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  1. VampirTARA

    VampirTARA Sex Machine

    Jul 18, 2017
    " a skeleton in my closet # 2 Christmas week" part 1
    I'm Tara, a 41 year old married with children, funeral director/mortician that operates our family's Mortuary ( a Funeral Home ) and cemetery. My family consists of my husband, myself, my sister Toni 38 (that lives with us ) along with our children. then there's My youngest sister Kathy 23 that that goes to college and lives in the dorms ( you wouldn't think so, by how much time, she's stays at our house lol) and she also works in the funeral home. Now, nicknamed vampirTara, back when I was in high school, because I had the disease 'Porphyria' nicknamed the vampires disease. I'm 5 foot 7, approximately 114 pounds with long raven black hair and glasses with abnormally long incisors. So I hope this will help you understand our family makeup and the story.

    Like I said in my previous story, "a skeleton in my closet," most everyone has a skeleton or two in their closet and here's another one of mine that happened

    True story, of What happened my Christmas week 2016....
    Now as usual, when we have a holiday at our place and our family members come in from out of town, we always offer to put them up in motels, but Nooooo they always refuse. Then you have some that complain, they feel so creeped out, staying in a Funeral Home, when in all actuality it's the other half of our building, separated by doors, with an separate outside entrance to the family residence. Like the usual complainers are, my mother and aunts. unlike my mother-in-law and father-in-law they're wonderful, along with my other in-laws.

    Well it was December 19th, the Monday before Christmas my mother and father-in-law, my Mother and Dad, along with my aunt and uncle from out-of-town arrived to stay, for the holidays. We had a house full staying, my mother and father law in the guest room, my mother and dad in my teenage daughter's room my, while she slept downstairs in the den, plus my aunt and uncle downstairs across the hall in the family room staying. Well, most of the time, my husband managed to avoid the company by going down and doing some work in the cemetery, while me and my two sisters entertained the company.

    It was approximately 8 a.m. Wednesday morning, I was horny as hell, as I hadn't had sex in the number of days, between the company and my husband hiding from them. Well as I passed him in the dining room I said to him, " When we get back, I want to fool around, I need it bad! " on our way to take the entire gang to a restaurant called "Eat & park" for breakfast and some last-minute Christmas shopping.

    So three of us girls not thinking it would be a big deal, I wore my new tight white yoga pants and a tiny pair of these Christmas bikini panties that were shiny metallic candy cane red and white striped, both that I had bought the previous evening, when we were all out shopping at the mall. my sister's wore there tight yoga pants, also. My sister Toni had a black pair on and my sister Kathy was wearing a fluorescent pink pair, well I guess they either they didn't notice right away, in the commotion of everyone getting their coats on and deciding who's riding with who.

    Well we all went to breakfast first, that's when both mothers and our aunts started bitching at the restaurant, about how we were dressed, that I was disrespecting my husband and my sisters look like tramps. First they jumped on my sister's Toni and Kathy for wearing tight yoga pants and that you could see the outline of their panties also. Then me about my tight white yoga pants, that you could see my red and white striped bikini panties through them, clear as day. Well I didn't check, I didn't think they were that see through until my sister Toni took a quick picture to show me. no wonder my father-in-law and Uncle were staring at our asses, but we didn't paid any mind, we figured they're just pigs, like men are when given the chance.
    I did make one smart comment at that the time, "Hey don't pick on the Christmas panties, they cost $45 a pair and I bought 6 pair of them. Furthermore the three of us girls are not wrinkled up old hags, we're still young yet," as I was walking away from the breakfast bar. I was pissed off, while sister's Kathy and Toni, high-fived me.

    Well my husband overheard it and said to them in line, " she can wear those pants I like them, Kathy and Toni don't look bad either in them!"
    To my mother-in-law's credit, she quit and was okay with it then. So it was a little after 1 p.m. in the afternoon, when we got home, I was going to change and my sister wives were going to do the same to shut up the old hags. Our husband had heard about it, he told us to ignore them and dress the way we always do, that if they didn't like it they could go home.

