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  1. 15affairs

    15affairs Newcumer

    Oct 29, 2017
    Birthday gift for Dad…

    The images show a tall, leggy, 32 year-old blonde, with nice, big natural tits. She claims to be from the UK, but has an Eastern European look about her, especially in the ones where she’s partially clothed. Big full lips and slutty eyes. The description reads, “The perfect dinner date. I like to be romanced and enjoy intimate conversation, especially with the older gentleman. I am loving and attentive and offer a true GFE…”

    Sounds perfect! I book a 3 hour slot (expensive, but hopefully worth it!) with Annabelle for later tomorrow night, put in the address add a couple of specific instructions and then enter my credit card details. Job done!

    I must admit the whole experience of selecting a woman has left me quite aroused and I decide there and then to go upstairs. It might be 24 hours away, but I can already picture the scene…unzipping my flies I lay on the bed and imagine Annabelle riding hard on top, tits circling perfectly as she rides my cock, hands on my chest, telling me how wonderful it feels. Its barely 20 seconds before I cum…

    I call round at my parents house at midday, and find my father on his own. My mother is away down south for the foreseeable spending time with my sister, who currently has marital problems. The least I can do, therefore, is spend a bit of time with my old man on his special day.

    I give him his present. An autobiography about a football manger and he seems disappointed, “Is everything ok, I ask?”

    “Oh it’s just me. Another year older now son, and feeling it.”

    “Don’t talk wet, Dad. You’re only in your early sixties, sure there’s plenty of life in the old dog yet!”

    “Not sure about that, son. I’m missing your mother too. It’s not the same when she’s away on your birthday…”

    “You’re going soppy in you’re old age!” I joke, “I’d make the most of it if I were you. She’ll soon be back pecking your head!”

    Before I leave, I tell him I need a piss and head off upstairs with the little device I’ve bought that looks just like an air freshener. I place it on the top corner of the wardrobe in my parents bedroom. Minutes later, I make my excuses and leave him to enjoy the rest of his day.


    There’s a knock on the door and John goes to answer it. His eyes are met by a tall, blonde woman smiling back at him.

    “Are you John?”

    “Yes. Who wants to know?”

    “Pleased to meet you, John. My name’s Annabelle.” says the striking young woman, holding out her hand, “I’ve come to keep you company on your birthday.” she adds, stepping inside his porch, without waiting for the invite…


    Its just gone 9pm and I can barely contain my excitement, as I hook up my pc. After a couple of minutes I’m met with a grainy picture of my parents empty bedroom and the anticipation mounts…

    However, as the seconds turn into minutes and then an hour goes by, I’m beginning to feel massively deflated. Damn! Maybe he turned her away after all? Maybe he’s fucking her right now in the living room, though I left specific instructions with her to take him upstairs to the main bedroom? I really thought after all these years, all the affairs’ he’s had, that he wouldn’t pass up an opportunity like this. Maybe what he says is true and he doesn’t have it in him anymore?

    I head off, crestfallen, to take a leak, then my phone rings and a mate asks if I’m coming out for a drink. It’s tempting but I decide to stick with it, just in case.

    When I get back to my pc, my heart jumps as I see movement. It’s gone out of focus somewhat, but then suddenly comes back and I see Annabelle sat on the edge of the bed next to my father, their backs to me. They both have a glass of red and my father has a hand on her left shoulder, gently rubbing it. I can’t see from this angle, but I suspect Annabelle may have a hand on his thigh.

    They’re chatting for a minute or two like this before my father takes the glass out of Annabelle’s hand and places it on the bedside table, along with his own. He turns back to her and places a delicate, kiss on her lips.

    Annabelle responds by gently run her fingers through my dad’s grey hair, and I can see that her other hand is indeed between his thighs, presumably rubbing his cock.

    My father’s hand wastes no time and his fingers expertly unhook the strap of her dress, so that it falls off her left shoulder.

    Moments later he dips down and though I can’t see for certain, I presume he takes her breast in his mouth. Her head tilts back slowly as if she is enjoying the sensation as she clasps my father’s head with both hands.

    She’s saying something to him, but I have no sound. Fucking thing! I ordered an expensive model that should’ve come with audio. I look at the settings once more and then note I have the pc speaker on mute! For fucks sake, you idiot!

    “That feels soooo good, John!” I suddenly hear, clear as a bell, as I hit the unmute button! I can even hear the slurping noises as my father sucks away at his whore’s big breast. Perfect!

