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  1. Slavic Bear

    Slavic Bear Newcumer

    Nov 2, 2018
    I woke up this morning to Mr. Fiver showing up at my hotel room. I opened the door thinking it was housekeeping and was still in my see-through robe, at least I wore panties this time. Mr. Fiver came in and sat down. I made some coffee for us and he had given me the rest of the papers I had signed for yesterday.

    “Elise has assured me this morning the estate was ready enough for you to move in. She said she has obtained keys for some of the rooms your father locked when he left.” Mr. Fiver said with a serious tone.

    “You don’t always have to be so professional Fiver.” I joked but Mr. Fiver just stared at me.

    “Bee it’s my job to be concerned about the things no one is ever concerned about. I take my job seriously and…”

    “Yah whatever you say Mr. Fiver.” I said cutting Mr. Fivers rant. “Is there someone who could help me gather the things from my old apartment?”

    “I already have the two Gardeners getting a truck and waiting for a key to get your things. You can either give me a spare and I’ll have them get started now”

    “Let me get my spare and I’ll go to the estate to figure out everything with the staff” I decide

    I handed my extra apartment key to Fiver and he got up and left. I went in to the bedroom and took off my robe, so I could get dressed in my tights and hoodie. After getting dressed I walked in to my kitchen and made breakfast, but all I could think about is if I should move on with life or stay next to my mother. She’s still deep in her coma after two weeks and the doctor said she’s at a steady health. Doctor said she’s not getting worse but she’s not getting better. Maybe it’s about time I start taking care of business. It’s time to pick myself up and get moving.

    I got my suitcase and loaded everything I had in the hotel room into it. I cleaned up all my messes and decided to get a shower when I get to the estate. As I was leaving I got a phone call from Mr. Fiver.

    “I’m at the estate and the Gardeners are about to head to your apartment. Their names are Iris and Jasmine. I’m just notifying you Ms. Bee. Are you going to be coming here soon?” Fiver asked.

    “I just got done packing and making sure I have everything. I’m gonna run to the store and head over to the estate.”

    “They have food and pretty much anything you need here.” Fiver told me.

    “I’m going to buy more clothes.”

    “Your mother’s clothes are all still here you might wanna look through them when you get here. She has a little of everything from dresses to lingerie and she was probably your size.”

    “Yah she is my size. I guess I’ll skip the store. I’ll be there soon.” I told Fiver

    “Okay I’m gonna be leaving soon. I probably will not see you here. If you need anything call me on this number.”

    “I will Mr. Fiver and thanks for all your help with everything.”

    “You’re welcome Ms. Bee.” Fiver said as he was hanging up.

    I got in my car and started driving to the estate. As I was driving the scenery was so peaceful and almost soothing. The nature was so beautiful with all the tall pine trees and colorful wild flowers. As I got closer to the estate I drove through a small community with a running trail and a private school. I drove past a park and down a small road and after a few minutes I was next to the estate driveway. The house was not visible to main road and barely visible at the end of the driveway. I turned into the driveway and drove up to the estate. The place was a rustic mansion with a large courtyard and beautiful flowers and hedges. The house looked slightly deteriorated and could use some work but still a nice old style house.

    As I got out of my car the butler was on the front porch. I grabbed my bags out of my car and started walking to the house she walked up to me and took my bags.

    “I can take those Ms. Bee. Welcome back to the house. My names Elise.” She introduced herself with a formal tone.

    “I’m Beatrice nice to meet you Elise, but you don’t have to be to formal with me. I would like us all to be friends not boss and workers. Especially since we’re living in the same house.” I said to Elise

    “You’re nothing like your mother was. She told me I was always to remain formal.” Elise said with a strange look of joy.

    “My mother and father were always like that. It’s kind of the reason we had a falling out. Honestly though…” I stopped walking to look at Elise “…think of me as your friend.”

    “Whatever you say Beatrice.” Elise said smiling.

    “Please call me Bee!” I said as we started walking again and walked up the stairs.

    We walked up to the door and Elise handed me a key to the door with a happy and proud look. I unlocked the door and pushed open the heavy oak door. When I walked in the head maid and her two assistants were walking down the large main entrance stairs. They head maid looked at me with this strange look that gave me a fuzzy feeling inside my chest. She was a short younger woman with large boobs and brunette hair.

    “I’m Mary the head maid. I started here the year you were born.” No way she looks barely a week older than me. She must be at least 40 and looks so young. “I became head maid the year you left on your own. I remember you hating anyone of us doing anything for you and your rebelliousness in high school.”

