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  1. Hush

    Hush Happy Hhedonist

    Jul 21, 2008

    An 1870’s western novel in eleven parts
    by K2 เสือขาวเล็กน้อย

    Be aware that racial slurs, graphic sex, rape and violence is presented throughout this text as occurred in the era presented. None of the accounts are factual nor do they accurately represent Native American culture at any time in history or in any form. This is a fictional story with no basis in fact. ***Warning***

    **Caution** This fictional story is exceedingly sexual with numerous scenes featuring excessive amounts of sexual activity, both consensual and not. It is intended to be an erotic novel. If numerous detailed and over the top sexual encounters are not your thing, then this story is not for you. **Caution**

    *Notice* Be aware that this story is a 210,074 word novel in the truest sense of the word. The locations, routes, community development, place names, technology, and in some cases even characters are historically correct. Finally even the smallest and seemingly most inconsequential aspects of this story all have relevance later on, so bypassing any part will only cause confusion in your understanding of what is taking place. *Notice*

    Though presented as a fictional story, the reader would be well served to perform their own research regarding actual events in the post-Civil War West (of the Mississippi River). There are numerous accounts of wholesale slaughter, genocide, brutality, torture, kidnapping, enslavement and rape committed by both the expanding "American" (European American) and Indigenous peoples as they fought for dominance and possession of the region.

    North American Natives or First Nations indigenous peoples culture though different was no less civilized than American expansionists. In fact, indigenous peoples at the time tended to be more accepting of cultural, personal, sexual differences, and gender roles among all peoples than European Americans were. Laws pertaining to conduct both in daily life and battle, borders, conservation ethics, honesty, religion, right and wrong were well established. More so, rather than just simply written down, they were lived.

    Often however, those very core concepts of personal freedom and lack of judgment yet living to a higher standard due to honor and choice were so alien to European Americans and their puritanical foundations that they inspired the belief by both sides that the other was savage, uncivilized, and in the end, "less than human." Like it or not however, to a significant degree in North America the barbarity and violence the European American’s encountered was due to their own doing.

    For the most part, concepts such as rape, slavery, kidnapping, ransom, torture, fatal combat, wholesale slaughter and even genocide were considered the acts of cowards, dishonorable, and for the most part treated as crimes by Native Americans. However, upon the arrival of the Europeans, when exposed to such acts the Native peoples eventually adopted them and "devolved" their culture to simply compete with the whites, recognizing that their less violent ways were being taken advantage of, and that the invaders recognized nothing less.

    What is rarely discussed however and difficult to understand were views regarding the status of women particularly in European American society. Odd in that Wyoming was the first state to ratify Women’s Suffrage in 1869 with Utah following suit in 1870, with over 6,000 males and only 1,000 non-indigenous females in the territory at the time, women still were considered second class citizens. Violence against, abuse and rape of women in general were not viewed as they are today. The lower a woman was considered within class systems and racially only increased those risks considerably, and a woman alone was often forced to deal with men on their terms, yet without the support of others, even other women.

    Though views regarding women in general were poor at best, those regarding women who interacted with races other than their own, consensual or not, were unbearable. To simply get along with a different race would have a person labeled a "____insert slur here____ lover." A woman to have been intimate with another of a different race, even in cases of rape was absolutely intolerable and she was forever soiled. To have been born of such a union, especially in cases where one of the parties was a Native American, placed that person in the lowest class of all. That of being a "Half-Breed."

    A term that was actually reserved for an individual of half Native American ancestry, a Half-Breed was considered tainted, not of any specific race, even one’s most hated enemy placed in higher regard. Thought to carry the savagery and the worst traits of both races, less than any other race, and a traitor to both races, they were viewed as the outcasts of all races and societies.

    That hatred I believe is due to one simple reason. The existence of a Half-Breed proves that we’re all the same. Such is the fragility of racial bigotry… the guilt one realizes when your enemy is discovered to be human.

    An 1870’s western novel in eleven parts

    Of Half-Breed Prey
    1. Hostile Territory (ATR: April 27, 1871)

    2. Fools to Freedom
    3. Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire
    4. Fate Unsure
    5. The Disposition of Captives
    6. Vulgar Humiliation
    7. The Hunt Begins
    8. The Hunt Turns
    9. Civilized Sanctuary
    10. Post Script to "Vulgar Humiliation & The Hunt"

    When Half-Breed Spirits Play
    11. The Miseries of Wrangling (ATR: May 01, 1871)

    12. Phantom Laments upon the Wind
    13. The Nightmare of Damnation
    14. Always above the Horizon
    15. Outcast, the Lonely Ride
    16. Axis of the Nations
    17. Wolf Woman of Wyoming
    18. Traitorous Spirit
    19. Pranks of a Liar
    20. Bitch of the Fraternity of Wolves
    21. The Cold Morning

    The Half-Breed and the Hummingbird
    22. The Grizzly and the Cougar (ATR: May 21, 1871)

    23. The Wolf and the Grizzly
    24. Becoming Human
    25. Lonely Forks of a River
    26. Cornered by Life Once Again
    27. Deal with the Devil
    28. Her Sweet Gentle Hummingbird
    29. Marks for Remembrance

    Half-Breed Embraced by the Dragon
    30. The Still of Morning (ATR: July 02, 1871)

    31. The Valley from Heaven down into Hell
    32. Perdition Found
    33. When the Devil Walks Among Demons
    34. The Devil meets the Dragon
    35. The Cashmere Embrace of the Dragon
    36. Bonds of Lust and Resin
    37. Hate for Half-breeds
    38. White In, Red Out
    39. Cain’s Penance
    40. Purgatory to Perdition

    Of Half-Breed Wrath
    41. Dawn of Deliverance (ATR: July 13, 1871)

    42. Guardians of Eden
    43. Outcast
    44. To the Fork of the River
    45. Madness
    46. Cornered by Honor
    47. A Reflection of Hate
    48. Cleansing the Way
    49. Paradise Found (ATR: July 27, 1871)

    Chaos, a Half-Breed Unchained
    50. Ten-X (ATR: late-June 1872)

    51. The Failings of Fury
    52. Waking the Devil
    53. Delirium of the Devil
    54. The Devil’s Damnation
    55. No Man’s Land
    56. Bitter Blue
    57. Of Vengeance and Vindication
    58. The Second Civil War (ATR: Aug. 1, 1872)

    Hate of Half-Breeds
    59. Injun (ATR: Sept. 8, 1872)

    60. The Wolf and its Tail
    61. Hateful Ride to Helena (ATR: Sept. 10, 1872)
    62. Shameful Colors
    63. The Red Whore (ATR: Sept. 12, 1872)
    64. Red’s In, White Out
    65. When Chaos Reigns (ATR: April 1873)

    A Half-Breed Reborn
    66. Outlaw Mourning (ATR: May 1873)

    67. Widow Hail
    68. Black Widow of Missoula
    69. To be a Silk Purse
    70. Stagecoach to Salacious
    71. Job?
    72. The Way of the Snake

    Taming a Half-Breed Wild
    73. Buckaroo Bluster

    74. The Cowboy Way
    75. Bustin Kay
    76. The Fork at Jacko
    77. Games People Play
    78. Kin of the Hole
    79. Red Dawn of Idaho (ATR: July 14, 1873)

    Half-Breed, a Race of One
    80. The Permanence of Paper

    81. The Heat of Winter (ATR: Oct. 1873)
    82. The Beckoning (ATR: May 1874)
    83. Of Cowards and Gunfighters (ATR: early July 1874)
    84. Blue Skies and the Red Slot (ATR: Aug. 1874)

    A Half-Breed Home
    85. Befuddled and Bonnie Fouche (ATR: July 5, 1876)

    86. Reluctant Healing
    87. The Civility of Sacramento
    88. Race of the Iron Smoke Wagon (ATR: mid-July 1876)
    89. Desolation the Long Way
    90. Banditos of the Baja
    91. Yankee Kay (ATR: Aug. 1877-1905)

    (Author Time Reference (ATR): L.S. = 64 years 1841-1905)

    by Hush....an alias for K2 เสือขาวเล็กน้อย
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  2. Hush

    Hush Happy Hhedonist

    Jul 21, 2008
    Of Half-Breed Prey

    1. Hostile Territory
    2. Fools to Freedom
    3. Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire
    4. Fate Unsure
    5. The Disposition of Captives

    6. Vulgar Humiliation
    7. The Hunt Begins
    8. The Hunt Turns
    9. Civilized Sanctuary
    10. Post Script to "Vulgar Humiliation & The Hunt"

    Hostile Territory:

    Kay’s eyes could barely focus as she slowly roused finding herself upon a worn wood floor so dazed that she couldn’t grasp that she was naked, let alone know where she was at. What she quickly realized however was that something had struck her head sound enough to have knocked her out cold. The sticky blood matting her hair was nothing compared to the goose egg under it, and as she tried to stand her balance still off, Kay stumbled to the wood wall with a thud sliding down it, and back onto the floor once again.

    "Bout time you woke up girl. Now maybe I kin finely git more than two-bits a man ta show ya, even if ya is just some half-breed squaw."

    It was only then as she looked up toward the gravely voice that Kay realized she was in a jail cell. For the moment however, even just lifting her gaze took more effort than she could muster, let alone focus upon the man speaking. Instead, all she could fix upon was the floor by the bars, yet what caught her eye were the seven or eight thick streaks and globs of what looked like men’s semen there.

    "Yep, we ain’t never hanged no gal afore, but after you stabbed Jim Perkins and bein the slut you is goin in-ta saloons anyhow, well sir, even though he’ll be fine, you bein an injun and such, they is just gunna hang ya anyhow an git it over with."

    That second as Kay cradled her throbbing head it all came flooding back. Typically avoiding towns for this very reason, she had walked into the first place she had found seeing the signs stating "rooms, meals, barber and baths," it just all happening to be a part of the Buffalo Hump Saloon.

    Kay had been careful as always. Don’t talk to anyone, don’t look at anyone her firm rule. Just walk in, wave the bartender down and whisper to him asking whom to speak with about a room and a bath. She had even made it a point to wear her extra loose men’s buckskins and face shielding fox skin hat. What she couldn’t change however was her size. Much smaller than any of the men there, it still left her a target for the most cowardly of them.

    With a nod from the bartender she had her answer, and as she walked through the saloon head down minding her own business, out of the blue it quickly happened. Just some drunken man, yet he went out of his way to slam his shoulder into hers. When Kay kept on walking then the shouts came.

    "Hey runt, I’m talking to you rube! Who do you think you are some mountain man? Face me when I’m talking to you boy, draw yer iron!" as he then roughly grabbed Kay’s shoulder and wheeled her around.

    He could see that Kay wasn’t wearing a gun, and clearly she wasn’t looking to fight, yet as she was spun round Kay saw him drawing his pistol. Out of pure reflex, in an instant she had drawn her knife sinking it deep into his thigh. Driving him back over a table they tumbled, and before Kay could utter a word already he had cast his gun away and started screaming.

    "He’s killing me!"

    Kay remained firm cruelly twisting the knife though with so many others there watching, knew not to finish him. Instead, in a single motion rising up she pulled her knife free, and just like that, went on her way.

    Back to the baths she went paying the Oriental working there, and after just a few minutes of stripping off her filthy bucks Kay, found herself in frontier heaven. That heaven being warm, filthy, soapy water that probably twenty other people had bathed in, yet it was better than an icy stream. And it is about there that it all became hazy.

    Kay could remember the filthy water. She could even remember the Celestial adding more hot water to it, and then just vaguely remembered some man bursting in noting a big silver star upon his breast. Yet it is that moment things became confusing.

    Past that moment it was only a collection of fuzzy images. To everyone else however in the Buffalo Hump it was all too clear. The Sheriff had been alerted, and being that Jim Perkins was a citizen of the community in good standing, the Sheriff rushed right in to challenge this stranger.

    Now normally the Sheriff would have just confronted him and tried to get his side of it before acting. However, bursting into the room gun drawn, when he saw Kay’s black hair and the dark skin of her cheek and neck, well, "he’d be damned if he’d let some savage injun attack an ‘American.’" With that thought in mind, he just cracked Kay over the head buffaloing her, and before "he" drowned yanked "him" out of the tub by "his" hair.

    It was then that things became confusing for everyone. Kay may have looked Native American, yet "he" was still a "she." Now one might think that would grant Kay a little leeway, but as Jim’s friends who had followed the Sheriff in began shouting about "wild savages attacking town folk" and questioning his side on things, "injun lover" the phrase of the moment, the Sheriff just moved out of reflex.

    The Sheriff hadn’t even tossed a towel over Kay let alone dressed her being she was a savage. He simply grabbed her wrist, and dragged her from the baths into the saloon and out as the men inside shouted about "stringing up the injun." The more men he passed however soon found the crowd silencing somewhat. A little lean for most of their tastes, more robust women the preferred build of the day, never the less Kay still made for an arousing female.

    Rich caramel colored skin unnaturally devoid of hair except for the raven black upon her head betrayed her heritage. Odd for any woman of the time, yet her hair had been cut short like a man’s, though that was not what the men paid attention to. Her lean firm body accentuated by oversized breasts still stirred the loins of the men following along. Oh to be sure, none would admit to it afraid of being labeled a "squaw man," yet the swelling bulges within their pants was all too telling of their true opinions.

    Never the less, the Sheriff had simply dragged Kay through the saloon and out into the street toward the jail. A large group of men followed shouting out racial slurs, demands that she be hung then and there, and a few even made lewder comments as her large breasts would heave and the pink flesh of her cunnie would splay wide. For Kay however the scene was somewhat less defined as she slipped in and out of consciousness.

    Just little confusing snapshots really. A lot of shouting and noise, a sea of legs here or the starry night sky there. Eventually the images and sounds became nothing more than looking at the wood floor of the cell, as every so often she would glance up briefly to see some cowboy standing there. Those men all jerking off and grunting through the bars as they tried to blast their spunk upon her as Kay lay there sprawled out in her concussed haze.

    Fools to Freedom:
    Kay could tell that it was late night from how cool the air drifting in through the barred window felt. Unfortunately, still finding it hard to focus a quick look about the small cell offered her no relief in the form of her clothing or even a blanket as she slowly drew up tight just to stay warm.

    "Yep, they is gonna string you up in the mornin fer sure breed. I’ll tell you what though, spread them legs a little wider for the next few men to look at, and just maybe I’ll fetch ya half a bottle of whiskey before they do."

    That’s all it took. Just like back in the bar in an instant that same feeling of only being able to watch life unfold swept over her. In the saloon she had simply wanted to turn and run when confronted. Here Kay wanted to cry, beg and plead for the Sheriff to let her go, but instead as she opened her mouth words that she could have never imagined came pouring out, feeling as though she was simply riding on some runaway train.

    "Wha-- why just look sher--, gawd my head" Kay slurred out having trouble even speaking.

    "What’s that breed?" The man speaking to her replied.

    With that Kay raised her head looking to the man as best she could doing her damnedest to spit out the words.

    "I said, why just look Sheriff? Why don’t you come in here and give me one last good tumble before I swing?"

    "I ain’t the Sheriff and I ain’t no fool neither" the man replied. "Squaw or not, I knows you injuns is tricky bastards, and I ain’t gunna have my neck wrung by some wild squaw bitch. Sides, them gray eyes a-your’un give me the willies."

    Finally able to fix her gaze upon the man, Kay could now see that he wasn’t the Sheriff. Oh, she had only been able to get a couple of brief glimpses of the Sheriff before, and this man clearly wasn’t him, probably just some lowlife jailer. Grizzled and wrinkled, the man was filthy from head to toe. His clothes just shy of being raggedy were clearly his only set, yet as she tried to get a bead on what might swing his lariat, Kay suddenly saw something that made her move with purpose as her eyes narrowed and her mouth turned up into the tiniest of smirks.

    "You said it not me mister. Being a half-breed I’m used to getting mounted, mounted a lot. In fact this second a good ride is all I can think of."

    With all her might as she spoke Kay tried to rise up and move seductively though she was still clumsy at best.

    Staggering toward the bars, as the jailer stepped back Kay had to strain to slip a foot over the cross plate bridging the bars perhaps thirty inches above the floor. Reaching up high grasping the bars, Kay then pulled rising up on them as though they were some jungle gym, as casually, she slipped the other leg through two bars over and slowly slipped in close.

    Kay pulling herself tight to the bars made for quite a sight. With each of her legs all of the way through, it left her cunnie in the opening in the middle between the two bars pressing to her inner thighs, and the tighter she pulled, her legs spread just that much more. Dark hued skin revealing her most intimate folds, as her nether lips spread wide it made her cunnie look like some pink flower blooming against a dark sandy desert. Perhaps even more obscene were her large breasts pushing through just above. Mashed together tightly, once they passed through the bars they seemed to swell out making them look all the bigger, voluptuous and full.

    "Please? You wouldn’t let me hang without getting one more good filling of a real man’s spunk pumped into me first would you? Who am I going to tell? That rope will be so tight it will have my eyes bugging. Please, just bed me and you can keep your whiskey."

    As Kay spoke she continued to writhe and twist like some bitch hound in heat. Her nipples rose and grew hard as her breasts seemed to throb from the mashing, and her pink inner folds would squirm and undulate as the first ebbing of nectar flowed from her flower.

    Her taunting worked quicker than she expected. In a second the jailer had slipped off his suspenders, his pants falling to the floor about his ankles and all but charged her to get close. In typical gentlemanly fashion, he filled his hand with tobacco laden spit wiping it over his cock, and without a howdy-do unceremoniously reached through the bars grabbing Kay’s ass as he drove his cock inside her to the hilt.

    "That’s it cowboy, rear up on me, fuck me hard! Fuck me you big longhorn, fuck me like the breed bitch I am!" Kay didn’t know if it was the words that she was saying or his stench that made her wretch more.

    The jailer’s breath huffing out of that semi-toothless mouth was horrific reeking of whiskey, tobacco and rotting teeth. If that wasn’t bad enough he stank as though he hadn’t bathed in a year, and with each lunge she could feel his drool and sweat painting her breasts pressing through as it dripped down upon them.

    "Oh yeah stud, you’re the best! Sink it in that dirty breed gash of mine. Fill my injun cunt with that bull milk of yours."

    The jailer lunged and shoved at a jackrabbit’s pace all while he mauled and pulled at her bottom to try and pull Kay closer. In ten strokes Kay had locked her legs around his hips so he’d not fall back. By twenty hard lunges her hands had worked from his shoulders up into his greasy hair on the back of his head, and by thirty violent thrusts it happened.

    One last brutal shove and Kay locked her legs tight around his waist as he threw his head back announcing his orgasm with a loud whoop. A split second later as he relaxed beginning to tilt his head forward to utter whatever vulgarity he had on his mind, Kay just pulled with all her might slamming his head into the Iron bars, and just for good measure, did so again two more times.

    Like a sack of potatoes the jailer fell to the floor with his cock yanking out of her depths still pulsing out surges of cum. Kay literally shuddered and wretched from his filth only exclaiming "nasty bastard."

    The thought that she had even touched him let alone just had him within her made Kay’s guts heave, yet there on his belt was the prize. Lazy would be the reason, yet there is a point to usually keeping the keys to the cells in a drawer or on a hook and not on your belt. In no time Kay had pulled herself free reaching through the bars, yanking the keys off of his belt and slipping them into the lock. A moment later she was shoving the door into the jailer’s still body. And just like that, Kay was free.

    As much as she hated to do it the man smelling so bad, Kay in short order had stripped off his shirt and slipped it on. Soaked in sweat, greasy and unwashed as he was, she shivered once more as her skin crawled while she began yanking at his boots. What stopped her cold however were his pants. The filthy shirt was bad enough. The stinking boots three times too big were just as. However when she began to slip on his grimy britches the amount of old piss, cum and skid-marks within them was just too much.

    Kay however for some reason was furious with herself for not having gutted the man in the bar as she looked down at the jailer. Perhaps simply wanting some revenge for that missed opportunity, she found herself slowly nudging the jailer’s head toward the cell as a malicious grin gradually formed. Closing the door she took a firm grip upon it and just as she was about to slam it violently into his head intent on caving it in, voices from outside the jail distracted her. Muttering as though another opportunity was lost, Kay quickly made her way to the front of the jail and waited until she heard nothing.

    Fortunately, it was late as Kay slipped out the front door wearing only the jailer’s shirt and boots. Wisely refusing to risk trying to get her things or even her own horse, she instead just quickly shuffled down the walk toward the stables unable to lift her feet in the oversized boots. Once inside, not even willing to take the time to saddle one up, Kay just grabbed the first horse with reins and a bridle on it, hopped up on its back and at a quick gallop out she rode.

    Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire:
    Kay rode hard till the first rays of dawn crested snow capped mountains and the heat of a new summer day quickly began to rise. Along the way she had lost first one and then the other of the massively oversized boots. Not a good thing out in the Rockies in that the name was all too appropriate insuring that at least for the moment, walking would be difficult at best, so that meant having to ride.

    Worse still, she had ridden so hard that already the horse had begun to lather. Either that, or the jailer’s massive load of cum had poured out of her frothing up in that along with the horse’s neck and flanks being foamy, her thighs, bottom and cunnie were all pasted in that sweaty lather. Kay was tired too. It had taken all of her might to spread her legs out wide enough just to reach around the horse let alone try and hold on by turning her arches in to grip it. Worst of all however had been the effects of the hard ride regarding other less savory things.

    Perverse as it may be, there is something to be said for a bare cunnie bouncing and slipping over that coarse hair as powerful muscles surge and undulate against swollen folds, all while your thighs are forced wide. Kay could tell it wasn’t just the old jailer’s spunk that was flowing from her now swollen and rubbed sore cunt, the horse sweat simply added to it. A quick swipe of her fingers over her folds made her utter a single word, "soupy" as she finally began to calm and feel like herself again. With Kay and the horse exhausted and recognizing other urges boiling up, she slowed the horse to a gentle walk as she wound her way over the mountain pass and down into the valley below.

    With the heat rising along the way, the closed shirt had been opened but soon enough Kay could take no more. The thing smelled so bad and was so greasy that when Kay finally took it off at first thinking to sit on it, the smell wafting up when she laid it over the horse’s neck had her instead draping it over his haunches. Throughout the morning they rode gently, Kay’s nude form undulating atop the horse’s powerful frame. Her breasts swaying in time with each step from side to side, yet she also rocked forward and back as surging muscles beneath carried her upon waves of horseflesh.

    Having made the pass and worked their way down, Kay found herself riding into a narrow lush green valley. A river winding through its middle with trees flanking it on either side, as soon as they reached soft black soil with a groan she slid off the horse, as they both in a sore stiff gate slowly walked to the rolling waters among the trees. After they drank, Kay instantly set to work washing the filth from town off and out of her. Slowly scrubbing with soaked sand to then lay back and rinse took quite a while having to get in and out of the frigid waters often. Finally clean however, as the horse grazed she just lay back as the sun flickered through the branches, soothed by a gentle wind in the heat, and quickly Kay fell off to sleep.

    How many hours later she couldn’t say, yet when Kay awoke still dozing, she had a serious urge or perhaps more true to the point, an urgent need that had stirred far below. She didn’t know what had caused it be it the excitement of the escape, or perhaps the sensation of dappled sunshine raining down as a soft breeze washed over her on a hot summer day. For all she knew it could have been her long bareback ride. Naked for all to see as a mighty beast surged and heaved between her wide spread thighs.

    Whatever had caused Kay’s need however she didn’t dwell upon or really even pause to consider. When she rolled onto her back however and slipped her hands down her belly to slick folds, there was one thought she did focus upon, that being the ride. No, she didn’t imagine having sex with some horse, nor even imagine rubbing out an orgasm while riding upon it. She just thought upon the feelings and sensations during the ride. The heat of the sun as the air-cooled sweat slickened skin. The feeling of her thighs pulled wide testing the tendons in her groin, all while her modest weight ground her wet netherlips upon surging heaving muscles.

    As her fingers fanned and plowed through her folds the horse unexpectedly nickering almost spoiled her mood making her laugh out loud. Never the less she continued to press and rub even when the horse snorted, neighed then nickered again, and a third time even more urgently as suddenly Kay was hit with the imagined smells of men. The thought of that smell struck her perfectly. She could actually smell it, not filthy like the jailer, yet clean men with just a hint of spice from a hard-earned sweat. The thought of men now coupled with the other sensations took Kay right to the edge of orgasmic paradise.

    A mere second away from cumming, the horse cut loose again with another snort and then a squeal. With that Kay flashed open her languid brown eyes to tell the horse to shut up, and with one hand’s fingers squeezing a nipple as the other’s pressed firm to her clit, then and there Kay froze startled. Surrounding her were perhaps a dozen Native braves. Expressionless and still as stone, the only thing obvious about them was how well armed they were, and that roughly half of them were sporting erections under their breechcloths.

    Kay had no illusions however in that just as Native as she looked to the whites, she looked white to these Natives. Just as with the whites however, these men would consider her uncivilized and savage, and like the people back in town, she believed that they would have no qualms about killing her. After what seemed like hours passing though at best a few seconds, Kay suddenly rolled over in a flash, and scrambled on all fours toward the river.

    Making it all of a foot, Kay’s ankles were grabbed and just as quickly she was dragged back into the center of the braves. Instantly the men were upon her and as two pinned her ankles a third set his foot to between her shoulders pinning her chest to the ground. That instant Kay knew what was coming, and like it or not, she had no way of stopping it. The only question being, what would they do with her after the rape be it slavery, torture or death as Kay frantically began pleading.

    With her chest pinned and ankles pulled wide, Kay felt the first brave saddle up behind yanking her hips up high till she was on her knees. The slap of his leather breechcloth swatting her rump as he hurriedly stripped it off made her lurch, and with his strong hands gripping her hips she felt him line up, then instantly drive his cock in to her.

    Already sopped from her own play his passage was easy as he began hammering away deep inside of her cunnie. With her eyes scrunched tight and breath knocked from her, Kay once again felt that detached sensation sweep over her as some subconscious part of her being tried to change the outcome of how this day would end.

    Yanking her back to him, Kay grunted with each lunge as the brave’s huffs sounded just a split second before. On top of it all was the slap of his abdomen to her bottom and wet cunnie. The sound reminiscent of a soaked towel being dropped upon a hardwood floor again and again. Frantically her gray eyes looked about trying to find a way to avoid what would likely be her end as all of a sudden an opportunity squat down right in front of her.

    A fifth Native brave simply wanting to touch her had crouched down in front of Kay. Given the choice of being the tribe’s communal whore or death was an easy decision to make, so with that thought in mind Kay simply reached out and grabbed at the swollen cock before her shielded by the leather of his breechcloth. It surprised the warrior so much that he actually fell backwards, yet as the first man continued to slam into her depths, Kay just kept pulling until finally the second man’s cock was free.

    Stroking him would be one thing, yet as the first roared out his orgasm shoving Kay forward as he pumped in his seed, Kay tightly pulled at the cock in her hand until finally he had moved close enough that she could fix her lips tight around it. With her hand urgently jerking and her head bobbing up and down suckling upon his cock, it surprised the balance of them enough that she found her ankles and body freed as the first man pulled out of her soiled cunt, to be quickly replaced by another.

    Rising up enough to support herself on her elbow, Kay grabbed at the hand of the brave she was blowing yanking it to her heavy swinging breast. As he moved closer, Kay surprised them all once again as she began driving back upon the second man’s cock to be in her cunnie matching his own thrusts, and if that hadn’t convinced them, her free hand began searching in space for another man’s cock to fill it.

    In short order what had begun as the warriors raping Kay in a train, had quickly been turned by her actions into six of them mauling Kay at her urging. As one man slammed into her slick hot depths, another began pumping his thick cum into her mouth while a third quickly loosed torrents of cum over her shoulder as three more touched, rubbed and fondled every exposed inch of her. Kay moaned and cooed around the cock flooding into her mouth as her nipples were pulled and her breasts squeezed, back, belly and legs stroked.

    Just lucky perhaps, yet what would have likely been a violent rape culminating in her doom, had turned into not much more than a seemingly consensual gang-bang. Later Kay would speculate that to have fought would have meant her death, or that to have been passive would have made the outcome debatable. Instead for her to have wantonly encouraged them, it had shifted the entire situation from one of force and violence to that of simple base debauchery.

    It wasn’t enough though and Kay knew it. As the one filling her mouth pulled away and another quickly moved up to hesitantly replace him, Kay ravenously sucked the new cock in as she waved her hand looking for another brave’s cock to fill it again as well. Once she had however, Kay insured her fate at least for the moment in that as that new cock filled her hand she without warning froze. Her back arching as she groaned out around the new cock deep in her mouth, she then slammed back onto the cock inside of her seemingly wanton cunt as she shuddered and shook faking an orgasm that should have convinced anyone.

    With that the man inside of her flush cunt blasted his cum deep within her. His quick withdrawal causing the final jets of his spunk to paint her netherlips, Kay then to convince the others began swaying and thrusting back onto nothing as though searching for a third warrior’s cock to fill her void. When all said and done four men had cum in her cunnie, three in her mouth and three more upon her due to her hand. Yet even after all of that Kay knew the tide could still turn.

    After all but the older two of the Native band who had not participated had sated their lusts, realizing that the mood could shift once more, found Kay rolling onto her back with most of the men panting seated around her. Seductively Kay began lustfully smoothing the cum ebbing from her ravaged void over her breasts and belly. To drive home the illusion of her seemingly endless desire however, she then set to finishing what they had found her doing in the first place.

    Kay had intended for her masturbating to simply be a showy ruse. However, as she frantically fanned her clit and mauled her breasts, a real orgasm hit her as quick and surprising as the strike from a rattler. Kay didn’t expect it though to be sure, she had intended on faking another. Out of no where it washed over her as her hands clutched at her twat and her hips raised and bucked. Kay’s breasts heaved as her entire body shuddered, and she let out a deep rumbling roar of ecstasy sounding like a Grizzly.

    Kay couldn’t believe it as her dark brown eyes fluttered and she lay there panting. Always in the past when she felt so out of control and detached she could never cum. To be sure she would fake an orgasm, yet it never happened for real. The Native braves sitting around her were also stunned, one in particular who could swear that just before she came, in a single blink, her eyes had shifted color.

    They were so stunned by her actions that when Kay rolled over not thinking and slowly crawled to the river’s edge to take a drink and then in the midst of her languid post-orgasmic haze began to bathe, none even spoke. What was truly surprising however was that none of the men stopped her, all of them simply watching her slack jawed until finally one of the two that had not taken her slipped up behind Kay, and in a quick fluid motion bound her wrists behind her back.

    Startling Kay, it was only then that she awoke from her lethargic afterglow that she panned up and down the river realizing that she had just wasted her opportunity to escape. With that the two older braves who had not used her took Kay to the first’s horse and lifted her upon it instead of her own. After a couple commanding words to the others, with Kay now their captive the Native warriors rode off and down into the valley.

    Fate Unsure:

    As the party of braves slowly followed the valley’s river down to lower elevations, what would ultimately be Kay’s end was still unsealed. She had no idea what tribe or nation they were of, not that it would have mattered anyway knowing nothing of her mother’s people. In fact, just as much as she had always been shunned by "Americans," her few encounters with Native Peoples had always played out the same.

    For all Kay knew these men might be taking her back to their village for torture then execution, or perhaps to use as some trail whore before dispatching her once near home. She had heard of others they had made into slaves, and then even some that were integrated into their tribes yet most knew those days were long over. Hell, for all Kay knew they might simply be taking some obscure route into the Yellowstone to cast her into some boiling mud-pit as some half-breed slut offering to their Gods. Whatever they chose however all Kay could do is try to survive minute by minute.

    Nevertheless Kay was sure of one thing. She found it odd that the warrior who was riding with her instead of making her ride behind him had jumped up behind her. Shortly into the ride, naked, with her wrists bound behind her she soon found him pulling her hands to his cock and rubbing them over it. Once Kay got the idea of what he wanted, assuming that he just wanted to be jerked off she quickly slipped her hands inside his breechcloth and began stroking his cock to appease him, though she quickly learned that in reality she could actually be sure of nothing.

    Once becoming slightly firm the brave abruptly removed his leather covering and with a stern pull to Kay’s bonds, he lifted her wrists high behind her as she found herself laying over the horse’s neck. Setting her wrists onto one of his shoulders, the man next grabbed one of Kay’s ankles slipping a lash around it and then deftly ran it behind him grabbing her other and bound that one as well.

    Kay’s legs bent yet stretched over his with her heels tight to his rump, instantly had some of the other men beginning to make comments and laughing, clearly about what was sure to come. What Kay didn’t realize however was, what that was to be, and most certainly was unaware that it would be her.

    Forced over the neck of the horse, Kay soon learned why this man had waited until now. Her breasts flanking the horse’s neck, with a little boost she found her cunnie and bottom exposed and to cap it all off her clit was grinding hard to the horse’s withers. She expected that the man was about to fuck her, that in and of itself of little concern. What she didn’t expect was the size of his cock. Thick as her wrist easily, as he slowly pushed it deep inside of her, Kay’s exclamation of "oh shit!" only had the other braves laughing knowingly.

    What surprised her even more however was that this man didn’t move. Once fully inside of her, the angle alone had his cock grinding to her g-spot, yet Kay discovered that this man’s true skill was in how to handle a horse. With her inner breasts being stroked by the horse’s neck and her clit feverishly rubbing over its shoulders she was already in trouble. The brave’s thick cock sealed her fate to be sure, yet not to be discounted was the position of her legs. Already splayed wide to reach around the horse, with them now over the man’s legs it just forced them all the wider.

    The warrior didn’t have to move and he knew it. More so, even though she didn’t know their language when he leaned down and spoke to her Kay could guess at what he was telling her. That "he knew she had been faking earlier, and now she’d have no option but to cum."

    Kay’s heavy breasts rubbed in an almost circular massage by the horse’s neck soon found the brave’s hands reaching down and massaging the outside of them as he softly pulled and twisted at her nipples. The firm muscles of the horse’s shoulders alternately grinding first to this side of her clit and then the other with each step, was only accentuated by her thighs being spread wider then drawn in with each breath the mighty beast would take. Finally there was that massive cock shoved deep inside of her vagina. Each step and bounce it would ever so slightly thrust in and out of her, each stroke massaging and raking over her g-spot.

    Just the horse walking was bad enough, yet then out of the blue the brave would urge it into a trot and then slow him again. Every so often he would nudge the beast into a brief canter, and then he would have him simply amble. In no time Kay’s eyes were rolling as drool poured from her mouth upon the horse’s neck. In less than a couple minutes her orgasm hit her so hard that she screamed scaring the horse. No more than a minute later she groaned deeply as her head snapped back and her cunnie gushed from her second orgasm, and by her fourth Kay was mumbling incoherently.

    Kay had no idea how many times she came and she had even lost track of time. Eventually her orgasms all rolled into almost constant waves of pleasure. Not as intense, yet never the less crushing as they’d rise and fall like surf unrelentingly pounding away at the shore. The other braves at first laughing and making comments ultimately showed nothing more then all-powerful smirks. Finally the little band stopped, and with that the warrior she had been riding with cut the bonds to her ankles, pulled himself from inside of her, and slid off the horse his massive erection still firm and throbbing having not yet cum.

    To Kay it was all a blur, yet limp as a rag doll the brave who had been fucking her and the other who had not pulled her down. When Kay tried to simply collapse upon the ground before them, the second grabbed a handful of her hair pulling her up to kneeling, and the first slipped his cock deep into her mouth. It took no more than perhaps ten slow pumps into Kay’s strained maw and unexpectedly massive torrents of the warriors cum jetted into her. So spent by her ordeal Kay just suckled and swallowed every surge without question, and once the first was emptied, so the second in a few thrusts pumped his hot cum into her compliant mouth. Kay was helpless.

    The worst of it however came immediately after. Her hands rebound in front of her with a long rope lead attached to them, Kay as shattered as she was had to jog the last mile into the village behind the horses lest she be dragged. Yet her ordeal had just begun.

    The Disposition of Captives:
    By the time the small band of warriors and Kay had reached the village, naked, exhausted and covered in a sweat so heavy that it looked like she was encased in glass, Kay had resolved herself to the fact that her ruse must not have worked and that she very likely would not be alive come dawn.

    A moderate sized village of roughly 150 people, quickly the calls of greeting had turned into whoops and yells to signal that victorious braves had returned with a captive. The closer they advanced to the center of the village, more and more people joined into the fray wherein the attention shifted from the warriors themselves to instead shouting at, lunging and even throwing dirt and sticks at Kay herself. The worst of it was perhaps the last fifty paces. The crowd had closed in so much that they had formed a gauntlet roughly only four feet wide, and it was there her lead was dropped leaving Kay all on her own.

    Instantly the flanking people closed in behind her as everyone yelled, spit or would shove her as quite a few roughly groped and grabbed at her nude body, and then there were those more violent. Quite a few threatened her with knives and tomahawks. Many more would poke and switch her with reeds and sticks, and when she fell she was kicked over and over until she crawled away or stood trying to run.

    By the time she reached the end of the gauntlet crawling on her elbows and knees Kay collapsed, and it was there that a couple of new braves dragged her into a great circle of people where she just lay. Her last image before passing out from fear and exhaustion being that of the warriors who had captured her and plainly the tribal leaders walking into a large tipi.

    Kay understood the Native people’s justifiable anger with Americans though she really wasn’t one of them. She had also heard stories of how what she had just experienced once reaching the village would have been how any interloper, even a Native, would have been treated not being of their nation, let alone a part of their tribe. Never the less, the stories she had heard be they true or not never ended well. Her greatest fear of the moment being, would they torture her first before killing her?

    However long later Kay couldn’t say, she was suddenly roused with a kick and then yanked to her feet by three of the warriors that had captured her. A short walk later her lead was cast over a low branch of a large tree, and perhaps three feet apart stakes were hammered into the ground, and her ankles bound to them. With a quick pull of the lead, Kay found herself hanging there so high that her toes were the only thing left standing upon the ground with her legs spread wide.

    Kay knew what was coming next. They’d burn her, peel off her skin or a thousand other terrible things she could only guess at. By the time a couple tribal leaders, a medicine man and what had to be two old witch women approached her, naked and terrified Kay stood there shaking violently and weeping inconsolably. They all took a lot of time walking around her as they examined her from head to toe just looking. At that point the leaders began trying to speak to her in numerous languages that she didn’t understand, yet what concerned her most were the medicine people.

    As the leaders spoke, the medicine people began tentatively at first poking and prodding every bit of her. They’d poke here, pinch there and ultimately began groping her fully. Her large full yet taunt breasts they were fascinated with no doubt due to her lean frame. They’d squeeze and mash them, pull and twist at her nipples and even checked how much bounce they had. By the time they were done with that phase, not an inch of her from the top of her head to the tips of her toes had not been examined.

    When the medicine man came at her with a small antler however, Kay figured this was it. She couldn’t help herself so terrified that suddenly she lost control of her bladder, and when she cried out in fear and shame bawling hanging her head, they just yanked it back up by her hair and continued on. The antler was stuck in her mouth to keep her from biting as they all then peered into it checking both tooth and tongue. At that point, one of the old witches slicked a finger and sank it deep into her anus checking Kay’s reaction perhaps. Finally the other old woman suddenly shoved a thick finger deep into her cunnie, and what surprised Kay most was after she probed around a bit and withdrew it, she then took a long sniff and had the others do so as well. After their thorough examination they spoke with the tribal leaders some, and without warning, they all just simply walked away together.

    As she watched an azure sky give way to a deep red, lavender and pink sunset, Kay had hung there long enough that her calves burned and knees buckled leaving all of her weight to hang upon her bonds. Soon enough however, they came back for her though not whom she had expected. Perhaps six in all two carrying war clubs, yet instead of the fierce braves that she thought would signal her end, they were all middle-aged women both large and strong.

    Leaving her bound, they actually helped her down to the river. As they walked through the village odder still, the two carrying clubs though clearly keeping an eye on Kay also used them to threaten and wave off those people of the tribe from getting too near. Once there, they made Kay drink, encouraged her to take care of any personal business she might need to, then they set to work bathing her thoroughly. Once she was clean to their satisfaction, back through the camp they walked, and as the rest of the tribe gathered around a massive fire to hear the leaders speak, Kay was taken to a spot that concerned her yet also gave her hope.

    In two parallel trenches perhaps ten feet long and thirty feet apart were high burning fires knocking down the chill of the night air. Between them a large Bison skin had been laid down upon the ground, though over it rose what concerned her most. Four posts had been hammered into the ground and bridging them perpendicular to the fires two poles had been lashed on like rails. The first at a foot and a half from the ground and the second perhaps a foot higher with long strips of rawhide draped over each.

    Kay wasn’t sure what kind of torture they had devised, whether they intended on stretching her out and slow roasting her, or perhaps just some elaborate method to secure her to be skinned alive. When they neared the area, Kay frantically began to struggle to no avail against the six larger women who in short order had positioned her, and bound Kay in place.

    Forced to kneel by the lower rail, she was pulled over it till her shoulders and collarbones rest against the higher second rail at which point they bound her. Strips of leather were run around her armpits, under the rails and over her shoulders lashing her to it. Another longer strip was tied the same yet crisscrossed over her shoulder blades securing her even tighter. Finally her wrists were bound leaving enough slack that they could be extended a foot out from her shoulders yet left her hands in front of her face.

    The position left Kay as though she was on all fours but she did not have to support her weight with her hands. She could not sit, but if she spread her knees wide she could rest upon the rear rail and oddly they had left her head free to move. What concerned her though as Kay looked down she noted a small antler lying upon the skin. It was then that the women did something that both soothed Kay’s frazzled nerves yet, also gave her pause to wonder.

    Four of them laughing as they chattered away began smoothing thick rich oil over Kay. Scented, smelling of both wildflowers and spice they covered every inch of her in it from her neck down. Her belly and breasts, legs, back and bottom were all covered. Then they paid special attention to insure her arms, hands and feet were thoroughly glazed. Lastly they seemed to glob much of it over her anus and cunnie, and as they all walked away still laughing, it left Kay positive as to their intentions. They were going to roast her alive. The oil simply a marinade meant to help her brown and cook quickly as she began to sob and shake uncontrollably.

    Vulgar Humiliation:
    Kay remained there over the rails alone quite a while as she heard the members of the tribe work themselves up to a fevered pitch in the distance. The waiting was the worst of it in that she just knew that any moment they would all come to stoke up the fires to slowly and horrifically roast her alive. Clearly the skins were meant to absorb her dripping fat so that it wouldn’t flare up the flames, but why they would go to so much trouble was a mystery though in that she had never heard of Native Peoples being cannibals.

    It had been no more than half an hour when it looked as though her time had come. Two men and two women walking as couples approached her from behind. Shaking terribly, Kay couldn’t even whimper she was so scared as she whispered and prayed begging for help from that seemingly divine intervention that had always saved her in the past. This time however for some reason, she somehow knew that it wouldn’t be coming.

    Expecting that any minute the four would begin stoking up the fires to begin cooking her alive, she suddenly realized that they were going to humiliate her first. Straining to look over her shoulder, she found them just standing there gazing at her splayed open cunnie and bottom. Hanging her head weeping and helpless, as she looked back again she noted that the women were rubbing the men’s cocks through their breechcloths, and it became obvious that they were using her plight and exposed vulnerability to excite each other as it then became even worse.

    Moving up close to her, all four began fondling her as though half inspecting her, and yet, also considering her sexual potential. Unsure if they were simply selecting their preferred cut of meat or which part of her they’d like to molest, as they chattered away, laughing and cooing, they checked over much of her. Her bottom was squeezed and the folds of her cunnie traced and prodded. Her belly and back was rubbed, and her breasts they all greatly enjoyed squeezing and making them swing as they hung beneath her.

    After their inspection of her, the two couples then moved around to in front of Kay. One couple clearly seemed unsure, and then after further consideration, against whatever they were deciding upon as the woman grimaced and then shook her head looking at her man, to which he just nodded and they stepped back.

    The other couple however seemed mutually very interested, just in what however Kay didn’t know. It was then that the woman playfully pulled the brave’s breechcloth to the side, and with that pulled out his cock and began stroking it. The oddest part being clearly showing Kay its size and how quickly it became hard. Even more confusing, as she stroked and showed off his cock, he had pulled up the hem of her buckskin dress to expose the woman’s cunnie, and then stroked it before putting his fingers in front of Kay for her to see how wet the woman became.

    Just then, four young men in their late teens or early twenties drew near. All of them excitedly talking, perhaps just hungry for all Kay knew, but then she realized they were clearly wanting to make use of the outsider before she was cooked alive. The couples stepping back as though to watch soon left however, and the young men then had Kay all to themselves.

    Nudged by the others, a young brave pulled off his breechcloth standing there as nude as Kay, his erection stating clearly what his intentions were and Kay realized that she would have to suffer rape before roasting. Like most young men there was no warm up or foreplay. This was rape after all, and young anxious men having no skills typically were the perfect candidates for such a deed.

    Instantly Kay slammed her thighs as tight as she could which only caused her swollen netherlips to protrude past her thighs, though with the thick oil upon them they offered her little to no protection. Without hesitation he was on her lining up his cock, and then firmly grasped her hips. With an inexperienced shove in short order he was deep within Kay’s cunt hammering away, and in no more than ten to fifteen strokes later he came inside of her letting out a war whoop as he did.

    Just as quickly withdrawing from Kay, he then staggered to the others panting and as they all chattered away slapping his back and so on, but he then did something odd. Standing there in front of Kay flushed and beaming, he spread his arms wide and looked to her for a reaction. Kay was mortified, her mouth wide open just staring at him in shock. When her expression didn’t change, he looked as though he had been rejected. His friends patted him on the back seeming to console him as he just shook his head dejected and moved to the side.

    The next young man to strip oddly took a few poses in front of Kay first as though looking for her to respond somehow. He too like the first simply saddled up behind her and pounded into her depths though he lasted a bit longer, and just like the first stood in front of her as though seeking her approval as well. Kay was stunned. She didn’t know what they expected, so simply out of confusion just grinned and nodded. With that the others began congratulating him as quickly the third and fourth stripped excitedly.

    The third young man made it a point to show off his larger cock, pose and posture for Kay seeming to try and prove to her that he was strong and virile. Just then the first two grabbed him and pointing back to the village began hurriedly speaking as though having just remembered something they heard. With that he moved up closer as his firming cock waved in her face. The fourth young brave however wasn’t waiting. Racing around behind Kay, as she felt her hips grabbed suddenly the other three began chastising him, perhaps telling him to wait his turn.

    He didn’t care, more so, he knew exactly what he wanted and no one would stop him. Lining his cock up with her anus, slow but firm he pressed his hard tool deep into her bowel. Strange however, yet as Kay grimaced and cringed not expecting that, while the first two kept scolding him, the third began petting her hair and back as though trying to sooth her during the ordeal. Kay didn’t know what to make of it, her own mind slipping back and forth from that detached place she’d slip into.

    It was then she felt a faint sensation sweep over her. As the fourth young man plunged into her bottom again and again, whether just confused or saying thanks for the comfort, she reflexively reached out and wrapped her hand around the third man’s cock. Then again, it was neither a sense confusion nor gratitude that swept over her, or even a fear of not placating them. Something was nudging and urging her to giver herself over to this, so unsure as to what to do, Kay did.

    It was then that a brave she had not noticed stepped up quickly, lifting up her brow with his thumb to look in her eyes. He was one of the warriors from earlier today who thought he had seen something that unnerved him, and there it had just happened again. Earlier he could swear her eyes had shifted from gray to dark brown. Just now however though it was difficult to tell in the firelight, he was positive that in a single blink they had just shifted once more but this time from brown to a light hazel. Releasing her he stepped away and shouted something at her, and then to the young men as he stormed out of view.

    With that the three men before her silenced and began simply soothing Kay as the fourth quickly finished. Cumming deep within her ass with a grunt, once he had withdrawn himself he only shrugged giving Kay the impression as though stating "who cares" as the others turned their backs on him, so he spit then walked away. That over, the third young man looked down at Kay seeming to ask if she was all right. Kay however just nodded, and realizing this was going to happen no matter what, then began to pull and stroke upon his cock once more with it quickly rising in front of her.

    Once hard he shifted a little hinting at that he was about to plunder her mouth. Quickly one of the others stopped their friend pointing to the antler, and taking it up he hesitantly began to set it between her teeth as a bite block then shook his head and dropped it. Seeing that, him trusting Kay not to bite and after his kindness she reached out with her other hand grasping his bottom to pull him near, and fervently began sucking his cock.

    Kay wasn’t sure herself if it was in thanks, to insure that he didn’t take her ass roughly like the fourth, or perhaps something more. Never the less the young man was stunned by the sensation of her oil slicked hands and hot wet mouth slathering over him, and in no more than perhaps sixty seconds as the first jet of cum shot out over her tongue, he tried to pull back. Kay however pulled him in deeper filling her mouth with his youthful seed as the young brave’s cock lurched and pumped. Like the first two when done he then stepped back and postured, yet in contrast to the others he seemed to be more thanking her than looking for praise. Kay just smiled wide to console him, then reached out petting at his leg.

    It was then that two more mature men strode up and began jokingly trying to shoo the others away as though they were taking too long. At roughly the same time two younger women joined the group and after a bit of discussion the men grudgingly though teasing moved out of view. After a whispered discussion both of the young gals disrobed in front of Kay shyly once more seeming to look for her approval. In Kay’s eyes they were both stunning, and whether she meant to or not still confused, their reaction to her expression was met with immediate action.

    Gently yet with purpose the two began softly stroking and fondling Kay kneeling beside her. Petting her back, bottom and thighs, belly and breasts, both clearly went to great efforts to arouse her. Upon one saying something to the other one of the gals moved to in front of Kay. As she did the other began rubbing Kay’s bottom and cunnie with focus, and once she began directly rubbing upon her clit, Kay reflexively parted her knees wide to allow her access as the gal before her took Kay’s hands and set them to her own body.

    Kay was so confused and scared at what was happening that she simply gave into it. In short order as she fondled and pet the one before her she could not help moaning as she pulled the gal in front of her tight to her cheek. She didn’t know why she did it, yet slowly Kay began kissing down the mons of the gal in front of her. After some urging, the gal anxiously spread her legs wide, and in her pre-orgasmic haze Kay voraciously began lapping at her twat.

    Perhaps inspired, the one behind Kay began sinking her fingers deep into her vagina as she diligently fanned her clit. Kay lapped and suckled away at the other, her tongue tracing through slick sweet brown folds as then her lips surrounded the girls clit, all while her tongue began flicking at it like a sensing rattler. In no time the gal began to cum violently, and as she did that only inspired Kay to as well, both shuddering and groaning as their orgasms struck simultaneously and unexpected like prairie lightning. When all said and done just like the young men before them they both stood before Kay looking for her approval or possibly to say "remember us." Kay was still confused yet for the moment, was oddly uncaring of what was to come.

    So it went late into the night. Perhaps nine men more all told, of the four that made use of her, unlike the younger males those older seeming more focussed upon impressing Kay with their skills, working toward her orgasms rather than their own, yet none who chose to make use of her walked away unsatisfied. Along with the men came a few varied women. One was like the first two, and a couple more tried different things seeming to want to impress Kay or perhaps learn of her tastes. One of them notably used a long bumpy gourd to cast Kay into shuddering fits of orgasmic bliss.

    Finally were the two women that at first Kay thought were men. They dressed like the warrior males, tended to act like them and even to a great degree were built like them even sporting scars from battles. One of those types even made the effort to pack a false phallus. That one making it a point to show and use it as though trying to prove to Kay that she could fuck her as good as any man, and each of those types of women made Kay feel just as if not more feminine then the men had done.

    Finally left alone, when it became clear that no others would be coming, Kay was left more confused then ever. Were they going to keep her like some communal cum-ditch, the whore of the village? Perhaps had they simply done all of that to remind her of one of the best parts of life, a life that she was about to lose as some sadistic cruelty. In the end she couldn’t think clearly having cum so very many times, still tasting and feeling the emissions of all the men and women that had made use of her.

    They had covered the spectrum of sexuality from gentle lovemaking to those deeply perverse, and Kay’s mind was swimming in eroticism. So much in fact that she couldn’t wrap her head around any of it as perhaps in the end, it was all nothing more than to say they saw her as some depraved white nymphomaniac simply to humiliate her.

    Dawn however she would have her answer.

    The Hunt Begins:
    Even though facing her possible demise, Kay soon after the numerous people had stopped coming, and she had stopped cumming, finally fell off to sleep. She had no idea how long she had slept, yet as dawn broke over the valley just as spectacular as the sunset the night before, she was awakened by the same six squaws that had bound her there.

    Freeing her from the rails then rebinding her wrists, the six once again marched her nude through the village, this time with virtually no one in sight. Eventually they emerged from the woods into a large clearing and what had to be the entire village waiting for her there. All at once upon seeing Kay the entire tribe erupted with war-whoops and yells. Some lunged at her as a few others threatened Kay with weapons, quite a few men and women however would grasp at their genitals making lewd thrusting movements as though mocking the woman so many had used the night before.

    At the far end of the great crowd stood the tribal leaders, the medicine man and the two witches, though more disconcerting were the others there. Almost every single man or woman that had sex with Kay the night before was waiting there as well. All of them wearing varied styles of war paint, armor, and of greatest concern they all were heavily armed with bows, lances, war clubs and so on, and they each kept pushing to in front of the others impressing Kay as though trying to state "remember me?" Each of them looking fierce and aggressive, and the longer it took the more whipped up their excitement seemed to become.

    Suddenly, the large warrior that had literally rode Kay in on the horse the day before pushed through the crowd just briefly stretching out his arms as though also saying "remember me." He then immediately turned round to face the others taunting them, puffing up and posturing to look strong and virile. The entire group from the night before began jeering him trying to yank him back behind the crowd not allowing him to participate. Worst of all however they all laughed about it as though this was some fun game. Kay’s life in the balance, and it was nothing but fine sport to them, as clearly Kay was worth nothing more than some half-breed prey.

    Once the fool play ended, the tribal leader stepped out and made a long speech to the crowd. When he was done the Medicine Man took over wherein he selected roughly a third of the perhaps twenty-one people separate from the main body. Mostly men and a few of the women, yet upon sinking a lance in to the ground they all bolted toward the far end of the field and vanished into the forest. As each passed they made it a point to run past Kay once more seeming as though asking "remember me?" Each beaming, yet each also thrusting their weapons at her excitedly.

    At that point everyone else just waited. It was a good half-hour before anyone stirred and finally about fifteen minutes after that the Chief took up a bow and a single arrow. He strained to pull it back farther than one typically would, and took great care to raise it for the maximum distance. When he loosed it, the entire tribe seemed to exhale, and the second it struck the ground they all let out with war cries and whoops.

    It was then that Kay realized what this was all about. She would have to run for her life. Without even being told she understood that she was to run to the edge of the field and the second she reached the arrow then very likely they would send out one of the warriors that had fucked her to chase her down. When he or she reached the arrow, then the next would start and so on. Then there were those sent ahead. Possibly there to ambush her also hunting Kay, or perhaps simply just to keep her in a designated area so one of the others could kill her with ease.

    That moment the six women cut Kay’s bonds and began forcing her out into the field pointing in the direction of the arrow. When she refused they pushed at her, when she refused again the two with the war clubs threatened her with them clearly implying "run or die here." So with that, Kay began to slowly walk to save her energy as the entire tribe shouted taunts, cheered and yelled.

    Naked and alone, Kay was so terrified at what was about to happen that she just wanted to collapse right there. The further she walked it seemed the weaker she became, and as she neared the arrow Kay was so petrified with fear she didn’t think she would even be able to walk let alone run. The second she reached the arrow however she bolted. Glancing back over her shoulder hoping one of the weaker women would be one of the first sent out, she was horrified to find that every one of those left that had used her took off after her at the same time, and Kay just knew that she was doomed.

    Kay ran like she had never run before in her life. Barefoot and naked, she was just fortunate that the floor of the valley was covered in thick soil and lush grasses. Her large breasts bouncing terribly soon found her clutching them to ease the strain, and realizing that looking back would just slow her down, resolved herself to just focussing upon what was up ahead, if anything just to watch out for those sent out before.

    In no time at all Kay’s legs burned, her lungs rasped and she had a severe stitch in her side yet never the less she kept running. Kay ran so long and so far without seeing anyone that she soon began to wonder if anyone was chasing her at all or if perhaps they were simply driving her away. Kay still kept running though, dodging trees and skirting brush and rocky areas, and just as she was sure that no one was chasing her and considered slowing it suddenly happened.

    A late 20’s male warrior from the night before tackled Kay from behind. The sweat covering him was as thick as hers, and he was also winded so clearly he had been part of the group in pursuit. Nevertheless, once they had tumbled to a stop he took a deep breath and let out a terrifying war cry both up and down the valley. The breath having been knocked from Kay it took her a moment before she could even sit up, and just as she did the mature brave was on her.

    Kay just froze in terror as he held his tomahawk high and pushed her down onto her back beaming at being the one to have caught her, no doubt excited to make the kill. Kay could only scream out "no" as she shut her eyes tight waiting for the hit, yet a second later he was laying over her urgently kissing her face and neck, and gently fondling her breasts as he kept speaking to her in breathy soothing tones. The next thing she knew he had forced his way between her legs, and a second later deftly he had slipped his cock deep inside her cunnie.

    Kay kept screaming out "no" expecting that any second the tomahawk would be sunk deep into her skull. All the while the man just kept on fucking her slowly, gently almost, as he continued to try and soothe her in words she didn’t understand till Kay eventually silenced and opened up her dark brown eyes looking up into his. He did not have an expression of rage, anger or bloodlust. Instead he had the look of a lover that had just been given permission for the first time to be inside the one he desired.

    Kay was in shock, more so in that he was clearly touching her and moving to try and please her and not himself. He did not pound away, instead just sinking deep into her to then pull her close and almost grind up each stroke trying to rub his pubic bone over her clit. There was no urgency or rush on his part as though simply wanting to rape her before he split her skull. There were only the efforts of a lover, and once Kay had calmed enough to think rationally, she wondered if perhaps the night before had made an impression on him, and more so, could she use that to save her.

    With that thought in mind, Kay locked her heels over his back and pulled the firm bronze brave into a deep kiss. Her hands smoothed over his back and bottom urging him, and when he rose up high enough she kissed over his chest and nipples suckling them as her hips rolled and her cunnie ground to his abdomen. Suddenly panic washed over his face and fearing the worst Kay froze as without warning he sank his cock fully inside of her and loosed a deep groan as he came.

    Panting he collapsed upon her as Kay tried to comfort him, all while his hips bucked and cock twitched spurting streams of hot cum up into her vagina. When he had calmed enough Kay began pleading saying only "save me, help me please." Yet when he had recovered from his orgasm he simply grudgingly pulled himself from inside of her, gave her one last pleading look as though asking "me?" and then crossed his legs and sat up facing away from her just waiting.

    Kay was stunned as she lay there her legs parted wide as his copious load of spunk ebbed from her flush swollen folds. After enough time of remaining there confused, Kay noted his tomahawk near and considered grabbing it to insure he’d not kill her, perhaps to defend with, or maybe even kill him first she thought in darker places of her mind.

    As she reached for the weapon however, Kay deep in her mind kept hearing ‘no, not this one.’ The voice was so clear that it seemed real, yet deciding that if he had meant to kill her he would have already, she merely began to creep away. When she had backed up close to ten paces, a sharp crack was heard when she accidentally stepped upon a twig. At that moment the brave turned looking to her and just let out a dejected sigh, and with that he rose and began walking back to the village.

    No more than twenty steps into his walk the man paused and called out with a war whoop up and down the valley. Kay assumed he had changed his mind now intent on killing her, yet instead he just kept walking as Kay saw many of the others far off in the distance suddenly rise up to standing and once more begin running in her direction. Kay panicked bolting away from the village once again, charging down the valley with all her might until she ran straight into a black muddy sink.

    Frantic to escape her legs sinking in to mid shin, she clawed with her hands and fought the thick black mud finally escaping it only to make it no more than ten paces before out of no where, two women and a single man converged upon Kay taking her down. Kay didn’t even have a chance to struggle before the three had her pinned, all of them loosing loud war cries, as Kay looked off in the distance saw three scattered others oddly suddenly stop and sit down.

    Lying upon her back spread eagle pinned under the three, Kay struggled and squirmed to get free to no avail. Her knees to her toes and elbows to her fingertips now black with the staining mud, she was sure they’d gut her laying as she was as they all excitedly looked down at her weapons high above their heads. Instantly they began to argue however, no doubt each wanting to be the one to deal the deathblow. After a few heated seconds however it was clear that they had all come to an agreement, and from the way they all beamed looking crazed, it was obvious they had decided to do this together.

    With a knee and a hand each holding her down in unison they all three dropped their weapons and began struggling one handed to strip off their minimal clothing and armor. Kay’s eyes wide in terror soon shifted once more to confusion. That confusion causing her to cease struggling when the male brave said something to the other two, and in an instant he had yanked Kay up holding her in a full nelson with him sitting behind her. His heels locked inside of her knees pulling them wide just as splayed out as she had been lying there under them.

    Thinking they were going to split her from her throat to her gut Kay tensed yet then felt the mature brave’s cock swelling to a substantial size up her back. At the same time the women began petting and fondling Kay’s thighs, breasts, belly and twat and as her mind reeled all of this so surreal, without warning the warrior lifted her up, and sank her cunt down upon his hard throbbing cock to its hilt.

    The size alone made Kay freeze taking her breath from her, yet before she could utter a word of protest one of the women saddled her own cunnie flush to Kay’s wrapping her legs around her and the male. As she ground and slid her swollen slick folds against Kay’s splayed wide by the thick cock deep inside her, their breasts mashed and slipped over one another’s as the second women stepped in between their heads, gently grasping Kay’s hair.