    It was a little after 5 p.m. when I had just returned to the dinning room, from the kitchen with another glass of juice for my grandfather (on mothers side), as I leaned over to start clearing some of the dishes. My 93 year old grandfather that was sitting beside me, started rubbing my ass, all of us girls just ignore it, we know he's a dirty old man and half of the time, he's lucky, he can remember his name.

    My sister Toni said, "Tara we'll pick up aunt Marion and uncle Joe from church on the way back. We'll be back between 6 and 6:30, so that me, you and your husband, can take aunt Marion and uncle Joe to bingo at the fire hall. Ok girls come on, we got to go we have to be there by 5."

    And I replied back, "Ok Toni and Kathy," as everyone was getting up from the dining room table. I grabbed my husband by the arm and whispered to him, "Where are you going, I am going nuts, I told you that this morning, I need to fool around even if it's just a quickie, pleeeease!"

    He replied, "I can't, I gotta go cover up the grave with some plywood and put the backhoe away, then there's a few other things, it'll take a while, but I'll be back by 6:30."

    My husband grabbed his jacket, I yelled "Asshole!" as he left and everyone else cleared out, I was horny as hell and not getting any relief, I was pissed off.

    So it was about 15 minutes later, after they had cleared out, I leaned over the dinning room table to start wiping it off. When my grandfather pulled the back of my black business mini skirt up to my garter belt, with a little giggle I said, "Ok grandfather, enjoying the View."
    As I continued to wipe off the dining room table, I could feel his old wrinkled hands feeling the the material of my tiny pair of shiny red satin bikini panties. I thought to myself, "Damn my grandfather is feeling my young ass up real good, dirty old fucker, oh well, let him go, he's old and doesn't have long left and he's harmless."
    Him rubbing and grabbing my ass was making things worse for me. Then my grandfather got up from the chair and grab his walker and was standing behind me, I said to him, "Hold on a minute and I'll help you into the living room," as I was wiping the dining room table off. Well I leaned way over the table to grab the place mat across the table, just as I had grabbed the place mat. my grandfather from behind, leaned over on top of me, pushing me down flat on the table.

    I was caught off guard, my grandfather reach down with his left hand and slid my panties down. I was like a deer in the Headlights, it was Deja Vu from my wedding reception. I thought to myself, "Holy shit my grandfather's going to try and fuck me, men at his, aren't supposed to be able to get it up!" Then, my eyes opened wide and my jaw dropped open, as I felt the head of his old penis between my pussy lips.

    My pussy was twitching wildly, feeling the head of a erect penis touching it, I thought to myself, " It's been 23 years since the last time, he took me and my virginity at my wedding reception. Fuck my husband doesn't want to give me any and my grandfather wants a young piece of ass off of me, I'm not going to try and stop him, this time!"
    I didn't say a word or resist, as I was down flat on my stomach, bent over the dinning room table with my black business mini skirt pulled up to my garter belt and my shiny little red satin bikini panties pulled down to my black stockings with my grandfather leaning over me resting is weight on top of my back.
    His left hand was holding my hip, he slowly pushed his old penis inside of my smoothly waxed little pink pussy. It felt so good and I cried out, "Ooooh yes grandfather, push it into me!" My grandfather slowly pushed, his penis into my pussy. Once he got it all the way into me, he started thrusting against my bare ass, as he rested on top of me.

    He was thrusting slowly, holding on to my hip tightly, as his old penis slid slowly in and out of my pussy. I leaned on the table, gasping in ecstasy. My grandfather may have been 93 years old, but his old penis felt so good, I was moaning with every stroke of his old penis into my pussy. He was fucking in a nice slow rhythm, as his old ass penis was sliding in and out of my smoothly waxed little pink pussy, giving it the attention, it needed.
    His old gray pubic hair brushing against my young little round ass cheeks, as he slowly fucked me. A few minutes later, I digging my nails into the table, I cried out loudly moaning loudly, "Oh god yes," as I started to orgasm. My pussy muscles started contracting wildly and my body trembled, as I laid with my face flat on the table, with my eyes glossed over, breathing heavily.
    The room was filled with the sloppy wet sound of my grandfather's old penis sliding in and out of my wet little pink pussy and me breathing heavily, as grandfather continued to fuck me slowly.
    I picked my head up off of the table and looked back over my shoulder and I said in a soft voice," Oh yes grandfather, get yourself off!" That old fucker keep fucking my little pussy, he was buttering it real good.
    Moments later, I felt his warm semen oozing out the head of his old penis into my pussy. After he was done, he pulled out of me, I got up off the table and pulled my panties up. After fixing my skirt, I put my grandfather's penis back in his pajamas and help him to the living room and into the recliner. It was about 20 minutes later, I heard the car pull in and a few minutes later my husband walked in. Well everyone was getting ready to leave for bingo.

