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  1. Cutt1

    Cutt1 Porn Surfer

    Aug 15, 2018
    Damn!!!!..... I forgot....Hahaha I'm high i thought to myself as i noticed my fuel light on. I had just left my weedwomans house and in the process passed several gas stations.
    I had just shared a blunt of some killer with her and her latest victim. As I dropped a gear and got on the ramp and merged onto the interstate I could feel the rush. I looked down at my speedometer 60, 90, 100mph ahhhhh..cruising speed!!! My dick instantly became hard.
    2006 Suzuki Hayabusa, fastest production bike ever made, in other words, another "BEAST" between my legs. As I twisted the throttle i leaned hard to the right and swerved around a semi to get off on the upcoming exit.
    As I came to a halt at the pump I couldn't help but notice several stares. You see I have shorty pipes on her which produce the ultimate deep throaty sound on a bike. "Loud pipes saves lives" is the biker mantra. As I slid my helmet off; my "radar" went off. I quickly scanned the parking lot to see what caused it.
    Just before the sliding doors closed I spotted an exceptional ass in some white jeans. Well Damn..let me hurry up and check that out I thought to myself as I got off my bike. Upon entering the store 4 steps in I spotted her at the beer coolers. Phuqin Good idea I thought as i made my way back towards her. suddenly my nostrils were filled with an absolute intoxicating aroma unlike any other I had ever smelled. I could smell as well as taste it simultaneously. While Drawing closer and observing I instantly realized those were'nt any old jeans. They were LEVI'S. Now God knows there is nothing sexier than a nice ass in a pair of form fitting levi's which to me are the original yoga pants !!! Not to mention the purple lace thong seductively showing as she bent over to grab a six pack of Rolling Rock. When she straightened up and turned around she looked me directly in the eyes and with an absolutely predatorial look and commanding tone said "well...since you've mentally phuqed the hell outta me in the short time we've been in here you're gonna buy the beer right?? I blushed and we both laughed. "Julia" she said extending her right hand. "North" I replied taking the six pack from her left hand and placing it back in the cooler to exchanging it for a twelve pack. "I know" she said walking past me with a devilish smirk. Excuse me? But I'm sure I don't know you, trust me that ass makes you truly unforgettable. If you say so she replied ooooo.... by the by that beer is getting warm. As she headed to the counter she tugged on the waistband of her thongs and gave a little wiggle of her ass. I quickly followed "let me get four packs of white owl white grape" I told the cashier. He looked at Julia then smiled at me. That will be $14.96 please. As I reached for my wallet Julia reached into her top and pulled out cash. Here she told the cashier and looked at me and said since you have the "volume" I got this. I had forgotten about the "loud" in my pocket. Besides; I just wanted to see if you were the gentleman that I've been told. Now my mind was racing. Who the hell is this woman? And how is it she knows me and I am absolutely clueless as to her. I picked up the Brew & shells as we exited the store, all the while mentally racking my brain in an effort to identify this beautiful woman I've just met. As we exited the sliding doors I heard a familiar voice. "Hey old man quit hounding on my woman"!!! As I looked up they both started laughing hysterically. Recognizing the voice i chuckled aloud and said WellDamn!!!!!! If it ain't little bad ass Shelbie all growed up!!!! More to follow of ya like!??
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  2. knighthood

    knighthood Sex Lover

    Jan 22, 2015
  3. jhoffmaniii

    jhoffmaniii Amateur

    Feb 5, 2014
    I would love to read more of this story.