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    Apr 27, 2014
    Chapter Three

    It jolted me. I didn't think it was possible to give a woman that much pleasure. By the time
    Ricki had finally exhausted herself, Jessica was sweaty mess. The sheets were soaked with her
    natural body odor and effluvient.

    I was jealous. And horny. Jessica barely acknowledged me when I mounted her. There was a
    peaceful look of contentment on her face that seemed to infuse her whole body. It was as if she'd
    just left a dark, musty cave and walked into a bearhug from the noonday sun.

    I could feel her transfering her joy to me as I grunted and thrusted. Even though Her body was
    lifeless except for her breathing, I could somehow feel her wrapping herself around me. I stopped
    trying to understand it and just rode the wave.

    I've had more powerful orgasms but none more fufilling. I wasn't blasting my cum into Jessica,
    it was being milked from me, rocking me like a newborn as she held Ricki's held hand and the
    two of them exchanged smiles.


    Jessica wouldn't look in my direction on the drive to her house. She just stared out of the
    passenger window. Finally, she broke the silence.

    "Am I a lesbian?" The distress in her voice was evident.

    "I'm going to honest with you, Jess. I will never please a woman the way Ricki pleased you. I'm
    not even going to come close. I got jealous just watching it. But don't confuse pleasure with

    "You're not making any sense."

    "Before tonight, whenever you fantasized about your future, was there ever a woman by your


    "Ricki is good at pleasing women because of who she is: a woman who loves women. You did nothing
    more than hold her hand yet that woman gave every ounce of energy she had to please you. And she
    loved every second of it. Few people, gay or straight, can love like that. I know I can't.

    I pulled the car to the curb in front of her apartment.

    "Look, Jess, if you wake up tomorrow and picture a woman by your side, you're a lesbian. But
    if that woman is Ricki just because she made you feel good, you're setting yourself up to be
    used again. Just remember all those guys who passed you around. They made you feel good too - up
    to a point."


    "Thank you, Ricki."

    "You're welcome, Sweetie." Jessica no longer had to steal anymore. Twice a week Ricki was giving
    her groceries to take home.

    "When are you guys coming over again," Ricki asked me after Jessica left.

    "Maybe never," I replied calmly, though I was really pissed.

    "I don't understand."

    "Jessica told me what you tried to do. You think because you gave her world class head, she's
    going to just leave me for you?"

    "I don't know what-"

    "Don't you even think about lying to me. If you ever want to lick that pussy again, don't insult
    me by lying."

    "I love her," Ricki mumbled, her lower lip trembling. Tears were about to fall.

    "If you love her, then keep helping her. You know her family's situation. But she's never going
    to be your girlfriend, Ricki. Don't try to come between us again."


    "That's it. You're doing great, Baby." I was encouraging Jessica as her tongue lightly snaked up
    Ricki's fleshy lips to her huge clit.

    In truth, her heart wasn't in it. She definitely wasn't a lesbian. But she soldiered on as Ricki
    moaned in pleasure. Besides, Jessica didn't have to give good head. Ricki was so happy to be in
    the same room with her, she could have cum from Jessica just breathing on her.

    "Come on, Jess, move your hands like - there you go. You see how happy that's making Ricki."

    I was close to getting a name, but Ricki was fighting me on it."I can't betray a confidence,"
    she whined.

    But I knew she would do anything to keep playing with her sweet Jessica. She was going give me
    a name tonight. I wasn't taking no for an answer.

    "Yeah, that's it, tease that little fella out of the hood." Ricki was thrashing her head from
    side to side. She was about to blow.

    "Aaaaaah!" She grabbed Jessica by the hair, scaring the shit out her. Jessica had never seen
    Ricki this aggressive before. Her first instinct was to pull away. But I helped Ricki hold her

    "Let her come down slowly," I whispered in her ear. "She's not going to hurt you."

    Ricki's eyes were still closed as a grin spread across her face and her chest heaved.

    "Do it now!" I whispered to Jessica. She shook her head. "Do it!" I said shoving her. She crawled
    up and straddled Ricki's face.

    "Take a good whiff, Ricki!" I shouted, dragging Jessica from the bed. "Because you're never going
    to be this close to Jessica's sweet pussy again. Get dressed, Jessica."

    "Wait," Ricki pleaded.

    "This is over! I told you I wanted a name. You think I'm fuckin' around?"

    "Please, I'll give you a name." She was sobbing uncontrollably.

    "Jessica, finish getting dressed!" I snapped. I handed her my keys after she tied her shoes.
    "Go wait in the car." She hesitated, her eyes darting between Ricki and me. "Now, Jessica." She
    obediantly headed out of the bedroom.

    I pointed to the pen and pad on the nightstand."Write it down, Ricki," I commanded. After she
    finished scribbling, I grabbed my dick and stroked it hard.

    "No!" Ricki scrambled to the far edge of the bed.

    "Yes! You bring that ass back over here or you can kiss Jessica goodbye."

    "Why?!" she cried out.

    "Because you need to be taught a lessen. You don't go sneaking around a man's pussy." I picked
    my pants up off the floor."Jessica's probably growing impatient. We don't have much time. What's
    it going to be?"

    She timidly crawled across the bed. I jumped on the bed and pulled her to the edge. I didn't have
    time for all that shit. I meant what I said. Jessica could walk in on us at any minute.

    I shoved my dick in her forcefully, yanking her ass back to my pelvis. Her sobbing just stoked my

    "This is what she needs," I hissed, pumping frantically. The thought of getting off in dyke
    pussy had me feverish.

    "I don't care how golden you tongue is, she's always coming back to this." I shoved her head into
    the mattress and unloaded into her. "And don't you forget it!"
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