1. f.starwell

    f.starwell Newcumer

    Jun 3, 2018
    Hi guys/girls, love this site, some authors and stories (I especially love taboo/incest themes) are simply amazing..but my english is not so good (not native speaker) and it will be absolutely amazing if someone will be willing to process my ideas into stories..to be honest I have a strange fetish: love girls with oral fixation - thumbsucking, biting nails etc.. I find that extemely sexy. And I also love incest themes..so my idea is write a stories with a girl biting her nails all the time, later suck on her brothers / daddys dick to try stop her the habit, later fucking and so on..I know that here are very talented guys who can make it..I am willing to pay for it:) anyone please?
    Let me know guys, thanks!!
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  2. WickedlyKinkyAngel69

    WickedlyKinkyAngel69 Newcumer

    Sep 14, 2018
    I could maybe give this a try message me
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