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  1. tallnfit

    tallnfit Renaissance Man

    Jan 8, 2018
    I know what you've been up to. I know you've been cheating on your loving husband, and not just with one guy.

    Do you have any idea what it was like to find out my own sister, the apple of our parents' eyes, has been going around acting like a slut for countless guys around town? To be told by a friend about all of the filthy, depraved things you've let guys do to you in any number of places? I wanted to hit him until he showed me the pics and vids of exactly what you've been up to when your husband's at work or you tell him you're going out to run an errand. Run a train is more like it!

    And all this time I've had to deal with our parents rubbing your perfect life in my face. "Why can't you be more like your sister? She's got a beatiful family, a promising career, and even finds the time to help out at her kid's school." If only they knew.

    Maybe they should know. Maybe everybody should know.

    Including your unsuspecting husband. I wonder what he would do if he found out what his devoted wife has really been up to this whole time?

    I've got plans for you, my dear sister. We'll see how much you're willing to do to keep that perfect life of yours.
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  2. tallnfit

    tallnfit Renaissance Man

    Jan 8, 2018
    It's now Thanksgiving. I've arrived early to help set up, all the while tweaking and perfecting my plans. I can't help but grin when I think about the look on your face when I confront you and you know you're completely at my mercy.

    You arrive a bit later with your perfect little family, them all looking at you with such loving admiration. If only they knew.

    All throughout the day you show us photos of your perfect life , you and your husband being nauseatingly cutesy the entire time.

    I can't help but snicker when we're all playing a game and your husband insists you aren't a cheater. You jokingly tell me to shut up and stop being a sore loser.

    It's now almost dinner time. The rest of the family is all watching the game in the living room, while you and I prepare the side dishes like we do every year.

    Little do you know that this Thanksgiving will be nothing like the ones that came before it.
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  3. tallnfit

    tallnfit Renaissance Man

    Jan 8, 2018
    I come up behind you, my body pressed up against yours, seemingly to reach for an ingredient in front of you.

    "I know what you've been up to, sis." I harshly whisper into your ear.

    This takes you so much by surprise that you jump, as the hairs on the back of your neck all stand on end.

    "What the hell are you talking about? Is this some kind of stupid joke? Don't try to scare me like that!", you respond, angrily.

    "I know you've been cheating, sis. Don't try to lie to me. I have proof.", I shoot back in a very serious tone, my face letting you know I'm not kidding around.

    "W-what do you mean you have proof? Proof of what? I... have no idea what you're talking about.", you stammer out. Your heart is pounding and your pulse is racing as you're filled with a sense of dread.

    "Oh no? Maybe I should go show everybody and see if they can help jog your memory?"

    "What?! No, don't do that. Don't you dare. Let me see what you're talking about", you respond, as you panickedly try to grab my arm and pull me back.

    "I know you were cheating. I saw you sliding cards in your pocket when you thought nobody was looking. You were always a dirty little cheater." I respond, a cocky smirk on my face.

    Your panic turns momentarily to relief, then anger. You punch me in the chest. "Asshole! Scare me like that again and I'm telling mom and dad."

    "Oh I don't think you'll be telling mom and dad anything" I respond, again in a very serious tone.

    "Oh yeah? And why's that?" you respond, visibly annoyed at my switching back and forth between serious sounding threats and joking.

    "Because then I'll have to make you regret it" I say, as I scoop up some cranberry sauce and prepare to smear it on your white as snow Cashmere sweater.

    "Don't you dare!" you respond in an angry yet laughing manner as you defensively put your arms up and try to protect your precious expensive clothes.

    "Then you better not snitch", I respond in a serioys, threatening tone.

    "Fine." you respond in a pouting, sisterly way. "Truce?"

    I then turn around to get back to preparing my dish, smirking at how much I'm enjoying toying with you, when I'm interrupted by a cold, wet rag hitting my upper back. "My fingers were crossed", you reply in a bratty tone then stick your tongue out at me, as I turn around and quickly lunge at you to reach for the little sink hose behind you to retaliate. "Okay okay okay! " you say, half scared, half laughing. "No more, I promise. Now go back over there and get back to work" you assure me, as you use your thigh to bump me back to the other counter.

    I take you at your word, again smirking to myself.

    A bit later, I tell you I saw something cool the other day that you should check out. I tell you I have it on my phone if you want to see.

    "Sure, let me see" you reply.