    Tilting Kay’s head back it scared her at first when the gal looked down to her own mons and then in a soft pleading voice uttered a single word that Kay had never heard before, yet just knew had to be "please." It scared Kay in that none of this made any sense to her. She was used to and expected brutal treatment, that she could understand. Yet all of this gentle force to serve both people was so out of the realm of a half-breed’s life long reality that she didn’t know how to cope with it.

    Never the less, as though hypnotized while the large cock humped up into her from below and a hot wet vulva, clitoris and breasts ground to her own, Kay just slowly parted her lips and opened her mouth. Beaming wide the second girl stepped forward, her pussy already slick in anticipation, and as Kay's lips closed over her hood and netherlips, her tongue swept up from the gal’s vagina to her clit.

    Kay’s eyes instantly rolled up in her head in that she had never in her entire life tasted a woman or man so wonderful. Her head swam as she suckled, lapped and flicked over the woman’s cunnie trying to gather every drop of the perfect blend of sweet, savory and spice. More so her mind reeled as the heavy cock raked up and down inside of her perfectly, and the first woman’s slick full folds mashed and ground to her own as their heavy breasts pressed squeezing together.

    Giving herself over to this soon found the man slipping his hands down from her neck to massage the sides of Kay’s breasts and belly. The woman grinding to her would stroke Kay’s back, hips and thighs, and the woman she was voraciously lapping at began stroking her hair and face. Kay could hold back no longer as her orgasm suddenly pounced upon her like a Mountain Lion on a Deer. Kay drove down on the thick cock deep in her cunt causing her to gush heavily as her back arched and she shuddered loosing a muffled roar onto the cunnie pressed to her lips.

    Kay’s own orgasm instantly set off the man within her as he lurched up and his cock began to heave and throb pumping jet upon massive jet of hot cum deep inside her. Kay’s gush dowsing the woman grinding to her caused that one to pull tight, grinding to Kay’s clit and vulva with her own as she thrashed and loosed her own roar of ecstasy against the gals anus that Kay was lapping at. In a moment of orgasmic perfection from the vibrating roars from Kay and the first woman so the last girl came brutally, her orgasm causing her breasts to shake and her knees to buckle.

    Their mutual orgasms seemed to last for an entire minute, and as though almost on cue all four collapsed falling equally to the ground like the four points on a compass, their legs all entwined and still writhing. Panting and shaking for a good three minutes more until finally, the three Natives raised to their elbows laughing joyously and Kay could tell from their banter they all clearly agreed that this was the way it should be. Kay however knew somewhere deep down that this was simply all wrong, and no matter how desperately she wanted to stay and enjoy the pleasures these people seemed to offer, her mind screamed out to her nothing more than ‘no, run!’

    With that Kay literally pulled herself from the pile of limbs and began dragging herself away from the village. Finally getting to all fours preparing to bolt, Kay looked back at the three almost pleading in their expressions for her to stay. Yet as soon as Kay rose up and began to run, they all hung their heads as though rejected, and the male loosed a loud war cry up and down the valley.

    Kay saw the others rise up far past the three and begin the chase again. So with that she bolted, though only made it three steps.

    The Hunt Turns:
    As Kay began to run, instantly a single female warrior stepped out from behind a tree having clearly watched all that had gone on. It was obvious in that she stood there as naked as Kay, her weapons and armor in a pile beside her. Her nipples erect as was her large engorged clit and netherlips, her thighs and even her fingers were glistening and slick.

    Kay remembered this woman specifically from the night before in that she was one of the two women that were as large as the men, in fact this one larger. They dressed like the males of the tribe, had obvious scars from battle and even tended to act like the men. Kay had heard of such Native women who actually fared quite well in that gender roles were not based upon genitals, and the same would hold true conversely for certain males.

    This woman however stood out. Besides being larger than the other, unlike them she had the chest of a man except for her nipples. Her body was more defined, even more so than many of the lean Native men yet most of all she carried herself in such a way that it clearly was more than just comfortable to her, it was natural and normal. Finally, she had remained dressed during their encounter and by simply using her hands driven Kay to two crushing orgasms yet in the process, made Kay feel weak and feminine though also secure and safe.

    Kay just smiled though it quickly faded and she began to back up as the woman slowly began to smirk and crouch lower, clearly preparing to fight or chase as she abruptly let out a war cry up and down the valley. Both naked and seeming to wear war-paint, the woman’s genuine, Kay’s coming in the form of the mud that had stained her lower arms and legs almost black, a quick look had Kay realizing that she could not outrun her. With that thought in mind, Kay crouched herself instead as this game of theirs clearly was about having sex with her one more time, a tiny price to pay for freedom.

    The much larger woman smirked wider clearly pleased, and as she lunged in to grapple Kay she instead found Kay complacent no longer fearing for her life. It seemed to enrage the female brave as she tossed Kay easily ten feet to tumble and sprawl though she rose quickly, and when she simply tried to push the woman away, surprisingly she was backhanded dropping her to the ground.

    The woman could see it in Kay’s eyes when she looked up. Neither fear nor upset, yet pure unadulterated wrath and rage causing the warrior to beam excitedly, though something about Kay’s eyes seemed odd. That moment however in a split second Kay had subconsciously devised a cunning plan of action. One wherein they would grapple this way, then that, and in the end Kay would have her long knife in her hand and would gut her from hip to hip and twat to sternum. Every detail was mapped out, Kay not even consciously realizing it or where it had come from. She just simply knew that she was uncontrollably urged to lunge then feint.

    At that moment Kay once more felt like a passenger on a runaway stagecoach. Suddenly lunging, then feinting, the warrior reacted exactly as her inner mind saw. Kay then hooked her arm, buckled the warrior’s knee, spun round her pulling the arm tight behind her back landing on the woman’s chest as she crashed to the ground upon her back. As she prepared to deal the stunning blow with the heel of her free hand she looked into the warrior’s eyes and Kay instantly felt pure terror.

    The woman was beaming as though proud of Kay and having found a kindred spirit, tears almost welling up in her eyes. Of all of these Native peoples that Kay had encountered that showed lustful infatuation, this one showed love. The terror Kay felt was not in the woman’s look, yet suddenly that entire plan of action in exacting detail came rushing into her consciousness. The realization that she was just a few seconds away from brutally slaughtering this woman that held no ill will toward her struck Kay like a charging Bison as once more she heard it. ‘No, not this one.’

    Kay then saw the woman’s expression shift from love to confusion then back as she could swear that Kay’s eyes in a single blink had shifted from gray to brown. That pause however from the warrior caused Kay to instantly bolt away. Not from the woman however, yet herself. Unknowing of what Kay was thinking, the woman grasped her ankle pulling her back and as Kay now simply struggled to escape in short order this woman had her pinned and restrained face down. Kay knew once more what she had to do yet this time she drove the coach as she spread her legs slightly and rolled her hips up raising and grinding her bottom to the warrior’s clitoris.

    The woman held Kay tight as she rubbed her twat to Kay’s ass in victory, quickly bringing herself close to cumming as she whispered soft loving words Kay didn’t understand in her ear, and passionately kissed at her face. Rolling Kay onto her back and pressing down upon her as their legs and tongues entwined, each ground their slick cunnies to the others thigh as they kissed and stroked so that in the matter of a minute of writhing battle, each of the women were cumming.

    Once they had unlocked and rolled to beside each other, and as Kay slowly rose she did something she had done with no other. They had no words they could use that the other would understand, so with that Kay simply laid her hand to the woman’s cheek, made a show of a strained smile that said she was happy yet also sorry and sad yet had to go. As Kay stood and looked back, perhaps the strongest of the tribe just curled up and began to sob, and in a rare moment of compassion from her, Kay let out a mighty war whoop up and down the valley for the jilted female warrior and then continued her run.

    Along the way Kay encountered four more of the tribe. Some catching up to her, others ambushing her from up ahead yet all of them no matter how fierce they tried to seem at first they all ended up as the others had, as though trying to impress her with their skills yet also give Kay something that she needed. After each encounter, Kay would continue her run and though dejected, just as they had when they’d first came upon one another, as she’d leave they would all call out.

    There was another pair of men who each moved as she urged them and in the end each experienced her mouth and slick twat. Then there was the man that gently filled her bottom as he reached around her manipulating her clit and breasts till they both reached crushing orgasms. All of them cumming as did Kay, each in their own special way seeming to do what they felt would cause her to choose them, though all were left behind having to signal the others.

    The last of the group it was all Kay could do to not laugh at. Tangled up in brush and fighting to get out of it, eventually the young man emerged almost falling backwards so startled that Kay was just standing there. His bone breastplate armor was half on his shoulder and he had clearly lost all of his weapons. His breechcloth had come undone and was only hanging over his rump, and he had somehow lost a single moccasin and the legging on that side was bunched up about his ankle.

    Worse still, he was scratched up terribly from briars, had clearly been stung by something from the lumps upon his chest, and his nose was bleeding above his fat lip. His war paint streaked from having been crying, he was gasping for air, covered in sweat and mud, and clearly having a bad day. It was the first young man from the night before and Kay realized somehow that she had been the first woman he had ever been with and he had frantically tried to find Kay and be the one that she chose.

    Quickly he tried rearranging himself suddenly remembering to let out his rather disappointing war cry to stop the others, and as he tried to charge Kay limping, she just put up her hand and said "shhhhh" walking to him. As he tried to explain, Kay just shushed him again as she began helping him off with what he had left on. She wiped away the streaked war paint and tears to then slowly sink to her knees and began suckling upon him like an attentive lover.

    Finally when he had grown hard and calmed himself, Kay helped him to lay down straddling the poor young man and slowly, gently slipped him inside of her, then bent down cradling his head as she slipped one of her nipples into his mouth. Unlike the last time however, this time she moved. Moved like the experienced woman that she was to prolong his enjoyment and perhaps make this moment one he might remember. The pride in his eyes when he lasted an entire two minutes or so instead of his initial few seconds was priceless. Even more so when Kay faked having an orgasm, and then rolled off of him feigning having been wonderfully ravaged.

    Eventually Kay reached the edge of a small clearing near the swift flowing river and as she paused she heard a terrifying and hateful scream.

    Just as she turned to see which warrior this one was no longer fearing them, a lance just grazed her arm thrown from afar lodging in the tree behind her. There in front of Kay was the young man who the night before had so roughly taken her ass and showed her so much disregard. The sadistic look in his eyes filled with malice was just as clear as how he looked her over from head to toe clearly considering what harm he was going to inflict upon her.

    As he withdrew his long knife and tomahawk, once more Kay felt that she was no longer the one guiding her own actions as though reflex itself drove out all reason. Just then three other younger male braves stepped out of the brush with as much hate in their eyes as the first one’s. As their weapons were drawn the only question that was left being, would they brutally rape her before horrifically butchering her, or would they chop her to bits and then rape her.

    Just as before, Kay felt like nothing more than a passenger in her own skin as it all unfolded much like a dream. As the first brave advanced Kay was suddenly aware of things she had no way of knowing, yet in a flash she had yanked a single large Eagle feather from the lance, rolled this way toward one of the braves then side stepped. As two of them cut and slashed in her direction, she burst through the men sinking the feather’s quill deep into the jugular of another and then bolted toward the river.

    Upon reaching the water, Kay silently screaming inside her head to "run," instead found herself just turning and waiting until they neared almost as though taunting the three braves remaining. Just as they were upon her she cast herself in the turbulent waters though did nothing more than let the current carry her. As Kay floated down the river on her back she seemed to only taunt them more with her wide sarcastic grin as the three whooped and hollered running beside her along the bank.

    At one point even she thought to herself "no! What are you doing?" when suddenly she rolled over and fought the current to keep herself closer to shore, yet more so give the braves a chance to catch up so they would not give up the chase. The only answer that came however was, ‘just around the next bend, keep them coming.’ With Kay occasionally slowing her drift, ultimately the three had chased her well over a mile down the river, and as they rounded the bend the river widened out and Kay could see hundreds of Steers watering themselves there.

    Kay panicked seeing her way blocked yet was suddenly urged as though told by some companion that remained unseen to ‘stop here,’ and with that Kay’s toes reached down finding the bottom, and the braves whooped and screamed seeing their chance.

    Civilized Sanctuary:
    Pleading with herself to keep going, Kay just crouched there with her fingers and toes digging into the river’s bottom to anchor her drift as she kept screaming out in her mind to let go. Just as the first brave nearest her raised his weapon letting out a war cry preparing to leap in the water, a loud shot rang out. It hit the young man so hard he almost back-flipped and instantly a shout followed from just down the river.


    With that shot after shot tore through the brush as the young braves so full of hate continued to bear down on Kay screaming and whooping all the while. In just a few seconds nonetheless it was over, the three men lay there dead or dying and Kay as though reflex simply released her grip drifting down another thirty yards until her knees and breasts found bottom right at a sandy draw leading up the bank. Kay just lay there a moment until things had calmed, though she really felt more urged to wait for some reason, and then slowly as though on command Kay rose up from the frigid water.

    Perhaps grateful for having survived or possibly just to catch her breath she remained there in the shallow wash curled up on her hands and knees with her head hanging down as though waiting for something. Soon enough roughly ten men, cowboys clearly had gathered at the top of the draw, and it was only then that Kay raised her head almost expressionless, and slowly rose to standing as graceful as any ballerina, seeming to rise out of the swirling waters like some apparition.

    Naked and barefoot, as Kay advanced up the draw her odd walk of toe to heel forced her hips into a seductive roll as her heavy round breasts tipped with dark erect nipples from the cold water swayed gently with each soft swing of her shoulders. The men were in shock just standing there. Frozen, gazing at her wide eyed, and it was not until she was near them that her expression changed and she finally spoke.

    With heavy sultry eyes from behind dark tussled locks Kay smiled wide as in a dusky tone full of confidence she spoke words that did not match her demeanor.

    "Oh thank you, I was sure those savages were going to kill me…or worse. Thank you for saving me."

    The cowboy’s mouths wide open and for the most part looking over her body finally began to speak all at once.

    "The hell?"

    "That injun can speak American!"

    "Where’d you come from gal?"

    "Ella es un esclavo de la mujerzuela, she a slut slave."

    "It ain’t no injun you fool, it’s a breed, look at them blue eyes!"

    "Injun or not it needs to be rode hard, its already wet."

    Once they started speaking the men circled around Kay as more joined them, slowly moving toward the camp as their comments quickly became more lewd.

    "How’d ya come ta be chased by them injuns breed, run off tired of ruttin with em?"

    "Taint seen tits like that since Sweet’s ol’ milk cow."

    "La puta del mestizo quiere coger? You me breed bitch, we fuck yes?"

    Kay just kept walking though oddly as they began to grope at her and then softly shove, she remained unexpressive save for the tiniest of smirks.

    As ten men became just over thirty, each man tried to outdo the last with their vulgarity considering her even less than human being a mix of Native and white. Quickly the groping became rough fondling, and soon she was being pushed back and forth within the circle until finally one of the Mexican vaqueros slapped Kay knocking her to the ground, and instantly another of his friends was on her.

    "Puta we fuck!"

    In a heartbeat he was between Kay’s legs and had roughly shoved his cock inside of her as the man who slapped Kay pinned her arms.

    A second later a large black cowboy pushed through the crowd and shoved the one inside Kay off with his boot stating, "Get off her, I’m goin first."

    That caused one of the white cowboys to shove him stating "you is goin last, you big bucks will wreck her."

    Then another shouted "well someone fuck that squaw bitch or I will."

    Just then the second vaquero drew his knife and slashed the black cowboy’s wrist as another white cowboy hollered out "bean eatin bastard!" and drew his gun.

    All the while Kay was being kicked and stepped on as the men shoved each other deciding who would rape her first, and about then a large old grizzled man burst into the crowd firing a shot into the air shouting out "what the hell is going on here, why ain’t you boys workin?!"

    As they all started shouting out their answers and upsets, looking down he could guess what the trouble was. He then ordered two of them to pick the "injun" up and bring her over to the chuck-wagon, once there telling Kay to sit throwing a horse blanket at her demanding that she cover up.

    Looking Kay over the first question out of his mouth confused her being in some Native language, then he tried another, and finally one of the cowboys spoke up and said "she speaks "American" real good, she ain’t injun, look at them blue eyes!"

    That last comment confused Kay in that her eyes she knew to be dark brown, yet the drive boss yanked her head back then scowled as he spoke. "That true breed, you savvy American?"

    Kay just glared back as deadpan as before responding "yes, I understand you."

    At that point the drive boss asked Kay how she came to be out there, Kay just telling him that she had been captured by the Native peoples leaving out all of the details, and that she had escaped. By that time the cowboys were all but demanding that he hand Kay over to them, and with that he made the situation absolutely clear to Kay with a question.

    "You ever been a whore breed?"

    Kay just shook her head "no" as he followed up with "well you’re causing me a lot of trouble, so you are now. Johnny, Paco, tie her up on the other side of that log yonder, I don’t want to look at it while I’m eating."

    As the two men took Kay over to be tied up, the crowd of men had already started fighting amongst themselves as to who would go first, the last bit of argument coming in the form of one of the Chinese cooks shouting something.

    The cook’s helper translating saying "he say he fuck squaw good" and one of the black cowboys shouted back "like hell, I ain’t puttin my pride in no breed after no celestial, you go last or I’ll chop your topknot off and you no go ta heaven!"

    With everyone at that point shouting and shoving, hands grasping handles of guns and hilts of knives, the drive boss made the situation plain.

    "I ain’t payin you boys to sit around and get your horns wet humping breed gash. Those who work get to work her. So tonight as each watch comes in only they get her in turn, and come mornin I’ll figure somethin out. Till then, get back to work!"

    Once everyone dispersed the drive boss walked to the log mostly to chew on Kay for coming there. He arrived just in time to see Paco unload his spunk into her mouth as Johnny slammed in his last cumming deep in Kay’s cunt.

    "Did I tell you to ride that breed bitch? No, now get the hell out of here and don’t tell anybody."

    Kay just lay there pushing the cum out of her mouth with it running down over her cheek, the two men having tied her in the most obscene of positions. Naked on her back laying on the rough horse blanket, they had tied Kay with the back of her head against the log forcing it forward, her wrists slightly out to the sides leaving her palms facing up on top of the log, yet the worst were her legs. To bind them the two men had tied the rope to just above her knees and then ran the rope to the log pulling her knees back, thighs wide and feet up in the air.

    "Breed, you’re makin a whole lot of trouble for me and I don’t cotton to the looks of ya. I should cut your throat and be done with it, but them cowboys would hang me for sure so you listen here. Just shut up and do as they tell ya, and if ya make no trouble then maybe, just maybe I might cut you loose at the rail head. First lick of trouble though and I’ll have Chen-Lee cut you up for stew."

    With that using the sole of his boot he wiped the cum off her cheek and then did the same to her ebbing pussy so no one would see that she had already been used.

    As the evening watch returned in time for supper, already they had heard about the "breed whore" back at camp and as the six of them rode up they just about ran to the log to see her and figure out who’d be first. Once there, the two white, one black and one Mexican cowboys instantly began arguing about who would be first, but the two Native cowboys held back as one of them just stared into Kay’s eyes. The only expression she made past wincing from the rough handling and violent rape was to glare at that Native for the longest time, and as the third cowboy saddled up between her legs and started pounding away, she smirked briefly.

    It was then Native pulled his friend with him as they went and found the other three Natives all speaking and arguing amongst themselves. Finally whatever they had agreed upon that first Native confronted the drive boss with. Clearly scared stating;

    "You must send her away, now, send her away or a lot of bad will happen here."

    The drive boss explained his situation and how he’d have a full scale revolt on his hands if he killed her, yet he wanted to know what the problem was in that she wasn’t an Indian, just some half-breed? The Native cowhand however made himself clear.

    "No! You can’t kill her, just send her away and stop the others from using her. She is touched, bad medicine, protected by spirits. If she stays you will lose everything and when you are all dead your cattle will scatter to the winds, send her away now!"

    Though the drive boss didn’t believe what the Native cowboy was telling him, he didn’t want his Native cowhands to be upset in that they were as good as any other. However, he knew that to let the girl go meant the others would run off after her, and if he killed her, they’d all turn on him.

    That night now pushed into a corner the drive boss devised a plan. As he did, having refused to listen to the Native cowhands, them fearing the wrath of the spirits, once it was dark the five of them gathered up their things and rode away. By that time the first night watch of six anxiously rode in. Even though the four of the evening watch had made use of Kay’s mouth, cunnie and ass no less than two times each, the six still had to drive them off, and instantly began making use of the half-breed whore themselves.

    Kay never once screamed or pled for help and past her grunts as they would slam into her, kick or hit her, she never made a sound. She in fact was so complacent that the men unbound her to get more creative uses out of her body as their vulgar comments and yells of cumming filled the night air only riling up the others in camp. For four hours the six new men violated Kay in every twisted way that they could imagine. Their reason being, it had been a long hard drive, "they deserved this," and after all, she was only a half-breed.

    Unlike the previous two watches however, when the four of the last night’s watch took their turn having had to wait half a day after seeing her the day before, they were almost twice as brutal and perverse having had an entire night of lustful anticipation to fuel their urges. Unlucky for them perhaps, yet after only two hours the drive boss called everyone together to fill them in as to his solution. Discovering all of his Native cowhands had fled in the night, it only fueled his desire to see this thing resolved, and hopefully be shed of Kay one way or another.

    From her long night of brutal abuse Kay just about had to be dragged to where the drive boss had everyone assemble. She didn’t know why, yet along the way something seemed to be wrong with her vision. This man’s boots, another’s shirt, that man’s belt, his vest, another’s hat and so on Kay noticed seemed to almost glow they looked so contrasting to everyone else’s, in fact, even everything else that person wore. They just shined and Kay knew that she just had to have them.

    There were a few knives that stood out and even a few pockets which she had no idea as to what they contained. It was odd however, not a single one of their guns shined though. The only thought crossing her mind upon seeing one being ‘no, they’ll ward off the right sort of people.’

    Kay went out without a struggle. Filthy, bruised, covered and filled with cum her nose bloodied and lip fat, yet her gaze nevertheless was still indifferent.

    Upon reaching the drive boss he almost growled out his whisper to her.

    "I want you gone breed, and if they don’t kill you, then you better escape or I’ll let them use you like a five cent whore till you’re a greasy spot."

    As Kay gazed out the narrow opening through the valley wall, she saw the hundred yards or so of rough rocky ground and the dunes of sand beyond that. However, even though she couldn’t see them and had never even been there, she somehow knew of the narrow canyons just beyond. They were like a maze cut through the stone by wind and flood bearing the colors of a western sunset, none wider than twelve feet with walls straight up a good fifty feet and she could envision every turn, fork, cave, pool and covey.

    "Y’all shut up and listen! I’m gonna let the herd graze and water today as come tomorrow we have a hard two week drive to the railhead and a real town. Now you boys that have to rut with that breed split-tail and can’t wait for some good whores can all have your chance to see what order you get to use her. I’m cuttin her loose, and she’s gonna run that way out past the wall to the dunes and when she makes it to that second one with the buffalo skull on it, anyone who can’t wait can try and catch her!"

    "Now, and you Texacans shut the hell up a minute! Anyone who don’t go chasin after the breed slut gets twenty dollars extra once we get the herd to the railhead. Thems of you that do got to have her you got till sundown to catch the bitch, and if you do, then the order you come up on her is the order you get to use her for fifteen minutes only each day! Anyone breaking those rules I’ll kill myself cuz I’m gettin this herd to the railhead!"

    All of that said the drive boss looked at Kay and said nothing more than "run breed, now’s your chance."

    Kay took a few tentative steps toward the rocky path ahead and then paused looking back. Noting all of the shiny things on each man that seemed to call to her never realizing that those items above all others would fit her best and she somehow subconsciously knew it. To the men however she looked just as vacuous and stoic as she had since arriving.

    It pleased her in that this she understood. This is what she was supposed to be doing and this place and around these sorts of men was where she was supposed to be. The Native peoples before were just confusing. They had no malice or bad intentions, and Kay felt unwanted or perhaps unneeded there as though trespassing. She just simply didn’t belong and it would be wrong for her to stay. Yet that town or among these men, well…

    With that Kay looked out to the dunes once more and began clumsily walking over the rough rocks to reach them. Naked and brutalized yet unafraid in that it was here that inner voice told her was where she was meant to be, and this is what she was meant to be doing. Slowly from behind bloody swollen lips she began searching for something with her tongue, seeming to probe for a loose tooth perhaps.

    Instead she slowly slid out a long thin razor sharp shard of obsidian gripping it between her teeth before slipping it back in between her cheek and gum. She then glanced to her hand at the horseshoe nail she had found, carefully hid between her fingers. It was so easy, sucking a cock while holding that shard, or sharpening that nail that made her laugh when she needed just one more man to fuck her on all fours so she could finish, and sure enough it happened.

    As Kay’s toes just touched the edge of the first dune having made it past the rocks she glanced back just one more time making sure to form an exaggerated pout, and just then it struck her. It didn’t matter if they were red, black, yellow, white or brown. Nor did it matter if they were cowboys, braves, railroad workers, miners or town folk.

    Slowly turning back looking out across the sand dunes, her path already mapped out to the narrow canyons that she had never seen, Kay’s inexpressive face drew up into a wicked malicious smirk in that in the end "these men deserved it." Most of all however, for a half-breed, they all made fine prey…

    …And so, Kay ran.

    Post Script to "Vulgar Humiliation & The Hunt":
    When the warriors returned bringing in Kay, the tribal leaders needed to know who she was and where they found her. In the last few years things had changed so much. Captives once integrated into the tribe had turned into being slaves, often to be sold or ransomed and now in that the hair-faces had encouraged all of that, once they started slaughtering Native peoples, so that had also become the norm.

    Rape, needless slaughter and torture were also acts that Native peoples found shameful. However, when faced with the white men doing such routinely, simply to be able to retaliate in a way that ‘the white man could understand,’ they had adopted those despicable methods as well.

    Kay was not Native, nor was she a child in fact far from it. So just why had the party of braves returned with her? With that senior members of the hunting party told the tale of the day’s events in exacting detail. The Chief himself and many others felt that the braves had simply found a willing and anxious plaything. The Medicine Man as much of a spiritual leader than anything quickly interjected that the second she began acting like that, they should have stopped and left her alone in that she had to be touched, or crazy. Bringing her here though just made matters worse.

    To be so sexually promiscuous at such a time said more than she was just some wanton slut. Fear should have seized her, and for her to not be afraid, in fact the attack exciting her, meant that a powerful spirit had influenced her, and whatever that spirit was with Kay now here, now it was here in the village. With that the medicine man burned sage and sought guidance as the witches were called in to cast their bones and totems to try and figure this whole thing out and what to do about it.

    Quickly they had their answer. That a spirit had indeed touched the woman and it had joined with her. Not just any spirit mind you, yet a powerful one full of wrath and vengeance. Being that she was a half-breed it no doubt harbored its hate for the white invaders, yet it likely was indiscriminant so that meant that Native peoples were at risk as well. They further saw that the blatant sexuality was used to draw those filled with malice to her to get them close. So not only was the spirit vengeful, yet it was also cunning and more predatory than any wolf or cougar.

    However, the intent of the braves having shifted quickly with them bearing no malice in their hearts is all that had saved them. To that end it hinted that the spirit’s wrath could be temporarily controlled through sex with those having pure hearts in that such confused it having no one to vent its rage upon. To keep it confused however would require such activity regularly and often.

    It was then that the Chief decided the woman simply needed to be released and returned to where she was found. The Medicine Man however disagreed. Intentional or not the braves by bringing her here had now made her the tribe’s responsibility, and to just send her away might not only enrage that spirit, yet all others in that refusing responsibility for the world around them and casting bad out into it was unfaithful.

    It was the worst possible situation, like bringing a massive man-eating boar Grizzly into the village thinking they could tame it. With that in mind, the tribal leaders, medicine man and witches went out to question and inspect the woman knowing what lay ahead. When she would not speak to them and in fact showed great fear they could only assume that the spirit was wandering the village now looking for victims. Fearing what they would need to do, Kay was inspected for disease or anything else that could harm the people, and once through, they retired to devise a firm plan.

    After much debate, prayers and casting of totems, finally a plan was decided upon. That anyone of the tribe who would be willing to take responsibility for the woman could offer themselves up to that end. They would all be told however that it would entail regular and constant sexual activity to do so, and all those willing would be given a chance to discover if how they enjoyed sex enticed or in actuality confused the spirit most of all.

    Most importantly however, they were to as soon as possible lead it out into the wilderness, far away from the people, and remain with it until it left them. So a time of trial was devised which would occupy the spirit this evening, and give the people and the spirit a chance to discover the best fit. To that end however, the spirit had to be the one to make the choice and they could not count on a lucid moment of the woman to do so.

    It was then decided that the following morning the spirit would be given an opportunity to choose, and if lucky perhaps choose no one to continue on in its hateful quest. They would let fate and the other spirits guide not only their people yet the afflicted woman. Those that were directed to her no doubt by other spirits would once more show their skills to see if it perked the interest of the spirit, and the rules as to how it was all to be performed were determined.

    The Chief however had some demands knowing his people faithful and of pure heart. That they would do this only armed and armored. He would not risk the chance of wildlife, trespassers or this woman harming any of his people. At the first sign of any trouble they were to kill her, spirits be damned. Finally, if the spirit chose not to stay deciding to flee this place of good people, then no one was to stop the woman and come dusk the trial would end. If she had not decided by then, then the tribe members were to return to the village without her. If she wandered back trying to press the point, he would kill her himself and alone risk the wrath of the spirits.

    So the trials of determining a good match and letting the fates decide who would take responsibility took place as planned. Native peoples however were always free to decide their own paths in life. They had their own guiding spirits to answer to by being true to themselves. To that end, some wisely decided that alone the woman would be too much for them. Yet as a group perhaps sharing the responsibilities they could fulfill the needs of the spirit without placing too great of a burden upon one person.

    The trials worked out perfectly. Not only had the tribe proven that they as a whole were faithful, those that held malice in their hearts discovered first hand the spirit’s wrath no doubt guided to her to cleanse the tribe. In the end, the spirit found where it belonged and the tribe of pure hearts was protected from another invader as the world once more found balance.
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    When Half-Breed Spirits Play

    11. The Miseries of Wrangling
    12. Phantom Laments upon the Wind
    13. The Nightmare of Damnation
    14. Always above the Horizon
    15. Outcast, the Lonely Ride
    16. Axis of the Nations
    17. Wolf Woman of Wyoming
    18. Traitorous Spirit
    19. Pranks of a Liar
    20. Bitch of the Fraternity of Wolves
    21. The Cold Morning

    The Miseries of Wrangling:

    If one were to ask a group of cowboys what the worst part of a cattle drive was, they each very likely would offer up their own personal fears and discomforts. Long days in the saddle rhythmically pounding from their rump up through their spine to the back of their head. Another might claim suffering came in the form of driving rain and turning a frightened herd in a thunderstorm, all while the next would argue to the contrary stating that it was no water and lumbering lazy beasts that wouldn’t obey either whip or boot.

    Be it bad chuck, hard rocky ground to sleep upon, not bathing for weeks on end, long dusty days or frigid silent nights they all made the life of a trail-hand difficult at best. The rare cyclone, Grizzly or even encounters with hostile Natives though all dangerous, more often than not just broke up the monotony of a long, hard drive. It wasn’t the rattlers, scorpions, biting flies and coyotes, they were all simply pests’ worth no more mind than to be swatted away. Nope, to a cowboy it would be the unbendable sameness. Enduring those hardships and many others day after day, for months on end.

    For a trail-boss however it was all of that and more. For every discomfort, threat or irritation he and his men had to endure, the boss would have heaped upon it the responsibility for the drive. Every cow that went missing or perished, and every cowboy that became injured or ill. Was there water to drink, or was their way blocked by flood. Would the food and supplies hold out, is this a safe place to make camp, or was that a dangerous way to travel. All of that and a hundred other worries his alone to deal with, yet the worst of it came from his own men.

    Every hardship they would encounter would be thrown up to him as though by his own hand it had come. Personal disagreements among the trail-hands commonplace, and he was expected to not only be the sheriff, yet also the judge, jury and at times even the executioner. Worse than that, cowboys were typically a mix of every race, creed and color. They carried with them the same regurgitated prejudices of their own kind, yet in contrast would fight to the death for a saddle pal, yet then turn round and fight him just as hard.

    Most of all however, cow-‘boy’ could not have been said truer. None having families many orphans, uneducated and unable to survive alone, they took this job because they could find no other. Being young, wild and easily influenced, their mentors in this fraternity were often those too uncivilized to do well among those who were, but not hateful enough to be an outlaw. It was the worst possible mix of society all cast together for months on end, and to that end, they had only each other to count on.

    Then "it" had happened. Some naked half-breed slut thrown into the mix pushing their minimal civility and ignorance of morality past its breaking point, and on top of all else, the trail-boss now had to deal with that. Flood nor fire, rustlers nor Indians matched that problem. So he dealt with it. He gave them a choice, and prayed for her escape lest it never end. He offered them more money, yet at the end of the day any threat or any bonus he could come up with didn’t match what she offered between her thighs.

    Of the roughly forty-five men on this drive, his five Native hands had run off afraid, and twenty-five others had opted to chase after her, even his Chinese cook and his helper. Fortunately those that stayed were his top-hands. Granted, some did so being a bit older, the lifelong hard pounding to delicate things having taken its toll. The others preferring the company of other men, yet none of them were used up or some delicate Mary, each as tough as buffalo hide and ornery as an old mule.

    Yes sir, the trail-boss’s real trouble would come if they brought her back alive, and whatever beefs between the cowboys the hunt had fostered. As the twenty-five ran after her, the trail-boss grumbled out his hateful prayer.

    That "the damned half-breed gash gets away from these ruttin fools. Either that or the squaw slut chokes to death on the spunk they pump into her. Whichever way, don’t let em bring her back here alive."

    Phantom Laments upon the Wind:
    Once Kay had made it to the second dune all the trail-boss could do was watch the twenty-five or so cowhands run after her. Whooping and hollering "like a bunch of wild injuns," he muttered cursing the day "that half-breed cum-ditch" was born, and hoping today would be her last. By high-noon still none of his hands had returned. Hell, he figured at least old Chen-Lee his cook would have come back by now, but even though none of the fools had even taken water with them too excited to catch her, not one had yet returned.

    Already the day’s heat was brutal. The steers wisely milling near the river in the lush valley, it was hot enough that even among the trees the boss’s shirt and hat were soaked in sweat. Even the gentle breeze that swept through was sweltering. The wind through the wall off of the dunes however was suffocating. Dry and hot, there was not a single cloud to offer relief from the oppressive sun. The heat rising off the sand was so intense that the distortion made it impossible to see past the second dune with the buffalo skull upon it.

    Soon enough the trail-boss’s sitting and grumbling had turned into a steady pacing, irritated that none of his hands had come back yet. By an hour past noon, his pacing had turned into ranting walks from the chuck wagon to the opening in the wall, and when by two hours past he still saw none of them returning, he just stood in the pass, arms crossed and fuming.

    Just then, like a wraith whispering upon the wind blowing through the pass he could swear he heard something. It was like a plea or a prayer shouted from far away, yet then it seemed to echo and fade. "Oh God help me" it sounded like. Though it was longer and more drawn out, then overlapped confusing it, and for all he could tell maybe he just imagined it. Five-minutes later however what he heard there was no confusing. Far away as it seemed to echo once again, a lone gunshot.

    "Good, they killed the bitch" the boss muttered hoping all of his troubles were over.

    No more than thirty seconds later though he heard another gunshot just as distant and ghostly. Thinking it maybe took two bullets to put the breed down, he never the less grit his teeth and waited fearing the worst. A third shot soon following from a different gun confirmed his worst fears. His men must be killing each other, fighting over the half-breed slut.

    "By gawd that’s it, enough of this" the boss barked out, instantly running toward the cattle and the other cowhands there shouting to them. "Antonio Bob! Get Ned and you two grab three canteens each and round up them fools! Don’t give em any water unless they’re willing to come back with you. Get goin, quick!"

    Before the trail-boss had even made it halfway back to the pass, both cowboys raced past him so hard that he had to shield his face from all the rocks the horses kicked up. For a good two more hours he didn’t see or hear anything, until finally another specter-like cry sailed in on the wind. Again it was distant and echoing, though this time it was clearly a scream of anguish. Then he heard another though this one seemed to plead for mercy, and a few minutes after that a shot, and then another.

    It was taking too long and he knew it. When he heard another shout and then a mournful wail followed soon after by a lone gunshot, he knew he had to end this now before his own men picked each other off one by one. Racing back to the other cowboys all gathered at the wagon, the trail-boss cut out three top-hands issuing his absolute order.

    "Frank, Sugar, Shorty, get a bunch of rope, and go out and round up every one of those idiots left. Anyone that don't want to come back bulldog em, and if you run up on that half-breed slut I want you to shoot her. That’ll make it so them fools ain’t got no reason to stay out there. Now get goin, it’s gonna be dark soon!"

    In a flash the three rode out hard as the boss sent the other hands into the valley to round up the herd and stand watch. Exhausted the trail-boss just remained at the chuck-wagon ranting about Kay, though in truth he was simply afraid fearing the worst. This is exactly what he hoped to avoid, the men fighting over her. As he sat by the fire thinning his old burnt coffee with some whisky, he prayed that the hands remaining would finish the drive.

    As night quickly fell, the daylight racing up the distant valley wall until it crested its peaks and the frigid cold of a Rocky Mountain night gripped the valley, the trail-boss crawled into his bedroll and made himself go to sleep. So distant from the pass however, he could not hear the wailing, the moans or gunshots, and as the far away confused and echoing laments soon became clear, he would never know that whatever was causing them was quickly working itself closer.

    The Nightmare of Damnation:
    No matter how hot the day, the nights were always cold out on the trail. Every night he felt it. That cold rush of air under warm sealed blankets as you’d shift and move to get comfortable, as they’d lift making a small gap. Just like any other night however it just as quickly sealed back not even rousing him. The warm embrace of wool and canvas quickly comforting the trail-boss once again as he lay there on his side, quickly slipping back into a deep slumber.

    Any watching the trail-boss would have swore that he had cum. A nocturnal emission no doubt as his back arched, fists clenched, and his mouth opened wide in a gurgling moan as his eyes flashed open and rolled up as he in an instant began to shudder.

    "This is what it feels like to be a five-cent whore" a soft, dusky, almost sultry voice whispered in his ear, as the trail-boss violently trembled in shock and horror.

    Everyone had heard the phrase "walk like an injun" meaning silently. What no one had ever told him though was how a half-breed moved. Silent and so slow that she was like a wraith or shade. Kay had slipped into his bedroll behind him with no more than a brief cold blast of air to warn of her approach. They never spoke of how lithe fingers could softly wrap around your throat, or how a lean woman’s bare leg could imperceptibly slip over your own.

    Most of all, no one ever spoke of how a half-breed could pull you tight to her, wrapping you up like a Python as she sank a knife deep into your lower back. All that just so she could whisper in your ear, and remind you in breathy tones like a wanton lover of the very threat you had made to her. In a single fluid motion Kay had pulled the trail-boss tight to her, and pushed the knife in to its hilt.

    What neither would ever realize however, is as she gripped him in her deadly embrace sinking in the knife, she did so rapidly again and again as many times as every cock the night before had been sunk into her. Be it some subconscious revenge on her part or simply coincidence of no matter. What did matter however was that just like her, with no more than a ragged gurgle and a grating shudder, the trail-boss never made a sound.

    It had been so cold in those narrow canyons, the walls so high that except for high-noon the sunlight never touched the floor. Kay hadn’t even found relief once she left them. Catching only the twilight of dusk as the sun dipped behind the mountains in the distance, she still had a good seven men to track down upon the dunes as they frantically tried to find their way back to camp. Kay had caught up to the last of them along the rocky path through the wall. By then she could see her breath, and by the time she had reached the chuck-wagon, she already felt half-frozen.

    To Kay it felt luxurious. Her cold nude body holding his warm full frame tight to her. Coarse wool blankets already warmed by him and sealed tight by the canvas tarp was not the best of it though. Feeling like hot sticky syrup washing out over her in surges, gradually slowing to a steady ebbing before it ceased, the trail-boss in return warmed Kay with his own liquid crimson embrace.

    Kay couldn’t help loosing a low contented moan as she whispered out to him once more. "Mmm, how wonderful… thank you." It had been so cold, holding him tight to her like a contented lover, and quickly, Kay drifted off into a deep sleep.

    Like some omnipotent all seeing specter, Kay could see the three of them all at once in their last moments of life. There was the little Chinese woman, chained up and kept by the group of miners that had bought her. Abused daily by the thirteen filthy men there, as the claim ran out, so they had decided that her use had as well.

    Some six hundred miles east-south-east from her there was the young flaxen haired Dutch woman who had been dragged out of her wagon. Her family strewn about it, stripped and butchered, every possession they had scattered as the wagon now burned. Eleven Soiux braves had savagely enjoyed her company, yet now it was time to move on.

    Roughly five hundred miles south-west of her there was the Shoshone squaw. Her tiny village engulfed in fire, every man, woman and child save her lying about scalped and slaughtered. A mixed group of twenty-seven trappers, rawhiders and cowhands wearing black sashes pumped out the last seeds of their hate inside of her, and now so brutalized, her time had come as well.

    As the last man in each group rolled off the shattered women, each found their end at exactly the same moment. For the Chinese gal it came in the form of a knife to her throat. The Dutch woman a war club, and to the Shoshone squaw a lone bullet. As the final cruelty or perhaps mercies were dealt, Kay instantly rocketed skyward higher than any eagle had ever flown. So high in fact, that for each woman she could see a bright flash, like three dots on the landscape far below as their lives ended at precisely the same second.

    From each of those flashes a single bright ring of light raced out from them faster than any bullet. Like the last shock-wave of life perhaps as their spirits sped out in all directions. Quickly however the rings collided as they continued to grow, and where they all three raced to meet at exactly the same moment, Kay found herself falling faster than a meteor to that very spot.

    She hated this part of the dream sadly remembering it well. Six buffalo hunters out on the plains, their wagons heaped fifteen feet high with skins. As five of them drank and laughed the sixth humped and grunted sounding like a Bison himself, raping for the last time the half-breed gal they had captured some two months prior.

    "Damn Joe, ain’t you tired a pumpin that breed whore yet? Hurry up and get it over with and then finish her off. I don’t want the cavalry to yank our contract if they find her" one of the men by the campfire called back as he himself pulled up his own pants.

    With one final brutal lunge and grunt the man fucking Kay finally rolled off her. Kay lying there on the buffalo skin sprawled out naked and sobbing away, too shattered to even curl up as the man rose, and lazily walked to the other men all laughing saying only "hand me the axe."

    It was that second the unseen rings of light converged on Kay in a flash as though all three singular spirits collided forming one. Her back arched and her body shuddered as she gasped, and when she opened her eyes no longer an earthy brown, they now shone a steely blue. That was the first time she remembered. The first time that "Scout" as she called it pushed her to the side in her own mind so it could guide her hand. Only saying to Kay ‘shhhh, rest now.’

    Just that quickly Kay had ceased her sobbing rising up herself. Her look of anguish instantly gone now inexpressive, and with seemingly choreographed purpose, she grabbed up some old deer antler walking directly toward the men. Silent, vengeful and full of wrath, she moved as though performing some graceful dance. The antler was driven into the last man’s back as she caught the falling axe. Spinning round the axe found another’s throat, then following through sank it deep into a third’s chest. A grasped knife was lunged into the fourth, his tomahawk used to split the fifth, and perhaps most fitting the sixth found himself driven onto a buffalo horn.

    No one knew they were there so silent and stealthy, yet just before Kay lashed out, a war party of twelve Cheyenne braves had stalked so close they were only seconds away from slaughtering the trespassers themselves. Instead they watched in shock as the small nude woman skillfully killed them all, and then looked on in horror at what followed. It was at that point Kay had long ago learned to shut her eyes in the dream.

    Justice perhaps, hate and vengence more likely. Just as the buffalo hunters had slaughtered and wasted hundreds if not thousands of the noble beasts for nothing more than their skins, Kay paid them back in kind. Quickly they were stripped of their clothing as Kay then turned to the gruesome task at hand. More deftly than any buffalo skinner, she liberated them all of their own hides leaving their carcasses to rot on the prairie, and tossed the fresh skins up on the wagons.

    Kay then pulled from one of the wagons a special hide they had saved from a rare white buffalo, sacred to all Native peoples. Spreading it out upon the ground she then set the wagons ablaze, and in the warming glow of the raging infernos, the thick black columns of smoke rising to the heavens, Kay simply lay down upon it and went to sleep. It was a clear sign to the Cheyenne. One to be equally grateful for, and fearful of.

    It was dawn before Kay rose again as her fires dwindled and the sky itself seemed to be alight from them. The Native braves had stood there in awe and terror for the entire night. Without a word Kay strode right toward the war-party. Naked, black from the drying blood and smoke, expressionless and walking tall.

    Instantly the braves called out with yelps, whoops, and yips in nervous fear, then began to cry out songs of prayer for protection as they parted and backed away. Kay just continued walking right through them, westward across the grassy rolling plains until finally under an azure sky, she vanished on the distant horizon.

    Always above the Horizon:
    Kay was jolted awake just as she always was after having that same horrific nightmare. Her brown eyes wide, instantly looking skyward as she fumbled to crawl out of the bedroll, refusing to look at whom was lying beside her. Kay had learned long ago a simple truth if anything just to keep her own sanity. Never, ever, after having the dream, look below the horizon.

    She learned that after the second time she awoke when Scout had pushed her aside. She could never remember anything during such times, yet looking down she found herself bathed in blood. In a panic she checked for wounds finding none, but as her gaze panned out it became all too clear in that surrounding her, there was nothing but savage carnage. Men sprawled about slaughtered in the most horrific of ways, this afire and that smashed.

    That first time Kay simply passed out from witnessing the abomination of it all. When she came to she also made the mistake of not listening to her inner voice. Again and again it told her to bathe and then pick up a simple bundle. Kay however just ran, bloody, naked, and afraid. When later that morning she encountered some different men she discovered the penalty for that. Rough treatment, threats of violence, lewd comments, and so Scout just pushed Kay aside once again.

    Keeping her line of sight high, Kay noticed the river near by. She didn’t even have to be told anymore. Just don’t look around and first thing, go bathe. Shuffling her feet toward the river, as Kay would find obstructions she’d just feel her way around them. Unlike any other time however, today Kay encountered a problem.

    Out of no where suddenly a Lakota brave let out a fearful war whoop and then began shouting most likely for others to come. Kay couldn’t help herself looking directly at him, finding the brave wide-eyed and backing away so fearful that he was about to panic. He looked terrified, and worse still she suddenly recognized him as the very first one to have caught her during the hunt yesterday, never realizing that it was actually the day after that.

    The last thing Kay could remember was walking away from a wide smiling, young, disheveled and inexperienced warrior, having lay with him gently it only being his second time. These people liked her or so she thought, but now this very man who had made love to her so urgently the day before instead looked upon her with pure terror. Quickly others arrived answering his call for help, their reactions upon seeing Kay all the same.

    She wanted to know why, but Kay knew not to look. The warriors however saw all too clearly. There Kay stood naked as before, yet now looking like some hellish demon. Her hair was matted flat but that was the least of it. From the top of her head to the tips of her toes Kay was a dark reddish brown from the coagulated blood. Worse still, the gore had been slathered on so thick from her embrace with the trail-boss that as she had moved the thick globs had broken open looking like ebbing sores of dread, or as though the life of others actually seeped from her.

    Without hesitation the braves began dropping all that they had scavenged, their trophies of battle and with fearful whoops and chants began backing away. What Kay would never know was that while she lay with the trail-boss the tribe had itself attacked. It was surprisingly easy, only ten men found to deal with. The cattle dispersing in all directions and all that was left to do was to take that which had value.

    This was all hers though and they had been warned. The tribe had flirted with the spirits and walked away unscathed. So with that, and just like Kay had done, they all ran simply praying that the demon spirit would not pursue them. Kay’s eyes welled up realizing that she would always be alone due to no fault of her own, so with that she did as she knew she was supposed to. Keeping her eyes above the horizon, Kay walked to the river and bathed.

    Kay was neither angry nor bitter yet truly sad. Yes she had suffered some, but considering many other peoples fates she had faired reasonably well. Truth be told, Kay resented Scout more than was grateful for it. Oh sure, Scout had saved her time and again in countless ways, many of which she would never know of. Then again, it had also led her into situations that normally she would have avoided.

    To Kay, Scout was like that worldly big sister who gave good advice, helped you when you needed it, and when push came to shove stepped in and fought your battles. On the other hand, she also led you into the worst kinds of situations suiting her demeanor not yours. More than that, now already in the situation due to it, Scout wasn’t always there with you leaving Kay all on her own to sort it out, and endure whatever happened.

    As Kay finished bathing and stepped out the river, once more the silence of being in the wilderness alone struck her. Not in a bad way mind you in that the sounds of nature felt like safety. It was not ridiculous considering that typically when she encountered other people it was chaotic, confusing and quite frankly scary. Unfortunately, at such times like now after having to bathe, that meant she would have to listen to "the Other."

    Kay assumed everyone had that special inner voice, in fact other folks had even mentioned it. That voice in your head that would warn you when something was wrong, or at other times even help guide you. Some she had heard it called their "intuition." Kay however didn’t like the Other. First off it sounded so real, more than just a thought. To Kay it sounded as though another person was standing next to you speaking directly in your ear, though you would really only hear it in your mind.

    Worse still, her inner voice was demanding and bossy. When Scout would push her aside Kay would just rest blotting everything out. When the Other spoke however, it would get angry when she wouldn’t listen. More so the Other could actually make her do and say things she didn’t want to. Worst of all, unlike wherein Scout would let Kay just block it all out, at the worst of times the Other would take control, and Kay had to watch, listen to and even feel everything that was happening.

    Never the less, Kay knew now was one of those kinds of times when the Other would start ordering her around, especially since Kay had no idea what had gone on. Almost immediately the Other began its badgering of Kay telling her to "go back where she started and get her parcel." Kay once more began her shuffling walk looking above the horizon and just as quickly was told to "watch where she was going, there was nothing to fear."

    Justifiably Kay was hesitant in that the Other was a liar too. For some reason it seemed to enjoy having Kay witness the carnage of Scout, and sure enough, there it was. Just one lone cowboy, a lance in his back and scalped. Kay was actually relieved realizing that the Lakota must have done that, and then she noticed something more. The other scalps lying there of perhaps nine other men with various guns and other spoils from the battle.

    Kay actually smiled in that it meant Scout hadn’t done anything, just simply once more the Natives let her live. Walking back to where she had started however put a new twist on it all. There she found the package beside the bedroll she had slipped out of. The bedroll however clearly had a body in it, and blood had soaked clear through the canvas meaning there was a lot of it.

    Kay squeezed her eyes closed for just a moment only saying, "oh Scout" in a long disappointed tone, yet then she noticed something more.

    All around the bedroll there were little totems. A feather here, a quickly scratched in the dirt symbol there, and other minor things. What it told her is that the Natives clearly thought she had been killed, no doubt from all the blood covering her. So it was no wonder they were terrified when she approached the brave, bloody and looking skyward as though raised from the dead, her gaze cast to the heavens.

    At that point Kay just did as the Other told her. Within the tied up shirt making the package, she found an entire outfit of clothes, boots, hat and all, and surprisingly every bit of it fit her rather well. Even though she didn’t want them she took the knives also contained, yet on the bright side there were a number of valuables like jewelry and even a small amount of money.

    Unfortunately, the Other then made Kay reach into a few of the pockets of the Trail-Boss. That yielded Kay more money, a gold watch and even a gold and ruby ring though it was much too large. Finally it had her saddle up a fine paint mare, fill two canteens with water, take this coat, that bedroll, and load up the mare with two saddlebags worth of food and supplies from the chuck-wagon.

    Lastly, the Other made Kay pick up one of the totems from near the trail-boss. A beaded ornament with a couple feathers hanging from it, making her tie it onto her hat. It also had her pick up a bead and bone choker that had been dropped by one of the braves and put it on, then tie a couple feathers from the lance in her hair, told her a direction to go in and finally said, "just ride easy."

    Just like that the Other was gone, and Kay found herself all alone, once again.

    Outcast, the Lonely Ride:
    Riding easy, Kay over the first week made at best thirty miles a day and saw absolutely no one. About the only company she encountered were the occasional coyotes, antelope or jack-rabbits, and even they tended to flee at her passing. In fairness it was actually understandable. Riding through the Great Plains of the Wyoming Territory not following commonly used routes was a desolate affair at best.

    Moderately hazardous if you somehow became turned around, yet as long as you kept your food and water stores up and did not become injured, then you would fair just fine. Occasionally finding shelter under overhangs in dry washes, Kay even went to the trouble of making shade for her horse simply to keep her fresh. Granted, if anyone had seen the contraption she made they would have laughed. Then again, not all of them faired as well by not taking such measures.

    As Kay made her way around the southern tip of the Bighorns, she finally encountered the first people that she had seen since leaving the valley, a tiny train of ten wagons. She thought at first to avoid them, yet seeing women and children in the group, clearly lost as they tried to find their way off of the bluff heading westward, Kay decided to at least point them in a better direction, if not possibly trade with them.

    Turning out to be a small group of Mormons migrating to Utah, Kay rode up slowly expecting them to be cautious as she was as well. What she should have expected though was her ultimate reception. As usual the women ushered the kids into the wagons and followed close behind as the men all took up defensive stances. Stupid is what it was, yet right off the bat Kay put even more fear into them stopping some seventy yards out and then raised up her hand like a Native wanting to parley.

    Granted, she was wearing "American" clothing and using a saddle, but the feathers in her hair and off her hat, as well as the obvious bone choker visible in that her shirt was unbuttoned to her belly didn’t help. After about five minutes of discussion amongst themselves however the men finally waved Kay in. Mistake number two came in the regard that halfway to them Kay foolishly dismounted. Her thinking being that on foot she would seem less threatening.

    What it showed however was that Kay was at best a small man, though more likely a woman, and that perked the interest of the women peeking out from the wagons. Once close to the men, a couple older instantly told those younger to send Kay away, as they scurried back to the wagons themselves. Partly in that her skin looked Native as did some of her ornamentation, though her outfit told them right off she was likely a half-breed, and that just made her even less.

    Worst of all however, she was a woman as was evident from her shirt being open perhaps six inches wide down the middle due to the heat of the day. The inner curves of her heavy breasts evident, and she had no more uttered out asking if they were lost before the women began piling out of the wagons, shouting and throwing rocks they’d pick up along the way.

    "Whore! Filthy half-breed jezebel! Get out of here you filthy injun trash! Harlot of Babylon, get out, get out of here you dirty breed filth!"

    They just went on and on about Kay being some low race of slut, and she could hear them for a good five minutes ranting on. Truth be told, it really had nothing to do with her shirt being open, they expected such from an uncivilized "savage." What put the burrs in their bustles was the fact that Kay was out here all alone, worse still wearing men’s clothing, and that to them equaled one thing. She was a whore.

    For six more days Kay wandered having nowhere specific to go and frankly not even knowing where she was. Eventually Kay found herself equidistant from the Bighorn, Wind River and Owl Creek Ranges at the foot of the Bridger Range, and ultimately she came upon the Wind or Bighorn River. Turning north working her way up the Wind River Canyon, once she reached the Bighorn basin she found a spot that was beyond compare.

    At the foot of a bluff pressed tight to the Bighorn River there was a small stand of trees. Under the shade of them there was a cold spring. The water was clear, clean and potable though that was not the best part. No more than twenty yards from it was a hot spring. So hot in fact that if the cold spring had not flowed into it then it would have been unbearable to slip into. Kay couldn’t believe her luck finding this Eden among the stark barren rocky desert of the basin, though as with most things too good to be true, she realized deep down she should pass it by.

    Generally ignorant of the region to be sure, like most that roamed about in this territory of the west, Kay did however know a few things. She had heard the names of the more notable mountain ranges, rivers, basins and forts. Another aspect that was hard to avoid was learning the names of the various tribes, the general areas they laid claim to and so on, though truth be told, be it by look or language Kay wouldn’t know one from the other.

    What she should have known is that this area of the Wyoming Territory it was best for those not Native to avoid. Though just into Shoshone territory, it was right along the border where Crow, Lakota Sioux, Cheyenne, Arapaho and other smaller tribes would travel. More importantly however, this very spot had been clearly heavily traveled. Not only that yet it was developed.

    The springs had been dug out and lined with rock where the minerals had not built up their deposits. Even dams had been built to control the flow of the water, and lastly were the numerous old spots where fires had been made, bits of wood and stones used to make places to sit all rendered clear sign. This was a place that many had visited, likely often, and that Kay should have moved on immediately.

    Axis of the Nations:
    To Kay such a paradise was irresistible. The water so sweet and clear from the cold spring meant that she could drink without concern, and that from the hot spring though not potable so laden with minerals meant that she could have a bath. Not just any bath mind you, yet a hot bath in clean water. An almost inconceivable luxury in much of the country, and after two weeks of sweating in the same clothes, it would be paradise.

    More than that, within sight she could see the river chock full of Trout, and there were grasses and shrubs for her horse to feed upon. Finally there was the shade. It always amazed Kay at how people would choose to live in the sun when they had shade available. Besides cooling the heat of the day just the leaves softly rustling in the breeze made it all so welcoming and soothing.

    When Kay’s lips pressed to the surface of the cold spring’s flow it was so magnificent that in no time she had dunked her head under the water leaving her hat floating there upon it. When she rose up, Kay was so excited that she then and there began to strip yet then stopped herself. First things first she thought wanting everything to be just perfect. With that she unsaddled and hobbled the horse, collected firewood and set up a fire, and though the hot spring kept calling to her, raced down to the river instead.

    It took Kay no more than ten minutes to gig herself two large Cutthroat Trout and it was all Kay could do to not run back up to her slowly forming camp. With that, Kay lit the fire, set up her saddle and bedroll under the tree no more than ten feet from the hot spring, cleaned the fish and set one to roasting and the other to slow smoke and dry. Frantic to begin her bath it seemed there was always just one more thing to do.

    With that she stripped, and all of her clothes that could be washed she tossed in the hot spring to soak, everything else she folded and laid on the bedroll. She then tied a rope between two trees with a good amount of grass under it near the cold spring, fetched her horse and gave it a good amount of lead so it could feed and drink at its leisure. The fish done, Kay longingly looked to the spring carefully eating it, and after a quick check to see if there was anything more to do, finally approached the water.

    The name "hot spring" did not do it justice. It was so hot in fact that Kay had to enter where the cold spring’s flow had been routed into it. Slowly however, Kay was able to work to about halfway around the edge of the spring, and as her clothes soaked so did she, as Kay had found frontier heaven. Eventually Kay washed her clothes and hung them up to dry including her hat, yet the rest of her afternoon was spent either keeping the fire up or lazily soaking.

    Only able to remain in the hot water for a few minutes at a time, soon Kay had worked into a rhythm of fifteen minutes in and a half-hour out. Relaxed as the sky soon lit up in the colors of a western sunset, just one more dunk she thought, then off to bed. Floating there her eyes closed and ears below the water at the end of a perfect day, without warning a feeling washed over her. That kind of feeling that says all at the same time, freeze no run, and with that her head snapped forward and she scrambled to the edge of the spring.

    On the opposite side from her bedroll five mounted braves looked down upon her. Though she didn’t know one tribe from the next, three Arapaho and two Cheyenne scouts, wolf pelt headdresses and all had rode up so silently that Kay hadn’t even heard the horses. How long they had watched her floating there she couldn’t say, yet as she cowered under the water only her nose up above it, one of the men slipped from his horse and drew his long knife.

    Kay raised up quickly preparing to bolt and run, yet just then one of the others shouted something and set his lance to the first man’s shoulder. Kay just stood there wide-eyed as the second man began saying something to the others and then they seemed to argue with him. In short order however the balance conceded, and as they all slid from their horses Kay didn’t move standing there thigh deep in the water.

    What concerned her most was how they all stared at her. As three of them stood at the edge the other two took their horses to where Kay’s was, yet then untied the rope hitch she had made moving it and tied the five new horses to it as well. It had been no more than five minutes and Kay heard in the distance the song of a wolf. Without hesitation one of the five called back to it, and that moment Kay’s paradise went from bad to worse.

    Four Crow scouts rode up also wearing wolf pelts and greeted the first though clearly asked what was going on. Hitching up their horses to where the others were, before they could get their answers two more wolf calls had come and went and before Kay could make a move six Shoshone and four Lakota Sioux braves adorned in wolf skins had arrived as well.

    The spot had been too perfect Kay now realized. What she didn’t however was that this was a neutral ground of sorts. Sioux, Arapaho and Cheyenne aligned against Crow and Shoshone found these men setting tribal affiliations aside being of a common fraternity. They were all scouts for their people, and just like their brothers had for centuries, each year they would meet not in battle, yet a common brotherhood of respect all being tips of the spear.

    This time was different however in that here was Kay, and as the lone Cheyenne spoke once more pointing to her, so two of the Lakota Sioux soon backed up his story.

    Wolf Woman of Wyoming:
    While the nineteen Native scouts discussed and argued on what to do about the problem of Kay, she had stood in the water of the hot spring for so long at this point that she could feel herself becoming dizzier by the second. As her core temperature rose and hyperthermia quickly began to overwhelm her, Kay eventually swooned so badly that she clumsily scrambled out of the steaming water, and frantically crawled on all fours to get to the cold spring.

    The second Kay moved the lone Cheyenne and two Lakota braves literally jumped as they backed away raising their weapons taking up defensive postures. The others following their lead doing so as well though confused as to why, and as Kay rolled over in the frigid water they all quickly found truth in what the three had been saying.

    On the verge of passing out, Kay shook as her eyes rolled up seeming to turn snow white. Her mouth opened wide and she was panting rapidly, yet more so her tongue would peek out now and again as she did. Scared and confused herself, half-dazed she continually loosed a high pitched whine every other breath in place of a moan, and once the cold had begun to grip her shivering badly, as the pitch dropped it began to sound more like a repetitive growl.