    My husbond came over and whispered to me, "If you must, we can go do it real quick now."

    I replied back to him a with a smirk on my face, "No that's ok, I'm good," as I popped a dumb dumb in my mouth. I then walked to the front door shaking my little round ass like a proud little hen, that just got it from the rooster. Well, we all went to bingo and I continued to shake my little round ass, the entire evening
    Well then over the next few days everything was busy trying to get everything ready for Christmas Eve and Christmas, along with taking care of our guests. while my husband still in from a company as much as he could and still not taking care of what I needed, but I noticed my husband could not keep his eyes off my youngest sister Kathy's ass and I was getting pissed, it wasn't her fault. She wasn't doing anything, I knew that, so I wasn't pissed at her.

    Well it was Christmas Eve afternoon and my son arrived home, with two of his friends with him, mike and Ray, that was going to stay overnight. Now Ray was a 18 year old foreign exchange student from Africa that is in one of his classes and he hangs out with, along with Mike. Ray seemed to be a nice kid, he spoke with a broken English and he was dark black and I mean, a charcoal black. Now, mike seems to be nice, but he seemed to be a blockhead, not the sharpest tool in the shed.
    My son and his two friends was hanging out out in the game room, as I went in to see if they needed anything. They were bullshiting about women and I heard my son's friend Ray say, "He had never been with a white woman and that this was his last semester at the college, because he was transferring to another college." Well, I told them, "There was food in the kitchen," and left.

    Later that night about 1:30 a.m.everyone was in bed it was quiet, So after taking a shower, deciding to go downstairs and check on things, to make sure the doors were locked and such. I put only my short black silk robe, as I quietly went down the stairs it led to the foyer. I peeked in the game room, my son's friend Mike was in there sleeping on the sofa, so I quietly close the sliding doors. I check the front door to make sure it was locked, I heard the dog drinking the water from the Christmas tree, so went into the kitchen and got a container of water.

    I Then quietly went into the dark living room that was lit by only the lights of the Christmas tree and my son's friend Ray was sleeping on the sofa.
    So, I went over and got down on my knees in front of the Christmas tree. I sat there on my knees, for a couple seconds just looking at the lights on the tree. Then I leaned forward and poured the water in the tree basin, as I sat back on my knees, I turned my head to the left and seen my son's friend Ray laying on the sofa looking at me.

    I turned my head back looking at the lights on the tree, as I sat there on my knees in front of the Christmas tree. I thought to myself, "Why not everyone's asleep, let's see what it's like to do with a black man again and this may be my only chance to get some real African penis." I untied the sash to my short black satin robe, then opened it up slowly revealing my bare breasts. I let my robe slide off of my shoulders and down my back, over my little round pale white ass to my feet, as looked straight ahead at the tree into the Christmas lights. Looking into the Christmas tree lights, I whispered in a low voice, " What are you waiting for, you want some white pussy, come and get it!"

    I heard him get off the sofa, then in the reflection of the glass Christmas ball, I could see him standing behind me and slipping off his gray boxers. Then in my head, I started hearing African tribal jungle sounds, I felt like I was Jane and my Tarzan was upstairs sleeping and this young african tribal chief was going take my white pussy against my will. I was nervous and breathing heavily, as this was only my second time having sex with a black man, but I wanted that coal black penis.
    Looking straight at the Christmas tree lights, I leaned forward and placed my hands on the carpet, getting in the doggie style position. Then I parted my legs giving him access to my smoothly waxed little white pussy. He placed his dark black penis between my pink pussy lips, then grabbed my hips and slid that dark black penis into my little white pussy, it felt to be average sized.

