she looked up to me again.

    - "Let's try to get it off. I will do this quickly, but it might hurt..."

    I did not get a lot of time to prepare myself. With a controlled pull she pulled the side of my underpants down 10 centimetres. A sharp pain reached my brain. I looked down and saw fresh blood seeping out of the burning wound. I inhaled deeply while Monique reached for a bottle of peroxide and sterile bandages. Carefully she started to disinfect the wound. I looked at it with warm, pleasant feelings.

    - "You're lucky. It's only an abrasion. Might also be quite blue in the morning and you will also feel a bit stiff tomorrow, but that's because of the aftershock of the fall. Let's get a bandage on this now."

    I nodded. Looking down at her on her knees beside me was a wonderful view. I saw her lovely face with the curves of her generous rack below it. But then I also noticed my underpants with the left side quite bit lower than the right side. The difference even showed some pubic hair of mine...

    Control yourself... Do not get an erection... You can do this...

    While I was trying to master the situation, Monique started to cut off a piece of sterile fabric. Carefully she folded it, applied some kind of balm to it and gently pressed it against the wound. It felt somewhat cold and eased the pain. She did everything so softly, which brought my hormones back into play. My inner battle between brain and balls did not last long. This time my body decided it had waited long enough. Instantly I felt my cock growing in my underpants. Complete panic! While Monique was cutting tape on the bed, I tried to bring my attention to something else... anything would do! I started looking around the room, but my eyes found her lingerie. I looked away and saw her from behind, bent over the bed. In full disbelief I looked down on my crotch and saw my dick in full glory peeking in the inside of my underpants. You could even look into my pants from the side... I realized I had seconds before she would return to me, but found no solution. She returned to me. My face went red in a second.

    - "OK, almost done.", was the only thing she said.

    Was it possible she didn't notice my gigantic boner? Or did she just ignore it? That should be it : she was definitely not interested in a younger man like me and was so professional to ignore my rudeness of having surprised her with a boner in front of her face. For a second time today my brain kicked in and said : don't tell me I didn't warn you...

    - "I'd like to take care of this one too, John.", she said while caressing my cock through my underwear.

    I captured her voice in slow motion. Did she really say what I heard??? I looked down at her perfect face My erection jumped in my pants as if it was telling me to yell "YES!"

    - "Unless you don't feel like it...", she asked a bit anxious because I did not say anything.

    - "Oh, by all means, yes!", I said, overmanned with sexual tension.

    That lovely smile re-appeared on her face, while she got up, closed her eyes and wetted her lips. A moment later her soft lips touched mine and our tongues met. Meanwhile her hand slid in my pants and took a firm grip on my thumping cock.

    - "Oh yeah...", she moaned in my mouth.

    I still could not believe this was actually happening. I was about to lose my virginity here and now in room 15.

    She started pushing me back until the back of my legs stood against the side of the bed. Another gentle push made me fall to the luxurious soft bed. I looked up to her in her loose sweater. My God, she's divine! With a gracious move her arms went behind her back and pulled the sweater over her head. When the sweater released her boobs, they bounced graciously back into place. Her nipples were nice and already hard in anticipation. Her areolas were chocolate coloured and a little bigger than what I had seen in magazines before. The trio of her face and boobs looking at me was one of the best and most exciting views I had in my entire life.

    - "Now let me see the man I want to meet!", while she winked to me. She grabbed my underpants and pulled it off in one motion. My willing cock jumped out of his containment and stood proudly up. She kneeled between my legs at the side of the bed She took my manhood in her had and kissed the side of my shaft. Her warmth made my cock jump, while I moaned deeply. Several very tender kisses later, Monique worked her way to the top and looked long and deep in my eyes. I sustained myself on my elbows behind me to avoid missing one single view of this. While holding the base of my thumping shaft, her soft lips touched the head of my cock. She gave me several gentle kisses this way, until suddenly her mouth opened and my cock disappeared deep inside her warm mouth. The whole time her eyes did not leave mine. Hormones raced through my blood like never before. The feeling was so intense...

    - "Ooh Monique, yeah, please go on!", I begged in total extasy.

    this was the sign for her to move up the rhythm : she pulled her lips back until my cockhead re-appeared, before she gently devoured it again. A few powerful strokes brought me in sexual Walhalla. She blowed me so intensely, I would never keep this very long. And she was also blowing me deeper and deeper, until my pole was halfway in her mouth. Don't cum! Make it last! But I was no match for her skilled technique. Less than a minute after she started (maybe it was only half a minute), I started breathing very heavy and realized this was an ending game.