    My dad’s always appreciated a good pair of legs, and his right hand is now roaming up and down the outside of her left thigh, gently tracing its long, elegant lines, as he suckles away up top.

    Suddenly they stop and both get up.

    I watch as Annabelle, with her back to me, let’s the slinky blue dress drop to the floor. She is completely naked underneath. I have to admit she is some woman, with a gorgeous pair of long legs and pert bum, without a hint of cellulite! The pictures on her website don’t do her justice. My dad is one lucky bastard!

    My father is also quickly naked (never seen him move so fast!) and already has an impressive hard-on.

    “Sit on the bed Annabelle” I hear him say and she does as she’s told.

    His hands rest on her knees, as he kneels down between her long, lithe limbs. He takes her left leg in his hands and she straightens it out for him, resting her calf on his shoulder. Dad then proceeds to kiss the inside of her leg by the ankle. He’s rubbing and caressing the long limb, as he continues to progress upwards with delicate little kisses. Once past the knee, his hands move either side of her legs and caress them gently, tracing their perfect form, as he moves closer and closer to his intended target.

    I can’t see exactly what he’s doing by the time his head reaches the tops of her legs, but she sure looks and sounds like she’s enjoying it!

    Her hands continue to run through his hair, as he presumably works her clit with his tongue and Annabelle is moaning and sighing as she falls back flat on the bed, her breasts wobbling as she lands.

    Wow! She is perfect! I think to myself, as I drop my trousers to the floor so I can gain full access to my own cock.

    Moments later and I see Annabelle’s upper body start to tremor and sure enough she lets out a loud cry “Fuck!”

    My God! The old bastard’s just made her cum! Really didn’t expect her to be enjoying it as much as she seems to be doing right now.

    Moments later and the tables are turned. Annabelle has my father laid back on the bed and his cock is twitching away impressively in the air. He has a bigger cock than me, I reluctantly acknowledge, perhaps that’s why he’s had so much success with women over his life?

    Quickly she lays alongside him, and placing one leg over his legs, she goes to work on him. Her mouth is all over that old cock, as my father sighs and runs his fingers through her long blond hair.

    One of her hands is massaging his balls, and after some gentle slurping she quickly switches to an aggressive head bobbing motion.

    Fucking hell! I’m wanking myself hard now watching this whore pleasure my dad and have to look away momentarily or I’ll cum. I get up and take a sip of water, as I try to cool my jets.

    When I come back, Annabelle now has her tits wrapped around my father’s cock and is gently wanking him with them instead.

    Tit-fucks have always done it for me and her tits are perfection, clearly the 34DD’s as advertised, as I can barely see my father’s cock buried inside the deep valley they’ve formed.

    As she works him and I watch my father’s fingers running through her blonde hair, whilst sighing her name, its all too much for me. Increasing my hand action, I can hold back no more. I feel my balls twitch and suddenly I splatter the screen with a huge load of hot, creamy spunk. I cum several times, big, thick streams into my fist, running over my hands and on to my bed, but I don’t give a shit right now.

    Once finished, I quickly clean up and as I do briefly I feel shame. But that sensation lasts barely seconds before like a moth to the flame, I return to the action to discover that finally they’re actually fucking.

    Annabelle is riding on top of my father, knees bent and feet hooked back between his knees. He has a hold of her by the waist, as she gyrates back and forth on his cock.

    Slowly she increases her pace and her tits wobble majestically in response. It doesn’t go unnoticed, “You have gorgeous breasts, Annabelle,” I hear my father breathe.

    Annabelle giggles and taking my father’s hands, places them on top of her ample mounds. He gasps and breathes out “Fuck!” as she starts to bounce aggressively on his erect pole, making the whole bed shake to their exertions.

    I’m hoping she doesn’t give the old cunt a heart attack, as I watch on, transfixed. He certainly has staying power!

    “Kiss me, Annabelle,” I hear my father request, and to my surprise, as I know it can be a ‘no-no’ with many whores, she slowly moves down toward my father and places her lips on his. I’m shocked a little by this, and feel a moment of guilt towards my mother. There wasn’t meant to be any emotional involvement here, it was simply meant to be a fuck!

    But as my father runs his hands through her long blonde hair, Annabelle caresses his cheeks and their tongues entwine intimately, tenderly even, there’s no doubting they’ve already forged an unlikely emotional connection.

