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  1. Blackslutt

    Blackslutt Porn Surfer

    Jan 14, 2018
    I swear I heard the door creak! In front of me Elaine, my mistress, is bent over on her hands and knees with my cock balls deep in her pretty little asshole but I cannot concentrate on the tight warmth that is surrounding my raging hard on. My wife said she would be out for the day and her daughter, Alisha, my stepdaughter has hardly been in all week even though she'll be back off to university in a few days so the house is definitely empty yet I still can't shake the feeling that someone has seen us!
    "You feel so good." I hear Elaine moan into the pillow and my mind is right back on her, pounding deeper and deeper. Elaine loves her ass being fucked and I love giving her what she wants.

    "How has your day been honey?" My wife asks when we are seated around the dinner table later that day. Alisha has decided to put in an appearance tonight, dressed in her usually skimpy jeans and low cut crop top.
    "Not too bad darling the usual. I spent most of the day in the office writing and filling reports, boring boring boring. How about you?" I'm used to going into family mode after emptying my load into another woman, I've been doing it for years although I've only been fucking Elaine for the past few months. She is amazing though, definitely a keeper. She let's me do things my wife would be repulsed at.
    My wife smiles as she dishes out the lasagne she had made earlier that day. "Yes much the same. Do you remember Edna from accounting?" I nod and prepare myself for the usual ramblings of her day. My face keeps the interested expression and I nod when needed but in my head I'm thinking of Elaine and how many fingers I could fit in her tight little cunt.
    "Don't you think that is disgraceful darling?" Her question brings me back to the present and I have to guess at what my wife is talking about.
    "Yes dear." I agree with her. Alisha shoots me a smouldering look that shoots straight to my groin. She has always been a beautiful young girl and I must admit as I have watched her grow into a woman there have been many times I've wanted to fuck her senseless. Her long auburn hair flowed down to the small of her back where a tattoo of a purple butterfly always drew my attention. Her peachy little ass was out of proportion with her big tits but that only made her hotter to me. That said, she has never liked me much so her dirty looks no longer take me by suprise, I'm more that used to both them and her snide comments.
    "He's not even listening mom!" Alisha squeals obviously able to read my mind better than her mother. I wonder if she reads my mind when I'm mentally stripping her and thinking of all the ways I could make her moan for me.
    "Alisha!" Her mother chastises. "Of course he is listening, aren't you darling?" She turns to me and I smile sweetly.
    "Of course I am Darling!" Alisha just scoffs and begins eating her dinner.