    Servers went up my spine from the excitement of the taboo, the thought of my husband coming down and seeing me, letting a black man fuck me. Something, he would never believe, I would do. I held my head up looking straight ahead into the lights of the Christmas tree that reflected off my glasses, as he started fucking me. as
    It was a few minutes later, when he grabbed me by the waist, pulling me up and back into him. He wrapped his arms around my waist holding me against him, as we were both kneeling on the carpet fucking. I ran my fingers through my hair and then I grabbed my breasts, his dark black felt so good in my little white pussy.

    In low voice, he whispered over my shoulder, "I take the white man's woman, while, he sleeps upstairs!."

    Moaning I replied back, "Oh yes, do it!"
    As his dark black penis slid in and out my white pussy, biting down on my lip hard so not to make a sound. I started to orgasm uncontrollably, my pussy muscles started attracting, I couldn't speak and breathing heavily. a thin line of blood ran down my chin, as I bit down hard on my lip, to keep from screaming and moaning out loud.
    A couple of minutes later, he pulled me tightly against him and I felt him ejaculating like crazy his warm semen into me.

    A minute later, he was done emptying his balls into me and his penis slid out of me. Not saying a word, I put my robe on and tied the sash, as he got up and slipped his boxers back on. He laid down on the sofa, then went to sleep, as quietly went upstairs to my bedroom.

    Well it was now Christmas morning, the exchanging of gifts, the ripping and tearing of paper, children throwing clothes to the side, the children happy for what they got and others not so happy, was now over and complete. So a few hours later, everything was going great with a few of our cousins with their husbands and such came over that we had invited. everyone was enjoying the day eating, drinking and having fun.

    So after finishing up in the kitchen, I went to see if my husband and the guys needed anything, across the yard in my husband's man cave/ former garage, instead of hanging out in the game room in the house. Well the guys were drunk, playing pool and blasting AC/DC. Nope they were good and I was chased away.
    I trotted quickly back across the yard and in the patio doors to the kitchen. I decided to first check my sister Kathy to see, if she was ok and the children didn't have her tied up or something, downstairs in the family room.
    While I was downstairs, I peeked into the den where all of the old bitties were playing cards and asked if anyone needed anything. well they were good and so was Kathy, so I went back upstairs. The boys, they were upstairs, in my son's room playing video games. So, I could hear the music coming from the living room, so I decided to go see, what the girls were doing in the living room.

    I don't know how it got started, but when I walked into the living room and all the girls were Twerking to some song. There was my 21 year old cousin Teresa that is Uncle Joe's granddaughter, my 38 year old sister Toni, my 19 year old daughter Skylar, and my 30 year old cousin Joyce, 33 year old cousin Kelly and our 83 year old uncle Joe (my dad's brother) sitting in the recliner, watching their asses shake. I could tell the girls were already pretty buzzed and corked from the wine coolers, uncle Joe though, he was happier than a dog in a butcher shop.

    And then I heard, my sister Toni and my cousin Joyce both yelled at the same time, "Kelly it's your turn!"
    Then I seen my cousin Kelly start giving uncle Joe a lap dance, by the way it sounds, they're all taking turns doing it. They spotted me standing there In the doorway.
    And my sister Toni yelled, "There's Tara, she's great at twerking, her and Kelly took classes on it, Tara loves twerking!"

    I yelled, "It's great exercise, it makes your butt round and firm, plus I just love shaking my ass!"

    My cousins Teresa and Joyce yelled, "Well Tara come on then, we're all twerking!"

    I had a feeling they were going to try and drag me into their wine cooler induced shenanigans, as the girls came over and grabbed me by the hand and pulled me into the living room. I said to them, "What if uncle Joe's wife, aunt Marion or one of the other old hags comes in and sees this. Now the men are across the yard playing pool and getting drunk, plus they wouldn't care anyways, but the old hags!"

    My cousin Teresa said, "All of the old biddies are down in the den playing cards and there's nothing wrong with twerking!"

