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  1. HornyForIncest

    HornyForIncest Newcumer

    Jun 20, 2014
    I bound out into the living room in just my pink cotton panties, and one of daddy’s baggy shirts.

    I shuffle past my brother and go to the kitchen for some cereal. Fruity pebbles! I pour a bowl and sit down to eat. Daddy comes down the stairs and kisses me on the cheek on his way past me.

    “Morning sweetheart! How are you today?”

    “I’m great daddy! How are you?”

    “Dreading going to work. I wanna stay home and hang out with you.”

    “Then why don’t you? I’m going swimming today. And I wanna get some ice cream maybe.”

    “That sounds lovely sweety but I really have to go in today.”

    “Alright...” I sigh sadly.

    Daddy leaves and I go upstairs to change. I slip on a light blue bikini and apply sunscreen. When completely covered, I head back downstairs and out to the pool.

    I dip my feet in and slowly but surely slide all the way in. I swim around for a while Just enjoying the feeling of water on my skin. Then I sunbathe. I flop onto the hot cement and melt. It feels so good with the sun on my skin.

    I all of a sudden realize that I forgot my towel and am soaking wet! I run to the backdoor and open it. I look down to a puddle of water surrounding me. I make the quick decision to slip off my suit and run inside naked. As I enter the house I hear my dad’s voice booming. He’s on the phone. He rounds the corner and stares at my naked figure with his mouth gaping open.

    “Hi daddy.” I say before covering myself and running upstairs.

    I quickly get dressed and I hear a knock on my door.

    “Honey?” Dad asks

    “Yes daddy?” I say back.

    “Wanna watch a movie sweetheart?”

    “Sure daddy! I’ll be right down!”

    Dressed in my tiny jean shorts and a crop top, I make my way to the living room. I plop on the couch next to daddy and cuddle into his side. We watch the movie in silence until I feel his hand on my inner thigh.

    “Daddy what are you doing?” I ask.

    “I liked seeing you that way earlier.” There was a pause. “I wish I could see you like that again.” Another pause. “Take off your top.” He demanded.

    I didn’t want to... but daddy’s voice was so convincing. I slipped my crop top over my head and onto the floor. Daddy put his hands on my breasts. This felt so wrong. But so right.

    “Shorts next.” He demands.

    I stand up and slip them down my legs. I stood before daddy in only my baby pink cotton panties. Daddy slipped his fingers into the band of my panties and pulled me onto his lap. His cock was hard beneath me. His hands roamed my body.

    “On your knees.”

    I obey and kneel. He pulls his cock out and presents it to me. It’s massive. It could split me in half and my princess parts tingled at the thought of it going inside of me.


    My mouth enveloped it’s girth and sucked on him. He moaned and slipped his hand into my hair and gripped tightly. He held my head down and made me choke. He made me feel slutty. I liked it.

    I pull my mouth off and gasp for air. He smirks down at me and pulls me up by my hair. He pushes me down on the couch and says “good little girl. Now, your prize.”

    He lines himself up and slips inside of my very tight, almost virgin, pussy. I gasp and moan as I adjust to the pressure inside. Daddy had no regard for my comfort. He slipped in to the bottom and then sped up immediately. I was in pain. But good pain. I wanted this so badly. I hugged my legs tighter into my chest and he fucked me easier.

    “Fuck...me...daddy.” I breathed out in between thrusts.

    This made him go faster.

    “Shut up.” He demanded.

    He liked it tho. So I continued.

    “Mmm yes! Daddy makes me feel so good! Deeper... faster. Please daddy!”

    He went faster and put his hand around my neck.

    “I said shut up baby girl. Don’t test me.”

    I shut up out of fear. The pleasure was building and I went over the edge as he muttered those words to me.

    I flew into multiple orgasms as he fucked me hard and deep. I loved it so much! That’s when I realize he’s about to cum. Inside of me. Without a condom. With no birth control....

    “Daddy it’s not safe.” I screech out as I’m still being choked.

    He shakes his head and smirk.

    “I know baby.”

    He then proceeds to push all the way in and holds himself deep as he cums into my fertile womb. I gasp and orgasm one last time. We collapse on the couch and cuddle each other per his request.

    Daddy is so demanding that way.
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    1. cockasorus
      Your such a good naughty girl for daddy

      Attached Files:

      cockasorus, Sep 21, 2018
  2. EverhornyPiet

    EverhornyPiet Sex Machine

    Jan 13, 2018
    Great I love it your storie and I wish it I am in this moment your Daddy, about....
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  3. EverhornyPiet

    EverhornyPiet Sex Machine

    Jan 13, 2018
    Great I love it your storie and I wish it I am in this moment your Daddy, about to do........
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  4. bigbrother07

    bigbrother07 Kitty Saver

    May 15, 2018
    Nicely written and hot. I enjoyed the obedience.
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  5. k9bitchmaster

    k9bitchmaster Sex Machine

    Sep 3, 2017
    Is there more to your story. ?..:)
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  6. Ash73

    Ash73 Sex Lover

    May 26, 2017
  7. Tedster26

    Tedster26 Porno Junky

    May 13, 2018
    Wow. That's a wicked story. I got hard reading that. I'm so following you.
  8. sharkbytenow

    sharkbytenow Sex Machine

    Oct 23, 2011
    Any more from daddy or bro?
  9. Nast4u

    Nast4u Porn Surfer

    Feb 26, 2018
    I love talking about incest ageplay panties and think nothing perverted I'm always spun noise nasty perverted ready to get perverted
  10. Nast4u

    Nast4u Porn Surfer

    Feb 26, 2018
    I love dominating taking a little girls nasty perverted things nastier the better I always have
  11. Tcs1963

    Tcs1963 Gentleman Dom

    Nov 1, 2017
    Great start, would love to see where it goes from here. Thank you...
  12. AgeOfSilence413

    AgeOfSilence413 Sex Lover

    Jan 29, 2018
    Mmmm very nice. The idea of being owned is so bloody hot and I would love for that to be role play with my Daddy :( Amazing job got me very wet! :D
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  13. Loretta Roberson

    Loretta Roberson Porn Star

    Apr 21, 2018
    Very nice i hope there is more to come....you might want to edit though nothing major was still a really good read thank you for sharing