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  1. Cutt1

    Cutt1 Porn Surfer

    Aug 15, 2018
    .....Hahaha Little bad ass Shelbie all growed up!!!! As I looked Shelbie over I couldn't help but notice she had Really filled out. North!!! She squeeled and jumped in my arms giving me a bear hug. Hell the last time I saw her she was 17 and mentally devistated.

    The poor kid had had it rough during her pre-teen and teen years. She lost her parents in an absolutely devistating fashion. Both her parents had been killed during a mad mans rage while eating dinner at a local restaurant. When the authorities arrived they found Shelbie beneath her parents. They had sacrificed themselves during the ordeal to protect her. She was only 10.

    Subsequently; she became my next door neighbor moving in with her paternal grandparents. That's when our relationship took off. Her grandfather and I were very close and she would hang out with us and the guys (and keep all of us out of trouble I might add).

    Then at 14 he passed away massive heart attack. Her grandmother, bless her always liked me and really appreciated the way I would pal around with her upon his passing. Little did she know I would have tapped that ass (her grandmother that is in a heartbeat. But, hell I believe she did know because I could swear she was always extra nice to me. Always sending me food and at least once every couple of weeks Shelbie would knock on my door with a cherry pie or cherry cobbler (my favorites) that her G-mom had made.

    "Where the hell have you been North" she demanded? The number I had for you was no longer in service and the letters I sent for you the last couple of years were all returned. Shit baby I'm sorry I replied. Since I last saw you I switched jobs, bought a new house.. I KNOW she said forcefully. When I came back you weren't there anymore,
    I knocked on the door and some Korean lady answered and I think she cussed me out she said smiling.

    Ahhh there was that smile, I thought to myself as I looked at her with pride.
    "Excuse meeee you two" came a sultry voice. "Oh my bad North, this is my aunt julia. She is my dad's younger sister." I know!!! I said eyeing her lustfully.
    Aaww hell I know that look, Julia chuckled. "Yeah well... She had me tripping in the store because she was toying with me and I knew I didn't know her but she was acting as if I should".

    Well that would be my fault cause I have constantly talked about you. Yeah that's not all, I recognized you as soon as you walked in from pictures that I have seen Julia chimed in.
    Well hey what are y'all about to do? I asked excitedly. Well from the SMELL of thangz speaking for myself GOING with you damnit!!! Cool well let me pump this gas, you can either follow me or punch in my address in your GPS.

    I forgot to pay inside, I was distracted I said looking at Julia.
    You can roll out I'll catch up, my spare key is outside were I always....
    Sponge Bob statue left rear pocket hahahaha "still" she said laughing. Yep I replied. Well hell lets bounce
    As i finished pumping gas I felt a tap on my shoulder but saw Shelbie pulling out of the parking lot. It was julia, you are riding with me she said !!

    I saw the way you rolled up to the pump. And as you & Shelbie would say I "likeded" it!! At that she unhooked the spare helmet and I helped her onto the bike.

    Julia was about 5'6, 135lbs 36c. As i helped her onto the bike I couldn't help but notice she had some guns so i know she worked out. She had an athletic build. Shoulder length thick brown hair, intense hazel eyes that could peer deeply into & thru you. And damn her scent hell that alone was intoxicating enough.

    Ok she said I'm gonna see how Talented you are as i mounted my bike and saddled in she spread her legs and wrapped her arms around my waist. As we pulled out I gunned it causing my back tire to fishtail. She squeezed me tight and clamped tightly with her legs and man her thighs are strong. As I hit 6th gear I felt my left nipple being twised and pinched shit it felt good.
    I looked down at the speedometer 110!!! Then I felt Julia's grip become even tighter around me then a firm grip on my semi erect cock! I felt a vibration on my back between us was Julia purring, her grip tightning around my dick over my jeans. As I hit a straight section on the interstate I suddenly realized I was being jacked off thru my jeans doing 95 mph going down I-24...Awwww hell yeah!!!!
    I'm gonna have fun with this young lady. She could feel my dick throbbing as we flew down the interstate. I was getting close and she could somehow feel it, now her strokes became slower and more deliberate. She was now teasing me. I hit my blinker as my exit was fast approaching and started to slow down. As I came to a stop she tapped me on the top of my helmet to get my attention.
    How far? She asked 3 minutes I replied, two left turns. She gave me a thumbs up.

    As I kicked it into neutral and coasted into the driveway Julia gave my dick two quick squeezes. Bathroom? Through the garage door first door on the right. With speed and graceful agility she hoped off the bike and sped through the door.

    Must have scared the piss our of her I chuckled to myself. As I got off the bike and looked in the driveway I marveled at Shelbies car.
    A 1979 280ZX ,the first time the "by Nissan" subscript was badged alongside the Datsun logo, The 280ZX was Motor Trend's import car of the year for 1979.
    It had been her grandfather's baby. It appeared to be still in pristene condition.

    Oh yeah it's still cherry Shelbie exclaimed as she appeared out of the house.
    Look I hope you got nothing planned today cause we're about to hang, no questions asked o.k.
    "Cool" I replied.
    I've got some Ribeyes marinating in the kitchen and I've got to make a quick run plus WE need/want some crown. I'll be back in an hour or so. Keep Julia entertained until I get back she said and winked.

