1. AgeOfSilence413

    AgeOfSilence413 Sex Lover

    Jan 29, 2018
    Another mild fantasy I have is my man coming on my face, spine, ass, stomach, or generally any part of my body. It’s something that both makes me feel both dirty and used, and I love it.

    If he were to come on my face, I’d love to be kneeling on the ground for him and look up while I’m jacking him off, one hand fingering my tight pussy as I listen to his low, quiet groans. He likes my red hair in braids, so I would have them done, either propped in front and tickling my tits, or bouncing on my spine every time I moved or went to suck him off. He also likes my glasses, so I’d definitely wear them too. Occasionally he would grab them and pull them, and I would moan as he directed my head they way he wanted on his cock.

    When he was getting ready to come, he would pull me off and I would listen to his groans get louder and I would have to moan, too, my fingers delved inside myself and continuing to jack him off with a twist of my hand. Maybe he would glance down just as he’s coming, watching the streams of his semen drip down my face while I milk him clean, trying to catch some in my mouth to be able to taste. They’d stain my glasses while I was watching, and I’d wipe it off with my fingers and lick them, before I cleaned him off with my mouth.

    If he were to come on my stomach I’d imagine him kneeling between my legs and me being flat on the bed, watching him jack off on top of me. Seeing him jack off is something that really turns me on, and also makes me want to touch him even more. His muscles in his shoulder would flex as his curses under his breath, and I’d be playing with my tits from below, eyes trained on his hard dick with a little smirk on my face.

    This time, when he comes, I would watch the pool gather on my stomach, and he would be welcome to smear it around wherever the hell he wanted, because that just turns me on more. He could dip his finger in some and run his come over my lips or inside my mouth, and I would be a greedy little whore in licking or sucking them clean.

    I then imagine him taking his mouth to my soaked pussy to completion, which wouldn’t take much, seeing as I’m already dripping onto the sheets with the show I was just given. My lips would be parted with a desperate moan, fingers gripping my tits so tight the skin peaks from each finger, nipples hard and caught between my middle and forefinger. He would watch them as I kneaded them and arched off the bed, legs shaking and unable to hold myself while my soaked cunt drips all over his parted lips and invading tongue.

    I would come and come and come until I’m a mess of both of our liquids, and it kind of makes me feel like a cheap whore, Love the idea of being able to please my man like that. Another fairly normal fantasy, but enjoyable and one that’s gotten me off plenty of times! ;)
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  2. cockasorus

    cockasorus Porn Star

    Aug 4, 2015
    Omg yes that is so fucking hot I enjoy giving a good cum bath
  3. BlackDiamond75

    BlackDiamond75 Porn Surfer

    Sep 7, 2018
    I share yr fantasy. Wld love that. Hot details, got my nipples hard while reading.
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  4. bigbrother07

    bigbrother07 Kitty Saver

    May 15, 2018
    A very inviting fantasy.
  5. the Farm Boy

    the Farm Boy Porno Junky

    Sep 30, 2015
    your fantasy is also something we enjoy doing for each other. we both get so worked up masturbating for each other and cumming on the other or ones self. ive always enjoyed guys stroking from seeing my father and brothers to watching hubby.
  6. thebxg352425

    thebxg352425 Amateur

    Apr 21, 2018
    Love it and exactly what I was thinking!
  7. sinfulsindy

    sinfulsindy Newcumer

    Oct 17, 2018
    I love it too. My fantasy is to be covered head to toe.