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    Apr 13, 2016
    Part 1

    It started off like any other Friday morning at the electrical wholesalers where I worked. I was in my office checking out the latest upgrade that had been done on my company’s laptop overnight it was to make ordering and dispatching materials much quicker and easier and allow me to work from home. My phone rang, it was the owner of the company secretary who told me that Mr Anderson wanted to speak to me in his office immediately. I wondered why I was being summoned by the owner, as far as I knew everything in my department was all right. Ten minutes later I was standing in front of Mr Anderson's desk.

    Mr Anderson leaned back in his chair and said, “Tom we have problem and I’m not sure on what I should do.”

    “What seems to be the problem, what can I do to help.” I asked.

    “As you are well aware, the laptop you have been using was upgraded last night by our technician and he has told me that you have been using the laptop for your personal use.”

    “Mr Anderson, please let me explain.”

    Before I could say anything else, Mr Anderson said, “Tom, I don't mind the occasional personal use, but there was an encrypted folder found on your laptop.”

    I immediately knew which folder Mr Anderson was talking about, and said, “the folder contained some of my personal files.”

    Mr Anderson looked straight at me as he said, “Our technician was able to open your encrypt folder.”

    My body started to shake and my face turned red with embarrassment, I stood there trembling waiting for Mr Anderson to say something.

    After a brief pause, Mr Anderson said, “The folder contains hundreds of photos of you and your wife with your daughter.” He then turned his computer screen to face me that showed a photo of my wife and teenage daughter laying naked on the bed, when he clicked to the next photo it showed my wife licking my teenage daughter’s bald cunt, the next photo showed me fucking my daughter.

    Now I was really nervous and shaking, I sat down in the nearest chair to stop from falling over, Mr Anderson then said, “As you know if anyone else had discovered these photos and reported them to the authorities, you would be in serious trouble.”

    With my eyes beginning to fill with tears, I asked, “What are you going to do with the photos?”

    Mr Anderson got up from behind his desk and moved to sit beside me and then said. “There might be a way to keep all this quite, but you will need to agree to certain conditions.”

    “What sort of conditions?” I asked.

    “First you will let me take naked photos of your wife and daughter, you see I’m a bit of an amaturer photographer.” Mr Anderson said to me with a chuckle.

    I started to think about how my wife would feel about being photographed by another man, and tell him, “I would have to ask my wife, and see if she is willing to pose naked for you.”

    Mr Anderson then said, “Another condition is that your wife lets me fuck her.”

    As I sat there knowing that I was being blackmailed, Mr Anderson smiled at me and said, “The photos of you fucking your daughter shows that she enjoys being fucked.” and after a long pause he says, “of course I will want to fuck your daughter too.”

    “This is all to much for me to agree too, I need to talk to my wife.” I tell him.

    Mr Anderson then says, “Take the rest of the afternoon off and go home and explain to your wife what has happened and that you are in serious trouble, unless she agrees to my requests, you can phone me later with her answer.”

    As Mr Anderson stands up and returns to behind his desk, I walk out of his office in a dazed state and wonder what my wife’s answer will be, on the drive home I couldn’t get the idea of my boss fucking the two females I loved out of my mind, in a strange way the idea of sharing my wife and daughter was an exciting prospect. After arriving home and finding the house empty I poured myself a whiskey and start drinking, I had nearly emptied the bottle of whiskey, when my wife Katherine walked inside with our daughter Taylor behind her, I had forgotten that Taylor had a day of school.

    As Taylor comes over and cuddles me and gives me a kiss, My wife asks, “What are you doing home so early darling?”

    “Something serious has happened at work,” after a short pause I say, “I was called into Mr Anderson’s office for a talk.”

    “What's wrong you haven't lost your job have you? we need the money.” Says my wife.

    I release Taylor’s arms from around my neck and place her on the couch, then take my wife's hand and lead her towards our bedroom as I say, “we need to have a talk in private.”

    In our bedroom, I start to explain to my wife what has happened and what Mr Anderson has requested. My wife screams, “No fucking way, I’m not letting him photograph me, and I’m definitely not fucking him, and he isn't getting near Taylor.”

    When my wife settles down, I explain further. “He has all the photos we have taken of each other with Taylor,” I then add, “we both can be in serious trouble if he shows anyone the photos of us having sex with Taylor.”

    After we argue for several more minutes my wife finally says. “Fuck, it looks like we have no choice but to agree with what the bastard wants.”