    These men were all warriors, none of them medicine men, yet even they could see the clear signs. This woman who the three had been claiming had been touched by spirits clearly had one within her now. Not just any spirit mind you, yet one of a Wolf, and though such people were to be typically avoided, they saw that this was nothing short of a sign and good omen.

    Each of these warriors being scouts, beyond the wolf pelt headdresses they all felt that a wolf was their spirit guide. They revered and associated with wolves respecting and admiring their courage, independence and protection of the pack, and for whatever the reason, this woman able to channel that spirit had been here on the only day that they would all meet.

    To the three it all made sense now. To the Cheyenne she had fought like a wolf defending her territory from trespassers stealing her game, and the only reason she had not attacked the braves so long ago was that they were kindred spirits. The Sioux on the other hand noted another trait. She rutted like a bitch wolf in heat having no shame only need. Granted, they each had seen first hand what this wolf spirit possessed woman was capable of, yet she had to be here on this day of all days for a reason.

    When Kay’s hyperthermia eventually slipped toward hypothermia and she became more lucid, whimpering at the effort she crawled out of the cold spring on all fours, just barely making it to her bedroll before she collapsed. Too exhausted from the excitement of the day, her fear encountering all these varied Natives and finally the heat and the cold having taken its toll, Kay just curled up tight on top of the bedroll too exhausted to even crawl into it. Her last thought being, let them do as they will, I can’t stop it.

    Though half asleep, curled up as she was Kay’s shivering just sealed the deal as far as the Natives were concerned. With each shiver her hands and feet would tremble violently, and to the braves it looked like one thing. A dog having a dream and running within it. Eyes partially open, Kay consciously didn’t even take notice of all that went on around her. Somewhere deep down in her mind she did however, and if she had been paying attention she might have heard a familiar chuckle.

    With Kay incapacitated, the warrior scouts went about their annual routine though avoided for the moment Kay’s side of the hot spring. Horses tended to, fires lit and camp set up, Just as she had they soon had all stripped, and set to the tasks of cooking, bathing and renewing the respect of long time enemies though brothers. Eventually, as they lounged about in the hot spring and around it, the location and fires helping to keep the area warm, so talk once more reverted back to Kay, and with clear ears and half open eyes, part of her noted all of it.

    First up was the Cheyenne brave that had witnessed her destruction and brutality so very long ago. Though his words were lost on her, his gestures and acting out of what he had witnessed was not. Showing himself to become expressionless, he then picked up a stick and walked a couple paces until he acted out driving an antler in.

    Then came the movements just like when Kay used the axe, knife and tomahawk including her final drive. When he described in vivid detail Kay’s skinning of the men and firing of the wagons, and finally her long sleep upon the white buffalo skin and her stroll off into the distance they were sure. With wide eyes and gasps of shock they all looked to her and then nodded, and somewhere deep inside, Kay heard a voice.

    That voice started with a clear laugh quickly followed by ‘oh gawd, this is too good.’ Kay couldn’t be sure if it was the Other or Scout that had said it, yet be it one or the other, perhaps even both, Kay just knew that she was in trouble.

    Next came the Lakota Sioux, their tale much longer and even more graphic. They also told of a nude woman encountered by a war party in the midst of masturbating. However, with no more than hand, mouth and cunt she had in no time turned the tide of rape and murder to wanton lust, yet then she had even been able to bewitch and convince the braves to take her back to their village.

    They told of their Medicine Man’s findings, described in vulgar detail the hunt, and finally capped it all off with her escape. As their tale rolled on the voice in Kay’s head kept on laughing, yet the amused tone of it soon turned wicked. The Sioux then told of finding Kay two days later. How she rose from the dead covered in blood from her victims, and only going back once Kay had left did they even fully discover the extent of her brutal carnage.

    Each body found they would hold up a finger to count them. Each wound upon them noted and described. As one man killed with a feather to his neck turned into thirty-five, the last one virtually cut in half from the many wounds to his midsection, the braves all turned looking at Kay in arousal, shock and horror, and it all became clear.

    The spirit wolf inside Kay hated the hair-faced invaders. It lusted for those who were Native, however, it had no allegiance to any one Nation or Tribe. As much as it supported all Native peoples it would not stand for any getting in her way. The spirit inside Kay was the consummate and genuine lone wolf spirit. It served only what it felt was right and just, the wants or needs of any people of no matter.

    All of it had been acted out while spoken making every bit of their tales and assumptions more than obvious. By this time the voice in Kay’s head was howling with laughter, and as Kay lay there just wanting to run away, she heard it once again speak to her clear as a bell. ‘This is going to be good, get up.’

    Traitorous Spirit:
    Kay had heard the voice clearly and just as directly in her mind answered back for the very first time since she had been hearing it. "No, leave them alone, I just want to go."

    Just as clearly however she had her response. ‘Oh no, you were lonely so fine. You made the choice to stay here, now get up. This is too good to pass up.’

    With that Kay did something that she had never done actually responding verbally as she shook her head and barked out "No, leave them alone! Please lets just leave."

    Instantly the nineteen brave’s eyes grew wide as their heads whipped around hearing the touched woman speak. Those that had gradually filtered around the hot spring to Kay’s side quickly moved to the other side as the others reached for their weapons expecting that any second, Kay might attack.

    With that the voice now clearly the Other issued its ultimatum. ‘This will be fun, now get up.’ Kay internally refusing, so the Other then made it clear. ‘You want this, now get up. Fine, have it your way, I’ll do it.’

    At that moment in a single blink, Kay’s eyes shifted from brown to gray. She had just that quickly ceased shivering, and the deep pout upon her lips turned up into a naughty smirk. Now only able to watch, hear and feel, Kay couldn’t even beg the Other to not do this. All she could do was pray deep down inside that the Other would cause them no harm, yet most of all that Scout wouldn’t be awakened.

    No doubt just coincidence, but in the far distance in all directions Kay could see heat lightning in blues and reds flashing above the distant mountains. The wind seemed to still and if the fires had not illuminated her well enough, a full Moon larger and brighter than any she had ever seen lit the world up around them.

    With all of the Native’s eyes upon Kay she slowly seemed to rouse. Almost immediately dread filled Kay as she heard the Other laugh, and then state to Kay to ‘watch this.’

    Slowly to make it enticing, Kay rose easily yet only to all fours. Once up she then slowly extended out her arms in front of her sliding her palms along the ground until nipples just brushed the bedroll. Letting her back arch downward leaving her ass high in the air as she let out a groan, Kay stretched and ground like that as her head pulled back and softly rolled.

    Gradually raising back to all fours, Kay then stretched out one leg and then the other. Toes pointed and straining, it was then that it struck her that the Other was making her stretch just like a wolf would when waking. Suddenly, Kay yanked her extended leg back and frantically dropped to her elbows. Instantly her teeth were bared and she began flea biting up and down one of her forearms. Once she stopped, again she raised to all fours and shook like some dog shedding itself of dust or water.

    Kay couldn’t believe how ridiculous the Other was acting. Never the less it clearly was having the affect the Other sought as with a glance Kay could see the Native’s eyes were wide, and they’d gasp and prod one another as though asking if they had seen what she just did. Finally Kay slowly rose up to standing. It was obscene the poses she took stretching, and then out of the blue paying the Natives no mind, she walked toward the horses and did something that mortified Kay.

    As though it was nothing, Kay then and there squat down and loosed a stream of urine. If that wasn’t bad enough once through, she raised back up taking a step forward and then began scratching at the ground with her feet. One after the other casting dirt back over the puddle exactly like some she-wolf marking her territory. Kay was humiliated. A short time ago she was terrified that these men would kill her, and now all she could think of was that she wished they had.

    Kay then walked directly to the cold spring. She didn’t even have to guess what would happen, as once more she found herself on all fours lapping from it instead of drinking. Once through, Kay rose back up walking toward the hot spring yet acting as though she knew nothing of the men there she came to an abrupt halt. Crouching slightly and glaring at the braves, she let out a long low growl as though she was surprised by them, yet then sniffed at the air in their direction unexpectedly seeming relieved.

    Just thanking God that she had not wagged her tail or began scratching at fleas with her hind leg, Kay knew exactly what would be coming next. So seductive that it was more obscene, Kay gracefully stepped into and lowered in to the hot spring. With her head and arms draped over the edge, like an apparition rising from the depths her body floated up. Kay’s breasts breaching the surface first, as the rest of her rose out of the water her legs spread wide as though beckoning like some siren.

    For the moment at least these men knew better than to flirt with their own demise no matter how wanton Kay tried to seem. To be sure they tried speaking with her in their varied languages looking for clear answers, but Kay just smiled and writhed, coo’d and squirmed having no idea what they were asking.

    Eventually, as some of the younger men began to grow turgid, Kay pulled herself out of the spring and made such a spectacle of herself that Kay wished she had never found this place. Squatting low over some stacked flat rocks used as a seat, Kay spread her knees as wide as she could and as she glared at the men, she began lewdly masturbating. Her eyes ever so slowly panning over all the men, specifically their cocks, she rubbed and fanned at her cunnie until a flow had begun, and as each second passed she became more ribald.

    Roughly mashing her breasts with one hand while the other pinched, rubbed and pulled at her clitoris, in no time on the flat rock below her a sizable puddle had formed. It was not until she noticed a younger Shoshone brave become so erect that he could endure no more that Kay struck. Without warning, suddenly rubbing her clit frantically, just as she pretended to cum the young brave bolted, and Kay just played out her ruse to the end waiting patiently.

    With her shins vertical and her thighs perfectly horizontal splayed out much like performing "splits," with one hand squeezing a breast and the other pressing to her abdomen, Kay took on a pose similar to what one might find in a cave painting. At that point she squeezed, and within a few seconds the copious flood of wetness that filled her cunt came seeping out in a steady stream. The considerable puddle already gracing the rock soon overflowed its edges as Kay trembled and groaned.

    When the flow had ceased Kay then rose up to standing. Pointing a finger she then panned over all the men as though implying all of them, then dipped a single finger into the slick nectar and painted a line from the tip of her nose to her chin. Disrespectful was all she was being. More so however she was setting herself up for the next day to come, and as the young brave returned somewhat relieved of his burden, Kay drove home the final nail.

    Upon seeing the young man, Kay’s gray eyes locked upon him intently. Without any further forewarning though and with absolute focus, Kay walked around the spring and directly toward the young brave. All of the others that moment quickly pulled back though the brave himself froze too afraid to even defend. Surely he somehow had offended the spirit many thought, yet as Kay reached him she moved with clear purpose.

    Instantly grasping his still ebbing and swollen cock with one hand, Kay reached under it’s tip cupping the other and began milking him of the small amount of cum left within it. When she had gathered up all that he could render, she then stepped back and slathered the minimal contents over her breasts, belly and thighs, moaning and shuddering as she did so. It was then in an obscene display that Kay did one thing more. Plowing through her slick folds with a single finger, she then painted the brave’s nose to his chin in a single swipe as she had done her own.

    Turning round, Kay smiled lecherously as she strode back to her bedroll. Once there doing nothing more than laying down somewhat upon her back on top of it. As she closed her eyes Kay heard the Other speak to her once more, laughing as she did. ‘Enjoy, now go to sleep.’

    Pranks of a Liar:

    As Kay awoke to a beautiful summer morning, like is often the case she just lay there taking the moment in still dozing, feeling detached simply observing as any of us do. Feeling the contrasting chill of a western morning doing battle with a soft warm breeze raised goose-bumps upon her skin as she listened to the leaves gently rustle overhead. She could hear the trickle of the cold spring as it flowed into the hot, and that from the hot spring overflow and run out to the river that she could also hear somewhat in the distance.

    There were the twenty horses all tied up together nearby. The deep breaths, nickers and snorts only added to by the gentle shuffling. What caught her attention most were the men though. Three in the hot spring softly talking and laughing as they bathed. A few others at the fire cooking as a couple more brought in firewood. None of it raucous or hurried, just another gentle morning starting the day.

    Some of the men were minimally dressed while others wore nothing at all. Kay lay there like that for the longest time simply taking it all in and it was wonderful. Right up until that bitch from the day before ruined it all in her head. ‘You’re a mess, you better bathe.’

    Kay’s gray eyes flashed wide at that fearing the worst, though she couldn’t make herself look skyward. Once more beyond her control the Other made Kay pan down over her body, and though it wasn’t the bloody mess she feared that Scout might have made, from her breasts to her thighs she found herself streaked with numerous loads of cum.

    Such a beautiful moment ruined for Kay once again by the Other. Clearly the Natives had taken what Kay did the night before to heart thinking that she had demanded it. The worst of it being that she still had that detached sensation as though still dozing, the Other’s grip upon her still firm.

    As Kay slowly rose to standing, those watching saw her once more begin her depraved display. Moaning as she writhed she began smoothing the numerous loads of spunk over herself. Obscene in how she would moan and shiver as her lithe hands slid through the mess. Wanton in how her eyes rolled and she bit upon her lower lip, her body squirming as though every drop and touch held her just at the edge of cumming.

    Walking toward the hot spring, Kay looked down noting the stone that she had poured out her wetness upon. All that was left on the smooth ruddy stone were nineteen streaks upon it. Clearly each of the men had done as she suggested, and as she outwardly coo’d, inwardly the Other simply laughed. Slipping into the steaming waters the men already there fixed their eyes upon her. Kay continued her vulgar display until clean, and then just as she had done the day before, floated up to the surface, spreading her legs wide, her toes just inches away from the men there.

    Though most of the men went about their business, the three in the hot spring definitely were continuing to pay attention to Kay’s salacious display. No doubt if any one of them had paid heed to what the other braves who had encountered Kay before had told them, they would have moved away. As Kay floated continuing to stretch and writhe, once two of their cock’s had clearly swollen Kay looked directly at them and rose to standing still swaying. The second however that one of them curled his lip clearly sniffing at it, Kay smiled lecherously, turned, and beckoned for them to follow.

    Walking out into the brush with the three men in tow, found Kay stopping once she found a sandy spot. She didn’t even look back at the men as she lowered herself to all fours. Parting her knees wide, as her swollen seeping folds spread open, she began to sway her bottom like some bitch wolf in heat and began to whine.

    Again she heard the voice clearly. ‘You had better keep them thinking that you are a needy wolf. We wouldn’t want them to get violent. Then you know what will happen.’

    Kay was livid that the Other had set this whole thing up. Though she couldn’t stop what was happening anyway, more than any other possibility she didn’t want Scout to show. That moment Kay could feel and hear every bit of it. The brave saddling up behind her, the tip of his cock slipping through her folds to finally steadily sink his cock deep into her.

    The warrior moved gently and slow Kay clearly wanting this, so why shouldn’t they both enjoy the moment. The voice inside Kay although had other motives. Slamming back to the brave until he was seated flush to her mashing her nether-lips firm to him, Kay raised her lower legs hooking her heels behind his thighs holding him tight, and instantly began slamming back to him rapidly in short strokes.

    ‘You must make him take you like a wolf, like this, the voice in her mind ordered.

    Grunting and whining as she frantically fucked herself upon the brave’s hard cock, Kay in no time was so wet that the braves abdomen and balls were slick, sounding like wet leather pants bouncing upon a soaked saddle. Kay could feel every thrust, the angle of his cock, even the bulbous flaring head raking in and out of her. Begging for the Other to not make it happen, in no more than a minute she slammed back to him one final time, and choked up a low groan that ended in a throaty growl as Kay pretended to cum violently.

    Her back arching then recoiling low as her head snapped back, she thrashed and shuddered as though fighting for her very last breath already doomed. With the warriors good gentle intentions having already been refused, he instead cast himself into the moment, and with his own throaty roar surged up pulses of his spunk deep inside of her.

    Kay’s orgasm seemed to fade slowly, yet before it had subsided the second Native brave had driven his hard cock into her to replace the first. He had seen how Kay had been acting, and clearly their assumptions were true. With that thought in mind, instead of grasping Kay on the side of her hips he hooked his hands under the crease between her abdomen and thigh. His lunges into Kay were short and rapid, jerking her back to him as much as he thrust forward. Kay not having been given enough time to finish her first faked orgasm, quickly found herself ramping up to a second real one.

    "They understand now, just like that. They think you’re a wolf spirit," once more the Other hammered into her mind. The heels of Kay’s hands at first grinding into the soil to push back quickly gave way as her second orgasm hit her like a charging Elk. Her fingers instantly clawed at the ground to pull away and grant her some relief found her hips still high, her face and chest pressing to the earth as her mouth gaped wide and chestnut colored eyes fluttered and rolled.

    The second brave flooding her cunnie as Kay’s second orgasm continued to roll and crest time and again, found him almost flinging himself backward to wrench his cock free. He himself now panting like a wolf as he lay there and trembled, and as his thick cum seeped in surges from her swollen twat, the third warrior did exactly as the other two had.

    Remaining in that position throughout her two subsequent orgasms, as the three braves walked back to camp Kay laughed wickedly. Feeling sexually satisfied, it surprised her in that she couldn’t remember a time when the Other would let her actually cum. More so, unlike other times when everything felt so mechanical and planned, this all felt so natural that before the Other made her rise up and head back, Kay did as knew she would be made to.

    Walking back into camp her gait now a "well fucked" lazy sultry stroll, Kay first lowered to all fours lapping at the cold spring once more, then slipped into the hot spring once again to bathe. Everything about her screamed wanton, needy and seductive. The way she moved, the pout of her lips and naughty suggestive smiles. Even her dark brown eyes though languid hinted at a need for more. Nothing though could have pleased her more though than when she saw the three men telling the others what had happened.

    Surprisingly, one of the braves brought her food, what wasn’t though was how Kay in thanks swept a soft hand slowly up his leg, and under his breechcloth to fondle what it contained. If that had not convinced them enough of her insatiable lust, the Lakota braves reminded them all once more of what their Medicine Man had told them.

    As they all turned and looked at Kay once more, it was all she could do to not start laughing as she slowly stood up, swayed, and the first brave to sniff his lip she just smiled at and walked into the brush once again. By sunset, nine of the braves all told had made use of the woman touched by the spirit of a rutting wolf bitch in heat, and by late evening four of the same had followed her into the brush a second time.

    It was so easy Kay mused, almost laughing at the thought of it. More than that, the braves were so convinced of what they assumed her to be, that some would pet her head or back after like you would a dog instead of a lover. The greatest proof however came in the form of two more mature warriors who went to the greatest lengths to sate the needy lustful spirit.

    Bitch of the Fraternity of Wolves:
    With a bit more slack in their scrotum than the younger men, each had made it a point to slip first one, and then the other testicle into her slick well used cunt, and then their semi-rigid cock in after. Once inside of her, they would wrap a lash of rawhide around the base of their cock and sack gathering them together, and once they grew hard, each having surprisingly thick cocks as it was, Kay found herself actually tied or locked to them like wolves would do.

    With each of the other braves Kay had surprisingly actually orgasmed during each coupling. Kay simply assumed that must be another of the Other’s cruelties to humiliate her even more, in that typically no matter how good the physical sensations were, when the Other dictated her actions it would never let Kay cum. With those two men however, the experience was crushing.

    With their balls lashed up to their cock not only did it make it so Kay could not force the men to cum quickly, once inside as their cocks swelled and lengthened, it forced their balls out to the sides forming a large knot within her. The size of their cocks alone plus Kay now so sensitive and being so lewd easily set her off. Their testis forced out, pressing so brutishly to the internal aspects of her clitoris and to her g-spot that Kay was devastated.

    She could not count the number of orgasms she had with each of these men. Gushing on her initial orgasms with each, they were both obscenely awash in her flood. Worse still when she could take no more and would try to pry herself free, instead she found herself locked to them tight. Each pull and twist would only set her off once again as the men themselves discovered something new. As each would fill her wanton cunt with their vast floods of hot seed, their cock would remain hard due to the lash, and so they themselves would find a second and even third orgasm washing over them.

    In each case Kay found herself so shattered that by the time her twat would finally release its convulsive grip, Kay would collapse to the ground a quivering wreck. Until that point however, coupled with the warrior’s roars of release so also came Kay’s pleading for no more, her groans of ecstasy, and yells announcing her orgasms time and again. At one point her loud outcry sounded as though all humanity was stripped from her sounding more like a loud howl, and ultimately came only in the form of whines and whimpers.

    Each of those men having worn their wolf pelt headdresses, to any observing it would have looked as though Kay was letting a wolf ravage her. Their movements, sounds and wild abandon in all regards nothing short of bestial.

    With the first man of the two fucking Kay just after sundown, they both became so loud the braves feared that one was killing the other. Racing to them to save their brother, what they found was a sight that confirmed everything they now believed. Kay low on all fours, her knees wide and elbows bent so much her nipples were raking the ground, they watched as she thrashed and struggled to wrench herself off the knotted cock of the seeming wolf within her.

    Kay would whine, groan, pull and twist to only suddenly freeze, shudder violently and howl as she’d drive herself back on the bulbous violation cumming once again. As the eighteen other braves watched, soon one had broken out into song as the others chanted or joined in. This was truly a good omen or blessing upon the fraternity of wolf scouts they believed. Kay anointing with her quim each of them that made use of her wanton cunt, making each feel their virility had been confirmed, and more than that, accepted and blessed by the wolf spirit.

    After the first of these encounters, Kay was left shaking and moaning upon the ground with none of the men willing to try and force the spirit touched woman to do anything, even return to camp. Once the men were back, though this day and the last had been like no other year of fraternal fellowship, they all agreed that it was a good omen, and a sign of great things to come.

    Wherein typically they might discuss the conflicts between tribes primarily, instead they spoke of how the wolf spirit clearly hated the pale trespassers and the other races that they brought with them. They spoke of great chiefs from each of their tribes pressing for their Nations to fight along side all others instead of warring amongst themselves. Concerns over expansion into all their territories of greatest concern.

    The Cheyenne and Arapaho reminded them of Chief Black Kettle and the slaughter of his people at Sand Creek even though he flew a white and American flag over his tipi as told to do. The Lakota Sioux spoke of explorers into their sacred Black Hills, and how the yellow haired liar "Custer" had broken that treaty and many others slaughtering women and children all over the prairie. The Arapaho added that Pawnee Wolf Scouts had shared with them that more troops were marching toward that area and even the Yellowstone from Fort Laramie and Kansas.

    Countless treaties had been broken. Thousands of warriors, women and children slaughtered. Now when pressed to the wall and it seemed as though the Americans would chew through the plains and west a tribe at a time, such good signs as this meant much. As the men discussed and shared, eventually Kay crawled her way back to camp literally drooling and panting.

    As she rolled into the hot spring to bathe and rest, food and water was taken to her, and as she relaxed her sore loins, soon some of the men could hold in their emotions no more. Kay sitting upon the edge to cool off, without warning one of the younger braves stood up sobbing at all they had been discussing and pointed directly at Kay and loosed a fierce war whoop. Within seconds they were all standing and shouting, many weeping, and with Kay’s eyes wide it suddenly happened.

    The young brave leapt into the hot spring charging through its steaming waters toward her. Kay frozen in place stunned the others there when in a single blink her eyes shifted from a dark earthy brown to a steely blue. Kay reflexively grasped a sharp stick remaining firm, and just as the brave reached her he collapsed, his head falling to her breast as he sobbed.

    Kay was in shock. Scout having taken control though not even having the chance to tell Kay to rest found her freezing in place, then dropping the stick and as she blinked twice more. Her eyes shifting from blue, to gray and then to dark brown once again, she began stroking his long hair and petting his back comforting him, as the others broke out into song.

    Once their emotions had cooled and most of the men had taken the chance just to touch Kay, the stress of it all found Kay once more extending her arms for two braves to follow her into the brush. Throughout the night the men spoke, sang, and a few rutted with Kay once again. The last being the other of the two mature men, and when Kay crawled back after he had devastated her senses, she simply collapsed upon her bedroll to songs and prayers of celebration.

    It had been a rendezvous of the Wolf Scouts like no other. A great time was coming, and as these men had, the Nations would come together against the plague sweeping over the land. Kay just sighed feeling content so well ravaged, and as she drifted off to sleep she once more heard the Other speak to her laughing.

    ‘You are such a slut. I was through after that first man. At least now we all know what you’re good for.’ Kay’s expression slipped into a deep frown, the Other having tricked her then spoiled it. Too exhausted to fret about it then, Kay simply went to sleep.

    The Cold Morning:
    Awakened the next morning by the songs of birds and splashes of sunshine filtering through the leaves above, Kay felt a deep chill having slept on top of the bedroll once again. This time however laying in the strangest of poses, virtually spread eagle her arms and legs so wide, a chill had set deep into her, and as she tried to curl up on her side pulling the canvas over herself, she quickly discovered why.

    Every limb was sore. Her knees, elbows and breasts scraped up, and as she began to draw tight her legs closing, she almost leapt up at the intense sensation. Her cunt was so swollen and tender that just closing her legs sent a jolt through her as her thighs pressed her nether-lips together. Sitting up to part her legs wide, Kay discovered a sight that instantly had her weeping. Everyone was gone.

    Except for a small fire burning near her and a rock covered in food it was as though the nineteen braves had never been there. There were no laughing and talking men, in fact even their scent had absolutely vanished. No smoldering embers or remnants of game, and even their tracks had been erased. All that remained to give any indication of the nineteen Natives having been there was the last bit of sticky residue that had ebbed from her now empty void, plastering her folds and bottom’s cheeks together.

    Shaking she was so cold, Kay achingly crawled to the hot spring one last time, and gingerly lowered her sore cunnie down into it. Weeping at the loneliness that seemed to be her destiny, Kay deep down realized that there was no place for her in this world. The Americans no matter their race hated her, the Mexicans would barely tolerate her and to the Native peoples would always consider her white. Kay for all intents and purposes had always been a race of one, and if even for just a moment she didn’t remember that, all other people would be sure to remind her.

    ‘Aww, don’t cry’ Kay heard deep in her mind causing her to grit her teeth just knowing the Other was about to begin her cruel taunting. ‘Maybe if you weren’t such a slut with everyone you meet, they might want to stay with you. Well, until you stop spreading your legs I mean.’

    Kay’s pinched expression instantly turned to one of seething hatred as she lashed back verbally and out loud having realized since coming here that she could actually speak with the Other. "You do this. You make these things happen."

    ‘Not I’ responded the Other in an innocent tone. ‘I in fact do nothing. I’m just ideas, your ideas frankly, the best parts of you. Though sometimes I do help move you when you’re too afraid. Well or stupid, or lazy, or unmotivated, that’s how it is with you half-breeds I suppose. Now be a good dog, I mean wolf. Sit up and finish your bath.’

    Kay’s expression that moment slipped to one as blank as Scout’s. She felt all those things about herself and more. She hated herself for what she was and blamed her life on no one but herself though she realized one thing, and in a rare moment for Kay, felt as cruel as the Other was.

    "You’re right, I’m the worst parts of me. Then again…without me you are nothing. Not even a passing thought. I’m everything to you. A scared, slutty, stupid, lazy half-breed is the best you will ever have. Now do what you do best, nothing. I have a life to live, and you just have me."

    Unlike most times when the Other would be brief or quit speaking when Kay needed her, or in contrast fill her head when she didn’t want to hear her, just that quickly it silenced, and Kay felt that it would be some time before she spoke again. Kay also oddly felt at that moment that the inexpressive Scout actually smiled.

    After Kay soaked for some time, she finally ate what the men had left her, filled her canteens and grudgingly decided to dress. Looking to where she had left her clothes, she discovered that the very first piece she intended on putting on was missing, her pants. In its place was left a recently painted breechcloth though it almost looked too narrow to be one.

    She knew none of the braves could wear them so small, yet suddenly it made sense. The breechcloth was for a child, though why they would take her britches in place of that narrow strip of buckskin she did not know. Looking about however, she began to notice other articles of clothing and jewelry making her wonder what else she might have to do without.

    First she spotted a very nice pair of also recently painted Shoshone buckskin moccasins. Different from those wore by many other tribes, they rose up clear to your knee instead of just the ankle, and as she looked closer realized they were actually folded down then back up, meaning they would actually reach far up onto her thigh. Fortunately they had not taken her cowboy boots that had been in the bundle back at the cowboy’s camp. Those would not be easily replaced so small.

    Performing a quick inventory the warriors had left her shirt, leather vest, leather stovepipe chaps, leather gloves, hat, belts and even the heavy wool trade-blanket coat she had. Kay’s three knives remained, her spurs, jewelry, money, in fact everything she surmised except the pants. Unfortunately that meant she would either have to ride bare legged though could pull up the moccasins if she wore those, or wear the chaps which were hot.

    When Kay carried everything over to her bedroll to pack, it was only then she noted the large buckskin laid out upon the ground, and upon it what she could only guess were gifts left for her. There was a Crow breastplate that looked more like numerous loose strands of beads, each progressively longer that had a strange emblem at the top. A Shoshone Grizzly claw necklace, an Arapaho armband also strangely adorned, a Cheyenne wampum belt ornately decorated with a wolf and nineteen marks she assumed to be men. One item looked to be like a decorated Sioux head or hatband, and then there were numerous ornaments, most hastily decorated though having specific designs.

    She also noticed her two saddlebags there, both filled to the brim with dried or preserved with seasoning meats and fish, various vegetables and grains as well as a number of parts of plants that she had no idea what they were. Kay beamed at all of it suspecting that some were simply totems or gifts, yet that others in fact most of it should be worn, possibly recognizable by the various tribes, perhaps even granting her safe passage.

    Smirking, Kay openly voiced her final dig at the Other in retaliation for it tarnishing the entire experience. "Not bad for a lazy, stupid and cowardly slut. Guess I was a good doggy, and remember, you said ‘I did it all.’"

    With that Kay dressed and packed up her mare. The heat of the day had already risen enough that she tied up her shirt to help support her breasts. By the time she had put on all of the wearable gifts along with her bone choker, tied feathers in her hair and hat, Kay was beginning to look like some Native scout.

    She did miss her pants though. The breechcloth wore with the chaps just barely covered her mons leaving large gaps that clearly showed the hollows between her abdomen and thighs. Worse still in the back, once tucked in the breechcloth was at best only tree inches wide leaving her bottom’s cheeks fully exposed.

    Insuring her horse was well watered and taking one last look around the camp that she would likely never see again, Kay rode north along the Bighorn River looking for a crossing. Once she had found one, she lazily rode W.N.W. to stay north of the Owl Creek Mountains heading toward the Absaroka Range and the Yellowstone.

    Though the clear blue sky had slowly begun to shift to storm clouds westerly, she knew there would be no outrunning it. Never the less Kay rode with the tiniest of smiles and no amount of what the Other could say would sully her feelings. She would never be accepted by the American’s, she knew that. But possibly, just maybe somewhere, she might encounter some Native peoples that would welcome her. Even if it was just as some stupid half-breed slut…

    …And so, Kay rode westward.

    ** Author’s Note: The small hot spring depicted would be a part of the complex of springs found in the present day town of Thermopolis, Wyoming.
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    The Half-Breed and the Hummingbird

    22. The Grizzly and the Cougar
    23. The Wolf and the Grizzly
    24. Becoming Human
    25. Lonely Forks of a River
    26. Cornered by Life Once Again
    27. Deal with the Devil
    28. Her Sweet Gentle Hummingbird
    29. Marks for Remembrance

    The Grizzly and the Cougar:

    Kay had traveled easy and slow toward the Absaroka for close to two weeks. Freezing mornings would turn to sweltering days, and by late afternoon the temperatures would crash meaning a long night with her hovering close to the fire. What made the situation worse was she was ever so gradually gaining elevation each step. Keeping a fire burning well had become a troubling affair, and if that wasn’t bad enough, it had been regularly raining.

    Poured more true to the point. For every day that it was clear it would drench her for two. Everything she owned was soaked, and if not for the fact that her wool coat and blanket remained warm when soaking wet, Kay would have given up long before now. Contrary to what you might think, days that it was dry and clear Kay would stop travelling. She’d spend all day trying to dry out everything she could, searching for dry wood, and finding shelter so if it rained in the night she could at least start out dry.

    What made things worse was that exhausted, cold and drenched, without a clear sun to go by Kay had turned one morning taking her south-west into a valley. She had draped the canvas cover of her bedroll over her like a tarp to help shield her from the pouring rain, and as the heat of the day rose, under the tarp became warm and steamy. Still riding, Kay fell off to sleep. It was dusk before she awoke again, and though clearly the valley had narrowed and she had traveled to a much higher elevation, Kay decided to press on rather than turn back.

    As the snow-capped peaks drew ever nearer and six thousand feet gave way to ten, the tree line opened up to a barren expanse of rock, and the rain was replaced by snow though it was well into mid-summer. Worst of all Kay had a terrible decision she needed to make facing her. That being either to endure all that she just had for two days covering the same ground to start over, or follow the valley to its now visible end and cross over the pass at the summit perhaps a thousand feet higher.

    That sounds like an easy choice yet in truth it is not. Already she was having to walk the horse due to the thinning air. Ascending the valley had turned into a repetitive grind of walking thirty yards and then stopping for three minutes. It was hard on her and just as hard upon her horse. The serious risk though being, if her horse went down, then she’d be in real trouble. All of that taken into account, Kay figured the worst thing would be if the pass turned out to be a false blind summit.

    Kay had encountered them before. She’d climb and climb struggling to make the rim, fighting to not give up only to find ten feet from the top that past it just far enough that it remained out view there was another rim she’d have to scale. Once she had encountered that problem six times. Six climbs ending in six brief grateful moments instantly turning to despair. Hoping the second ridge would be the last, once she had reached it she refused to quit, and by the fifth, she just didn’t care anymore.

    It could get worse though. Kay might crest the last ridge and start following the terrain down. It could be too steep and so she would have to follow the ridgeline till she found a way, or the worst possible situation could happen. She might find a valley on the other side and follow it descending thousands of feet only to find the mountains suddenly encircling her like a box canyon. That would mean you’d have to climb back out the way you came, all just to start over.

    After a cold night waking covered in snow, Kay took a solid thirty minutes deciding what route to take down, then began the gradual descent. By mid morning she came to a spot where the snow melt formed a creek, and by noon it was clear that she had been lucky in that far ahead and below she could see a river that it ran into. What wasn’t so lucky was the rain. Once more it came down in such a torrent that she feared that not only might the narrow valley she was descending flood out, yet perhaps even the river below fed by countless feeder creeks.

    Lucky once again, Kay found that though the river was clearly up and running fast, there still was room between it and the almost vertical mountains on either side of it. Following the flow downstream, she eventually stopped beside a large sheared off rock when out of no where in the downpour something had her almost leaping into the river.

    "Sure is a powerful rain a’gin today ain’t it?" A soft yet deep and resonant voice spoke out.

    Kay’s own reaction almost had the horse stepping into the river, yet as she whipped her head around she saw from whence it came. A large Grizzly Bear only visible from the shoulders up on the other side of the rock just remained still and unmoving in profile.

    "What the hell!" Being the best response Kay could initially muster in her surprise. "You talking to me?"

    "A course I’m talking to ya, ain’t no body else here with us," the Bear answered back as Kay wide eyed began to slowly edge around the rock. "My name’s Hum, Hum Hail."

    Trying to keep the Grizzly occupied so she could figure this out and get him into view, Kay decided to keep it talking.

    "Hum Hail huh? How did you get a name like ‘Hum’, is it Native or something?"

    "Naw… Guess now would be a good-a time as any ta tell ya cuz I don’t cotton to bein laughed at. It’s ‘Hummingbird Aut-23 Hail.’ My Pap and Mam was simple folk and liked Hummingbirds, and figgered they’d also toss in ‘Autumn 1823’ so I wouldn’t forget how old I is. Ya got a name?" The Bear asked. His deep voice as calm and welcoming as an old friend.

    "Kay. I can’t remember the rest." Kay meekly responded just before she rounded the rock instantly relived that she wasn’t going mad.

    The name "Hummingbird" never fit a man less. Wedged in between the rock and the mountain was a mountain of a man, wearing a Grizzly skin as a coat, the head of it over his own like a hood. Easily 6’4" and 230 pounds, Hum was wearing the buckskins of a mountain trapper, moccasins and all. Unfortunately for him however, a small boulder against the mountain had wedged his left lower leg against the rock trapping him.

    "So ya livin round these parts or is ya just passin through?" Hum asked smiling like he didn’t have a care in the world standing there trapped in the pouring rain, with it already cold enough that their breath showed in steamy gasps.

    "Just wandering. I came over those mountains back there, how about you?" Kay responded sounding almost as calm as he was finding his demeanor to be casual to say the least.

    "Oh just lookin about myself. I ain’t never come up this fork of the Stinkin Water. But I reckon I’ll be livin here till I can get this leg a mine chewed off. Ya wouldn’t happen ta have a knife I could barrah fer a spell do ya?" Hum clearly calm in a crisis, spoke as though either slowly dying out here or sawing off his own leg were simply everyday occurrences.

    Slipping off her horse, Kay glanced up to the man with a slightly puzzled expression finding him just smiling away, though he did grimace every now and then as she responded.

    "I do, in fact, I could even do it for you if you want seeing that it might be a tough reach for you. Then again, here’s a crazy notion. What do you say to me just getting that rock out of there, you do know your leg is broke though, right?"

    Hum’s voice raised slightly as he winced, no doubt stiff and hurting and the thought of getting free aggravating his stoic nature. Never the less he still responded as mildly as though asking for another cup of tea.

    "Well I don’t want ta put ya out none seein yer-a busy wanderin and such. But, if it wern’t ta be no trouble, well I’d be obliged to ya."

    Kay grinning as much as he was at this point just nodded her head began looking about as she spoke.

    "Well, what say we try moving that rock first Hum, that is unless you’d rather I just start cutting away. How did you come to rest in such a way?"

    As Kay looked about for a long and sturdy enough piece of wood to leverage the stone out of there, Hum regaled her with how he came to be there.

    "Oh ya know how it is. I was just walkin along followin a trail on the edge some thirty feet up, and this ol’ Cougar took a notion ta be goin the other way. Welp, we got ta discussin it some, neither one of us willin to go back, and so I reckon we both decided we’d finish up down here. He’s just ten feet above me there. My rifle is still up on the trail I suspect."

    Having found a sturdy enough limb that had washed down from a deadfall, Kay glanced up as she returned and sure enough, there was a large Cougar stretched out on a narrow ledge just above him, clearly dead. Kay at that point pulled from her saddle a long leather strap, and without saying a word began tying it tightly just above his knee to ease the pain he was going to feel. Glancing up to him after slipping the limb under the rock, Kay asked if he was ready and he just nodded. With that, Kay lifted intent on un-wedging leg, the rock itself to fall behind him.

    "Chickamauga gawd damn that’ll wake ya up!" Hum yelled out as it all went as planned.

    Kay quickly maneuvered under him to set her shoulder to his crotch to help support him so he could put his other foot down first, and once he was down she helped him hop to her horse so he could hang onto its saddle.

    Kay then did something that surprised him. Taking off her hat and coat, she then carefully scaled the near vertical face of the mountain first pulling down the Cougar shouting back "so it won’t go to waste," and then climbed another fifteen feet till she reached the trail above. Finding his rifle right where she peered over, she carefully slipped it through the armholes over her back through the vest, and slowly climbed back down to him.

    "Well thank ya ma’am!" Hum said in a snappy tone, "I weren’t expectin ya ta go ta all that trouble. If ya got a mind ta, I got a little camp set up in a cave just yonder. Ya’d be welcome ta dry off a spell if that would suit ya, but I don’t want ta be keepin ya if ya got ta go."

    Clearly appreciative, Kay recognized that was Hum’s easy going way of asking if she might help him back to his camp. Kay still struggling to keep a straight face simply nodded, and then to her horse’s displeasure, hefted the Cougar, tarp and coat over the saddle, and down the edge of the river they slowly went.

    The Wolf and the Grizzly:
    Working down the river, Hum surprisingly moved rather well hopping along aided by the horse, and in perhaps a hundred yards, it brought them to the mouth of a cave. Just tall enough that the horse could also walk in with ease, after roughly thirty paces they came to a spot where he had his mule tied up, Kay tying her horse there as well. Another twenty paces and around a slight bend brought them to where he had set up to stay.

    Helping him to sit upon a bed of Elk and Buffalo skins he had made there, Kay set to work stoking up the fire to a healthy blaze. Hum in his casual way mentioning to her that it would get hot in there quick. Kay simply responding that "quick is what we need. We don’t need to get lung fever."

    Leaving Hum for a moment, Kay went out once more before she became too comfortable collecting up a number of sticks to make a splinted cast of sorts, then moved all of her gear inside the living area Hum had set up. It was actually rather cozy. There must have been a draft of sorts as the smoke vented out the roof of the cave. He had a couple of stacked up rocks beside the fire as stools, and had fashioned a number of thin long sticks to work as drying racks for pelts.

    "You’re not bashful are you Hum? I need to get those soaked bucks off of you, how long were you out there anyway?"

    Hum actually had to think about that one a minute, unsure how Kay would feel about him being naked. He knew they had to come off so with that he replied "oh I reckon bout a day and a half, and I don’t want ta be puttin ya ta any trouble if be’in a lady and all it’ll embarrass ya."

    Kay smiled responding "well, I’m taking off mine, so I guess I’m not some lady."

    That out of the way, Kay just about had to peel the soaked buckskins off of him, the water making them seem almost glued on. She didn’t think much about it when she removed his shirt, moccasins or even pants, yet after she hung them up to dry on the racks he had made and stripped off her own clothes, she couldn’t help but laugh when she turned round looking at him.

    "Hum, what are you doing? Am I that ugly?" Finding Hum sitting there with his hands shielding his eyes.

    "Well ma’am I can’t rightly say. I ain’t looked once ya started takin off yer clothes not wantin ta offend ya."

    Kay laughed at his country gentility only responding back, "well you might as well look now, it’s going to be a while before our clothes are dry, and we need to try and set that leg."

    Kay knew the moment Hum peeked through his fingers finally in that he unintentionally blurted out "lord a-mighty." Kay just laughed as she gathered up a number of rawhide strips, her lariat, the sticks she had collected and a tanned Beaver skin he had already hung up and dried. Carefully, Kay tied the lariat around his ankle and then had him just slightly roll to the opposite side to raise his rump off the bed. She then gently raised his leg and tied the other end of it to a rock high on the wall, and then stood over him and told him what she was going to do.

    "Okay Hum, You’re too big for me to just pull it into place. So I’m going to sit on your hip and push it down. Hopefully that will snap your bones right, and then I’ll bind it up, okay? Oh, I don’t want you hitting me, do I need to tie up your arms, or do you need to bite on something?"

    Hum just shook his head no, and as Kay sat on top of him he began talking to take his mind off of the pain to come telling a common tale that had an all too familiar punch line.

    "So anyway, there was this time I got ta pokin around this ol’ hole in the winter, and wouldn’t ya know it, that dank thing was chock full of nappin Grizzlies. Welp, they got ta bitin’ and a slashin, and Chicamauga damnation!" Hum suddenly yelled out as Kay sat down pulling his leg taunt and stretching out the bones, "them ol’ hairy bastards just kept a commin. If there twernt thirty of em there twernt one."

    Kay trying to keep from laughing knowing what was coming, quickly wrapped his lower leg in the beaver pelt, then stacked sticks around it and lashed them tightly to his leg with the rawhides.

    "Thirty huh? So, what happened?"

    "Well I got kilt a-course, what do ya think happened?"

    Both Hum and Kay chuckling at the last, it was always a great way to end a too-tall tale. Kay finally raising off of him, untying his leg and setting it down gently.

    Turning back around the crisis past them, Kay took stock of the man that lay there before her as much as he did her. Hum was massive, and using the descriptive of a Grizzly suited him well. Besides being close to a foot taller than Kay, he had the lean muscled bulk of hard work and healthy living about him. More than that though, from the top of his head to the tops of his feet he was covered in thick brown hair. Even his back, shoulders, butt-cheeks and thighs were thick with it. About the only area on him not covered in the lush mat of fur was his forehead, eyes, nose, palms and the soles of his gigantic feet.

    To Hum though, Kay looked equally surprising. Small, firm and lean, her belly, limbs and bottom were tone and taunt. Kay’s breasts were surprisingly large yet also firm. Her caramel skin was smooth and hairless, the only hair she seemed to sport was a narrow line upon her brows, and a full though cut short mop of tussled black locks upon her head. Most of all however, he thought she was the prettiest woman he had ever seen. Well, of the few he had.

    Helping Hum under the skins Kay asked him if he was hungry. Be it the pain from his leg, or perhaps the long time trapped out there, though more true to the point the vision of Kay, he declined asking if she’d mind if he just slept a bit. Already he was shivering though. Whether from the deep set cold or perhaps shock setting in debatable, and Kay just nodded, stoked up the fire, and seeing him shivering did something he never expected.

    Kay without asking just slipped under the covers next to him, pressing her body tight to his massive frame to try and get him warm. Hum wide eyed swallowed hard as he mumbled out his concerns.

    "Ma’am, err Kay, ya want me ta fix ya up a bed so’s ya don’t have ta be bothered by me in mine?"

    Kay just shook her head telling him to rest setting her head on his shoulder as she began to briskly rub his chest, belly and abdomen with her hand, and his thighs gently with her own draped over them to warm him. That moment to Kay it simply felt like comforting a cold and hurting man who needed her to. To Hum however it felt completely different.

    Hum had not even seen a woman in two years or more. He had not seen a nude woman in close to four, and he had not laid with a woman in roughly five years. Even when he was younger he didn’t recall ever seeing any woman that even came close to how Kay looked in his eyes, most battered, bulky and shapeless. Here she was however, and more than that, he could feel her warm breath upon his chest, feel her full breasts pressed tight to him, and could even feel her cunnie pressed tight to his hip. Finally she kept rubbing him softly with both hand and thigh. The only area she didn’t touch was the spot around his genitals.

    As cold and hurting as Hum was, in all of about three minutes his cock slowly began to rise. The first either noticed it was when Kay’s leg swept up over his thighs and ran square into it having risen above his legs. Hum instantly afraid Kay had noticed shifted a little and adjusted the Elk skin over them hoping it would move out of the way. Instead it flopped up toward his belly, and on the next stroke down of Kay’s hand, she ended up running right over it as it continued to grow hard.

    ‘That’s twice now, call Scout and have her kill him before he rapes you first’ Kay suddenly heard in her mind, the Other having finally decided to speak to Kay again.

    "No I’m not calling Scout," Kay suddenly said out loud, angry that the Other was going to try and ruin this and more so, hurt this good man.

    With that Hum perked out of his euphoric though nervous haze asking "hmm, what was that about a scout?"

    ‘Fine if you won’t call Scout, I’ll do it’ the Other quickly interjected.

    "I’m sorry Hum, I’ll be right back I forgot to use the privy."

    With that Kay almost flung herself out from under the skin and stormed toward the entrance to the cave. Once there she instantly lashed out whispering angrily to the Other.

    "No, you won’t do anything, remember, you do nothing. You don’t even count, nothing more than my own thoughts."

    ‘Shhh, rest…’ Scout suddenly roused said calmly.

    Kay instantly cut her off, barely able to keep herself from shouting as she angrily spoke in a whisper.

    "No! I won’t rest Scout, you rest! And you ‘nothinggg,’ do what you do best, nnnothing! Neither one of you is going to hurt this man. Remember, you don’t exist without me, and if you hurt him I swear to you, there will be no more me!"

    Kay stood there fuming for the longest time waiting for one or the other to respond, yet to her it felt as though she was absolutely alone once again. Nodding in victory, it having been the first time she could remember when she was able to resist the Other let alone Scout, Kay walked back into the cave now oddly determined to do exactly what the Other didn’t want, and slipped under the skin once again.

    As Kay pulled herself close to Hum once more resuming her soft petting and stroking just as she had, Hum asked her if she was okay and she told him she was fine. Just about then she drew her leg up so high that it should have run into his cock, yet oddly it was gone. More than that, Hum’s legs were straining to stay tight together. With that in mind Kay softly ran her hand down over his chest to his hip and once it reached his thigh told him to relax. When he didn’t, she sternly told him again saying how she didn’t want him to hurt his leg.

    Finally after Kay resumed petting him Hum finally lost his grip to his cock. Instantly it popped right up from between his thighs, Kay’s thigh softly running into it, and it was at that point Hum embarrassed covered his eyes with his hand and began apologizing.

    "I’m so sorry ma’am. I, I just can’t seem ta get it ta go away. I ain’t seen a gal like ya ever, let alone had her get next ta me, in fact I ain’t seen a gal in…"

    Kay instantly cut him off by setting her fingers over his lips. "It’s okay, really. Why hell, I’d be insulted if you didn’t feel that way, broke leg and all."

    It was then that Kay slowly slid her thigh up till she had tipped his cock up toward his belly, and as her hand slipped down his chest and her lithe fingers slowly wrapped around it, she took a line from Scout only saying "shhh, rest now."

    Not even able to fully wrap her hand around his thick cock Kay quickly discovered that unlike many large men, this one was proportional. Her hand softly gripping him as she slowly stroked up and down his full length, gently twisting as it ran from the base to its large flaring tip. Every fondle of her hand gradually became quicker and firmer with each pump, and soon Kay restricted her distance from the base till she would just catch the edge of his bulbous head.

    It was clear when he began to tremble almost immediately that this would take little time. As his hips began to rise she began to pump his sizeable tool at an even quicker pace. When a low rumble of a groan reverberated deep in his chest, and his hips began to buck, it was then Kay moved with absolute focus saying to him "there it is, let it go, yes, yes…oh yes, let it go."

    Hum’s massive frame tensed and raised up as his cock lurched and pumped three massive jets of hot cum from it and then gradually began to slow. If anyone had been standing outside of the cave they would have swore a Grizzly had just roared as he called out his orgasm. Kay elated that he came so well, eased him down by saying "Ohh there you go, that’s it, better now, that’s better, shhh, rest."

    Kay continued to milk him ever slower until Hum’s entire body felt like it just collapsed. He was half-laughing and half-crying after it, the only word that he ever said throughout was "ow" regarding his leg. As Hum’s cock softened, Kay’s hand eventually slipped to the sizeable puddle of cum on his belly. Wanting him to sleep she began slowly gathering it up and took each handful wiping it on her hip until he was clean, and before she had finished, Hum had begun snoring.

    No doubt extreme to many, to Kay it felt like the most normal day she had in some time. So as Hum snored away exhausted and safe once again, Kay just snuggled to his shoulder and joined him in deep slumber.

    Becoming Human:
    When Hum woke up, he was met with a sight unlike anything he had ever known. Oh sure, there was that one winter he spent with the Cree having a temporary squaw of sorts, and then a couple winters later when a Shoshone gal stayed with him, yet contrary to what most imagine, the Native peoples were typically as modest as any other.

    Instead he opened his eyes to find Kay as naked as the night before, their clothes still wet from the humidity as it was still raining. Unlike the whores though whom he had woke up to, Kay had been up long before and been busy. She had skinned the Cougar and stretched his hide even saving his skull and front claws in case Hum wanted a necklace. She had hauled water, and fed her horse and his mule, made him crutches and even tended his other wounds ignored the night before.

    More than that, he could tell she had bathed. Her skin seemed to glow, and amongst all the other smells in the cave he could smell her, and she smelled like a fresh clean woman. Clearing his throat Kay turned round and smiled at him, and if you had asked him any day after what happened, Hum would have told you "that was the moment she kilt me a-course, what do ya think happened?" Meaning his heart.

    Seeing Hum awake Kay moved to him and asked if he needed to step outside. Helping him up she had clearly measured the makeshift crutches in that they fit perfectly, and once she was sure he could make it out of the cave alone, she set to work preparing some food. Once he had returned they ate lightly and talked. Of greatest interest to Hum being what route Kay had taken over the mountains to reach so far up the headwaters of the South Fork of the Stinking Water River.

    Though Kay didn’t elaborate on her time with the varied congregation of Wolf Scouts, after she described their dress, how they wore their hair, and showed him some of the totems Hum was able to explain to her what Tribes they were from, and ways to recognize them and others. Though he had never been to that particular place, or heard of warring tribes members doing such, it frankly didn’t surprise him in that as he put it, "Native peoples are so much more civilized than Americans. That’s why they call themselves ‘Human Bein’s.’"

    As they continued to talk throughout the morning, Kay eventually considered cooking something that the scouts had left in her saddlebags, yet on second thought considered throwing it out assuming it was spoiled. Wrapped up in a skin, the grease from it making the skin translucent, she unrolled what looked like a roast of sorts yet it was all green and covered with what looked like leaves, moss and dirt. More so, she thought it must be rotten and what had been stinking up the cave.

    Hum’s eyes lit up upon seeing it and smelling the seasoning in the air, asking her where she had found that? Kay told him, yet also added that it must be rotten from the smell and all the green on it.

    Hum quickly corrected her stating "what? No, that’s an Antelope roast with an Arapaho cure rubbed on it. Thems is good eatin, but ya got ta roast it, if ya boil it you’ll get sick."

    Kay took his word on that and set it to roasting slowly though it still smelled rank to her. In short order she began noticing the foul smell more and more, though oddly she could also smell the meat and seasonings almost as though it produced two different smells. What was odder still, the further away from the roast she moved, the worse the smell became. Her nose finally clearing up from being stuffed up yesterday, and so as she tried to narrow it down she took stock once more of her surroundings.

    She could smell the leather of her saddle and other items. She could smell the rawhide skins and even the tallow missed on them turning sour. She could smell the fur, the earth of the cave and so on, yet as she moved farther away from the roast there it was that smell again, stronger and stronger till she finally turned round and looked at the skins on the bed. Bending down the skins smelled exactly as they should, just soft fur, hair and tanned leather. Finally she lifted up the top Elk skin cover with Hum under it and reeled.

    Kay instantly proclaiming, "Hum, you need a bath…bad."

    Hum’s reaction was priceless as he screeched out "a bath!" His eyes going wide in terror as his head shook quickly, mouth agape looking like the devil just jumped up in front of him.

    "Why I, I, I had a bath no more than a month ago when I fell inta the river, an that’s after takin one in the spring! A bath! Why I’d get lung fever fer sure, an that’s iff’n the cold don’t set ta my bones permanent. A bath! That’s crazy, first ya goes ta savin me an now ya wants ta kilt me. A Bath?"

    "Yes Hum, a bath. I have one as often as I can, in fact, I’d take one everyday or more if I could."

    It was all Kay could do to not howl with laughter at his reaction. The fear, or more true terror in his eyes was hilarious. He almost instantly began stammering, his voice raising a full octave, and his expressions and flailing made him look as though someone had suggested he cast himself into a vat of boiling acid filled with snapping turtles.

    "I, I… I just cain’t, I knows I’ll get sick and dead fer certain. Sides, I take baths as much as any other! Every spring, and then when I swim ta cool off in the mid-summer. Then there’s that one in fall too." Hum had even began to mumble in horror as he continued on how a bath would be sure to kill him.

    Holding back her laughter as Hum continued to make excuses, then compromises, and finally deals, Kay realized if she didn’t think of something fast Hum might just jump up and try running out of the cave on his bad leg, screaming like his hair was on fire. Already he had pulled the Elk skin up to just under his eyes and was clutching it, so with that, Kay quickly straddled his chest and looked him in the eyes, then bent low to his ear.

    "Hum, if you let me give you a bath, I’ll…" at which point Kay bent down and began whispering in his ear, then sat back up and pulled the skin down past his chin.

    Almost immediately Hum’s eyes grew even wider in shock. His mouth was wide agape, and immediately his expressions became overly exaggerated showing disbelief, shock, disgust, curiosity and arousal all at once as his brow would rise then furrow, lip sneer then part wide, eyes squint and then bug.

    "Nawww, you’re lyin. Eww, nobody does that. Really? Nawww, why that’s just, that’s, naw, that’s so… I don’t believe ya."

    Kay just nodded then continued on. "It’s true Hum. More so I’ll…" Speaking as she bent low then whispered in his ear once more, Hum's face took on expressions of shock, horror, and as though he had just heard the most obscene, vulgar and naughty thing that he could never have imagined.

    "Nawww, hush up. Pshawww, now I knows ya is lyin. Why that’s just, eww, that’s about the most nasty, nawww, really? Naw, ya’d really do, I mean that, naw. I don’t believe it."

    Kay just raised up one hand as though making a pledge, smug and nodding stating "honest injun."

    Hum had to think about it a minute though he was clearly intrigued. If anything he guessed he’d have to go through with it just to see if she was lying, though he did have one condition. "Fine, I’ll let ya bath me, but the first signs of me dyin, you gots ta stop, okay?"

    Kay agreed and instantly set to work to try and get him clean, yet also make this a positive experience for him. Heating some water, Kay went out into the rain to gather some sage, wildflowers and other plants, a little alkali and some powder fine sand that she knew would help make a wash of sorts. Once back inside, Kay ground up all of the ingredients and began to render all that she had collected adding a touch of water, some Elk tallow and a touch of ash hoping it might soap up.

    Hum on the other hand was becoming more scared by the second. It didn’t matter what she had promised in that at the moment, Kay looked half-crazed so excited having fun making everything. Devising ways in her head to make it fun for him and to be honest, a little of it revolved around her thoughts on exploring this massive man from head to toe. By the time Kay cut out a back piece of a deer hide and began cutting the hairs short to make a scrub brush of sorts, Hum was just about ready to panic.

    With everything finally ready, Kay set the hot water and wash beside Hum and asked if he was ready. Already Hum had pulled the Elk skin up to his eyes again as he in a meek whimper exclaimed, "I changed my mind, I ain’t doin it."

    Kay then tried pulling the skin off him yet he had an iron grip to it, so with that Kay just shrugged beginning to walk away. At the very last she grabbed the heavy skin at his feet and just flipped it up on his head almost leaping on him to straddle his hips. Before Hum could fling the pelt off of his face, Kay had already dipped her makeshift brush into the water then into the wash, and before he knew it she was scrubbing his chest in small circles.

    At first struggling under the heavy skin tangling up his head and arms, Hum began shouting in muffled tones from under it, yet within seconds by the time he finally pushed from his head his tone had changed.

    "No! No! No, uh, uh ohh. You swear I ain’t gonna get kilt?"

    Kay just shook her head softly answering him saying, "No Hum, you aren’t going to get sick, or die. Here just look at me, no lower, lower, just watch my breasts."

    As Kay would scrub with one hand in small circles, so the other would smooth over the area just following in opposite circles of its own. In no time Hum’s eyes were rolling and he continually moaned. For the most part though, his eyes remained fixed on her breasts as they’d be squeezed together between her arms, swell, sway and undulate. The proof of that being in short order his sizable cock was soon resting against Kay’s rump and back.

    Hum was stunned how she thought nothing about sliding her cunnie down over his hardening cock as she slipped down to his thighs. He was perhaps even more shocked when she said nothing about it poking her in the breasts as she'd bend over, and when she bathed his cock and balls to say it wasn’t shock that he was feeling would be an understatement. Hum was a little ticklish on his ribs, and a lot when it came to his feet. He groaned at the massage like motions to his back, and he struggled and fought when Kay was determined to scrub out his butt-crack.

    Eventually she rinsed him down, dried him off which was no easy task considering all of his thick hair, and by the time she laid him back down and kneeled between his thighs, Hum had all but forgotten about her promise.

    "So, are you killed yet Hum?" Kay teased as her fingertips slowly made circles through the hair upon his inner thighs and she smiled lecherously over him.

    "Naw, I reckon not. Well this time. Too much might kilt ya fer sure." Hum almost moaning at her gentle touch after the harsh scrubbing.

    "Well Hum, a deal is a deal isn’t it?" Kay cooed out as her fingers grew closer and closer to his cock and balls. Hum’s eyes suddenly bugging as his jaw dropped, looking at Kay as though he couldn’t believe that she would go through with such a thing.

    "Naw, ya don’t have ta do that, I know’d ya was just foolin." Hum looking up at Kay half in disbelief, yet half intrigued never having heard of anyone doing such a lascivious naughty thing.

    With that Kay dipped her hands into the oil-laden wash making Hum almost jump when she wrapped one hand around his cock, and the other gently cradling and massaging his balls. The expression on Kay’s face was nothing short of wicked. Her hand on his cock slowly stroking it up and down twisting around it like a barber pole making Hum hard quick enough, yet when she pulled down drawing his foreskin back and licked her lips, Hum audibly gasped thinking she just might do such a thing.

    "Nawww, people don’t ever…" as Hum’s words were cut short as Kay simply bent down and slipped the head of his cock deep in to her mouth. As her tongue slathered over his cock inside and her lips suckled and pulled just at the edge of the flaring head, her head twisted back and forth opposite the twisting of her hand to his cock, and Hum froze up stunned.

    He guessed she might do it for a second, yet when Kay began working his shaft with more fervor, and massaged his balls with more focus, he realized that she had meant what she said as her mouth suckled and bathed his cock with an almost voracious desire. Inside a woman’s cunnie was one thing, yet as amazing as it was, this had a control about it that seemed to demand one thing. That thing being, not to satisfy herself, yet to just make Hum cum.

    It didn’t take long. Whether it was her skill in sucking cock or just the thought of how brazen it was, wide eyed in disbelief Hum in just a few more strokes was suddenly hit with a crushing orgasm. If he hadn’t believed that she would put his cock in her mouth he certainly didn’t believe her final enticement. That being she would not only suck his cock, yet when he came, he would do so inside her mouth and that she would swallow down every bit.

    With Hum literally yelling at his release, Kay was unsure if she could be good to her word simply due to the volume of it all. The first mighty jet of semen that gushed into her mouth filled it, and before she could even swallow that a second surge rushed into her maw, and a third equally impressive flooded in with less intensity. Never the less Kay kept sucking and swallowing until Hum ceased ejaculating, and continued her manipulations until he was soft. Hum was audibly mumbling and weeping after it all. Kay finally sat up beaming having just a simple question for him.

    "So Hum, what do you think of bathing now?"