    "Okay, let me just find it."

    "Well hurry up" you respond, in a jokingly impatient manner.

    I thumb through all of the pics and vids I had my friend send me in case you tried to deny it, hit play, and reach my phone over for you to see the video of you in a van being fucked from behind by one stranger while you take the other's cock all the way down your throat like a good little whore.
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  4. tallnfit

    tallnfit Renaissance Man

    Jan 8, 2018
    I know it turns you on to see your drool flowing down your chin from the throatfucking you're receiving, him slapping you when you come up for air to tell the camera how much you love being such a filthy little cockwhore before taking his cock all the way down your throat again.

    Then the reality of the situation hits you, as feelings of embarassment, shame, anger, worry, and terror all hit you at once.

    "W-where did you get that?!" you manage to stammer out, your head swimming and mind so foggy you can't think straight.

    You know I'm not going to answer that question yet my silent smirking still infuriates you.

    "Delete that right now!" you angrily demand, as you grab for my phone.

    I hold my phone far away from you so you can't possibly reach it, and extend my other forearm a bit to hold you away so you can't grav at it or claw at me.

    "I'm not deleting anything, and if you don't stop it and shut up and listen then I'll go show it to everybody right now" I threaten, my serious tone and cold demeanor making it clear I'm not bluffing.

    "What?! No! No, don't show it to anybody, please." you beg, knowing you're now completely at my mercy.

    "Then shut up and listen"

    "Okay, okay. I'll listen. Just don't show anybody, please."

    "I won't show anybody IF you do everything I say from now on, whether you want to or not. Otherwise, your dear hubby is going to find out what a slut his wife really is"

    "Fuck you! I'm not doing shit for you, you sick creep. I bet you jerked off to those videos of your sister huh, you fucking pervert." you reflexively shoot back, reverting to your bratty, spoiled nature.

    Wrong answer, sis.

    I start walking to the doorway, cellphone in hand. I'm going to enjoy exposing you.

    I'm almost into the other room when you come to your senses and grab me and try to pull me back into the kitchen.

    "Wait! Wait. I'm sorry! I'm sorry, okay? I'll do whatever you want. Anything. Just please don't show anybody. Please." you beg panickedly.

    Another smirk on my face now.

    I turn around, and make it clear in no uncertain terms that if you even so must as hesitate let alone even think to talk back again, I will expose you for the filthy little slut that you are.

    "Okay, okay. I promise. I'll do whatever you say from now on, when you say it. No questions asked." you assure me, knowing you have no real choice in the matter.

    I tell you that you're going to finish preparing the sides alone, and that you're to volunteer for any task there is to be done tonight. You're to clear everybody's places for them, wash the table, wash the dishes, help prepare the dessert, and anything else that needs to be done. You're to wait on me hand and foot and make sure I'm comfortable and never wanting for food or a beer. If anybody tries to ask you why you're doing this or tries to get you to stop, insist that you're just being a good sister and grateful daughter and that they shouldn't worry about it. Because if you fail to do even one task, you know what will happen.

    You agree to this, trying to sound as respectful and cooperative as possible.

    I go into the other room to watch the game with the rest of the family. I sink into the comfortable chair, beer in hand, and relax. When they ask why I'm not in the kitchen helping you, I tell them that you insisted on preparing the sides yourself and that I would only get in the way. This makes them smile in admiration at my wonderful sister and shake their heads and laugh condescendingly about her screwup brother.

    Somebody mentions that they heard raised voices when they went by the kitchen, and I tell them I was showing you a video on my phone and we had a heated exchange about it. Everybody in the room then asks to see the video.

    "Maybe later" I respond, grinning a bit.

    Maybe they will see it later. After dinner, when we're all sitting at the table enjoying pie and conversation. Wouldn't that be memorable?
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  5. tallnfit

    tallnfit Renaissance Man

    Jan 8, 2018
    Your multitude of new tasks this year gives you plenty of time to yourself to think. About the situation you find yourself in at the moment. About how you've found yourself in this predicament, how you've gotten yourself here. Anger courses through you as you wonder which one of the ungrateful bastards you've let have their way with you could have told me about what you've been up to or shown me what were supposed to be private videos. And how did they get on my phone, anyway?