    Later on I'm sitting at my desk when there is a knock on my study door.
    "Come in." I call sure it is my wife. I don't bother to look up from my Laptop screen when the door opens and then swiftly closes again. It isn't until I notice the lightly tanned, toned legs sidling up to my desk that I realise it wasn't my wife knocking but Alisha!
    "And what can I do for you young lady?" I ask even though I know just what I could do for her or should I say to her? As I lift my gaze to meet hers I take in the deep red oriental style kimono that adorns her slender body. Beneath the thin silk I can only imagine the beauty that lays there, untouched and calling for my touch.
    "I know." Alisha says simply. My heart races at the thoughts of what it is she could know. There are many things I keep from my wife. The brothel I have been running since we married, my many sexual conquests that I have claimed over the years but surely she couldn't know about any of this? I have been way to careful! Quickly I decide that before I say anything to drop myself in it, I need to know for definite what she thinks she knows.
    "What exactly is it that you know Alisha?" I close my laptop and give her my full attention.
    "I know that you have been fucking around behind my moms back" she spits out with a face like thunder. My back stiffens and I feel as though the air has been sucked from the room as I study her pretty heart shaped face. Her face is set hard but there's a glint in her eye that tells me she has more on her mind than who I'm screwing.
    "Alisha, I have no idea what you are talking about but I think you should quit whilst you are ahead!" My voice is louder than I had intended and I'm hoping and praying that my wife doesn't hear us.
    Alisha's head falls back as she let's out a bitter laugh. "Don't lie to me Graham, I'm not a child anymore!" Her kimono shifts slightly revealing the slip of blushing skin between her perky breasts. The sight causes a stir in my suit pants and I hope she can't see my growing erection. All of a sudden I feel as though the heating has been ampt up to the max and I can feel a bead of sweat trickling down the back of my neck. As much as I would love to bend my stepdaughter over my desk and have her coming for me over and over I know that it is wrong. I know I shouldn't have these thoughts and I curse myself for not being able to stop the throbbing in my boxers. Loosening my tie I look her dead in the eye.
    "You're delusional!"
    "I saw you! I saw you fucking her!" Alisha shouts loud enough for the neighbours to hear.
    "Keep your fucking voice down!" I can't afford for my wife to hear her! What would she do if she found out? Divorce me no doubt and she would be entitled to take everything! No that can't happen, I can't let all of my hard work go that easily! "Fine! Fine you saw me so what? What are you going to do about it?" I relent.
    Alisha thinks on this for a moment before she saunters over to the mini fridge I had built into one of the far side cabinets. Bending over she retrieves a can of coke giving me more of an eyeful than I can handle. Her pretty little ass peaks out at me making my already solid cock so hard it aches. Surely she can feel the cold breeze? Twisting my head a little I can see the deep pink of her opening and its with a racing heart I realise she isn't wearing any panties! Alicia spins around and I snap my head up straight. My heart is beating so loud I'm sure she can hear it! Did she see me? Her rage seems to have subsided a little as she cracks the can open and I take that as a good sign!
    "What does that slut have that you can't find at home Graham?" she questions, continuing as though there had been no pause in our conversation."
    Her question catches me by suprise and for a moment I really think about this. Oddly, that is a question I've never asked myself. Although my wife isn't very adventurous in the bedroom I must admit she does still know how to make me come for her. Hard and fast. So why have I been fucking other women since the day we married? "I don't know." I answer truthfully. "I honestly don't know."
    Again Alisha let's out a bitter laugh. This time her kimono doesn't slip but falls completely open! For a moment I'm mesmerized. Her beautiful tits look a perfect fit for my hands and thoughts race of them in my mouth. The cold air from my floor fan must be chilling her softly flushed skin because her nipples are pert and standing hard. My gaze runs over her flat stomach, the faint outlines of a six pack a tribute to her hours spent in the gym, Then further still to her pubic mound where a neat little landing strip has been carefully waxed leaving the rest smoother than I have ever seen! To myself I think about how much I'd love to land there then tearing my gaze away and turning my head, I chastise myself. This is your wife's daughter! Having private thoughts is one thing but to sit here gawping at her?
    "What's the matter Graham? You don't like what you see? Is it just the women in our family that can't quite do it for you?" Alisha laughs.
    At first her comment shocks me but then thinking rationally I know she is only saying it to hurt me, she wants to get me back for fucking around on her mom and who could blame her? I know I would be mad as hell too!
    "Don't be stupid Alisha! you're my stepdaughter for goodness sakes!"
    "Don't take he moral high ground with me." She hisses. Slinking back to my desk she sits on the edge, so close to me that our legs are touching. Thank goodness she has covered up! I don't think I could take anymore blood leaving my brain!
    "Tell me Graham. If my mom was fucking you better, would you still be fucking around?" She asks so matter of factually, I'm momentarily taken aback. I have no idea where the hell she is going with this so I answer honestly.
    "Probably not." Having her so close and knowing the only thing that separates us is a flimsy price of silk is driving me crazy and I know there is no chance she can miss the obvious buldge between my legs.
    With a sly smirk she nods. "That's what I thought " and without another word she is straddling me, her lips crashing into mine. My brain turns to instinct mode and I can't stop myself from reacting. Her tongue darts in and out to meet my rhythm whilst my hands slide over the soft silk that contains her beauty. A low moan escapes her lips and reality slaps me in the face. What the fuck am I doing? This is Alicia for fucks sake! The girl I have raised since she was twelve! I try to turn my head but she grabs fitsfuls of my hair and uses it too keep me in place so I remove my hands from her firm ass and push her away.
    "What the hell are you doing Alicia? Get off of me!" I growl. She doesn't listen, instead she pulls my head back so hard that I don't have time to tense. My head juts back and she leans in so close that I can taste the coke on her breath.
    "Do you want mom to find out that her perfect little husband can't keep his dick in his pants?" Alicia smirks, slowly grinding circles against my ever hardening cock.
    Averting my gaze I shake my head knowing how that would end, my house my career, everything gone.
    "Good. Then you're going to do as I say aren't you?" She snarls.
    For a moment I consider just throwing her away for me but then what? What is she going to tell her mother? I have no doubt that she will tell her mother something, the dark glint in her eye and spiteful grin confirms that for me but what did she see? Am I willing to take that risk? Bringing my eyes back to her my resolve hardens as I ask.
    "What do you want from me?"
    "Well," she raises her eyes to the ceiling in exaggerated contemplation. "Firstly I want you to stop fucking all of those little whores behind mommies back. I think she deserves better than that don't you?"
    I ignore her question. "And?"
    "And" she smiles. "And I want you to fuck me instead." She says calmly.
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  2. DallasFisherman87

