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  1. ExoticKatty

    ExoticKatty Newcumer

    May 14, 2018
    A few weeks later she was out on the town to celebrate a promotion at work, executive manager, when she saw him. Surrounded by friends, coworkers, her current lover and a mess of drinks, she locked eyes across the room. Her heart beat faster, her vision fading inwards, she couldn’t focus on the party around her. She knew she should break contact, give no hint that she even knew him and follow his main rule, so she did and looked away. It was only a brief moment before she glanced back towards him, not able to stop. After all, he didn’t give his answer and she was currently under no oath. He had not given her permission to be his again, or even so much of a sign that he had been thinking of her at all. Either way the agreement stood for staying in her relationship and giving no tells that he existed. She made sure to follow every direction he had given her for the time being with the hopes of earning his trust back. He was standing with a gorgeous brunette, soft glowing skin, long straight hair, perfect teeth. There was no way in hell she could compete with her curly mess of blonde trusses, pasty porcelain skin or long face. He made no move to break eye contact, nor did he look angry that she didn’t either. Instead he reached for his lady, pulling her close. A small stab in her chest told her she still cared deeply for him and was beyond envious of the woman she didn’t even know. She watched her place a hand on his chest, kiss his cheek, then pull away. His face tightened, his stance stiffen, and he raised his glass towards his lips. She knew at that moment she was better trained to serve by his side and she would be chosen. But the question was when? He had already tortured her and tested her sanity for a little over two weeks. In all fairness she had done the same when she left his side, but it had been months instead of weeks. She felt he would have been taken care of and she would never forgive herself for the pain she knew she caused him.

    She saw his frustration in his dark brown eyes, hidden by the tilt of his face. He nodded ever so slightly and she knew. He raised his glass to her, a far away cheer and invitation. She blushed, looked down and took a swig of her own drink in answer before looking up again to see him take a long drink from his glass.

    “Is everything ok sweetie?” She hated when he called her that. Not only did he call every woman that, but it was such a generic name for your significant other. She blinked back to her reality and nodded to her lover. She took another drink, this one longer, almost finishing her glass.

    “I’ll be right back, I need to use the ladies room.” She excused herself and got up from the table smoothing her skirt. As she made her way towards the restroom hall she dared a glance towards where he stood. She was shocked to see he had already made his move. She had just gained his attention and just like that lost sight of him so fast. She would need to remind herself of her role, before she lost his trust again. She sighed deeply and hung her head as she made her way towards the restrooms. Once she turned the corner and rest her hand on the door ready to push it open, she felt his presence.

    His demeanor left a chill in the air, a demand for respect, a yearning for desire. She tilt her head back and found him standing towards the entrance of the hall. He bored into her eyes and she quickly reminded herself to not stare, after all it's rude. She dropped her eyes to his chest, imaging what lay beneath his deep red button up shirt. As she turned to face him she felt the cool of the wall behind her and used it to support her wobbly body. How could she let him affect her so much after what seemed to be so long. With his hands kept in his pockets he walked towards her, surveying what time had done to her. He made his way within a few steps of her before he stopped, took out his hands and leaned against the wall. Each palm lay flat against the wall, within inches of her face. She felt the electricity between them and took a deep breath, not letting it loose. He swallowed hard before speaking.

    “Why must you tempt me so?” He let out a deep breath reminding her of the one she held tight in her chest. He lifted her chin to bring her eyes towards his. “Breathe. Then answer me damn it.” He stared directly into her eyes, a move he doesn’t allow often and never without his direct consent.

    “It is ingrained in me to please you Sir. I dress to appeal to your tastes, even if you don’t lay eyes on me that day. I must be ready for you at all times…” She let go of everything she held onto so tightly. Her breathe, her fears, her anxiety of this moment. Screw it all. If they were caught at least she was caught doing something she was meant for. She was made to serve, made to help. She quivered as he sighed and looked down towards her chest. If anything she had one upped his lady friend on it was her bust. She was gifted with overflowing c cup perky breasts that he adored. She allowed herself a small victory smile at the thought of pleasuring him with her body. He let his hand falter from her chin down towards her chest, outlining the impeccable side curve of her body.

    “We can’t, not here.” He said more to himself than to her. He dropped his hands and stepped back, just in time for someone to walk by, heading to the ladies room. She made eye contact and smiled towards her coworker, letting her know everything was safe and exactly how it should be. He dared not speak again until after the door shut behind her. “Friday, noon at my office.” He held out his hand, palm down. She raised her hand to his, brushing the softness of his palm, making the agreement. He adjusted his pants, though she figured it was for a more explicit reason than to pull them higher on his waist. He nodded, turned, and left without another word.

    She made her way to the bathroom and splashed some water on her face before washing her hands. Her coworker, Odine, exited the stall and came to the sink next to her.

    “What did that strange man want? He seemed like a creeper! Are you ok?” She had genuine concern on her face that reminded her of why Odine was her favorite co-worker. She was always so friendly and kind hearted. With Odine she felt like her best interests were always on the front line, but she had to be careful when it came to discussing him. She couldn’t let her know of her arrangement without compromising it.

    “Oh, he was wondering if his girlfriend was in the bathroom. He was describing her to me to see if I saw her, but she didn’t sound familiar.” She kept her eyes on the running water the entire time, to keep her face from giving any signs of her lies. Odine didn’t reply verbally, just shrugged her shoulders. That was another thing she loved about Odine, she didn’t push subjects.

    They made their way back to their party, another round of drinks already on the table. Her lover smiled at her as she walked up and sat down. Knowing her happiness was about to be restored she smiled back. She knew it was not going to be fair to him either, however she needed to put herself first. She did give him the chance of making her happy and told him from the very beginning that she needed structure and it was imperious that she received guidance in her life. Since he failed at both aspects and treated her like a normal ‘vanilla’ woman, she was left with little to no choice, but to seek out direction. He kissed her cheek and handed her the refill to make a toast with. The rest of the night went by uneventfully and she didn’t glance him again.
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