    “Nice to meet you Mary. Yah I never took the time to learn anyone’s name in high school because I hated the idea of people doing basic living for me. Like I said to Elise I want all of us to be friends, and I don’t want you to think of me as a boss or something. I appreciate help around the house and little things every now and then, but I don’t want us to be so formal. I want a relaxed and joyful atmosphere in this estate.” I Preached realizing the Chefs were standing down the hall.

    “I’m Ginger the house chef and my assistant Julienne is still in the kitchen. I like how you want this place to run and the morals behind it. Your mother had us running a different way and some of us will fall back into to those habits so be patient with us Ms. Beatrice.” Ginger said with a strong and firm voice.

    “Please everyone call me Bee. I’ll be sure to be as fair as possible. Lets all be friends. Don’t be afraid to ask me anything.” I reassured.

    “Alright Bee lets take you to your room now that everyone is finishing introductions.” Elise said

    “We will walk with you and help her get settled.” Mary said with her assistant maids following. The two girls looked like copies of each other. They’re probably sisters. “Girls introduce yourself to Bee.”

    “I’m Jill” said the dark red-haired girl.

    “and I’m Lill” said the blonde girl.

    “We’re twins.” They both said in unison.

    We got to a large pair of oak doors and Elise unlocked the door and pushed them open. There was a hallway on the other side of the door with two doors on the left side of the hall and at the end of the hall it seemed to open to a large room. At the far end of the hall at the end was a glass door that looked like it went outside.

    “These two doors are your mother and father’s closet. We decided to leave everything where it was. We were debating about moving out your fathers’ things, but we didn’t want you to feel upset or anything.”

    “Thanks, I appreciate that.” I tried to open my fathers closet and the door was locked but my mothers’ closet was open. “Can I get a key for his closet soon.”

    “The maintenance woman is out right now getting the keys copied to get you a copy. When she gets back I’ll bring you that key. She said she wanted to label them, but you will get a full key ring either way tomorrow morning.” Elise explained

    “Okay as long as the bedroom is open, and I can use the bathroom I’ll be okay.” I said.

    We walked into the open room and it was a tall open room with tall glass walls and a balcony outside. There was a large bed against the wall with a sheer fabric closing in the mattress. There was a wall that had a stone pillar in the middle of the long glass wall with a fireplace and a tv stood above it. There were two doors one on each side of the room that lead to the balcony outside. The one concern I had was if the glass was easy to see through. The wall with the doors on it had a door for the bathroom around the corner from the closet doors. In the far-right corner there was a frosted glass wall with a set of old oak doors like the ones to enter the bedroom suite. I couldn’t see in the glass.

    “The bathroom should be unlocked. Let’s check before we leave you to get settled in.” Elise opened the bathroom and the door opened there was another locked door inside. “The other door leads to a private bathhouse that your mother maintained. It’ll be on the ring in the morning. The same with that far door that opens your fathers’ study.”

    “Okay can you just bring up the key for the other closet when the maintenance woman gets back. I’ll go through the rest tomorrow.”

    “She should be back soon. Same with Jasmine and Iris they should be back soon too. Should she just bring everything in the bedroom or leave it downstairs?” Elise questioned.

    “She can just bring it in here and stack it all in the corner. Just remind her to knock because I plan on getting a shower. Where can I find you or the maintenance woman after my shower to get that key?”

    “She has a maintenance room down the stairs to the basement on the right that she does her small projects in. She will be there for a while and might go to the dining room to eat. It’s about noon the staff usually eat around 5 pm. Jasmine said she’ll be back around 3pm or so.” Elise explained

    “Okay tell her I will meet her in the restaurant around 5. I’m going to find something to wear in my mom’s closet. Can you tell me where the laundry room is?” I asked Elise and Mary.

    “There’s a laundry shoot in the bathroom, and Jill or Lill will wash it and bring back to your room. Would you like us to put it away in the dresser for you?” Mary asked.

    “No just put the basket on the dresser or bed and I can put it back.”

    “Are you sure Bee?” Mary said concerningly.

    “Like I said Mary we’re friends. I won’t make you put my thongs away.” Bee said jokingly.

    “We put your mother’s thongs away, so we’re used to it. It’s our job Bee.” Mary said with a joking attitude.

    “Seriously Mary just bring it up and I’ll put it away.”

    “Okay Bee don’t be nervous to ask us for help with anything. We’re here to make your life easier.” Mary stated.

    “Thanks ladies. I should be okay for a while. I’m going to go through my mother’s closet now and find something comfy to wear. If Jasmine comes back early let her know to knock I might still be naked.” I said to the Mary and Elise while Jill and Lill were leaving.

    “Okay, we will come to check on you around 6 to see if you managed to get in your father’s closet.” Elise said as Mary nodded to her agreeing.

    “Okay see you in a bit girls.” I said to them as they left closing the door.