    As I cuddle my wife and give her a kiss, I say, “It's all my fault for putting all the photos on my laptop, I just loved looking at the photos of you with our daughter, the photos reminded me of how lucky I am to have you both in my life.”

    Just then Taylor came running into the bedroom and jumped up on the bed between her mother and me, I watched as my wife started undressing our daughter, after removing Taylors dress, my wife began kissing Taylors budding breasts and then takes turns sucking each of Taylors puffy nipples. The sight of a mother enjoying her young daughter's body always gives me a instant erection, and I reached out and begin to undress my wifes, as her dress slips off her shoulders and falls to the floor beside the bed, Taylor reaches out and undoes her mother’s black lace bra releasing her mother's firm breasts as Taylor starts sucking on her mother’s large nipple, I pulled down and remove Taylor’s yellow cotton panties, my wife then lays her daughter Taylor down on the bed and spreads her legs wide to expose her young bald cunt, my wife began fingering Taylor’s cunt once the juices start to flow she places her mouth over her daughters wet slit and sucked up the juices that was beginning to flow.

    I climbed of the bed and moved behind my wife, I pulled her black lace thong to the side to reveal her recently shaven bald cunt, I then pushed my hard throbbing cock against her opening, my wife gasped as I thrust my cock deep into her cunt with one thrust, holding her hips I began pumping my cock in and out of her love hole. Hearing Taylor moaning in ecstasy makes me pump my cock in and out my wifes cunt faster, it doesn’t take me long before my cock was erupting and shooting my come inside my wifes cunt. Once I had finished coming and removed my cock from my wifes cunt, my wife lifts her mouth of our daughters young slit and lays down on the bed on her back.

    Taylor pulls down and removes her mother’s thong, when my wife bends her knees and holds her legs apart, Taylor moves between her mother’s legs and begins sucking up the mixture of my come and her mother’s juices that leak out of the hole that she had come out off all those years ago. When my wife let out a scream, I know she had just orgasmed, Taylor lifted her mouth of her mother's bald cunt and smiles at her mother, knowing that she had just given her mother an orgasm. Leaving the mother and daughter cuddling and kissing each other on the bed.

    I go into the lounge and pick up the phone and ring Mr Anderson, when he answers I say, “Mr Anderson, it’s Tom, I’ve spoken to my wife, she isn’t happy but is willing to go along with your requests.”

    Mr Anderson says, “That’s great Tom, you can bring your wife and daughter over to my house tomorrow in the afternoon.”

    After saying, “I will bring them over.” I hang up the phone and start thinking about how I have just arranged for my wife and daughter to be fucked by my boss.

    When I walk back into the bedroom, I tell my wife, “it’s all been arranged for tomorrow afternoon.”

    My wife kisses me and then says, “Don't worry everything will work out.” Then she says, “I’m going to make us all something to eat, and your daughter wants you to fuck her.”

    As I sit on the bed, Taylor climbs on top of me and pushes me down on my back, after giving me a passionate kiss pushing her young tongue inside my mouth, she begins kissing my neck and body, working her way down towards my cock, she kisses my cock’s knob and licks up and down the shaft of my cock, she then opens her mouth wide and takes my cock inside her mouth, with her lips wrapped tight around my cocks shaft she begins sucking as hard as she can, my wife has taught our daughter how to suck a cock like a pro.

    Taylor must've known I was close to coming and lifts her head up letting my cock slip out her mouth, she then straddles my thighs and lowers her cunt, I hold my cock and guide it into her tight hairless young cunt, once my cock is all the way inside her, she begins to bounce up and down, the feeling of her young cunt lips gripping my cock is incredible, no matter how many times I have fucked her before the feeling is always unbelievable, when my cock starts to erupt, Taylor screams as she feels my come squirting inside her young cunt.

    My wife stands at the bedroom doorway watching me fucking our daughter, when I have finished coming, Taylor rolls off me and my wife says, “There is food on the table for you both.”

    After having something to eat the three of us sit in the lounge as my wife and I try to explain to Taylor what is going to happen tomorrow at Mr Anderson’s house.

    To be continued
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    Fuck !! That's a pretty horny story man !
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    That is hot.....Want to hear more
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    Apr 13, 2016
    Part 2

    After having our breakfast, my wife and I took Taylor into the lounge and had her sit between us, and I asked. “Taylor do you understand what's going to happen this afternoon at daddy’s boss Mr Anderson’s house?”

    “Yes daddy, Mr Anderson wants to take photos of me and mommy without any clothes on.”