    Smooth as you like, my father suddenly rolls Annabelle over, and she lets out a girly little shriek. There’s a big grin on her face as flat on her back, my dad positions between in missionary.

    I watch as he lays with his weight on top of Annabelle and begins to plough slowly, methodically, into her once more, his ass cheeks contracting and relaxing as he does. She’s emitting a long, slow moan now as her hands rub and caress his back. She’s clearly enjoying it as he nuzzles into her, kissing, nibbling at her ear lobe, neck, cheek, his right hand all the while pressing and squeezing her ample left breast. It’s shockingly intimate, and in my flaccid state I have to look away; they look like they’ve been lovers for years…

    After a minute or so of this, my Dad kneels upright and pulls her by the thighs further on to him. He’s looking down on her now, and whispers something inaudible to her, that makes her giggle.

    Holding her by the hips for leverage, my aged father slowly starts pumping into his young blonde lover with hard, slow, deliberate thrusts, making her large, flattened out tits wobble once more.

    To each thrust, Anabelle responds with a cry of “Yes!” and each cry seems to be getting louder and more enthusiastic, as her hands reach above her head and push back against the wall.

    As I look on, my dad’s staring down on this delectable blonde and whispering stuff that I can’t make out, as he begins to up his pace. I watch on in wonder, stroking my cock once more, as he builds up an impressive rhythm. How the fuck does he do it?

    His younger lover, eyes closed, seems genuinely lost in the moment now, her tits jiggling ever more ridiculously to his actions. Clearly they’ve not gone unnoticed either, as my dad’s left hand reaches down to grab one, halting its dance, as he grips and squeezes the soft fleshy mound.

    “I’m going to cum inside you, Annabelle!” I hear him cry, as his thrusting reaches breakneck pace and seconds later I watch his face contort and hear him groan, as he starts to shoot his semen up his whore, who by now is screaming and seemingly writhing in ecstasy below him.

    Finished, he collapses back down on top of her and he and Annabelle share several delicate little kisses, before he lays nuzzling into her neck.

    He’s whispering intimate stuff to her and I hear her say “That was wonderful, John,” as she rubs the heel of her foot up and down my father’s calf, her hands running through his hair…

    I can’t watch any more, as huge guilt pangs start to take over me, and switching off the pc, I leave them to their post-coital small-talk.


    A couple of evenings later I decide to pay him another visit.

    As I’m turning into the road to the estate, a blue Fiesta is sat at the junction, waiting for me to pass. There’s a striking blonde in the driver’s seat, with her hair up in a bun. Driving past I catch her eye and we smile at each other. Yep, I definitely would!

    As I enter my parents house, my father’s doing the washing up.

    After initial pleasantries we start to chat about the football, when I notice two wine glasses on the draining board and a faint scent of perfume still in the air.

    “Have you had company Dad?”

    There’s a moment’s hesitation, before he replies, “Oh yeah, Di from down the road popped by earlier, you know how she likes a tipple.”

    I’m not convinced by his explanation though, she doesn’t strike me as the kind of woman who’d wear perfume, apart from on special occasions. It’s funny though, there was a time I even suspected my Dad of having a fling with her. She’s an attractive woman for her age, very natural, with fabulous breasts. Turned out I was barking up the wrong tree with that one though.

    As I grab a dishcloth to help dry-up, and continue pondering, I notice a trace of lipstick still on one of the glasses. Again, I’ve never seen Di wearing lipstick on the few occasions I’ve met her…He’s definitely hiding something!

    Suddenly, I think back to the blonde in the car and my heart skips a beat. Though she had her hair up this time, I felt at the time she looked vaguely familiar. Those sexy blue eyes, the full lips…As I carry on drying the wine glass, slowly it dawns on me where I recognise her from…
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  2. 15affairs

    15affairs Newcumer

    Oct 29, 2017
    My first effort, so appreciate any feedback, but be gentle... ;-)
  3. bigbrother07

    bigbrother07 Kitty Saver

    May 15, 2018
    Nice story. I enjoyed it.
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  4. 15affairs

    15affairs Newcumer

    Oct 29, 2017
  5. Brian78

    Brian78 Porn Surfer

    May 10, 2018
  6. Brian78

    Brian78 Porn Surfer

    May 10, 2018
    I remember walking in to see my wife sucking her step brother's cock while her step dad ass fucked her, wow that was a humiliating scene IMG_20180516_202840_648.jpg

  7. gaysmirk

    gaysmirk Porn Surfer

    May 8, 2018