    Then you realize, it could've been anyone. You've been a fairly indiscriminate slut, and until this moment you've loved every second of it. And why shouldn't you? Your life is nothing but pressure. Pressure to be the perfect wife. The perfect daughter. The perfect mother. And to have a successful career on top of it. Where's the time for you? You have every right to let loose and blow off steam. You're only human. And your sex life? Forget about it. On the rare occasions you do actually have sex with your husband, it's so boring and unfulfilling. And the only way you have even a remote chance of having an orgasm is if you rub your clit or use your vibrator while your unadventurous, predictable husband pounds away selfishly towards his own. Before rolling over and going to sleep without bothering to even ask if you enjoyed yourself. And if he did, you'd just lie anyway because you know he wouldn't do anything about it.

    So you started going out after work to blow off some steam. Just with your girlfriends at first. You'd all have a few drinks and enjoy yourselves. Maybe you'd talk about the guys in the bar, make inappropriate comments. Harmless fun.

    Maybe next time you'd take off your wedding rings, just to see what happens. Maybe some innocent flirting and teasing the guys in the bar.

    Maybe you'd go out on the dance floor and let loose a bit. The guys might dance a bit too close but it's still just innocent fun. You'd move your body seductively to the music, but that's just how you dance.

    When you felt a pair of strong hands touch you as you moved to the music, felt them hover, it sent shockwaves of electricity through your body that were so intense it was like your body was awakened after being numb for so long. You felt alive for the first time in years. You were completely lost in the moment, and when he went to kiss you, you almost let him. Then the song ended, and the guilt hit you hard, as you and your girlfriends all left the dance floor, giggling and drunk. They chided you about your dance with the mystery man and tried to get you to get his number. They tried to tell him you needed to get fucked good and proper and that he looked like the guy for the job, as you embarrasedly told them to shut up. He confidently gave you his number anyway, and said to give him a call if you wanted to pick up where you left off on the dance floor earlier. You thanked him but told yourself you weren't interested and were just drunk and blowing off some steam.

    But then the weekend came and you went out again. You told your husband you were going on a girl's night but in reality it was just you. You went to the same bar and sat down and ordered a drink. You'd been thinking about that night and that guy all week. Just being in the same place again was making you excited and a little wet as you sat at the bar and sipped your drink. You were looking good, and soon the guys were all over you.

    You enjoyed your flirting and dancing that night but kept looking around, hoping to see the stranger from the other night. You were disappointed when he didn't show but you enjoyed yourself nonetheless. You told yourself you were just having innocent fun.

    Then you started going to the bar more and more, only you'd do it after work or when you knew your husband wouldn't expect you home. You danced and flirted but nothing more. Just harmless fun, you'd tell yourself.
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  6. tallnfit

    tallnfit Renaissance Man

    Jan 8, 2018
    The stranger's number was still in your purse. You'd look at it throughout the week, resisting the urge to call him. Almost dialing but catching yourself.

    Finally, you called him on your break. Your heart was racing, your nervous excitement getting stronger and stronger as the phone rang on the other end. He picked up, and you panicked and hung up.

    A few seconds later, your ringtone went off. He was calling you back! You told yourself you wouldn't answer it. You let it hit four, five, si- you hit the answer button, almost involuntarily.

    You managed to stammer out a nervous hello. "Hi, do I know you? You just called my phone" he replied. Hearing his deep, masculine voice did something to you. "W-well umm..." you nervously repled. "Yes?" he answered, starting to get annoyed. "We um met the other night. At the bar. We danced a bit and my drunk friends tried to get you to take me home" you said, nervously laughing. "Oh you!" he replied, sharing in the laugh. "I didn't think you'd ever call." You exchanged pleasantries and small talk, and when your break was almost over you mustered up the courage to ask him out for coffee the next day. You were disappointed when he told you he couldn't but he mentioned that he'd be at the bar with some friends later if you were planning on being there. You told him you might stop by but you knew you were going to be there. You'd been looking forward to seeing him again ever since that night.

    You texted your husband to let him know you'd be working late again before driving back home to grab your outfit for that night and hung it up in your car.
  7. tallnfit

    tallnfit Renaissance Man

    Jan 8, 2018
    The work day took forever to end but it finally did, and you were a bundle of nerves and excitement as you got ready to go out. You looked irresistable, and you knew it.