    Lonely Forks of a River:
    With Hum unable to get around well, though Kay was in no way obligated to stay with or help him, she felt like for the first time that she could ever remember, living how she imagined "normal" to be, most of all though, treated as an equal. Though she had never asked for sympathy from anyone or felt that she deserved anything more than anyone else, she felt the life she had been cast into was nothing short of some cruel joke.

    Though understandably difficult for most to imagine, it is hard to conceive of a life wherein everyone, no matter their race, creed or culture considered you as "less than" them and everyone else. In fact the very shared lineage that you shared with them was what upset them most, as though somehow you had a choice in betraying the so-called "purity" of it being mixed with that of their chosen hatred. Worse still, due to the fact that you were no longer considered one of their own, or one of their hated, you were looked upon as even less than their enemy. Not just simply savage, yet less than human. The worst of it though being, everyone felt some need to tell and show you how they felt with a seemingly uncontrollable scorn.

    Hum had a different take on it though. With the rain steady two days on, one day off, Kay and Hum talked and talked. At one point he asked her flat out, "so were it yer Mam or yer Pap that were Native folk?"

    Kay’s eyes narrowed at that knowing what was coming next. The cruel insults meant to make her feel low and less than him, so she just got right down to it.

    "My Mother was Native though I’m not sure of what tribe. My Father was white, so I guess that makes me a dirty half-breed."

    Hum sporting that coy smile he always wore didn’t even hesitate in his response.

    "Welp, there ain’t nothin dirty about bein a half-breed. Hell I is one too. My Pap were German or so he called it, and Mam were, grrmm I always has trouble sayin it right. A Scottisher maybe? Hell, most of them Americans is half-breeds, don’t matter their color, the Indians too."

    At first Kay thought he was making fun of her, yet as she looked in his eyes she could see the absolute sincerity, almost innocence in what he was saying. It had been so many years though of everyone hating her that she didn’t quite believe him, so she pressed the point further.

    "Maybe so, yet I’m half ‘injun’, they’re still white or colored just of different nations, same with the Natives."

    "Pshaww, and I don’t much cotton ta that word ‘injun’" Hum replied. "Native folk is fine people. I’ve lived with a lot of em, all kinds a different tribes. Truth be told, I got more respect for the red man than any other, they gotta right ta call themselves ‘Human Beins.’ Ain’t many Americans got a right ta though. Why I used ta know this fella named, hmm, can’t remember. Anyway, he said he were part Irish-man, part Frenchy, part Ital-man, part Spanisher, part Britisher, heck, a whole bunch more others too. Used ta call his-self a ‘Mutt.’ He used to have this trick where…"

    Kay could see it in his face, hear it in his words and the way he said them. Hum really didn’t get it, or more true to the point, didn’t feel hatred or bigotry for anyone, though for good or bad some of it was naive or perhaps more innocent. In fact most of what he had to say was nothing but praise for any other person or people. Kay just sat there listening enamored. Hum went on and on about this fellow or the next, or that gal and finally he ended the discussion on mixed race as he did most things.

    "…anyway, I kinda see it like this. Ya got mighty lucky gettin a Mam who was Native and a Pap that were American. That way ya gets the best of both but ain’t beholdin ta either. Yep, mighty lucky. I suspect that be why I like ya so much."

    That last Hum almost whispered out seeming as though he desperately wanted to say it, yet was afraid she’d reject him.

    Kay couldn’t hold herself back suddenly lunging at him and driving him down onto his back straddling his belly. Beaming, smiling wide and weeping all the while, she began covering his hairy face with kisses feeling as though her heart was welling up in her chest. Hum just wrapped his massive arms around her chuckling as he petted her back asking, "what did I say?"

    Kay couldn’t help herself rising up and slipping lower as she reached between her legs grasping his cock laying it over his abdomen. Pulling out of his grasp Kay straddled his wide hips sitting upon it, her already swelling netherlips flanking it on either side as she slowly began easily slipping up and down it, her cunnie already sopped.

    "Hummingbird?" Kay hesitantly softly asked afraid to say what she wanted. With that she grabbed up his right hand setting it on her breast over her heart as she set her own to his.

    "Do you feel it? Not me outside but…"

    Hum cut her off right there phrasing in a way that he understood best.

    "Ya, err, yes Kay, I feel it too. We’re like the two lonely forks of the Stinking Water River. A long time runnin as the mountains pushed and blocked us guiding our way. We might push back some cuttin a path here or floodin some spot there, yet we just went where we kin not strong enough alone. Yet now them two forks is commin together, and there ain’t no stoppin the flood in our hearts, as we merge inta one mighty river."

    As Hum spoke Kay’s eyes welled up knowing he understood and felt the same. Just as he finished though, the way he put it so perfect, Kay burst out sobbing pressing herself flat to his chest, for the first time in her life not feeling alone. Hum just held Kay stroking her hair until Kay raised up slightly, and slid the furrow of her cunnie up till the entrance to her vagina just pressed to the tip of his firming cock.

    "Hummingbird, please let me put you inside me." Kay whispered out more sexually and emotionally excited than she had ever known.

    Looking into her eyes, Hum slid his massive hands to Kay’s hips replying, "how could I ever say no ta my little South Fork Half-Breed?" As he then gently pushed her down on him.

    As Hum’s husky cock filled Kay to her core and then some, his words filled her heart and for the first time in all her life the word "half-breed" sounded beautiful. Kay rose up drawing his hands to her breasts as she pressed to him until she was flush finding his manhood as equally shattering as the look in his eyes overwhelming her. Kay barely had a chance to enjoy the moment. His cock so imposing in both length and breadth it felt as though it touched her heart making it swell and burst, and in three tiny circular grinds there upon him, Kay came brutally.

    Her deep moan roared out as her back arched and she shuddered violently loosing a flood upon him. Hum however was terrified. Fearing he had ruptured something within his "little South Fork half-breed," in that clearly she was in agonizing pain, all he could do was sit up and hold her tight shouting out "Kay, Kay is ya hurt!"

    Though cutting her orgasm short, Kay suddenly began breathily laughing. She could see the fear in his eyes not understanding what had happened to her, and with that she started soothing him restraining her chuckle realizing he had never seen a woman orgasm before.

    "Hum, Hummingbird, it’s okay. You just made me feel like you do when you let your spunk go, that’s all, it was wonderful… but I want more."

    With that Kay pushed him back down and began riding him pressing and grinding ever harder each stroke. Within two minutes she had cum twice more, and upon the second when she was raking her clit up and down his pubic bone the underside of his cock scraping upon her ass, as she let out another bestial roar of ecstasy so did he. If anyone had been outside the cave they would have swore that a Grizzly and a Wolf were locked in combat.

    So the days went for close to two weeks there in the cave. Hum told of his life to date. How he had left the mountains of Tennessee with two friends at fifteen in the spring of 1839 heading westward never looking back. About all of his adventures and all that he had seen, yet mostly about the people he had encountered. Just a few Americans, most of them though Native peoples. His imposing size yet good nature seeming to always win the day be it a good or a bad one. For all intents and purposes "the Grizzly Man" as they’d all come up with on their own to call him in their own tongues, had made nothing but friends and a few respectful enemies.

    Kay’s tale was much different, though Hum as empathizing and non-judgmental as he was accepted it all as simply the flow her fork of the river had taken. Sad to be sure, yet worthy of praise and compassion, not scorn.

    Though life had been so chaotic it was hard to remember, Kay shared how they lived with her mothers tribe though she couldn’t recall which Nation they were of. How the other children treated her as an outcast, and then one day when she was young, perhaps ten or so, soldiers came and attacked the village. With her mother killed, her father took her and fled though life just seemed to spiral down from there.

    Moving to white communities found her father as shunned as she was for having an "injun’s child." Hiding Kay away offered him some relief, yet soon enough he began to resent her and in short order it was fueled even more with drink. Kay said she never forgot the moment that she knew she was now on her own. After three days of waiting hungry and cold in the abandoned mine for her father to return, the second she left it passing under the bracing at the entrance she knew she was now alone.

    Years of abuse run off from any others she would encounter. Eating out of hog slops, or the little she could catch. Beatings had become common place, and when older the rapes. Then came the day with the buffalo hunters and Kay even told him about her dream. Past that it became long periods alone or short periods of abuse always ending horrifically. Kay could not consciously remember what Scout had done, yet it was easy enough to guess as she even told Hum of the Other.

    Hum had an interesting possibility he mentioned. That being;

    "Maybe this here ‘Other’ is just your own voice. Like that invisible friend, or havin no one else simply talking ta yourself ta work out problems."

    As to Scout, Hum suspected that was Kay’s way to cope with having to do what needed to be done. More so why Kay was so good and compassionate. If she didn’t separate those deeds from herself using Scout, then she would be that way all the time.

    Hum always saw the good in something and Kay was glad he saw good in her. The rest of their time was spent just living. Hum teaching Kay how to hunt, fish and other woodcraft though much of that Kay would have to go out and do on her own, and Kay taught Hum about making love. Not surprisingly, Hum began to enjoy bathing more and more given Kay’s anxious reward. What he really liked best though was learning that Kay enjoyed making love too, and the times she came he relished.

    When she told him how wet she became whenever she would suck his cock he just had to see. Surprisingly new to him actually looking at a woman’s cunnie, in the past it was just him crawling on top of some woman and soon it was over. Having Kay move into a sixty-nine of sorts just so he could witness what she spoke of, he was amazed at the beauty of it. How her cunnie swelled, would grow wet, drip and tremble. How she moaned when he touched inside of her and how he could make her orgasm by touching the pinky sized bud being her clitoris.

    Hum even one day asked if he could lick her like she suckled him. Hum loved it so suffocatingly overwhelming. Kay on the other hand found his enthusiasm devastating for as large as he was he was gentle, curious and grateful. His tiny flicks and savoring laps of his tongue quickly had her reeling. In those two weeks sexually they tried more things than two horny teenagers would, yet the love they felt for each other added to it, and made it a thousand fold better.

    The hot spring felt like a western paradise. This however for both Kay and Hum was western heaven. Yet just as with any heaven there is often a hell, and once again, Kay’s hell was coming.

    Cornered by Life Once Again:
    As the days rolled on and the couple made love, talked, lived simply, and the two forks of the river became one, Kay found herself late one evening as she slept in Hum’s strong arms once more having her "nightmare of damnation."

    Jarred awake at the last, Kay lay there in terror unable to force herself to look below the low stone ceiling. The kind of terror that has you afraid to move let alone look. All sorts of thoughts raced through her head all ending in Scout for whatever the reason having viciously slaughtered Hum. Finally able to take it no more, closing her eyes she slowly began to slip her hand over Hum’s body until thankfully Hum roused asking her what was wrong, why was she crying and shaking?

    Frantically kissing him grateful that he was not hurt, Kay was confused as to why she had the dream in that she only had it after Scout had been at work. Soon enough she would have her answer, and that answer would entail Kay casting herself down from her heaven back into hell.

    As Hum soothed Kay, out of no where a Shoshone brave, an old Medicine Man, and his ancient wife came stumbling into the cave, the brave’s weapons drawn and raised. None of them knowing Hum, though he tried to calm them able to speak their language, still the brave advanced furious. Kay rolled clear of Hum to not get in his way if he had to act, and as she backed to the wall looking for a weapon herself just then a Shoshone scout followed in after them, instantly recognizing Kay from the hot spring.

    As the brave yelled, Hum trying to calm them, and the old folks cowered, Kay had crouched low to take up a knife and instantly the scout moved between the Natives and Kay, fearing for them and trying to back them off. As soon as the scout told the others who Kay was, obviously having told the tale of her to members of his tribe, they all turned to Kay eyes wide in fear.

    Kay had no idea what to do crouched there naked and unarmed, with their reaction so obvious however, grasping the knife to ward them off she stood upright, puffed up her chest and loosed a low growl. Slowly moving to just behind Hum squatting down she wrapped her arms around him, pressing her cheek close to his. Immediately the scout asked something, Kay unable to speak their language just glared, yet then Hum turned and looked to her translating.

    "They wants ta know who I is ta ya, and they ain’t askin me, they is askin ya?"

    Kay didn’t hesitate in her response. "Tell them I’m your woman, and you’re the Grizzly Man."

    Hum just looked at Kay and almost laughed. "Well, how bout I just tell em I’m Hummingbird, and I’m your man?" Once he had, the response from the scout made him laugh out loud heartily in his deep booming voice. "Okay, ya was right. He says I look more like a bear."

    Once everyone had calmed due in no small part to Hum’s honesty and good nature, soon the Natives were telling of how they came to be there, what happened, and it had to be fate they had stumbled upon the "wolf spirit" and her mate "the great bear" or Grizzly. With Hum translating as they went along, quickly Kay felt a tingle up her spine like fingers softly tracing their way up, and she just knew that she wasn’t alone anymore.

    Essentially, three miles down river where the narrow valley opened up the Shoshone had a small village of roughly fifty people. Another five miles down seemingly almost overnight a couple months ago a group of miners trespassing had begun to dig, and in no time the camp had swollen to just under one hundred men.

    Discovering the Shoshone, they had sent out a raiding party of some twenty men led by five "Regulators" known by the long black sashes they wore. Attacking the village, they slaughtered every man, woman and child save six young women they took as captives. Every one of those killed were stripped, scalped and mutilated, and many who were just wounded tortured for sport, then the village was razed to the ground.

    As unfortunate as it may have been it was a common tale in the west. Settlements were raided and destroyed by the Natives, villages were attacked by the settlers and the army, tribe attacked tribe, ranchers attacked farmers and the list went on and on. Kay just listened to Hum until he abruptly stumbled in his translation and obviously asked the scout to repeat himself. Hum subsequently turned and looked directly at Kay in astonishment and concern as he repeated what the scout said.

    "Kay, they want ta know if ya will avenge em and get them captured women back."

    Kay was dumfounded then stammered out, "Me? No, why me? How could I do that?"

    After more discussion, some of it heated and desperate, Hum relayed once more what they asked. Kay vehemently told him to let the Natives know that she was no avenger. More so that what she had done in the past was simply because she had to, yet it was then that another voice cued in.

    ‘Go with him when he asks. Everything up to now was to bring you here.’ As the Other added its two cents worth.

    "No!" Kay shouted out standing up looking off to the side as though speaking to some wraith. "For the first time in my life I’m happy and in love, you’ll not destroy this too!"

    Before Kay had even shouted the Native scout had begun speaking again, and after Kay’s outburst Hum wide eyed once more told Kay what he said. "He just wants ya ta go see, then decide."

    Kay had already crumpled to the ground curling up sobbing as once more the Other issued its demand. ‘Just go see, or watch your Hummingbird fly away…forever. Or don’t go. I’d like to see what it feels like to have that huge man’s cock in me, and show him what a lover, not a slut can do.’ The Other already threatening and cruel.

    "Kay, I love ya too. Do what ya think is right, nothin will change that." Hum interjected knowing Kay was torn.

    With that Kay rose up to standing, her expression one of hopelessness. It didn’t matter what Hum said, the Natives asked for, or she wanted, in that Kay knew whether it was part of her or something else inside of her, what she had found with Hum would be destroyed if she didn’t go.

    Looking to Hum with a full pout Kay spoke to Hum knowing she ultimately would have no choice. "Tell them I’ll go with the wolf scout only, and that ‘I insist’ the others are to stay here to protect and take care of you until I return. If they refuse, then they can leave now."

    Hum smiled at Kay knowing how hard this was for her, and after he relayed what she said and they agreed, he suggested that she wear her varied pieces of Native clothing and armor to match the feathers in her hair. That way if they ran into others there would be less problems.

    With nothing more to say, Kay did as Hum suggested. Putting on a narrow belt, though it sat so low on her hips the top of her bottom’s crack showed a good two inches and it was just barely onto her mons, she slipped the child width breechcloth through it. She then put on the almost knee high Shoshone moccasins, yet being doubled over pulled them up ending up much like crotch high boots.

    Kay then put on the varied pieces of armor and jewelry. Her high bone choker first, followed by the Crow breastplate that looked more like numerous loose strands of beads, each progressively longer that had a strange emblem at the top. Then came the Arapaho armband also strangely adorned, another Lakota necklace, the Cheyenne wampum belt slipped through to hang from her other belt, and then Kay lashed one knife to her thigh and slipped one in her belt.

    What she didn’t put on she now viewed as a clear sign, and took the Shoshone Grizzly claw necklace that the scout must have left her and put it around Hum’s neck as she looked to the scout and pressed her hand tight over his heart. She then remembered something more. Searching through her saddlebags she rose up walking to Hum clutching something.

    Kay then kneeled down in front of him taking his hand, and though it was massive in its own right, on Hum it just fit his pinky as she slipped on the gold and ruby ring she had taken from the trail boss. Bending over and kissing his hand intentionally making herself look submissive to him, she then stood up, Hum’s eyes were huge and his lips were parted in a gasp. Not at her act of devotion however, he was a man after all. No, Hum was rather stunned at how she looked dressed like that and after he swallowed hard, his "romantic" side showed once again.

    "Lord a-mighty…that’s some kit."

    Eyes wide and panning up and down her, Kay made for quite a sight. Her self cut tussled hair hung so low over her brow that it almost shielded her eyes. Smooth dark bronze skin almost glowing, and with all of the necklaces and armor her ample firm breasts still remained exposed from the nipples out. Her belly was taunt and her legs were lean. The breechcloth just a breath away from her clitoris being exposed, and from behind her bare bottom’s cheeks were only accentuated by the defined crevice above.

    Kay then slipped round behind him and encircled him as best she could with her arms, and hugged him tight. She finally pointed to the three other Natives, then hugged him again meaning they were to protect him, then stood up, waved her hand to the side horizontally as though saying ‘if not,’ and made a slashing motion to her throat then growled.

    Hum had to bite his lip as she did, understanding her well meaning and seriousness, though he felt it was a bit much. Never the less with nothing more said Kay simply walked out with the Shoshone Scout following close behind. Kay would go see, yet after that, she just wanted her Hummingbird.

    Deal with the Devil:
    Kay followed the Shoshone scout along the edge of the river until just past the sharp bend wherein they had to cross through the frigid water to the other side. A couple more miles downstream and finally they began to approach what might have been nothing if it wasn’t for the numerous wisps of smoke rising from many smoldering fires. It was not until they breached the reeds walking into a clearing that it all became clear.

    The typically gray and tan sand and rocks were almost entirely covered in red. All of the tipis had burned, and in fact anything that rose up above the soil of the peoples had either been burned or smashed, razed to the ground. All that was left that rose up above the ground were the bodies or more often the case, their parts. Everything had been killed. Every man, woman or child, every horse, dog and any livestock that they kept.

    For some reason all of the animals had been shot then butchered. Not for meat or skins mind you, yet simply to scatter about the varied parts both from inside and out. The people however had not found such kind mercy. The strong males had been shot, then stripped, butchered and scalped. Those old or young had been stripped, staked out, tied to this or that and then been scalped, then beaten, tortured and butchered still alive, and if they did not die in the process no doubt just to silence their screams of anguish had finally been killed.

    The women who were not young had been clearly raped, brutally and many times. Also stripped and scalped they must have all perished in the act in that for the most part they were left as they expired in the midst of being brutalized, though many were clearly mutilated after in ways clearly speaking of sadistic men hating anything female.

    By this time Kay’s face was devoid of expression, deadpan, cold and in shock. She knew why they scalped everyone from the youngest to the oldest and it sickened her. It was not taking scalps to prove one had been victorious in battle yet something more base. They were taken to sell back east to the Europeans. So they were only scalped to gain money, more so the cruelty of it scalping someone when they were alive then just to kill them.

    Kay then discovered the very young. All equally scalped they were not granted the mercy of a knife or the waste of a bullet. Instead just as the Spanish had done, they were simply swung violently into a large rock until they were gone, and left in a single heap. Kay was heartbroken. After finding love for the first time in her life it hurt her that she could never give Hum a child. Yet here these men, these monsters had disposed of what she could never have as though some diseased livestock.

    Picking up one of the small bodies she began to sob clutching it to her then gently laid it down. Just then the Shoshone Scout fell to her feet begging and pleading with her, and though she did not know his language she knew what he was asking. When he smothered her feet in kisses begging she just glared. Frantic when he suddenly shot a hand to her cunt under her breechcloth and simulated painting his face from his nose to his lips she just sighed. Finally when he pulled out his cock and while weeping began trying to make himself hard thinking that might appease her, Kay just turned away.

    Just then she heard what she knew was coming, the Other trying to force her hand. ‘All of them, killed and butchered for no reason. Avenge them so they can be free.’

    "No! I’m finally happy now, I’ll not throw that away!" Kay shouted back.

    ‘Look at all those children, you are barren, you are a wasteland of womanhood. All you will ever give the Hummingbird is regret. Avenge your loss.’ The Other cruelly reminded her.

    "Hum will forgive me, he understands." Kay lashed back, though the Other wasn’t through.

    ‘You want to belong to a people, desperately. These people are begging you, they revere you, yet you ignore and spurn them thinking a lowly half-breed is better. Avenge them and become one with the Shoshone.’

    "You made me fool them, that is the only reason why. You showed them disregard, not I!" Kay despised the Other for that, and would never let it forget.

    Again the Other cut at her. ‘Those women so horrifically raped like you have been. The others are innocent to such evil about to be raped time and again, over, and over, cruelly. Avenge those here, and save those younger from a fate you well know.’

    "I cannot raise up the dead, and the others are likely already lost to that fate." Kay argued.

    The Other then finally laid its true desire upon the table. ‘Think back to your nightmare. Not of yourself worthless half-breed, who was saved by the grace and caring of others, yet to those others. Think back, think! The raiders with the black sashes and the raped and murdered squaw, they are here. Think back to the Celestial and the hateful miners, they are here. Think back to the woman with hair like straw. Those filthy "injuns" are here.’

    ‘They have waited long and helped you, saved you so you can now play pretty with the Hummingbird. They endured while you rested. Everything you think you suffered they did ten fold, as they had to wait to get you to here, now. Avenge them, that is why you are here.’

    Kay thought back and could actually see every face, every act, every bit of clothing and ornament, everything to every man, every cruelty, every bit of suffering and still she refused.

    "No…I cannot change the past, let them find their revenge in Hell tormenting them there. All I want is…"

    It was then the Other cut her off.

    ‘All you want is the Hummingbird, the Hummingbird, the Hummingbird, that pathetic grotesque hairy beast. Avenge them. Avenge them and I will give you your precious Hummingbird. You can have him. You can have your Hummingbird and we can be free of your filthy, disgusting, slutty and stupid half-breed self. Avenge them and you can have your Hummingbird. Or don’t, and I will have him in ways that will make him hate you, and when he hates you above all else and has been turned bitter and sour, then I will give him to Scout.’

    ‘Avenge them all, then we will be gone, and you can have your Hummingbird till death do you part.’

    Kay that second wanted to cut her own throat just to shut the Other up, and didn’t know if it was the enticement of being with Hum forever, or having the Other and Scout be gone that she wanted more. Kay that moment let out a sigh and looked to her hands covered in blood from the people she had touched and that final child.

    Turning and looking to the Shoshone Scout, Kay wasn’t sure how to tell him what she had decided as he looked on weeping during her ranting. So with that, Kay turned and faced him parting her feet wide. She puffed out her chest, drew back her shoulders and hardened her stomach, and then in a deliberate motion painted a line from her nose to her chin in blood. Then using both hands, Kay painted her face a solid red from her nose to her ears and down, narrowed her dark brown eyes, and loosed a low and threatening growl.

    As they began to return to the cave, the Other directed Kay’s attention to a wad of reddish-tan cloth by a shrub. Picking it up Kay discovered it was her pants that had been taken, no doubt stripped from one of the bodies. The Other telling Kay to take them, that she would need them.

    Scout roused by the Other’s constant yammering knew what was soon to be coming. After being so long denied, locked away and ignored, yet most of all having her own more violent urges, as Scout thought it… Kay became sopping wet.

    Her Sweet Gentle Hummingbird:
    Finally returning to the cave, the Shoshone without a word understood Kay’s answer from her red cheeks and jaw alone. Hum was a little taken aback though. Never the less past a brief rise of his eyebrow he never said a word in that what concerned him most was how deeply she was clearly hurting. Kay tossed the pants with her things, then washed the blood from her face and hands moving to Hum, and asked him to translate for her so they could have their time after. Hum doing as she wished, repeating every word verbatim.

    "Tell them, the spirit within me wants revenge. Revenge for it, revenge for you, and for all others these men have harmed. It will do this thing that you ask, and it will try to find your women and set them free. Know that you have nothing and no one left, it is all gone, for all times. Knowing that, I have a demand which you must honor for me to do this."

    "Take my mate, my man, the Grizzly Man, my Hummingbird to where he guides you. Protect him as he will protect you. It is there, and only there that I will bring your women to if they live."

    There was no argument or debate. The Medicine Man instantly agreeing found Kay then kneeling beside Hum asking him to tell them where to sleep in that nothing in this world was going to stop her from making love with him. Hum just shrugged stating that it would be in this part of the cave, but as long as they weren’t too wild the Shoshone would understand used to communal living.

    Kay didn’t hesitate stripping bare and slipping under the Elk skin, facing Hum to talk with him. Kay’s expression was one of great sadness yet more than that, as though she had some great burden she needed to be free of. Hum as always had his gentle compassionate smile, yet it was clear that he was both hurting and afraid for her, yet also afraid of losing her.

    "Hum, please listen to me for a moment. I don’t want to do this and I’m afraid, but I have to. It sounds terrible, yet I’m not doing this for them. I don’t know them and I can’t change what happened. All I care about now in this world is you my sweet gentle Hummingbird, and I just want to be with you till my last breath, or until you don’t want me anymore."

    "Whatever it is inside me though I know will destroy us if I don’t. I try not to be bad, I’m not evil I don’t think. Yet that voice told me what it would do if I didn’t do it, and I know I can’t stop it. If I do this though, this one last thing then it said it will let me go and will let me be with you if you’ll have me. That’s the only reason I have to do this. I want my Grizzly Man, my sweet gentle Hummingbird because I love you."

    Hum just listened intently as he had from their first moment together. He even waited as he often did seeming to seriously mull over her words giving her a chance to say more if she needed to. Only when he was sure she had said what she needed did he reply.

    "Oh my little south fork half-breed…" Hum began.

    Kay loved it when he called her that even interrupting him to reply. "You make the ugliest word in the world to me sound beautiful and good, I love it when you call me that."

    "Kay," Hum continued, "it only sounds beautiful an good cuz that is what ya is Kay. Maybe I can just see it when so many others cain’t cuz I love ya too. Ya know, I knows ya got ta do this just a-cuz ya feel ya do, and that’s good a-nuff fer me. Might be some spirit in ya, might be just you. It don’t matter none. If you got ta do this thing, even though I’ll fret that I might never see ya agin, I knows if I try and stop ya, then it will tear ya apart, so then I lose ya fer sure. Just be sure ta come back ta me when ya is done if you’ve a mind ta."

    "But where will I find you? I don’t even know where you live." Kay asked.

    Hum just laughed. "Yes ya do. Ya just thought I could talk all flowery like a St. Louis drummer. Ya come down off’n the mountain by that feeder crick, that’s part of the South Fork of the Stinkin Water River. My cabin is on the North Fork of the Stinkin Water, bout halfway upstream ta the Yellowstone. Ya will knows it when ya sees it, don’t fret on that. I ain’t no romancer. I’m just honest. See? ya ‘is’ my little South Fork Half-Breed."

    Kay only smiled wide and pulled herself close to Hum. Somehow the sincerity of it made it so much better than some fancy line meant to sway her. Hum however then took on a more serious tone.

    "Now listen ta me. Don’t ya feel beholdin ta these folks. Ya just do what ya think is best, what ya got ta do for ya self, and that’ll be good a-nuff. If ya want me ta go with ya…" Kay cutting him off once again, wide eyed and looking scared.

    "Oh no Hum, I don’t want you to see what Scout is like, then you’d hate me."

    "Naw Kay," Hum continued. "I’ll never hate ya, but I won’t go iff’n ya don’t want. When ya get done though, leave yer saddle behind, wear yer Native kit and try and look as much like one of em as ya kin. Maybe from a distance they’ll just let ya ride on by. Ya is gonna likely run inta Crow and Shoshone fer sure. Iff’n ya see any war parties all painted up, they’ll likely be Blackfoot raiders. Steer clear of em. I’ll try and let the Crow and Shoshone know ta let ya pass, they is good people."

    Hum having said his piece, Kay let him know that she was going to let him take the horse and saddle along with her saddlebags and what they contained. She was going to carry her Native clothing and such in the now tanned Cougar pelt, and send her chaps along with him. Beyond that other than not wanting to do this at all, she wanted one other thing.

    "Hummingbird?" Kay said softly as she wriggled up to near his ear. "I want you to flood my mouth, and then if you can, flood me again inside me. I want you in me tomorrow when I go, please?"

    Hum smiled his usual gentle smile but then oddly paused just as he began to open his mouth, then visibly blushed clearly wanting to say something, yet just now so late in his life exploring sexuality wasn’t sure what was acceptable or not. Seeing this, Kay pressed him. So with that he tried to say what was on his mind.

    "Well I, well, grrmm, ya is so much smarter than I is in knowin about folks bein…close, but I was thinkin of a way that ya might think of both of us, together at the same time. Maybe, I reckon. Anyway I…"

    Kay’s eyes lit up as once more she interrupted him. She might have known more about sex, yet he had definitely taught her everything about love, and her sexual exuberance seemed to keep getting the better of her.

    "Oh! You mean like you flood inside of me first, then flood in my mouth so I can taste both of us. I’d love that! Mmm, I could even imagine while I’m doing it that you had just been inside another woman, maybe even my twin, and I’m cleaning her off of you, I’d love to do that. It’s making me slick just thinking about it."

    Hum just looked at Kay in shock wide eyed. "Lord a-mighty…you have a twin?" He had never even imagined such a thing, though the Elk skin instantly tenting told that he found it intriguing to say the least. Never the less he just briskly shook his head to get the image forming out of it, and continued on.

    "Whew, I ain’t never imagined such a…Anyway naw, what I wanted ta ask is, this here medicine man, he does marks that last fer-ever in your skin. Like they is painted on but scarred in, and I thought we might each get one so they match up. Like on our hands er arms, maybe the Stinkin Water River showin the south fork meetin the north fork. That way ya might have a map too."

    Kay thought about it a minute as slowly a naughty grin formed on her lips. Leaning up to his ear Kay whispered, and the more she said the bigger Hum’s eyes got until he pulled his head back and answered eyes wide. "Lord a-mighty…Well, I reckon I kin ask him."

    Marks for Remembrance:
    As Hum asked the Medicine Man what Kay had asked, the Shoshone Scout nudged the brave as though saying I told you. The old woman covered her eyes and began to giggle and peek, the brave under his breechcloth clearly became hard, and the Medicine Man just chuckled nodding.

    Having all but forgotten the grave nature of what she was facing, Kay’s excitement at exploring their love seeming to overshadow all else, Kay about leapt on Hum as she pulled the skin down finding him already hard from all she had said. She didn’t even hesitate already so slick. Draping her legs over his, she grasped at his cock and set it to her vagina then pulled with her legs.

    Every time Kay had Hum inside of her she was quickly reminded of his massive size. It took Kay a solid three minutes to get him all of the way inside of her having to stretch not only her breadth significantly, yet also her depth. In the process of just getting seated Kay had already cum once unexpectedly. Once flush to Hum she lifted enough to sit on his lap and pushed down hard with a grunt, and as base and vulgar as her display was, even the old woman could not help but look on and beam flushing.

    Looking up into Hum’s eyes panting after her orgasm Kay asked for one thing more.

    "Hum, before he is done I want you to flood into me in that you are the only thing good inside me."

    Hum and Kay laying back at the same moment still joined by Hum’s substantial tool, found Kay gently writhing as the Medicine Man approached making him chuckle himself. Resting the heel of his hand pressed to Kay’s mons, with a single thorn he then pricked just above the base of Hum’s cock where Kay’s clitoris would rest when making love. Grinding in a mixture of ash and rendered down berry juice, for the moment Hum was finished. The rest of his work, which he was none too excited about to come in the following days.

    The Medicine Man then began to work on Kay. If looking down her clitoris pointed north, he began a series of pricks rocking his hand upon its heel up the hood of her clitoris. Every so often he would firmly rub the sooty juice deep into the new wound. Kay at first jumping was soon moaning. Hum had grasped her feet and was firmly massaging her soles and toes with his thumbs, and Kay could not help herself as she roughly squeezed and mashed her breasts and pulled at her nipples.

    Each prick to her hood was like a tease to her clit. Each rub of his thumb to grind the ink in had her writhing, and if that wasn’t enough Hum’s massive cock grinding to her g-spot just set her off. Kay clutched at the buffalo hide to keep from rising up as her body arched and shuddered, loosing a deep groan. Unfortunately the position of Hum’s cock made her gush. What was surprising though was how entertaining and erotic in a positive way the Natives took it though.

    Just before he was through with Kay’s hood she came once more, and though he never loosed a sound, Kay could tell from how his cock swelled and lurched, and how hot and wet she felt inside after that clearly Hum had too. Working up her mons toward her left, in roughly an hour and two more orgasms of Kay’s and one more from Hum, that part of his work was done.

    Rising up from Kay’s hood and over her mons was a perfect map of the South Fork of the Stinking Water River, terrain contours showing the mountains flanking it and all. Where they were at that moment on the river was shown by a small wolf track, and upon the swelling of her left outer labia was a small hummingbird, so Kay would always know the direction to go to get to him.

    At that point the Medicine Man needed to give his wrist a rest, and surprisingly his wife had a need of her own as they hid themselves away under a buffalo skin in the back corner. Kay sitting up pressed herself to Hum’s chest covered in a heavy sheen of sweat glowing and just then glanced up to the scout and brave. Each fidgeting and sporting tremendous erections under their breechcloths, Kay mused that it was sad that they didn’t have someone to relieve them that moment.

    Hum then said something that floored Kay. Forgetting how much time Hum had spent with various tribes, she knew how Americans were all too anxious to serve themselves in such ways and rarely considered others.

    "Well, ya kin help em iff’n you’ve a mind ta. Ain’t ya already bedded that scout?"

    Kay looked to Hum in shock or perhaps more surprise at his lack of jealousy.

    "You mean you think I should let them rut with me? I don’t want you thinking low of me Hum, I’d never betray you."

    Hum’s response was clear.

    "Low of ya? Hell, I’d be proud of ya for helpin em. Lots of them Dakota tribes consider it good medicine. You’d be taking power and knowins from them ta pass on ta me your man. Shoot, even them Shoshone believe its just good manners, in fact, iff’n I offer ya, it’s a big insult if they refuse, which I ain’t thinkin they is gonna."

    Not because she had just been given permission to be with another which meant nothing to her, yet because she found Hum so amazingly wise and accepting of others caused Kay to beam. So unselfish and so sensitive, then and there she began kissing his face almost weeping at how good he truly was. Just before she pulled away however, Kay said something that made him laugh though grow hard once more.

    "While I take their power for you my Hummingbird, I want to bathe your root to clean that twin of mine and your flood off you, and if you’ll let me, want to do it for real one day."

    Hum just looked at her wide eyed again. "Lord a-mighty…Ya do have a bit of a naughty streak in ya, ain’t ya. Well okay, stand up here by me a minute and face em, and I’ll offer our hospitality."

    As Kay rose up to standing trying to look seductive, Hum spoke to the men who instantly looked pleased though surprised at Hum’s generosity. "Okay Kay, go on over and fetch em if ya want ta do what ya said. Just be ya self, I couldn’t be more proud of ya."

    Looking to Hum beaming not caring about the other men yet Hum’s wise goodness, Kay alluringly walked toward the two men trying to put on more of a show for Hum than anything else. Walking toe to heel, Kay’s bottom seductively rolled and swayed adding to the list of new things that Hum had never seen or experienced causing his impressive cock to harden even more.

    Upon reaching the men, with a lecherous smile Kay reached for the two men’s breechcloths grasping them by the hanging portion in front, then slowly pulled them back to Hum. Once there, Hum’s soft whispers of "lord a-mighty" over and over at each thing she did almost had her laughing. After walking between the two men to face Hum, Kay gazing in his eyes loving that she was exciting him found her slowly lowering to her knees, the two men between them and flanking her.

    Gently pulling their breechcloths free, Kay, eyes locked on Hum’s all the while took the brave’s and the scout’s hard cocks in her hands. After gently stroking them for a moment she turned to the scout as she continued to pull on the brave’s and slipped him deep into her mouth. Slow and lewd Kay suckled at his cock as her hand slipped up and down it and her head bobbed and twisted. A few seconds later she turned her head to the brave and did the same. Back and forth Kay suckled and stroked looking to Hum all the while.

    After a couple of minutes Hum himself looking as though he was about to burst yet beaming both excited and proud of her, Kay then released the two cocks and bent forward remaining upon her knees and parting them wide. In one fluid motion Kay raised her rump into the air as her mouth and hands slid down upon Hum’s now throbbing root. As Kay began suckling, Hum said something to the pair of them, and Kay just cooed knowing her lover would be filling her mouth once again.

    Licking and bathing her wetness and Hum’s spunk off of him, Kay felt the firm grasp of the Shoshone Scout to her hips as the brave reached under her teasing her breasts. Just as she sank Hum’s cock deep into her mouth, the scout sank his cock deep into her cunnie. Instantly Kay moaned deeply, the sound reverberating through Hum’s cock as the scout began a slow rhythmic pace sinking fully into her to only pull back almost all of the way out to only plunge back in.

    Hum himself moaned deeply. His cock in Kay’s mouth partly the reason, yet he had never imagined such eroticism. Never realized that sex could be so diverse compared to simply pumping inside a woman until you came. With that Hum soothed Kay stroking her hair and shoulders as he spoke of his pride.

    "There ya go. There is my little south fork half-breed. How wonderful ya is doin this for me, ya make me proud bein so lucky ta have such a fine giving woman, my wife."

    Though no doubt the brave kneading Kay’s breasts and pulling at her nipples thought it was due to him, or the scout due to reaching around her rubbing her clit with his fingertips. Hum’s assumption being that all the attention to Kay’s body made it happen, truth be told it was another thing. It was Hum’s loving words of praise and that he claimed her as his woman, his wife, and with that Kay came violently.

    Hooking her heels to the backs of the scout’s thighs Kay, pulled him as deep into her as she could as her hands and head thrashed upon Hum’s cock. Once again she gushed as she roared out a muffled moan around Hum’s cock, and with that the scout slammed into her three times jetting out thick jets of hot cum into her as Hum so aroused filled her mouth with his own sweet seed.

    It was so wonderful for Kay. The sex was good, yet coupled with her love of Hum it ramped everything up exponentially. She loved that she was making him proud of her and making him look fortunate and special in other men’s eyes. As her own gut seemed to burst with sensation from her orgasm and as much as the men burst gushing out inside of her, nothing compared to the bursting of her heart so overwhelmed with love for her Hummingbird.

    In short order the brave moved up to ease his burden, and again Hum’s words of love and praise had her cumming once more as the brave’s cock lurched and heaved up its spunk and Kay’s heart bucked and lunged from her love for Hum. Lying there after, her head upon his lap Kay looked up into Hum’s eyes and didn’t see scorn or jealousy, simply loving pride. This is what she would be fighting for, and that moment considering all she had to gain or lose, Kay wondered if she’d even need Scout at all.

    After everyone had settled down, the Medicine Man resumed his work though everyone had a bit of a laugh at how it was something of a messy affair now. Kay laying on her back, her head in Hum’s lap had her legs spread as wide as she could so the work could be done, though it had to be added inverted, the image upside down.

    Over her left outer labia, through her hollow and slightly down her left inner thigh a tattoo of the North Fork of the Stinking Water River was added looking as though the two forks converged at her vagina. At a spot about halfway up river, a small bear print was added to show where Hum’s cabin was. Over her right labia and inner thigh, a short stretch of the converged mainstream was shown. Topographic terrain was added showing the valley, and when finished Kay sat up and looked.

    There was a map of the Stinking Water River, it’s two forks, Hum’s cabin shown as a bear print, where they were that moment shown as a wolf print, and to mark where the flows met, a Hummingbird at Kay’s request. Kay was thrilled beyond description, Hum however was not too excited about his part to come in that it meant down the top of his cock the South Fork would have to be added.

    With everyone finally turning in for the night, Hum and Kay lay there holding each other till dawn. Each trying to feign sleep so the other would rest, though each was so desperate to soak in as much of the other, realizing this might be their last moments together, that neither soundly slept. To Hum, Kay was the perfect woman. In his heart and mind Kay surpassed all of his dreams, all he was able to imagine, and all he had ever heard of any other, and just from their short time together he knew, he would never open up his heart to any other again.

    To Kay, Hum was everything. He was that balance that equals everything out, the worse the time before, the better the time now. Hum truly was the reward of heaven to her life of hell. Kay couldn’t even think of tomorrow having him so close as her love for him out-shined all other thoughts. Never the less the day had been long and taxing. It had been horrific and it had been wonderful, and even though she fought it, Kay soon drifted off to sleep thinking of beautiful things.

    …And so, Kay dreamed of Hummingbird.

    ** Author’s Note: The "Stinking Water River" under pressure from the public and due to the growing interest in Yellowstone National Park was renamed in 1901 to the "Shoshone River" as we know it today.
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    Jul 21, 2008
    Half-Breed Embraced by the Dragon

    30. The Still of Morning
    31. The Valley from Heaven down into Hell
    32. Perdition Found
    33. When the Devil Walks Among Demons
    34. The Devil meets the Dragon
    35. The Cashmere Embrace of the Dragon
    36. Bonds of Lust and Resin
    37. Hate for Half-breeds
    38. White In, Red Out
    39. Cain’s Penance
    40. Purgatory to Perdition

    The Still of Morning:

    The moment had finally come. These were to be the final images, sights and sounds that Kay would carry with her out of her new found heaven, as she marched back into her all too familiar hell, and the moment could not have been more flawless. It was one of those perfect mornings. The kind where you awake before everything else, and feeling so good and your mind so clear you just lay there taking it all in.

    Just as the dawn forced back the veil of night Kay’s eyes opened fully awake, energized and feeling absolutely wonderful in all regards. It was one of those kinds of mornings wherein no matter what you might need to do, or how ready you were to get at it, the conditions of everything all around you instead demanded that you remain still and simply absorb the tranquility and perfection.

    The first thing Kay noticed was the dim light of dawn trying to creep its way into the cave, the darkness clearly having fled. Without even stepping outside Kay could tell that the day would be sunny and clear, dry enough to help you breath crisp clean air, though humid enough to just faintly embrace you. Then came the lonesome call of a Mourning Dove from outside. Lazy though clear, each call spaced just far enough apart that it felt as though it was pining for its love.

    Inside the cave everything was still lost in deep slumber. The fire had dwindled to nothing but soft glowing embers. The heat gently racing over them as they would briefly brighten and intensify like a Cuddle Fish to then just as fast cool once more and return to their snoozing. The occasional soft "pops" not much different than someone turning over, and the gentle wisps of smoke rising up seemed more like passing dreams.

    The four Shoshone in the room were still as the stone around them. If not for their soft gentle breathing one might think that the lumps were no more than heaps of fur. The cool air wafting over Kay’s face felt refreshing and invigorating coaxing her to begin a new day, yet the warm embrace she found under the Elk skin instead whispered to her body "just a minute more."

    Kay’s back was pressed tight to Hum, his massive furry arm wrapped over her side as her large breast was fully enveloped by his massive soft hand. His thick leg wedged between hers pinning her perfectly, and his large cock having softly swollen in the morning pressing to her bottom coaxed her to think of more intimate things. It was his breathing though that turned the tide. With each lumbering breath resonating from deep in his chest it urged her to stay as though saying nothing more than "I love you," yet as Kay replied with her own soft breath feeling as though saying "I love you too," she knew now was the time.

    As much as Kay soaked in that perfect morning, that is what she wanted Hum to awaken to. Her retort in breath was both genuine and sincere. She never wanted her lover to suffer in any form, and the idea of Hum having to watch her ready and leave simply broke her heart not wanting him to have to endure that.

    Grudgingly Kay slipped gently and carefully from Hum’s loving protective embrace. She could not help herself looking down upon him for the longest time, her heart swelling at the vision of her resting love. As the cool air embraced her body urging her to go on, Kay took up her bundle of western clothes, and the Cougar skin filled with those Native. She then turned round looking upon her love once more and whispered "I love you my sweet gentle Hummingbird," and silently crept out of the cave.

    Hum indeed had enjoyed the perfect morning just like Kay. In fact as long as Kay had, having felt her smooth bare skin, her back rising and falling to his chest, the dampness of her cunnie pressed to his thigh and the soft embrace of her bottom to his cock. Hum knew how hard this was for her, and he would never wish to make it harder. For Kay to have to say goodbye to Hum looking in his eyes would have done just that.

    So Hum just lay there pretending to be asleep, fearing this was the last moment that he would ever see his little south-fork half-breed. He was scared for her having some idea of what she had to do, so he wanted her strong and unwavering, and to have to say goodbye to him would have put a chink in that cold armor. So he sacrificed that last embrace, that final kiss as a loving gesture for her.

    Once Kay had left the cave he opened his eyes only saying, "I love ya too my sweet little Kay," as he then he cast his eyes skyward softly praying saying only "please God, protect her."

    It was on such a perfect morning that two forks of a common river separated as though it had reversed its flow. Both forced to wander again as the obstacles of the world insisted, and only if God was willing, would they be one once again.

    The Valley from Heaven down into Hell:
    Once Kay left the security of the cave her expression of joyous love slipped from her like a veil being pulled over the face of a corpse. Absolutely devoid of expression, the moment she walked out into the sun it felt as though she lost everything in an instant. Not her love for Hum mind you, yet all of the happiness, the joy, security, a new life and hope in that the promise of tomorrow, this moment, was nothing like back in the cave.

    Kay didn’t even have to try and imagine it. She knew that tomorrow would be horrific at best. From that first step out of the cave entrance to where she would be going some ten miles away would literally be a mere one thousand feet descent, a barely imperceptible half inch per step. In that single step through the threshold however, in her heart it felt like she fell from the lofty heights of heaven down into the depths of hell, and each step past that would only cast her down even deeper.

    ‘Thank gawd that’s over.’ Kay heard the Other exclaim the moment she took that first step.

    Kay didn’t even have to say her response however, she wasn’t even sure if she thought it. All she knew is that her hatred and rage for the Other instantly silenced the voice as it immediately retreated somewhere far inside of Kay’s mind fearing her wrath. Since leaving the hot-spring Kay had lost any and all grudging respect and fear of the Other she once had. Perhaps the Other’s mistake had been to actually converse with Kay instead of simply stating what it wanted, or simply taking over and doing as it thought best.

    Perhaps it was simply due to Hum. The wise gentle strength he showed possibly rubbing off on Kay. Then again perhaps it was simply their love. The blinding light that had finally pierced the darkness making her heart that had been empty, full. Whatever it was due to, Kay no longer saw the Other as some controlling force, nor some cunning devils advocate, not even a bully. Kay saw it for what it really was, the base worst parts of herself that had no morality and was cowardly vicious. The part that desperately wanted to be noticed and so did the worst things it could to simply not be ignored.

    Kay waited as long as she could to begin dressing. Since that first day together, Hum and Kay had pretty much just remained naked like two new young lovers. The first couple of days simply made sense in that their clothes were still wet. Then there was little point having seen each other naked and having been intimate, yet after that it simply wouldn’t have made sense having made love so much and so often.

    Mind you, it was not making love in the sense that most apply the term. To be sure they had sex often, and in many forms, yet it was in the regard of how they were in constant contact when talking or resting, even when working. Like when Kay was working the Cougar hide for tanning. It just seemed right to her to sit against Hum’s massive frame, Hum turned on his side with Kay’s back to his belly, his hand softly petting her shoulders and hair as they spoke and worked.

    To Kay it seemed as though every second they spent after that first couple of days, no matter what either was doing was making love, and truth be told, Hum felt the same. Now however cast out of heaven or so it felt, Kay grudgingly had to pull on the constrictive pants and gloves, slip on the hobbling boots and the suffocating shirt and vest. Even the hat now devoid of the Native totems felt heavy upon her head, and she certainly missed the Native items she had been wearing, the feathers in her hair now removed.

    To most folks, such clothing felt like armor. It protected them from the elements, shielded their modesty, and hid them away from others. Clothes to most folks felt like a fortress for their body, senses and insecurities. To Kay however this moment they felt like a prison, and as much as she may have hated them, for the very reasons shallow as they may be most folks wore them, so Kay for valid reasons needed them now.

    Descending ever deeper toward hell each step, Kay could already feel the intensity of the fires of perdition washing over her as the heat of a western day quickly rose. Soon the band of her hat was heavy as it absorbed the sweat of her brow. Her shirt was soaked and sticking to her torso, and even the leather gloves she wore took on a slimy feel. Worse still, the effort of having to carry the heavy wool trade-blanket coat and Cougar skin filled with her Native clothing bore down on her. Even the two simple knives and coins in her vest added to her burden seeming like another penance.

    Quickly the walls of the valley began to close in on her. Close to being vertical and rising some four thousand feet above her, they blotted out the sun now heading northerly, and the cold of the valley clawed through the sweat chilling her. Wearing the cowboy boots made her way more difficult not near as agile as her moccasins. That forced Kay to have to wade through the frigid swirling waters no less than twelve times. The longest keeping her chest deep for a full fifteen minutes as she stumbled and slipped upon the smooth slick stone bottom.

    When speaking of hell, everyone told of the heat, the fire and the thirst. No one ever spoke of the bitter cold so intense it would set to your bones. How you would be nearly drowned time and again, and how millions of pumpkin sized stones that were slimy and rolled made for poor footing as the most minimal of currents would cause you to slip. Shaking so cold that even her teeth chattered, Kay’s ankles, knees, hips and back were time and again wrenched and soon swollen.

    When the valley finally opened up and the sun was finally high enough to begin to warm her once more, added to the torments of heat and bitter cold, ragged breaths from heavy weight borne and water choking her were added. The battering of slipping and catching herself so many times that her joints began to lock up put her in constant agony, and on top of it all was the mourning of the loss of her perfect heaven. Kay then had to endure witnessing horrific brutalities, and reflecting upon those of her own life.

    Walking through the village once again, Kay had to re-witness every atrocity and horror that had gone on there, yet more so be reminded of her own. For every perished child she was reminded that she would forever be barren. For every brutally raped woman, she had to relive each time she had been, and sadly she could remember every detail. For every mutilated, tortured and slaughtered body, she had to remember those she knew Scout had moved her hand to take, often in the most horrific of ways.

    The sooty smoke from the smoldering remnants of the village stung her eyes. The smell of rot, blood and decay filled her nostrils. The barbarism and waste of it all stabbed at Kay’s senses, and most of all she had to remember that her own path to this place had left a long swath of destruction.

    The worst of it all was though, the hope and dreams of all these people were lost in a horrific moment. Kay recognized in herself that loss. Not so much in a life that had been savagely stripped from her and wasted, yet of the heaven she had just cast herself down from now possibly gone forever. She had cast herself out like Lucifer had been, choosing this hell for want of more than she had in heaven.

    As Kay continued her descent it all weighed heavily upon her. Soon all of the torments and being reminded of her loss and sins soon gave way to gripping fear. A fear so strong that she felt weak and incapable knowing what she was facing, but mostly knowing that she belonged there among those hateful and evil men. She was descending into hell because that is where she deserved to be, and as the fear roiled up in her gut and crushed her heart and will, all that Hum had made her feel about herself seemed to vanish.

    The fear made her question herself. Could she do this terrible thing that required body, mind and spirit? Would she simply become a victim again because that is what she really was nothing more? She no longer felt like that loving and wonderful ‘little south-fork half-breed’ of Hum’s. She was once again just some filthy half-breed that belonged no where and with no one. Stupid, slutty, lazy, vulnerable and weak, she was all of the things the Other had called her and worse.

    Though Kay didn’t know it yet, the Other had sensed her weakness and was scrambling back from the depths of her mind. Just then Kay finally saw the hell she had descended to being the mining camp up ahead. Keeping her distance Kay looked on in fear wanting to run, not knowing what she would encounter. As Kay cowered and trembled approaching her hell, Scout seeing her destination through Kay’s eyes became aroused. Kay’s mouth quickly became dry, her nipples hardened, her cunnie flushed and became sopping wet.

    Scout was in heaven.

    Perdition Found:
    Perhaps a hundred yards or so from the edge of the mining camp, Kay crouched low trying to decide what she should do next. Looking off to her left there was a long deep draw up the mountain’s face and Kay decided to look over the area first before heading in, though truth of the matter was she was simply stalling.

    Working her way up the steep rocky draw, once Kay had climbed maybe ninety yards higher than the valley floor, she scaled up the side luckily finding a shelf there near the edge. The sun already high and brutal soon found Kay sweating heavily again as she panted and coughed from the difficult climb. She told herself that she was simply resting, yet fearing what she would find Kay delayed looking as long as she could. With that Kay laid out her coat to sit upon and used the filled Cougar skin as a pillow, and just sat there catching her breath.

    Being used to the cool cave, out there in the open Kay felt like she was roasting upon the rocks. Unbuttoning her shirt offered little relief, yet past removing her vest there was little else she could do to find relief from the broiling sun. Unable to get comfortable, Kay figured that since she had come this far she might at least take a look at what had taken her away from her perfect world. Careful to not raise too high past the rim of the draw, Kay panned down to a vision that was nothing short of alien to her.

    The camp itself was perhaps a seventy yards wide filling the area from the west bank of the river where it quickly began to rise steeply easily thirty yards higher until it met the vertical mountains face. No more than a hundred yards long beside the river and up to the mountain, no less than fifty makeshift tents, lean-tos, hitching rails and temporary shacks had been crammed in there.

    Two small creeks flowed off the mountain’s face out of two narrow draws. The upstream one a large cabin with a tent attached to its front actually straddled it built right up into the draw and the mountain’s face. The other downstream was clearly used as an open sewer in that no less than fifteen men were squatting over or urinating into it. Between them there was an impressive structure. A tall wheel dipping into the river, easily fifty feet tall, it had buckets upon its rim and would lift water up into a high trough that flowed into another dumping water into various other troughs up by the mountain.

    Near those troughs was what was clearly the entrance to the mine. Large trees had been cut to make timbers to form an archway of sorts, and out of that arch boiled a steady stream of black smoke out through the top. On the far side of the mine amongst the tents there sat the most developed cabin of the camp, and on the near side was a larger tent that clearly was used as a wilderness saloon of sorts from all the traffic.

    Though all of it seemed innocuous enough, the truth of the matter was it was not. The entire area was so trampled and worn that the gray and tan gravel and rock had been churned up to such a point the ground of the entire area looked black. More so, the waste from the oxen, mules and horses was simply left where it fell accumulating covering the area in a foul mud. Then there were the tailings from the troughs. All the dirt and muck that had been washed away from what they were looking for formed a large filthy delta running down to the river, added to it the mercury, arsenic and cyanide they’d use to collect the precious metals.

    Adding to the smoke boiling out of the mine was that of no less than fifty smaller smoldering fires, poorly built with black smoke roiling up from them all. Clearly food scraps were cast into them from the sooty smoke, a few she even noticed had small animal carcasses and pelts cast on to them to slowly incinerate the waste instead of rot. The smoke filled the camp and downstream throughout the valley literally so thick that it formed shadows on the valley floor blotting out the sunshine.

    There were Elk and deer hanging everywhere. Those they had taken what they wanted from were just left to lay and rot. There was even a large bearskin stretched out, however done so poorly, Kay could even see at a distance that it had spoiled and then had just been left there. Added to all of the decay was the garbage. Every tool that broke, ashes from the fires, every bottle or can emptied and all else no longer of any use was simply cast out of the tents and left there. If not for the constant trampling of the men and beasts there would have been no paths, but the constant grinding made it appear as though the trails were flanked with berms of garbage.

    Finally were the men. All of them were caked in mud from the knees down. They were almost all black from soot and dirt and even from her perch Kay could hear the din of their raucous drunken laughing, their constant profanities, vulgarities and shouting. Every now and then a gun would be fired, metal was clanging from shovels and pans, and she could even hear the countless footsteps as the swarm of men trudged through the filth. Worse still, of those just out in the open there were easily sixty, lord knows how many out of view.

    Kay was horrified and scared. There was no way she thought that she could do this. It looked like hell down there and every man seemed to be a demon. More than that, there were way too many of them and they were all tightly packed into this grotesque patch of landscape. Kay just sat with a thud terrified knowing that she couldn’t do this. More so she didn’t want to do this.

    Cradling her face she began crying and shaking uttering only "I want my Hummingbird, I just want to be with my Hummingbird and to be left alone."

    As abruptly as she began weeping and shaking, Kay suddenly stopped and sat still for a moment. Out of no where she began her pleading once again, though this time she had a hateful sneer to her tone saying, "I want my Hummingbird, I want my Hummingbird, I want my hairy grotesque filthy bastard Hummingbird."

    Lifting her face from her hands, Kay’s expression was one of pure sadistic malice. Her lips formed a wicked sneer, and her gray eyes were narrow and full of cruelty. In Kay’s final moment of weakness, the trip down to hell having chopped away at all the good and strength that had grown within her, the Other without warning had learned its lesson, and instead of scolding Kay, just pushed her to the side in her own mind.

    Such times Kay could neither say nor do anything. She had to simply wait silently, though had to see, hear and even feel everything that the Other made happen, and the Other was angry for having been put in its place. Kay’s hands almost instantly began mauling her breasts and rubbing her cunt through her pants as she writhed and squirmed. In no time she had slid her pants to her ankles, and sitting there uncaring of the dangers just a short distance away, the Other set to work to humiliate Kay.

    "Oh yes you dirty hairy fuck Hummingbird, that’s what I want, fuck me, fuck my filthy half-breed gash with that huge beast cock of yours. I know I’m a weak stupid slut, I just wish I could get wolves or buffalo to fuck my cunt but your ugly tool will have to do. Now fuck me Hummingbird, hard!"

    Kay’s hands were brutally mauling her breasts, yanking and twisting at her nipples and savagely raking over her twat. Not being cruel enough she then curled up a hand’s worth of fingers and violently thrust them into her cunt. Again and again she shoved them deep into her passage, and then once slick pulled it up to her mouth and began slathering over it as the other hand did as the first had.

    "Oh yes Hummingbird, fuck me you filthy rube, fuck me with your bear cock! Let me suck your disgusting spunk from it, fuck a hundred whores first, let me suck their diseased filth off of your huge hairy rod. Oh yes Hummingbird, like that, fuck me like the barren stupid half-breed cunt I am, fuck me, fuck me!"

    Just then Kay’s back arched and she began a ridiculous exaggerated thrashing acting as though cumming. Kay could never cum when the Other had control though it liked to pretend to fool others. This moment however it did so to simply to mock Kay. Ramming her hand into her twat and the other into her mouth, suddenly Kay stopped and froze, the expression upon her face one of pure malice as she spoke slowly and in cruel hateful tones.

    "Yes fuck me Hummingbird because that is all I’m good for. I’m a stupid half-breed cum-ditch only good for you to pump your spunk into, and to suck the cunt juice and shit off of your cock when you fuck every other woman you meet. I hate you Hummingbird, I lied, I never loved you. I don’t deserve the love of a mule, only his cock pumping into me. I hate you Hummingbird, I hate you."

    Though Kay could not speak even within her mind to the Other at such times, she could still think and feel emotion. She was heartbroken at the Other’s hateful words uttered out of her own mouth somehow feeling that Hum might have been able to hear or feel them. She knew now what she should have done, she should have killed herself that very first night when she silenced the Other. Now she was trapped, locked out of her own body knowing what would happen next.

    The Devil herself was about to enter hell, and no amount of begging or lamenting would save the demons within it.

    When the Devil Walks Among Demons:
    Just as the Other finished for the moment tormenting Kay, the last rays of direct sunlight vanished from Kay’s side of the valley as the sun dropped behind the western mountains. As the last bit of light raced up the eastern side of the valley quickly darkness began to fall, and as Kay looked over the rim once more under the heavy blanket of black smoke the camp already looked as though it was late into the night.

    As the cold of the night began to embrace the valley, once more the sky seemed to open up, a steady rain once more falling. Rising up, Kay dressed and put on the heavy wool coat turning up the collar leaving her bundle of Native clothing where it lay. Sliding down the walls and then the cut of the deep draw precarious at best, with a malicious smirk on her face Kay pulled the brim of her hat down low shielding her gray eyes, and casually began walking up toward the camp.

    As the men seemed to scurry for cover, Kay just slowly walked keeping her head down softly talking to herself. "Now we can do what we came here for. No more of this foolish Hummingbird nonsense."

    When Kay was near enough the camp to step upon the filthy chewed up ground around it, looking about she slowly crouched down. Taking up two handfuls of the tainted soil, she ground it to her cheeks and then rubbed it into the coat and her pants to make them dirty and blacken them like the men there. As she was doing so Kay noted movement far across the river by the other side of the valley.

    At first it looked like a wolf. Pausing sitting down looking at the camp. After it was sure that the coast was clear it suddenly rose up vanishing behind some rocks. A minute after at best, Kay just caught the form of a horse passing by led by one person, and it had two people upon it. Right behind them then came a mule, and it was questionable as to whether the mule should have been carrying that person, or them it.

    Kay knew it was Hum and the Shoshone as a cruel smile formed and she softly whispered.

    "Hmm, I bet if I yelled ‘injuns’ right about now, that would empty out the camp."

    Kay deep inside herself could only pray that the Other would not be so cruel, yet she knew that is exactly what it was. For whatever the reason however, Kay did not call out and continued on. Walking through the river side of the camp Kay found the squalor of it was ten times worse than from afar. The stench alone made her want to wretch, the perfume of brimstone would have been nothing short of a massive improvement.