    “And do you know what else Mr Anderson wants to do?” asked my wife.

    Taylor looked at her mother and said. “He wants to have sex with you and me, he wants to fuck us just like daddy does.”

    “That's right darling we have to do as he asks and make him happy so daddy can keep his job.” my wife tells our young daughter.

    The rest of the morning is very quiet and after having a snack for lunch we start to get ready to visit Mr Anderson at his house in the country. The drive takes us nearly forty minutes, finally were driving up his long driveway, my wife is surprised by the size of his house and that he lives here all alone since his wife died a few years ago. My wife wakes up our daughter Taylor who had fallen asleep in the car, we all climb out the car and walk up the steps of the house to the large front door, I ring the bell and Mr Anderson opens the door wearing a smoking jacket and invites us inside.

    I said “Mr Anderson, I would like to introduce you to my wife Lisa and our daughter Jesse.”

    “It's wonderful to meet you both but please call me Bill, I’m glad you decided to come.” said Mr Anderson.

    After offering us a glass of wine and can of coke for Jesse, Bill gave us a tour of his house, I’m sure it was just to impress my wife on how wealthy he is.

    Lisa was no longer nervous and asked. “How many bedrooms do you have?”

    Bill said. “Eight bedrooms and four of them has ensuites.”

    “You live here all by yourself?” Lisa asked.

    “Yes, most of the time, I occasionally have visitors staying overnight, I also have a live in maid who looks after me, it’s her day off.” says Bill.

    Bill then takes us in the largest bedroom I have ever seen and says. “This is my bedroom.” as Lisa looks at the large ensuite with spa, Bill says. “This is where I would like to photograph you both.”

    Lisa’s breathing suddenly increases on realizing what is about to happen, my young daughter Jesse holds onto my hand tight as Bill begins to undress her mother, I take Jesse over to a couch and we sit down, we watch Bill removing Lisa’s dress, she stands there in her high heels wearing just her red lace thong and matching red lace bra. I am surprised at seeing her wearing her favorite underwear.

    Bill steps back and says. “Lisa, your gorgeous, now turn around a few times to let me get a good look at you.”

    Lisa smiles at Bill as she turns around slowly letting him see the bare cheeks of her ass, she gives her ass a shake and Bill reaches out and gives the cheek of her ass a smack, Lisa giggles and shakes her ass again.

    “How would you like me to pose for you?” Lisa asks as she bends over and looks over her shoulder at Bill.

    “Stay like that.” says Bill as he reaches out to grab his camera and starts taking photos.

    My wife who originally didn't want to let Bill photograph her is now willingly posing in seductive poses. I can't believe I’m seeing her pulling her thong to the side as Bill takes photos of her bald cunt that looks like it has been freshly shaven, Lisa removes her thong and lifts one leg up on to the bed and holds her bald cunt open as Bill takes more photos, my cock is throbbing and begins leaking pre-cum as I watch my wife fingering her cunt, then sticking her wet fingers into her mouth to suck.

    “Take your bra off, I want to see your tits.” says Bill.

    Lisa unclasps the bra and holds the bra against her 16D breasts and slowly slides her bra off, Lisa pushes her large breasts together and looks at Bill takes a couple more photos and places the camera down on the table and pulls Lisa closer to him and starts sucking on her tits, Lisa lets out a soft moan and slides Bills jack off his shoulders, as the Jacket falls to the floor Jesse and I see that Bill is naked and his cock is hard and massive, it’s nearly as thick as Jesse’s wrist. When Jesse sees Bill’s cock she gasps knowing that her mother and me told her that Bill was going to fuck her.

    “Daddy his cock’s to big for my little cunt.” Jesse whispers to me.

    I have opened my pants to let my hard leaking cock spring out from being restrained, placing my hand on the back of Jesse’s head I guide her young mouth towards my cock, Jesse licks the pre-cum of the knob of my cock and then takes my cock into her mouth, as Jesse begins bobbing her head up and down on my cock, I keep watching Bill and my wife, Lisa is now laying on the bed with her legs apart as Bill pushes his massive cock into her bald cunt, Lisa moans out in ecstasy as Bill thrusts his cock deep into her cunt over and over, I hear loud slapping noises as his large balls slap against my wife’s ass.

    My young daughter Jesse keeps sucking my cock as I lift the back of her dress up and rub the cheeks of her ass, I'm surprised that she isn't wearing panties as I push a finger into her ass hole, I just love how her young ass hole grips my finger and tries to pull my finger deeper into her ass, as I keep pumping my finger in and out her tight ass hole, I feel Jesse sucking harder and faster trying to make me come.