    You got to the bar around 9 and sat down. You scanned the room while you sipped your drink. You were disappointed when you didn't see the mystery man anywhere but told yourself it was early, and sat and waited a bit longer. When an hour had gone by, you decided to just flirt with the onslaught of male admirers who had been coming up to you and just enjoy yourself. Eventually one of them got you onto the dance floor and you let loose, enjoying all of the attention.

    Then you felt the same pair of strong hands firmly grab your waist from behind and pull you backwards, your back pressed against his chest and your ass pressed firmly against his jeans. You angrily turned around to let this stranger know he can't just be rough with you like that but your words caught in your throat when you saw his face and realized it was him. You felt almost giddy as you seductively ran your arms up and down his strong arms and firm chest to the music, down his abs, then teasingly turning around just before your fingers reached the top of his jeans and grinding your ass into him from behind.

    You two danced like this all night, subtly teasing each other without a word.

    When he kissed you this time, you let him. Taken aback, you hesitated a bit but then kissed him back, hard. His hands stopped teasing your body and started more directly touching you. You were completely lost in the moment now, as you ran your hands along his strong body, making sure to "accidentally" brush his bulge at times. All the while dancing, lost in the crowd of people.

    The look in his eyes told you everything you needed to know about his intentions, and you had a choice to make.

    Your guilt and shame turned to resentment towards your boring husband for not making you feel this way in such a long time, and that was all the justification you needed to do what every cell of your body was screaming out for.

    You reached down and very subtly stroked his good-sized bulge with your fingers while you looked up at him in a way that made it clear you were ready and willing, and he grabbed you, turned you around, and led you out the door with his arm around you, making sure to caress and tease your ass and thighs through your dress as he did.

    You started kissing again as soon as you were outside, hands roaming all over. He pinned you back against the exterior wall and took control, kissing and licking your neck as his hands roamed and squeezed wherever they wanted. He lifted up your dress and teased your soaking wet pussy with one hand as he pulled down the top of it and his mouth made its way to your exposed breasts and hard nipples. Your body was on fire as he overwhelmed your needing, aching breasts and pussy, bringing you to the edge of cumming over and over but stopping as your wetness ran down your legs. All the while you stroked his cock and played with his balls through his undone jeans. He forced you to your knees, and you eagerly gave him the best blowjob you've ever given anybody. Teasing at first, then taking him as deep as you could over and over, not caring that your drool was dripping to the ground. He held your head down as far as you could take it and even fucked your throat a bit. You gagged and spit but loved it. You wanted to be filthy for him.

    He picked you uo a bit and sat you on some crates while he held you in place by your ass and went down on you. Teasing around your thighs at first, kissing and nibbling, then taking you by surprise as he began flicking his tongue over and sucking your clit without warning. You came repeatedly as his talented mouth licked and sucked all over your painfully neglected pussy, before picking you up in his strong arms again and pinning you back against the wall as his rock hard cock teased your entrance, rubbing against your swollen clit and all along your outer and inner lips, before sticking just the large head inside, then out again, then slamming a bit more inside you, then out again. Then slamming all the way into you and fucking your tight pussy with hard, slow strokes. Stopping and starting and teasing you as he claimed your tight little cunt as his own, while you moaned and whimpered at his cruel torture. Until finally you begged him to stop teasing and just fuck you. He held you in place and fucked you so good and hard that you came so hard your whole body shook. In your post-orgasm daze, you followed him to his SUV and sucked his big cock again while he flattened the seats. Then he had you get on all fours and pounded your tight cunt from behind through a few more orgasms, while he lubed up and stretched your tight ass out with his large finger. Then a second. Even in your hazy, lust-filled state you were able to tell him you've never done anal and aren't ready to right now. He was understanding, and you finish him off by sucking him off until he cums down your throat, a little getting on your lips as he pulls out and you lick and suck him clean.

    You sat there for awhile, in a glow from the amazing sex you'd just had, until the reality of what you just did hit you like a ton of bricks. You were filled with guilt as you quickly got dressed and assured him you'll call, then hurried up and got in your car to drive home.

    Luckily your husband wasn't up when you got home. You'd pulled off at a rest stop to clean yourself off and change back into your work clothes but you definitely smelled like sex, and what you 'd just done was written all over your face. You got into the bathroom, looked in the mirror and realized you still had some cum on your bottom lip. This realization both mortified and excited you, and you got turned on as you undressed. You couldn't help but touch yourself all over as the events of the night came flooding back to you. Your well-fucked pussy was beyond sore but you still managed to make yourself cum multiple times in the shower.