    I replied, " I know there's nothing wrong with twerking, but to the old hags There will be, you know how it goes, we're supposed to act like nuns and not dress sexy."

    My sister Toni blurted out, "Don't be a geek Tara come on loosen up, have some fun, this is our house fuck them old bitches!"

    I replied back, "What about the lap dances now?"

    My sister Toni replied back, "It isn't like we're having sex or anything! we're just having a little fun and giving uncle Joe a free show, plus a little harmless teasing.

    I replied back to the girls, "You guys are going to give him a coronary!"

    My cousin Teresa yelled, "Ahhh, he'll be okay, he's not complaining!"

    I yelled, "Say what! oh Jesus!"
    And all of the girls yelled, "Oh he's all right!"

    I yelled, " By the way who started all this?"

    My sister Toni replied, "In a way we all did, Me and Kelly We're telling the other girls How good you and Kelly took twerking classes and how good you are at it. Next thing you know we were all twerking, Come on Tara, show everyone.
    Come on don't be a stick in the mud and a nerd. lighten up mrs. Spock it's Christmas, get drunk and have fun. "

    So I had a choice to either, look like a geek and a party pooper or Join the gang. Well the girls all looked at me and I said, "Well.. Oh what the hell, but close and lock the living room sliding wooden doors, to the dining room and the one's to the foyer!"
    Then my cousin Teresa, got up on the coffee table and said, "Remember everyone, whatever goes on in this room stays in this room."

    So I joined the gang, I started twerking in my skin tight black dress pants and shaking my little round ass with the girls in the middle of the living room, with uncle Joe about 10 or 12 feet behind us.
    Then I heard my cousin Kelly yell, "You're next!"
    Then I seen my daughter Skylar go over and started giving her uncle's Joe a lap dance, I didn't say anything, as she started rubbing her ass in his lap. I figured, she's of age to make her own decisions and also all the other girls are doing it.
    Well over next half-hour all of us girls were laughing and giggling like crazy and twerking while drinking wine coolers. Then I noticed, crotches of my cousins Kelly and Theresa's pants were wet.
    I then looked over at my sister Toni that was giving our uncle Joe a lap dance. She was straddling his lap, grinding in his lap, but her eyes were glossed over and she was biting down on her lip. Then I seen her, put her head down and her body start to shake, I knew what was happening. The other girls didn't notice, because they were all laughing and giggling, while twerking.
    Well I was getting pretty buzzed and when I drink I get very giddy and the more I drink, the gettier I get, but not as bad, as the other were girls at that moment, yet!
    Then my sister Toni giggling yelled, "Tara uncle Joe can't keep his eyes off your ass twerking, he's not even paying attention, to me giving him a lap dance!"
    Then laughing and giggling, my sister Toni yelled, "Tara, twerk right in front of uncle Joe, I'll put your song on, "Blurred Lines!"
    Giggling I yelled, "Nothing wrong with that ok, I don't mind doing that, if uncle Joe wants to see my 40 year old ass bounce and shake up close. I'm more than glad to give him a nice view of it!"
    Well, as my sister Toni got out of his lap and went over to the stereo, I grabbed a wine cooler and took a good mouth full of it. I walked over to the recliner and stood about three or four feet in front of our uncle Joe with my back turned to him.
    All of the girls yelled, "Too far away, closer Tara, back up some!"
    Well, I took a step backwards and stopped, that's when my sister Toni and my cousin Kelly came over and both of them pushed me back more.
    All of the girls yelled, "That's it, right there!"
    I turned and looked back to see how close I was to my uncle Joe, I was standing only about a foot in front of the recliner, as my sister Toni trotted back over to the stereo. I put my hand up to my sister Toni, for her to wait a minute, as I reached up and fixed my ponytail. Then I stood there giggling with my back turned towards our uncle Joe with my hands straight down at my sides and waiting for the music to start.
    Then the music intro started, "WOO! Hey, hey, hey Hey WOO! Hey, hey, hey WOO!"
    with my hands down at my sides, I started slowly swaying my hips, moving my ass back and forth from the left to the right.
    Then when the beat picked up and the main lyrics of the song started playing, "If you can't hear what I'm trying to say If you can't read from the same page Maybe I'm going deaf Maybe I'm going blind Maybe I'm out of my mind." I leaned forward a bit and started twerking. I was shaking my ass, bouncing it up and down, to the rhythm of the music.
    I couldn't help it and continued giggling the entire time, I was twerking, bouncing and shaking my ass to the lyrics, "I know you want it, I know you want it, I know you want it. You're a good girl, can't let it get past me, you're far from plastic. Talk about getting blasted, I hate these blurred lines, I know you want it, I know you want it, I know you want it, but you're a good girl. The way you grab me, must wanna get nasty, go ahead, get at me."
    A few minutes later the song ended and I was out of breath, so I trotted over and grabbed my cold wine cooler, as I was sipping on my wine cooler.

