1. cyrano

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    Apr 27, 2014
    This couldn't be happening. It couldn't be.

    I didn't even remember driving home, so maybe I was still at my desk daydreaming this. A simple
    case of the sniffles had mushroomed to a bad case of the flu by eleven o'clock. And it was hitting
    my like a level five hurricane.

    No, this was too real. It was happening.

    My stepdaughter, Carrie, was blowing her boyfriend, Barry, right in front of me. She hadn't even
    bothered to close her bedroom door. But then again, she hadn't expected me to be home in the
    middle of the afternoon. Why the hell was SHE home in the middle of the afternoon?

    I couldn't move. I just stood there like a befuddled wino...watching.

    Carrie's caramel colored ass lazily swayed in front of me, hypnotizing me, her disgusting table
    manners on full display as she slurped and slobbered noisely all over Barry's big, black, cock.

    I was starting to get dizzy, and the gentle bobbing of Carrie's ass wasn't helping.

    But God, what a beautiful sight! Many a day I've walked in on her twerking in tight shorts, her
    ass rising and falling to the rhythym of rap music - daring me to picture her unclothed. Now her
    naked ass was waving at me in all its splendor. My mouth began to water as I watched beads of
    sweat inch their way over the horizon and dip into darkness; I could almost smell her musty crack.

    All those fantasies of fucking a black girl and here I was just feet away from the Promised Land,
    mercilessly teased - taunted.

    I broke out into a sweat but was too beat to even wipe my brow. Chills quickly followed; I really
    needed to be in bed.

    The scream sounded far away. The shock and fear on their faces quickly shook me out of my
    weakened state, forced me to act fast and decisively.

    "Get the fuck out!" I mustered in as menacing a tone as I could. Barry hurriedly scrambled for
    his clothes and lit out. Carrie was left trembling on her bed. "What, no sass?" I thought to
    myself. She always had something smart to say. But not now. She knew she was in deep shit.

    Without saying a word, I trudged to my bedroom and collapsed on the bed.


    "Get plenty of rest and feel better, Sweety," my wife, Donna, cooed, before giving me a dry peck
    on the cheek - a fitting metaphor for our sex life. I met her after she reclaimed her virginity.
    Apparently you can do that after finding Jesus - even if a black buck had fucked the dog shit out
    of you and left you pregnant.

    "No sex before marriage. But you'll be glad you waited." Well, I wasn't glad. If I'd known
    Jesus would be deciding when I got my dick wet, I never would have married her.

    "Let's go, Carrie! You're going to make me late for work." Carrie hadn't even looked in my
    direction. Normally I'd get a "Good morning, Todd," with my morning coffee, a greeting dunked
    in sarcasm. It might as well have been "Fuck you, Todd." But today I didn't even get that. She
    was definitely on pins and needles. I thought I'd make her sweat a few more days; maybe she'd
    changed her attitude.

    The draft from the door gave me the chills. I headed back to bed.

    I pulled the covers up to my neck. The warmth felt heavenly but my mind would know no rest. That
    scene with Carrie had brought to the surface a lot of suppressed anger. Perhaps I saw history
    repeating itself. Carrie was making the same mistake her mother made: enjoying dick regardless of
    who was attached to it. And more than likely after all the lining was fucked out of her cunny, she too
    would find a sucker like me - a rest home for worn out pussy - to take care of her.

    I felt Carrie's hand on my calf. At least I still had my fantasies. And they'll be much more
    vivid after seeing her naked, sweaty body work on Barry.

    WAIT A MINUTE! That hand is real! I snapped out of my slumber to see Carrie standing over me.
    How long had I been out?

    "Carrie, what the fuck?!"

    "I thought about you suffering here all by your lonesome and I just had to come back and check on
    you. And it's a good thing I did. You look awful. Let's see if we can't break that fever."