    Lisa screams out loudly. “Oh fuck, I’m coming, you are making me come and again.”

    Bill smiles knowing he has just given my wife multiple orgasms, and slams his cock into her bald cunt harder and starts shooting his come inside Lisa cunt.

    Lisa feeling Bill’s warm come filling her cunt yells. “Stop, pull your cock out, don’t come inside me, I’m not on the pill.” and she moans again as she has another orgasm.

    Bill climbs off between my wife’s legs and sits on the bed just in time to see me holding my daughters head down on my cock as it erupts and fills her mouth with my come, Jesse swallows each load of come I shoot into her mouth, when I'm finished coming she lifts her mouth of my cock and licks her lips. Bill stands up and moves next to Jesse, after lifting Jesse to her feet, he bends down and takes the bottom of her dress and lifts it up over her head, Jesse stands there in front of him naked as he begins running his hands all over her body.

    I watch as Bill cups her young budding breasts in the palms of his hands and gives them both a squeeze, he draws circles around each of her nipples making them grow bigger and then sucks one of her nipples into his mouth as his other hand slips down between her legs, Jesse steps further apart letting Bills fingers expose her young bald cunt, as he pushes a finger into Jesse’s young tight cunt, Jesse begins to whimper and moans softly as Bill finger fucks her young cunt. Jesse’s breathing has increased and she starts to hump Bill’s fat finger as her young cunt starts leaking her juices, Bill lays her down on the bed and parts her legs as wide as he can.

    I start thinking about Bill fucking her young cunt with his massive cock and think to myself how she won't be able to take his large cock he is going to rip her wide open. I relax and take a deep breath as I watch Bill burying his face against Jesse’s young cunt and begins fucking her with his tongue and not his fat cock. Lisa is still feeling horny and I watch her lean over and kiss our young daughter passionately using her tongue to probe her mouth, Jesse squeezes her mother’s large breast and then pinches and twists her mother’s nipple as hard as she can, Lisa loves her tits being abused and stops kissing her daughter to let out a loud moan of pleasure.

    Bill lifts his mouth of Jesse’s young cunt to see what’s causing Lisa to moan so loudly and then looks over at me and says. “Tom I want you to fuck your daughter’s tight cunt and get her ready for my cock.”

    Bill rolls Jesse over onto her stomach and moves her between her mother’s come filled cunt, as my young daughter starts licking her mother’s cunt, Lisa pushes her daughter’s mouth against her cunt. I move behind Jesse and lifted her hips up so she is kneeling on the bed with her ass in the air. I begin rubbing my cock up and down her young slit coating the tip of my cock with her juices, with the knob of my cock now wet enough I push my cock against the opening of her young cunt, no matter how many times I have pushed my cock into my daughters young cunt before, it always feels special knowing that I am pushing my daddy cock into my young daughters cunt.

    Jesse lifts her mouth of her mother’s bald cunt and begins to moan as I start fucking her, Lisa doesn't want her young daughter to stop licking her pussy just yet and pushes Jesse’s mouth back onto her bald cunt, I had started fucking my daughter nice and slow and it didn't take long before I was thrusting my cock in and out her young cunt harder and faster, with each inward thrust of my cock into Jesse’s young cunt, pushed her mouth harder against my wife’s bald cunt, it was like I was fucking them both at the same time.

    My wife was biting her bottom lip, I knew she was about to scream as she had another orgasm, when I saw Bill with a video camera moving around the bed as he videoed us I was mad as he told us he had just wanted to take some photos, now here he was making a fucking movie of the three of us. I was confused half of me was angry and half of me was excited, my cock was telling me to enjoy fucking my daughters tight bald cunt and my mind was telling me I must get a copy of the video.

    “I’m close to coming, do you want me to come in her cunt or over her back?” I asked Bill.

    “Pull your cock out of her cunt and have her turn over and cum on her tits and face.” said Bill.

    I trust my cock into my daughters cunt and then pulled my cock completely out, I was surprised that Lisa rolled our daughter over onto her back as I squirted a string of my come over her tit and chin, I moved to the side of the bed and as my young daughter looked up at me I shot a string of come over her face and hair, which was followed by me shooting two smaller loads of come over my young daughter’s face, Jesse looked a mess and at the same time very sexy with my come all over her face and tits.

