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  1. massageman75

    massageman75 Sex Lover

    May 20, 2018
    Please read part 1 or 3. If enough people like it I’ll carry on.

    John had been with his wife for nearly 20 years. A good honest hard working man, doing the usual 9-5 for 26 years at the same accountancy firm down town. Every Friday night he’d stop at the Engine shed, a late night bar stuck in a time warp from the 80s. But it was on his way home so was convenient and reminded him of care free days.

    “John you haven’t said anything all night” the barman asks while polishing a glass. Looking through it to the ceiling light ensuring it’s clean. “What’s up”

    John looks at the barman, “you ever lost everything and you wonder why and how it happened?”

    The barman puts the glass down. “This sounds serious John, you better start at the beginning”

    The doorbell goes. Johns wife

    Elaine is the typical stay at home house wife, bakes cakes during the day for the Girl Scouts fund raising days. Elaine has a natural slim body, not toned but possesses a nicely shaped body. Elaine walks over still holding the glass bowl in which she’s stirring her cake mixture. As the door opens she looks up. Her eyes transfixed, the bowl drops and smashes on the floor. As she struggles with what she sees in front of her she mumbles, “what the hell” she takes a step back and a lady steps in. “Hi Sis”

    “Who are you?” Elaine asks in disbelief.

    “I know, crazy isn’t it. I’m your twin sister Jessica” Jessica is the complete opposite to Elaine, moving from one town to another after living a life in foster care. She’s street wise and had many a relationship with guys who promised the earth but gave her nothing but physical and mental abuse. She acts confident though and dresses in tight jeans and tight white T Shirt. As they sit and discuss how they never knew each other and who they are now it becomes apparent that their mother gave up Jess for foster care when struggling with two babies let alone one.

    They decide to keep this new sibling news secret for now. As the days and weeks pass and they get to know each other more Jess becomes more and more angry inside that she was the one abandoned. That she had nothing and struggled through life where Elaine got everything she wanted but she doesn’t let this show. Instead putting on a smile she laughs and by all accounts is thrilled she’s found her sister.

    John pulls up on the driveway late at night. Looking forward to having the place to himself knowing Elaine has gone to her friends for the night. He puts the key in the keyhole and opens the door. Putting his bag down he sees Elaine pouring a drink. “Honey, I thought you were staying out all evening”

    “Oh I thought I’d stay in with my lovely husband and have a cosy night in”

    “You feeling ok honey, you never miss your girls night out, especially for the same thing we do every night of the week?”

    Elaine moves round the central island in the kitchen and stands in front of John. She opens her dressing gown and slips it off her shoulders. Standing there naked she lifts herself up onto the kitchen island, opens her legs “take me John, fuck me, do anything you want to me”

    John takes off his glasses. “Now I know there’s something wrong with you. We never have sex”

    Flicking her hair to the side Elaine murmurs “well let’s change that”

    John moves towards her as she leans back. Johns eyes, like rabbits in headlights looks up and down his wife’s body. A huge grin almost tattooed to his face shows he’s so excited. He runs his hands gently down her neck, he looks at her tits, his fingers follow as if they were guided missiles honing on to their intended target. His fingers circle them, index finger gently rubs them in a circular motion. Two fingers each nipple then twist and pull on them. He looks further down Elaines body and gasps at her smooth right pussy. His tongue gently teases her it. Fingers running up and down it. John bends down and kneels on the floor. He’s not touched his wife for nearly 2 years now. He gives a big lick over her pussy and stops on her clit. Sucking and gently pulling on her clit Elaine moans. “Oh yeah, more!” She holds his head and runs her fingers through his hair as he continues to suck and enjoy her now wet pussy. The tip of his tongue presses on her clit, little circular motions caress it and Elaine moans. His tongue now flicks her clit quickly with the odd sudden to and softly sucking on it. Elaine is so wet now and John knows it. His tongue slides inside her. He licks her inside. Her juice covering his tongue. Slow big licks inside her follow. John stands, taking his top off over his head he feels Elaine unzip his trousers. She pulls his hard cock out and starts to gently stroke it. John bends down and starts to suck Elaine’s nipples. Sucking hard and then soft. Kissing and licking. He moves up to kiss her lips and she guides his cock inside her. FUCK ME JOHN she shouts. John grabs her legs and starts fucking her hard. Elaine is smiling and laughing. FUCK ME JOHN she shouts again. John pushes and cums! OMG that was so good honey. We have to do this more often. Elaine looks at him.....oh we sure will darling.........PART 2 TO FOLLOW if enough people read and like it.
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  2. knighthood

    knighthood Sex Lover

    Jan 22, 2015