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  1. Naughty_natasha

    Naughty_natasha Newcumer

    Oct 8, 2018
    Jasmine couldn't wait to finally get some alone time with jaylen. Yea, they've kissed and touched a lot of times before but they were always at a public place like a football game party. But tonight they would finally be alone, and where better else to spend this time than at the movies. Jasmine made sure to pick a boring movie to guarantee that jaylen would only be focused on her. She wore some blue jean shorts that barely covered enough to be let out the house and a busty tank top,showing off her her large, round breasts . she slid into the passenger side of jaylen's car and kissed him. "damn girl! You always looking fine for daddy" .jaylen smirked, touching her theigh the whole way to the movies. When they got to the movies, jaylen didn't hesitate to make a move . He grabbed Jaylen's waist causing her to stumble into jaylen's lap. He whispered in her ear "I've been waiting to get you to myself baby girl." Jasmine giggle in pleasure and sat to the seat next to him. She lifted the armrest between them,giving jaylen room to scooch his hand back on her theigh. Within five minutes of the movie, jaylen had already slipped his hands into her pants, moving his fingers up out down jasmine's clit and eventually going as deep inside her as his fingers would let him. Jasmine tried not to moan to loud, but she couldn't help it. His hands were so soft and she could only imagine how his big hard dick would feel in the exact same spot. Bofore she knew it, jasmine was on her knees, unzipping jaylen's pants. When she let the hard cock out of his pants, she was suprised by the size. Sure she had felt it before,and seen pictures, but that was nothing than what she was seeing now. But she sucked his big, hard cock anyways, almost getting the while thing in. "Damn babyy!" Jaylen moaned as she went up and down sometimes choking on it. jaylen motioned jasmine to get up and he zipped his pants quickly. As they were leaving he wispered in jasmines ear "we going to my house baby, you finna get some good dick"
    Jasmine couldnt wait to get to jaylen's house and get the best dick of her life! The ten minute drive felt like an hour. When the got into the driveway, they could barely get into the house without ripping each others clothes off. "Nobody's home baby,its just us" Jaylen managed to get out through the various kisaing licking. Loud moans and kisses echoed through the empty house as they stumbled up the stairs into the main bedroom. Jaylen wrapped jasmine around his waist and kissed her neck before throwing her on the bed. Jasmine laughed in excitement . jaylen took off whatever clothes he had on left and slid on the bed spreading jasmine's legs. He kissed all over jasmines neck, assuring hickeys the next morning. He got lower licking her breasts and sucking her nipples. He then began to kiss her stomach, and just low enough to make her shiver in pleasure. With one lick of her vagina he looked up and smiled "damn baby, you so wet!" He went back down and continued licking, making jasmine scream and moan uncontrollably. Jaylen then lifted jasmines legs in the air and got on his knees. He stroked his meat, and tapped it onto jasmine's pussy before sliding it in. Jasmine had never felt so much pleasure in her life. She moaned louder than ever. "You like that don't you?" Yelled jaylen continuously as he slid in and out quicker and quicker. He started rubbing her clit as he continued to thrust in and out. Jasmine rolled over and pushed jaylen done onto the bad. She the got on top of him,his dick slowly inching inside of her. Jasmine whispered "fuck" under her breath as she hopped up and down on hum , her breasts bouncing too. Jaylen grabben jasmine's breast and rubbed them, trying to hide his moaning. He then grabbed her by the hips as she began grinding on him, twisting and turning with him inside her. "Baby im bout to come" Jaylen moanedafter a few minutes of her ride . jasmine hopped off of him , opening her mouth awaiting his heavy load. Cum got everywhere, including her mouth. Themy then layed beside each other for a minute,breathing heavily. "Damn Jas, ian know my baby was a freak like that!" Jaylen managed to get out. Jasmine laughed and trotted into the bathroom to take a shower
  2. bigbrother07

    bigbrother07 Kitty Saver

    May 15, 2018
    Hot story. It would have been better if you had a break in paragraphs. Has nothing to do with your writing, but it would make it a lot easier to read. I would be happy to proof-read or edit your future works if you would like.