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    Jul 24, 2014
    Daddy released her, letting her fall forward, legs trembling. Everything within her felt like liquid. Lazily, he stretched upon the bed on his back.

    "Come clean my cock, my little whore," he called softly.

    Ophelia's heart was still pounding, her breath coming in long gulps. She tried quickly to obey and crawl to him but the effort was wobbly. Her muscles didn't want to sustain her.

    Daddy moaned above her as she cleaned him gently, his fingers trailed through her hair. When she was finished, his grip suddenly tightened. Ophelia was dragged up towards his face. He crushed her lips against his own. Her heart raced in her chest, pounding hard with heat and proximity.

    "Good little whore," he whispered when he released her. "Get against the head of the bed."

    Ophelia did so as best as she could, legs still trembling. Daddy moved behind her, guiding her. He cuffed her to one side of the headboard and bent her over.

    "Now, my little slut," he purred, "we're going to punish you for trying to tell me no and run away so I had to collect you."

    Ophelia felt something cold touch her ass gently. She couldn't suppress a surprised gasp as he wiggled a small rubber plug into her tight hole. He must have had it hidden from her this whole time. Before she could protest or do anything, Daddy moved away from her.

    CRACK. The flogger struck her thighs.

    "Count for me." He demanded.

    "One," Ophelia said, off guard but still turned on.

    Daddy struck her harder. Her pussy began to tingle.

    "Two," she whispered.

    "Does my whore like this?" CRACK, the flogger struck her filled ass, making the tingles race down her legs.

    "Yes Daddy," she moaned, gasping out, "Three!"

    CRACK. Again, harder. Ophelia jumped a little at its impact but the pain made her instantly wet. When was it that she had needed so badly to be beaten and used by her Daddy again? Why was it that she was ripped apart by ecstasy only when Daddy made her his helpless fucktoy and took away even her option to say No?

    "Four," Ophelia cried, feeling the throbbing between her legs increase. She arched her ass into the air higher.

    "I can see how wet you are from here," Daddy mused.


    "Five," she panted out. Ophelia was actually soaked with need again, each strike igniting her further.

    "Does my whore like it when Daddy hurts her?" CRACK, across her ass.

    "Yes Daddy, six!" Ophelia cried.

    "Say it." CRACK, harder again.

    Her legs and ass were on fire in a delicious way that made her pussy throb and tremble, she could feel the heat of her desire trickling down her thigh.

    "Seven! I like it when you hurt me, Daddy!" Ophelia moaned loudly, wishing badly that he would touch her soon.

    CRACK. "Eight!"

    "Do you want Daddy's cock?"

    CRACK. "Nine! Yes Daddy, please fuck me!"

    What was it about him that drove her insane, made her willing to let him fuck her any time, any place, any way he wanted? Ophelia wanted him so badly she would have let him have her on a church altar.

    CRACK. He struck her so hard she jumped.

    "Ten," Ophelia whispered.

    Everything inside her was desperate to be fucked, to be taken and used by her Daddy until she screamed his name.

    He was right, she loved being hurt by him. It drove her to heights of desire and depths of passion she had scarcely imagined was there. Daddy brought out her darkest side and she found herself loving it, needing more.

    "No," he laughed brutally.

    Gently, he slid the vibe into her, turning it on to a medium setting. Immediately, she began to twitch in his grasp. Her sensitive nerve endings were on fire, she tossed her hair back and arched against him.

    "Daddy," Ophelia gasped.

    Daddy withdrew from her suddenly. She couldn't turn her head to see him but she could hear him putting his clothes on. Where was he going? Was he just going to leave her this way? The beginning stages of an orgasm began to claw at her.

    "My whore will get Daddy's cock when I think she deserves it. I'll be right back, I'm going out for a few things."

    Ophelia tried to protest but her voice was sucked away by the climax overtaking her.

    "Da-addy," Ophelia moaned, arching her back as she came, helpless and tied.

    The door closed. Daddy was gone, leaving her to the mercy of the unceasing vibe. Her legs began to tremble, soaked pussy achingly sensitive to the vibrations of Daddy's toy. Unable to move and with no relief available to her, she began to cum again, moaning Daddy's name.

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    Apr 21, 2018
    A very hot read
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    Jan 29, 2018
    Absolutttely lovely. Got me so wet! :) Great story.