    The girls had left and I went into mom’s closet to look through her clothes. I went in and closed the closet door. The closet had a lock on the door, so I locked it and took off my clothes. There was a door on the other side of the closet that had connected the closet to the bathroom. I went in and put my clothes down the laundry shoot Mary told me about. I decided to walk into the open glass wall bedroom to get my suitcase and take it into the bathroom, so I could throw all my clothes down the shoot. The toys I bought, and all my soap and shaving stuff was still in the suitcase too. I put the suitcase back into the bedroom and went into the closet.

    I started at the end I walked in and it was all dresses and dress clothes I went down the closet a little more and it was all tights and t-shirts and tank tops. I grabbed a shirt and kept looking for panties or at least shorts. I came to a closet with a latch so, I unlatched the door and opened the closet. It was full of lingerie, panties, bras, and robes. I felt like I hit the jackpot for clothes to wear to be comfy. There were pull out shelves so, I pulled them out to see what was in it. I opened the first drawer and it was lined with different types of dildos. I excitingly opened the next drawer and it was filled the same way with vibrating dildos. I opened the last drawer and it was random toys like small vibrators and nipple clamps. I was excited and could feel the juices coming from my soaking pussy.

    I grabbed one of the vibrators and went to the bathroom to play. I sat on the floor of the shower and played with myself. I got out of the shower with the vibrator in my pussy and all the juices running down my thighs. I was getting my soap from the bedroom with the vibrator in and I walked back into the bathroom and noticed a strange glass shape in the bathroom. I was looking at it and started poking it and it collapsed and pointed straight out like a dildo mounted on the wall. I pushed the bullet vibe in my ass and let the glass dildo penetrate my pussy. I started riding it and it felt amazing going so deep in pussy. I rode it till I had an orgasm and it felt like it grew bigger when I came. I decided to ride it again until I was dripping with cum. I tried to get off the wall toy and it grew bigger slightly stretching my pussy. I rode it again this time I was riding so hard that my legs were shaking and eyes were rolling back. I was moaning so loud and I didn’t care who heard me. I had a powerful and intense orgasm making my body spasm and a strange liquid shot into my body as the dildo shrunk and my pussy felt warm and was throbbing. I stood up and the liquid flowed down my legs and made a trail and puddle on the floor. I tried to walk across the bathroom and my legs were so weak I was stumbling back and forth. I looked back at the dildo on the wall and it was dripping a semen looking liquid. My pussy was dripping with the strange liquid still. I pulled the vibrator from my ass and got in the bath tub. I turned the water on and got on the floor of the shower and started cleaning out my pussy.

    I heard a strange noise while I was shower and the bathroom door was still open. I got nervous and looked out the door and the gardener girls were moving the boxes from my apartment in. One of the gardeners said she needed to use the bathroom. The girl walked in and made eye contact with me laying on the bottom of the tub and saw all the juices and everything all over the floor. At least the dildo on the wall and went back to its original position. She stared at me for a sort time with a red embarrassed face.

    “Jasmine? Or Iris?” I asked

    “Jasmine.” The dark green haired short girl said.

    “Don’t tell anyone what you saw okay?” I said

    “Whatever you say miss.” Jasmine said with a face as bright red as a ripe apple.

    “Call me Bee Jasmine.” I said covering my pussy. “If you gotta pee, then go pee. You’ve already seen everything I got.”

    “Okay, I’ll be quick. I’m sorry Bee.” Jasmine said covering her eyes and slowly moving to the toilet.

    “Please close the door when you leave.” I said to Jasmine as she was flushing the toilet.

    “Okay, sorry Bee. I won’t tell anyone about this. It’s our secret that no one will know.” Jasmine said leaving the room and closing the door.

    I finished cleaning the strange liquid from inside me and got up in the shower. When I was getting out I heard my door close. I wrapped myself in my towel and went into my bedroom. Jasmine was putting the last box down. She looked at me with a slightly embarrassed look on her face. She turned and walked out of the room. I wasn’t sure what to even say to her. I took my towel off and shut the bedroom door. I went back into the closet and started trying on mom’s lingerie. I picked a black see through bodysuit and when I put it on it hugged my body. The suit was tight, and my nipples poked through. I felt sexy and confident wearing the lingerie. I took it off and put on a nice cozy robe and the fuzzy fabric tickled my body making my nipples hard and my skin feel soft. I was going back into the bedroom after unlocking the doors to the closet. Elise was standing there as though she was waiting for me.

    “Jasmine had told me that she finished moving your stuff in. Also, Allison the maintenance woman is back. She said she will be hanging out on the back porch.” Elise explained.

    “Okay. I’m going to come with you and go get the key. After that I’m gonna unpack.”