    Along with the smells of rotting animals and garbage smoldering upon the fires and laying about, the smell of animal and human waste seemed to be everywhere, and the stench of the tailings delta flowing into the river was almost unbearable. By the time she had reached the far end of the camp the muck was already up to her shins. Worse than that the thick oily smoke had already begun to paint her, making Kay scoff at how the Americans always used the term "filthy injuns" in that they were meticulously clean compared to these men.

    Walking beside the creek used as a latrine Kay finally cut back into the camp among the tents. Almost instantly she encountered a problem however. Just some miner poking his head out of his tent to sling the contents of his chamber pot out onto the garbage. Almost hitting Kay he grumbled out an apology but then he froze staring at her as though trying to get a better look.

    "Say, you is a gal ain’t ya! Is you one a them new ones they got in?" Wide-eyed and beaming the miner asked.

    Kay just smiled seductively as she spoke slowly backing the miner into his tent.

    "How’d you guess? I am. Say, when was the last time you had a good poke, not a quick one?"

    Once inside Kay’s left hand had already grasped his cock through his torn and faded union suit, and as she rubbed he beamed.

    "I ain’t had nothin but them squaws them Regulators caught. How much?" The man so anxious that he began undoing his buttons.

    "Oh wait, that’s my bad hand, here" Kay responded.

    Noting something on the table, the second she had changed hands however the man’s eyes went wide as Kay’s cold gray eyes narrowed and she smiled.

    "What, what have ya done to me?" the man could barely utter out already beginning to go down.

    "Why, I’ve killed you… wait for it."

    With that Kay’s expression turned to one of almost manic excitement as she violently drew the knife she had sunk into his femoral artery up his leg, through his gut, and the blade didn’t stop until it hit his ribs and he fell quickly dying. Kay just smiled as he lay there already out though thrashing in his death throes. Once he stopped however she seemed to become bored, and stepping over him she took up the two sizable bags of gold dust that lay upon the table.

    Opening one bag Kay laid a trail of the glittering dust out the door, up the path and seeing an open and empty tent continued until she was inside of it. Once there she emptied the remainder of the bag on a cot, tossed the bag and the other upon it, and without even blinking just sighed and walked out.

    Eventually she made her way to near the cabin keeping to the shadows. She could tell instantly that it was the Regulators, and looked to be something of a makeshift assay office as well. Out front stood two of them, and there was another within. Clean, well-armed and somewhat fancy dressed all in blacks and maroon, they each wore the telltale black sash.

    On one side of the cabin there was a tent with the flaps open. Inside upon mats on the ground, a rope around each of their necks tied to a stake in the ground and naked were five of the missing squaws. A Sioux Indian though dressed in more western wear stood watch over them as two of the gals were being roughly fucked by three miners. Instantly Kay recognized the Native from her dream as being one of the braves who had murdered the Dutch family then raped and murdered the flaxen haired gal.

    On the opposite side of the cabin there was a "buck-pole" of sorts. Upon it hung a single rotting Mule Deer, yet in the middle hanging by her wrists was the sixth squaw dead. Clearly beaten and bruised, in her side were three stab wounds. Next to her however hung one of the miners by his neck, with deep scratch marks down his face. The sign hanging off him Kay was unable to read having never learned how, however if she had been able, it read ‘Whore Killer.’

    Moving on, Kay then passed the mine itself. Men continually brought out wheelbarrows time and again dumping the contents into the shaker boxes to be washed down into the sluices. The mine itself ran 24/7 in that time was not on their side as eventually be it the Natives or the U.S. Army trying to head off trouble due to treaty violations, all of this would eventually be abandoned, only the waste and destruction left behind.

    As Kay neared the makeshift saloon she simply held back watching the activity. By far it was one of the highest trafficked spots besides the mine and latrine, the tent full to capacity as drunken miners spent their gold on liquor, a couple whores and gambling. Regulators naturally were controlling it all.

    Just then a drunken miner emerged and seemed to stagger directly toward Kay. Once near he simply opened his pants and began urinating, glancing to Kay and nodding, slurring out a barely intelligible "Howdy."

    Bending over Kay picked up the remnants of a broken bottle, and after a quick glance to confirm that they were alone, Kay tipped back the brim of her hat and with a wide grin sarcastically stated "Howdy trash" back. In an instant she had sunk the bottle into his neck, and as he fell and shuddered, she fumbled through his pockets to find his gold dust, and after pouring half of it upon his chest, threw the rest into a fire as she walked away laughing.

    The next structure Kay came to actually intrigued her. A creek was clearly running down from a steep draw, yet into the draw had been built a cabin literally straddling the creek. Kay had seen from afar that the roof actually extended in to the ravine reaching to its walls, and the front of the cabin had been extended out with a tent, its flap entrance closed yet loose.

    Just then a miner passed her and went in, though soon after two different miners though seeming drunk perhaps slowly sauntered out. Kay thought that possibly they held supplies in there, maybe explosives, yet whatever it was she couldn’t be sure. About that time two Regulators walked up to the tent, one white one Native. Instantly she recognized both of them from her dream. One had raped the Shoshone squaw, the other the Dutch gal.

    Now she just had to go in and see, the rain pouring down as it was, what firmed up her decision was suddenly shouting began down by the saloon, someone obviously having found the robbed and murdered miner. Kay just chuckled and pulled her brim low once more shielding her gray eyes, made sure her coat’s collar was up, and slowly strolled to the entrance.

    What she would find inside was like nothing she that she had ever known, but somewhere deep inside of her, as the edges of her gray irises took on a hint of green, part of her knew it well.

    The Devil meets the Dragon:
    As Kay slipped inside the tent having to step over the small creek, all she found were a couple benches, two lamps lighting the inside, the front of the cabin, and a rope attached high up to a wheel that turned a rod that extended into the cabin. It was the rope though that clearly was important. At its end hung a thick and ornate red and gold tassel, and below it hung a brass cut-out of a dragon.

    Trying the door first finding it locked, Kay pulled on the rope and could faintly here a bell ring on the other side. Yanking it a second time for good measure, she then sat upon one of the benches keeping her face shielded, yet to be safe withdrew and hid up her sleeve one of her knives, and just waited.

    In just a few minutes, Kay heard two deadbolts being shifted and the old wooden door slowly opened. What stepped out surprised Kay to say the least. A Celestial woman, or Chinese. Dressed in traditional garb, she was perhaps in her early fifties and right away she began a repetitive greeting spoken with a heavy Chinese accent that she had clearly used thousands of times.

    "Welcome, welcome. Enter, enter, happy welcome. You come for dreams or soft pretty girl, hap be both? Come, come, enter, welcome."

    Gesturing for Kay to follow, Kay furrowed her brow as this was strange to her. Once inside the woman re-bolted the door and Kay found this area not much different than outside. A couple of lamps lit the area, there were mats for sitting upon on either side of the door, and a small stove on one side with a teapot upon it and a pot of soup. On the other side there was a table with an ornate lacquered box upon it, yet no more than six feet in there was another tarp hanging like a curtain sealing off the room from whatever there was behind.

    "You come for dreams or pretty-pretty, hap be both?" The woman asked once more.

    Kay just narrowed her eyes not even sure what she was asking, yet gently smiling she responded simply. "I’m just looking for someone, two men, they just walked in here."

    The woman perked hearing Kay’s voice but immediately shut Kay down cold as to what she wanted. "No, no. You no look see here, private, very private. You buy dreams or soft girl or you go. No look see, you go."

    As the woman began to try and hustle Kay out of there, Kay reached into her vest and grabbed the first two coins to touch her fingers never looking at them or even caring, not realizing she just handed the woman two twenty-dollar gold pieces. "Fine, no ‘look see.’ Just give me whatever that will buy."

    When the woman looked in her hand her eyes went wide. Typically a bowl or pill only cost six-bits or seventy-five cents, and an attendant cost between two and five dollars. "Oh you want long time dreams. Okay, okay, two soft pretty girl and many dreams. Come, come."

    With that the woman in her exaggerated coolie gate to try and look accommodating led Kay through the tarps and instantly all of her senses were assaulted at once. The air was thick with a sickly sweet smelling smoke that filled the room. It was also hot in there as they had stoves burning to keep it warm to encourage you to relax. Then there were the sounds. Soft moans of contentment, the occasional muffled laugh, and the sounds of two women having sex with two men.

    What she saw was odd within her realm of experience to say the least. The room was set up much like a bunkhouse with bunk beds placed end to end against the walls, those nearest the entrance three high. There was no floor in the cabin, yet the ground had been trampled down and swept so many times that it was firm and smooth. Up the middle of the long triangular shaped room fitting into the draw, were three larger double-width platforms though these unlike the bunks had crude mattresses upon them topped with ornate rugs. Under them ran the creek exposed between them, and by each bunk or platform there was a table with a lamp upon it.

    Trapped inside her own mind Kay could see, hear, smell, taste, yet most of all feel every touch and sensation her body did even though it was under the Other’s control. More than that however, her mind and emotions worked as they always had, and how Kay responded though trapped was nothing like how the Other did. Wherein the Other found someone suffering exciting, Kay could feel that in her, yet personally found it sickening though could not even make her body wretch. In contrast, Scout and herself only seemed to pass briefly. Beyond that Kay was oblivious to Scout’s thoughts or sensations.

    What confused Kay at the moment was that where she could feel the heat, smell the smoke, hear the sounds and was able to take in all of the sights, already the Other was quickly becoming confused and sedate. By the time the Celestial woman had led Kay to the middle platform Kay felt much too warm yet the Other felt as though she was broiling. Worst of all in the thick blue haze of smoke, wherein Kay felt slightly relaxed and more calm, the Other was already giddy, totally unfocussed and was already responding to sensation by reflex instead of logic.

    Unfortunately it was the Other in control at that moment, and Kay would have to bend to her will as her responses dictated the actions of Kay’s body.

    "Whew, I’m roasting in here" Kay mumbled out as she immediately loosed a giggle then sigh after. Moving as though on the verge of panic, foolishly Kay yanked off her hat exposing herself to any who might see her, and as she oddly struggled to remove the heavy rain soaked coat, a crowd of Chinese seemed to all hurriedly converge upon her which instantly confused Kay.

    First came an old man and woman. Both dressed in traditional Chinese clothing and sporting wide smiles, with numerous quick nods and restrained coolie like movements they quickly kneeled down beside the small table and began rushing to prepare Kay’s first pill. It was obvious they had been told to treat this customer well, and Kay was already in such a state from the smoke simply drifting about the room from the six other patrons in there that she just looked at the two and began to giggle and laugh.

    Still struggling with her coat, the first woman reappeared with two much smaller and younger women. Each of them wore long ornate silk robes yet they were open, the women clearly nude underneath.

    With that the older woman nudged them toward Kay asking bluntly, "you like, good, good? Very soft, very pretty, you like?"

    Kay just smiled and gave out a confused laugh. Trapped inside her mind however Kay was in shock seeing all that was unfolding. She didn’t know what the older couple was preparing yet she could guess that the Other had just unwittingly hired two prostitutes. Kay’s consciousness as said only felt a slight relaxation to her body and mind at the moment in the smoky blue haze. The Other however was having a much more extreme reaction already, and Kay able to see and feel what it was experiencing was stunned.

    Confused, oddly happy instead of sadistic, all logic, sense and focus was totally lost on the Other that moment, and externally that is how Kay was acting. Even Kay recognized the extreme peril she was in, yet the Other had all but forgotten even why they were there. Worse still, though she never in the past had any indication as to Scout’s thoughts or feelings, Kay somehow realized that Scout was totally overwhelmed. Scout Kay gathered lost in an euphoric dream of sorts, actually cooing and humming… and Kay was trapped.

    As the first woman nodded saying "good, good, they make you happy," the two women crawled up upon the platform as their robes fell open even wider before coming completely off as the older woman scurried away. Seductively the two began removing Kay’s coat, then her vest, and as one gently slipped off Kay’s boots and the other began unbuttoning Kay’s shirt she just chuckled and moaned leaning back against the one unbuttoning her shirt cooing.

    As baggy as the shirt was they were stunned by the size of her breasts not having expected them, and as the one behind softly slipped it off Kay’s shoulders making her melt, it was when the other began pulling off her soaked gloves that Kay really reacted. For some reason the sensation to her hands felt wonderful to her. Slipping lower into the lap of the gal behind found her almost writhing at the sensation of her hands being stripped bare, and as the gal behind began to gently fondle Kay’s breasts, she became aware of something looming in front of her face.

    Kay’s gray-green eyes fluttered open trying to focus finding the end of a long tube about an inch around near her lips. Laughing and oddly playful, Kay tried to bite at the tube and once she had it in her teeth wrapped her lips around it as she imagined sucking a cock, yet did no more. It was then when she looked to the old woman holding the long tube that she saw the large brass bowl upon the end held over the flame of a lamp, and when the woman pursed her lips and took in a deep breath, Kay giggling mimicked her.

    Her first deep breath of the thick sweet smoke caused Kay to cough slightly, yet almost immediately she felt its effects. It was like liquid warmth travelling down her throat and into her chest, and within seconds it seemed that warmth flowed out to every point on her body relaxing and comforting her like the embrace of a warm cashmere blanket.

    Instantly Kay was lost. It was all so confusing, yet she didn’t care. Her eyes barely able to fix on a single point she once more inadvertently made eye contact with the old woman again, and mimicking her once more, her second deeper breath had her eyes rolling up as the room became bright then dimmed. It was then the feeling shifted, now as though she was slipping into and under a deep cashmere hot spring.

    Absolutely limp and helpless, Kay didn’t even recognize the third deep smoky breath she took to then feel the pipe slowly withdrawn from her lips. She moaned at the feeling of the gal over her massaging her breasts, and when she bent down and kissed Kay passionately, she didn’t even notice her wet pants slowly being peeled off of her. So warm and so relaxed, pain having turned to pleasure and pleasure to ecstasy, when the gal at Kay’s feet slid up between her legs Kay just parted them.

    Moaning and writhing, as the gals body from the bridge of her nose to her cunnie slid up over Kay’s now slick pussy until her lips lit upon one of Kay’s nipples while the gal behind suckled at her other, Kay felt like she was in a hypnotic heaven. That moment, even the Other could not help saying it cooing out…

    "Ohhhh, sweet gentle Hummingbird…"

    Kay helpless deep inside her mind was also wrapped in the embrace of the opium, realizing that moment that she herself was lost. Trapped there, she instead welcomed it. Laughing silently behind her own eyes as she watched the dragon seduce the devil.

    The Cashmere Embrace of the Dragon:
    Kay could only lay there and writhe as the effects of the opium washed through and over her body. The two women had been there many times before themselves, and they knew just how to touch, press to, coo and stroke to make a novice explorer of the poppy lust for the experience time and again. In time the experience would fade and become a pale need of its former self. Yet this time, the first time, and for a few more to come it would seem like paradise within the blue breath of the dragon.

    Their touch had to be firm, yet soothing, then enticing. Long gentle strokes that would shift into fingertips dancing toward their destination. The oily sweat soon covering them all lubricating tracing touches that seemed to glide like a skater on ice as they would curve, sweep then spin. Flicks of a tongue to soft lips quickly grappling with their intended’s like two snakes entwined in a lover’s embrace. Soft digits plunging deep, to then spread wide seeming to swell and pulsate in an ever-escalating rhythmic pace.

    In no time the two women were slipping their bodies over Kay. No teasing flicks of a fingertip to her clitoris or the hesitation of a woman’s netherlips just lightly brushing over her thigh, nipple or lips. They were all slow, seductive and deliberate grinds, strokes and pressing. The sliding bodies at first aided by the sweet narcotic sweat covering them all, quickly however was replaced with their own slick flows that soon covered all three of them from their mouths to their toes.

    For Kay that moment it was all sensation. The two women there barely recognized, and likely to be forgotten. Lean small bodies entwining about hers like constrictors. Their pale ivory skin contrasting to hers dark and tanned. Their diminutive breasts enveloped by hers large. Their soft bodies and silky skin molding to hers firm and leathen. Their hair as black as Kay’s yet reached to their thighs wrapping about and binding her limbs.

    There was nothing missing from the joining of the three in that what they lacked they made up for. A soft ankle slid over Kay’s lips soon grew to a calve, knee, thigh and terminated at an enveloping vulva, so sweet and soft that it was so irresistible she had to feed from it. As she did, knees spread wide and bottom in the air, as one small probing finger to her vagina became three, then four, then a hand, Kay felt as though she was reeling. The small hand closed like a flower at night forming a fist, and as the ball of digits forced the way open, so a wrist followed as it would twist, press and roll.

    While she suffocated devouring the one’s swollen cunnie and the other plundered her depths with a dexterity that no man could match, when soft lips enveloped her swollen clitoris and suckled, it was as though she had grown a cock, and with crushing intensity, Kay came. Neither violent nor flailing, Kay’s release washed out from her core like the sides of a water tank giving way releasing its contents in all directions at the same moment. Powerful yet not frantic. More like an irresistible slow push than an explosion.

    Deep in her mind Kay felt it too, and though more lucid than the Other she recognized it for the true impact that it had. The Other had orgasmed which it never had. If it had lost that much control over itself, then Kay knew, their situation was dire.

    So with the rise came the fall. A welcome one of deep slumber and rest surrounded by vivid dreams, though more whimsy than serious. The three women lay there entwined to such a degree that as one moved they all had to, softly writhing and slipping to then quickly fade back off to sleep. Their bodies glistening and slick in the lamp light from sweat and sweat feminine wetness, and as their twisting soon turned to restless shifting, then came the respite.

    The old couple brought Kay light tea in her lethargic haze, and cool water and soft cloths for the women to gently bathe her with. Though refreshed now it found her wanting. Without even asking another pipe was set to her lips, and in seconds the warm embrace of sensation had enveloped her once again.

    The same though now different, familiarity enhancing the tone. The bath was still in progress as she was overwhelmed once more. One gal straddling one of Kay’s thighs as she slipped the cool cloth down Kay’s shin found her soft folds being pressed and ground to by a firm dark thigh. Pressing back found her fingers massaging Kay’s foot as soon her soft lips enveloped her toes, and as she stretched out suckling each one of the digits, her slick furrow slid up Kay’s thigh till it could no further, grinding and forming to Kay’s flush cunt.

    Wet swollen folds mashing together, so Kay quickly found her lips pressed to others. The second gal had been teasing Kay’s nipple with her own fleshy rut. As Kay’s firm hands pulled at her rounded bottom, so she slid from Kay’s breast up to her chin, and just a little higher, pressed her flush slick folds to Kay’s lips.

    So it went for no less than twenty-eight hours and six phallic pipes pressed to then suckled on by Kay’s quivering lips. Overwhelming euphoria, redirected by obscene and diverse lusts, to then fall from the cliffs of ecstasy and orgasm into beautiful slumber simply to do it all once again. Each time Kay would cum, though one sucking the breath from the dragon long enough would find that fleeting. Kay however had a long way to go before she reached that point, yet before she would, she’d discover the demons were circling the devil embraced by the dragon.

    Bonds of Lust and Resin:
    As one might expect, in a tight camp of one hundred or so men, a frumpy white and an old Mexican whore, five battered Native slaves and six scrawny Chinese whores, a Chinese madam and an old Chinese couple, there would come a day when Kay would be noticed. Granted, those two miners that had been hanged yesterday for obviously killing two other miners for their gold, the numbers of men had dwindled a bit, and it had kept the rest occupied.

    Never the less, after the display Kay had put on in the opium den with the two Celestial gals for more than a day word had spread. The miners for the most part had been easily enough dissuaded by the Chinese woman’s scolding of "no look see, private, private" and the old couple waving hatchets, yet the Regulators were not. After a couple of them had witnessed "the show," more so noting how Kay looked, a couple of others decided to press the point and betray the code of the opium den.

    After all, Kay was only a half-breed. When the two Regulators entered, from deep in her mind Kay heard it all.

    Unfortunately, the Other was still confused, unfocussed and euphoric. Scout Kay gathered being even worse off, the smoke filling the room alone enough to overwhelm them. Kay however had reacted much as any person would. Moments of clarity then met with the strong narcotic flush to body and senses. Inhibitions falling aside or more uncaring. Passive though receptive eroticism then would give way to satisfaction and comfort. It didn’t matter however. The Other held the reins and Kay could do nothing. Then again, there were moments.

    The two Regulators made it clear to the Chinese madam. Their cut or percentage could go up dramatically, or they might just toss her out and keep the whores, opium and old couple letting her find her way among the "injuns." Though she complained with a long tirade in Chinese she did so walking away, and as the two men approached Kay dragging along the old couple and waving off the two gals, Kay in her stupor just rolled onto her back reaching for the girls, her legs spreading wide.

    "Look at that Puma, which half of her do ya think want’s that injun horn of your’n," the white Regulator said to the Sioux.

    Kay looked up with her intense pinned-out gray-green eyes and just laughed. Deep inside her mind however, Kay instantly noticed the two men from parts of her dream. The Sioux one of the men who had raped the Dutch gal, the cowboy one of those that had raped the Shoshone woman. No matter how hard she tried however, she could not scream out for the Other to snap out of it. Instead Kay just reached out focussed on the pipe, yet the men took it as being them.

    There was not much to it actually, though it was what it was and that was essentially raping Kay. Neither undressed simply pulling out their cocks, yet as soon as the old couple held the pipe for Kay and she took a long breath, the white Regulator climbed between her legs and began rapidly fucking her. The Sioux however laughing waited until she had exhaled then straddling the pipe, as she moved to take a second draw, and simply handed her his cock instead gripping the back of her head.

    In no more than two minutes it was over, Kay barely struggling and only did the little she had to try and catch a breath. For the most part she just lay there limp and laughing around the Native’s cock in her mouth, and once they both came, the only word she said was "more," meaning, more of the pipe.

    Once the men had left, Kay calling for more found the old couple once again attending to her though their attitudes had clearly turned. Trying to get Kay to drink some tea and eat something, when she refused they began trying to pull her up as they kept saying over and over "you go." Try as they might Kay refused, and it was only when she began screaming out "more" and the madam hustled out to find out what was going on that the old couple gave in.

    There was a new problem though, as one of the female attendants cleaned Kay up with her laying there in a stupor, three miners began leaning on the madam to give them a turn at the half-breed. Standing firm saying only "no, no. Private, private you no touch," the miners eventually gave up and sought resolution to their demands elsewhere.

    In a few hours as Kay lay there moaning, softly running her hands over her body enjoying the sensation, standing right beside her a different Regulator and the three miners had returned as the Regulator layed down the law to the madam. Any miner that was willing to pay twenty dollars could fuck her, ten if they only wanted to use her mouth. The madam was not to refuse anyone, and finally if Kay became too much of a mess then she was to have one of the girls clean her up.

    With that the Regulator summed it up precisely. "What does it matter anyway, she’s just a filthy half-breed. Get as much use out of her as you can before Durham decides to finish her off."

    Just that quickly it began. After two long draws from the pipe, all that Kay could recognize was that she was being jostled around which just made her laugh. That however was the Other’s reaction. Deep inside herself Kay however saw, heard and felt it all. The first two men bluntly crawled between her legs to just slam their cocks into her roughly for at best two minutes each. The third man however rolled Kay over onto her belly straddling her thighs and filled her cunt in that manner, and that for the most part is how she would remain.

    When Kay would call for the pipe they would give it to her, though the old couple continually tried to get her to run, and forced tea down her refusing the pipe until she had. When she needed to urinate, a couple of the gals would help her to squat over the creek flowing right under her platform. Just like the old couple however, the younger attendants continually whispered to Kay that she should run, and in short order she would see why.

    Caught by the madam encouraging Kay to leave, the gal was levied a beating that had her in a ball upon the ground sobbing. Kay absolutely helpless just watched the entire thing. With that the madam sent the old man off somewhere, and he quickly returned with two miners. After a short negotiation, just like that she was sold to them and however many others that had chipped in.

    Though the Other recognized nothing, Kay instantly realized that the attendants, really prostitutes were nothing more than slaves. More importantly however, Kay recognized the two miners from her nightmare, and whether true or not of no matter, believed that it was the madam who had sold the Chinese gal from her dream to those miners. Her final revelation coming in the form of then knowing she was now a slave and that her fate would be the same.

    Kay would never know it, but by that time just a mere eleven hours since it had began, thirteen men had made use of her now filthy cunt and another seven had soiled her mouth. Somewhere in the process an ornate pillow and some rolled up blankets had been placed under Kay’s hips to raise her rump up higher than when she was laying flat on the platform.

    Unlike when requesting one of the Chinese slaves, with Kay the men would pay first, crawl onto the platform and quickly fill her cunt, then go about the business of enjoying the poppy. Those that would make use of her mouth instead would find their spunk quickly drooled out, yet that mattered little as they had by then already walked away. There came a point however when everything changed. Perhaps it was too much opium, or not enough, yet out of no where Kay in the process of being mounted once again suddenly came.

    It was the first time since the Chinese attendants pleasured her, and there was nothing spectacular about the man, his motions or his cock. When it happened however from deep inside her mind Kay recognized something. The Other had just like before lost control over itself. Not just control over Kay’s body to the point that she orgasmed, yet enough that Kay felt her grip upon her consciousness flicker, then be given up, then taken back.

    The next man up however had new plans. Dipping his cock into her soiled twat to slicken it, he then and there withdrew it and without warning pressed it into Kay’s ass. Kay instantly began to struggle though only uttered out a single word, "more." As they had been ordered to, right away the older couple pressed a fresh pipe to her lips and set the bowl to the lamp. As she took in a long deep draw from the pipe, just as always the sweet smelling smoke washed through her like a flood. This time however it had a much different effect.

    Kay’s eyes fluttered and rolled as always. Then came that soft sigh of supreme relaxation she had made so many times since coming here, and as her body quickly relaxed she seemed to melt. It was that moment that Kay experienced a stunning revelation. Someone touching or licking at her cunnie was nice, and if done well might make her half-heartedly cum while dancing with the dragon. The man before this one being inside of her cunnie making her cum was a fluke to say the least, yet this, a cock plundering her bottom while floating on a blue cloud was spectacular.

    With her sphincter relaxed the passage into her rectum offered no resistance. All pain was gone, yet the intense sensations of a cock sawing in and out of her bowel in short order had Kay writhing and moaning like she hadn’t before since being here. As her orgasm quickly began to build, the feeling of being roughly fucked in her ass so contrary to what one might think found Kay conflicted. She felt that she should resist yet wanted more, and as she thrashed and grappled with the new sensation contradicting how she felt she should react, Kay took back that which was hers.

    As the Other found itself so confused, just as before its hold on Kay would release then be taken back. Now however unlike with those singular orgasms, each rough slam into the depths of Kay’s rectum the Other would lose its grip and only take hold briefly losing her grip once more as the cock would rake back. To Kay deep within herself it was much like riding a horse at a full gallop through the trees. Each flicker of sunshine her moment to take hold, and the Other’s grip that moment chaotic at best, found Kay taking charge once again.

    Later Kay would liken the moment to some mental chase into the front of her mind. The Other since encountering the opium was only manic at best. Seemingly constantly laughing and euphoric this moment it felt as though it was running in a circle in Kay’s mind. As each would pass behind her eyes they held the reins to Kay’s body, yet there came a moment when Kay abruptly stopped, and as she did the Other ran into her, then fell back deep into her mind laughing. Kay had finally wrestled control over herself once again.

    Unfortunately, just like every other time that Kay found the Other abruptly abandoning her, she found herself right in the midst of a bad situation now having to endure it. This moment Kay found her conscious mind firmly under the influence of the dragon’s breath. At the same time a brutal man was plundering her bottom, and worse still, her own body was riding the cusp of an orgasm and it all hit her at once.

    One final thrust of the man’s cock deep into her bowel found Kay grasping at the mat as her body tensed then shuddered as her lungs loosed a loud roar signaling her release. Unlike the times that the Other had orgasmed being so sedate it came off as not much more than a sigh, this one was so obvious that it instantly caused the man to lose his own control. His final lunge sending scalding surges of cum jetting into Kay’s rectum.

    Kay’s reaction was so obvious that as soon as the man on top of her rolled off the next instantly took his place. Kay’s anus now slick and accommodating, as soon as he began his own vicious sawing Kay finally grasped what the Other had been truly feeling.

    The opium made the sensation beyond spectacular. So much so, that though she realized her dire situation Kay could not help setting her hands to the frame of the platform and pushing back. Each brutal thrust deep into her depths caused her mind and body to reel with pleasure, and as the next man became two more and another pipe right after him, Kay’s own orgasms outnumbered them by three.

    Worst of all in the little mining camp, word spread of the half-breed sodomite, and those words would fall on sadistic ears.

    Hate for Half-breeds:
    Once Kay had regained control over herself she finally began to tend to the damage of the past couple of days. The Chinese attendants bathed her and tried to soothe Kay’s battered muscles and joints, and the old couple instead of bringing her a pipe were glad to finally get some tea and some food into her. Over and over Kay was warned in concerned whispers to just run and try to escape. Kay considering doing just that however found her lingering just a moment too long as soon another round of men entered the opium den.

    Kay’s pleas and brief struggle was ignored all while the madam kept ordering the old couple to get her another pipe. Soon Kay’s wrists and ankles were lashed to the four-corners of the platform, her rump raised high like before over the heap of blankets. When Kay refused the pipe, though the madam tried to coax her, the men just pushed her out of the way not even caring, and after four men made use of her cunt, two her mouth and two her ass, Kay was just left there bound and sobbing.

    No more than a half-hour later Kay’s situation went from bad too fatally worse. Five of the Regulators entered the opium den, which in and of itself was a bad thing. What made it worse however was that their leader had joined them and without question his brutality and cruelty was the fuel for them all.

    His name was Cain "Two Bulls" Durham. "Two Bulls" was actually a chosen name for having two fathers in that Cain was a half-breed as well. Cain’s mother was a young Irish settler captured when her family’s wagon train was attacked by Comanches some four decades prior. Suffering the same fate as most female captives, after countless rapes, beatings and hard labor as a slave, after yielding up a son she could endure no more and killed herself.

    Cain’s first father named "Lame Horse" as translated in English who took the child, his or not, set out to do one simple thing. That being, to drive every bit of white out of it. Once old enough he worked him hard and beat him often and as the child grew born ruddy haired and complected, the balance of the tribe hounded him as well. At seven years old however he was returned as part of a treaty agreement with the Americans, and the family that took him on being the good Christians that they were, worked to drive every bit of the red out of him.

    Unable to remember his Comanche name, he was given the name "Cain" to remind him that he was full of evil, his adoptive father just as brutal as the first. Beaten and worked daily, at night he’d have the worst parts of the Christian bible hammered into him to remind him of the wickedness he was spawned from, and in time the education worked. At sixteen Cain slaughtered his adoptive white family, and by eighteen his Comanche one. The teachings of both of his fathers had sunk in however. Cain hated everyone be they red or white.

    Partial to raping his female victims anally, he relished torturing his victims in the most horrific of ways. One aspect being, Cain liked to scalp them long before their demise. He even had a particular knife he liked to use though poorly suited to the task. The blade alone was eighteen inches long though only an inch and a half wide, much like a bayonet. He claimed that he favored it as it worked like a short saber. Truth of the matter was though, it just struck fear into most, and that is what Cain liked best.

    Cain was fascinated by what the others had told him. Here was a woman, a half-breed no less of which he had never met one near his age that lived as white. More so, she had walked into this shit-hole days ago of her own volition wearing men’s clothes, and strode right into the opium den handing them a respectable amount of money and had been here ever since dreaming and having sex.

    He realized that just recently she had decided to stop having sex and had to be restrained, yet before that she welcomed it. When she had been initially taken, all she did was laugh though the true enticements for Cain came in two forms. For the most part she had shown no fear. That in and of itself intrigued him seeing it as a challenge, however her response to being taken anally, relishing the act so much that time and again she would orgasm from it thrilled Cain.

    To Cain it was not the fact that she enjoyed having her ass ravaged that excited him. It was the thought that one of the specific acts he used to crush another’s will, cause them anguish and feel supremely violated might be met with equal though opposite enthusiasm. Cain felt compelled to destroy that, and then he thought in terms his second father would have been proud of. She was the Abel to his Cain. Kin in race both of them being half-breed, and wherein he hated all things, she seemed to love all that life had to offer, and in his vanity, Cain even considered it a chance to best God.

    Cain and the other Regulators stood there for the longest time looking over Kay as she lay there sniffling, bound belly down, butt high and spread eagle. Eventually, Cain turned to one of the Sioux and whispered something wherein the man simply crawled up between her legs and began brutally fucking her. Kay cried out in pain and fear which seemed to disappoint Cain. At that point he waved off the man and directed him to fuck her mouth. Kay recoiled as best she could, thrashing, choking and gagging as she tried to shout out for him to stop.

    As the man quickly finished, flooding Kay’s mouth with his hateful seed, Cain had all but given up hope seeing her response, yet he then asked the madam if Kay had been writhing under the effects of the dragon’s breath before hand. Having his answer he then ordered that they fix Kay a pipe, and when she refused it the Sioux’s cum pouring out of her mouth, Cain had her head held firm forcing the tube into her mouth like some ornate cock. Pinching her nose closed and gripping her mouth to seal her lips to it, Kay took in two deep breaths and just seemed to melt as tears seeped from her eyes.

    Directing a large black Regulator to then fuck her once more, though his cock was substantial Kay just lay there complacent as her body was shoved harshly forward again and again, her head bouncing though her face was devoid of expression past a small smile. She made no sounds past soft barely noticeable grunts and her hands hung limp, and when the man dumped his spunk deep inside of her, Cain could almost swear she just chuckled.

    At that point he was becoming frustrated thinking of just scalping then killing her to be done with this. Withdrawing his long knife when he pressed its edge to her face and drew up cutting her cheek and brow, Kay seemed to barely care pulling back ever so slightly disappointing him. Cain’s second father had long ago lashed his own face leaving such a scar, yet in his case it has split his lower lid right down the middle. Continually it seeped as though he was constantly crying out of that eye. More so the edges turned dark red granting him a menacing look.

    He called it the "mark of Cain" twisting the passage in the bible that meant because of his wickedness, he was cursed to live forever with his sins and that the mark warned all others to do him no harm. Cain however felt no sin, and considering Kay being a half-breed like him, yet in contrast so attractive, decided to give her the mark as well simply so he could kill her as though shaking his fist at God.

    It was then however that another Regulator moved up behind Kay. Sinking his cock into her cunt to get it slick, he then sank it into her bottom and began plundering it, and it was then that Cain found what he sought. The opium made the sensation exquisite to Kay. While her mind reeled from the narcotic smoke her body turned the feeling of pain and violation into pleasure. In no time Kay was groaning and clearly pushing back, and just as the intensity of the sensations peaked, Kay struggled to slam back hard enough as her back rose and she fought to yank her legs free to lock the man in place.

    Instantly Cain cut Kay’s bonds finding her hands shooting back to grasp the man’s ass as her heels kicked up to do so as well. Her orgasm was violent and intense, and as the man kept trying to slam into her, it seemed as though her ecstasy would never end. Directing the other Regulator to begin violating Kay’s mouth, when he slipped his cock past her lips Kay seemed conflicted.

    Desperately trying to pull the one man deep into her ass, she never the less reached for the second man’s cock and began sucking it using both hands and mouth with a slow and deliberate intensity to empty it within her. Just as the cock plundering her backside felt incredible while embraced by the poppy, so the feeling, fullness, taste and texture of a cock in her mouth felt soothing, curious and intriguing. To Kay it felt confusing yet at the same time simply two contrasting but pleasurable sensations, and before either man would cum, Kay had once again.

    The maliciousness of the thoughts racing through Cain’s mind were evident in his cruel smirk and narrowed eyes. When both men had finished leaving Kay panting and limp, Cain did something he had never done before, and that was to sit and talk to Kay before he set to work to destroy her.

    "You know, I have only encountered, oh I suspect twenty other half-breeds in my time. Most of us don’t fair too long. Why out of those twenty, I’ve killed I’d reckon sixteen of them, young’uns mostly. Those that are older either hide or become bad, real bad, and I can see you ain’t hiding."

    At that point Cain moved closer to Kay as she lay there washed out as the effects of the poppy slowly left her system. He’d stroke her hair for a bit as he spoke, and then he’d pick up a cloth nearby and dip it into the cold creek running under them and gently bathe her back, bottom, legs and arms. He seemed kind and gentle, yet truth of the matter was it was only meant to make what would come feel that much more brutal.

    "They said you had gray eyes. Pity they ain’t, they’re just that common injun brown. I see you’ve got more injun in you than white. Me, I’m the opposite. Why most folks think I’m white, so better, but you and I both know different, don’t we. You know, you’ve got to get that filthy savage out of you. The only way to do that is to get a whole lot of white driven into you. For me it was beatings and preachin. For you though I think it’s going to take a whole lot of white pumped into you. A whole lot. Unfortunately, I ain’t got that kind of time, but I can get you closer."

    Gradually Kay had begun to stir. She had heard every word Cain had said yet had been too spent to respond. Once she could though she knew better. She had heard hate and cruelty leveled at her for as long as she could remember, and knew there was nothing, not a single thing that she could say or do to change them. Worse than that though, Kay knew that this moment she had only one option, and that was to endure. If she could make it through this moment then she could try to escape the next, yet this was the one she had to survive first.

    As Cain spoke his caresses quickly became less wholesome and soothing. A brush to a breast soon turned to a mauling and pinch to her nipple. A soft cloth washing over her back and bottom quickly shifted to a bare hand that would plow through her folds to gather another man’s spunk to press it into her bottom and his innuendoes changed into threats.

    "Yep, you’re a bad’un alright. It’s because of all that filthy injun in ya. Why I’d bet you’ve liked the bucks for as long as you can remember, haven’t you? I heard you like the split-tails too. They can’t line up quick enough for a breed cum-ditch like you, can they? Do you want to know why? It’s because like I said, you’re trying to get that white fucked into you to drive the injun out, but you can’t get enough to do the job. So you got to cut it out. Push in the white, and cut out the injun."

    As Cain said that last he began with one hand gathering up more of the cum ebbing from her cunt literally pushing it into her bottom with his fingers. As he did he began dragging the tip of his long knife over her neck and back scratching her. When he set the tip to her head and began scratching a line around her scalp to show where he would take it off, he became so excited that when he forced three fingers into her ass that he actually drew blood just nicking her forehead.

    That moment Kay grunted and squirmed to pull away. When he removed the knife she still wriggled to get his fingers out of her as the opium was wearing off making her anus tender and uncomfortable. Cain instantly recognized what was happening then, and not wanting this to be like every other rape and murder he had done, this one to be special, an experience to remember, looked to those looking on and smiled cruelly.

    "Bring the breed cunt another pipe, I want to enjoy this."

    The threat of the Trail-Boss, cruel insults of the Other and warnings from the slaves therein had come to pass. Be it by the sweet blue breath of the dragon, or the now never-ending parade of men, Kay was trapped and lost within her opium-fueled dream.

    White In, Red Out:
    As Cain began to slowly undress, odd for him actually in that typically he would just extract his cock, do the deed and then scalp and begin to butcher his victims, Kay tried to lunge off the bed in her half stupor. She barely made it a few inches before the other Regulators had her pinned, and once Cain had stripped he crawled up onto the platform with her, already hard and waiting for her pipe.

    Yanking Kay’s hips back over the pillows and bunched up blankets to raise her hips up, now fully aware and able to feel everything, as Kay began to shout out her protests she found a hand slapped over her mouth to silence her. Cain straddled her sweat and cum slicked thighs dragging his cock through the furrow of her twat to make it slick, then set the tip of it so it was just barely beginning to press inside her bottom.

    At that point Cain showed her how all of this would end. With his long knife he dragged the flat of the blade over Kay’s eyes simply to instill a deep terror into her. Already Kay was whimpering and shaking with fear, yet as he pressed the edge to her throat and rolled it around her neck he bent down and spoke softly and calm.

    "Don’t worry, I’ll help cleanse that filthy injun within you out. As soon as I pump the white into you, I’ll let the red out, and you’ll be clean. I’ve killed hundreds, maybe even a thousand dirty redskins. There ain’t much more you can do with them, just exterminate every one. But a half-breed? Well, I reckon I can get you right first. Get that red out of you. Unfortunately, I’ve killed me a passel of Americans too. So, you can see where this is going."

    Weeping and shaking Kay realized she would never be getting out of this. She tried calling up Scout to save her yet only sensed that she was still lost, and she even tried calling up the Other but it was still confused and laughing. Looking about frantically she found no miraculous escape like Scout and the Other often did, so facing her doom Kay began muttering out a single phrase behind the hand sealing her lips.

    Cain tensed as they began to move the pipe toward Kay’s mouth. His anticipation and excitement was building to such a point that he had to lower his hand holding his knife to the mat just to steady himself. The very motion caused his cock to press just that much more making Kay wince and tense at the prospect of the painful violation to come.

    Pinching off her nose and forcing the phallic like tube between Kay’s lips, she had no choice but to take in a fought against breath deep into her lungs. Coughing, they held it there long enough for a second deep draw, and as Kay’s dark brown eyes rolled and her pupils constricted, her body seemed to collapse as the opium spread throughout her, continuing her mournful prayer as the pipe was pulled away.

    "Ohh… my sweet gentle Hummingbird. My… humming… bird."

    Cain had heard her plea yet it meant nothing to him. Feeling her body go limp and her sphincter relax, with a single steady push Cain had sunk his full length into her rectum and Kay did nothing more than moan. It was such a new feeling, no resistance or struggling, almost welcoming and hot. Granted, the feeling was lessened by her looseness, yet somewhere deep inside of him it made Cain imagine that he was actually accepted by Kay.

    Cain was used to moving slow at such times intent on prolonging the agony of his victims. Kay however just lay there limp, barely moaning with each laborious thrust feeling as though she was floating. No pain, and the concerns of the world seemed so inconsequential unable to focus upon them. Then there it was once again. Her skin felt as though wrapped in buttery soft cashmere, so warm and peaceful, even the cock slowly sawing in and out of her bottom was nothing more than a curiosity.

    Gradually however with Kay showing no great reaction from his cock plundering her depths, Cain once more pulled the knife tight to her throat and Kay just cooed. It felt so cool, hard and contrasting to the warm softness that seemed to surround her, and as he drew the flattened side over her neck and across her face Kay just moaned enjoying the chill it produced upon hot skin. Quickly Cain was becoming frustrated having hoped for more of a response, so with that he turned to his more conventional proclivities.

    Her face already bloodied from the cut to her cheek and brow and the nick to her forehead, Cain considered giving her the mark of "the dirty nose," a Native mutilation used by some tribes for an adulterous wife wherein her nose would be cut off or notched. Setting the blade to her septum preparing to pull, the idea excited him so much that he began to slam into her harder and quicker making Kay instantly moan. As her knees bent and she pressed the soles of her feet to his own bottom she only groaned out a brief phrase.

    "Ohhh, yesssss, harder."

    Cain was intrigued. After a brief pause lowering his hands and the knife Cain began to thrust and lunge into Kay’s ass ever harder and faster. In the past he had always done so only when the person had given up and succumb to their fate to force them to struggle more, yet as he began to slam into Kay’s rectum, Cain was met with something he had never experienced. This person wanted more, and so, he gave it to her.

    Quickly Kay’s body was covered in a slick greasy sweat reeking of the sweet smoke filling the air. It seemed the harder he would lunge the more Kay liked it. She would moan and push back, pressing him to her with her feet and had even reached back to yank him in to her even rougher. He then felt something odd as he reached behind himself and under finding his balls slick from her flowing cunt. As he grasped her hips to drive into her harder, Kay grunted out her lustful need.

    "Yes, uh yesss, uh, uh yes I-I’m…"

    Kay couldn’t even finish as suddenly she slammed back to him and her back arched as she roared out a thunderous orgasm shuddering violently. There, thrashing before him impaled upon his cock, Cain was actually stunned, his rhythm broken and his plans dashed.

    Cain had intended on seeing her thrash just like that, just not before he was ready to cum. He had done this so many times it had become almost a ritual. He’d fuck them brutally to get the very last bits of agony out of them, and once they had given up and just lay there, in a single motion he would cut their throats then scalp them. There was always that initial shock as he’d open up their throat, then the terror as they’d feel the steel of the blade scrape across their skull to then only seconds after begin thrashing violently in their death throes. It was then he would cum.

    This woman however, this half-breed, had cut the act short thrashing without any of his work and he was still not ready to blast his spunk deep within her. Worse still it hinted at something more. That being he did not need to harm them to feel them thrashing as though all of the sadistic cruelty of the past had been pointless. Cain was perplexed, more so, he felt like he had been bested. Most of all however, Cain felt small and shamed.

    Kay however had a different take on things. She had been lost in her semi-lucid dream of comfort. Comfort had turned to pleasure, and as she came suddenly her dream had turned into a nightmare as everything came crashing down. She had let this demon violate her in the most sadistic of ways and embraced it. Kay felt like her body had betrayed her, her mind betraying her as well, and most terrible of all she felt as though she had betrayed Hum.

    Cain just pulled out of her sitting at her feet with his cock quickly wilting. Kay however crashing from the emotions that swept over her, covered her face and rolled onto her back not even able to sob, yet whispered out the last of a phrase she once more began thinking saying only "…Hummingbird." Cain however heard it once more looking to her, and there upon her slick and glistening vulva was a tattoo. A hummingbird, yet then he noticed there was more.

    Cain’s head cocked and canted. He could see the hummingbird yet there were lines like on a topographic map, and two marks like paw prints, one of a bear on her inner thigh, and a wolf print high on her mons. The tattoo was so odd and vague, yet suddenly Cain’s eyes grew wide and he touched a spot midway on her mons where the mining camp was at and it suddenly became clear. It was a map of the Stinking Water River, yet what did the bear and wolf print mean?

    Cain grasped Kay’s leg and pointed to the tattoo then poked at the marks of the hummingbird, bear print and wolf track demanding to know what they meant. Kay just tried to sob into her hands still grappling with the poppy and dealing with her grief, and when she didn’t answer Cain straddled her belly yanking her hands away as Kay only repeated over and over, "my Hummingbird, oh my Hummingbird."

    Cain became furious slapping her demanding to know what the marks meant. "Answer me you little south-fork half-breed cunt, what are the bear and wolf prints? Gold? Some of your injun friends? The Hummingbird is on the south-fork you half-breed gash, what do the other marks mean?"

    Kay between sobs couldn’t help herself as her weeping would turn into a chuckle then back again and she’d only mutter out "Hummingbird." Cain however kept demanding that she tell him, and when she wouldn’t answer it became clear that the opium was still affecting her, and as he gave up for the moment he had the other Regulators look at it and they discussed it with Kay overhearing it all.

    "Look. Her cunt is where the forks meet and there is that damn hummingbird. Halfway up the north-fork to the Yellowstone is the bear. I want a couple of you in the morning to go to the bear and find out what’s there. If it’s gold we’ll get it, anything else just kill it. Now here on the south fork the half-breed’s cunt shows a wolf just past where we got rid of all of them injuns. Two more of you scout that, it might be some stronghold or more gold. In any case, this half-breed slut is on the south fork, so get right back once you figure it out."

    As a couple of the Regulators left and two others decided to smoke a pipe first, Cain realized that he couldn’t kill her until he discovered what the tattoos meant. With that he leaned over her once again, slapped her twice and before he went to the platform just above her to smoke himself and be bathed, he issued out his warning.

    "Listen to me, can you hear me? Dream all you can half-breed. When your head clears we’re going to do this again, though much, much worse. Before I drive the injun out of you though, you’re going to tell me about the bear, the wolf and the hummingbird and I’m going to make everything there mine. You’ll give me what I want regarding this hummingbird. Do you hear me you little south-fork half-breed cunt? Everything on the two forks is mine, and I’ll either kill it or keep it."

    Kay heard every word Cain had said, yet in her opium haze the meanings had all become twisted. Laying there just sniffling and staring as Cain walked off, from deep inside her something began to claw its way up demanding she shake herself out of this. Scout and the Other however remained silent as this new consciousness urged her into a deep narcotic sleep.

    Cain’s Penance:
    As Kay slept all that Cain had said, implied and threatened became clear to her as it echoed time and again in her mind. The inconsequential words were eliminated, and those words worthy of considering arranged themselves neatly as in the blackness they were heard by her once again.

    The man clearly somehow knew of Hum’s pet name for Kay, Little South Fork Half-breed. He had used it in parts and even in its entirety as with each utterance he tried to turn something beautiful and loving into something ugly and hateful. Worse still he knew of Hum’s full name, Hummingbird, somehow never realizing she had muttered it time and again. He also knew of the wolf and the bear, the forks of the river, her map and so much more.

    In her mind it felt like he had looked inside of her and could see everything, and as his other ravings and threats grouped themselves echoing time and again in the darkness. Eventually the void began to take form in the manner of a hallucinated vision, and Kay had a new nightmare like nothing she had seen before.

    From so high above the world that she could see hundreds of miles in any direction, Kay looked down upon the Rocky Mountains to where two forks of a river converged forming one that continued on into the Bighorn Basin. Suddenly from their headwaters each river was lit aflame. The raging fires burned like the rivers had been filled with oil, and as the flames raced downstream until the forks met, the valleys they flowed within blackened as everything within them was set ablaze and charred.

    Just then hundreds if not thousands of bright dots of light flashed throughout the valleys, yet as rings of light raced out from them, instead of running on forever they bounced back off of the valley walls and were instantly consumed within the blaze. Just then Kay began to fall, yet split into two crashing to earth at the headwaters of each fork. Naked and terrified beyond anything she had ever known, Kay began walking each fork downstream witnessing what could only be described as two forks of a river in Hell.

    The rivers flowed blood yet it burned, and the black sooty smoke blotting out the sky filled each valley. Everything was blackened and charred, and everything that could burn was ablaze. Kay’s bare feet however never touched the ground. Scalped and mutilated bodies covered every square inch of the valley floor forcing Kay to walk atop them, and though none were alive, they all wailed and lamented in eternal suffering.

    Finally Kay merged once more as the forks of the rivers met. There between them was a mountain of scalps and a man standing high upon them. Flanking it to the south was the skinned carcass of a wolf, and to the north that of a bear, their pelts stretched out upon racks, rotting though burning.

    Just then Kay felt it, a man behind her roughly beginning to take her ass. As she looked out over her shoulder there was a line of men as far as the eye could see coming from the east. All of them American’s and dressed as Regulators, and as each would step up and take his turn cumming in her, all Kay could say is "more" as her body would shudder in constant orgasm, and the man high above on the mountain of scalps just laughed.

    Suddenly the man from high upon the heap of scalps jumped landing with a thunderous crash before her. Kay barely recognized him except for his eye. The lower lid was split, red and from it blood seeped as though he was crying. That moment a small Hummingbird began flitting all around him. Without even glancing at it he snatched it out of the air crushing it, and as what seemed like gallons of blood poured forth from between his clenched fingers onto the ground before Kay, gradually it turned into Hum.

    Scalped, mutilated and his throat cut, as his last breath left his body the man sucked in the bright flash of light laughing once more. Kay sobbed however could only cum and utter "more" as the man squat down before her relishing in the shame and sorrow Kay felt. Without warning he the cut her throat, and as he scalped her, Kay feeling the long blade scrape and slide over her skull, she saw the blood flowing forth quickly turn into a constant flood of men’s semen.

    It was then the man finally spoke to Kay saying only "now you are clean, all of the filthy red is out of you, and now you can die."

    As Kay slipped into blackness she then heard a new voice in her mind. It wasn’t Scout, that she was sure of. It wasn’t even the Other though she had to listen to be sure. It was then that she recognized it as being her own as it stated bluntly, "wake up! Wake up and save Hummingbird."

    Kay’s dark brown eyes fluttered open in a start and she gasped. All of the events of the past few days were instantly crisp and clear in her mind, and as she rolled onto her stomach looking at the platform above hers there was the man from her dream. Recognizing him by the mark to his eye, in a single blink of her own she remembered all he had said and done to her, that moment realizing what she had to do.

    Kay wasn’t sure where her sudden wherewithal had come from in that she realized that she was thinking like the Other and moving with a grace and clarity that she could only assume was like Scout, though neither was aiding her. At first Kay’s dark eyes narrowed and her expression firmed as she slid from the platform onto the ground rising to standing. She felt stiff from the days of abuse, yet moved as though relaxed and lithe.

    As Kay’s chin dropped and a lecherous grin swept over her lips, then quickly it shifted to an expression of heavy intoxication and her graceful seductive steps became clumsy almost dragging her feet. What surprised her most was her manner of speech. At first thinking to speak seductively, as her lips parted she intentionally slurred and tried to sound confused as she walked up to Cain laying on his belly being bathed.

    "You… Mmmm, you, no I mean…" as Kay out of no where chuckled, "it, its my turn. You need red pumped in, pumped into you. My turn."

    With that Kay weaved and swayed seeming to struggle to keep standing upright. One of her heavy lids scrunching tight as she nodded and smirked as she then and there slid her hand down over her body turning her knees out, and clumsily slipped two fingers inside of her twat. It is when she withdrew them however that Kay made her intentions clear. Setting the heel of her hand to her mons pointing her fingers out as though it made for some pretend cock, she began thrusting her hips and chuckling.

    Cain glared at Kay half-angered and half-dumbfounded. He had never met a woman like her. Never had a woman orgasmed from his cruel touch. Never had one not been terrified of him, let alone approach and speak to him or offer to touch him. Just as he began to rise up intent on beating her to the ground, Kay slipped her tongue out of the corner of her mouth biting it as she scrunched up her face and resumed her clumsy hip thrusting.

    Cain couldn’t help himself as he matched her chuckle with his own cruel version oddly intrigued. So with that he nodded his head and spoke plain already becoming aroused at the thought of what he would do to Kay after seeing that she was clearly deep in the grip of the poppy. "Okay half-breed, your turn. Know one thing though. Whatever you do to me, I will to you a hundred times worse after. Take your turn."

    Kay grinned wide though her dark brown eyes remained heavy seeming to have trouble fixing on any point. Stumbling as she stepped forward, Kay regained her balance though weaved as she once more sank her two fingers deep in her cunt there before him, yet as she crawled up on the platform fell flat on her face and just laughed.

    Finally crawling up behind Cain, the look on his face one of supreme confidence that this would just fuel his savagery, Kay kneeled behind him gripping his cock and slowly lifted bringing him up to all fours. Cain could feel her shuffle her knees to get up closer. He then felt Kay release his cock and carefully set the tips of her two slickened fingers to his anus as he prepared for the almost nothing violation compared to what he had done to so many.

    Clenching his teeth in preparation Cain’s eyes narrowed as new ideas of sadistic atrocities raced into his mind to repay Kay for "her turn," after a long enough pause however he barked out his ultimatum. "Either get on with it or I’ll take my turn!" That moment, Cain had his answer.

    Instantly and without warning, Cain’s eyes widened farther than they ever had as his mouth opened wide in a silent scream that he could not muster up from his lungs. Remaining on all fours, he shook violently and continuously, and as Kay moved out from behind him and off of the platform, the excruciating pain and horror would not even allow him to adjust his gaze.

    "Now you just wait right here, I’ll get back with you…last," Kay said in a calm and unexpressive tone that spoke volumes having been stated so casually and uncaring.

    There was no blood or even a wound that could be found upon Cain. Kay having been fortunate in that she had no idea what she would do even if she could convince Cain to let her get behind him. Yet there beside him as though it had been prepared for her coming was his long knife, and Kay made use of it.

    It felt almost surreal to Kay though she felt clear headed to such a degree it was as though they were not in the room of sweet blue haze. Violence and harming others however was unknown to her. Yes, she had seen the Other inflict its damage and had seen what Scout was capable of, and sure it was her body, yet in her mind it wasn’t her, it was them. For some reason though when it came to protecting Hum it just seemed natural to her, almost like some second nature.

    Kay had at first moved, spoke and then feigned intoxication like the Other so she assumed that is where she had learned that part from. The brutality and precision of her attack she assumed had to have been Scout’s knowledge though. The Other was just a sadistic brute, this took skill. Having set her slick fingertips to Cain’s anus, in just a glance she saw what she needed and knew what to do.

    There was no hesitation as she released his cock and reached for his long knife, silently drawing it from its scabbard. With the skill of a surgeon Kay had laid the tip to her fingertips and then in a slow steady motion just simply pushed. What amazed her though was, as she did Kay almost instinctively knew when to tip or roll the blade to avoid major vessels or organs while at the same time making contact with as many nerves as possible.

    Even more stunning was that she felt nothing, showed no expression as she sank the knife in to its hilt, and her comment after so uncaring as he suffered horribly. Kay couldn’t understand how she could do such a thing, yet she had.

    At that moment Kay worked off of reflex neither feeling directed or urged, not even detached as she always did when the Other moved her hand. She wasn’t sure what drove her, though she knew exactly what she had to do. Kay even noticed it herself. She didn’t feel angry, knew that she remained expressionless, her heart didn’t race or her breathing quicken. She didn’t even plan what she did and unlike most times when fear would grip her so tight that her feet felt like lead and made her just want to collapse, that moment she simply felt driven.

    Only one thought fixed in her mind, to protect Hum. Right or wrong, she felt that everyone in this camp knew of him, where he lived and sought to do him harm, and if nothing else, Kay would stop that.

    There were eight other men in the opium den and Kay moved like every step had been mapped out and preplanned. None of them innocent, Kay did not sneak through the room walking directly and upright down one aisle then back up the other side. The men she encountered without ruse or warning Kay would simply grab the first fatal weapon she could find and use with cold brutality. Perhaps a knife on the man’s belt, or a shovel that had been carried in with him. Another she simply grasped and twisted the bandana around his neck tight as her foot pinned his head, and still another his boots removed found his own spur set to his throat.

    As the old couple and whores huddled on a single bunk thinking that their turn might come, Kay only made three other exceptions as she bypassed them. The two Regulators much like Cain she crippled so they would languish along with him until she returned. The other was the madam. Perhaps it was the thought of the Chinese slave from her dream, Kay having witnessed her selling off another, or possibly that she had turned a blind eye to Kay when the Regulators demanded that she keep her as an non-consensual whore.

    Perhaps she was in shock or so focussed that she didn’t think. Kay had not even dressed when she unbolted the door to the cabin and walked through the tent flaps. The six men scattered along the path leading up to the opium den did take notice however, and as Kay stepped upon the first sharp rock just outside, she quickly realized that she was in trouble.

    Purgatory to Perdition:
    As Kay exited the tent in front of the cabin, she had exceeded anything that she could ever recall doing to such a degree that shock had overcome her. Oblivious to her surroundings, the danger she was in, and her own condition, Kay just stood there a moment in absolute confusion.

    The six men on the path however could see all too clearly. Out strode Kay lean and buxom, her shoulders pulled back and chest puffed out, as her breasts seemed to swell then contract with each full breath. Devoid of expression, finally able to breathe clean air once again she tipped her head skyward as her dark brown eyes slowly closed and she took in a long cool breath.

    To be sure the men noticed that Kay was naked, what caught their eye however had nothing to do with her arousing shape. Standing there with her head back looking straight up to the heavens, Kay was streaked with so many splashes of blood that she appeared like some red striped Tiger. Her arms hanging at her sides, in one hand she held a short flat spade, the blade of it as stained as she was, in her other however was an indication of what she had been doing.

    Hanging by her hair was the head of the Celestial Madam of the opium den, its eyes and mouth open wide as though any second it might loose a scream. Kay swooned at the feeling of the cool air filling her lungs and washing over her sweat covered skin, and as she took the most minimal of steps to catch her balance, her foot found the edge of a sharp rock. Stepping back it is then that she noticed the men on the path before her, and as a couple pointed, one ran and another reached for his pistol all of them looking horrified. Kay instantly came to her senses yelling out a single word.


    Just that fast finally free of the stupefying vapors from inside the cabin, Scout thrust herself into Kay’s consciousness saying only as she always did, "shhh, rest now."

    Kay however by her own hand having just done Scout’s work, for the first time ever refused saying only "no, I want to see," and after that split second of discussion, Kay for the first time watched as Scout moved her.

    It took Kay quite a while to grasp what was happening. Now able to see how Scout moved and fought, Kay could also recognize how she thought and it was much different than she could have even imagined. At first trying to understand what was happening as she typically would, Scout had already worked through the six men before any could utter a word, and to Kay it seemed like nothing more than utter chaos and savage violence.

    Unable to keep up, Kay’s own consciousness finally ceased trying to understand what was happening and she just observed, and it is then that the clarity of Scout revealed itself. From the best that Kay could tell Scout’s mind fractured up into five individual points of focus that seemed to work independently yet simultaneously to achieve a single goal, yet would feed each of those other parts information.

    The first part did nothing more than determine threats and targets and established an order that they were to be eliminated. The second part only collected information of everything around her. Every waft of air telling of something moving, every sound be it a gun’s hammer cocking, a knife slipping from its sheath, the slip of a boot on gravel or the change in someone’s breathing. It also recognized shapes and sizes, even coins in a pocket were perfectly noted, and it precisely cued in on direction and motions, even facial expressions and posture down to the twitch of a finger or the blink of an eye.

    The third part dealt with touch and movement excluding combat. Kay was astonished when Scout would step on the sharp rocks of scree and how her foot sensed the sharp edge and could roll to eliminate all pressure from it. It also determined motion, balance, force and movement, all to reach the next goal and it would react so instantaneously that as she moved to her next target, a knife slashed over her would barely even graze her skin.

    The fourth part dealt purely with combat. What to use as a weapon, how to hold it, how much pressure to apply, how much force to use and when to release it. It also determined where to strike with surgical precision, how deep to run, and when to take up something else. The fifth part dealt with the motions of those strikes and that of their targets. It was so vivid that it almost seemed the path would light up as the motions of her victims were precisely predicted.

    Scout had dodged and weaved, distracting the third man by throwing the madam’s head at him. By the time the head struck him she had already slashed through the first’s throat with the spade, sent it sailing into the fifth’s chest, taken a knife from the first and sunk it into the second three times dodging his blade. The third found his pistol’s hammer never falling as Scout had already slipped her thumb between it and the gun then sank the knife into him, and as she clubbed the fourth with the pistol, his pick then was flung into the back of the running sixth’s.