    DallasFisherman87 Porn Surfer

    Dec 19, 2017
    @Blackslutt how are you going to stop? I just got hard and going and the story ends. Dont leave me hard and waiting. Lol
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  3. slick420

    slick420 Sex Machine

    May 2, 2007
    I sure hope there is more on the way!
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  4. lastkiss555

    lastkiss555 Porn Star

    May 7, 2016
    Love it.cant for more
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  5. cjm2010

    cjm2010 Porn Surfer

    Dec 13, 2017
    More?!?! Please???
  6. jdm320

    jdm320 Nice Guy

    Sep 23, 2013
    oh now that is a cliff hanger.
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  7. Blackslutt

    Blackslutt Porn Surfer

    Jan 14, 2018
    Hi all!! Sorry it has taken so long but here is part two!!

    Alicia has a wild fire burning hot behind her eyes, its the same look that she had given her mother when my wife had first introduced us and I know she's being dead serious. How had she growen up so quickly? It seems like only a few years ago that my stepdaughter was playing with dolls and asking for ponies and now here she is, tits thrust in my face, her tiny little hips grinding my cock so hard I feel like I might come already!
    "Have you lost your mind? Please Alicia just get off of me!" I'm done playing her games!
    "Fine!" With a sly smile she jumps from my lap and a shameful wave of disappointment to washes over me. In my boxers I can feel patches of wet, evidence of my pleasure but on my leg there is another wet patch, this one evidence of her own pleasure. Keeping her eyes on me she slides between my legs coming to rest on her knees. My heart is going crazy as her manicured fingers work first the button and then the zipper on my pants, instantly freeing the painfully hard erection she had been teasing.
    "See, you can't help yourself Graham. I've seen you, eyeing me up when I get out of the shower. I can feel you mentally undressing me, imagining what it would feel like to be balls deep in my pretty pink lips. I know how men like you think!" So she did know! As she talks her fingers hook the waistband of my boxers and begin to slowly pull them down. Against all my better instincts my pelvis lifts a little making it easier for her and even as it does I ask myself if I'm really going to do this! Am I really going to let my stepdaughter blackmail me into fucking her? Even if it is something I've dreamed of since the day she came home for her first uni holiday looking like a whole new woman in her tiny little skirts and even tinier tops, even then I knew it was so wrong, how could I look her in the eye after this?
    Wrapping one hand around the base of my thick member, she slowly begins to pull back and forth in the same rhythm as my heavy breaths.
    I watch as a small bead of precum forms on the head of my cock. Leaning over, her dark curls falling forward to hide most of her face, she flicks her tongue out and ever so softly runs it up the seam and around the ridge before rolling it back up to clean away the beginnings of my climax. I can feel my nuts tightening as she pulls my full length deep into her mouth, her tongue still working every sensitive vain. My nails are gripping my seat so hard I'm sure the leather is going to tear! Every time she pushes down I can feel myself getting closer and closer, too close. My toes curl and my hips begin to move in time to meet her spit drenched lips, Aah! I know I won't last much longer and its all I can do to tear my hands from my seat and force her head from my cock.
    "You shouldn't be doing this Alicia!" I'm breathless, confused and horny as fuck!
    She looks at me like she hadn't considered that before, like she didn't know how wrong this is and it makes me wonder what is actually going on inside her head. After a moment she relents, wiping a mixture of my precum and her saliva from her mouth she stands up.
    "Have it your way! But I promise you, I always get what I want." She threatens with a menacing smirk as she waslk to the out, leaving my study and closing the door behind her.
    What the fuck was that? Its not as though Alicia is my biggest fan so why the sudden urge to have my cock in her? And what the fuck am I going to tell my wife? Nothing! That's what. I mean what the fuck would I say oh hey honey works slow, what's for dinner? Oh by the way I've been cheating since we married and your daughter is hell bent on fucking me as a punishment because she found out! Fuck that! Behind me I grab a decanter from the mini bar and fill it with whiskey. Fuck my wife, how the fuck am I supposed to face Alicia at breakfast? She is still going to be here for nearly a week and I have a sneaky suspicion she is going to be around a lot more than she has been. I need to get my head straight, So after downing my double shot I grab my car keys from the desk and head for the door.

