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  1. f.starwell

    f.starwell Newcumer

    Jun 3, 2018
    Hi guys, I really love this site, some authors and stories (I especially love taboo/incest themes) are simply amazing..but..I have some "strange" fetish and I like to know, if here is someone afflicted too:) yeah, from some reason I like girls, who bite their nails, I find it extemely cute and sexy, love the touch and feel of short nails and girl with finger in her mouth I find just beautiful..

    this is my story:

    My first girlfriend when I was 17 was a nailbiter and it was amazing experience..blond girl with very sexy body, half or more bitten nails. She bite them everytime, everywhere, in front of me, in public. I loved the fact that she didnt try to stop - she tell me she cant stop. Her mother was nailbiter too. I think thats the reason why she continue biting..I believe that is great when is more nailbiters in the family, her mother shared this habit, she tell me, that parents never try to make her stop. She was little bitchy spoiled little brat, but sex was amazing.
    I love when we watch tv together, her nails goes in her mouth automatically, she constantly looking at her nails front different angles and when she saw some imperfections, she bite it off.
    She gave me best handjobs of my life, her little hands was so soft on my cock..you can imagine the intensity of these moments, its burned in my brain forever, I feels like yesterday for me..she like to play with my dick, on hand in her mouth chewing nails, other playing with myself. Then we usually switch seats, when she has nothing to bite, and she continue with second hand. She know about my fetish and she like tease my with her nails, she even bite her nails when i take her from behind. LOVELY 3 MONTS IN MY LIFE, TOTALLY PARADISE. But I was so young and stupid, I never tell her to paint her fingernails for me..to me are painted fingernails maybe even sexier, especially I love black or red polish.
    Sometime she spit her nails out, sometime she eat little pieces, I absolutely loved the sound of nailbiting.
    Believe me or not, I never had a nailbiting girl from this time. I met and fucked many women, but dont have luck with nailbiters.
    I think that biggest problem of my fetish is that I love something which girls hated on themselves and they just dont undestand that I really find their bitten nails beautiful..

    But I become really obsessed with nailbiters only few years ago, when I met some people on flickr sharing their pictures and I found that some girls bite even their toenails..fucking hot, never saw a girl doing it. It was a whole level of my fetish.

    Anyone here? Please tell guys your thoughts and experiences..

    Thank you,

  2. noboat

    noboat Porn Star

    Aug 12, 2009
    When i had a prostate exam the nurse had long finger nails .Was not a good experience.
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    1. Jack Mine
      But it's a very important thing for men 50 and over to do. Smart man.
      Jack Mine, Jul 12, 2018