    But the guilt hit you again as you toweled off and rubbed lotion all over your body. You finished as quickly as possible and got in bed, going right to sleep.

    The next morning you told yourself you'd never see the mystery man again. And you didn't.
  8. tallnfit

    tallnfit Renaissance Man

    Jan 8, 2018
    But then after weeks of resisting, you called him on your break again. You basically had to beg him to fuck you again as he told you he wasn't going to play games or deal with people who ghost him, much to your surprise. Guys had always chased you, not the other way around. He finally agreed when you assured him you'd do anything to make up for it.

    He told you to meet him at a motel on the outskirts of town in a half hour and hung up.

    You got there, and he was waiting in his SUV. You parked, got out of your car, walked over to his, and got in.

    "Hey-" you start, but he interrupted you. "No talking" he said, sternly. You took the hint and grabbed for his belt in order to undo it, as you leaned over to kiss him. But he stopped you. "No kissing." Okay, you thought, as you unzipped his fly and leaned down to suck his cock. You'd been thinking about his meaty cock ever since that night. Craving having it inside your mouth again, down your throat. Tasting his hot cum.

    But he stopped you again.

    "Not here", he said, coldly, as he zipped up his fly, opened his door, and got out. "Follow me."

    You followed him as he walked to the motel building, up the exterior stairs, and down the third floor corridor.

    You figured he was leading you to his room, but as soon as you both rounded the corner, he pushed you forward against the railing facing the secluded back parking lot, bent you over it, and ripped down your panties. You tried to move and protest but he held you down firmly and reminded you that you said you'd do anything, as he pulled your skirt up to your waist, then gave your ass a firm smack as he roughly rubbed and squeezed it. Nobody had everrreally smacked your ass before. It stung a bit. Before you could fully react to it, you felt another, and another. It definitely stung but you couldn't ignore that it was making your already soaking wet cunt that much wetter. You yelped a bit and moaned as he spanked you over the railing in such a public place. Then suddenly you feel his hand grip your hair and tug you backward as he turned you around to face him. Before you could even catch your bearings he ripped your shirt open with one hand as he forced you to your knees with the other, then pulled out your tits and roughly caressed them,taking them Iinto the palm of his hand and squeezing them hard as you undid his belt and unzipped his pants like the good little slut you were becoming. You began stroking him until he was semi-hard while he roughly played with your tits, before letting go and giving each one a light slap with a flick of his wrist. That definitely stung, but it felt much different than when he smacked your ass. Before you could fully react, he forced your head all the way down on his cock, gagging you. You reflexively tried to pull your head back but he roughly held your head in place. "Be a good girl and take it", he ordered, as he looked down at you with the kind of stern, serious demeanor no man has ever shown towards you while you coughed and gagged on his thick cock, drool flowing down your chin and onto your exposed tits and stomach. You thought you might vomit but he knew just how far to push you as he fucked your throat, letting you come up for air at the last second then forcing you all the way back down on his cock once you'd barely caught your breath. He called you names and asked you if you loved being a filthy little slut for him in such a public place, and he made you try to answer him while he fucked your throat, a cocky, evil grin on his face. He was loving this, and as much as you'd hate to admit it, so were you. It was such a turn on to not have to be in control for once, and you wanted to please this man more than you've wanted anything in your life. After what seemed like an eternity, you felt him tense up as he sent spurt after spurt of his hot cum shooting down your throat with a loud grunt. You swallowed all of it, so turned on you didn't care that you had been turned into a drooly mess. He pulled you to your feet by your hair then quickly spun you around and bent you over the railing again. He held you in place while he pulled off first your skirt, then your shirt, then your black lace bra you picked out especially for him. Just looking at yourself in the dressing room mirror made you feel incredibly sexy that day, and you couldn't wait to wear it for him.