    Alicia had stormed straight from her stepfathers study to her old bedroom which had now become more of a storage room for Grahams junk. She was fuming! How dare he disrespect her mother like this? And then to think he is too good to fuck her, like he has some kind of moral high ground to stand on! Well, she thought to herself as she grabbed her mobile and dialled the number of her good friend, I'll just have to sort out my mothers shit once again.
    "Hey babe, wassup?" Shannon's high pitch voice squeeked through the phone.
    "Shan I need a favour. Are you alone?" The only person Alicia knew that was willing to carry this out with her was a friend she had meet whilst at university. Shannon had been doing film studies but the films she had specialized in had not been of the academic kind. Alicia had spent most of university partying and drinking but that came at a price and there was only so much money she could ask her mom for so when times had got rough, she had gone looking for other options. She had heard rumours of a group filming and selling pornography online and when she had came home with a empty purse to find nothing in her fridge but a mouldy block of cheese she had swallowed her pride and found Shannon, the main videographer.
    "Yeah, what do you need?"

    Heavy techno music pumps from hidden speakers, filling the bar around me. The bartender keeps eyeing me up like he can see the shame that still burns. Maybe he can, maybe everyone can see just how depraved I really am! I mean its not like I did much to stop her and as I think back to the slow, meticulous stokes of Alicia's tongue, the soft gagging noises she made as the tip of my cock, I know there is so much more I could have done but fuck! My mind had stopped working and my body had launched into primal mode, running on pure instinct and feeling and I can't deny she had felt damn good! Sinking another whiskey, I call the bartender for another. What I don't understand is what she wants from me. I mean why would the girl that has hated me since the day I met her be so determined to make me come? Images of her forcing herself to take my entire cock deep down her throat flood my mind and I have to force myself to think of something else to stop the growing I can feel in my pants.
    Like what the fuck am I going to tell my wife? Surely Alicia has told her by now after all I didn't give her what she wanted and I know the threats she had made were in no way empty. My phone vibrates in front of me letting me know that my battery is dying but that is the least of my worries right now. Its gone one in the morning and I'm sure the nine missed calls I have had from my wife means she is either worried or raging mad. When I stand my head swims a little. Its probably not the best idea to drive like this but I have to get home somehow and I can't leave my car out here!
    In the drivers seat I take a second to gather myself. Maybe I should go to a hotel for the night? But how would that look! Then maybe I should just doze here.
    Just for a little while....
    "There!" Alicia calls from the passenger seat. They'd been driving for a while now, knowing Graham would find a quiet bar to drown his sorrows, Alicia had decided to find him and make sure he knew his priorities were at home and nowhere else. "That's his car! The black Audi in the corner of the lot!" She'd spent many years waiting for that car to collect her, she'd spot it from a mile away.
    "No worries," Shannon winks, pulling the car into the lot and parking right behind Graham's car. "Get the camera ready whit!"
    Whitney, Shannon's part time girlfriend, had been roped in earlier that day. It wasn't that long ago a plan just like this one had popped up back on campus and Whitney had been the main instigator. The captain of the football team had tried to force himself on Shannon and they had come up with the perfect way to pay him back. In the dead of the night after celebrations for the teams first win of the season, Shannon, Whitney and a few other girls on campus had snuck into his dorm equipped with ropes, a ballgag, lube and strap-on dildos. Needless to say the captain never went near the girls again.
    This time though the aim wasn't to cause pain but pure pleasure, pleasure enough to keep Graham at home and away from any of his whores. The camera was to keep him quiet.
    "Everything is ready back here." Whitney assures as she presses record. Anything they didn't want could be edited out later.
    Shannon couldn't help but smile at the determined look in Alicia's eye, she meant business. "Let's go!"
    Alicia had dressed in a simple tight black dress with a pundged neckline tryingh to blend in, hoping she wouldn't catch his attention before she was ready but as she sidled up to the drivers window she was shocked to find Graham slumped in his seat and fast asleep. Standing up she waves to catch the other girls attention, gesturing for them to come and look. 'This is going to be so easy' she thought to herself with a knowing smile. With a raised hand Whitney uses her fingers to count from three and as she hit zero all three girls eased the door handles as gently as possible, trying not to wake their unsuspecting victim. Graham doesn't stir. He doesn't stir as the girls quick fingers made light work of moving his comatose body into an upright position and he does not move as they bound his hands behind the seat with the ropes they had prepared. He doesn't even stir as Whitney and Alicia wrestled his suit pants and boxers down to his ankles. Shannon sits in the back patiently waiting to swap places with Whitney to get the best angle. They didn't want his bound hands or the ropes in the frame, after all Alicia's mom had to believe her husband was fucking her daughter willingly and ropes would be a dead give away!
    When everything was ready and the girls where all in position Alicia took her cue and raising her slender little hand she brought it down hard across grahams snoring face. He jumps so high she is nearly thrown from his lap but she manages to stay straddled as his wild eyes came into focus and zeroed in on her.
