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    Apr 27, 2014
    Chapter One

    The guys called her "Cake" because "everybody got a piece." Once she got a reputation for
    "putting out," whatever hopes she had for a social life in high school were gone forever.
    The girls snubbed her and the guys wouldn't be seen with her.

    Guys didn't date Cake, they just bragged about fucking her the night before.

    I never believed she was as loose as the rumors portrayed her, but even if she was, I didn't care.
    I had big plans for Jessica White. I was through with flaky high school girls. I wanted to fuck
    the women I was reading about in my father's skin mags. And Jessica was just the bait I needed
    to open doors.

    "Hi, Jess." I startled her a little as I took a seat beside her in the quad. Heads were turning
    and that's exactly what I wanted. I purposely chose lunch time so that the whole campus could
    witness this.

    "Hi, Cyrano," she said meekly, her head was down, her eyes darting about.

    "Don't worry about them," I said forcefully. "Fuck them! You want to be my woman?"

    "Is this some sort of joke?"

    "I'm not gonna asked twice." She just stared at her peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I patiently
    waited for an answer.

    "Well, okay," she finally croaked out.

    "Let's get out here," I said rising from the bench and extending my hand. She started to put
    her lunch back in the sack but I stopped her.

    "Leave that shit. We'll eat at my house."

    "Hoots and catcalls rained down on us as we left the quad hand in hand.


    I led her straight to my bedroom. I closed the door and dropped my pants. She looked at me in
    shock. I grabbed her by her hair and forced her to her knees. She took my cock in her mouth
    and started sucking in long slow drags. It felt so good. Tears were streaming down her cheeks.

    I pulled her to her feet."Look at me Jess." Her eyes were filled with tears. "You can go back
    to being Cake or you can be with me. But if your want to be with me, you've got to trust me
    completely. You understand?" She nodded her head slowly and we exchanged a sloppy kiss.

    "Now get undressed. We don't have much time.


    Jessica White blossomed early. She sprouted tits and ass before middle school. The girls hated
    her and boys teased her. She was as exotic looking as they came in our neighborhood. We thought
    she was of puerto rican descent but we found out later her father was black.

    Now here I was between those caramel colored thighs finally, lapping up her juices. I could tell
    she had never had head before. And she was enjoying it thoroughly. She was clutching my sheets in
    a death grip, her breathing heavy and ragged.

    I started teasing her clit, and slowly her ass eased into a slow-dance rhythm under my tongue.
    Her thighs were really starting to sweat as they clamped my head in place.

    "No...No..." she pleaded, in a barely audible mumble. Her body started to thrash about.

    "Uuuugh!"Her body tensed up, then shook. And shook, trapping me in her thighs. Then her body
    quickly jerked a couple of times before totally relaxing, except for heavy gasps for air.

    I was too fucking horny to wait for her to completely come down from her high. I flipped her over
    to get a good look at the sweet ass that had been teasing me for years. It didn't disappoint.
    Two large candy apples glistened before me side by side.

    I pulled Jess to her knees and took the plunge. Nothing like a tight, wet pussy combined with
    a soft, warm ass bouncing off your pelvis to drive you to premature ejaculation. I shouted as I
    exploded in her. Then shouted some more.

    "You're so silly," Jessica said, giggling.

    "Jess, you have no idea how much power you have in this body," I whispered in ear. "But you