    “Fuck that was fucking great I can't wait to watch the video.” yelled Bill.
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    We want more....
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    Part 3

    Lisa licks my come off Jesse’s face and gives her a passionate kiss and cuddles our daughter as she watches Bill moving his massive hard throbbing cock closer towards the entrance of Jesse’s young cunt, Jesse is nervous and worried about Bills large cock fitting inside her small cunt. Bill rubs the knob of his cock up and down Jesse’s young slit, parting her young cunt lips he pushes the knob of his fat cock against the entrance to her young cunt, Jesse grits her teeth and twists her face in pain at feeling her young cunt being stretched open.

    It’s all my fault that my young daughter has to go through with this pain, if only I hadn’t left the nude photos on my computer to be discovered, no one would have found out that my wife Lisa and I were having sex with her young daughter Jesse, I had loved the idea of watching her being fucked by someone else but I didn’t want anyone to hurt her. Jesse screamed out in pain as Bill pushed his thick cock further into her young cunt, I watched as he began fucking my young daughter, slowly pushing his cock in and pulling it back out of her young cunt only for him to thrust his cock all the way back in.

    As Bill kept fucking Jesse, I noticed the expression on her sweet young face was no longer showing signs of pain, she was actually licking the lips of her mouth as her breathing increased and she moaned in ecstasy, Jesse was now enjoying having her young cunt filled by Bill’s big cock, she was lifting her young cunt up to meet Bill’s cock being thrust into her, Jesse's body started shaking and she screamed out as she started to have an orgasm.

    “You like having my cock in your cunt, don’t you?” A smiling Bill asked.

    Jesse just nodded her head, as she had another orgasm, when I saw Lisa was fingering her own cunt, I stood up and moved over beside her and dragged her to the edge of the bed and rolled her onto her stomach, with her ass sticking up I drove my cock all the way into her bald cunt in one quick thrust, I knew Lisa loved me fucking her doggy style, I pumped my cock in and out of her bald cunt as quick as I could.

    Lisa screamed. “Yes fuck me hard, I want to feel your cock slamming into my cunt.”

    Bill was watching me fucking my wife and started fucking Jesse faster, every time he thrust his cock into Jesse’s young cunt the bed would shake and Jesse would be driven further onto the bed, Bill just pulled Jesse back and thrust his cock back in, he was fucking my daughter like she was an animal on heat and when he started to come he was grunting as his cock shot load after load of his come into Jesse’s young cunt and when he had finished he collapsed on the bed.

    I had just finished coming inside my wife’s bald cunt, when the front door bell rang, Bill immediately got up and put on his smokers jacket and went to see who it was. I slipped my soft cock out of Lisa’s bald cunt leaving her laying there with her legs apart and her cunt dripping with my come, Jesse cuddled up to me and gave me a kiss and then crawled down my naked body towards my cock, as Jesse took my soft cock into her young mouth and began trying to encourage it to become hard again, Lisa leaned over and kissed me passionately, it was like we were all at home on our bed like we were usually, except this bed was a lot bigger and easily fitted the three of us on it.

    When Jesse suddenly stopped sucking my cock, I stopped kissing Lisa and looked up, standing at the bedroom doorway was Bill with Mark the technician from work who had found the photos of my wife and daughter on my computer.

    “Hello Tom.” said Mark with a smirk on his face as he stared at my wife and daughter, and said. “It’s nice to see your wife and daughter in the flesh.”

    “Mark I would like you to meet Lisa, Tom’s wife and this gorgeous creature is their daughter Jesse.” said Bill.

    “It’s nice to meet you Mark, are you going to undress and fuck us or just stare at us?” asked Lisa.

    I couldn't believe that my wife had just asked this stranger to fuck her and our daughter, I had never seen a man undress so fast before, as he approached the bed Lisa and Jesse reached out for his hard cock, they both wanted him, Mark climbed onto the bed between my wife and daughter, Lisa leaned over and took his hard cock into her mouth, Jesse started kissing Mark as he explored her young body with his hands, he squeezed her young budding tits and pulled on her nipples, he cupped her young bald cunt in the palm of his hand and then pushed a finger into her young cunt after a few pumps of his fingers he lifted Jesse up and lowered her young cunt onto his face and began tongue fucking her, as my wife continued to suck his cock.

    I sat there on the edge of the bed pumping my cock as I watched my wife and young daughter with this man they had just met, I didn't even notice that Bill had picked up the video camera and was recording everything that was happening. My wife had never shown interest in any other men, now here she is sucking and licking his cock like a slut. I nearly start to come as I watched her sucking my work mates testicles into her mouth, what was more worrying was she was smiling and looking at the video camera, it was as if she enjoyed being recorded. I had seen enough and I stood up and pointed my cock at her face and gave it a few strokes, it erupted and squirted my come all over her face and hair, I thought she might have been mad at me, but she just smiled at me.

