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  1. Naughtydaisy21

    Naughtydaisy21 Porn Surfer

    Nov 12, 2017
    Fay sat at her kitchen table, Slowly sipping her tea. Her mind wondered back to the night before, when she was taken by a large slug that was occupying the local parks woods.

    Her thighs clenched together as she remembered the sticky feeling that covered her body as the slug rubbed against her.

    She remembered opening her legs for the beast to allow him access to her tight teen pussy, and almost came when she felt small tenticles dance under her undies.

    Fay was knocked out of her memory by a thud coming from her front door. It happened again.

    Cerious and annoyed that she was pulled out of her memory she looked through her peep whole to see who was outside.
    Standing before her door was a large beast, covered by a large coat and hat, its face looking directly into the whole.

    Shocked she quickly opened the door.
    “What the fuck are you doing here!” She pulled him in and took a quick look down the street to make sure no one saw.

    She closed the door and turned to her unexpected guest.
    “Seriously? Why are you here? I was meant to meet you in the woods remember.” She walked past him and towards her basement door.

    “I couldn’t wait.” He growled out.
    Rolling her eyes she motioned for him to follow her.
    “Well looks like its going to be down here tonight. Hopefully the slugfucker wont mind.” She turned on the light abd climbed down the stairs.

    “Make sure the door is closed behind you.! Otherwise I’m going to have a very messy house if he gets out.”

    Once she reached the bottom she heard a hissing sound coming from the roof. She looked up to see the slugfucker reaching for her.

    “Not tonight buddy, I have another guest.” She slapped away his tenticles and walked to the bed, she looked up to see the other large beast watching her.

    “Well come on then. I don’t have all day.” She spread her legs and motioned for him to come to her.

    The beast pulled off his coat and sat it hg the stairs, he revealed his large scalely flesh covered muscles, and took off his hat. His red eyes gleamed at her as he stalked forward.

    “Would have been much more hotter if it was in the woods.” She moved up the bed and placed her feet up and kept her knees open.

    He growled and jumped onto the bed, his large tail swang sides ways in his excitment.
    Fay giggled and winked.
    “Come on big boy, show me what you got.” The crocodile like beast grabbed her top and ripped it apart, and throwing it over his shoulder.

    Her large tits bounced at the motion and Fay couldn't help but moan at his roughness.
    “My pussy tonight.” His hand cupped her sex and rubbed it hard and slow. Fay rolled her head back and moaned.

    “Yours.” She groaned out.
    The croc beast hissed in satisfaction. His large cock pocked out of his sheath and grew in length and thickness.

    Fay grinned as she watched the cock grow to 8inchs in length and 9inches in width. Her pussy leaked in anticipation for his scalely looking cock.

    The beast brought his large hands and covered her tits, he tugges at her nipples with his sharp nipples, knowing just how she liked it. His snake like tounge rolled out and tickled under her neck, and slowly dragged up her cheek and across her wet lips.

    She opened her mouth and let him in. His tounge danced around hers as his hands played with her tits. His cock now had grown another few inches, just dieing to get inside her tight teen pussy.

    He pushed his hips forward and pressed his cock between her wet folds, slowly he grinded into her pushing his cock up and over her clit, he loved watching her wyes roll around as he thrust against her.

    He pulled back and aimed his large cock at her pussy hole, he kept his eyes on her face watching as he pushed hard into her.

    Causing her face to scrunch up in pure pain and pleasure. He pulled out once more and dived right in again. Her walls clenched around his large cock as he thrusted slowly into her.

    She placed her legs around his hips and pulled him in hard. “Give it to me harder.” At her command he did as she said. He pushed his cock all the way in, making her scream out.

    Growling he began to pistol into her, watchind as her lovely large tits bounced with each hard thrust he gave her.

    Fay felt her pussy begin to tighten, her hands clung onto the bed sheets as her back arched pushing her boobs out further into the beasts hands.

    Her eyes clenched shut as he plunged deeper into her, his hands wrapped around her waist and he began to rapidly plough into her.

    Fay screamed out her release, her eyes closed but she could see the stars dance before her. The beast contiued to fuck her, not once stopping as she began to shake.

    “Please! Fuck!” She screamed as she felt a very heavy tingling coming from her pussy, it felt like she was about to piss and she loved it.

    The beast picked up her body and got off the bed, he pushed her body against the closest wall and began to thrust up into her.

    “I’m coming! Don’t stop. Make this human pussy squirt all over your large monster cock!” Gripping his shoulders, Fay began to bounce harder on his cock, the beast hissed in delight and did as she said.

    He fucked her pussy hard, making sure his cock pushed all the way into her womb. Loving the feeling of her tight walls clenched his cock.

    Fay threw her head back.
    “Im cumming!” She growled out.
    The beast roared and thrust twice into her watching as she tensed and groaned as she squirted all over the beast thighs and cock.

    The beast growled and thrusted a few more times, he hissed out his release and continued to thrust her into another mond blowing orgasm.

    The beast pulled out and carried her to the bed, he laid her down and used the blanket to wipe off his cock. That now hung between his legs.

    Walking to where he put his coat, he pulled out the envlope and placed it next to the bed, feeling the need to cum again, he turned towards her and began to rub his cock hard and fast, pointing it to her tits he growled out and splashed his heavy creamy cum all over her chest and tummy.

    Fay moaned and smiled in her sleep, feeling the warmth land on her.
    The beast covered his body and walked our of her home, leaving her to rest before the next time they meet.
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  2. Wazzaox

    Wazzaox Porn Star

    Mar 7, 2018
    Good imagination babe, keep it going
  3. wolf199

    wolf199 Amateur

    Jul 26, 2008
    I love your writing please keep it up