    There you were, bent over a very public railing completely naked, as he worked his large fingers in and out of your sopping wet cunt, when his tongue found your virgin asshole. You'd never been licked there. It made you jump a little. He smacked your ass and thigh and ordered you to stay still, then went back to teasing and licking your ass. It was very new and different but the way he was working your aching pussy made it feel really, really good. Once he could tell you were relaxed, you felt his finger plunge into your very tight ass, as his tongue found your clit. He ate your pussy so good you got completely lost in the moment and just gave in, on the verge of cumming. He worked a second finger into you, then a third, stretching your asshole like it had never been stretched, and his mouth had you right at the edge, when he pulled out his fingers and removed his mouth. You heard him unzipping a back, opening a small container and closing it, then zipping the bag back up again. Seconds later, you felt a cold, large object pressing into your ass. You yelped and jumped again, and he again corrected you for it. He held you firmly in place and told you to relax and not clench, while he eased the large object into your virgin asshole. Little by little you took it deeper, until you'd taken about half of it. Then you felt his hard cock slam all the way into your impossibly wet pussy as he forced the object further and further into your ass until you'd taken all of it. It hurt but he was fucking your tight cunt so good that the pleasure mixed with the pain in a way that had you on the edge of cumming. "I don't think so" he taunted, as he stopped, pulled out, turned you around and forced you to your knees again.

    Only this time he made you beg him to let you take his cock down your throat like a good little whore, made you plead and convince him. Then he teased you endlessly by pulling out repeatedly, walking back and making you crawl to him, rubbing the head on your lips or running it along your tongue, slapping your face with his cock, and smearing your face with drool and precum. Then he roughly fucked your throat. You felt so slutty on your knees for him with a toy in your ass in such a public setting, and you absolutely loved it.

    When he was rock hard again, he roughly pulled your mouth off of his cock by your hair, spun you around, and bent you back over the railing. He made you beg him to fuck your ass good and hard, made you tell him how much you loved being such a filthy little whore and how much you wanted to be an anal slut for him, as he smacked your ass and fucked your tight little asshole with the toy.

    Then he removed it with a plop, and you felt empty. But that didn't last long, as he roughly yanked your head back by your hair as he plunged his thick cock into your virgin ass, his size making you cry out. He wasn't huge but he was definitely not small, and his cock definitely felt huge inside your incredibly tight ass. He went slow at first but it was still the most pain you'd felt during sex since you lost your virginity. He reached down and played with your pussy as he fucked your tight ass, and against all odds his talented fingers yet again had you on the verge of cumming.

    But yet again he stooped before you could feel the relief of your orgasm crashing over you, pulled out, turned you around, and forced you to your knees. He ordered you to open your mouth and stick out your tongue, and stroke his cock until he came on you. You did as you were told, and soon enough his cock jerked as you continued stroking him while he came with a loud grunt. You looked up at him obediently as the hot spurts hit your tongue, your lips, your cheek, your chin, and your nose, with a few hitting your exposed tits and the spot just above them.

    He ordered you not to do anything, then zipped his pants back up, redid his belt, and fixed his shirt.

    "Now look up at me as you take your fingers and scoop the cum up, drip it into your mouth, and swallow it all. But not the cum on your tits. You're to wear that as a reminder to yourself that you're my slut. And leave some on your face so you can see it when you look in the mirror.

    You did as you were told, making sure to look as seductive and obedient as possible as you looked up at him. Then he handed you your clothes and told you to get dressed and go back to your car. He said he'd call you from then on and that you'd better be where he said when he said to be there or else you wouldn't see him again.

    You eagerly agreed, got dressed, and headed to your car.

    You felt so filthy when you saw the drooly, cummed on mess you'd become. It shocked you at first but it also turned you on so much you couldn't help but play with your aching wet pussy as you quickly fixed your appearance, making sure to leave a bit of cum right above your lip as you were ordered to. You looked up at the balcony as you drove away but he was already gone.

    You broke your agreement and scooped the cum on your face into your mouth at the first red light you hit, secretly hoping some random stranger could see. You felt more guilty for breaking his rule than for being such a filthy slut for him behind your husband's back, and deep down you knew why. The whole experience had been both terrifying and exhilirating, and you felt a freedom you had never known before. You even loved how filthy and slutty it felt to have his cum on your tits for the rest of your work day. You made sure to get home well before your husband so you could enjoy re-experiencing the events of the day as you got yourself off over and over while you stared at your cummed on naked body in the bathroom mirror.
  9. tallnfit

    tallnfit Renaissance Man

    Jan 8, 2018
    That was the beginning of a torrid affair between you and the mystery man, and the riskier and more filthy things got, the freer you felt.

    You were nervous and awkward the first time he surprised you with another man, but you enjoyed it more than you've ever enjoyed anything in your life. Before you knew it, you'd become the kind of slut you used to hear about back in college snd turn your nose up at in disgust, and you loved every second of it.