    I'll try was my reply.
    As she backed out of the driveway I went in the house.
    "Hey North" shouted Julia from the bathroom give me beer please. "Gotcha covered"
    I went to the freezer and thought well damn...
    Shelbie had put the brews in the freezer just like her grandfather and I had taught her when she was just a little girl gooooood job I thought to myself.
    As I plucked a couple of brews out and twisted the top on one and took a big swig aaaaahhhh.
    I then heard click click ,click, click the distinct sound of heels walking across the floor. I Iturned around and there in the doorway stood Julia. Ploooosh beer shot out of my nose, my mouth and my eyes started watering.
    Hmmmmm that's different she purred.
    She was standing in the door way; hands on her hips. Legs slightly parted in a pair of ankle high stiletto boots and a Detroit red wings hockey jersey.

    As she sauntered towards me she veered left and plucked a towel off the counter. Wiping the beer off my chin, mouth and nose.
    "Ya know I never considered a jersey of any kind lingerie let alone sexy but, judging from your reaction I'm gonna have to reconsider that.
    Then she knelt down on her hands and knees and started wiping up the beer from the floor.
    As the jersey slid above her ass I noticed a red g-string deep between her ass. As she wiped her ass slowly rotated in a circular motion i was mesmerized.
    As she finished and stood up she stepped towards me and put her tittie's on my chest and undid my belt buckle unfastenimg my jeans. Suddenly I was snapped out of my stupor when I felt a sudden grip on my rock hard dick.

    She took her beer out of my hand and took a swig.
    Ahhh she whispered in my ear. Nothing like a good cold beer and a hot hard dick!!!
    DAMN!!!! I thought, I instinctively reached up to cup one of her tittie's. She swiftley removed her hand drom my johnson and Slapped my hand. Not yet she growled, looking deeply into my eyes she explained I got this understand?

    I nodded my head in agreement. You WILL NOT cum until I MAKE IT SO understand. As she said this I raised an eyebrow in defimce .
    Her face hardened and she gritted her teeth, instantly I felt a sharp pain.
    She gripped my balls, digging her nails in slightly. The pain caused my dick to get harder and twitch.
    Thus hitting her in the stomach, she smiled ooohhhh somebody likes a little pain she squeeled.
    She leaned in and kissed me gently on the lips. I returned the kiss she forced her tongue in my mouth and I greedily accepted.

    Damn she tasted sweet. Suddenly she broke the kiss and sucked in my bottom lip and bit. Damn woman, she drew blood. Ooohhhh I'm sorry she pouted I got a little carried away. Let me make it up to you, she took the beer out of my hand and sat both of them on the counter grabbing me by the collar and slamming me against the refrigerator.

    Suddenly she yanked my already opened jeans down to my knees.
    I watched as she squated down eye level to my hard dick.
    Ooohhhh a lefty she said, I chuckled yeah my dick curves to the left .
    She gripped my dick firmly at the base looked at it and started murmuring to it.
    She stuck her tongue out and gently licked the precum from the head of my didk Mmmmmm she purred.

    Looking up at me she questioned "trust me"? I instinctly detected remorse in her tone I tried to fake like I was unsure.
    Suddenly she gripped my dick with force. Defiantely stating "If you didn't, I wouldn't be doing...
    with out warning she opened her mouth and my dick slowly dissapeared.
    A quarter, then half, then three quarters all of a sudden her lips were on my pubic bone.
    OH MY GOD I thought to myself.
    She started to shake her head left to right never removing my dick
    I could feel her breathing through her nose against my pelvic bone.
    Then she started gripping my balls and dragging her nails across them all in unison.

    Ooooo shit this woman's got talent suddenly I felt her warm saliva running down around my balls and her hand.
    she caressed my balls while again rotating her head left and right.
    ooooohhhh now all of a sudden she started moving in a circular motion alternating clock wise and counter clock wise.
    I could feel my dick pulsing and throbbing deep within her throat. All of a sudden she stopped. "Aaaaahhhh sorry" she said as saliva and precum dripped down her chin and the sides of her mouth.
    I looked at her with amazement and she smiled wiping her mouth and chin with the back of her hand.
    I had a disappointed look in my eyes.
    Don't worry north bare with me please besides when I pull that nut out of you and I just made up my mind how I'm going to do it you WILL never forget it.
    I've been sizing you up for it.
    Your dick is just right sweetie you got one of those ooooo and aaaaahhhh dicks she stated as she slapped my dick on her cheek.
    As she stood up and tucked my dick neatly back into my jeans and handed me my beer while grabbing hers.
    She said I want you to remember "The Murder".
    Now, I'm gonna need you to roll us a blunt or two while I check on the steaks and get a few things ready.
    As she strolled out of the kitchen she called to me hey North, stopping in the doorway she pulled up the jersey looked back at me and andstarted rubbing her hands over her ass.
    Ive Noticed how you have been staring at my ass since you met me. She smacked her ass and said just wait till you cum all over it and IN it!!!
    Smiled seductively and left the room. Pheeeew, I swallowed hard and thought this is gonna be fun. Shit I need to SMOOOOOKE!!!!!!
  2. Im69roudy

    Im69roudy Porn Surfer

    Jun 22, 2017
    More please
  3. Trick01

    Trick01 Sex Lover

    Jul 24, 2018