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    Jan 29, 2018

    I couldn’t breathe. Daddy’s hand securely wrapped around my throat, and it felt like a drug was coursing through my body, alighting each vein, each nerve, each vessel. His thrusts kept silencing me, and I could do nothing but stare up at him, helpless, eyes fluttering, lips parted.

    A bit of drool slid down the left side of my face, but I didn’t move to catch it. Couldn’t. He was pounding me so deep nothing but his cock was on my mind. His crystal eyes peered back, like a forest with the light shining on it, and I was captivated--wanting to get lost in the depth and never return to civilization. But he kept me centered. Aware.

    “There you go,” he purred, like he knew where my mind rested. “Just like that, Baby Girl. You’re beautiful,” he told me, guiding me with his voice. The deep purr sent shivers up and down my spine as my soaked pussy twitched around him, over and over, squeezing so tight that what had to be my fourth orgasm left me dry.

    A whine escaped my lips and his fingers tightened around the sides, constricting my breath and making my eyes roll backwards. Daddy’s hard cock, drenched with both of our juices, kept taking and taking and taking, and soon enough I couldn’t figure out what else I could do other than force my legs to hold onto him and scratch at his shoulders desperately.

    “Are you going to be nice and still and let Daddy fill you up one more time? He’s been waiting to fill you up real pretty and full,” he chanted, watching her with the utmost care in his eyes.

    “I…” she started. “I trust you,” I allowed, not knowing what else to say. It might not have made sense with his statement, but it was the most meaningful thing I could say in response.

    “Good, Baby Girl, I trust you. With my life. My body. My heart. You treat me so well, I love pleasing you, Baby--God--you drive me crazy--can’t ever get enough of you--,” Daddy grunted, and I felt as his hips became erratic, and the sparks travelling to my fingers change in length. I hugged him close to my body, hoping he would never let go. His hand slipped off my neck, and although it felt absent there, what I now needed was to be as close to him as humanly possible.

    Please…” I begged in his ear. I felt the goosebumps rise. His heart skip. “I love it, Daddy. Love you using my body like the good little slut I am for you. Everything you see, you feel--you own. You own all of me, Daddy, and I love you. You use me the only way I love, to please you, and I need to feel you one more time, inside me, claiming me, filling me with your children--,” I whined when he yanked my hair back to stare at me.

    My eyes, wide like a doe's, were captured by his wild ones. Smoldering, like a forest fire, surrounding me. I was stuck in the middle of it. I was burning. Hot. Aching.

    “You’re mine,” Daddy growled, like a true gentleman. Possessive, but like the sweetest nectar to my ears. I wanted to beg to hear more. On my knees. Staring up at him like he was the only thing important in my life, because he was. Letting him take my chin and guide it, caress it...and fuck it.

    After a moment’s stutter, he released deep inside me, and I released a startled scream, whimpering and feeling my exhausted hole leak with his fluids. He stopped thrusting immediately as he came, and I felt it spurt inside of me in waves, mingling with my womb and seeping inside every part of me. His cock twitched and I could just imagine how torn we looked, connected, with his cum leaking out of my abused and wet pussy, successfully reminded who I belonged to.

    He turned my head to the side so he could kiss down my jaw and bite at the jugular; a little reminder of his claim over my body was always appreciated. I moaned for him, because of him. He purred appreciatively. The scratchiness of his beard added to the effectiveness, like rustling leaves scratching against my skin.

    He pulled back to kiss me. I responded in kind, lips parting to allow him access. He pressed his tongue inside my mouth, tracing my teeth, coaxing my tongue out for him to suck on. Flat on my back, I let him take everything, from head to toe, because I would willingly give him anything of mine.

    Eventually he removed himself from my mouth, and sat back. We made eye contact again. We didn’t have to speak to know what was going on in each other’s minds.

    I love you. I cherish you. You belong to me, and we to each other. There is no one else on this planet who could ever own you like you own me, which goes both ways. You know it, I know it. Tell me, are you thinking the same thing? Are you already begging me for more, even without speaking? You’re right, you don’t have to speak for me to know.

    In unison, we press our foreheads together, trying to catch our breath. Then we smile, and then chuckle, and then laugh. Together.

    “I’m sticky,” I said, which broke the spell. Suddenly I was whipped back into civilization, but...I don’t feel quite as lost.

    “You and me both,” Daniel said, pulling back to slide his cock out of my aching hole. He simply stared for a second, using his thumb to spread apart my drenched lips, to see his seed leak out of me with fever. I turn my head to ignore the embarrassment that came with the lack of post-orgasm high. It twitched, and he noticed, which made me turn my head into the pillow even more in hopes of him ignoring it. Although he didn’t speak, he smiled and kissed her raised calf.

    I whine, this time for a different reason, and watch as he reaches for a wet wipe we decided on, since showers required more energy. I took the one he offered me, and we cleaned up as best as we could, before falling onto the sheets.

    There wasn’t much energy in the room to strike a conversation, but we held each other close, enjoying the mere presence and warmth of each other’s bodies, without having to acknowledge it out loud.

    My head was buried in his chest, listening to his rapid heartbeat slow down, still a little quicker than when he was asleep. I press my hand against it, feeling it. He put his hand over mine.

    “I love you,” he said, nudging my head to look up at him. I smile.

    “I love you too,” I reply, kissing him softly. He hummed and put his chin over my head, guiding me back down.

    I hug him tight and promptly fall asleep.
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