    But not anymore. You've had your wake up call. You promised yourself that you'd never cheat on your husband again. You were lucky he wasn't the one who found out first, and you promised that from now on you'd be the best wife and mother you could possibly be, if he didn't find out about what you'd done. You'd stop taking your life with him for granted, just please don't let him find out.

    Just then, you're startled by a tap on your shoulder. "Why so jumpy, honey?" your husband asks, laughing. You nervously tell him you were just lost in your thoughts, and ask why he isn't out in the other room with the rest of the family. "Your brother tells me has a special beer out here in the fridge that he insists I need to try." he replies. You angrily roll your eyes at my continuing to toy with you but quickly cover it up with a comment to the extent of "You men and your beer" with a laugh and a shake of the head. After all, you'd much rather sit down with a nice glass of wine. Or any wine, for that matter. You two share a laugh and you kiss him on the cheek and send him on his way.

    When he comes back to the room, I asked him if he got what he needed. He shows me the beer, thanks me for it, and takes a swig.

    "Was it worth the wait?" I ask, grinning. He nods as he enjoys the rare local craft beer.

    "Be honest, it tastes even better when it's someone else's, doesn't it?" I continue, not being able to help myself.

    "Yeah, a bit" he agrees, laughing. He is so clueless. I can't help but laugh at him and smirk a bit.

    And so it goes the rest of the afternoon, until we're all sitting down to eat dinner.

    You're just about to take a bite of your well-deserved meal when your phone vibrates in your purse.

    You check it. "Make up an excuse and meet me in the garage", the text reads. You don't even need to look at the name to know it's from me.

    You excuse yourself, lying that it's work and you have to go make a call, and you give your family a loving smile as you get up and leave the table.

    "God, what is it now?" you think to yourself, rolling your eyes, as you walk towards the garage.
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  10. tallnfit

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    Jan 8, 2018
    Hope you all enjoy this first part. I'm still finishing writing the rest.
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  11. Loretta Roberson

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    Apr 21, 2018
    Nice so far thanks for sharing
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  12. tallnfit

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    Jan 8, 2018
    Thank you. Glad you're liking it.

    It's my pleasure really. I've really enjoyed writing this one. I've never written a story about blackmail before.
  13. tallnfit

    tallnfit Renaissance Man

    Jan 8, 2018
    You open the door to the garage and find me standing in the center, in front of our parents' SUV.

    "Close the door." I order, sternly.

    You do as you're told and close the door then stand in front of me, your annoyedness turning to nervousness and uncertainty.

    "Take off all of your clothes and place them on the floor." I order, and you know I'm not kidding.

    You weren't at all prepared to hear that. You're completely taken aback and shocked. You stand there for a few minutes, shocked into silence.

    I repeat myself, more sternly this time, and it snaps you out of it.

    "What?! Ew. No. Gross! I'm not getting naked for you. You're my brother! That's sick!" you shoot back, outraged.

    That was stupid.

    "Oh really?" I respond, as I start walking towards the door.

    "Oh Tom!" I start to yell as I open it.

    "Okay okay I'm sorry! God I'm sorry, okay?! I'll be good and do what you say. I promise. Just please don't tell him!" you plead, as you again panickedly try to pull me back.

    "This is your last warning" I warn, as I close the door behind us.

    You walk back to where you were standing before and begin to slowly, awkwardly take off your clothes. You want to close your eyes and look away but I won't let you. You've never felt so naked and ashamed in your life. You feel dirty, and not in a good way.

    You lay the last of your clothes on the ground then stand up, completely naked before me. You try to cover yourself up with your arms but I pull them apart and order you to keep them at your sides.

    "Modesty doesn't suit you, sis" I chide, with a knowing smile.

    I run my hands all over your naked body. I have to admit you're a very sexy woman, and if you weren't my sister I'd have wanted to get my hands on you a long time ago.

    After roughly caressing and squeezing all over your body, playing with your tits and hard nipples a bit, and exploring your pussy with my large fingers, I force you to your knees. You know exactly what I want, and you'd better not hesitate.

    You nervously, awkwardly fumble with my belt and pull down my zipper, your hands shaking. You don't want this, but I don't care.

    You stroke my engorged cock as I force you to look up at me. You want to look away but you know you can't.