    My Sister Toni yelled, "Come on Tara, your turn to give uncle Joe a lap dance!"

    Giggling I replied back, "I don't know about that!"

    My sister Toni come over to me and giggling whispered, "Tara don't be a nerd now, we've all done it!"
    And all of the other girls were yelling, "Come on Tara, it's your turn!"

    Giggling I said, "Ok, ok give me a Second to catch my breath, we're getting a workout today, but I love how it's going to make my ass look."
    As I finished off my wine cooler, I thought to myself, "Maybe my sister is right, I should loosen up and quit being a geek." I then walked back over to the recliner and stood in front of my uncle Joe giggling. Then my cousin Joyce, put on the Justin Timberlake's song called, "Mirrors."
    When the music started, I straddled our uncle Joe's lap in the recliner. I started grinding crotch in his lap. Well the old buzzard seize the opportunity and reached around my hips. he grabbed my ass cheeks with both of his hands.

    All of the girls with a giggle yelled, "Alright Tara!"

    My sister Toni blurted out, "Look at uncle Joe, he's got two handfuls of Tara's ass and he's got a good grip of his nieces ass.... Go for it uncle Joe, grab that ass!"

    Then giggling my cousin Kelly and my sister Toni yelled out, "Fuck her uncle Joe!"

    Well I was giggling like crazy and yelled, "Don't get any ideas uncle Joe, No you need to fuck Kelly" as I was grinding my crotch and ass against the zipper of uncle Joe's pants. I leaned down and giggling I whispered in my Uncle Joe's ear, "You like grabbing my ass uncle Joe, this is your only chance you're going to get, So feel it up real good." He had a tight grip on my ass cheek. My Uncle Joe started, running his hands up and down the cheeks of my ass, and giving them a little squeeze.

    He whispered in my ear, "Tara, do you think sometime when no one is around you'll let me see what your ass looks like?"

    Giggling I whispered back in his ear, "We'll see, but nothing more, now I'm your niece, no hanky-panky."
    As I was doing the lap dance, I could feel his erection in his pants poking upward, rubbing against the crotch material of my tight black dress pants and stimulating my pussy lips. giggling I whispered in my uncle Joe's ear, "Woo you got an erection, you dirty old fucker."
    It was about three minutes into the song when I felt it building up inside of me. I dug my nails into the recliner headrest trying to fight it, but it overwhelmed me. I arched my back and snapped my head back, I started rubbing the crotch back and forth, like a car windshield wiper are high. The song was more than halfway over and my juices started flowing out of me, soaking the crotch of my panties. I Knew by how much of my juices were flowing out of me, the crotch of my pants was going to be soaked.

    The song had ended by now, I was pretty buzzed and starting to loosen up like the girls wanted and giggling I yelled to my sister and the other girls, "It's christmas, should I give uncle Joe, a christmas present!"
    All of the girls said, "Yeah."

    All of the girls gathered around,, as I straddled his lap in the recliner. Then the Marvin Gaye song, "Let's get it on," started playing. The girls started, "cheering," as I started pulling my black and silver silk blouse up over my head, revealing my Tiny little satin lace bra.
    I tossed my blouse to the side, next reaching behind my back with both hands, I unfastened the clasp to my bra. Then I held the cups of my bra against my breasts with my left hand and with my right hand I slid my right bra strap off of my shoulder, them I slid my left bra strap off of my shoulder.