    - "Oh God, I am going to cum..." and seconds later I blew my salty load deep in her mouth, while I moaned loudly for everyone to hear. The explosion of sexual energy was immense. Wave after wave of hot cum flowed from deep in my loin to her throat. Monique continued to blow me deeply until I gave her my last drop.

    With my cock still inside her warm lips she looked at me with these dark blue eyes. She sucked her cheeks in when she took her lips of the head of my cock, but somehow some drops of semen trickled down the corner of her mouth. She closed her eyes for a split second, while she clearly swallowed my load ... twice. This must be heaven! A lush smile appeared around her lovely mouth, while my body went into recovery.

    - "Oh Monique..." Those were the first words I could actually produce.

    - " I noticed you needed that." she joked and installed herself by my side on the bed. Again she caressed my softening cock in a real nice way. She looked at me and our lips and tongues met. I could still notice my taste in her. Without saying a word she laid her head on my chest while she massaged my balls. My body was so relaxed after my climax, it felt like I was sinking into the mattress. Monique had taken my virginity in a wonderful way, but I should not rest until I had given her what she deserved. My hands started going through her blond hair and she looked up.

    - "You want more?", she asked with a grin on her face.

    - "That was magnificent, Monique. You clearly deserve a reward !"

    I had no plan in my mind, but soon Monique would show me how she wanted her reward. She jumped off of me and stood in front of the bed in her tight jeans and her nude breasts still staring at me. She unbuttoned her jeans and soon I could witness her beautiful legs. She wore a red thong. with semi transparent fabric on the front. Through it, it showed a small bush of pubic hair. Could this get any better ?

    She cam sitting on her knees beside me and to my surprise she flipped a leg over my body, showing her bottom in front of my face. Bending over, her soft lips again reached my cock, which was trying to get back into shape after the climax a couple of minutes ago. Slowly she devoured my half-hard dick completely. A couple of seconds later my cock was back to full glory and ready for her warm mouth ...again. While she generously devoted her skillful lips to my cock, I could not take my eyes off her magnificent ass with the red thong in front of my eyes. I discarded all of my reserves and my animal instincts took over. I pulled the red string down and admired the view : a pair of cleanly shaven labia with a pronounced clit underneath and a star-shaped little asshole above. Instinctively I grabbed her hips and pulled her ass down. My tongue slipped in between her labia where they discovered her generously flowing pussy nectar. Her body started shaking and for a moment she stopped blowing me. She moaned deeply before she carried on. Each tie my tongue touched her sensitive clit her body shook uncontrollably. Her juices were like nothing I tasted before : friends had told me all kinds of stories about eating a woman's pussy and not all were positive, but this was just so right! I sucked her clit so energetic she needed a break and lifted her body up somewhat until I could witness her action between her legs. Her boobs were dangling from her body and in between these massive knockers I saw her lips going up and down over my swollen shaft. I could not take advantage of this exciting view. She lowered her body back so I could continue my oral treatment. I pulled her back violently and buried my tongue as deep in her vagina as I could. My whole face was buried between her butt cheeks and my nose pushed against her butthole. I heard a deep "mmmmmmm" which encouraged me to keep it up. Rhythmic I devoted my attention to her clit and her vagina. This had its effect. Her juices flowed even more and my whole face was covered in it. She adapted her rhythm to mine and soon we were in a rollercoaster which could only lead to a double orgasm. When I sucked in her clit and let my tongue fool around with it, she gave up all resistance. She moaned deeply, still sucking my dick. Her hand helped her mouth in bringing my cock to a second orgasm today. My muscles started contracting in my lower body while she climaxed. Again a full load of semen shot into her warm mouth. Moments after all tension left her body and her head fell onto my pelvis. Her pussy was pushed against my face. The smell of pussy juice and sweat was awesome.

    I do not know how long we were there like that, but it could have been for eternity for me. When we finally disentangled, it was 4 pm.

    - "I think you also needed that, Monique." I joked. She smiled back at me.

    - "John, this must remain a secret. No one can know. Especially not Christian. If he would know you and I would be in trouble. Do you understand?"

    - "Yes, sure."

    - "I like you very much but sometimes things are too complex and too sensitive to become public."

    - "Of course, Monique. You can be sure of my secrecy."

    - "We will see how things work out. The guys will be back from the slopes soon, you have to get out here."

    I jumped into my clothes and headed for the door. One more short kiss and I was in the corridor. Unreal. This was fucking unreal! I smiled ear to ear when I entered my room.

    End episode 2
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    part 3 would be good
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      Will come soon ! This was only the beginning of this amzing week back in 1989...
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