    Her hand felt cool to the touch as it moved into the leg of my pajamas. Alarm bells were going
    off in my skull. What kind of game was she playing? Was she trying to bribe me into keeping my
    mouth shut? Set me up for blackmail? My dick was telling me not to give a fuck. Sick as I was,
    I wanted to fuck her. I wanted to fuck her bad.

    "Well Todd, I can see you're happy to see me," she said, giggling as my dick poked through the
    fly of my pajamas. She gave me no time to deny her. I was sucked into the hot, wetness of her
    mouth without warning. She totally engulfed me, her lips mashing my damp pubes. Her disgusting
    slurping was now music to my ears as she drew on my prick with such power I thought she would
    suck my balls through my urethra. Little Carrie has had a lot practice.

    She was working me over good. I wasn't going to last much longer. I pushed her off of me, shock
    clearly registering on her face. I grabbed her by her hair and pushed her face into mattress
    before yanking down her sweatpants. Her lovely cheeks popped free like firm jello. I almost came
    on the spot. I pulled her roughly to me and plunged into her pussy. I didn't give a fuck if she
    was lubricated or not. All I cared about was feeling those golden brown candy apples hitting my
    pelvis with every stroke.

    "Damn, Tood!" She was laughing at me again. Let her laugh. This was the fuck of my life and I was
    enjoying it thoroughly. But I could feel energy draining from me fast. It was a race to cum before
    I passed out. I just made it. I shuddered through a body wracking orgasm before collapsing on the
    bed. Ice ran through my veins even as I soaked my pajamas in sweat. I used the last of my energy
    to crawl back under the covers and greet the darkness.


    A loud argument awakened me. Those two were at it again. It was dark outside. I looked at the
    clock; it was nine o'clock. I rolled out of bed. My fever had broke but I still ached all over,
    and I had a spltting headache - this shouting wasn't helping. I gingerly shuffled out of the
    bedroom and into the fracas.

    "Could you two hold it down? I really can't handle this right now."

    "Glad you could join us, Todd!" Donna blurted out. The sarcasm was pitch perfect. Like mother
    like daughter. "How could you, you sick son-of-a-bitch?"

    "How could I what?"

    "Oh, now you're going to pretend like you don't know? Didn't she tell you she's pregnant?! Well,
    congratulations, Daddy!"

    "Hey, it's not mine! That's impossible. Tell her, Carrie." She just looked down at her shoes.

    "Are you saying she's lying? You're not sleeping with my baby?" Oh, shit. That conniving little
    bitch. I decided to keep my mouth shut and not dig myself into a deeper hole.

    "Motherfucker!" Donna started thrasing wildly at me. I had to fend off blows and kicks coming
    from all angles until she wore herself out.

    Finally, bent over, huffing and puffing, she spat out, "Pack your shit. I want you out of here
    tonight." As I turned to leave, she added, "Oh, and don't think you're running out on your
    responsibilities, you piece of shit. You're going to be there for her until she delivers this

    "Mom!" Carrie protested. "I can't. It's my senior year. I've got the prom, graduation - "

    "You should've thought of that before you spread your legs. You really don't know me, do you?
    Did you really think I was going to consent to an abortion? There will be no baby killing under
    this roof! You and your baby daddy over there are going to work this out. That's final!" She
    stormed off to the bathroom.

    A smirk curled the corners of my mouth. It was a full blown grin by the time Carrie finally
    looked up at me. She was mine now. She would have to depend upon me completely.

    If she needed to be taken to prenatal appointments, "Kneel and make Daddy happy."

    If she needed money for medicine, clothes, whatever, "Back that ass up for Daddy."

    For the next eight months my dick was going to stay wet. Then after she dropped what will
    obviously be Barry's kid, I'd be through with both her and her mother.
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  2. Wackstevens95

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    Aug 9, 2016
    Nice work, definitely want to see how this all plays out
  3. cyrano

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    Apr 27, 2014
    Just curious. How many readers out there are into prego sex?
  4. Wackstevens95

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    Aug 9, 2016
    Admittedly that's a realm I've never ventured into, but it could be a good one... Let's see what you can do!!