    “Okay let’s go. What do you plan on doing with the clothes and accessories in your father’s closet?” Elise asked as we were walking to the back porch.

    “I’m gonna pack up his clothes and most likely leave his accessory stuff like ties and jewelry where it is. I don’t want to move mother’s stuff in case she wakes up from her coma.” I explained.

    “You’ve been thinking about this huh?”

    “Yah it’s been almost a month since his death. It’s time to start picking back up.” I said confidently.

    “Okay I’ll have the maids bring you a few bins, so we can move it to the attic. The bins will have wheels to move them easier.”

    “Okay then I can just start going through it while I wait for the bins. It’s already getting into the afternoon and I wanna finish this before I go to sleep.”

    “The back deck is through that back door.” Elise said pointing at a door down the hall. “Allison should be out there.”

    “Okay thanks Elise.”

    I walked down the long hall that spans the courtyard and connects the front and back of the estate. The hallway had open glass walls on one side and a large cozy family room on the other side. I walked out of the back door and saw Allison standing there in jean overalls and a tank top tied up like a bikini top. She was a tall athletic looking woman; she had a large fit ass and firm large boobs. I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra under that tied up tank top; you could her nipples hard and pointing through the shirt.

    “You must be Allison, I’m Bee. Elise told me you’d be out here.”

    “Call me Allie. Here’s your key you asked for. The other keys you’ll get in the morning because I’m still labeling them so you can know what everything is for.”

    “Thanks Allie. If you’re looking for me then I’ll be in the suite. I want to go through everything.” I explained.

    “Okay, if you have any questions that the other girls can’t answer then come to me and I can explain. I’ve been here for a long time and I know the secrets of this property.” Allison said confidently.

    “I’m sure I’ll find something. Thanks Allie.”

    I walked back inside the house and started walking back upstairs. I saw Mary and the maids walking away from my bedroom. I also saw Elise standing in front of my bedroom. I walked up to Elise and she gave me a paper that was a page of labeling strips that had “Sergei Oliver’s Clothes”.

    “Please put these on the bins when you finish packing them.”

    “Okay, are the bins already in here?” I asked.

    “Yeah the put them next to his closet door. I’m gonna leave you alone to go through everything.”

    “Okay. I’m going to have the door locked so please knock if you need me.”

    “I’m going to be in the kitchen eating for a while.” Elise said walking away.

    The heavy oak doors shut, and I locked them with the latch. I walked over to the closet door and pulled out the key from my robe. After pulling out the key I took off my robe. I unlocked the door and walked in. All jackets and dress shirts were hung up and the wall was lined with shelves and cabinets. I went through the cabinet putting away shirts and small jewelry. I was finishing the closet and came to the last two cabinets. The first of the two I opened and was full of clothes that were made of leather. I took some of these out and they were bondage outfits. There were suits for both mom and dad. I decided to put them back into the closet and move to the next cabinet.

    The second cabinet when I opened had drawers halfway up the cabinet. The top half of the cabinet was sex toy cleaning supplies and pill bottles. I opened the first drawer and it was a drawer of flesh light fake pussies. The second drawer was cockrings and vibrator attachments. The last drawer was all buttplugs. I had gone through some of the toys and decided to leave these drawers alone. It was strange that mom had a closet just like this filled with toys too. I wonder what type of freaks my parents were.

    After cleaning out my fathers closet and leaving his jackets in there was a large amount of empty space. I filled up quite a few of the bins that Elise had Mary bring me. I brought my boxes from my apartment and started hanging my own clothes. I took the box of my panties and separated them in drawers as to what are thongs and what are just regular panties. Then I took my bras and hung them in the cabinet above my drawers of panties. After my clothes I lined the floor under my hangers with heels and other shoes. The closet was now mine and the other was my mothers. I took the few toys I bought myself and added them in my new closet space. I walked out of the closets and Elise knocked on the door before I could lay down. I put the robe back on and answered the door. They came in and took the bins out to put them in storage upstairs.

    “Are you finished for the night?” asked Mary.

    “Yes, I turned my fathers closet into my own. Also, you can leave my boxes from the apartment there I might use them to pack up other things.”

    “Okay Bee. Do you want us to leave you alone?”

    “Yes, I’m about to go to sleep.”

    “Okay goodnight we will see you in the morning.”

    “Goodnight girls.” I said to Mary and Elise.

    I went back into the bedroom and took my robe back off. I decided to go out onto the balcony and feel the fresh air on my naked body. It was so peaceful outside I could hear the animals in the woods and the cool wind wrapped itself around my nude body. I felt like this was where I should be in life. I went back in and locked the outside doors. I sat down in the bed and thought about how busy my first day was in the estate.
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