    Bill loved recording what was happening and his cock was pulsating and waiting to be used, Bill had recorded enough and put down the camera and grabbed Lisa and rolled her over onto her knees, Lisa was still sucking on Mark’s hard cock as she felt a hard slap on her ass cheeks from Bill’s hand, he pulled the cheeks of Lisa’s ass apart and pushed a finger into her ass hole and began to finger fucking her ass, then he added another finger, he was finger fucking her ass with two of his fingers with hard deep thrusts of his fingers, Lisa wanted to lift her head up and scream but Mark wasn't finished and held her head down on his cock. I watched as my wife tried shaking her ass to get Bill’s fingers out.

    When I saw Bill spitting into his hand and rubbing his saliva over his cock, I was in total shock at what was going to happen, Bill pushed his cock at Lisa’s pulsating ass hole that his fingers had opened up, he held onto to her hips and pulled her back as he pushed his massive cock into her ass hole, I heard Lisa let out a muffled scream as Mark kept moving her head up and down on his cock. Jesse climbed of Mark’s face and came over to me and sat on my lap as we watched my wife, her mother having her ass fucked by Bill’s massive cock.

    After Mark filled my wife’s mouth with his come and released the grip on my wife’s head, Lisa lifted her head up and swallowed his come and screamed out in pain as Bill kept thrusting his cock in and out of her ass like he was an animal, it was like he was teaching her that he could do anything he wanted with her, he own her. I had always wanted to fuck my wife’s ass but she always refused now here I was watching another man fucking her ass, I was jealous, excited and turned on all at the same time.
    Mark was sitting watching his boss fucking another employee's wife’s ass, stroking his cock wanting it to become hard again, he gave me a smile as he watched me lift my young daughter up and lower onto my hard cock, Jesse leaned back against me as I reached around and squeezed her young budding breasts as she started to bounce slowly up and down. The three of us all loved over at Bill has he began grunting like an animal and started fucking Lisa’s ass faster, Jesse must have liked what she was watching as she began riding my cock faster. As Bill pulled his cock out of my wife’s ass I saw he had left a large hole and his cum was running out like a leaking tap.

    When Bill saw Jesse bouncing up and down on my cock he picked up the video camera and started to record us, I couldn't stop myself from coming and I shot my come into my young daughters tight cunt, as I finished coming Jesse climbed of my lap.

    Bill handed the camera to Mark and said. “Keep recording.” and then said. “Open your mouth and clean my cock.”

    Jesse started to move closer to Bill when he said. “NO not you, I want your father to suck my cock clean.”

    I hesitated not sure what I should do, his cock had just been in my wife’s ass, “Come on suck my cock.” Bill demanded.

    I crawled over to my boss and let him shove his dirty limp cock into my mouth and begin licking it clean, Bill held my head on his cock as he tried fucking my mouth with his soft cock after a few minutes he let my head go, as I lifted my mouth of his cock I saw that Bill was now recording my young daughter being fucked by Mark, Jesse was laying on the bed with her legs on Marks shoulders as he pumped his cock in and out her tight young cunt, Lisa had recovered and now laying on her side watching our daughter being fucked next to her.

    Mark started fucking my young daughter Jesse faster and then suddenly stopped, it was easy to tell that he was coming and filling Jesse’s young cunt with his come, after a few minutes he stepped back pulling his limp cock out of her cunt, I looked at her swollen cunt it had come dripping out of her once tight cunt, I hoped that her young cunt would be nice and tight for me once again. I was sitting on a chair facing the bed and Robert and mark were sitting on the edge of the bed either side of my wife and young daughter.

    Everything was quiet and no one was moving, when Bill said. “It’s time for you to go home.”
    I started to get dressed and was happy that the night had come to an end, as Lisa started to get up of the bed, Bill stopped her and said. “You and your daughter are staying here with me tonight.”

    “What, why aren't they coming home with me?” I asked.

    “Don't fucking question me, you can go home and pick them up tomorrow, I want to take some more photos.” Bill said with a chuckle.

    I looked at my wife as she said. “Don't worry darling we will be alright, we will see you tomorrow.”

    My wife who didn't want to come here and be photographed and fucked now wanted to stay, I couldn't believe she had just told me to go home and leave her here.