    As Scout began walking toward the mine yanking the pick from the sixth man’s back and taking his tomahawk, Kay noticed something even more startling about Scout’s fractured up mind. She was totally devoid of emotion. There was no anger, morality, hate nor even caring. More so it did not consider the past or even the future. It had no plans, there was no debate or second guessing. Her mind though fractured into five parts found each purely focussed on their designated tasks and nothing more.

    When Scout entered the mine something new happened that confused Kay. Each man that Scout would encounter stunned by her nude image, found them instead of being killed only crippled and incapacitated. Some twenty or more men later Scout had reached the end of the tunnel. Once there she smashed a lantern and scalped each of the three men languishing there. As she continued out she kept doing the same leaving the men screaming in horror as the ever-growing inferno raced up behind her.

    At first Kay thought perhaps Scout had remembered how Cain and his Regulators liked scalping their victims alive to add to the terror, and did so as some form of gruesome revenge. What she failed to recognize however is that is how she, Kay viewed things. To Scout however it was nothing more then preparing for her next kill.

    The inferno was so intense and rapidly moving that Scout had barely exited the tunnel as flames engulfed the mouth of it. So close in fact that the blood covering her had begun to sizzle, and as she exited the boiling black smoke the flames following with her, there stood some ten men and the shock and horror that swept over them gave Scout time to begin again.

    Scout looked like the devil itself stepping out of Hell’s own maw. Flames roaring behind her as thick black smoke roiled out, the screams and lamentations of the men inside echoing forth like penitent sinners. Scout turned her steel blue eyes skyward standing much as Kay had exiting the opium den. Dropping the scalps to her feet, a shovel in her other hand, her hair was matted flat and her skin was coal black and crimson from the soot and sizzling blood.

    Four lay dead or dying by the time that any of the ten had moved. Three more perished in the subsequent chaos yet oddly, Scout began moving toward the Regulator’s shack allowing the other three to flee just as the sluice works began to burn. The seven Regulators within the crowded shack were only able to get off two poorly aimed shots before they were silenced, and the six men inside the tent of Native slaves found pathetic ends at best.

    Already the valley had taken on an almost surreal aspect much like Kay’s new nightmare. As the sun had fallen past the westerly mountain’s rim causing the sky to light up as though ablaze itself, so the temperature had also dropped significantly only adding to the nightmarish contrasts spreading quickly throughout the camp.

    As more of the aqueduct and sluice-boxes began to burn and spread, the embers and sparks from them drifted and fell lighting afire the pelts and fat from slaughtered animals and the garbage that lined the pathways. The ground much like the sky was now ablaze as the thick oily smoke downstream of the encampment blotted out the last light of day like a death-shroud. The chilling cold showing each man’s vaporous breath would find it quickly devoured by the intense heat of the fires, just as light and dark had defined clear lines of dominion.

    Already chaos had begun to ensue as mutilated bodies en masse were discovered, and Scout’s wise sparing of the three men spread panic and fear of some hellish murdering creature making its way through camp. The sounds of hard work and raucous relaxation had turned to those of a confused and fearful panic. As many of the remaining men began to cluster together for safety in the makeshift saloon, Scout from the far opposite end of the camp by the open latrine began driving the scattered men remaining to them.

    Soon the downstream end of the camp that had become like midnight so devoid of light began to illuminate the dense smoke billowing above as the tents at the far end were set afire. Scout encountered only three men frantic in their avarice trying to collect up their worldly possessions. For their sinners choice unlike the men encountered earlier Scout insured that their screams of anguish would drive the rest, and as the last of them made it to just outside the saloon, Scout had made it to the burning aqueduct with all of the tents behind her now ablaze.

    When Scout’s demonic form passed under the aqueduct’s arch, the camp behind her was fully engulfed in flames and the sky was totally blotted out from the oily smoke. As sparks poured down upon her, an ax in each hand caused the remaining men to race into the saloon shouting to escape the apparition. Inside the large tent panic, argument, speculation and doubt ran rampant, and only when their fear had reached a fevered peak, did the reality of the terror make itself evident.

    First was the man who cautiously peeked through the tent’s flaps. Without warning he was violently yanked through them as instantly the outside of the canvas found three distinct movements deflecting it. At first the men became silent, yet as those areas quickly saturated with blood soaking through, chaos ensued. Next was the man whose back was against the tent as the point of a pick burst through his chest, slashing the canvas open as he slid down it.

    Seconds after on the opposite side of the saloon another man was yanked from his feet from under the tent and dragged through it. As the sounds of meat being hacked at and screams from outside erupted, a couple shots were wildly fired in that direction. When a lone man broke from the group racing out of the open back of the tent he suddenly lurched wildly perpendicular when a thrown ax caught him mid-stride. As the men yelled and wailed now facing that direction, suddenly one of them shouted "there" pointing to the front of the tent once more.

    Just as the front face of canvas burst into flames, looking like some demon bitch spawned of hell Scout burst in crouching with a pick in one hand and a spade in the other. Seeming bald her hair so soaked and flattened, her skin was pitch black with so much blood covering her that she looked like she had bathed in it. Scout’s hot damp skin from all of the exertion contrasting with the cold night air found steam rising off her seeming like smoke, aiding in her hellish appearance.

    After a split second pause, Scout’s head whipped round toward the men with only her piercing blue eyes contrasting, only then was her silence finally broken. Loosing a scream or perhaps more a roar like some twisted mating of a Cougar and Grizzly, it instantly had the men trying to flee out of the rear. Four wildly fired shots from the back of the group took down two men as three more were trampled in the mad rush to escape. Scout dispatching them easily enough in passing, as she lazily followed behind the panicked mob.

    Frantically scrambling up the fractured scree between the opium den and the mine’s mouth, the sluice-works and camp now a raging inferno found many of the men stumbling and tripping over the loose razor sharp rocks in their panic. Of the thirty-three men left, four fell so hard upon their hands and knees they could only lay there as two others were trampled in the mad dash up the quickly steepening mountain’s face. Huddling together when they could climb no further, the men could only watch and wail as the nightmarish creature casually approached them.

    The last blaze of a magenta sunset dwindling as far over the eastern mountains behind Scout distant lightning flashed, the entire camp was blackened and ablaze below as the thick smoke blotted out the sky down the valley. Even the great waterwheel was now afire slowly turning like some fiery pinwheel of perdition behind Scout, as she would one after another maim and cripple the fallen men as she approached the now twenty-seven left.

    It was then that the mine roared like a trumpet suddenly collapsing beside them while timbers popped and cracked all around, and the whoosh of heat rising echoed up the valley. The men sobbed and wailed out their lamentations, pleas and prayers as Scout stopped some thirty feet before them.

    Seemingly for no reason, Scout suddenly collapsed into a deep squat with her knees spread wide and she dropped the spade and ax she held as her hands and arms contorted, and her body twisted seeming to deform in agony. Scout's trembling quickly turned to a violent shaking and her ice blue eyes rolled up to stark white orbs. Her gaping maw loosed a horrific roar making a grotesque visage, and her cunt spewed out such a gush of wetness it seemed more like her water had broke about to give birth.

    To the men it looked like some horrific agony of insanity bursting forth. To Kay however fully aware deep inside, she recognized it as so much more. Feeling like the most crushing orgasm the world had ever known, it was much more than simply sexual satisfaction. It was the first bite of sustenance to someone starving and the first sip of the coldest, sweetest water to someone on the brink of dying from thirst. It was the first breath of clean air to someone suffocating, and it was the joy and serenity that only came with absolute enlightenment.

    Scout did not even recognize all of the horror, death, carnage and destruction she wrought. To her it was the skillful foreplay of an attentive lover. It was the satisfying of insatiable hunger and thirst, the filling of lungs with life, and obtaining ultimate knowledge. There was so much devastation in this place however that to put it in sexual terms, Scout had orgasmed prematurely, and that left her only wanting more.

    As the twenty-seven men watched in horror, Scout abruptly stopped her thrashing and silenced her monstrous groan becoming perfectly still. Slowly rising to standing once more, her face still pointed skyward, she suddenly snapped her head down to once again gaze at them, her eyes still nothing more than solid white orbs. Staring for what felt like hours though at best was just a couple of seconds, it was not until her eyes in a single blink rolled back into position with their cold blue irises and midnight-black pupils fixing upon them that the men even reacted.

    Their ends were pathetic at best. At a time when their weapons, numbers, size or just simply working together might have changed the outcome, they instead exhibited the worst in men. Cowardice, sacrificing their friends to save themselves, screams of fear instead of rallying organization, running instead of making a stand and numerous other human failings ended up costing all of them their lives.

    As they frantically tried scrambling up the slope of sharp scree a number of them were trampled or yanked back behind. The six shots that were wildly fired either missed or due to Scout’s cunning found them instead firing just as another man would step between them. By the end of it, Scout only had to disable half of them in that the other half had been injured or killed by their own in the panic leaving twenty-seven men in a tangled compact heap on the mountain side.

    Almost lethargic seeming in her lack of urgency, Scout made her way down the rock-face to the sounds of the crippled men wailing about the camp, fires burning and popping as they began to dwindle and the river rambling by as always uncaring. Reaching the tent of Shoshone squaw slaves, the women had been so traumatized from the rapes and cruelty that Scout made little impression on them.

    Even though two of the five had lay there with dead men sprawled across them they still hadn’t moved, and after cutting their leashes, Scout oddly led the women back to the opium den. That was an aspect of Scout that Kay had forgotten about. When Kay would wake and rise after, there were always the things that Scout had collected for her, and though she never gave it much thought, there were those rare times that others innocent of whatever Scout cued in upon would simply be gone.

    The Chinese were horrified at the visage of Scout at first yelping and crying fearing that their turn had come. Scout released the leashes of the squaws upon her passing, the Chinese then began to tend to the women proving that Kay’s choice to not harm them had been sound. Scout not even caring fixed her attention on another there, and his name was Cain.

    Cain had remained in the same position as when Kay left him. Shaking violently on all fours from the excruciating pain, a massive puddle of drool had formed below him as another of sweat covered an even larger area. Scout however had other plans for this one, Cain’s cruelty to so many legendary, and Scout would repay him in spades for a lifetime’s worth of his inflicted torments, all within a single hour.

    Skillfully withdrawing the long knife from Cain’s rectum, once it was out he paused just a moment and then collapsed. Squatting down in front of him just staring to give him time for the true terror of what was about to happen sink in, Scout once more whispered to Kay. "Shhhh, rest now," and Kay welcomed it, instantly slipping into the blackness of sleep.

    When Cain’s eyes finally widened at the nightmare before him, then Scout knew it was time. Grasping him by the hair of his head she dragged him through the opium den to outside, and the screams he loosed before they were out the door, were more like childish laughing compared to those he made once they were out of view.

    …And so, Kay had become wrath.
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    Of Half-Breed Wrath

    41. Dawn of Deliverance
    42. Guardians of Eden
    43. Outcast
    44. To the Fork of the River
    45. Madness
    46. Cornered by Honor
    47. A Reflection of Hate
    48. Cleansing the Way
    49. Paradise Found

    Dawn of Deliverance:

    When Kay awoke she lay there for some time confused, trying to understand her surroundings and what she had oddly not dreamed. The countless times before that Scout had hunted, Kay always had the nightmare of the three women and her own time with the buffalo hunters. This time she was not jarred awake by that terrible recounting. Instead she just had the hazy memory of something odd.

    A nude woman that looked like her though had a vicious looking sadistic expression, was trapped in a chokehold by another nude woman that also looked just like her. The second woman was behind and also had her legs tightly gripped around the waist of first woman, and as Kay watched they both just seemed to fall into some bottomless black abyss until they were both out of sight. Strangest of all, Kay felt like for the first time since the buffalo hunters she was actually alone.

    Where ever Scout had finally decided to sleep also had Kay confused. It was soft though lumpy, and though she was warm it felt sticky and humid, worse still she almost felt pinned as there was a fair amount of weight upon her. As Kay’s eyes began to flutter open, just from reflex she considered keeping her sight above the horizon, yet after last night that was a moot point. It was then that Kay felt just the slightest movement. Then it happened once more and finally a soft moan could be heard as though the last gasp from someone finally passing.

    Instantly it all made sense as Kay struggled to pull herself from the heap of bodies she was laying within and that had been pulled over her. Kay didn’t know whether it was some last treat that Scout granted herself or what, yet Kay realized that she was right in the middle of a number of butchered men. All of them were mutilated and shattered yet the most awful aspect of it was, some were just now breathing their last.

    Kay fought and finally dragged herself free from the horrific bloody orgy of wrecked dead or dying men seeming as though the sole survivor, or perhaps even having been born out of that brutal carnage. Stepping back and looking to the gruesome pile, Kay didn’t even want to know why Scout had done such a thing as already countless horrific thoughts raced through her mind. Looking to her black and crimson body Kay knew what she was always supposed to do first, and that was to bathe.

    The frigid river just a few steps away, Kay spent the better part of an hour scrubbing her body clean with the sand there, and it was only when she was through and looked back to the camp that the extent of Scout’s destruction became clear. The camp itself had been razed to the ground, the entire area was blackened from the fires that had raged, burned clean of the obscene abuse the miners had inflicted upon it.

    There were bodies everywhere, and in that Kay had witnessed all that had happened it seemed even more so in that she knew just where to look. All of the men now however lay there stripped and scalped. What Kay didn’t want to consider though was why so many of them seemed butchered and mutilated beyond what it had taken too simply kill them. She could understand stripping them yet the clothes scattered about were cut so of no use. She could even to some degree understand the scalping, but past that she simply felt it was best to put it out of her mind.

    It was then that Kay paid attention to something obvious. Up toward the opium den, the only structure still standing, Kay noticed a long string of horses and pack-mules already loaded. Having to walk gingerly up the hill over the sharp rocks, Kay discovered that Scout must have worked all night to prepare all of this though she didn’t feel tired.

    The lead horse was buckskin decorated with what Kay assumed were a hundred or more reddish brown handprints most likely being blood. Atop it was the cougar pelt no doubt to sit upon, and on it was draped all of her pieces of Native clothing and jewelry. The mule tied to it however was loaded down with a gruesome sight. Though there were some sacks upon it containing lord knows what, hanging off it by its shoulders were what had to be a hundred scalps strung together.

    As Kay dressed she noted the other horses and mules. All told there were four more horses and nine mules. Each of the horses and three mules had blankets laid over their backs clearly to be sat upon, yet they also had additional blankets resting there, Kay unsure as to why. One of the horses also had a travertine attached to it though it was clearly meant to be rode upon. It was the mules however that held the most surprising cache.

    The mules were strung together in three groups of three. The first two mules in two of the strings had a number of rifles, pistols and ammunition placed upon them, likely all that could be found in the camp and had not been destroyed. In addition they also carried a number of edged weapons such as knives and tomahawks. The last mule in each string had numerous varied items like shovels, pots, axes, pans and so on neatly packed upon them, and as Kay looked at each string she could only assume that they were meant to be gifts.

    Finally dressed, Kay only then remembered how overexposed she really was in the minimal Native clothing she had. Though she had put on the narrow belt and breechcloth, it sat so low on her hips that the top of her bottom’s crack showed a good two inches, and it was just barely onto her mons. Worse still, being of a child’s sized width the hollows beside her mons were exposed as were her bottom’s cheeks. The knee-high Shoshone moccasins being doubled over could be pulled up making them much like crotch high boots, yet past that she was still rather bare.

    Her varied pieces of armor and jewelry barely covered anything. Her Sioux high bone choker followed by the Crow breastplate that looked more like numerous loose strands of beads, each progressively longer that had a strange emblem at the top. Then came the Arapaho armband also strangely adorned, another Lakota necklace, the Cheyenne wampum belt slipped through to hang from her belt, and Kay had lashed one knife to her thigh and another slipped into her belt.

    Kay made for quite a sight. Her self-cut tussled hair hung so low over her brow that it almost shielded her eyes, two feathers tied into it at the back. Smooth dark bronze skin almost glowing, and with all of the necklaces and armor her ample firm breasts still remained exposed from the nipples out. Her belly was firm and her legs were lean. The breechcloth just a breath away from her clitoris being exposed, and from behind her bare bottom’s cheeks were only accentuated by the defined crevice and dimples above.

    Walking into the opium den Kay hoped that she might find her American clothing in that no Native woman would ever be so undressed, but unfortunately all she found were the Chinese and Shoshone cowering as she entered. Even the bodies of the other men were gone. When Kay took a step toward the group of twelve women and single man, they literally pulled tightly together as two of the Chinese girls yelped and began weeping afraid of Kay.

    All Kay could think of to do was to smile as she sat on the edge of the platform yet in that none of them spoke English well, Kay could not figure out how to convince any of them to come with her. Finally becoming frustrated, amongst their screams and pleading Kay reached into the group grabbing a Shoshone gals wrist and literally had to drag her out of the group. Fortunately the girl’s ordeal had left her weakened, and as the others wailed and cried, Kay dragged her outside.

    Once outside Kay found the situation even worse. Not only could she not get the gal to stand up so she’d not hurt herself on the sharp scree, she could also not get her to uncover her eyes. Kay at first hoped to get her to the horses, and when that failed, at least to get her to see them. Finally at her wits end, Kay just left her curled up and cringing as she walked to the string of animals taking up a blanket and then walked back to her wrapping the gal up in it and headed back inside.

    Kay had hoped that the first gal would have seen that they were all leaving and tell the others. Unfortunately with her coming back inside without the woman it just made the situation look even worse. So as she approached the group once more, she held out her hand for the old woman there, and though the old man and the Chinese slaves pled for her, she fortunately went out without a fight.

    Once outside the old woman was surprised to find the Native girl just sitting where Kay left her, weeping though still alive. Kay continued to pull her along however, and once she got her to the horse with the travertine, gently helped her to sit upon it, then stood back and extended out her arms as though asking "see?" When it became clear that she understood, Kay just gestured for her to go back inside hoping she would inform the others, and to Kay’s happy surprise the old woman even calmed and took the Native girl back in with her.

    Finally after a half-hour the old man emerged carrying a number of large parcels, and bowing time and again as he passed Kay arranged them on the travertine. About then the old woman appeared and coaxed along with her the six younger Chinese women. Only three of the six were dressed, and they only wore the long ornate silk robes yet had no way to hold them closed. They all had to shield their eyes from the sun having not seen it since being brought there.

    Kay helped them all up on the three mules giving them each a blanket to wrap themselves in, then even had to help the old man up onto the horse with the travertine, and finally the old woman onto it to ride behind. When Kay could wait no more, she finally grabbed four more blankets and went back inside. Once there she found the group of five squaws still huddled together, and after wrapping a blanket around each of them when they still wouldn’t leave Kay tried a different tack.

    Putting the rope leads around each of their necks once again, when they still resisted Kay leaned in and slapped the one that the others seemed to look to, and then with a quick yank the five women finally followed. Getting them all on the three remaining horses, Kay then went back inside. What Scout didn’t finish she would, and after smashing a number of burning oil lamps, by the time she had made it back to her own horse the opium den was ablaze.

    As they slowly rode downstream, Kay didn’t even need to look to realize what was going on behind her. First came the gasps, shrieks and panicked banter as the thirteen people witnessed the destruction. Then came the yells of anger and rage at the corpses, and then came the sobbing at their ordeal hopefully being over which was questionable in that now this woman who was more like a devil had them.

    Kay however had just a single thought in mind. That being a big hairy beast of a man named Hummingbird.

    Guardians of Eden:
    As the small group began travelling downstream to where the South-Fork of Stinking Water River met the North-Fork, progress was slow at best. None of the women nor even the old man had any concept of how to ride, let alone control a horse or mule. For all intents and purposes, with two atop each animal, they just sat there barely hanging on as the beasts would sway and rock each step. That left Kay having to literally pull a train of fifteen animals.

    What made it even worse was the Northwest bank of the river they were on was narrow in many places. The mountains and scree often literally pressed right to the rivers edge leaving only what was essentially just a footpath of a trail. So as one animal in the line would hesitate or stumble, all of the beasts ahead would be yanked to a stop, and those behind would require a pull from the one ahead just to get started again.

    The last animal though was the horse with the travertine and the old woman in it. Simply the width of the contraption made it awkward, yet without any assistance from the old man, time and again Kay would have to stop the train, walk back and drag it onto a better path. The whole process became so tiresome that Kay began to simply walk to lead the long caravan, and as she cursed, fought and muttered she just wished the could cross the river to the much clearer going on the other bank. Without even a glance however, Kay knew that trail was already occupied.

    Not once had Kay looked to the other side. She didn’t know why in that it wasn’t fear, nor simply wry tactics, but she knew that since they left the camp they had been shadowed the entire way. Perhaps it had been a shape or form noted out of the corner of her eye, maybe just a kicked rock, yet whatever had cued her in, Kay was positive. Five Natives were keeping to just behind them and staying in the foliage of the opposite shore. All five had horses but they led them, and every single one of them was armored and painted for battle.

    Perhaps Kay and her contingent were trespassing. Possibly they meant to steal the horses and goods, or just as likely all of the women Kay dragged along though oddly, she didn’t even think that she might possibly be one of them. In any case, just five miles had taken them to mid-afternoon, and figuring that it would be better to learn their intentions than to be surprised by them, once they found a wide enough spot Kay stopped the long train of beasts and cargo. After trying to urge everyone to dismount, in frustration Kay pulled most of them off of the horses and set to work.

    The group of women and lone man were worthless, every one. When she tried to get them to gather grasses to feed the livestock they all simply looked at her terrified. Not one offered her a hand when she unpacked the mules, and none of them even pitched in when she began collecting what wood she could find to make a fire. Finally, as they all huddled together clutching one another eyes fixed on Kay, when Kay told them all to go to the river to take a bath, they just stared at her not understanding.

    With that she grabbed up one of the Chinese girls and in a single motion, stripped her robe from her as the others yelped and cried. Then the next and the rest of them until all eleven save the old man and woman were standing there naked, and by the time she was done every one of them was bawling. Pointing to the Chinese girls who she knew had some English language skills, she ordered them to help the Shoshone women to bathe. Ultimately it took literally driving them to the river, and once in it she grasped one gal and began to scrub her down with a handful of sand, finally they understood what she wanted so she left them to it.

    Kay actually had a point to that even though she couldn’t care less how filthy they were. What better distraction for five Native braves as Kay went about building the fire allowing her to watch and hopefully get an indication of what the Natives wanted, yet it never came. Oh she could see them here and there watching, never once looking directly toward them. Unfortunately it was not the women, or the supplies, or the livestock that they stayed focussed upon. Just Kay, and it was then that she felt a strange calm wash over her.

    Seeming to ignore them, Kay simply went about her business as though she was oblivious to the Natives even being there. Once the fire was built however and just as she found some food urging the old woman to make herself useful, the eleven girls finally made their way back up, and thankfully seemed slightly less afraid as they dried and huddled around the oversized fire. It was then as they all gathered round that one of the Chinese girls that had serviced Kay in the opium den pointed at her and said something in Chinese.

    Another Chinese girl nodded, and then the others joined in pointing as one began pointing at her own eyes. Kay unable to understand a single word finally looked to the old man and woman who were nodding, their only response being to point at their eyes and say "no same, no same."

    Finally the first girl who spoke rose and walked to the river. When she returned, keeping her distance she laid down four stones pointing at Kay and then at her own eyes now also saying "no same," and then proceeded to explain through pantomime.

    Pointing at the gray stone, she acted out smoking a pipe, and then began kissing each of her hands. She then pointed at a dark brown stone, and then began making a pained expression as she thrust her fist back and forth as though fucking someone with it angrily. She next pointed to a light blue stone and began making a slashing motion across her throat. Finally, she pointed at a green stone with brown flecks in it. For that one she just gestured at Kay with both hands, likely trying to convey "you now."

    If Kay’s blank expression didn’t inform them, then her shaking her head rising up and walking off surely did. As uncaring as she may have seemed however, Kay had other things on her mind as her now hazel eyes narrowed focussed upon the other side of the river, and she began to prepare. Squatting down behind some brush, as the last light of the day quickly slipped up the opposite side of the valley, Kay patiently waited until it was dark to sneak downstream. Just as she was about to move however, surprisingly, one of the Native women cautiously approached her.

    Clearly afraid of Kay, the woman held out her hands slick with what looked like a black grease, no doubt made with some of the fat from the meat and coals from the fire. Holding her hands before her own face making a motion as though applying it which caused Kay to just glare at first, Kay finally nodded once as she lifted her chin and closed her eyes. She could feel the girl’s hands trembling as they first touched her face, yet gradually calm as she painted her black fully from her cheekbones to her hairline. Leaving Kay’s nose unmarked, with four fingers evenly spaced she then painted lines from her upper-lip, down to her chin.

    Once she was through, Kay’s face now looking like a black skull, Kay began to turn away yet was stopped by the girl as she began painting Kay’s shoulders, arms, breasts, belly and thighs black no doubt like she remembered her from the night before. Kay just stood there rigid the entire while, and once done the girl just seemed to shrink as she cowered. Without even a nod, Kay said nothing as she turned and began to silently sneak even further downstream.

    Once Kay had made it perhaps a quarter of a mile downstream, as she began to cross just one foot into the frigid water had her pulling back realizing that this wouldn’t work. Instantly her moccasin was soaked and Kay knew that the sound it would make would give her away. Without a second thought then and there Kay began to strip removing all of her armor, jewelry and clothing, yet as she removed her belt and loincloth it was then that she noticed something more.

    Her cunnie was sopped like it had never been. So much so that her loincloth stuck to her, and as she squat down thrusting her fingers between her slick folds in disbelief, suddenly it struck her. She was not only excited, she was aroused by the prospect that she might have to fight these men. As she thought again however that seeming wrong, she realized that it was neither fear nor the excitement of fighting them, but to be more exact, that she might get to kill them.

    She was sure of it. But then again, maybe not. Kay liked the idea, and the more she thought about it, the wider her grin became as her eyes narrowed malevolently. That is what she would do, sneak to the other side, and have every one of them fuck her brutally in every hole. Pump her full of… No wait… as her mind began to wander and she could almost see herself hacking a man to bits while she fucked herself raw on his hard, throbbing cock and then…

    Her mind swirled in confusion with thoughts of murder, carnal sex, deception, blood, cum, lies and so on. She hadn’t even been aware that the entire time she had been savagely sawing away at her twat. When it all twisted and changed so fast that it became a massive blur of thought, just then Kay came brutally. Dropping to her knees she slapped her hands over her mouth as she screamed out her ecstasy as her body shuddered violently and her back arched to then snap forward. When it was all said and done she nearly collapsed. In her entire life she had never cum that hard. Surprisingly however, just that quickly she put what had just happened right out of her mind.

    Finally rising up now naked and blackened from her knees to her forehead, Kay gripped her long-knife in one hand and tomahawk in the other as she tried to focus, and stepped once more into the frigid water. It was not until halfway across she realized that without even trying she wasn’t making a sound, and her footing was surer on the slick unsteady rocks below than they had ever been. By the time she came out upon the bank on the other side, she was both amazed and excited by her new found agility so much, that at even this perilous moment she felt an urge to test herself.

    As she walked back upstream she didn’t even look to the ground yet intentionally took the rockiest and most twig strewn path moving casually. Every sharp rock that she stepped upon her foot would reflexively roll and twist to avert harm. Every twig that she applied weight to no matter how brittle did not break as her foot would conform to it. Kay also realized that she seemed to notice, see, hear and feel everything.

    Without looking up she recognized that a Raven had passed high overhead in the blackness as a Rattler some fifty feet away slithered in the opposite direction. Noting the faint scent of smoke and men, a minor side step caused the scent to strengthen, informing her with absolute precision their location a quarter mile away. She could even tell from the soft voices of the women just as far up the opposite bank where each one was sitting. She could even feel her own heart and breathing. Slow, calm and steady as though counting off the inches her slick wetness was rapidly progressing down her thighs.

    Kay felt wonderful and more attuned with everything around her than she had ever known. So much so that as she approached the Native warriors, she just knew they were all sleeping around their modest fire even noting where they lay even though she could not see them through the brush. Kay did not creep or stalk to get closer. She just simply walked as casually as she would taking a stroll through a pasture, and as the warriors came into view she smiled wickedly. They were all exactly as she envisioned they would be, sound asleep, sprawled out, and naked.

    She couldn’t help herself as she walked right in among them. With her head high and the tiniest of smirks upon her lips, just like she was one of the group she squat down next to the flames to warm her chilled legs. It took no more than a brief glance and Kay somehow just knew that they were not a threat to Kay’s party, just shadowing them for some reason.

    Even still, as she considered her options be it sneaking off in the night, or perhaps waiting them out, when she came to the choice of cutting their throats as they slept she could feel her heart skip a beat as her cunnie clenched and trembled. However, the thought that she could fight them brutally killing them all in the process, caused her eyes to roll up and head tip back as her mouth opened wide and her body shook silently on the verge of cumming.

    Calming herself she was sure now. She would fuck every one in the most obscene of ways… No wait… Shaking her head confused again she tried to focus. She would kill every one silently. No, make them fight first, then kill them as she sucked their cocks, then let them go. Uh… She would let them go, they were no threat to her, so she would leave. That was it, yes, or was it?

    Never the less, as Kay slowly rose back up she felt powerful like she had never known. No fear or concern that whatever choice she made would cause her harm. Yet she felt conflicted. Part of her wanted to kill them all. Another part wanted to rut with them to extremes, and yet another wanted them to go in peace as still another wanted to terrify them.

    The more she tried to focus the worse it became. Feeling like she was going mad, Kay suddenly lost her grip on the tomahawk, and as it started to fall she reflexively grabbed it finding instantaneous calm and clarity. That moment Kay realized reflex, not planning or intentions was her answer. It was that simple. She would just act without fear of consequence, and react as needed. Instantly a feeling of power and control swept over her again.

    Kay once more felt so in control of the moment that she couldn’t help playing a bit. Setting her tomahawk to the ground she wiped that hand’s palm over her breast until it was black, and then leaned over and gently pressed it to the middle of a brave’s chest so deftly that the man didn’t even stir.

    Each Brave she marked the same, a perfect black handprint in the middle of his chest. It was then however looking over the firm young warrior she had last marked, laying there naked as they all were, that she wanted to do something more. Something to let them know how easily she could have killed them. With that Kay blackened her palm once again wiping it over her thigh, and as she set the edge of her knife to the warrior’s throat so softly that he did not even moan, she gently grasped his cock.

    The look upon Kay’s face was one of pure malice coupled with lust. Her eyes locked onto the sight of her hand softly fondling his quickly stirring cock, though didn’t worry about the others seemingly able to sense what each one was doing. What amazed her however was what she could feel and even almost hear through her hand. The pulse of his heart, steady and strong as her touch caused it to quicken, and she could even feel each surge of hot blood with each beat as it began to fill even noting how it warmed as though she could feel the change with each pulse.

    In no time the once flaccid member was firm and large. Kay’s touch however still remained at such a perfect balance of gentleness and stimulation that the brave only murmured in his sleep no doubt dreaming of some lover, and each stroke when she realized she could increase the pressure and tempo, she did so without ever waking him. Quickly she could feel it. His skin drawing tighter as his balls tensed preparing to loose their load. When his cock began to lurch and throb as tendons and muscles clenched seconds before he came, it was then that she tested her power once and for all.

    The change would have been imperceptible to anyone watching, yet realizing in another three strokes he would cum, Kay shifted her gaze to his eyes, and changed her grip just ever so slightly. Just as the brave’s eyes fluttered open due to the change, Kay pressed her knife tight to his throat as a malicious smirk swept over her face. If he was not horrified enough by the visage of the demon like Kay looming above him, out of no where he began to ejaculate hot jets of spunk painting him from his belly to his neck, instantly finding himself in the throes of orgasm.

    Narrowing her eyes and thinning her lips as she pressed her knife even tighter, she made the poor young man before her lay there shuddering in orgasm due to her command, not his own will. It was not until the final drop had been milked from his cock however that she released it, and somehow knowing exactly what would happen, she simply pivoted in her squat facing the fire finally pulling the knife away.

    Terrified, just as she knew he would, the young warrior lay there frozen for a good ten seconds. Then, just as she grasped her tomahawk remaining crouched down and facing the fire, suddenly he exploded in a flurry of noise and motion. Rolling away quickly, he shouted for the others causing most to lurch up where they lay. Upon seeing Kay, as expected they all scrambled backwards, and the moment they could even begin to make sense of the creature hunched over and staring into the flames, Kay like a butterfly unfurling its wings slowly rose up.

    Straightening her back as her large breasts seem to swell as she puffed out her chest and pulled back her shoulders, she gripped her knife and tomahawk tighter causing her arms to flex, legs to tense and toes dig in. Like some black demon from her knees up except for the vulgar swelling of her unpainted mons and cunnie, she held her chin low as she gazed out at them from under dark tussled locks already knowing what would happen next.

    Looking to the young brave yelling in terror noting his black cock, cum and handprint, they all quickly realized that each other was also marked as fear and panic set in. Kay tensed as she could feel the motion of the brave to her left cause a surge of wind as he turned his fear into courage, and lunged to grasp his rifle. In her own mind however she had begun to count knowing when it would be time to feint, and as three, became two, nearing one, Kay felt a flood of wetness prepare to void from her cunnie. Yet one never came.

    She didn’t understand the words, yet she could tell from the tone and urgency that one man was telling the rest to stop and not move. Kay was trembling she was so anxious to spill blood already having determined the order of the men, the various weapons she’d use as they seemed to almost glow in her mind, and could even see faint traces of the path and movements she was going to take.

    Cautiously the man held his hands up as if asking Kay just to wait a moment. So as she looked on ready and unmoving, her plans for battle shifting and changing each second, slowly the man squat down and picked up a wolf headdress putting it on, and once he had gestured as though asking "remember?" Kay began to rock as the pent up energy within her found no release just as the man also began to trace lines from his neck to his chest as though describing her Crow armor.

    Though she didn’t remember him specifically as one of the Crow scouts from the hot spring, she was positive that he knew her due to what happened next. The brave who she had terrified now weeping began shouting at the others what she had done. Kay almost laughed at his defiled demeanor, yet as the man that seemed to lead them suddenly spoke urging them to do something, Kay found herself facing a scene that left her expression deadpan.

    Grasping his own cock and balls gathering them up, the scout began wagging them at her as the others followed suit. Glaring at them all expressionless, Kay only shook her head and began walking toward the river as she gestured for them to follow, and as her fury not sated boiled within her, she realized that now they would be a party of nineteen.

    As Kay silently rose out of the waters and approached the large fire, suddenly all of the women began screaming and cowering except for the one who had painted Kay. As that Shoshone woman tried to calm the rest of them, just then the party of five Crow walked into the light. Though they startled the women, to Kay’s upset, the women she had saved were clearly more afraid of her than them.

    Without a word Kay left all of them to sort it out as black and naked she walked though the frigid night downstream to fetch her gear and bathe. By the time she returned the six men and twelve women were acting like old friends. It burned in her gut how no matter what she did and what she risked, Kay would always be viewed as different and an outsider, just a half-breed, nothing more.

    From a distance she could already see how this would play out. Two of the Chinese girls were nothing short of enamored with three of the Crow braves and likewise. ‘Why not’ she thought, they were all young, beautiful and not beat up like she was. Three of the Chinese girls anxiously hovered around the old man and woman as they prepared a pipe. The last Chinese girl sat with four of the Shoshone women as they tried to build bridges of communication, each fascinated with the other. One brave was nowhere to be seen likely standing guard, and finally the Crow scout and the Shoshone girl that had painted Kay prattled away.

    Kay spoke to no one as she entered the little camp. She took no food yet snatched up a blanket, some wood, a burning stick from the fire, and made her way up toward the mountain away from the others. Once she had found a spot some forty yards away and equally above, Kay clumsily built her small fire trembling not from the cold yet her pent up energy, and remaining nude, simply wrapped the blanket around herself and stewed glaring into the firelight.

    About a half-hour later, Kay just grumbled when the scout and the Shoshone gal he was speaking with approached stumbling their way up the hillside. Once near, the pair squat down as the Shoshone woman began to speak English. Instantly Kay grit her teeth wondering why she said nothing earlier, yet as she sat there trembling and glaring, for the moment she just held her tongue and listened.

    "Stone Snake wishes me to tell the Wolf Woman that he is grateful for the vengeance that she has wrought upon the black sashes. He says that the Grizzly Man asked his Chief to send these warriors to help lead you to him, and as they waited they saw the Wolf Spirit cleanse the valley of the intruders, and asks that she greets his people in peace as the Grizzly Man promised."

    Kay just looked into the fire and then shuddered. Glancing back up to them however she said nothing seeing that there was more the Shoshone girl wished to say.

    "Stone Snake has also asked me to tell you that his braves are strong, and if the Wolf Woman needs to rut to calm her fire, all of them will do as they need to appease her."

    Kay didn’t know if she should laugh or simply kill them all in such a distressed state. So with that she spoke clear and directly wanting this whole thing over and done with as soon as possible. Fortunately as Kay spoke, the Shoshone girl translated.

    "We leave in the morning. I want rid of you all in that I only seek my Hummingbird, your ‘Grizzly Man’ and nothing else. We’ll ride until either we reach the fork of the rivers, or our horses die doing so. From there I will take the five squaws to their people, but you…" as she pointed to the Crow scout, "will do something for me."

    Suddenly the scout hearing the woman’s translation began to speak, and instantly she hesitantly interrupted Kay.

    "Stone Snake says that the fork and both his tribe and my people wait there just a day away."

    "Great!" Kay shouted now shaking from her tension. "Then it saves me the trouble. But Stone Snake will tell his Chief, and yours that I demand two things, and for those things I will pay them, then we will be even."

    "The Grizzly Man must always live in peace with your peoples. To harm him means I will come painted in black, and the black sashes were kind compared to me. Also, your peoples will task braves to guide the Celestials," as she pulled up her eyes into slits, "to a white man village. Do this, and I will give the Crow and Shoshone the weapons and goods from the camp."

    Kay still didn’t understand that Hummingbird was a friend with both the Shoshone and Crow, or that her bold threat was unneeded. Never the less she didn’t care. The petty cruelty and spats of others had cost her for far too long, and now that she had freed herself of the Other and Scout, she would live in peace even if it meant killing everyone in the world except Hum. Regarding her demand for the Chinese however, the way she saw it was simple. The Celestials and their poison would cause more harm than good among the Americans.

    With a wave of her hand then looking away she was done. Yet as they both moved off, another of them came up to pester her. It was the Chinese girl who had been speaking with the Shoshone women, coincidentally one of the two who had serviced her in the opium den all those days. Kay just groaned as she approached, meek and cowering, when she sat right next to Kay then reached for her breast asking only "you want?" Kay just turned away pulling the blanket over herself.

    Lying there shaking, Kay could not rid her mind of the images of slaughtered men and rampant ribald sex. Not those from her past, yet those she had never seen before. She didn’t understand this need, though at the moment she didn’t care. So as all of the newly heightened sounds and sensations of the world around her hammered at her senses, just as the idea of butchering them all here she realized aroused her, Kay did something rash in frustration.

    Grasping her knife, as she lay there staring at her forearm in a single, slow, fluid motion she drew it across her flesh. In an instant she saw the rapid surges out of the wound matching her racing heartbeat having found a vein, yet just the sight of it calmed her and the surges quickly slowed. It was then she could smell it. Iron, copper and salt able to actually smell the blood ebbing from her and it made her trembling cease, and quickly a wave of contentment washed over her much like she felt from the opium.

    From just watching and smelling it Kay began to moan and writhe. It was so soothing in fact that she reached behind her grasping the Chinese girl’s hand, thrusting it to her cunnie, and as the girl rubbed and fanned at Kay’s cunt urgently laying over her, Kay drew her wound to her mouth and suckled, then came.

    To the Fork of the River:
    When Kay finally awoke as the sun crest the valley’s southeastern wall, she discovered that she had suckled at her wound throughout night. The Chinese girl atop her had apparently also continued to rub and masturbate her. The girls hand slick and wrinkled from Kay’s heavy flow. As Kay pried herself out from under the girl, she just looked up at Kay as though asking if "she did well?"

    Kay’s sleep however was troubled. All night long she’d awaken, suckle more and have the gal masturbate her, and when she would sleep her dreams were horrific. Though at first they were separate images and scenes, in short order they all merged into combined scenes of deception, cruelty, lewd sex without limits, mutilation and murder. Not just one person but many. So she’d wake up, then try again.

    Though exhausted, once up feeling more like herself again, Kay wasn’t sure why she did it, most likely in that she didn’t know how to say thank you, yet as she slowly rose she took the girl’s hand and suckled it clean. When the girl reflexively moved to bathe Kay’s cunnie as she stood there, Kay just parted her legs and let the girl do as she wished. She didn’t want sex or so she thought, yet as she twisted up the girl’s hair and held her there till Kay had cum, maybe she did after all.

    Kay’s mind was hazy as she dressed and finally pulled the Chinese girl along with her down the hill. She had a lot to consider and it confused her. At the moment however she wanted to get going, all of her debate would have to wait for the ride. Fortunately, the Crow it turned out had already packed the Mules, and were helping the women atop the horses. Better still, it was obvious how they had theirs positioned showing they intended on leading the pack animals. So leading her own horse and mule to the rear of the caravan, Kay went in search of the Shoshone woman who spoke English.

    "Tell them lets go," Kay barked out to her saying nothing more. As she returned to her own mount however, instantly there was a problem.

    Atop her own Buckskin there sat the Chinese girl that had stayed with her throughout the night. Instantly Kay waved at her and harshly spoke.

    "Get down! Do you hear me? Ride with your friends, get down!"

    As Kay shouted however, and ultimately grasped for her arm to pull her off, the Chinese girl simply bore down with her hands and feet to stay upon the horse. So anxious to get moving, Kay would be riding double shouting up to the front once she had climbed on.

    "Lets go! Now!"

    As the long train of horses and mules pulled out, they had not even finished crossing the river that the Chinese girl had already tried two times to not just hold onto Kay, yet begin pawing at her breasts and cunnie. The heat of the day already rising, the girl only wearing her long silk robe so her bare front pressed to Kay’s equally bare back in short order made the whole situation intolerable. So with a squeak as Kay slid her around to in front of her, and a minor bit of wrestling to get her to turn and face forward, finally Kay could think.

    Last night brought up a lot of questions in Kay’s mind. Though she enjoyed her newfound skills, the malicious and obscene thoughts they brought with them were startling at best. She didn’t feel them constantly, yet the prospect of a fight fueled them to outrageous degrees. Worse still, they didn’t pass until they were sated, and it brought into question not only the nightmare of when she first encountered Scout and ultimately the Other, yet who had actually done all of those horrific things over the past few years.

    Kay herself always assumed that she was simply possessed by three like suffering souls, yet now that they were gone, how was it that she was like a blend of them all. Scout’s skills were rather obvious. Then again, so was her bloodlust. The Other’s maliciousness was also evident, and now that she thought about it, why hadn’t some third malevolent spirit ever revealed itself, and where did all of these lewd thoughts coupled with cruelty come from?

    All of that taken into account, the Other had said something back at the hot spring; ‘I in fact do nothing. I’m just ideas, your ideas frankly, the best parts of you. Though sometimes I do help move you when you’re too afraid.’

    What if that was true? What if the Other and even Scout were just really her having fractioned up herself to cope and deal with brutal situations? What if she also made it so that it was her part to show only the stupid, lazy and slutty bits of her persona? That at least she could live with, but all of the hate and carnage she could not, it simply could not have been a part of her. That confirmed it for Kay as she tried to look at it rationally. There was no way such a thing could be.

    Clearly, logically, there was only one answer that she could accept. That she had been possessed by three spirits, one just simply had not showed itself, or who knows, maybe she was the slutty parts and this newfound sexual perversity?

    There was no other intelligent explanation, and now that they were gone, the rage, violence and skills would very likely fade away soon enough, it simply wasn’t within her to do such things. It really wasn’t that bad after all, she felt like she worked hard, and didn’t think of herself as that stupid, and as to being a slut? Well, the Other made her do most of that, and she could certainly live with being a slut rather than some maniac.

    Having resolved all of her problems no doubt to never have to deal with them again if she could just get to Hummingbird, Kay put her hand around the Chinese girls waist and smiled as she rode looking over the long train of people and animals ahead who had clearly formed a few groups.

    The two Chinese girls would obviously want to stay with their newfound Native braves that they were making eyes at and receiving in kind. Three of the Chinese girls would clearly be going with the old couple for the dope, this last one however riding with Kay she had no idea who she would stay with. Oddly, then again maybe not in that the Shoshone girls had lost all of their families, the one who could speak English seemed taken with the Crow scout, and everyone seemed happy except for the one young Crow brave who kept frowning when he’d look back at Kay.

    Finally relaxed and comfortable in who she was and where she was going, when she realized that her hand had been petting and fondling the Chinese girl sitting in front of her, she just relaxed and let it all happen. All was finally right in her world, and for the first time, Kay was happy, content and free. Realizing from last night that reflexive actions and not thinking kept her calm and focussed, Kay continued her mauling of the gal without question or restraint.

    Just then the valley began to open up, and out from a bluff they were working around, in front of them rode out two men on horseback with a third walking behind and pulling a mule. It took the Crow Scout a good minute to see that they were Americans, and close to two-minutes to realize that the two riding had black sashes. Unfortunately it was too late as the Regulators had already begun to draw their rifles, and it was too late for the Regulators as within a split second of seeing them two minutes ago, without a word Kay had leapt off her horse.

    The Regulators had barely cleared their scabbards when far off to the right and now slightly behind them, found Kay in a dead run burst out of the brush and in just a couple seconds she was already upon the first. Having leapt at his horse loosing a Cougar like scream at the last, her foot found the man’s in the stirrup as she drove herself up and into him so hard that it pulled both the man and the horse clean over. The man’s head hit the rocks so hard that he was dazed, so as the second Regulator tried to spin round his mount to level his aim upon Kay, already she had charged. Stabbing his horse three times in its neck, as it reared up, Kay dragged the man off the back of it.

    Having left her knife in the horse’s neck, Kay was like some crazed animal biting and clawing at his head and throat. As she’d bite here and rip, her hands would dig into the wounds and began tearing out chunks of him as she’d bite elsewhere. In seconds the Regulator from the shoulders up was torn to pieces as he lay there dead or dying, and it is then that Kay raised up. Shoulders hunched over, her hands held like claws and covered in blood from her nose to her waist, a malevolent smile appeared on her lips.

    Slowly almost as though savoring it all, Kay walked back to the first man slowly sitting above his head with a thud, and for a moment she seemed to relax as she lazily set her feet to the mans shoulders, twisted up his long bandana, and then pulled. Instantly the man began to thrash and claw at the bandana. Kay pulled so hard that her back raised off the ground as she stretched out, so hard in fact, that when he suddenly just went limp and she continued to pull, when she released him and stood up, his neck looked all of three inches longer.

    At that moment Kay looked almost languid but happy. Her stride lazy and slow, her breathing heavy and labored yet not like it would be after exerting yourself, but after finishing a fine meal and having eaten way too much. The third man during the few seconds that it took for all of that to happen had simply stood there in shock, and as Kay slowly approached covered in the one Regulators blood, his flesh stuck to her face and fingers, she spoke to him in seductive tones and wantonly.

    "Do you want to mount me?" The miner stood there in shock only stammering, unsure if he should run.

    "I said, do you want to fuck me cowboy? Shove your hard root into my hot wet cum-ditch again and again. Fuck me like a real man would. Say it, you want to fuck me, don’t yah?"

    The man was terrified and shaking, yet by the time he had decided to run, Kay was already just a foot from him. Kay’s eyes through the gore were sultry as was her posture, lazy and relaxed as though content and now sleepy as her left hand teasingly smeared the carnage from her breasts to her abdomen.

    "Go ahead stud, you can tell me. Do you want to fuck me hard?" Kay asked once again as suddenly the man blurted out his fearful response.

    "I, I don’t know what to say! I don’t know what the right answer is, please!"

    With that softly swaying, Kay just smiled and set her left hand on his shoulder gently pushing him to his knees before her, and with the same hand pulled aside her breechcloth exposing her cunt answering him.

    "Oh honey, shhh. Shhh, relax. Don’t you know?"

    "There is no right answer."

    Kay waited for what she said to register within him. His fear had to turn to confusion, then understanding, and then to terror. That is the moment her expression shifted from some wanton lover to that of a crazed beast. In a split second her right hand swung over her shoulder and down toward his head. The fury of the blow she delivered with the hoof-sized rock was so violent, that it would have been difficult to extract it from his skull.

    Though she hadn’t, as Kay straightened up and walked back toward the other men, she looked so sated that it was as if she was basking in the afterglow of a wondrous orgasm. Jerking her knife from the now dead horse’s neck, she picked up that Regulators rifle in passing. As the first horse thrashed and whinnied it’s own leg broken, Kay didn’t even glance down to it as she shot it dropping the rifle after without a second thought as she made her way to the river.

    No one moved. Kay’s entire attack from the start to killing the injured horse had taken roughly a minute, and the ferocity of it had stunned even the significantly battle experienced Crow. What was more disconcerting however was how it seemed to satisfy her as though it was something she needed, desperately wanted, and once she had done it, only then did she find peace.

    Once Kay had washed off most of the blood, she literally strolled back toward the train looking tipsy she was so satisfied. Looking up to the Shoshone girl riding beside the scout, Kay just smiled and with languid eyes said softly, "okay, we can go now."

    As she walked to the rear, every animal she passed she rubbed her hand over from it’s neck to its rear, and every person’s leg that was found along the way had her hand slid over it from its knee to their hip. Her touch was firm, needy and wanton, and every now and then she would loose a soft moan of restrained excitement.

    Every female in the long caravan was crying. None of the Chinese women would look into her eyes, cringing like she would attack them next. The Shoshone women though also shedding tears and clearly horrified however tried to look at Kay as though they were proud of her, glad for what she had done. The old man and all of the Crow save the scout just sat frozen, eyes down, mouths open and staring at the back of their horse’s necks. One woman however wasn’t crying, and that was the Chinese girl atop Kay’s horse.

    Shivering violently yet too afraid to look Kay’s way or make a sound, when Kay jumped up on the horse behind her, she just froze unable to breathe let alone blink. Surprisingly, even though they sat there for a good minute, Kay did not shout for them to get moving.

    Instead, she had reached around the girl in front of her and had begun rubbing her firmly from her thighs to her neck. As Kay’s breathing seemed to quicken, out of nowhere she stripped the robe off of the girl’s shoulders and arms, and then began rubbing her hands up and down her back. Staring at her lustfully from behind, firm yet slowly Kay pressed her hand to between the girl’s shoulders and bent her over the horse’s neck.

    "Stay down… relax" Kay ordered softly even though the girl barely spoke English.

    When the horse began following the others, with a strange fascination Kay watched the girl sway and rock with each step as a smirk slowly grew upon her lips. Remembering something, Kay next reached down and grasped one of the girl’s ankles pulling it up, bending her leg at the knee. Tying the robe to it, she then cast it behind and around her own rump, and then did the same with the girl’s other ankle as the girl squirmed and began to whimper.

    "I said stay down" Kay growled out. "Relax" as she just stared at the bobbing bottom before her.

    Once more the girl began trembling harshly as Kay began to pull her bottom’s cheeks apart and used her thumbs to spread the girl’s netherlips just staring, biting and licking her lips. Removing her breechcloth, Kay then pulled her legs out from between the girl’s and the horse draping them over young woman’s. Scooting up, Kay ground her slick cunt to the shaking gal’s and tried to press her swollen and extended clitoris into the girl’s vagina as far as she could.

    As the horse ambled, the young woman was so scared that she covered her mouth to remain silent as she wept and shook violently. Kay however just continued staring at their grinding cunnies. Each step of the horse her clit would slip just inside, then rake down her furrow till it caught on the woman’s clitoris, and then reset back to where it started as they pitched and rocked. It was then that Kay softly chuckled as she spoke.

    "Want to fuck me? Hehe. Stay dowwwn," growling out the last as she’d knead the woman’s bottom before her and rub her hands firmly up and down her shuddering back.

    As Kay mauled her, she rethought all that had concerned her earlier, relishing the sheer power and aggressiveness that she now had. Her nightmare she figured except for the part with the buffalo hunters had to be false. How could she see all of that, how could she know? As she thought about it Kay deduced that she had made it up along with Scout and the Other to ease her into doing what she had to do.

    All of the power, agility and skills had to be her own. The malice, lewd seduction and cruelty also hers in that all of these men offended her very being and deserved everything they got. That must be it, she was put here for a purpose and that was to be the West’s judge, jury and executioner as she saw fit.

    Anything else that she took or did like enjoying this girl was because she deserved something from all of these people that she was willing to pass by. They should feel blessed that she was willing to help them, and if need be, bow down and honor her to show their gratitude. This was the real her, and the world needed to pay for all she had suffered. Yet as she thought forgetting to just work off reflex, Kay seemed to be struggling.

    Just as Kay finished her third orgasm in no more than ten-minutes, the Crow scout and the Shoshone woman who spoke English rode back to speak with Kay. As they did, she just kept slowly grinding away and mauling the Chinese girl. Only on occasion would she briefly look up as they spoke and when she did, with an expression of pure omnipotent malice one second, the next she would laugh maniacally, and that would turn into weeping as she would suddenly growl, and bear down once again.

    "Stone Snake says that he and I should ride ahead to insure our safe passage" the woman stated flatly.

    "So, go ahead" as Kay suddenly pushed at the girl’s shoulders. "You stay down" at which Kay out of nowhere suddenly shook and arched her back as she ground out a forth orgasm to only begin laughing as though crazed and then wept before simply starting again.

    "Relax girl, stay down. Do what you want, what do I care. It won’t matter anyway." Kay growling out the last in a foreboding tone.

    "May we take the old man? There are other yellow people there who speak the white language and we can prepare for his journey" the Shoshone continued.

    "I don’t care, take them all, take none, just leave me be!" Kay lashed out as though nothing in the world was more important than to be left alone. "I’ll get there when I do. Now quit bothering me."

    The man and woman pressed Kay no further wheeling around, and after an exchange of one of the warrior’s horses and the old man’s, in no time they were out of view riding quickly. For the next two hours the caravan of mixed peoples rode. All the while Kay humped and ground to the woman’s cunt, cumming time and again without restraint, vulgar and obscene. When she grew tired of watching her back she untied her and turned her around to enjoy the pleasures of her front as the girl looked away shaking. Kay rhythmically humping her sopped cunt to the girl’s, time and again she’d break out into fits of laughing, sobbing and then rage only to cum once more.

    Eventually what they came upon was surprising off in the distance. It was not just a small temporary camp of the few Shoshone left of that tribe and a few Crow. There were a couple hundred tipis gathered around the hot springs known as "Coulter’s Hell" at the fork of the rivers, and quite a few hundred people there as another community of Shoshone had come to help.

    Besides all of the Native peoples, there was also a number of Chinese immigrants who had thought to establish a community East of San Francisco away from the oppressive whites. Along the way they had collected even more of their own that had escaped the railroads and gold camps as they searched for a new location, and now numbering close to thirty. There were also African’s who had either escaped or been freed during the recent War of the States far to the East trying to do the same. Just like the others the Crow had welcomed them during their annual visit to the hot springs which they considered sacred yet neutral ground, allowing all of the immigrants to rest before they continued on.

    As the caravan neared the massive camp, Kay slid the woman down off her horse having enjoyed enough of her for the moment, and though she let her put on her robe, Kay held onto the tail of it much like a leash as she made her walk. Though Kay herself besides setting a vulgar display was not that impressive, simply the horse she rode in on covered in a hundred bloody handprints and the mule draped with a massive collection of scalps had people in awe though also concerned with the barbarity of it.

    Kay however was not looking all that well. As much as she believed herself to be all-powerful, she looked haggard. Having not slept well, eaten or drank in days, the extreme uncontrolled expenditures of energy and the madness and tension of trying to make sense of it all had left her looking gaunt, pale and with dark rings under her eyes, her lips withered and dry.

    Perhaps five hundred yards out from the village however, the Crow scout and the Shoshone woman rode out with perhaps twenty warriors from both tribes. Yet they did not form a gauntlet of welcome, but a wall of men between the caravan and the camp.

    As the members of the caravan were separated out by warriors and walked to behind the shield of men, it soon found Kay and the woman she dragged along riding up through the horses and mules just standing there untended as they approached. Giving the Chinese woman a shove with her foot to get her moving, Kay continued up till she was in front of the wall of warriors.

    When Stone Snake began to speak, Kay flatly interrupted him having seen the other Chinese from the opium den be led away. After grabbing the woman’s hair that she had dragged along to turn her to face her and then to them, she just pushed her with her foot in that direction and told her to go. Moving cautiously at first, quickly the woman ran to them and she vanished into the crowd.

    Again Stone Snake began to speak, yet as the Shoshone woman walked up between them, Kay interrupted him once again speaking directly to her instead though she’d lurch and tremble trying to restrain fits of laughter, crying and anger.

    "Did you do as I told you and Stone Snake, telling them what I demanded?" Kay blurted out. When the woman nodded in response Kay bluntly asked her "do they agree?" To which she nodded once more.

    With that Kay rudely waved at Stone Snake as though now he would be allowed to speak. Though a man who had earned the respect his people gave him many times over, and clearly having his patience tested, he still tried to speak calmly as the Shoshone girl translated.

    "The Crow and Shoshone are grateful that the Wolf Woman has rid the valley of the trespassers, and acknowledge her great power. The Crow and Shoshone will always be a friend to the Wolf Woman and to the Grizzly Man."

    Kay seemed disinterested or more distracted at best. Every few seconds she seemed to be choking back an uncontrolled laugh or fit of bawling, and the entire while seemed to be humping slowly the Cougar skin on the back of the horse.

    "Our peoples have prepared for you a special place where you can rest, eat and soak in the sacred waters" as he pointed to a lone tipi west perhaps a mile away from the village. "There, many wise people wish to speak with you and help you where you will not be bothered by the people."

    Instantly Kay lashed back. "I don’t want to rest. I don’t want to eat, drink, soak or be helped! I only want my Hummingbird! Point me to him, now!"

    Again Stone Snake spoke. "The Wolf Woman needs to rest, we will guide…" as Kay suddenly cut him off rising off her horse, her sentence quickly increasing to a scream.

    "I don’t caaaaaare! I want my Hummingbird! Where, is, my, Humming-biiiird!"

    As Kay screamed the warriors before her instantly grabbed up their weapons preparing to fight. Upon seeing that, Kay’s expression instantly shifted from confusion and frustration to one of absolute focus and rage. In a split second she spun off her horse and began storming toward Stone Snake screaming rapidly who sat there unmoving, and unafraid.

    "Where is my Hummingbird! Give me my Hum…"

    …and before a single warrior could raise his rifle, bow, or lance to kill her, Kay just dropped to the ground passing out cold.

    Cornered by Honor:
    Just like back with the Lakota Sioux, Kay made for an incredibly dangerous problem in so many ways. As the Sioux put it, "It was the worst possible situation, like bringing a massive man-eating boar Grizzly into the village thinking they could tame it."

    Over a month ago when the scouts returned from their powwow and told of their good fortune encountering the "Wolf Spirit" in the guise of a woman, they were told that is exactly why only medicine-men should make such determinations. Spirits and demons typically did not show themselves. It was an extremely rare person indeed that would be possessed by a spirit or demon, and finally, the phrase "touched by a spirit" did not really mean that they were guided or influenced by them, it simply meant that it was too much for them. In other words, something unseen drove them mad.

    Even the Chiefs knew that. They had seen far too many people either with head injuries, that survived some serious illness, or suffered some terrible experience that had lost their minds. Hell, there was a reason that old warriors wanted nothing to do with battle, now content to spend their days painting shields and making pipes. The whole idea most folks had of spirits directing a person's life was simply a way to understand how someone could be so abnormal. So the solutions were simple.

    Simply avoid them. When you could not avoid them ignore them, and when you could not ignore them simply drive them off. What was never mentioned was the final solution of killing them. The elders didn’t want the average person making such a decision, as in short order, it would give folks a reason to kill anyone that simply didn’t agree with them or think like they did. It didn’t mean that it didn’t happen, yet, it was better to just say "they’re protected by spirits" so most folks wouldn’t risk it.

    Finally, there was the whole aspect of personal honor and responsibility for the world around you. To torment or harm someone who was not under control of their senses simply to be cruel was considered an act of cowardice. It didn’t matter if they were mentally unhinged or influenced by spirits, and in that the Creator of all things allowed them to be, why risk offending him or any other spirit if that was the case. So again, simply avoid, ignore or drive off.

    Never the less, when news of the "Wolf Woman" spread, the Native peoples rejoiced facing an even greater evil in the form of white expansionism and manifest destiny. The medicine men and witches just shook their heads, and the Chiefs and elders simply hoped that she would never come this way. In the end the Chiefs had a simple solution for this, if she showed up as dangerous as she was, then just kill her. Better than risking the chaos she would bring to his people, let alone even harming one.

    The thinkers however offered a different viewpoint if she did show up and could not be driven off. No matter how crazy she was, the very thought of some pro-Native spirit in the form of a female half-breed maniacal killer fighting for them, did have its value. It gave the people hope when no amount of warriors, guns, or anything could. So they’d simply remind the people that she was not controllable and would be unpredictable being a spirit after all, and to interact with her might offend the spirits. So avoid, ignore, or drive off. To kill her and have it be discovered would mean that hope would die too.

    Unfortunately, here she was. If everything had gone as expected, the black-sashes would have killed her. If by some miracle she survived, desperate to get to their good friend the Grizzly Man, they'd have the war party direct her down the north-fork valley toward the Yellowstone, then they’d bring on in the other survivors, and that would be that. However, she had unnerved the war party so badly that they brought her within sight of the village. Then instead of escorting her up the valley to a camp they figured she’d not even stay at, or killing her when she lost control, she went and passed out on them.

