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  1. AgeOfSilence413

    AgeOfSilence413 Sex Lover

    Jan 29, 2018
    Alright so another one of my best sex experiences happened recently. We finally got to go to the drive-in! I was really fucking excited, and it definitely didn’t disappoint. It wouldn’t have been disappointing anyway because Infinity War was playing (duh!) BUT during the second movie things got a lot more interesting and heated.

    Before the first movie even started, he ate me out, and that was both quick and dirty and a-fucking-mazing.

    After the first movie ended, we went to the concession stand for more drinks and food, and he was obviously a gentleman the whole time. Upon coming back, we sat in the back of my Ford Escape with our pillows and our blankets and shared a pretzel, just like old times. I felt the nerves biting at me as we were eating.. I couldn’t look at him, that nervous., because I knew what we planned.

    I’ve been thinking about how this night would end for ages now. Masturbated equally as long. When I was laying in bed thinking about going out with him, I imagined maybe sitting through part of the second movie, trying to keep a straight face with the egg that he bought buzzing inside, hitting my nerves and making me leak all the way down my legs.. I imagined him laying next to me, paying avid attention to the movie, although fiddling with the remote in his hand and reminding me to be quiet “because the windows are open.”

    I imagined squirming around until he had enough and decided to get his hands on me. In this fantasy we didn’t actually fuck, but his fingers paired with the vibration drove me just as insane.

    Then I imagined keeping the trunk open and laying underneath the blankets, trying to keep our eyes on the screen in front of us while people walk around. His fingers would be pumping in and out of me. Dripping, hot, wet, and desperate.

    And a million others, but they would never match up to what actually happened.

    Even before the first movie started, I was wet. I put on a white sundress without any underwear underneath, and I felt dirty even walking outside with the warmth of the spring day hitting my bareness. I don’t think he noticed. Sitting in the car on the way there, I was wet. I couldn’t help but think that `when his hands were resting on my thigh, that he could just slide them up, and I’d come on the seat of my car without any warning.

    The anticipation was really fuckin’ intense.

    As I said, we got our drinks after the second movie. When we finished eating, I remember turning towards the passenger side window and taking a drink of my coke that was held in the door. My heart was beating out of my chest and it was crazy that even after two years, I could be that nervous. I could feel him behind my back just sitting there, waiting, all hot and ready to bury himself deep inside his girlfriend’s dripping cunt.

    I turned back around and rested my head leg on his, looking straight forward and not exactly knowing what to do. Like I said, insanely nervous and INSANELY turned on.

    So he says “what?” in a kind of little teasing voice that he usually has when he’s getting in the mood. His mouth was immediately drawn to my neck, and I sat back and relished in the feeling of his hot lips drawing circles on my skin.

    Eventually we laid down and our clothes came off. Sadly but safely, the windows were rolled up, and things got a little steamy from there. He inserted the egg and turned it on while we were laying down. I don’t remember exactly what he said, but it was definitely about not getting caught, kind of teasing and laughing while I tried to hold in my moans.

    He alternated the intensity of the vibrations, and when he would turn it off to gauge my desperate responses, my pussy would twitch around the device and I could feel my juices leak onto my thighs. I LOVE the egg, even more than my vibrator I think, and that was so obviously felt when he reached his hand between my legs to feel how wet I was.

    I was so turned on and crazy and I think that’s what made the blowjob so good. He says it was the best I’ve ever given him, and I could tell why. I wasn’t worried about how far his cock was going down my throat or how messy it was - I literally drooled all over his cock and could feel the head slide all the way down my throat - and only choked a couple times. Might not sound like an accomplishment, but unlike several women, my gag reflex is pretty strong. I’ve gotten better, but it’s still a little hard - which he enjoys sometimes, when I’m choking on his hard dick. He pulled on my braids and was so fuckin’ hard the whole time. My throat was so sore after, but it was so worth it.

    After he got off he stopped playing with the egg, and it slipped out with another mess of liquids, which I couldn’t help but whimper at. I was disappointed with the loss of something inside, but I didn’t have to wait long, because he laid back and pulled me on him so fast that I didn’t even really know what was going on. I might’ve been a little frantic about getting him inside me. He was just there and so hot and I was so empty it felt like I needed to be filled, or else I would die.

    I came twice while riding him, I think. It was so embarrassing - they had to have known what we were doing, the car was so fogged up - but neither of us had a care in the world. I just remembering him groan between his teeth, saying “God your pussy is so fucking hot it feels so fucking good wrapped around my cock” and it drove me so crazy I was blabbering about his hard dick ramming inside me and how much I loved it and how I was going to soak his cock in my cum...among other things.

    I was convulsing and my legs were shaking and my tits were bouncing and his hands squeezed them just the right way. I was nearly sobbing it was so good. My eyes were already wet from sucking him off, but every sensation that I had in the back of that Escape that night was overwhelming.

    I honest to God feel like we won’t be able to top that night for some time. It was fucking great, and undoubtedly a 10/10 on the sex scale.

    Later on in the week we had a really interesting experience with a tail, ears, and some really nice leather binds, but that’s a story for next time. ;)
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  2. papiloads

    papiloads Porno Junky

    Nov 18, 2014
    That's sounds fucking amazing..
    1. AgeOfSilence413
      Trust me man, it definitely was :p
      AgeOfSilence413, Jun 22, 2018