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  1. TheArticFox

    TheArticFox Newcumer

    May 10, 2018
    Bunny & Master part 1.

    In this story you are my little Bunny and I am your master.

    Bunny messages Master and ask him if he can come play soonest as she really very horny and needs to feel Master now.

    Master messages back and tells Bunny to meet him at thier hotel they use for playing and will message her the room number once she messages Master that she has arrived.

    Bunny arrives and messages master. Master messages his Bunny back with room number 69.

    Bunny proceeds to Room 69 and knocks on the door. Master opens the door and points to a chair next to the bed.

    Bunny enters the room and walks over and stands infront of the chair Master pointed to and faces the chajr eith her back to her Master and then Master closes the door.

    Your Master walks up behind you and wraps his arms around you and hugs you tightly for a few minutes and says hello Bunny in a husky breath. Then suddenly you feel masters hands sliding up and down your sides your breast snd then all over your body as his hands slide down between your legs your warm little butt presses back against your Masters crotch and you can feel his hard manhood instantly become rock hard feeling you warm largest soft ass pressed against his now walk hard cock.

    Your Master turns you around and tells you to step up on to the chair. You obey your master. Once you are standing on the chair and standing securly facing your Master, your Master tells you to begin to take off all your clothes starting from the top and work down. You obey master. First you start taking off your blouse and drop it on the floor then you take off your bra.

    Master reaches out and teases your nipples, sucklying each one and then lets you proceed. You then kick off your shoes and then start taking off your skirt. As you let it drop to your feet. You hear master say how beautiful and lovely Masters bunny is. Then you place one hand on masters chest to stable yourself as you take off your panties and socks.

    Now you are standing completely naked in front of your master. Your Master stands there for a few minutes admiring the beautiful woman his bunny is and all here sexy she has bared for him to enjoy.

    Bunny is standing completely bare infront of her master naked for his pleasure and the excitement continues to build. Master now leans forward and cups each breast in his hands and suckles first one nipple then the next. Then while master is sucklying your breast he lets his hands slide around to your back and glide down to your hips and then squeezes your ass cheeks one in each hand frimly while your master coninues to suckle your full soft breast.

    You can feel my warm moist lips wrapped around your nipples as my tonuge teastes each one and me licking it the flicking it with the tip of my tongue You moan with each flick of my tongue. Now your Masters hands begin to move again and they slide forward and over the top of your thighs and back up to the inside of your thighs seeking out your alreadys soaking wet lips hiding your throbbing clit.

    Just when you feel your masters fingers penatrate your pussys warm wet lips your Master raises up grabs you in his arms and carries you to the bed. And tells you to get on all fores with your ass at the edge if the bed and to spread your legs so your master can fit between them. Bunny obeys her Master and waits for him while he undresses and slides in behind you with his massive hard cock aimed right at your sweet soaking wet tight pussy.

    You start to beg your Master, please fuck me master, please master fuck me deep and hard master, please fuck your little Bunny master. As you start to beg again you feel your masters massive rock hard cock slide slowly and steadly in to your soaking hot wet awaiting pussy.

    After a few soft thrust you begin to trust your hips back into your masters thrust so you can have all of me deep inside you. Suddenly you feel masters hands on you, one on your hip and one pulling your hair to steady our rhythm of each thrust as you feel your masters cock sliding in and out you beg to play with yourself as he begins to thrust faster and harder, you reach back with one hand to play with your clit but with in a few seconds you feel master cock plusing and swelling even harder and bigger. Master suddenly lets go of yoir hair and slides it first back to one if your hips and then both of Masters hands slide down your thighs and then reach around to the front of your thighs and grabs your legs just a little below your hips and then he raises them up and out off the bed as he is houlding your legs up just below his hips he drives as hard as he can to get as deep into you as possibly can and with each trust Master is determined to let his cock explode deep inside of you. As you feel this you cannot hold back and explode a flood your juices come wave after wave around your Masters swollen cock. You hear your Master grunts and groans just as his cum blast forward from his swollen massive pulsing cock barried deep down inside of you.
  2. TheArticFox

    TheArticFox Newcumer

    May 10, 2018
    So maybe some speel checking after re-reading this would have helped.