    I then looked at my uncle Joe and said, "Merry Christmas uncle Joe," them with my right hand, I slowly pulled my bra away from my breasts and held it in the air above my head with two fingers, then letting it go, dropping it to the floor.
    I looked at our uncle Joe and said, " you have till the end of this song to look at and feel my breasts. Well, song was more than halfway over, so our Uncle Joe had about 2 minutes to feel up my breasts. I sat there straddling his lap in the recliner, Then he placed both of his hands one on each breast of mine, then started massaging them and playing with my nipples, while all of the other girls were removing their tops and bras.

    All of the girls giggling yelled, "That's it uncle Joe, feel those titties up."

    Then the song was coming to an end and I turn my head and yelled to the girls, "Ok, Teresa you're next!" just as I did that, our uncle Joe took my right breast nipple into his mouth and started sucking on it. I pulled away and climbed out of his lap. I then went over to get my wine cooler, as I was drinking it, I figured I would make a quick dash into the kitchen and get more wine coolers.
    I said you my sister Toni, "Where's my blouse." My sister Toni handed me my blouse and I slipped it on.

    All of the girls started yelling, "What's wrong Tara, you put your top back on!"

    I replied back, "I'm going to run to the kitchen to get us more wine coolers and ice, I'll take it off when I get back."

    My sister Toni whispered in my ear, "Now Tara, don't get all weirded out and embarrassed, but you're not the only one to cream their panties. There's not one dry pair of pants, in the room from us rubbing and grinding while giving him a lap dance sis."

    Well I ducked out the sliding doors into the dining room and closed them quickly behind me, then headed to the kitchen and ran into our husband grabbing another plate of turkey and stuffing.

    He said, "By the sound of the loud music you girls must be having fun and Thank you sweetheart for wearing no bra, You know I love it."

    I replied back, "Yeah, all of us girls are in there twerking and drinking wine coolers. you know girls fun, girls only. Just like you guys do, a guy thing, guys only." Anyways I know how you like it, when I don't wear a bra and I have a thin top on, so I decided earlier to loosen up and take my bra off.

    He replied back, "I know how you girls like to do that dance. I know you love twerking and shaking your cute little round ass, every chance you get. Ok, I'm going back over, you have fun."

    As he left I said, "Love you, LOVE YOU! never mind asshole," I then went into the pantry. When I came out of the pantry with a styrofoam cooler that we had in there, I seen my cousin Teresa grab something out of the fridge quickly and head back in the dining room towards the living room.
    Well I filled the cooler up with ice quickly, putting in all of the wine coolers that we had and some of those little bottles of Yukon Jack margaritas. I headed back into the living room and close the sliding doors behind me. Not paying attention to what the girls were doing and headed straight over to the coffee table. I heard the girls giggling behind me, as I set the cooler down and pulled my blouse up over my head, removing it.
    Then I heard all of the girls giggling yelling, "Alright Toni, your turn Joyce then Skyler..... go go alright Joyce."

    I tossed my blouse over on the sofa and turned around to see my cousin Joyce's head come up out of my uncle Joe's lap, with whipped cream on her lips and his hard penis was hanging out. Then I seen my cousin Kelly squirting whipped cream, on the head of Uncle Joe's penis and my daughter Skylar quickly sliding her lips down his penis and bobbing a couple of times to suck the whip cream off.

    All the girls giggling yelled,"Alright Skylar."

    Then my cousin Kelly squirted another gob of whipped cream on the head of uncle Joe's penis. I walked over and said,"I thought there was not going to be any sex."

    My cousin Teresa said, "No, we're not exactly giving him head, just seeing who's got the guts, to put their mouth on his dick, to get the whipped cream."

    My cousin Joyce chimed in, "That's not really sex, Yeah if you get his load in your mouth that would be kind of gross, maybe a little incestuous, but we're all drunk anyways."

    I replied back, "How did this start, who's bright idea was this?"