    The Grizzly Man was a good friend to both the Crow and Shoshone, so they didn’t want to offend him, yet the Chiefs would not risk a single person. Further, to some degree having brought her here she was now their responsibility to honor their promise to their friend. So the question was, what to do with her now?

    Again the Chiefs and elders all agreed that as dangerous as she was, that it would be better for everyone, possibly even her to simply kill her, and deal with the ramifications as they came. The Medicine men, Witch women and other thinkers had a different solution however. Perhaps if they took some time to help her to rest, eat, drink and cleanse her spirit and mind in the sacred mineral waters here, she might become well enough that she would travel on to the Grizzly Man. Therefor they would have honored their promise to him, repaid the debt of the Shoshone, and satisfied the spirits having done all they could do.

    In the process, perhaps they could learn something regarding her type of affliction. If they determined it was due to disease, then she should be disposed of to protect the people. If not, then perhaps they might learn how to prevent it in their people, and if influenced by a spirit, discover what it sought to appease it. To aide in that they were fortunate to have among them this moment holy men among the Chinese who also knew medicine, and the African’s also had a couple of Witch women with them also versed in the spirits and medicine.

    Finally, Stone Snake’s information from the powwow and what he learned from the others there, in particular the Lakota Sioux who faced the same problem the Crow now did, would prove invaluable. After some discussion, the Chiefs and elders agreed they would grant the Medicine people till the full moon, roughly two weeks, no more. At that time she would either willingly go of her own accord, or she would be dealt with permanently.

    A Reflection of Hate:
    When Kay finally awoke two days later, at first she believed that she was still with the Lakota Sioux, and all that had happened in the months since had simply been a dream. Naked, with the information from Stone Snake as told to him, they had bound Kay up in a similar way.

    A large Bison skin had been laid down upon the ground. Four posts had been hammered into the ground, two on either side, and bridging them two thick poles had been lashed on like rails. The first at a foot and a half from the ground and the second perhaps a foot higher with smaller pelts draped over them to protect her from the rough wood. There was also a large bear rug in front of the structure which had various stone jars and other filled bowls and vessels upon it.

    Kneeling by the first rail, she had been laid over it till her shoulders and collarbones rest against the higher second rail at which point she was bound. Strips of leather were used to bind only her upper arms along their length to the rail, and just above her knees other strips were tied to her and run out to the posts of that rail with some minimal slack in them. The position left Kay as though she was on all fours though did not have to support her weight with her hands. She could not sit, though if she spread her knees wide she could rest upon the rear rail and oddly they had left her head free to move.

    The heat was familiar, up until she realized that she was actually in a large tipi, and that along with four scattered smaller fires around her, steam seemed to be filling the structure causing her to sweat terribly. What Kay could not see was the vent behind her which rose up from the boiling subterranean waters below. It reeked of brimstone causing Kay for a moment to wonder if she was in Hell, yet just then a familiar face walked in through the flap.

    It was Ji as Kay would come to learn, the girl that Kay had made use of in the opium den and then terrorized on the trip here. When Ji saw Kay awake, unexpectedly her expression was not one of fear or anger, yet deeply compassionate almost as though it pained her terribly to see Kay so tormented, and happy that Kay was awake. Most surprising, her English like the Shoshone woman was passable considering the pidgin mixed throughout.

    "Miss you awake! I was so scared you sleep two days" Ji blurted out elated.

    Kay just glared at her for the longest time, and then in a low threatening tone, softly issued her demand.

    "Untie me. Untie me now…"

    "Miss they won’t let me. They say, ‘Ji, you no untie her, no matter what. Just give miss water and medicine when she sleep’" Ji stated longingly.

    "But I’m awake now" Kay responded just as cold as before, "and you speak American now. So untie me, now."

    Ji just shook her head clearly wishing she could, even looking to the bonds considering it, yet still she declined. Kay that moment slowly took on a sultry look as she smiled seductively and cooed out her request.

    "Ji is it? Such a pretty name, I’m Kay. What hurts me most is that since we left the bad place ‘I’ freed you from, that I have not yet kissed you. Will you kiss me Ji? Soft and warm as when we lay together back in the bad place, and held each other, oh so close. Please kiss me Ji, just one kiss."

    Ji looked as though her heart filled that moment, and almost rushed in to do so yet suddenly paused as though remembering something. With that there before Kay she slipped off her new shirt that she was wearing, her pants, and even her slippers causing Kay to smile lustfully. Her previously hazel eyes over the past couple of days had turned to an intense, dark green, showed equal longing. All until Ji took her long braid that hung over her shoulder in front of her, and carefully wound it up on the crown of her head, a comb fixing it in place.

    Kay’s expression barely changed except for the anger that shifted her brow ever so slightly at having to already alter her plans. Ji then dropped to all fours beaming, and ever so slowly, leaned straight-forward, their heads inline, and placed a kiss softly on Kay’s lips. When Kay opened her mouth slightly to make it more passionate, Ji did not move the quarter inch closer it required to meet her lips fully. When Kay would twist her head this way and that, or extended her tongue as though seeking for Ji to reciprocate, Ji remained as fixed as a statue.

    As Ji pulled back what she had been told was proven true. Kay at the last lunging to bite simply to hold onto her, as to each side her fingers strained and reached trying to grasp anything upon her that she could reel Ji in with and then force her to obey. As Ji sat back, Kay then made her intentions even more obvious as she began screaming.

    "Untie me you fucking piss stained bitch! Untie me now! Where is my Hummingbird, give me my Hummingbird now! I’ll send every one of you bastards to hell a piece at a time! Hummingbird! Give me my Hummingbird!"

    Upon all of the screaming the Shoshone woman burst through the flap and rushed to Ji. Keeping clear of Kay, she pulled Ji back a little, then encouraged her to go. Kay was already running out of steam. Her yells now nothing more than ragged wheezes and animalistic whines and growls. Once Ji had left, keeping her distance, the woman explained bluntly.

    "They’ll kill you. If you leave this tipi, or if they think you’re loose or have caught someone, they will kill you. Look."

    The woman then lifted up the flap she came in through folding it over, and untied the sections in front of Kay letting her see out. Though she could not see them all, if the warriors placed around her were equally spaced then there would have been roughly thirty standing some twenty-five yards away, and all heavily armed with rifles and close combat weapons.

    "The Chiefs already want you dead, you’re too dangerous and right now, and very sick. Look."

    The woman then held up a rare silvered-glass mirror. Though Kay was not really even sure what she looked like normally having only seen her reflection in water or on rare occasions a window, what she saw simply couldn’t be her, and if it was, then she was more than just sick, yet dying and perhaps even insane. Her eyes were sunken in yet bugging, and her sockets were dark along with dark rings under her eyes. Her thinned lips and brow were contorted in rage and hate. Finally her cheeks were sunken in, hair matted standing up in every direction, and her skin was ashen as her entire face trembled and twitched.

    "Please just let me go to my Hummingbird, that’s all I want, you’ll never see me again" Kay pleaded.

    "That is what we want too" the woman answered. "But we need to help you heal first so you can…" as Kay suddenly cut her off.

    "You slutty injun cunt! How did you like being fucked like some bitch dog by all of those white men? I’ll open up your filthy gash so you can breed with the horses and kill every one of…" As Kay suddenly burst out in to a maniacal fit of laughing that instantly shift into sobbing and back trying to ask "oh my god, what’s wrong with me?"

    "I owe you my life, so do the others and so do our peoples" the woman replied. "All of us want to help you get to the Grizzly Man, your Hummingbird. But you must try, and do as the wise ones ask. I am Lianu. Ji and I will be with you the entire time, and when well, in just a few days, no matter what you will leave here. Do as Ji asks. She loves you, you know. Please don’t hurt her."

    Without another word, Lianu stood up and walked out closing the flaps from outside. Quickly Ji came back in, and though it required a tremendous amount of pleading on her part and numerous attempts by Kay to get a hold of her, Kay finally drank and ate. When she would eat no more claiming she needed to cum desperately, Ji also accommodated that yet only to a point then insisting that Kay eat and drink more before she would continue.

    For the next two days Ji was everything to Kay. She was the bringer of food and water, and the one who would hold a bowl so Kay could void. She was her bather and the one who would fan her. Ji would endure her insults and seductions, and was even her whore in that now more than ever, Kay was sexually voracious and that was all that would calm her.

    Throughout a number of other people would visit and just sit, listen and pray. There was the Shoshone scout, medicine man and his wife from the cave, and even the four other Shoshone women Kay had rescued and naturally Lianu. Of the Chinese slaves, only one other would come, and only for a moment. Then there were the strangers who spent the most time.

    Two Crow medicine men and three old crones or witches. There was another Shoshone medicine man, a crone and a hand trembler. There were even two black women, both witches and at one time slaves. The one from Africa was called a "Voodoo Queen" and the other from the Caribbean a Mambos or "Voudou Priestess." Stranger still were the two Chinese Buddhist monks.

    On the morning of the third day however, along with Ji and Lianu, all of the wise ones were in attendance with another pair of people joining them. The old man and woman from the opium den, and they had brought their pipe.

    Cleansing the Way:
    As Kay’s health had improved from the food, water, and perhaps more importantly sleeping better from the medicines the wise ones had been persuading her to take, it had also seemed to stabilize her manic-depressive fits and reduce her lust for blood. Unfortunately, it also ramped up her lusts dramatically, and with her physical health improving, so had her strength.

    Over the previous four days, the intense heat within the tipi from the weather, fires and steam had caused Kay to sweat constantly. Their hope being any toxins in her body would be shed, cleansing her body, spirit and mind. On the same token, though not long enough to produce visions for the wise ones, the heat helped them to cleanse their minds as well to think clearer and find inspiration.

    On the fifth day however, the steam vent had been opened and the heat was so intense that it found everyone within the tent naked for the most part. With Kay’s salaciousness at a peak, her eyes even having fully transitioned from hazel to an intense light-green, almost every aspect of the others had her raving and pleading for the most obscene of acts.

    Granted, the general nudity and genitals of each person aroused her, yet it was little things like the full dark brown breasts and long nipples of the black women and the scars and tattoos upon the medicine men and Native witches. The lean hairlessness of the Chinese monks, and naturally Lianu was pressed by Kay to attend to her like Ji, though she refused. Lastly, the six warriors the Chiefs had insisted attend to protect the wise ones with finality drove her mad. The sight muscles and full cocks had her instantly writhing and pleading.

    Kay in this state however lied almost constantly to try and coerce and pressure others into feeding her now heightened vices. So much so that when the wise ones asked her to breathe in medicinal smokes and drink down other concoctions to help lower her inhibitions and inspire honesty, she tried to barter with them.

    "I want to so badly, but I need to be fucked… Not by Ji though. A real cock, no, many cocks, and maybe let me suckle upon one that will fill my hot wet mouth with his seed."

    As Kay’s wantonness had grown, so had her demands. So much so that various phallic items such as gourds, rolls of leather and even Ji’s fist had been demanded. Kay’s carnality however came at a price to herself in that Ji had discovered Kay’s weaknesses. Tempt her well enough with the prospect of what she wanted, then to even exceed it with something even more depraved, and Kay would relent thinking she would be rewarded, and her crushing orgasms always left her vulnerable. Stone Snake’s insights from the powwow proving invaluable once again.

    Ji with a whisper to Lianu who whispered to a warrior who Kay’s writhing clearly had an effect on, found him stepping up to in front of Kay yet out of reach. Kay already grasped for him to such a degree that the beam would creak. With that he began slowly stoking his already rigid cock as Kay begged and pleaded for him to fuck her mouth. Ji however had a surprise for her in the form of a gourd of a particular size having a second opposing neck As she spoke to Kay from behind her.

    "Kay want the man’s seed? How much you want, say."

    With that Kay frantically began begging and pleading, and as she did Ji shocked her with Stone Snake’s suggestion.

    "Kay want seed, then let wolf take too!"

    In an instant Ji had tossed a wolf pelt over Kay’s rump and back, and through a hole within it pushed the gourd into Kay’s cunt fucking her with it. Kay thrashed and groaned in ecstasy babbling out the most obscene of things, but Ji waited until just the right time, and then it happened. The warrior signaled that he was ready, and within a couple feet of Kay’s face the bowl of medicine was held under his cock he began to jet into it. Just then Ji pushed firm driving the bulbous swelling of the gourd into Kay as she shouted over Kay’s pleadings.

    "You like mount wolf? Then you rut like wolf!"

    Kay’s eyes went wild with pleasure as she stretched her neck and opened her mouth wide begging for the contents of the bowl. Smoking medicinal herbs were already burning under her as the bulbous knot sank into her and then tied unable to be withdrawn. Voraciously Kay swallowed everything within the bowl and even tried licking it clean, then instantly came with a thunderous roar that raised the other warrior’s breechcloths.

    Kay was in heaven, and by the time the herbs and smoke had done their work, all of Kay’s vices were out of control. When the old man and woman entered and offered her only one puff to start from the opium pipe, Kay begged for it only asking for more hands to stroke her body as she slipped into the warm embrace of the dragon once again.

    With Ji and Lianu translating for the Natives and Chinese, finally they could all have an honest conversation Kay then uncaring. Her ankles also staked out from her attempt to capture Ji the day before, though concerned with doing so, they allowed two warriors to pet her from the sides as Ji soothed her from behind with both hand and mouth.

    In such a state and so pleasured, Kay willingly told them of many things. First off she told of her constant nightmare and her first encounter with Scout and the Other. She then went on to share every horrific act in exacting detail be it the numerous accounts of ribald sex, rapes of her, and the subsequent slaughters. She told of her deep love for Hummingbird which clearly was more important to her than anything, and finally of her time in the camp and her nightmare of Cain and so much more.

    It took well over a day and a half to recount it all leaving much of it brief. Numerous cum filled bowls of medicine and draws from the pipe. Ji even after that first time having to season it often with her own wetness just to get Kay to draw. Throughout it all, time even had to be allowed for Kay to cum often though she desired the various drugs just as much. Ultimately she was even rewarded to encourage her further with a real man’s cock in her cunnie, and finally even her ass as the opium enveloped her.

    At the last, Kay was allowed to take four draws from the pipe of which she could only get through three so she would sleep and reflect. So as the wise ones discussed what they had learned elsewhere, Ji and Lianu helping them, Kay dreamed the nightmare of Cain, now revised.

    From so high above the world that she could see hundreds of miles in any direction, Kay looked down upon the Rocky Mountains to where two forks of a river converged forming one that continued on into the Bighorn Basin. Suddenly from their headwaters each river was lit aflame. The raging fires burned like the rivers had been filled with oil, and as the flames raced downstream until the forks met, the valleys they flowed within blackened as everything within them was set ablaze and charred.

    Just then hundreds if not thousands of bright dots of light flashed throughout the valleys, yet as rings of light raced out from them instead of running on forever they bounced back off of the valley walls and were instantly consumed within the blaze. Just then Kay began to fall yet split into two crashing to earth at the headwaters of each fork. Naked and terrified beyond anything she had ever known, Kay began walking each downstream witnessing what could only be described as two forks of a river in Hell.

    The rivers flowed blood yet it burned, the black sooty smoke blotting out the sky filling each valley. Everything was blackened and charred, and everything that could burn was ablaze. Kay’s bare feet however never touched the ground. Scalped and mutilated bodies covered every square inch of the valley floor forcing Kay to walk atop them, and though none were alive they all wailed and lamented in eternal suffering.

    Finally Kay merged once more as the forks of the rivers met. There between them was a mountain of scalps and someone standing high upon them. Flanking it to the south was the skinned carcass of a wolf, and to the north that of a bear, their pelts stretched out upon racks, and rotting though burning.

    Just then Kay felt it, a man behind her roughly beginning to take her ass. As she looked out over her shoulder there was a line of men as far as the eye could see coming from the east. Men of every race creed and color, and as each would step up and take his turn cumming in her, all Kay could say is "more" as her body would shudder in constant orgasm, and the person high above on the mountain of scalps just laughed.

    Kay was no victim in this however. As each man would fill her, as the next would step up he would walk before her and she would cut his throat letting his blood wash over her, and when he would fall, scalp him and cast it onto the pile.

    Suddenly the person from high upon the heap of scalps jumped landing with a thunderous crash before her. Kay barely recognized her except for her scarred cheek and brow split, red and from it blood seeped as though she was crying. That moment a small Hummingbird began flitting all around Kay as she was being defiled. Without even glancing at it she snatched it out of the air crushing it, and as what seemed like gallons of blood poured forth from between her clenched fingers onto the ground before Kay, gradually it turned into Hum.

    Scalped, mutilated and his throat cut, his last breath left his body the woman before her sucked in the bright flash of light laughing once more. Kay sobbing however could only cum and utter "more" as the woman squat down before her relishing in the shame and sorrow Kay felt. Without warning she the cut Kay’s throat, and as she scalped her, Kay feeling the long blade scrape and slide over her skull, she saw the blood flowing forth quickly turn into a constant flood of men’s semen.

    It was then the woman finally spoke to Kay saying only "now you are clean, all of the filthy red is out of you, and now you can die," Kay only then realizing that the woman before her, was her.

    As Kay slipped into blackness she then heard a new voice in her mind. It wasn’t Scout, that she was sure of. It wasn’t even the Other though she had to listen to be sure. It was then that she recognized it as being her own as it stated bluntly.

    "Wake up! Wake up and save Hummingbird."

    It had been another day and a half that Kay had slept writhing and screaming the entire while trapped in her new nightmare. As her eyes fluttered open however she began sobbing absolutely inconsolable. When the wise ones finally arrived, they did not find Kay begging to be freed, sent to Hummingbird, or even to satisfy her lusts with sex and soothing drugs. For as she wept she only begged for one thing.

    "Kill me, please kill me now. Kill me or I will destroy the world and kill everyone in it. Save my Hummingbird please, please, kill me."

    The wise ones however with Ji soothing her by rubbing her back, and Lianu translating refused stating how "now there is no need to kill you. You are neither freed of it or cured, yet you have found your power over yourself. Proof in that this moment."

    Kay continued to beg, yet they explained.

    "You do not have three, but four spirits within you driving you."

    Kay’s sobbing intensified as it was even worse than she realized. Two pushing her bad enough, the third yet to show and now a fourth she didn't even know of existed as the wise ones continued.

    "Though we do not know if these are the ghosts you have seen, some demon spirits or perhaps just parts of yourself, we are convinced that there are four. Of the four however, only one controls and influences all of the others."

    "Scout as you call her is wrath and justice, she is your sky eyes. Terrible and vengeful to be sure, yet she protects and provides for you, and more so protects the good and innocent. She is a spirit of power and violence, yet also of compassion and a defender of the weak. Do not fear this spirit, heed her when needed and trust her. Her ways are terrible, yet just."

    "The Other however is malice and chaos, she is your thundercloud eyes. She does not want the world destroyed but to go on so that she may torment all within it. The Other seeks only to taint all that is good through cruelty and corruption. However, she is necessary in that she is the balance to Scout. The evil to inspire good, and as our yellow friends say, the tiger verses the dragon, or as we say, the eagle verses the snake. Never trust her, she is evil but unavoidable."

    "Hunger as you called her once as you raved being a secret name, is lust and craving for all things that are vice in excess. She is your moss eyes. Hunger knows no fulfillment or limitations be it for lechery or blood, taboos, intoxicants or destruction. She always wants more, and more vulgar. You have not known of her because she hides to influence the other three. Scout and the Other she does so constantly yet does not control, but she binds them together. She can only suggest to them, yet they have no will to refuse her like the forth. Do not even consider her, as she has never fully revealed herself until recently with Scout and the Other gone."

    That made no sense to Kay causing her to ask, "how if Scout and the Other were gone, how was it that she had become like them?"

    "Because Hunger binds them together, so even though they left, as long as she is there, the traits of them remain though as part of you. You feel as though you had become them, yet it was only Hunger then alone influencing you, Hunger having no one else."

    Kay hated to ask fearing how much worse it might become, her greatest fear being that the fourth would be Cain. Never the less she did having to know, and closed her eyes in fear, trembling and sniveling as she listened to their answer.

    "Ah, the forth. The forth is the most powerful of them. She can control them all yet does not trust herself. She is so powerful she can even steal their abilities and make them her own, and only she has the power to refuse them. They cannot exist without her, yet she can without them but has chosen not to in that she can use them at her will to serve her. You must trust the forth more than any other, and when the forth finds reason to absorb them all, only Hunger loose at this moment, then she will be the sole spirit you must contend with, yet she is very good, smart and very caring."

    Kay couldn’t believe it. She had never seen evidence of this forth spirit, this all powerful and oh so good force that could control the rest. So disbelieving them, she demanded her name, if anything just to confront her in her own mind.

    "Her name? You already know her name. Her name is Kay, she is your earth eyes. Until you learn how to trust yourself though and discover the reason to find your power, then you are a danger to our people, and so, must go to your Grizzly Man when your body is healed."

    With that they left Kay bound and left never to be seen again by Kay except for Ji. They would leave her the pipe to soothe her as well as other medicines, and Ji would serve her other needs alone. She would have to remain bound to the frame however. When they decided to let her soak in the healing waters of the springs outside of her tipi, they would only do so with her hobbled and leashed at the end of six long poles, as the other warriors remained on guard.

    In four more days however she was ready, and Kay would ride toward the Yellowstone, and her beloved Hum.

    Paradise Found:
    On the thirteenth morning before dawn, Ji brought with her a fresh ball of opium already prepared. Kay did not want it, in fact, each day since the findings of the wise ones were shared with her, she battled all she could against Hunger to try and not harm Ji and not feed it the narcotics it craved. However, the wise ones ordered it in that they wanted her to sleep deep and reflect. So anxious to appease those who would tomorrow set her free, she smoked until the dragon coddled her once more.

    When she awoke a few hours later, confused would be an understatement. Naked, and securely bound with wet rawhide, she lay face down over her mule. Her wrists were bound to one another behind its forelegs, ankles to one another ahead of its hind legs, and finally there were straps from each wrist to each ankle, and one securing her neck to the mules. As it was they were barely moving, and as she called for Ji, Ji simply kept shouting back from Kay’s horse leading them "no there yet!"

    Finally reaching a marker some three miles into the Wapiti Valley along the North Fork of the Stinking Water River, or Aashilitshia as the Crow called it, Ji stopped and raced to cut Kay free. Once down and having stretched, Ji explained that the Chiefs and elders wanted her gone without discussion. They made it clear however. Though considered a valuable friend to the Crow, if Kay went east past this point until they gave permission, their sentries had orders to kill her on sight and without warning.

    Still light headed, Kay remained calm as she asked if they said where Hummingbird would be. To that Ji stated they said it was roughly a day and a half or forty miles up this valley to the Grizzly Man’s lodge, and that it was impossible to miss. At two days or so, roughly fifty miles, they would be into the Yellowstone.

    As Ji helped Kay to the horse, Ji made it a point to ask Kay if she wanted her minimal clothing. With the heat of the day rising and still too lazy to even dress she simply shook her head, and oddly Ji stripped and began to pack away her clothes urging Kay to ask, why she was removing them, and wasn’t she going back with her people?

    Ji just looked stunned, and perhaps even hurt yet did not lash out. Instead she stated her feelings rather simply.

    "You my people. You go, Ji go. You no eat, Ji no eat. You no drink, Ji no drink. Kay no clothes, Ji no clothes. Ji make Kay strong, Kay use Ji to make herself strong. Kay say, Ji do, but Ji no go back. Ji is Kay’s, this is what Ji want always."

    With that Kay’s expression took on one akin to the cold indifference of Scout, and stepping up to Ji, out of no where slapped her saying "go back."

    Though her eyes welled up, Ji said nothing nor moved. So, Kay slapped her again telling her once more to "go back," to which Ji just stood firm and silent even still. Kay’s expression then took on one of malice. Sliding her hand down Ji’s front, she made it a point to pause positioning two fingers at the entrance to her vagina saying "go back" once again, and when Ji did not move, in fact parted her legs wider, Kay proved her threat once more cruelly.

    Withdrawing her fingers, Kay then bluntly stated that she would not have a slave, period, that they must be equal. To that she turned her head slightly and asked "will Ji go back?" Likely smarter than Kay it did not require an explanation as Ji slapped Kay and said "Ji stay," and then did so again when asked a second time. When Kay parted her legs, and Ji roughly thrust into her yet said nothing, Kay looked at her and Ji made her point when she smirked and asked, "Kay like?"

    Kay couldn’t toss her up on the horse fast enough as they both laughed and without further discussion began riding up along the river.

    The ride was beautiful, and the gateway valley to the Yellowstone was known by the rare few who had traveled it as one of the most beautiful in the Rockies. Unfortunately, Kay still had Hunger to deal with and surprisingly she controlled it well enough at least to not be violent. During that first day of riding the pair almost continually made love atop the horse as it ambled, and their night was equally inspired, yet for the first time, equitable.

    Up early, the next day proved out to be more relaxed, yet as they veered north around a bend, Ji was startled when Kay suddenly stopped the horse for no seeming reason, and instantly slid off it grasping a knife and her tomahawk. Without a word standing there naked, To Ji’s eyes Kay seemed to harden and swell. Parting her feet and taking a stance all of the muscles from her shoulders to calves seemed to tense and firm, and after a minute, Ji understood why.

    Slowly riding down the opposite side of the river was a raiding party of twelve Blackfeet having traveled long and far from the north, heavily armed and in their armor, and clearly painted for war. For only a moment did they hesitate yet then galloped up to within fifty yards where they stopped and looked. Kay stood firm, the Blackfeet equally so.

    Even into their lands the story of the Wolf Spirit in the guise of a woman had reached them. They had heard the tales of the Cheyenne, Sioux, Arapaho and Crow, and even though just recently heard how she had avenged the Shoshone who’s lands they were trespassing upon and had little reason to disbelieve them. However, they were a prideful people for good reason. Fierce and notoriously courageous, besides Kay not being their friend, she was after all just a half-breed.

    With that the leader gestured to his braves and three rode out a few yards, one moving out further no doubt their champion. Kay in response however did something odd. Perhaps it was the Other’s traits influencing her, yet Kay then tucked her knife and tomahawk under one armpit, and turned back to the mule.

    Hefting up the heavy string of perhaps one hundred scalps, she raised it slightly as though judging the weight, and then looking back to the Blackfeet, dropped it on the ground and stepped out three paces, visibly counting off on her fingers the number of them. She then paused, smirked wickedly and nodded as though the Blackfoot warriors added to it would top off her collection. With that, Kay crouched and dug her toes into the sand preparing to charge as though this was a game, and the Blackfeet were clearly up for playing.

    The funny thing was though, as her heart slowed and her mind cleared, her battle plans seemed to unfold in her mind, and her eyes fixed on the first warrior as she could feel her wetness in anticipation creeping down her leg. It was not that she’d kill them all to get to Hum, that was simply a given to her at that moment. No, the thought that seemed to drive her when typically blood and murder was enough was that nothing, ever, would get to Ji. And as they all tensed preparing for the fight to begin, without warning something happened.

    Kay had heard it before, the sound unmistakable. Far off to her left and slightly behind her there was a low huff and then a moan or growl. It had to be a bear, a big Brown. A locomotive of destruction and without question the top predator in these mountains. Kay could see the Blackfeet become uneasy even as many as there were, and in an instant judging the distance to the noise and to the braves she knew where her first fight this morning would come from, and so she turned.

    There he was, tall and massive. Powerful and covered in thick hair as the large male stood there raised up and weaving in anticipation. That instant Kay knew she had only one choice, and with that she began to charge. Not surprisingly the massive beast just stood its ground and waited for her as Kay loosed her war cry.


    At the last Kay dropped her weapons and leapt at the massive beast, her arms and legs outstretched to grab him. Hitting him so hard he was knocked to his back, in an instant had his massive arms around her. The three warriors had pulled back and why not? Let the Grizzly Man who they had battled with many times and lost kill the Wolf Woman or him her. Either way it would be one less fearsome enemy to deal with and who knew, maybe both.

    Instantly it looked as though Kay was trying to bite off his face in chunks as she planted countless kisses upon him weeping with joy. Her dark brown eyes filled with so much love that they could not contain the flood from her heart. Her joy so complete that she didn’t even notice when a woman that looked just like her, filled with lust and need, fell deep into her mind to join Scout and the Other.

    "Ow… Ya know my leg ain’t yet healed all the way. I missed ya my little south fork half-breed" Hum exclaimed. Kay on the other hand had her own thoughts on the matter.

    "Oh Hum! You, you bathed all by yourself!"

    Hum just laughed and nodded stating, "yeah well, I kinda took ta it for some reason."

    That moment Kay was filled with a fire like she had never known, though for the first time inside her, she stood alone. Her eyes suddenly took on a blaze of excitement and resolve. Her lips set in a smirk though it was one of confidence, and she slowly raised up helping Hum do the same. Turned and facing the Blackfeet warriors, Kay just knew if they wanted to fight, nothing was getting through her to Hum and to Ji.

    The Blackfeet had a different take on it. They had vowed to never fight the Grizzly Man again having lost too many warriors over the years, his power and courage uncontestable. They had heard the almost mythical tales of the Wolf Woman, and now seeing the company she kept, they would never again debate them.

    To fight one was an almost hopeless venture. To fight both however with them fighting for each other would be the mark of a fool. So with that the leader of the Blackfeet removed his own tomahawk, and with a swing of his arm threw it into the ground to then turn, and ride back the way they came, never to enter Wapiti Valley or challenge either of them again.

    The joy Kay and Hum felt was so evident and overwhelming, that when Kay looked up toward the horses she noticed that Ji had climbed down, and without even getting dressed or putting on her shoes had begun to gingerly walk east.

    "Ji!" Kay shouted out. "Where are you going?"

    Ji looked back at Kay forcing out a smile responding only that "Ji see now, so Ji go."

    With that Kay clumsily rushed to her over the rough ground grasping her hand and tried to take on a look of rage, impossible to do at this moment let alone most other times for Kay. Unexpectedly Kay hefted Ji up with a grunt not feeling quite as strong now, and tossed her over her shoulder. Just as gingerly as Ji had now not quite so agile, Kay slowly made her way to Hum as he limped to meet them. Once there Ji’s rump facing Hum, Kay asked Hum something bluntly pointing to it.

    "See a resemblance?"

    Hum just laughed and responded "well, maybe a touch," as Kay set Ji down then turned her around beside her.

    "How about now?" Kay queried.

    Hum looked the pair over not quite understanding what Kay was getting at. Here was Kay, more than half a foot higher than Ji, and Kay was toned and athletically muscled while Ji was lean, soft and petite. Kay’s breasts were as big as Ji’s head in contrast to Ji having virtually none. They both had dark hair, yet where Kay’s was cut short, sun bleached and wild, Ji’s was straight, coal black and down to her bottom.

    Their skin tone, shape of their face and eyes, everything in fact was different and as he looked like his head might explode any minute from his pained expression to figure it out, Kay finally gave him the answer.

    "This is my twin!"

    Hum looked even more confused, yet after a few seconds he looked like he had stepped on a wasp saying only "lord a-mighty…"

    With that Kay helped Hum up onto the horse, then Ji ahead of him and after putting on her moccasins no longer as nimble on the rocks, Kay led the Horse up the Wapiti Valley to Hum’s, and their new home. That night was the most magnificent that Kay had ever known.

    Over the balance of the summer, Kay and Hum’s love only grew and deepened as did hers and Ji’s, and quickly even Ji’s and Hum’s. By any standard, be it the setting, the bounty that surrounded them, really everything, it was a true paradise like few would know. Rarely would they see other people, the Natives all friends, and the whites that would filter through always questionable in that unbeknownst to them, the Yellowstone would by the end of winter become the new nation’s first national park as the white invader tried to lay claim to everything.

    So as summer shifted to autumn and finally to winter, Kay, Hum and Ji just lived naturally, full and well. On those rare times when the Shoshone or Crow would visit, they would find all three nothing short of joyous and happy, and to everyone’s pleasure, Hum a hospitable and generous host. So life was perfect and wonderful, a true Eden in the middle of the harsh and unforgiving Rockies.

    As spring engulfed the Wapiti and it came into full bloom, so came the day when Hum asked Kay to put on her moccasins, wrapped a blanket around her and walked her up toward the mountains behind them alone. Upon reaching a grove of trees, there Kay found a large buffalo rug laid out on the ground. Wildflowers growing all around it and even more had been scattered over it. The best part though was a new white buckskin and beadwork Shoshone wedding dress that Hum had their friends make for him to give to her. It was on that day they professed their love forever, and would only formalize and complete what both already knew.

    Spring rolled into summer, and life for the three simply became better each day. Unfortunately however, as the Yellowstone had been claimed by the American leaders as "all peoples," meaning all whites, they instituted policies to drive out the Natives and lay claim to the vast swath of land still mostly unexplored. That only drove the less noble of the Americans to hurriedly try to exploit the region for all they could before the government could secure the area.

    So came the trappers and market hunters to take as much of the game as they could. Along with them came the prospectors and resource opportunists who looked to the minerals and timber along with whatever else they could find. Naturally with all of them, so came those who would try to gouge those poorly supplied with inflated goods, and behind them followed the worst of them.

    Those who would steal from those who worked hard without conscience, and murder to obtain next to nothing was thought by that sort to simply make them smarter and stronger than the fools that toiled. As they poured in through the north and western gateway along the Yellowstone and Madison rivers out of Montana, the vast majority of them came from the east, and the only way in was the narrow Wapiti Valley.

    Treaty after treaty broken found the Sioux, Cheyenne, Crow, Shoshone and many others less tolerant of the invaders. Never the less there was only so much they could do, yet if need be, they would fight to the end. It would still be two more years before the Sioux’s Black Hills would be invaded by the white man for gold, and four before the Native peoples finally had enough at a place known as the Little Big Horn. Worst of all, the soldiers that claimed they were the law and the peacekeepers, only were there to protect the whites, and so they came.

    Perhaps it was June, doubtful July, so came the day that Hum and Ji had walked up the hillside to clear an obstruction out of one of the creeks as Kay slept in having had another magnificent night before. As she lay there sprawled out on her belly on the furs covering their massive bed and dreamed of beautiful things, Kay could not hear the yelling or struggles between twelve evil men intent on thievery, rape and murder, and her beautiful Hummingbird and Ji.

    The men just knew it. This man who had two fine whores had to also be wealthy in gold, gems and silver that he must have plundered being the only white living throughout the valley. Injuns not interested in such. So they’d kill the man, and the wealth and women would be theirs. Hum killed four before it was through, even little Ji killing one. Silent and stealthy was the men’s intention so that none of the three would run and hide, yet after "the fool en his chink slut" were done, to the men it was of little consequence.

    Kay didn’t even hear the lone gunshot in that she was already gone. The mark of these men evident when the best of them noted his long-time friend’s leg broken. A bullet to his head fixed that problem.

    Having been dreaming of wonderful things to come, as the invisible rings of light from Hum and Ji raced out so close to Kay, she could even feel their simultaneous impact like a shove when someone tried to rouse you. Kay knew instantly that they were dead, and in a grief like few had ever known, lying there on the bed, Kay cast herself down into the deepest pit of her mind. As she fell, Kay would keep saying over and over as she wept until the end of time, "oh my sweet Hummingbird. My sweet, sweet gentle Hummingbird."

    As the seven men approached the cabin they were sure that this was their day. The wealth and the "big-titted half-breed slut" was theirs for the taking. As the men reached the door, their excitement grew as they had watched the "naked cunt" for days, and now, the bitch, the gold, and the gateway to the Yellowstone would all be theirs. Kay as said however was already gone.

    Lying there still and unmoving, sprawled out on her belly facing the opposite wall, she suddenly took in a deep gasping breath like having just surfaced from deep below the water. Then another one, slow and deep as she lay there motionless, Kay lost and grieving in the deepest recesses of her mind.

    That moment, so long restrained and so long refused, a wicked malicious smirk slowly crept over her lips and brow just as the door was kicked open. Her ice blue eyes softly opened with an excited glint, and in that instant, she became sopping wet.

    …And so, Scout raged.
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    Jul 21, 2008
    Chaos, a Half-Breed Unchained

    50. Ten-X
    51. The Failings of Fury
    52. Waking the Devil
    53. Delirium of the Devil
    54. The Devil’s Damnation
    55. No Man’s Land
    56. Bitter Blue
    57. Of Vengeance and Vindication
    58. The Second Civil War


    Pointless and inconsequential would be the tale of a force without restraint, regret or seeking reward, loosed on those petty, greedy and self-serving. Suffice to say that the marauders found pitiful ends. Their pleas for mercy went unrecognized not so much in that they were not heard, just simply that they were not understood by Scout. Scout had heard their words, yet to her they simply did not make sense. After all, this is what these men sought by coming here and what they now begged for did not fit into the precise and specific actions that she was driven to execute with exacting perfection that these men had demanded.

    This was Kay, Hummingbird and Ji’s home, and Scout’s charge was simple. No one except those invited would be allowed to cross the threshold. And so, none did.

    Of the seven, two proved themselves to be cowards as one ran west up the valley and the other east and down. It was fortunate in that it gave Scout purpose. Otherwise, she would have been lost there finding no inspiration to move, and it was of no matter anyway, they would each be found in due time. As for the other five, they understood quickly enough, though the time Scout granted them to dwell on their misdeeds was perhaps unwarranted.

    Once the five were disabled, Scout focussed upon the task of doing what she knew Kay would have wanted. Hummingbird and Ji were laid out upon the bed gently embracing one another, and a long lock of Scout’s hair for Kay was laid between them. Before their cremation however, Scout had other obligations to fulfill. These men had come up the valley to get to the Yellowstone, and in Scout’s black and white frame of thinking, similar men in the future should be warned to go no further, and it was fitting that Kay, Hum and Ji had already done most of the work.

    Laying out eleven, twenty foot long lodge-poles that the three had already cut beside the drainage ditch they had dug across the valley to the river, Scout lashed them together into five equal sized "X’s" leaving one lone pole. Next she spread them out the same distance apart that each was wide. After she had dragged the men to beside each, no doubt to ease their suffering, she brutally straightened any of their twisted limbs, then rolled them over onto their bellies and set to work with the skill and precision of a well seasoned Buffalo Skinner.

    Cutting off their clothing, Scout made a single shallow cut from the top of their head down to their anus. Next she made one down the back of each arm and shoulder from the first cut to their wrists, the same up the back of each leg from their ankles, and then around only the right wrist and ankle. Past that it was simple. Just peel their skin off half-way, flip them over lashing them to the X’s, and finish peeling them leaving their skins attached to their left wrist and ankle. Oh sure, they screamed, shuddered and thrashed yet that was the point.

    After that it was a simple matter to tip the X’s up to standing in the ditch, then stretch the skins to fill the gaps lashing the wrist and ankle of each to the man’s at the right, the final skin to the lone pole in the river. There it was. The perfect wailing fence-line of living flesh to warn all others to go no further up the Wapiti Valley, Ten-X.

    Years later having heard how the Shoshone, Crow and even the few whites that passed through the area stated that "ten-X’s" meant a place that was not to be trespassed upon, that was long-suffering, unyielding and unforgiving, various ranchers thought it would be a fine name for their outfits. The "Ten-X" brand a common one across the West for those who didn’t know the whole story. Naturally those who did know what it meant attributed the Ten-X to cruelty of the Natives using it as just another excuse to eradicate them.

    To Scout though it was of no matter. She had built the Ten-X to terrify any that passed through here and to put them so on edge that when she’d encounter them, their fear would already be fixed. With that she lit the cabin ablaze, and listened to the wailing fence-line as the heat and rush of wind stimulated exposed nerves doing so for days. As she did at such times, wallowing in the horror of it all, Scout dropped to a low squat to orgasm as she typically would, and once she had, began her steady run east down the valley to hunt the sixth marauder.

    The Failings of Fury:
    Swift and steady in her pace, Scout reached the Crow marker three miles from the end of the Wapiti Valley in just a little more than a day. Kay had been warned, yet Scout cared little for the demands of men. She had made such good time in fact that just two hundred yards ahead she could see the man she sought restrained by five Crow braves, just moments before been captured. As soon as she passed the marker however, she discovered the threat of the Crow Chiefs to be true.

    Naked, expressionless and covered in blood and soot from her work at the cabin, suddenly a shot rang out from high up in the cliffs to the north just missing her by a couple of feet. Then came another from the cliffs to the south just as poorly aimed. Fortunately, using single shot carbines gave Scout warning and time. Time to locate the two sentries, yet most of all to track them as she continued on undeterred not even hesitating.

    Each of the sentries was able to get off two more shots before their view of Scout was obstructed. To those watching, it no doubt looked as though either the sentries were poor shots or that Scout was able to dodge the bullets, neither being true. Due to the way she thought, the third part of her mind simply focussed upon the rifle barrels establishing a line or axis. That line in her mind’s eye continued on forever looking like a conical beam of light. It was a simple matter to continue at her own pace noting the beams, and when the muzzle of the rifle would flash, just step out of the beam or not walk into it until the bullet had struck. The time it took to reload the carbines however was invaluable to her success.

    Once Scout had passed the sentries, two of the five braves restraining the marauder advanced to deal with her. Just like with the bullets their arrows were avoided easily enough, and when she drew so close that their knives and tomahawks came into play, she did little more than disarm and stun them, focussed upon the man up ahead. The three braves holding the man froze at Scout’s hellish appearance, and except for flinching as she devoid of expression began hacking the man to pieces with one of the dropped tomahawks, they never moved.

    Once the man lay in pieces, Scout simply turned and began to walk back the way she came, and that is when she was discovered to not be invulnerable. To Scout, her focus was now upon reaching and killing the seventh marauder. Emotionless, Scout had no concept of human resolve and pride, her own motivations much simpler. Disregarding the two men she had stunned, just as she passed them she heard the creak of their bows and the whine like whistle of arrows loosed never having considered them as threats. Though one arrow missed, the second just grazed her outer thigh slashing it open, and that caused Scout to stop and turn.

    There was no hesitation as the two braves each knocked another arrow. Racing to the brave who had found his mark Scout dispatched him with a single blow from the tomahawk, and as she wheeled round to go after the second, panicking the brave fumbled with the arrow realizing that he was doomed. With that he dropped his bow and held up his hands. In Scout’s mind just that quickly the threat was gone, and she resumed her focus on the seventh marauder, running up the valley never to be seen again.

    It took Scout three more days to reach the last of the seven, his end no more notable than that of the sixth’s. Yet what value is fury and wrath once it has been satisfied.

    As the seventh marauder shuddered out his last, expressionless Scout simply sat down and stared out into the valley as though catatonic. Granted, after five days with no food, water or sleep she was spent in all regards, yet that was not the reason.

    Bluntly, Scout had no further motivation to move, perhaps even to exist. In the past she would gather up important items for Kay, and even mutilate and destroy intent on Kay being feared by others. Left to her own means however, Scout would never eat, drink or even sleep. She would not dress or bathe, tend to any wounds, find shelter or even insure her own safety. The little that she would do was to provide for Kay. Now however there was no Kay, and so, Scout had no reason to do anything except wait.

    Her wait would be brief however. Drawn by the smell of fresh blood, a younger Grizzly had made its way onto the ledge that Scout and the marauder rest upon. Scout didn’t even blink as it approached the threat not registering with her, and it was only after the bear fed a little on the corpse then sniffed over Scout, and finally gave her a light swat did she even twitch. As the claws from the bear raked over her shoulder, Scout in a flurry of motion rose and swung the tomahawk towards it’s skull sinking it deep. At the same time the bear had swung again startled by her rising, and though the bear was killed, Scout found herself tumbling over the side and down, rolling to the river.

    Exhausted and hurt, Scout was finally able to sit upright devoid of expression as always. There she would wait until time or the elements brought about her demise, or something threatening inspired her.

    Waking the Devil:
    For two more days Scout sat unmoving. Her breathing had become ragged, there was no luster in her ice blue eyes and her rump had even bruised as the blood settled there. Focussed as always no matter how drained, she could hear the two men approaching from downstream. Their clumsy steps, then their loud concerned speculation about the "Ten-X" had alerted her long before. The blood having dried upon her, sweaty, filthy and her wounds festering, Scout made for a sight. Another corpse they surmised from a distance, yet as they drew closer they discovered otherwise.

    "It’s a woman, and she’s naked!" The first exclaimed.

    "Think she’s dead? She looks dead." Voiced the second as they slowly crept up, back and forth debating.

    "Naw she ain’t dead, look her tits is moving, she’s breathin."

    "Why ain’t she movin then? Hey, hey you! Is you hurt? Hey!"

    "Whew, holy hell, she stinks like some dead rotten coon or a slaughterhouse. Hey lady, why do you smell like that? I bet she’s uh injun. Hey squaw, you savvy American?"

    "I don’t know, if she’s a squaw then she’s a half-breed. Look at them eyes" as the man snapped his fingers a few times to try and get her to flinch.

    Once right up on her, they could hear her raspy breaths and closely look her over. For good or bad however, their minimal poking and prodding yielded no response in rousing her or even making her blink. Curiosity no doubt the reason, yet as one built a small fire the other began cautiously wiping the gore off of her by wetting a rag in the river, mostly in that she smelled so bad. His questions however raised no response from Scout, yet as he bathed her, it raised other things.

    Bathing her head, limbs and back was one thing. When he began to bathe her belly then breasts however, her lack of reaction justified to him that he should go on. Scout seemed to not resist at all as he’d lift an arm or straighten a leg, yet as he laid her back and wiped down her inner thighs and abdomen, to his way of thinking she didn’t care where he bathed, and he had begun to enjoy it.

    Though beat up at that moment and unresponsive, slowly he slipped the rag up her inner thigh expecting that at any moment she’d snap out of it. When he finally moved to her cunnie however and spread her legs to access her more, his bathing became more of a fondling, and the longer he touched, the more he convinced himself that she wanted this, or at least, what would it matter.

    "You horn-dog Frank, I know what you got on your mind" the second man stated with a lecherous tone.

    "Yeah, so? You is thinkin it too I bet. I see you staring at those tits of hers. Hell she don’t seem to mind." The first replied as they began their back and forth once again.

    "Spread her legs wider… Yeah, like that. Go ahead, do it, see if she’ll say something, push a couple fingers in."

    "Damnation, she’s slick, and hot, real hot. Is she blinking?"

    "Naw, look, I can squeeze her nipples hard. Hey, I know what’s wrong with her! Remember Scruffy Jack who got throwed? He got that apa… or apo… yeah that’s it, a-po-plexy from hittin his head. They said he’d never wake up, couldn’t feel nothin either."

    As the first man became more vigorous probing Scout’s vagina and rubbing her cunnie, the second had begun to maul her breasts squeezing them hard. After a solid minute of that, when they both looked at each other grinning lewdly, the first finally rationalized the wrong.

    "Hell, she’s just some squaw. Hold her legs back."

    Pushing Scout’s knees up to her shoulders, as the second man held them, it took the first just a moment before he had fished out his cock, and slowly pushed it into her. Expecting her to suddenly come alive, when she didn’t he began a steady rhythmic thrusting, and with the second man’s knees flanking her head, he began to have ideas of his own.

    Releasing Scout’s legs the second man quickly extracted his own cock and after tipping Scout’s head back began his own steady pumping into her mouth. With each thrust his cock would move a little deeper and he would leave it there a little longer even though her mouth was dry, her tongue was lax, and her lips cracked.

    Scout had endured rape many times before, some even violent and brutal simply to lull her victims into a sense of security before she would strike. This however wasn’t one of those times. In her own focussed logic already so very drained, the expenditure of energy required simply exceeded the degree of threat. More so, with no further concern for Kay’s wellbeing, resistance was pointless. Although, men will be men.

    Already abusing a helpless victim, the man between her legs began thrusting more violently each lunge as the man plundering her mouth would sink his cock in ever deeper as well. The mauling to her breasts and bottom had become not just firm yet almost crushing as though relishing deforming the flesh able this moment to be much rougher than they ever could in the past, and still Scout just lay there motionless.

    When their words shifted from cautious and risqué, then to vulgar and quickly became obscene and hateful, still Scout remained still as they resumed their back and forth to spur on their partner.

    "Yeah, yeah! You like it in that dirty gash, don’t ya you squaw bitch!"

    "Suck it whore, suck that fat root. Suck it and drink it all down!"

    "I want to bite those fat tits, I bet this injun loves to have them chewed on."

    "Do it! I bet she can take my cock all the way down her throat, can’t you whore?"

    As their words and actions ramped up, there came such a point that the man in her mouth would sink his cock so deep that it literally entered her throat. When that was not refused he then grasped her by the throat and squeezed as though to tighten it, and worse still he had begun to hold it that deep longer and longer cutting off her air, and still Scout did not respond. When the man fucking her began to slap at her breasts, and the man in her mouth would lightly smack her face, Scout remained unresisting, and then it happened.

    The first man mauling her breasts had pressed down on her chest to steady himself testing her ribs and compressing her heart. At the same time the second man in her mouth slapped her face just that much harder, cutting off her air with his cock and his hand gripping her throat just a second too long as he voiced his hatred.

    "Choke on it injun slut! Choke on my cock and die!"

    Instantly Scout moved out of reflex, the threshold crossed and the scales tipping to a threat worth responding to. With a single bite Scout feminized the man in her mouth as her legs shot up and around the first mans ribs locking her ankles, and then squeezed without restraint. As the second man screamed in horror grasping the gushing nub where once had been his cock, the first man wailed in agony as ribs cracked and splintered, and the vertebrae in his spine shifted essentially breaking his back.

    As Scout bore down on the first man twisting him over to the side and to the ground, she suddenly spit the second man's cock into the small fire. With all the energy she had left in her now spent, Scout’s eyes rolled up and she passed out. Yet the worst of it hadn’t even happened yet.

    As the first man gurgled and shuddered in agony while the second man continued to scream grasping his wound as though it could be healed, Scout lay there for the longest time unmoving and limp. Roughly ten minutes later however she slowly sat up as her gray eyes fluttered open, and the devil announced her coming with a single phrase.

    "Scout, you idiot! Why didn’t you eat that, you’re starving!"

    Delirium of the Devil:
    "Get off me fool!" was the-Other’s second phrase as she set her free foot to the first man’s shattered chest and pushed him off her leg.

    "You two pieces of trash just couldn’t fuck the stupid bitch and enjoy the moment, could you? You had to act like big men. So how big do you feel now wheezy? What about you Mary, gonna start wearing dresses?"

    Slowly crawling to the river just to drink and get the blood out of her mouth, the-Other simply ignored the moans and lamentations of the two men as she continued to chastise Scout, and even openly converse with Hunger who was no longer restrained by Kay.

    "I swear Scout, you are so stupid sometimes. Here you are on the verge of dying from not eating like you do, and even after you bite off a hunk of meat you’re too dumb to swallow."

    "What was that?" the-Other asked upon hearing Hunger’s suggestion in her own mind, clearly very at ease conversing with her, both being darker influences as she suddenly laughed.

    "No, I’m not going to bite off the other guy’s cock and eat that. Although, we might just have to cut us out some rump steaks if they don’t have some provisions. How about that fat-boy, should I cut us out a roast or did you bring something to eat?"

    "Huh? What? No I’m not going to mount him! I swear, you’re almost as slutty as that stupid half-breed. Thank gawd she’s gone along with that sweating hairy rube Hummingbird grunting over her while grinding her face into that filthy chink’s twat. No. No I said, now shut up a minute, you can shove his whole head up your ass for all I care, after we eat!"

    Crawling back to their packs as exhausted as Scout was, the-Other continued on with her berating of Scout and tormenting of the two men as she began to search for food.

    "I’ll tell you right now Scout, I’m not going to take fixing all the damage you do to us like the half-breed did, and pee-ewe, you, well now me gawd-damn-it, do smell like some rotten carcass. Even that moron Hum learned to bathe, thank gawd or that slut would have been licking his shitty ass to clean it. No not you…" replying to Hunger, "the half-breed."

    "Yeah, yeah, we know. You would have licked his ass and eaten his snot if you had the chance. Likely fucked his horse too. Now shut up! We all know you’re trying to out slut the breed. As for you two fools, what’s with all of this flour and sugar, where’s the ready to eat… Hey you, Mary! Oh, no, no, no, you wanted to play so let’s play."

    Grasping his lack of genitals and slowly beginning to hobble away in shock, as the-Other ranted on she just caught him out of the corner of her eye. Grabbing up a knife she quickly crawled up behind him, and in two vicious slashes hamstrung both of his legs, dropping him to the ground.

    "You just relax Mary, stupid bit off the wrong part if she wanted to geld you, but don’t you worry, I’ll fix that soon enough, and the farther you crawl off the further I have to drag you back, so just lay there."

    Crawling back to their packs, the-Other began rifling through them and devouring anything edible they contained. Drinking as much water as she could swallow, the whiskey they had with them found Hunger pleading with the-Other to drink it all, yet just having three good swallows knowing she needed to rest, the-Other finally just curled up and went to sleep.

    It was morning before the-Other awoke, and though still tired, she at least had refreshed herself enough to be able to wrap things up here. After sorting through their provisions, weapons, clothing and so on that would be of use and that she would be able to carry, the-Other then turned her attentions to the men.

    The first man who’s ribs and back Scout had broke was already in the midst of his death-rattles, likely due to puncturing a lung or "lung fever" setting in. Upon seeing how far gone he was, the-Other instantly became bored with him, yet the other man who had crawled some hundred yards away would still be fun. Having an idea, the-Other laughed as she picked up a short length of rope, a knife and a full tin, and as she walked to him she resumed her chastising of Scout and conversation with Hunger.

    "Now Scout, pay attention, this is how you finish the job. No. No I said. I’m going to do this, you and Scout just watch. Okay, fine, yes, you can have just two-minutes after, but that’s all, so make it good. You’d kill us as quick as Scout would with all of your humping, and no whiskey!"

    "Okay pardner, time for you to discover the joys of womanhood."

    The-Other finally reaching the man dropping what she brought next to an old log, she none too gently grabbed the man by his ankles and dragged him to and over it with him screaming and flailing all the while.

    "Now stop that! Fine, if you won’t quit thrashing, I’ll just have to help you."

    Grabbing one of his arms the-Other twisted and yanked so hard that she must have dislocated it, then did the same with his other binding his wrists together behind his back. Removing his belt, pants and boots in case she’d need them, as he screamed and begged the-Other made clear her intentions.

    "So have you ever heard that saying about ‘tits on a bull?’ Well pardner, that goes double for balls on a cow…" and with a single slice the-Other finished the job Scout had started, yet still she wasn’t through.

    It was then with him unable to even work himself off the log with his ass in the air that the-Other had her real fun. Opening up the tin she scooped out a massive glob of lard cramming it into his bottom’s crack, and as she wiped her hand off on his shirt, she squat down in front of him as he pled for mercy.

    "Please, please just kill me! I’m so sorry, if I had known, please!"

    "Kill you? Do I look cruel? No sir, I’m helping you. You wanted sex, so now you’re ready to get all the sex you wanted from everyone passing by. See, I’m kind unlike Scout."

    "Please kill me, what if a bear comes, I’m sorry, please!"

    "Hmm, good point. Well if a bear comes, my advice would be… don’t clench. Don’t worry, you’ll like this. It only hurts the first time."

    With that the-Other winked at him, apologized, then stood up looking to her left as though someone was standing there speaking to her.

    "Now whatever happens next is not my fault. Sorry, but I have to share… Two minutes, that’s all, and don’t kill him, and no whiskey!"

    It was then that the-Other seemed to weave and then steady herself. As her head turned slowly looking back to the man he noted her now bright green eyes excitedly glaring out from her lewd expression. Almost racing around him so excited, Hunger moved over one of his bottom’s cheeks and began humping it frantically as she then rolled her fingers and hand tight, and none too gently helped teach him how not to clench.

    Once Hunger was through taking no small amount of force by the-Other to get her to relinquish her control, the-Other walked to the river to bathe taking a lot of time with her hand up to her forearm, and as she did, she made a pact with Scout and Hunger.

    "Damnation, I thought the half-breed was one nasty slut. What in the hell is wrong with you? You actually enjoyed that? Anyway, about our situation…"

    "With the lazy red-stick slut gone, one of us needs to take care of us. You know, the day to day stuff. Scout, let’s be blunt. You’re only good for killing. Don’t get me wrong, you do that well, but if left up to you we’d never eat, sleep or get a bath. Hell, you’re too stupid-- Sorry, I mean focussed to even take a step without reason. And you jumbo-whore, if we left it up to you we’d end up getting ass-fucked by a heard of Buffalo as we drank and smoked ourselves to death. So what I propose is this…"

    "Scout just like with the half-breed, why not just rest until you’re needed. That way you can… Just wait, wait I’ll get to you after Scout! Damn, you just humped and fisted that poor guy, give it a rest a minute! Anyway Scout, that way you can do what you like when it’s most needed."

    Walking back to all she had collected, the-Other began dressing in the men’s clothes she had collected and organizing the bags as she tried to tell Hunger her part yet kept getting interrupted. Hunger becoming more excited by the second.

    "Okay, I’m getting to you. What? No, we’re not going through that again. If we smoke any of that Celestial stuff we’ll do it away from folks. No, no. No I said! That means no Laudanum, whiskey or whatever else. No! Listen, give me a chance to tell you! Huh? Well maybe. I wouldn't mind seeing the breed work a line crib for a bit, yet just a few days. No, now be quiet a minute, you’re getting so whipped up you’re getting us all wet and I just finally got us clean!"

    "Anyway, you’ll get your chance when the time is right. No we’re not getting a dog for in the meantime. No, not a horse either, oh just forget it, you’ll get time when I say you’ll get time, and if you keep it up I’ll have Scout toss you down with the half-breed. Geesus, what’s wrong with you?"

    "So are we all agreed? Fine then, it’s a deal. I’ll do everything and you two lazy bummers can just rest. When I need to rest then we’ll see."

    With the-Other for good or bad now in charge in that Scout and Hunger’s skill sets and motivations were so specific, the-Other lifted up what she had taken and began heading west into the Yellowstone up the narrow valley. For the most part the region was unexplored. The army tried to keep most of the Americans out as they picked away at removing or exterminating the Natives, so it was anyone’s guess as to what they’d find.

    The Devil’s Damnation:
    By the end of a week of walking through uninhabited wilderness, definitely not to the-Other’s tastes, she had even at one point voiced something that she thought she’d never say.

    "Damn it! I wish that stupid half-breed was here to do this."

    Though I say walking, it was more like shuffling in the vastly oversized pair of boots that she had taken from the men. Her legs hurt from the distance, her back hurt from her breasts and the load she was carrying which was quickly proving out to not be enough. She was hot, cold, thirsty and hungry. Basically everything that Kay endured day in and day out the-Other found brutally oppressive. The worst of it however was the solitude.

    Wherein Kay found the solitude lonely, she also found it comforting in that it meant she was free and not being scorned or threatened simply due to her race. The-Other however relished such scorn in that it gave her a chance to lash back and even one-up those that would attack her. Larger camps and cities were more to her liking in that in such places she could blend in and reap havoc then watch the show that ensued. Smaller towns and communities always risked her antics being discovered. Yet no one at all was simply Hell to the-Other.

    She found it extra cruel in that wherein she would keep Kay company, albeit taunting her, at least Kay had someone. Scout never spoke unless it was to setup someone for the kill. Hunger however since she had begun speaking after Kay left, had just about never shut up, and the subjects were always the same.

    ‘How much she loved to suck cock. How much she’d love to suck a hundred cocks, a thousand, everyone’s and so on.’ It was the same with her speculating about getting banged in the ass, her cunnie, between her breasts, cum upon, gargling with it, sex with women, sex with men, sex with any and every animal or object put on God’s green earth. It went on, and on and on. No possibility too vile or vulgar and even getting it meant that the next time it would have to be ramped up considerably. Along with it all was laced even a drive to drink everything intoxicating, take every drug, smoke anything and everything, eat gorging herself, roll around in it…

    Gawds, it never ended!

    Within half a day the-Other had to blot her out, yet that wasn’t the biggest problem. When the-Other would sleep, she would wake up exhausted. Her twat would be sopped and sore as would be her breasts and anus. Her whole body and face would be covered in her wetness, and it was anyone’s guess as to what she would find crammed up and left in any, even all orifices.

    The final straw however came when she woke up vomiting and with a massive headache from Hunger eating some strange berries and mushrooms plus all of the whiskey was gone. Then when she tried to sleep that off, she woke up atop a dead bloated Bull Elk. A bare spot had been rubbed hairless on its belly from Hunger humping it, and she didn’t even want to guess why its tongue was pulled out so far, or where its cock might have been.

    With that she had Scout cast Hunger down into some pit in her mind, and then issued her edict.

    "Scout, it’s horse shit that I have to do everything! It’s about time you pulled your weight. Now I realize that you’re too stupid to even move on your own. So I’m giving you an order. Get us to that hilltop right over there. I’m getting some sleep!"

    Sure enough Scout did exactly as the-Other had ordered in quick enough time that the-Other wished that she could have slept longer. The condition she found herself in however was less than ideal, as instantly the-Other began ranting and berating Scout.

    "Scout, where are our boots and pants? What do you mean they fell off? Well if they were too big and fell off why didn’t you pick them back up and put them back on? What do you mean you don’t need them, I do! Climb back down where, what gorge?"

    Upon Scout’s urging, the-Other took a mere, and unsafe for that matter three paces back to the edge of the cliff looking down into what would eventually be called "Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone." The hilltop that the-Other had pointed to having caused Scout to take a path as the crow flies.

    Once she reached whatever obstacles she encountered before and finally the canyon itself, instead of going around, Scout had taken a direct path. Scaling down the canyon’s face, she then swam the river fighting the rapids losing the boots in the process, and then scaled the opposite face losing the pants there, with them falling down into the river and washing away. Everything was soaked, and the three pairs of socks that the-Other had worn to try to help make the boots fit were now shredded rags around her ankles. Then something upset her even more.

