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  1. James R

    James R Newcumer

    Oct 24, 2018
    A few days at the beach is all they needed! Steve and Jeannie, and Steve’s best friend, Jim. They arrived late Thursday night in Melbourne, FL. Their hotel was right on the beach and with the balcony door open, the waves were loud! Jim slept on a pull out couch and Jeannie and Steve in the king bed in the room. After a long 10 hour drive, the trio was beat and went to bed as soon as they arrived. Jim took a shower and Jeannie and Steve played around a little as Steve pulled Jeannie’s tits out and sucked them a little. Both were getting pretty excited and stopped when Jim’s shower stopped. They all went to sleep.

    Jeannie is late 50’s and has a stunning body with large, firm tits, with beautiful big pink nipples. They are quite sensitive and she loves them to be touched and sucked. She has long blonde hair almost to her waist. She has a shaven pussy and loves the feel of a hand, mouth, fingers, or a cock on it. She is multi-orgasmic, and uses a wand to cum, and she scums quite hard and many times with it. Steve enjoys immensely watching her use the wand and often just stares at her when she does. He usually ends up jerking off on her tits, which Jeannie loves. It should be mentioned she also loves to be watched by other men, and has fantasied and talked to Steve about having a threesome with another guy. She didn’t know that was the reason Jim was invited, to possibly accommodate her desires. She wanted to perform for two or more men, in a safe environment, as they stared at her masturbation as she came many times. Then she would invite them to cum on her.

    Jim and Steve had known each other many years. Both were in their late 50’s and still very sexually active. The three slept that night and awoke early. After breakfast, they went down to the beach, a mile or more north of the hotel. They had heard this beach was much less crowded and was fairly deserted. They found a nice spot up in the dunes with some shade and away from the people walking along the shore. Nearby was just two people, each alone, a male around their ages and a younger female, in her late 30’s. They were situated in front of the three. After a bout in the water, the three went back to their nest in the shade. As they dried off on a blanket, Steve was feeling kind of horny thinking if Jeannie would just bare her breasts a little things could get going. Jeannie wore a 1 piece bathing suit with a sheer cover-up. Steve and Jim wore just their trunks and lay on each side of Jeannie. Jeannie lay on her back as music played from their portable CD/radio. Steve reached over slowly and touched lightly her right breast. She looked at him and smiled, at first pushing his hand away. She then felt the idea Steve was having and let him feel her tit. He touched it a little harder and reached for the top to expose the nipple. He pulled the top down over her right tit and the nipple stood up very hard from his touch. Jim was on her left side on his back with sunglasses on. His head was tilted towards Jeannie bit she couldn’t tell if he saw her tit or was sleeping. Getting no reaction from Jim, Jeannie pulled the left tit out and her tits were fully exposed. Steve grabbed some lube they used for sex, and poured it on her tits and both nipples. Jeannie moaned a little as the situation was getting her and Steve very hot. Jeannie reached over and grabbed Steve’s cock thru his bathing suit and felt it was very hard. She then pulled it down and grabbed his cock, and used some lube to rub it slowly. Steve turned to his left side so she could reach him fully. Jeannie could feel her pussy getting wet and starting to throb on her clit. She wanted to reach down and touch it, when she noticed Jim turn on his right side, and he had a huge hard cock also. He felt her left tit and gently rubbed the nipple as Steve rubbed the other. Jeannie grabbed Jim’s cock with her left hand and he took it out, as she put lube on her hand and rubbed it in. She was now stroking tow hard cocks and getting really hot. Steve reached down and pulled her bottom aside exposing her pink, wet pussy. He rubbed her clit slowly with his lubed fingers and she moved her hips with his movements. She needed her wand to cum, and Steve pulled her battery operated one out of her bag and put it on her clit. She was now soaked with lube and her own juices. It wasn’t long before Jeannie announced she was going to cum, fuck, fuck, fuck, she moaned as she came hard. She stroked the two cocks in unison as the wand continued on her pussy. Little did anyone realize, the man in front of them had gotten up and moved closer to the trio, and saw Jeannie cum. Steve motioned for him to come closer and he walked within ten feet of them. He had an obvious hard on and was rubbing his head thru his suit. He knelt down in front of Jeannie and took his cock out, which was rather large. She saw this and was getting more excited at the thought of three guys with hard cocks watching her cum. She came again at the site of his big cock as he jerked it slowly. She came a few more times and noticed the woman in front of them was watching. She was just watching, and was obviously enjoying the show. She began rubbing her tits outside her top. The woman then got behind the strange man and reached around and started jerking his big cock. But the woman kept staring at Jeannie’s tits and orgasms as she jerked his cock. Steve motioned for her to come closer, and the woman asked if she can touch those incredible tits. Jeannie, to Steve’s surprise, said please. The woman came over and started rubbing the lube into Jeannie’s tits and circled the nipples as the guys watched. The woman was near Jim and he reached for her smaller tits and was rubbing them. Jeannie asked the woman to suck Jim’s cock while she watched. The woman went right down and sucked it in, as Jim began fucking her mouth. Jeannie moved and scooted Steve next to her and Jim, and the woman alternated sucking both men. Jeannie took her wand and started cumming with it as she watched. The other guy moved to Jeannie’s side and was jerking off over her tits as she lay back using the wand. Jeannie grabbed his big cock and jerked it and put it on her tit and nipple as she kept cumming to the wand. Jim started to move to fuck the woman and she said not now, and jerked Jim and Steve’s cock and bent over to put her nipples on their cock heads. The woman had Steve and Jims fingers on her pussy and soon she came hard hearing Jeannie’s cums. The man announced he was going to cum and he shot cum all over Jeannie’s tits and stomach as she came again. Steve and Jim both came as the woman put her nipples on top of their spurting cocks. All five people collapsed on the blanket. They exchanged phone numbers for hopefully another engagement.
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  2. tallnfit

    tallnfit Renaissance Man

    Jan 8, 2018
    Sounds like s fun day at the beach. Almost as hot as your wife ;)

    You should write more about your experiences.
  3. beachfungirl

    beachfungirl Amateur

    Oct 31, 2018
    ahhhhhhhhhh there is nothing like sex at the beach.........
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  4. Timeclock77

    Timeclock77 Porno Junky

    May 17, 2017
    I would love to to be invited next time
  5. your #1 fan

    your #1 fan Sex Machine

    Aug 30, 2015
    Which beach was this, so I know exactly where to show up to .
  6. James R

    James R Newcumer

    Oct 24, 2018
    My husband has written several. He will post more soon. I'm glad you enjoyed!
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    1. tallnfit
      I look forward to reading them, and hopefully seeing more pics of your sexy self ;)
      tallnfit, Nov 12, 2018