    "Good morning graham." A wicked grin spreads across her face.
    "What the... My trousers.. But.." He stutters trying to move, he realises with a start that something corse is tightly binding his wrists together. Pulling and twisting he struggles to free them but his efforts only make them tighter and eventually he gives up.
    "What do you want from me?" He cries in exasperation. 'What the fuck is she planning to do to me?' His thoughts race back and forth then suddenly he realises they're not alone! In the passenger seat a young latina girl sits pointing a camera into his face. Her hair is cut short and she is dressed in a grey running suit but even in the baggy sports wear graham imagine a smoking hot body underneath.
    "You know what I want Graham. I want you to be a good husband and a decent stepfather but you have proved that you can't manage that." As she speaks, Alicia slowly strokes her sharp nails across grahams anxious face. "So I'm going to give you a reason to stay home. If you can't keep your dick to one woman," her fingers increase pressure as she goes on, sending shivers down grahams back. "I will make sure you have nothing left to give anyone but my mother." Alicia watches as her fingers dig hard into his cheek making him wince.
    The truth dawns on him and Alicia smirks as she sees it wash across his face. "What are you going to do to me?" He breaths finally surrendering.
    "Whitney." Shannon demands and her girlfriend takes her cue. Reaching from behind she swiftly fits the ball gag into his mouth and fasteness it tight.
    With nowhere to hide, grahams erection stands around for all to see, including the camera. "Don't act like you're not excited Graham" Shannon jeers from behind the camera.
    ‎"now hold still." Raising her dress, Alicia slides further up his lap and wastes no time in lining his hard cock up with her wet waiting pussy. She'd been thinking about him all day. Its not like she hadn't fantasised about her stepfather before because she had it's just that she hadn't counted on him not wanting her back especially after she'd caught him staring at her in nothing but a towel! But Alicia had always got what she wanted and this was to be no exception!
    ‎again graham starts to struggle as she tries to lower herself onto him causing his cock to jerk left, right, up and down.
    ‎"keep him still Whitney!" Alicia demands trying her best to keep his member in her hand which is hard because her hand is slock with his precum. Again Whitney reaches around to the front seat, this time she grabs both shoulders and the little bit of weight on her, she pushes hard trying to restrict his movement but he is to strong for her and his wriggling just get worse. After a few seconds of this Alicia has had enough. Shifting herself backwards, she uses her free hand to cup both of his balls and before he realises her intentions she is squeezing, applying pressure slowly.
    ‎"I don't want to hurt you graham," She explains patiently. "But I need to make sure my mother is happy and keeping you home is the only way to do that so if I have to hurt you believe me," the pressure increases and graham let's out a wimper as his struggling again subsides. "I will. Now let's play nicely."
    Without releasing his nuts Alicia spins around, facing her back to her stepdads ragged breathing, she lines him up again and again she slides herself down this time successful impaling herself on her stepfathers big dick. Only then does she release her tight grip on his balls and allow him to relax. Grahams breath catches as her tight cunt swallows all seven inches of his cock in one go. Sure he is going to come instantly graham tries to think of something, anything other than the peachy little ass and tight pink asshole that fills his line of vision. Shannon doesn't miss a thing as she jumps from shots of grahams face, twisted in ecstasy, to shots of Alicia's dripping wet pissy sliding up and down working the dick that should belong to her mother. In the back seat, Whitney is preparing the nipply clamps and anal lube Alicia had requested. After a long search of grahams search history Alicia had picked just a few of the categories she had found graham searching for to carry out tonight but if she was going to keep him at home, she would have to try a lot more than nipple clamps and anal sex. Although she had always wanted to rry anal its not something that had popped up in her previous relationships so although she was anxious she definitely planned to enjoy what she had planned for her stepfather tonight.
    As her pace increases so does Graham's heart rate. Even though he tries to resist his gaze keeps drifting back to his thick cock being pumped by her tight hole. It doesn't take long before he feels his balls tingling for the second time today and he knows this time there's nothing he can do to stop her. His groans only spur Alicia on more and as his stepdaughter slams down hard onto his lap he can't stop his body tensing and his toes curling as he shoots round after round of hotness deep into her clenching cunt. Shannon keeps the camera on him, zooming in to catch the look of euphoria on his tormented face.
    Slowly, Alicia pulls up, letting his still solid cock slap against his shirted chest. Bending over the dashboard Alicia wiggles her hips letting his climax drip from her now open pussy. Looking back she smiles at her panting stepfather.
    "See it wasn't as bad as you thought was it?" She tried to hide the rush of endorphins she could feel making every hair on her body stand up. Although she wouldn't admit it to anyone not even herself, Alicia had enjoyed that way more than she was supposed to and she knew that the rest of the night would be so much more than she had anticipated.
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  8. Highlite