    I order you to suck it, and you force yourself to lean in and lick the head. The thought of doing this to your own brother makes you want to gag but you suppress it and tease my cock with your lips and tongue, kissing and licking all over the shaft and teasing and sucking on my big head. You close your eyes and try to picture the mystery man but I keep forcing you to look up at me. You notice my cock is about the same size as his, maybe a very tiny bit smaller. You've become almost an expert on cocks with all of the ones you've had inside you recently.

    I have to admit you have a talented mouth, sis. I'm impressed.

    I tell you to stop teasing me and take my cock all the way down your throat like a good little whore, and you do as you're told. You start giving me one of those amazing blowjobs you're so proud of being able to administer.

    I'm calling you names and making you tell me how much you love being a little cockwhore for me, and you know you better be convincing about it. I hold your head down all the way on my cock by a fistful of your hair and start to fuck your slut throat, even more drool now pooling on the garage floor and flowing down your chin onto your exposed tits and stomach.

    You're doing such a good job that you have me on the verge of cumming down your slut throat, but I erase all hopes you have of me only wanting a blowjob when I stop you and yank your mouth off of my cock and pull you up to your knees by your hair.

    I smack your ass hard and roughly pin you facefirst against the side of our parents' SUV, your breasts and hard nipples pressed against the cold metal. You know what's coming next and you resign yourself to your fate.

    I make you tell me how much you want my cock inside your tight little cunt, your own brother's thick cock, as I tease your entrance with the head. I make you beg me to stop teasing you and fuck your slut pussy good and hard like you need, as I tease you mercilessly by slamming my hard cock into you, pulling all the way out again, running it along your slit and rubbing it against your clit, then slamming it back in again, fucking you a bit more at a time in long, hard strokes. Then finally I start fucking your tight little cunt hard and fast like a slut like you deserves. But I keep slowing down before I cum, letting the feeling subside, then speeding up again. I want this to feel like an eternity for you.

    Then finally I stop and pull out. "Finally he's about to cum" you think to yourself.


    I start teasing your tight, now far from virgin ass the same way I did your little cunt, as I make you reach back and hold your ass cheeks apart and beg me to fuck your ass like the filthy little anal slut you are.

    Finally I slam my hard cock all the way into your ass as I yank your head back by a fistful of your hair and start fucking it the same way I did your tight cunt. I call you more names and make you tell me how much you love being a filthy little anal whore for your brother as I roughly violate your tight asshole. I don't bother reaching down to play with your pussy because I don't care if you enjoy yourself, and you know it. This isn't about you or your pleasure, and you're glad. It makes it easier to distance yourself.

    After what seemed like an eternity of fucking your ass, I again stop. You think I'm done but then I start up again, going even harder and faster than before. I make you beg me to fill your tight little ass with my cum and use you as the cumdump that you are.

    Then finally, you feel my cock jerk and twitch inside you as I cum inside your ass with a loud grunt, filling it with hot spurt after hot spurt.

    I quickly pull out and force you to your knees in front of me in time for my last spurts to hit your innocent looking face, your lips, chin, and your tits and stomach.

    You try to start wiping it off but I slap your hand and order you to leave it all on you until you get to the bathroom, and to leave it on your tits and stomach until you got home.

    You're shocked and want to protest but you do as you're told.

    I order you to get dressed, and you grab your bra and put it on. You reach for your panties but I smack your hand away.

    "Uh uh uh" I taunt, wagging my finger at you. "You're going to go without panties like a proper slut." I order, as I stuff them into my pocket for safe keeping.

    You quickly put on the rest of your clothes, open the garage door, and walk out.

    You'd better hope nobody sees you, sis. And you'd better be careful about how you sit down.
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    Thanks for sharing her with us
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    Lol no problem. I'm always glad to share my fictional sister with you pervs ;)

    Glad you guys are liking it so far!
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    Loving it,, she reminds me of someone I know here. ;)
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    Glad you liked.

    That's exactly what I want too is for people to picture themselves or somebody they know as the characters when reading it, to make them their own.
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    Something for you all to think about today ;)
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    I'm not into the incest part (not judging, just not my thing). I especially enjoyed the part that told of how she went from a loyal, faithful (if somewhat frustrated) housewife, into a cheater. How did she go from "the mystery man" to being photographed and videoed being taken by several men at the same time? That's the journey I want to read about.
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      Thanks for your honest feedback. You make a good point. There's a lot of story there, for sure.
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    Can i be your sister :sperm:
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