    My daughter Skylar said, "Well this started when we were taking a break from twerking. So we all decided play a dare game and what's the wildest dare. Well Teresa dared Kelly to do it, with the whipped cream, then we all kinda dared her also, then we started daring each other to do it twice."

    Then my cousin Kelly giggling blurted out, "This is not sex, ask Bill Clinton! we're all drunk anyways and having a little fun with a little party dare game."

    And my sister Toni interjected, "Yeah we're just playing a little harmless party dare game, she's right we're drunk anyways, so who really cares."

    I then said, "A party dare game huh, oook then, whaaat!"

    Then all of the girls started yelling, "Come on, your turn Tara, go go go!"

    Well with all the girls staring at me and chanting for me to do it, I gave into peer pressure. So leaning down real quick and wrapped my hands around the shaft of his old penis, then slid my lips over head of it and bobbed up and down a couple times to remove the with cream.

    All the girls cheered, "Alright Tara!"
    Uncle Joe had about a 6 inch penis, but it was thin as a Vienna sausage. Well all of the girls did it again and they wanted me to do it again. so to be one of the gang, I got down on my knees in front of uncle Joe that was sitting in the recliner. My cousin Kelly squirted big gob of whipped cream on the head of his penis.
    I wrapped my fingers around his thin little penis, Just as I opened my lips and was quickly bobbing downward, when my lips first touched the whipped cream, I felt something warm running down over my fingers. When my lips went over the head of his penis and the whipped cream went in my mouth on my tongue, I could taste warm semen. I thought to myself, "Oh yuck, didn't let on what is happening.
    I would had been embarrassed. So, I bobbed down and paused for a couple seconds. I then bobbed back up and hoping they wouldn't be able to tell, he had ejaculated. Afterwards I got up off my knees and said, "It's is your turn Teresa."

    As I got up my cousin giggling Kelly said, "Tara you have whipped cream on your fingers."

    So I glanced at my fingers, yeah there was a little bit of whipped cream, most of it was creamy white semen. I played it off and just started licking my fingers clean, like the other girls were doing.

    Then our uncle Joe said,"Tara, I love watching your ass and looking at your panty lines. I try to imagine what they look like and what you look like in them."

    I was giggling like crazy and it made me blush, when he said that out loud in front of all the girls.

    So all the girls yelled, " Tara, take off my pants and let uncle Joe see what you look like in my panties!"

    So giggling, I said to the girls, " Oh what the Uncle Joe's already seen my breasts!" I went and stood in front of our uncle Joe with my back turned to him, I reached behind my back. Then with my little fingers, I pulled the zipper of my tight black dress pants all of the way down. I turned my head and shoulders looking back over my right shoulder and yelled, "Ok you want to see my panties!"

    Then I slowly slid them down off my hips, and down my thighs, revealing my skimpy little pair of shiny metallic red and white striped candy cane bikini panties. My black dress pants fell to the floor and I stepped out them. Still with my back turned to my uncle Joe, I reached up to remove the rubber band from my ponytail, while I started slowly swaying my little round ass to the left and to the right.
    I ran my fingers through my hair, as I was slowly swaying my little round ass to the left and to the right, for a good couple of minutes. Giving our Uncle Joe a good look, of what my little round ass looks like in panties. I then turned around and said to our uncle Joe, "Do you like my skimpy little pair of sexy candy cane Christmas bikini panties?....I can see by the look on your face, you like what you see."
    Then all of the girls started taking off their pants and my sister Toni put on one of my old favorite songs,"Double dutch bus," then I started twerking in my panties for uncle Joe. all the giirls started twerking In their panties also.

    We twerked wearing only our panties and then after about 15 minutes my sister Toni suggested we remove our panties and twerk.
    We all ended up taking off our panties and twerking totally naked and uncle Joe was enjoying it the entire time. While we twerked naked, I ended up a couple of times letting our uncle Joe feel and grab my bare ass and touch my smoothly waxed pussy, the same as the other girls did. * to be continued *
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    I hope you are not offended its with great admiration because you have great stories
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    Our family isn't naughty as you think, if you're referring to the dancing in the living room that happened with us girls. Stuff like that doesn't normally happen, it only happened once and we were pretty corked.
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