    Highlite Sex Lover

    Jul 11, 2015
    Great story, more please
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  9. Bustin Hymans

    Bustin Hymans Sex Machine

    Dec 7, 2016
    I love your stories. You have a great way of relaying it. Great read again. Thanks for posting.
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  10. DTrumpet

    DTrumpet Porn Star

    Apr 3, 2016
    Love slutty little whores & their Daddy adventures..
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  11. Blackslutt

    Blackslutt Porn Surfer

    Jan 14, 2018
    I'm happy I have managed to please you all!! I won't be adding to a stepdaughters revenge for a few days as I'm working on part3 for naughty nick and something new for you all!!
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  12. Bustin Hymans

    Bustin Hymans Sex Machine

    Dec 7, 2016
    I for one love all your stories. Keep them cumming sexy.
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  13. pied piper70

    pied piper70 Amateur

    Jan 3, 2017
    Damn that was hot
  14. OnTheRoad

    OnTheRoad Newcumer

    May 25, 2018
    Threequell please!
  15. Loretta Roberson

    Loretta Roberson Porn Star

    Apr 21, 2018
    excellent story might want to take the time to edit it a little bit and put spaces in between sentence it will make it easier to read....but a good story thank you for sharing
  16. bigbrother07

    bigbrother07 Kitty Saver

    May 15, 2018
    Wow...it is a different angle of stepfather seduction. As Ms. Loretta has pointed out, spacing and corrections to a few typos would had made this story almost perfect. I would also suggest in part 3 continuing the torture of Graham. You have already opened the door to nipple clamps and anal, I would continue on that path. Maybe in other chapters an office scene or maybe even a scene with the mother in the house.
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  17. ohbegentle

    ohbegentle Amateur

    Feb 22, 2015
    Good story Blackslutt …… :whip3: