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  1. Naughty_natasha

    Naughty_natasha Newcumer

    Oct 8, 2018
    I never realized how attractive Michael was untill we were adults. His tone muscles were just the right size. His smile was perfect since he had perfect white teeth. We had been bestfriends since we were babies. As we got older my friends amd family started to suspect we had a thing but we always said we were like brother and sisters. My friend Bianca bought it to my attention that Michael had the hots for me. I always told her she was crazy. But i was starting to consider taking ourn friendship to the next level when he asked me to come over to watch a movie. It was pretty late and he texted me out of the blue so either he was super drunk or super horny. I was kinda horny too so i put on some tiny shorts and a zip up jacket over my Victoria's Secret bra. When i got to micheals, he greeted me with a long hug, touching my lower hips. I wanted him to go lower. We sat in the floor right in front of the couch. There were covers and popcorn in bowls right were we were going to sit. Right as Michael was turning on the movie i stopped him. "Be real mike, why did you call me over here?" "Duh, to watch a movie stupid!" Micheal smirked throwing popcorn into his mouth. "Then why are you shirtless?? And why is it obviously clear that you aren't wearing any underwear?" Micheal blushed before turnimg around, facing me." Honestly Kaitlyn, i cant be the only one feeling this...." He grabbed my waist and pulled me closer so our faces where only inches away from touching . "i been seeing the way you look at me lately, and i know you see me looking at you too". He slid one hand lower , touching my ass. "And i know you aint come to watch no movie cuz you wouldnt be wearing them lil ass shorts". I stammered. I had nothing to say. Instead i leaned in a kissed him. His tounge felt so goood! His hands traveled all over my body, touching places i never thought my bestfriend would be touching. He picked me up and we traveled through the house to the bedroom. He threw me on the bed and ripped open my jacket. He grabbed me again and kissed all down my neck, my legs wrapped around him. "I've wanted to do this for so long" he whispered in my ear as he slowly uphooked my bra. He kissed all over my breasts and i moaned in pleasure as i felt his cock grow harder and harder. He then layed me on my back on the bed and slowly kissed down my body. He licked my theighs teasing me. I almost screamed as i he licked my pussy. This was the best head i had ever received. I screamed loudly as Michaels tounge moved and slid in all different directions. He started fingering me while he licked my clit. I was just about to squirt everywhere when he stopped and lifted my legs in the air. He grabbed his cock and rubbed it all over my pussy untill i begged for him to put it in. He shoved it in hard and slowly started to stroke it. He was so big and hard! I turned around and proped my ass in the air as he slid his dick back into my pussy. He slapped my ass as it giggled from the fast hard strokes. He pulled my hair and choked me. "Oh fuck yes!" I screamed as my ass bounced against him. Michael let out as a soft groan as he pulled out just in time. His cum got all on my ass and some.got on the sheets . i turned around and laughed as he leaned in and kissed me. We layed together for the rest of the night. Thinking about what would happened tomorrow after we crossed the line from friends to lovers..
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  2. bigbrother07

    bigbrother07 Kitty Saver

    May 15, 2018
    A break in your paragraphs would make this a whole lot easier to read.