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  1. Millehop

    Millehop Newcumer

    Dec 29, 2017
    So this story begins with me looking at my facebook page and trying to get back in touch with people i have been neglecting.

    One such person would be my cousin gwen well she is not really my cousin she was adopted.

    She was 2 years younger than me and secretly very knowledgeable and bloomed very early.

    She had perfect size boobs they were very very inviting. We had a close relationship growing up, i think because both of us were shy and could confide things to each other and not have to worry about the other breaking their trust.

    So, anyways, i was searching through people checking where theyve moved to and such and found that her and her husband had gotten divorced.

    Honestly not a shocker he was a butt hole but i think he showed her what she was missing in her life at the time even though he treated her like crap.

    So wrote her a note to try and catch up and see what had happened and such and let her know she was not alone because i had also gotten divorced because of a butt hole of a spouse.

    Now we had never had any kind of sexual experiences, the innuendos and such were there but never went any further.

    I wrote the note and sent it off. A couple of days later i received a reply from her along with a picture. Well i must say she changed very little which is not a bad thing

    Suprisingly it was her in a bathing suit saying i should come join her and visit sometime. Apparently she now lived at the beach. Same state and all that just closer to the beach.

    So i said what the hell, we made arrangements and decided i would go out there for a week and catch up.

    So she met me at the airport early in the morning and she was wearing a hoodie and a pair of ratty jeans that did nothing to show off her body, some things never change i guess. I gave her a big hug and said how much ive missed her. She told me the k**s were with their dad for a couple of weeks for summer break.

    We went back to her house and she explained to me that she only has 3 bedrooms so if i didnt mind sharing her room that would be cool or i could sleep on the couch. That couch was small so i decided to go with her room not thinking or expecting anything to happen.

    We sat down had a couple of beers and traded horror stories about our marriages.
    She then told me something i never ever expected from her.

    She told me one of the reasons she had got divorced was becuase her husband had been unable to satisfy her sexually for many many years. Appartently he had a little weenie and although her fathered c***dren he did not satisfy her. Of course being the ass he is he made her beleive it was her. She didnt realize it until they seperated and she had a one night stand with someone she found on tinder. She said he was atleast 6 inches and could do what the other never could.

    Good lord, happy over six inches HOW SMALL WAS THAT DUDE!

    So i told her that in the beginning my ex and i had a great sex life. Then we got married and it gradually decreased over the years to where the last 6 years there was nothing. She always said it wasnt me and i was the best she ever had and loved me eating her out with my skilled tongue but she did not have a desire anymore.

    Gwen jumped up at exclaimed "YOU ATE HER OUT! YOU LIKE IT! "

    apparently her ex did not ever do that even though she had asked and the one night stand was a slam bam thank you ma'am. Suddenly she got all red and apologized, sorry just never had that experience.

    We chatted some more and then decided it was time for bed.....she wanted to shower before bed and i just wanted ti lay down. I stripped down to my boxers and layed down apparently i must have passed out while she was showering i woke up to find her standing there staring at me wearing a long tshirt . unable to see under it but i was sure she was wearing panties although i could make out the shape of her breasts and they were still quite nice.

    "Something wrong cuz?" i asked her.

    "No, i just wasnt expecting that", she pointed down at my crotch and apparently while i was passed out i was thinking about our discussions.

    I had a hardon and she noticed it. "Ok, not to sound wrong or anything but how big is that thing?"

    "8 inches" i said proudly and very thick as well.

    "Holy shit! Thats even bigger than whats his name" the ONS," and twice the size of my ex!"

    I tried not to laugh and said" you poor poor girl, never had a real dick."

    I could tell the wheels were turning "so, i know this is very wrong and highly unexpected but would you mind if i took a look at it?"

    What was i going to say? " Well, if you want to, i guess it would be ok since you caused it anyways." With that i stood up turned my back to her and removed my boxers. When i turned around this look of amazement came over her.

    She walked over towards me and touched it." Christ, that thing is as hard as a steel rod!"

    "So i was thinking and we had gotten this far, i was like, well, youve seen mine i only feel its fair if i see yours"

    and without any hesitation she whipped off her tshirt and set her boobs free and her almost bald pussy. I almost came right there on the floor. " Wow, youre beautiful!" I exclaimed and we both made it the bed.

    She asked" so would you mind if i suck it?"

    Hmmmmm let me think." No go right ahead, but why dont you lay on top of me and i will show you how a real man eats a pussy. "

    With that she kneeled over top of me with my face inches away from her pussy, first i inserted a finger to see how tight she was . well with a four inch ex she was as tight as a schoolgirl! Meanwhile, she was going to town on my dick. Her head bobbing up and down over the head of my dick and reaching down and fondling my balls.

    Man this girl was like a hoover the suction from her was amazing she was trying to get most of it in her mouth but so far only about 5 inches had made it in.

    Meanwhile, i was tickling her clit with my fingers and the leaned up alittle and licked and sucked on that clit. She let out a deep moan of excitement and shook a little. Then i teased the lips of her pussy with my tongue. First tracing all around the outside and then slowly working my way deeper and deeper into her pussy until my nose was rubbing on her clit and her juices were running down my chin. God she tasted so good, i had almost forgotten what a nice pussy tasted like.

    she was begging me not to stop and i assured her i was just beginning. I than ran some of the juices up to her cute little asshole and shoved my pinky in there while fondling her clit and licking and biting her pussy. I knew what the result would be but i kept at it anyways, sure enough after about 5 minutes of this she started to moan, shake , and scream in delight. She came again and again and again until she finally squirted all over my face. "Im so sorry" she said.

    " for what, that was amazing and i knew what i was doing" i said with a sly smile on my face.

    She quickly turned around and told that was the most amazing thing she had ever experienced but she wanted more. She leaned over and whispered in my ear " i want you to fuck me with the amazing cock of yours."

    "Are you sure? " I asked her. "Definately!"

    I proceed to roll her over and slowly rub my dick on her now sopping wet beaver. I slowly started to enter her and she started to push back trying to take more . you want it you got it and i leaned back and shoved the whole thing into her. Then slowly picking up speed i fucked her pussy like it had never been fucked before. She had cum so many times i had lost count long ago.

    I was drilling her for a good 10 minutes and the told her to get up on her knees . she thought i was going doggy but i had over plans . i leaned down and planted a kiss on her pussy then slowly worked my way back to her little asshole. I licked that little hole and i could definately tell no one had ever been in there before. I licked and licked it until i got it good and wet. Then stuck a finger and slowly worked it in and out. Then as she relaxed i was able to get a second finger in there and loosen her up. Stuck my dick in her pussy quickly to get some juices and then pulled out.

    She looked at me confused ."dont worry, i know what im doing" i slowly put my cock in her ass and just let it sit there for a minute. Once i felt her relax i began to work my cock in and out of her ass until my balls were slapping against her ass.

    "Oh my god I am going to cum. oh god yes please cum, please do it" im never one to dissappoint so i rammed it in one final time and whitewashed the inside of her ass with my cum.

    We both collapsed and fell asleep on the bed with juices and cum running out of us, both thoroughly exhausted................stay tuned for part 2