    "Wait, what’s that? There are campfires on the other side. What do you mean you know you avoided them! Why? You idiot! They might have had provisions we could use and the slut and I could have had some fun! You passed two other parties of people too? I don’t care about being safe, that’s what we have you for! Okay, that’s it. Go down with the slut and stay there till you’re needed, We’ll never get out of this hell unless I do it!"

    Though the-Other was too involved with her own petty wants to notice, if she had then she might have seen Scout smile just ever so slightly within her mind. Scout was no fool, and she was deliberately frustrating the-Other for a reason. The-Other was partly right however. Neither Scout nor Hunger was fit to control their communal body for any extended amount of time. What she was wrong about however was that neither was she, though for the time being, Scout would let the-Other learn this for herself.

    Gingerly walking through the Yellowstone not having Scout’s agility, the-Other foolishly followed the river upstream in reality taking her deeper into the wilderness. All of the sights and features that would fascinate the multitudes to come however were lost on her. Kay would have been amazed exploring the region for years if given a chance. The-Other however just wanted to find people to torment, and unfortunately, she would.

    No Man’s Land:
    For two more days the-Other walked through the Yellowstone without seeing another soul. Passing wonders beyond description, all she would look for were other people, even failing to note those things that would have made her lot much more bearable.

    Wearing only an oversized shirt of the men’s, everything else lost except the heavy coat she had rolled up on the pack for at night, she stumbled and tip-toed over the sharp rocks never even considering to make herself some moccasins. The canvas tarp used under and over the bedroll could have been made into pants, and if she had thought, the boiling clay mud once cooler would have made an excellent barrier on her face and legs from the biting bugs. The-Other even passed up numerous mineral, hot and cold springs that could have soothed her aching muscles. In the end she was just as focussed as Scout and Hunger, though that focus was about to be put to use.

    Through the trees the-Other noted a small camp and with a patience she rarely exhibited, watched until she was sure as to how many people were within it. There were only two, a young Shoshone couple there alone for whatever reason. With that the other slowly crept up on them, the rifle she had taken from the men leveled though not even cocked, let alone loaded which she had no idea how to do, and when she was close enough she cleared her throat.

    After enough mutual yelling and threats that neither the-Other or they understood, eventually she had bluffed them into laying upon the ground, dropping her pack and then moved in close to them. Once close enough, the-Other withdrew a weapon that she could use and had many times, a simple knife, and as she held it to the man she lashed his wrists together, and once she had, she turned to the young woman.

    After a lot of pantomime, finally the-Other conveyed that she wanted the woman to strip the man of his moccasins, leggings, belt and loincloth. Then she made the woman strip off her buckskin dress and knee high moccasins finally binding her wrists as well, and once she had, she bound them each to a different tree facing one another perhaps ten-feet apart.

    Ransacking their belongings finding nothing of value, clearly the couple just harvesting berries, the-Other then turned to satisfying her true needs as she moved to between the couple to terrify them. Dropping her pack and the rifle, taking up her knife the-Other first approached the male and simply slipped her knife under his balls and cock lifting them up slightly as though about to remove them, and looked to the woman screaming out her threat.

    "Should I? Tell me girl, what will you think of your filthy man when he’s a girl!"

    As expected the woman began to scream and plead causing the-Other to smile wide and malevolently. The words were actually pointless in that the Shoshone had no idea what she was saying and visa versa, however the furious noise, expressions and gestures no doubt spoke volumes. With that she removed the knife causing him no harm yet, and looking as though she was going to slaughter the woman for her outburst charged her seeming enraged. Slapping her twice to insure that she’d begin sobbing, the-Other then set the tip of the knife to the cleft of the woman’s cunnie and began a slow scratching drag with the tip all the way up to her throat as she looked to the man.

    The Brave’s bonds creaked as he strained to break them looking truly enraged, yet he said nothing realizing that any pleas he made would not change the outcome, and he refused to give this sadistic woman the satisfaction. Frustrated the-Other became angry setting the knife to one of the woman's breasts, and just as she was about to cut, she became distracted seeming to be looking and speaking to no one.

    "What do you mean no? You don’t tell me no, I tell you no! What about your turn? You got your turn with that man, oh and that Elk, gawds. If you go first you’ll probably kill them, then what fun will I get? Yeah but then I have to clean us up, you wouldn’t! Fine, okay, fine! Just make sure they both hate each other by the time you’re through, but when I say it’s my turn, no argument!"

    With that once more the-Other weaved and then steadied herself seeming to gain her bearings. As she glanced up to both the woman and then the man, Hunger’s green eyes were afire with lust trying to decide what to do first as the-Other pulled back in her mind, watching and waiting.

    Hunger was so crazed that she just about ripped her shirt off losing the buttons on it in the process. Instantly she lunged at the woman, yet after slathering over her breasts a moment and mauling her cunnie, she with a thud dropped to her knees, yanked the girl’s thighs over her shoulders and began ravenously lapping at her twat.

    ‘The hell?… Are you kidding me?’ The-Other shouted in her their communal mind as Hunger slobbered over every inch of the gals cunnie while her hands ran over every bit of her that she could reach. ‘What in the blazes is wrong with you? Bite her or shove your fist up her ass! Do something to terrify them, not just show them you’re a slut!’

    Hunger however didn’t listen continuing her enjoyment, though it did have an affect upon the brave. He was neither excited nor turned on by witnessing what his wife was going through being mauled by this maniac, and as the woman wailed and cried, and the man yelled in fear and anger, the-Other was at least somewhat pleased by that.

    At that point wanting it all, and all at the same time, Hunger unexpectedly yanked herself away from the woman and turned on the man. Much to the-Other’s displeasure Hunger began slobbering over the man’s cock once more on her knees, so the-Other began openly considering what she should do. ‘Kill the man or the woman? Got to leave one alive otherwise it’s pointless. Maybe I should castrate and scalp him, yet open her up from her gut to her throat. Then again, I could get her ears and nose, and skin him slowly…’

    Just about then as the woman wailed fearing for her man and consoling him as he wept out his apologies and shame to her for having to witness this and to be strong, with him finally hard Hunger yanked his cock out of her mouth and stood up. Wrapping one leg around him, she raised up and tried to set his cock to her cunt to fuck him, yet just as she leaned in close the man swung his head striking hers, and in an instant Scout responded.

    "My turn, shh, rest now."

    That moment Hunger and the-Other fell into the blackness of sleep as Scout did what she was urged to do.

    How long later and what had happened she couldn’t be sure of, however as her gray eyes slowly fluttered open the-Other found herself by a vast lake the likes of which she had never seen before. Odder still, the ground itself felt like heat was rising up through it as though the fires from Hell were warming the soil. She could even smell the brimstone yet oddest of all, taste fresh blood in her mouth, a lot of it, and even noted tiny bits of meat stuck between her teeth.

    Looking down over her body the-Other was surprised to find that just like often before, she was naked and covered with blood from head to toe. Her skinned up knees she attributed to Hunger, though it confused her as to why her shoulder was sore and also scraped up. In a panic she looked around frantically realizing that fortunately Scout had not left their few belongings back at the camp though the rifle was missing and even the box of shells. Further inventory showed that Scout had taken the woman’s moccasins, yet otherwise took nothing else.

    Crawling to the water to bathe, as always the-Other began berating Hunger and also questioned Scout as to what had happened. Hunger’s responses as expected would simply just come to her, Scout however as always answered directly.

    "First people we find, and you two idiots ruined it! Yes you did! I had them terrified and you start slobbering all over them like some two-bit whore, and then the other idiot made me miss out on everything, at least the stupid half-breed had sense enough to stay out of my way."

    "And what in the hell is all this blood in my mouth, what have you been eating?" The-Other queried Scout.

    ‘You were hungry. So I did as you said I should, and swallowed’ Scout replied.

    That moment the-Other paused her bathing gripping her belly as though about to become ill.

    "Oh my gawd… Oh my gawd! What in the, what in the hell is wrong with you two! We’re stuffed, how much did you eat?" The-Other barked back.

    ‘Every bite I took’ Scout’s blunt response, as instantly the-Other began washing out her mouth and then resumed her grilling of Scout.

    "What about the girl, did you eat her too or just hump her like the slut would have? Is she still alive?"

    ‘She lives, I made her eat too’ was Scout’s chilling response.

    As sadistic and cruel as the-Other was, to even her cannibalism seemed to go just a bit too far as she frantically began to try and force herself to vomit. When she could not, she began scrubbing herself down frantically as she ranted on about Hunger trying to pleasure them and Scout cannibalizing the man alive then force feeding his wife some of him.

    Fact of the matter was however, Scout indeed did what she was urged to do. Urged to protect herself yet also defend the innocent, Scout had forced the-Other and Hunger to sleep upon witnessing Hunger’s rape of the couple and hearing the-Other’s plans of slow butchery and torturous murder.

    Leaving the couple bound for the moment and taking only the knife, Scout worked hard to track down a Mule-Deer, and with her bare hands fought to bring the beast down. Bringing it back to the camp, it was only then that she released the Shoshone couple both of them still terrified and confused. Realizing they couldn’t run, cradling each other they watched as Scout gutted the deer, and then oddly removed its neck and head. Noting that the couple had little to eat and no weapons, Scout then took a bite of the deer’s liver, commonly eaten raw, and then urged each to take a bite of it as well, waiting until they had.

    With that and unable to undo the wrongs already done to them, Scout gathered up all of the-Other’s precious possessions, left the couple the deer, a spare knife and the rifle and shells, a priceless commodity, and took the deer’s head and neck sprinting off into the distance. She knew that the-Other would be enraged if she found out, so, she had covered herself in blood from the deer, eaten the meat in the neck, and would let the-Other’s own sadistic inclinations fill in the blanks.

    The-Other was slowly learning that she could not control this trio of minds, yet Scout knew that she had not fully realized it yet.

    Bitter Blue:
    For two more weeks the-Other wandered aimlessly trying to find people to vent her cruelties upon. Missing out on all of the wonders that the region held, she experienced thirst and hunger like she had never known, most of all however, the loneliness. Scout refused to speak with her, and when she finally awakened Hunger, she drove the-Other so crazy with her endless perversions and vices that a mere two-hours later she ordered her back to sleep.

    Eventually the-Other stumbled upon a small hunting camp. Thoughts of what might transpire and how she could turn the men upon one another had her racing down to it only to find six dead market hunters clearly slaughtered by Natives. Unfortunately for her, a small long-range patrol of twenty soldiers out of Fort Ellis, Montana had heard the fighting and arrived too late, and she charged right in surprising them.

    Granted, men are men, yet these soldiers had lost some of their own to Natives in the course of their patrol having already been out a month. Though fair is fair in that they had been tasked with clearing the Yellowstone of all indigenous peoples through "relocation with prejudice," meaning murder, the-Other being a half-breed looked just a little too much like an "injun" to them.

    Gaunt, dark from the sun yet also wind-burned, wearing only her moccasins, and a cloth man’s shirt held closed by a strap around her waist, the-Other had picked up a bit of speed coming down the hill and yelled "hey!" at the last. To the soldier standing near where she popped out it sounded like a war-cry, and with a reflexive swing of his rifle the side of the stock caught her in the head, and just that quickly the-Other was down and out in the encampment.

    Having no idea how long she had been out yet the-Other slowly came-to finding herself gagged and with her wrists bound behind her back, sitting half on the lap of some man, though her thighs were forced wide by the breadth of the saddle’s pommel being a McClellan. In her haze, she didn’t find it uncharacteristic that the man had one arm around her waist as the other minded the reins, what suddenly struck her is that his large hand was inside of her shirt.

    Running his hand from her belly up to her breasts he mauled her without restraint. Worse still, in that the saddle was a McClellan that meant the center of it was wide open and had a lot of room to slip under her in addition to already sitting higher. So he’d pull her nipples some, roughly squeeze and mash her breasts, and then his hand would slip low, and with her legs wide, her cunnie just as, it was nothing for him to plow through her folds and even sink a finger or two deep up inside of her.

    In the past such rough obscene treatment had meant nothing to the-Other. After all, it wasn’t her body, it was Kay’s. Even when the-Other had taken control of Kay it never seemed to bother her at all in that Kay’s consciousness worked like a buffer. Now however though she had always felt it all before, it somehow meant something. It was not simply someone violating Kay which to be honest always gave the-Other a good laugh. Now not only did she physically feel it fully, but all of the other sensations, thoughts and emotions also hit her, and they hit her hard.

    Recognizing that she was finally awake, the soldier began fondling the-Other much rougher and with purpose. She tried lurching her body away yet he just held her tight with his hand holding the reins, her screams and thrashing equally unproductive as he just laughed maliciously licking up her neck to her ear as he growled out his hateful threat.

    "Mmm, I hear you Snake injun whores like the bucks. How much do you like em in your backside? Lets find out."

    Again the-Other tried to thrash and scream to no avail. Never in all her memories could she remember fear let alone terror. She felt weak and vulnerable, and totally without control over the situation. The most terrifying part was, to this man it all seemed as though it was nothing. To him it was as much of a stretch as putting on a boot, and that’s when she felt it. His cock withdrawn from his pants squeezed into the crack of her ass pointing to his belly as he looked and spoke to the soldier riding next to him, karma having apparently found the-Other.

    "You got that tin of lard handy?"

    "Yeah, I knew you’d be wanting it. It’s all clear, here, do it, all the fellas have you covered" the other soldier whispered back as she looked between them and he extended out a small tin with the tan grease, the soldier she was sitting upon taking out a scoop.

    The next thing the-Other felt was him covering his cock with the grease, and then as his hand holding the reins jammed to her cunnie and lifted, she felt him line up the tip of his cock to her anus, and then simply lowered her upon it. Again she tried to scream through the gag though her breath had been knocked from her as she felt the pressure and the violation. Her anus burned as a cold sweat washed over her, and as he began bouncing her off his lap his greasy hand mauling her breasts once again, he furiously rubbed at her cunt.

    The-Other was shattered. Not only had she been terrified at what might happen, then it had become real. Typically, though her own cruelties were comparatively a thousand times worse, she never connected that fact only thinking upon her comparatively minimal suffering at the moment. The worst part though happened when the soldier suddenly pushed her tight down to him. She could feel his cock throb and lurch, and even though she could hear his restrained groan, unlike when a man would cum in Kay’s vagina, she could actually feel a surge of heat inside her bowel, and she realized, he had cum in her.

    The-Other had never cried in all her existence not really knowing emotions past her drive to be cruel. Suddenly however she was silently bawling feeling shame, terror, pain and helplessness. It is then as the men quietly laughed and spoke about her as though she was just some receptacle for their spunk that the reality of it all hit her when the other soldier said;

    "My turn now, pass her over."

    After he had made use of her bottom as well, and the two behind them each had a round in her cunnie, out of no where a sergeant came riding back and right up next to her and the soldier who’s cock was still in her cunt. Never realizing what they were doing, he simply barked out a question and order.

    "Sully, has that squaw been riding with you the whole time?" To which the soldier just nodded afraid that he’d been caught. "Well pass her off to someone else, I don’t want your horse to wear out. Do you men hear me? I don’t care how much you boys hate injuns or riding double, no more than a half-hour with each of you so the horses don’t tire!"

    As the sergeant rode back up to the front of the line, the ten men in the rear just began laughing.

    By the time column of soldiers made camp, of the ten men in the rear, six had a turn inside the-Other and she was emotionally devastated. Each of them mauling and raping her was bad enough. The fear it instilled in her perhaps even more so. The worst of it though was the fact that she experienced something that she never had. Oh she had seen Kay do it many times, Hunger too, however she herself had never experienced an orgasm. As you might expect due to the circumstances, it made one of the best parts of sex suddenly one of shame and self loathing, and though she fought it, the-Other had cum two times.

    With her wrists bound above her head and her back against a tree somewhat facing away from the small camp, the-Other found a couple of the soldiers from earlier now making leisurely use of her mouth with her head pinned. Having no option, she retreated deep into her mind to find out why no one had answered her pleas for help.

    Hunger had simply been pouting having been cast down so had refused, though she had masturbated the entire while watching the-Other’s predicament. Scout however was no where to be found. The-Other had called on her a thousand times to rise up and kill all of these men, yet Scout was gladly doing what the-Other had begged for, and that was wishing her suffering of this day and all of those previous were endured by Kay. So Scout had cast herself down into the deepest part of their mind.

    In the month or so since Hummingbird and Ji’s death, Kay had lamented and mourned their passing like no other ever had saying over and over constantly, ‘oh my sweet Hummingbird. My sweet, sweet gentle Hummingbird.’ To Kay however in that dark oubliette time had slowed. Each second felt like a day, a day like years, and Kay had been there for a month which had felt like millennia. After what seemed like a decade she felt that she had mourned enough, though she discovered that it was all that she had. So it meant either suffering the anguish of mourning or oblivion, so Kay mourned on.

    When Scout found her, Kay had suffered so long that neither recognized the other. Never the less as Scout threw Kay over her shoulder and began to climb out of that hellish pit, Kay held onto all that she could remember from the dawn of time, and screamed the entire way to be left alone. Finally however they reached their communal consciousness, and as they gathered around in a circle to resolve this problem, the first soldier surged his spunk up into the-Other’s mouth as she stared ahead blankly, and the next of what would be four stepped up for his turn.

    All of them naked and looking exactly the same save for the color of their eyes, their posture and demeanor found it to be a unique gathering. The-Other sat cradling herself sobbing unable to cope with the suffering and emotion. Scout stood there stoic and devoid of emotion, her shoulders back and muscles flexed prepared just as she always was. Then there was Hunger, leaning back slowly masturbating and cumming over and over as she relished all that the-Other had just endured. Finally there sat Kay rocking and muttering over and over the same phrase as the pow-wow began.

    Hunger: ‘Keep sucking it, oh yes, I love how the last man’s cum is churned by this new man’s cock, don’t swallow!’

    Scout: ‘You wanted her, so ask her. Beg her like I just heard you do.’

    Kay: ‘Oh my sweet Hummingbird. My sweet, sweet gentle Hummingbird.’

    The-Other: "How could they, oh my gawd I’m so ashamed, they laughed even!"

    Scout: ‘I said ask her. I climbed down to hell to fetch her, now ask.’

    Hunger: ‘Spread your legs more, show them our cunt. Oh the cum gushing from it mixing with that from our ass is delicious.’

    Kay: ‘Please just take me back, oh my sweet Hummingbird. My sweet, sweet gentle Hummingbird.’

    The-Other: "You don’t understand, they raped me, they made me even… oh my gawd…"

    Round and round it went each as focussed as the next. Faster and faster until they were all speaking at the same time in a blur of disconnected selfish tacks.

    ‘Oh gawd, I could even feel it pump in my ass-- Ask her-- sweet gentle Hummingbird-- Get them to fuck us again-- You wanted her, now ask!-- Get them out of my mouth please!-- Sweet, sweet gentle-- Oh yeah swallow it-- Ask!-- Again in our ass-- Hummingbird-- So ashamed-- Ask-- Suck it-- Hummingbird-- Ask, ask now-- Hummingbird-- Suck it hard-- Oh gawd not another-- Ask-- sweet Hummingbird-- Ask-- Enough!’

    With that Kay suddenly lashed out furious that she had been taken away from the only thing she had known for thousands of years, demanding to know why she had been disturbed in her anguish having forgotten that she herself did not even want it any longer.

    ‘What! What do you want? Why couldn’t you just leave me be!’ Kay lashed out screaming.

    The-Other didn’t even have to be prompted by Scout’s demand as she instantly wailed back;

    "Oh gawd please help me, I can’t endure this!"

    Of Vengeance and Vindication:
    With that Kay rose up furious literally kicking the-Other as she shoved her way to the front of her mind, oddly having full knowledge of all things that had transpired since she cast herself down. Leaving the-Other there however to endure it just as Kay always had to, and as she saw and felt things like the-Other always had with her, Kay simply listened as the third soldier unloaded his spunk into their mouth saying only ‘wait, listen.’

    As the third soldier stepped away and the fourth stepped up filling the-Other’s mouth with his cock, Kay did indeed listen. It became clear that the ten soldiers that had been raping her were part of one group, and nine of the others were of a different clique with an officer between them. The nine griped about the ten not pulling their weight, and then went on to cast slurs and old beefs, and Kay without further explanation knew how to turn this around, vengefully whispering to the-Other.

    ‘Hurry up and finish him off, then the "stupid lazy half-breed" will save you. Suck harder.’

    Whether due to the-Other or not, soon enough the soldier came filling her maw. It was then that Kay instantly spoke for her taking control of the-Other so she could feel what really being helpless was like though experiencing it all. Kay intentionally though did not force herself to the front of the-Others mind all for one reason. Her eyes.

    "Filthy Yankee trash, shove your cock in my mouth a’gin and I’ll bite it off! I’d rather suckle a hundred sweatin darky field hands than one of you blue belly bastards!"

    They had kept the-Other gagged assuming that she was a Native not wanting her to call out to any others near. As the-Other yelled, everyone froze stunned, and Kay really laid it on thick faking an exaggerated accent to speak like Hum as though coming from the deep south.

    "Cut me down you hog humpin Yankees. I didn’t travel no two-thousand miles to get away from you carpetbaggers only to be raped by you now! Do you hear me trash, you hear me?"

    Just then the sergeant raced up trying to shush her as his voice took on its own southern drawl instead of his typical commanding tone.

    "Ma’am, ma’am please, them redsticks will hear us. Us fellas didn’t know you was American bein you looked and sounded injun at the time."

    "Don’t you dare sass me you lyin blue jacket! You’re the one that told that trash to pass me around, and I don’t give two hoots about no injuns! I already escaped em once and thought I found help, yet instead I find raping blue bellies!" The-Other lashed back.

    By that time everyone had gathered around her with the lieutenant rushing up at the last ordering the sergeant to silence her. The nine including the sergeant looked stunned though they were getting angry. The ten however grew pale as reality slapped them in the face causing their blood to drain from it.

    As the-Other continued to yell the sergeant apologized as he gently covered her mouth with a bandana again pleading with her to be quiet, waiting for her to calm. At first glance she did appear to be a native with her dark hair and tanned skin which was obvious. Wearing only an oversize men’s shirt that had no buttons and her tall Shoshone moccasins, the-Other lay there legs wide and shirt open, bare from her head to her shins, the shirt only covering her arms tied above her head to the tree.

    Obvious as well were her stark gray eyes and the copious amount of what looked like men’s cum over her cheeks, chin and breasts, and ebbing out of her vagina and bottom. If the-Other had ever thought that she was cunning, she was about to learn that she was a novice in manipulating and betraying those closest. When the lieutenant sternly demanded to know who she was, Kay that moment whispered to the-Other a simple reminder, and as the sergeant pulled away the bandana, Kay relinquished her control for the moment just as she finished whispering;

    ‘Did you like how these men filled every hole of yours with their spunk, knowing that you couldn’t stop it. Helpless, weak, nothing to them except a hot void as they laughed you being nothing more,’ Kay whispered in the-Other’s mind vengefully.

    Instantly the-Other began bawling as the rag was pulled aside, and that moment, not expecting her raw and newfound emotions to be exposed, she also experienced humiliation and shame.

    "Oh my gawd, oh my gawd! You raped me, all of you raped me over and over and laughed, passing me around like I was nothing knowing I couldn’t stop you. Please no! I didn’t mean that! Just don’t hurt me any more, oh gawd so afraid, please! Oh my gawd I‘m so filthy now, so ashamed, please just let me get the filth out of me, oh my gawd!"

    Grudgingly covering her mouth again the sergeant looked enraged. The lieutenant looked disturbed but hesitant and the ten soldiers looked pallid. The other eight however were already shedding tears and looked furious. Just then a few of them started yelling and shoving at the ten, and a couple even began throwing punches as old hates now heaped on with new reasons overwhelmed them.

    That moment as the lieutenant and sergeant tried breaking the men up and quieting them, Kay once more took control of the-Other drawing her knees up tight to her chest to cover herself and dropped her head to her knees to hide her expression. Keeping the tone the-Other had used continuing to cry, she drove the final nail into the unit’s coffin.

    "Please! I know all of you Yankees hate me just a-cuz I’m from the South, but just don’t kill me like you did my Mam and Pap, and, and please don’t torture and rape me like you did my brothers! I know I’m weaker and can’t stop you being just a woman, just cut me down and you can do what you want. Oh gawd, our good southern boys would kill you all for this!"

    With that five of the nine surrounded the-Other and in a heartbeat her bonds had been cut, two shirts taken off draped over her, and they all postured up ready to defend her to the death as they comforted her as well. Coincidentally, all of them having heavy southern accents.

    "Ma’am, don’t you worry. We ain’t all Yankees, and them godless bastards are gonna pay."

    As much as it fired up the nine to protect and avenge her believing the-Other was one of their own, it had ended the scuffle for the moment and most of all, split the group of twenty almost in half. Kay had read their minimal words she heard right. Half of the unit was made up of what were once Union soldiers, and the other half Confederates the sergeant being one, and their old feuds and hates still boiled. Though the war had been over for close to seven years, the bitterness however would last for decades to come.

    "You men stand down" the lieutenant barked though the nine refused to move. "Miss, what is your name, where do you come from, and how long have you been in the territory?"

    The moment the lieutenant spoke, immediately the-Other began acting afraid of the "Yankee," and when the sergeant stated that "in her condition" he would question her, in hushed tones the lieutenant informed him as to what they needed to know and why. Yet Kay listened.

    Since Kay had overheard all of their conversation, she was well prepared when the sergeant returned. Still sniffling and feigning trembling, when he asked to speak with her, in her deep southern drawl the-Other begged him to walk her to the spring she had seen so she could rid herself of the "Yankee filth," and in the process she’d answer his questions. The very fact that she would be naked simply made it all the easier for her to spin her tale.

    With the sergeant and two others he brought along turning their backs to her as the-Other stripped and crawled into the warm-spring, she answered all of his questions using facts and names from many people she had overheard in recent years, most of them from Hum.

    Stating that her name was "Nellie-Jean Hail Reeser," the-Other told of how;

    ‘She had grown up in Greene county Tennessee, in an area known as Sallow Holler. How when the war broke out the Union Army had eventually made it to their little farm, killed her Mother, and her Father who just happened to be a preacher. While hiding as the farm burned, she had to witness her brothers being repeatedly raped by the Yankees, known for liking young men, and then had to watch them sexually defile the livestock all while they trampled and spat on the family bible. Finally, she told of how she had overheard them wishing that they had found a gal so they could have handed her over to the colored troops.’

    She then continued how that; ‘just after the war having no one, she met a returning son of the confederacy, a brave young man who had fought all of those years to protect the sovereign sanctity of the southern states, Corporal Johnny Levi Reeser. She told of the carpetbaggers and how he could not find work due to him being a confederate veteran, and how when that devil Ulysses S. Grant became President they began saving every penny just so they could move as far west as possible to California.’

    By that point though the three soldiers had been peeking now and again, her feminine southern accent which they had not heard in so very long really drew them to her. Her tale though a common one, coupled with their loneliness, missing home, and their own hate for northerners struck a chord in them. Add to that their instinctual urge to protect one of their own, a vulnerable woman no less, one that had suffered so much at the hands of Yankees, most of all today, and they fell right into her hands never questioning a word she said.

    Granted, it had been a while since they had seen any woman, and since she never seemed to look at them, they could watch longingly as she slipped her hands over every curve and though every crevice to bathe herself clean. So there was that as well.

    When asked if she had any Native blood, specifically was she half-Indian, the-Other in a surprised tone asked; ‘how they could tell in that her Great Grandmother she had heard was half Cherokee? So that would make her part "Injun." Otherwise her family was mostly Scottish and Dutch.’

    Finally when asked how long she had been in the territory, the-Other forced out a few choked up sobs told of how;

    ‘they had crossed the Mississippi two months ago and just made it to the Utah territory when Indians attacked two weeks prior. They killed everyone in the small wagon-train including her new husband, and had sold her to some other Indians who had brought her up here.’ At that point she began sobbing about being ‘alone and helpless, and the first ray of hope she finds turns out to be more murdering, raping, man buggering, animal molesting, bible stomping Yankees, and now, she was their prisoner and newest victim.’

    Weeping, the-Other reached out begging the men just to hold her a moment being so afraid and having been lonely for so long. That moment the men were stunned that this naked woman was pressing herself to them seeking comfort and protection, as Kay inside the-Other’s mind smiled wickedly as she stood behind her whispering.

    ‘I think I’ll stay a little longer. Now remember, you have to convince them that you’re a rebel gal. Oh never mind, I’ll do it for you. Now be a good doggy, err I mean Wolf.’

    It was funny how a hot spring could bring back memories, and it was the-Other’s turn to be helpless.

    The Second Civil War:
    As the three soldiers comforted the-Other, being more mature the sergeant asked if she’d like a blanket so that she could wash her shirt. Sniffling out a thank you the-Other nodded, and as she watched the sergeant head back into camp she could tell that her assumptions had been correct. The six other confederate veterans were blocking the trailhead and now and again angrily gesturing toward the ten. The-Other knew that all she had said would be told to the balance, and so Kay set out to truly turn them all against each other, and in the process, get some payback on the-Other in kind.

    "Don’t you worry little cousin, we’ll take care of you" one of the soldiers stated. "Cousin" a common term used for a fellow southerner.

    "I wish, then I could get that Yankee stink off of me and out of my mouth" the-Other replied.

    "Well we ain’t got no whiskey" the second soldier stated as both men petted her back still holding her close. "The lieutenant says it ain’t regulation, damn Yankee."

    "Whiskey wouldn’t cut that smell" replied the-Other. "What I need is some good southern boys to drive it out. Kissin cousins I reckon, but I don’t expect any good man would want me now."

    Just as Kay expected, both men instantly began arguing against what she had just said heaping on all of the compliments, claims of how any man would be lucky to have her, and how they wished it was one of them just as she knew they would. Naturally they both also tempered that with how they hoped once she felt better if she came to Fort Ellis that they might get a chance to court her.

    In the process the light strokes of their hands to her back became less soothing and more sensual though restrained realizing what she had just endured. Sensing that, the-Other drew even closer between them pulling her arms tight to her sides and shivering as though she was cold, and once they pressed closer she let her arms relax, and as she did her hands just brushed over the front of their britches.

    Soon after, the sergeant returned causing the soldiers and the-Other to discreetly hide their teasing. When the sergeant wrapped the blanket around her shoulders and stated how they’d go back to give her some time and privacy, the-Other spoke up stating how she was afraid to be alone with the Yankees near, and asked if the two soldiers could stay and keep watch over her. Once he agreed and moved off, that’s when Kay whispered once more to the-Other.

    ‘You wanted to be around people. Well, what say you get your wish. Don’t worry though, I’ll speak and move for you having experience.’ Kay growled out malevolently in the-Other’s mind.

    Instantly the-Other panicked. Feeling things now the way that Kay always had was overwhelming yet not in a good way. The-Other liked being in control and the one inflicting the cruelties, nothing more. Kay in the past had to endure all of the suffering it brought, yet that just served the-Other’s needs all the more. This moment Kay was thinking back to the hot spring and the Wolf Scouts. Her humiliation, the shame, all she had to endure and so on. Worst of all that she enjoyed it which was also used against her. So now she’d have her retribution.

    "Say fellas, did y’all mean what you said… cousins?" To the-Other’s horror, the words just flowed out of her mouth so seductive and sultry they almost sounded lewd.

    "Well hell yeah cuz" one of them stated, "we southerners need to stick together."

    With that the-Other clarified what she meant in both word and action. As she spoke her index fingers traced down from their chest until her fingers flared wide across the bulges in their trousers.

    "Well, that’s not what I’m talking about. You know that one gal who took everyone out behind the barn at least once? I am a preachers daughter after all, and I want that Yankee stink out of me, right now."

    The-Other inside her mind helpless to stop Kay was begging her to please not do this. Kay however would have her revenge. So as the-Other looked to the two soldiers seductively, she slipped her hands into theirs, and pulled them to behind a big rock out of view from the rest. The men were surprised to say the least especially considering what she had been through, yet as the-Other dropped her blanket and began struggling with their belts she made herself clear.

    "Them filthy Yankees, I’d understand fellas if you don’t want near me because of that, yet I’ll be damned if a Yankee is gonna be the last man to have me. Hell, I’d rather go to my grave stinkin of injun or even a colored boy instead."

    The soldiers didn’t even flinch as their hands at first tentatively than excitedly began to rub and fondle as much of her as they could reach, and by the time the-Other had fished out their cocks they were already hard as the-Other suddenly placed one condition on the moment.

    "Pump it in me quick fellas before them Yankees catch us," and with that the-Other bent over shoving one of their cocks into her wet cunnie, and the other deep into her mouth.

    The soldiers didn’t have to be asked twice as they both began rapidly pumping into her from both ends with the-Other bent at the waist. At first as the man behind grasped her hips and the second reached under her squeezing her breast, she had held on to his hip and cock. Yet as the-Other pled with Kay to please not do this, she quickly found her own hand leaving his hip and frantically sawing at her clit as Kay whispered to her in her mind.

    ‘Oh that’s right, you never cum. Time you learned and remember, if you do, that makes you a slut.’

    It took the soldiers no more than a couple of minutes before they froze then gripped her tight to then suddenly lunge one last time, and their cocks swelled then blasted their seed deep into her mouth and cunnie. To the-Other’s horror, she herself that moment seized then thrashed overwhelmed by her own crushing orgasm. The sensation was terrifying to her needing to always feel in control. The worst of it though being when the men had pulled themselves out of her, and trembling she slowly rose to standing, swishing the cum around in her mouth before swallowing, and then uttered words that she could not stop.

    "Oh lord thank you. I knew I could count on good southern men to help me feel right again. Be sure to let our other boys know in case they need some relief too. It’s a little too late to worry about my virtue, and I’d rather be bathed in the perfume of a hundred rebel boys than the stink of one filthy Yankee."

    The-Other was mortified desperately wanting to rid her mouth and cunt of the cum in them that came without consequence to the men. The helplessness though is what really beat her down, not even Kay’s almost constant chuckle throughout laughing at her compared. The-Other had hoped that Kay would relinquish control after just like she had to make the torment even worse, however Kay realized that the-Other would not concede her wrongdoings let alone feel guilt. So Kay would punish her instead.

    Once back among the other soldiers as the cold of a Wyoming night fell upon them, Kay kept to the group of nine southern soldiers as the ten looked on still wondering what might happen to them, yet more so how at ease she seemed if she was indeed so traumatized. As her shirt continued to dry Kay refused a rare commodity being an extra uniform made up of the sergeant’s spare blouse, and another’s pants. Her reason being, ‘she wouldn’t be caught dead in Yankee blues.’

    Huddled close to the fire and around the-Other, the nine wallowed in the company of a fellow southerner, and being a woman, an attractive one, one that had only a thin wool blanket between her and the world, it only added to their enticement. Best of all, the two that had helped her earlier had done as she prompted and discreetly whispered to the others about her generous offer. The-Other often that night as she’d catch a glance or a nod from this southern soldier or that would find herself once again needing some privacy to tend to her "Yankee jostled bits," and each time would ask for a soldier to escort her. Wild animals and Indian’s about being a reasonable concern.

    That night of the nine, seven different good old boys would offer to stand guard for her. Each time as they’d return she’d cast a wicked smirk to the ten northern soldiers, a traumatized pout to the lieutenant and the sergeant, yet the southern soldiers just beamed, and that was not lost on the northerners. The next day as they continued to ride north, as the northern soldiers grumbled and the southern ones tittered on, the-Other spent her time whispering to each soldier she rode with.

    Rehashing the destruction of home and the trauma at the hands of the northern soldiers only fueled their hate for them. Telling them tales about vast hills of gold and silver and gullies filled with gemstones that she had seen in her brief trek through the Yellowstone however only deepened their desire to desert. Finally cooing about her wanton desires for them feeling safe, similar, and aroused by them insured their desire to serve her first.

    By that evening as the last fiery streaks of color from a western sunset painted the sky, the-Other had discovered three things. The map of the Yellowstone and Montana territory and where the lieutenant kept it in the small tent that would be set up each night. That the ten northern soldiers were growing angrier by the second believing her claims of rape though justified to be shallow, and that the southern eight soldiers, the sergeant debatable, were all but ready to rebel once again and desert the army for better things, the-Other being one.

    Having wore just her moccasins, shirt and strap to keep it closed all day, the-Other though having refused the spare piecemealed uniform had discreetly stuffed it into her pack, and had already made two trips into the brush with first two and then one escort. By the minute it seemed the northern soldiers were becoming more agitated inspiring the southern troops to become just that much more defensive taking the opportunity to vent their long held grudges.

    Upon returning from her last trip, the-Other guided by Kay went out of her way to act as though she was wiping her mouth of splattered cum as she then smirked at the northern soldiers having a clear plan. The trick being to bring this all to a boil, and then convince the lieutenant that one or two southern soldiers should take her on ahead to end the conflict. It would be easy enough at that point to ditch them and head out on her own. By her reckoning, that moment was just about upon them.

    "No I ain’t gonna be quiet" one of the northerner’s said to another. "This is a load of horse-shit! That rebel whore has been rutting with every one of them rebel trash. Hell for all we know she raped our boys and if she ain’t, well she ought to be spreading her legs for us too!"

    "Shut your mouth you damned bible stomping Yankee. You ain’t got no call to be throwing out accusations being the hog humpers you are. Yeah we heard about your kind. Boys, goats and pigs more to your liking!"

    "Say it again reb, then you can cry to the lieutenant that I raped your guts with my knife!"

    Instantly the lieutenant and sergeant raced out to silence them due to the Natives near, the two groups of men already pushing and shoving as they shouted, the sergeant then ordering one of the southern soldiers to get the-Other away from there until they had calmed and sorted it out. As they quickly moved off, the-Other grasped the young soldier’s hand and beamed. Kay continued her cruel revenge of the-Other whispering to her as the-Other pled for Kay to stop.

    "Okay, I get it. I hurt your half-breed feelings but it’s over so just stop this! You know, you-you’re the one raping me now, you’re making me do this, you’re as bad as them and I begged you for help!" the-Other shouted in her mind to Kay hoping to shame her into stopping.

    ‘Oh no, it’s not that easy. You may have called me a slut, but you made all of that happen, so enjoy it. All of this, you made that happen too. I’m just saving you in a way that will save us all. But have it your way. I was hoping just this one and another, and then we’d go, but if you keep it up I’ll even have you rutting with the Yankees.’ Kay replied.

    "Miss Nellie-Jean?" the soldier suddenly said, "I know you might be a mite upset with all that yellin, but since we might be out here a bit, could we maybe, well, do what the other fellas said you did with them?"

    "Bo right?" the-Other asked with a sultry tone. "What was it that the others said I did? I remember yesterday you were so sweet in my mouth, you tasted wonderful."

    "Oh I liked that Ma’am, liked it a lot. It’s just that, well, I ain’t never laid next to a woman, you know like, real close, between her legs and--"

    "Shhh" the-Other responded pressing her fingers to his lips. "I’d love that Bo and I’ll tell you what. If you can do it quick and we have time, I’ll do the other thing too with my mouth to clean you off."

    The-Other was begging Kay within her mind to stop the young man from urgently grunting and shoving his cock deep inside of her. What made it worse was that Kay the entire while moved the-Other to deeply kiss him as she gripped his hips with her hands, and locked her heels in the small of his back so that she could grind her clit to his pubic mound. When she could tell he was nearing orgasm, that moment she rolled her hips and began her own frantic grinding of her clit to him so that just when he came deep inside of her, so did she.

    It was then right on cue just like she promised the-Other rolled him over lifting off of his still lurching cock and slid down his belly till it was deep in her mouth. Suckling upon it with such urgency that he remained hard, she sensed that he might cum once again. As the-Other’s guts roiled, Kay however became melancholy. The kissing had done it remembering the long intimate kisses with Hum, and though halfheartedly, Kay whispered to the-Other once again.

    ‘Isn’t it wonderful? Even you have to admit we have them fooled. They all think you’re a rebel whore. Keep it up, and it will be over by morning. I’ve saved you just like you asked.’

    Though she had not intended on relinquishing control until they had left these men, as Kay dwelled upon the kiss once again reminded of how much she missed Hum, she stepped back in her mind if anything to give the-Other a taste of her own medicine. To trick her into following through with this just so Kay could say ‘I didn’t do it, you did.’ Besides that, though it was a fair revenge it simply wasn’t like Kay to do such things, the whole business bothered her too. So with that, though no longer mourning yet lonely and sad, Kay pulled back and found herself a quiet place in her mind to reflect leaving the-Other to deal with the rest herself.

    Just that quickly the-Other’s lids fluttered and she mumbled around the soldier’s cock "oh thank gawd."

    "What was that Miss Nellie-Jean? That was wonderful, I’m so glad you were my first." The soldier queried.

    "I said" once the-Other had pulled her mouth off of his cock and moved up over him, "you mean your last."

    As the soldier beamed up at her looking confused, just that quickly the-Other swung a rock into his temple brutally. Sitting up grinning malevolently having recognized instantly when she was free from Kay, from behind her she heard the voice of one of the northern soldiers that had followed them there and seen everything.

    "Holy hell… What did you do that for?"

    With her voice no longer thick with an accent, the-Other responded sounding relieved, standing up and walking toward the man as though she was thrilled he had come up on them, taking something from the southern soldier’s belt as she did.

    "Those filthy Rebs, if I had to hear one more ‘Miss Nellie’ or one more ‘y’all’ I swear I would vomit. Thank gawd you’re here! Now I can do what I really needed… Here, hold his knife."

    With her eyes afire suddenly the-Other slashed across his throat and then stabbed him three times in his chest dispatching him quickly. Bending over and picking up her strap used to hold the shirt closed, she wrapped it around her neck, slapped her cheeks a couple times, and then headed back to the other soldiers.

    Kay had wrongly assumed that the-Other would have understood her own cruelty and learned from the experience. Fact of the matter is however the-Other had no conscience, guilt or remorse. Even her pleading about how horrible it all was, though unpleasant for her it actually meant little. All that she had said just more of her sociopathic lies.

    "Oh my gawd help me! It’s horrible, they killed each other!" the-Other shouted out stumbling and falling on the ground sobbing once near the other soldiers, and when they asked what happened in her best southern drawl she wailed out her answer.

    "That Yankee soldier came up behind us and hit poor old Bo with a rock… Oh my gawd, Bo! Then he began strangling me as he raped me! It was terrible! He-he said, he said that when he was done, all the Rebs would be killed just like they planned. Then all the Yankees would rape me and sell me to the Indians so they’d tell them where the gold was, and then Bo came-to and killed him before dying!"

    That’s all it took. In seconds the first of two shots rang out as two of the southerners shot two from the north. Then each side began to attack the other with knives and fists intent on killing the other half of their squad. It was so chaotic and fueled with rage that the-Other had time to sneak off with her pack, saddle a horse cutting the rest of them free, then grabbed the map out of the lieutenant’s tent and set it ablaze.

    She had considered shouting "injuns" or letting loose with a couple war whoops, but why bother. They’d be there soon enough due to the noise and fire, and without their horses, that would be that. The-Other would have her revenge and the more she thought about it, she couldn’t help but voice how she felt as she slowly rode away.

    "You know what half-breed, that was exactly what I’ve been needing. Maybe you’re not as stupid as I thought you were. Though you are still a slut."

    …And so, as The-Other rode, she dreamed of the paradise called Montana.
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    Hate of Half-Breeds

    59. Injun
    60. The Wolf and its Tail
    61. Hateful Ride to Helena
    62. Shameful Colors
    63. The Red Whore
    64. Red’s In, White Out
    65. When Chaos Reigns


    Over the next five-weeks the-Other tried to make her way to what she deemed as acceptable civilization. Unfortunately, the map that she had taken from the soldiers was lacking at best. A river here or a lone mountain top there gave no indication of the massive and arguably some of the most formidable mountain ranges that made up the American Rockies that lay right in her path. So it became a matter of what not to follow and guessing what to do next.

    Finding the Yellowstone River was easy enough, however, to follow it meant running straight into the primary trails to Fort Ellis, and it became clear soon enough that she would be trapped in a narrow and steep valley all of the way. With that she headed south, the direct way west blocked by what would eventually be called the Gallatin Range and after trying numerous passes she finally found another river which according to the map should have been the Madison.

    Unfortunately, half way up that even narrower valley she encountered some settlers that had been attacked by Blackfeet Indians. Granted, their assistance in telling her where she was not was invaluable in that she was actually following the Gallatin River which would have taken her to Fort Ellis itself. The little food they had and blankets to ease their suffering in their final hours proved just as helpful, and their cries of "please don’t leave us!" the-Other naturally found inspiring.

    Finally she found it, the Madison River, or at least she hoped in that the map was so vague. Rounding the southern edge of what would become the Madison Range, the-Other found herself travelling northward up another wider valley following a well established coach road. After another two days of travel she found what she hoped was Virginia City, yet was grudgingly directed west.

    Grudgingly in the form of shouts of "get out of here prairie nigger, no injuns allowed" and when she leapt off her horse pinning the man and drawing her knife, it found one of the three others pressing the barrels of their pistols to her skull to answer her.

    "Cavalry scout or not I’ll kill ya injun. Virginia City is down that road. Ease on up slow and ride on so they can soil their rope instead of mine."

    As she rode on, the little that had been spoken "to" her caused the-Other to have to consider things that she never really had. Typically, Kay had to endure all of the hardships of being a half-breed. The hateful words and cruelties, the back of a hand, boot, or butt of a gun-stock. In the past it never really registered with the-Other just how much hate and prejudice Kay had to cope with. Granted, she really didn’t care, yet now that she was a focus of that rage she still wondered, though questioned even her own wondering.

    "Cavalry scout" confused her at first, yet then she realized wearing army yellow striped and blue pants with her moccasins, let alone the sergeants jacket coupled with her complexion probably misled them. She spoke "American" however, and actually quite well, better than the half-breed or so she felt, yet as she wondered and questioned the easy answer suited her just fine. She was starving, clearly she was just not thinking and speaking straight, plus being so tired she likely looked as ragged as the half-breed, and after so long on the trail and tiring of cold rivers to bathe in, she was definitely becoming a bit rank.

    It was just about sunset as the-Other slowly rode into the north end of town and though tired and inexperienced with many cities, she was a little taken aback by the small size being the capital of the Montana Territory. Granted, few non-Native people lived there, yet after seeing an artists rendering of St. Louis she had somehow envisioned it being much more. Exhausted, starving, cold and wet as a soft rain began to fall, the-Other upon seeing one of the numerous small saloons instantly found herself urged to stop and go into one.

    What she didn’t realize was that Hunger had resorted to her old ways since Kay had shown herself. So as Hunger whispered for the-Other to ‘go in and have a drink, get warm and have a bath,’ she forgot the very firm rules that Kay lived by during such times.

    "Hey! No injuns allowed! Throw that redstick outta here!" the bartender instantly shouted just as the-Other walked through the door not wearing a hat to shield her face.

    The-Other didn’t even have time to think as she found her collar and seat of her pants grabbed by some man, and instantly she was slung around and "bum-rushed" out the door and chucked out into the muddy street.

    "No whiskey for injuns or niggers! Keep moving chief!" the-Other heard shouted out to her as she lay in the mud while the entire bar and the numerous men outside burst out laughing and began to gather round.

    "Scout!" the-Other shouted as the men drew closer, yet her call was ignored.

    "Nobody cares if you’re a scout tree-nigger. Fort-injuns get the same round here" another man called out as he kicked the-Other in the side and another man did the same to her opposite side.

    "Grab a rope and a horse and we’ll drag his tomahawk chuckin backside outta here!"

    "Scout quick!" the-Other shouted once again just as another man stomped on her hips to flatten her as another just caught her cheek with his boot, yet again Scout didn’t answer.

    "Shut up buffalo humper" a man shouted as he grabbed the-Other by the collar and yanked her up to standing. Almost instantly another man charged in and punched her in the gut adding his opinion. "He said shut up, and you ain’t quick enough it seems!"

    Just to try and get away the-Other spun and flailed. The man holding her collar ending up with just her jacket, yet in the process he also stripped her shirt off her back and arms leaving it hanging, the-Other now naked from the waist up. For a moment the men all went quiet in shock staring at her large breasts. The-Other finally having a chance drew her knife turning round and round slashing at the now perhaps twenty men who were all shouting out their surprise.

    "The hell, it’s a squaw!… Look at the size of them tits!… An injun slut? No wonder the army can’t protect us!… Grab the bitch, I hear’d they ain’t got no hair down low!… Filthy redskin gash, I ain’t gonna touch it, the split-tail prob’ly got the pox!…"

    Just then one man raced up behind her grabbing the-Other’s wrist with the knife and put her into a full nelson. As though on cue another charged her and punched the-Other in the stomach, and then grabbing her pants yanked them down to her knees as another reached over hitting her in the jaw.

    "Drag the army cum-ditch, get a rope!" one man shouted as another yelled out "hell lets fuck the bitch then skin her" and another replied "I ain’t soilin’ my pride, string it up" as just then a fourth man stepped up.

    "Why dirty a rope? I’ll make it a good injun, squaw or not. Injun, by the ‘thority vested in me by the Vigilance Committee, I sentence you to--" as he drew his pistol, cocked it and set the barrel to her temple.

    That instant the man found a pistol barrel set to his own temple and cocked. The Town Marshal had pushed his way through the crowd, and the resolve in his tone made all of the men freeze briefly.

    "Pull that trigger and you’re dead. I’m the law here. Johnny, let her go. The rest of you step back, now."

    Once the men had stepped back and began their mumbling, demands, and complaints of their fun being ruined, the Marshal reinforced his position and reasons.

    "All of you, be quiet! Soldier, pull your pants up and put on your shirt. You all listen! We aren’t going back to murder in the streets and we sure as hell aren’t going back to vigilante justice! What you do to the redskins out of town is your business, yet in town it’s mine, and I’m not having the army move in and institute marshal law just because you bummers decide to kill some army scout!"

    The-Other was shaking though it was debatable as to whether it was from fear, rage or the cold, a light snow having begun to fall. What she wouldn’t do however was sheath her knife. So though she was able to get her pants up, her shirt remained opened at the waist with her breasts hanging out. Half of the men had begun to lie, the rest voicing why they didn’t care, yet the Marshal just continued on as though he heard nothing.

    "Look around you idiots… Those women up on the walks don’t need to see you lynching some woman, injun or not, or raping her, or dragging her nude body through the streets. If a soldier draws on you, then fine, you have a right to defend yourself. Otherwise, if you have a problem, you come to me."

    Upon hearing that the man that had drawn on the-Other grabbed an old man out of the crowd intentionally choosing him, and told him to "give the squaw your gun Keller." The man though complying reminded him that being an old Colt Walker, a massive old pistol, that it rarely worked and might blow up, and with that the man just smiled indicating that he knew.

    "That squaw bitch said she was gonna kill me and my wife, and then rape my pigs after calling me a liar and a gold thief… and by gawd I want justice!" The man then shouted out.

    With that the Marshal looked to the-Other and spoke plain though avoided out and out calling the man a liar which everyone knew he was being.

    "It’s up to you, yet I’d not take that gun, especially ‘that’ old gun, hell it’s twice the size and weight of any here. You don’t have to fight him, I’ll make sure of that."

    The-Other was livid, that moment her shaking was clearly out of rage from the humiliation of it all, and she didn’t even hesitate putting away her knife and snatching the old rusty pistol from the old man’s hand.

    "And what if I kill him?" the-Other asked.

    "A fair fight is a fair fight. In fact, I’ll say when with none of that who draws first nonsense, and if you kill him, I’ll make sure you get out of town safely, but I’ll do that even if you don’t fight."

    Furious the-Other didn’t hesitate backing up through the men, violently elbowing those that didn’t move until she was perhaps twenty feet away. With her arm hanging by her side tightly gripping the massive pistol, she glared at the man she spoke clear.

    "Scout, the half-breed is about to get killed, and I can’t stop it, you better get off your backside now."

    Looking first to the man then the-Other, the Marshal shook his head as everyone cleared the path between and behind each of them, and when he was sure everyone was ready, he just said "go!"

    Though the man wasn’t particularly fast, he was accurate as he raised his weapon quickly cocking it on the rise and fired right for the-Other’s heart. The-Other however just stood there doing nothing. That is until a split second before he fired she blinked, and as his hammer fell she twisted and leaned back far, the bullet just missing the tops of her breasts though the shock-wave left a red burn across them from the friction.

    Everyone stood with their mouths hanging open until a couple of seconds later her ice blue eyes narrowed and she spun round. Scout flipped the pistol end for end grabbing it by the barrel, and heaved the four and a half pound gun so hard like a tomahawk that when it hit the man in the forehead, the back of his head and shoulders hit the ground long before his feet did.

    Her shaking had instantly stopped and now expressionless, any fear that she might have shown was gone as in a direct slow stride Scout approached the man lying there unmoving. Though the Colt Walker was beside him, Scout knelt down drawing her knife and set it to his throat as abruptly there was a barrel of a pistol set to the back of her head, and the calm yet stern voice of the Marshal speaking clearly.

    "Don’t… Cut his throat and I’ll not be able to get you out of here alive. Put your knife away, you made your point. If he dies so be it, yet it won’t be by some coup de grace. Come with me and I’ll get you out of here."

    With his words being so honest and blunt, Scout rose up sheathing her knife and in a single blink her eyes shifted from blue to gray. The-Other seemed actually rattled by the experience of witnessing her own hand moved by Scout, yet blinking and almost stammering, she just jerkily nodded to the Marshal and spoke softly.

    "O-okay, uh, lets go."

    Asking which horse was hers, as the-Other turned to walk to it the Marshal deftly grasped her shoulder guiding her in a different direction as they began to speak. The-Other was still so shaken that she just went along not questioning his reasons, her own malicious tendencies for the moment at least stifled.

    The Wolf and its Tail:
    "Well that was quite a trick sergeant," stated the Marshal. "I wouldn’t have trusted that pistol either, though I don’t think I would have had the chance like you did. Don’t worry about your horse, I’ll have it fed and stabled for a bit, and you look like you could use a little of the same."

    "No, I, I think I should just go." The-Other responded.

    "No ma’am. I told you that I’d get you out of here alive. If you leave now the Vigilance Committee will be sure to run you down. So unless you intend on dancing at the end of a rope, then you should come with me. We’ll give them a few hours, and after a bit of time and enough whiskey they’ll be lucky to find their boots much less their horses. Besides, you look like you could use some food, sleep and you are definitely due for a bath."

    Though she was hesitant to go into the Marshal’s office, once inside the Marshal took up a pot of water already heating on the stove, a bar of soap, a scrub brush and a towel and walked into the back by the cells speaking as he did.

    "I always keep some water heating and the soap around for the drunks that end up here every night, if anything just so I don’t have to suffer them. The first three cells are filled already, yet you can use the back corner one for some privacy."

    Walking into the brick lined cell and setting everything down, a bucket of cold water already there, the Marshal waited until she had walked to the back and then stepped out closing and locking the door.

    "You lying son of a bitch! Why are you locking me up?" shouted the-Other causing the Marshal to answer her unphased after all he had done.

    "I told you. I’m giving you a chance to bathe while I fetch you some food and put up your horse. And I’m saving your life. Who’s to stop someone from coming in here and stringing you up while I’m gone? You can use the cold water to cut the hot, and if you want to wash those muddy duds after, then wrap up in the blanket so they can dry. I’ll be back in about a half-hour."

    Feeling like the fool on many levels, having no options now the-Other stripped off her clothes in the cold cell. The snow seemed to have picked up and began to accumulate on the window sill and floor of the cell, with no glass only bars shielding her from the elements outside. As she tended her wounds, bathed and washed her clothes, as was her nature she began berating everyone else for her current predicament.

    "Scout what in the hell was that? If they thought I was a stupid injun before then you just confirmed it throwing that gun. Why didn’t you just shoot the bastard? What do you mean none of us know how to use a gun, couldn’t you figure it out? And you slut, don’t ever push me again with your stupid ideas, you almost got us killed! In fact, why in the hell am I having to suffer all this, where’s the worthless half-breed? This sort of abuse is her kind of rodeo, not mine!"

    It seemed like forever before the Marshal returned, the-Other by that time was shivering wrapped up tight in the single blanket, and she just couldn’t help herself when she saw him.

    "Let me out of here, you said I could go, why are you trying to kill me?"

    The Marshal just stood there and let her rant for a moment. He had patience, though it was not infinite.

    "Fine you want to go, go. Get dressed, go hungry and tired, and go get hung by a bunch of drunk miners," as he unlocked the cell and stepped back gesturing for her to go.

    "Well I, I can’t now. My clothes are froze stiff, don’t you know it’s freezing in here?" The-Other replied.

    "Yep, I know, and it’s hot in the summer too. It tends to knock the fight out of most but I reckon you don’t have sense enough for it to. Get your things, you can let them thaw and dry by the stove while you eat, and we’ll talk a bit."

    As the-Other gathered up her things the one aspect of the Marshal that caught her eye was his attentiveness. Specifically, at every move of hers he discreetly made note of her knife and how she was moving near it. Oh she had thought about it to be sure, yet her own predatorial awareness caused her to hesitate. That and his fingers gently tapping the handle of his gun.

    Picking up her clothes making sure that her knife was casually buried deep within them to seem inconsequential, the-Other followed the Marshal out into the warm front office loosing a sigh as she melted from the heat. Taking her clothes, the knife within them, the Marshal hung them up around the stove so they would dry, directed her to a chair beside it, and handed her a meal like she had not seen in months.

    "Now take your time with that, you look like you haven’t eaten in a while. Here’s some coffee, so what say you and I talk a bit?" the Marshal posed.

    The-Other could sense it in his tone. The Marshal had more reasons for this other than simply having a generous nature, so with that the-Other decided to play coy asking "talk about what?"

    "Oh well now I don’t know. How about you? You know the Nez Perce have an old story about how the tale of the wolf follows him just as sure as his tail. So how about it? What’s your tale?"

    Be it the paranoia of her nature it doubtfully being guilt, the-Other just didn’t like his anecdote about wolves. So with that she smiled sweetly and in between bites decided that her way, the way of the liar might be the wisest tack, and Kay had given her some insight on where to go with this.

    "Well, I don’t know nothing about no wolves, I don’t think I’ve ever even seen one. What would you like to know?"

    Nodding casually, the Marshal then asked her to ‘start off with her name, and then how about explaining how she became an army scout, let alone a sergeant being a woman and all?’ And with that the-Other spun a whopper.

    "Oh, well okay. My name is Nellie-Jean Hail…" the-Other started.

    From there she told of a normal childhood and family exactly like Kay had to the soldiers right up to the war. It was at that point however mentioning the tiny amount of Cherokee in her due to her Great Grandmother, "half-a-bit" as she called it as in two-bits equaling a quarter, she went out west to the Nations to work with the Cherokee. Dropping names like Fort Smith and Gibson tossed in, both well known, she told of how to help give her something obvious looking to show some authority when dealing with the women they gave her a uniform. However, she had never been a scout, and in fact she wasn’t even given a rank, it was just what they had on hand.

    As they started shutting down the forts however a few years after the war, she decided to give gold mining a try. So, she had traveled straight up through Kansas to the Colorado and Wyoming Territories mostly with ranchers heading up to here, and once they reached Fort Ellis near Bozeman, she struck out on her own.

    The-Other spun the tale well keeping it simple and blunt using only what she knew for sure. No high moments or extensive details, just enough to not mention anything or anywhere of Kay’s actual life. It was then however that the Marshal changed the subject slightly, issuing her a warning and using a map to do it.

    "Well, since you don’t know nothing about wolves, look here. Here, here, and here there are a lot of them, so avoid those places. More importantly though, avoid here, here and there if you choose to go back into the Wyoming Territory. Besides a lot of real bad Indian’s, there’s a lot of bad men there a-bouts."

    "Fortunately some gal has been killing them off, but, you can’t count on her. Boy I wish I could meet her. Some of those men had some pretty big rewards on their heads and I’d like to be the one to give her what she’s due. Hell, last I checked it was up around, oh… three-thousand dollars or more, in gold!"

    The-Other was sure of it then. The Marshal had tipped his hand and she knew that the only reward he planned to give her was a rope, so she stuck to her story and kept playing coy.

    "Hey, I’ve got a map just like that! It was kind of awful though. We found it on a dead Indian down in ‘the Yellowstone’ I think they called it? I'm not really sure, it was kind of a scary place and I was just glad to get out of there."

    About that time trying to seem simply careless and then wanting to warm more by the stove, the-Other let her blanket open fully revealing herself stating how "she was really sorry, but I’m just freezing is all. Besides, travelling with cowboys means not much privacy so I’m used to it." Her hopes being that it would distract him, though it had little effect.

    Not believing her yet having no other proof, the Marshal then admitted to finding her map when he brought her heavy coat back to the jail. He then went on to speak more on this elusive woman who he really wanted to meet and was due vast rewards. Often looking to see how the-Other reacted, he twisted every tale of the few he had heard into where this "half-breed Kay" or the "Wolf Spirit" was some heroine. The more he spoke the more the-Other was positive. For some odd reason she was being hunted.

    When the Marshal could no longer work the-Other to get her to admit that she was Kay, his tone shifted and he spoke bluntly.

    "Well then… What say I tell you a bit about me? I took this job just a couple years ago and let me tell you it has taken a lot of work and a lot of blood to bring law and order to this town. Miners courts and Vigilance Committees ruled over the territory for some time. Hell, they even hung the Sheriff of Bannack just west of here."

    As the Marshal spoke, the-Other kept her eyes fixed upon his. Initially she tried various things to see what she could do to manipulate him from pouting and trying to look small and weak, to even leaning back and spreading her legs as her fingers casually traced up and down her body as she looked at him seductively. In the end however she simply became as expressionless as Scout, and kept her gaze locked upon his as he did with her. Unfortunately, this man also had resolve and conviction, so his gaze made her own seem childish.

    "In any case… Here in Virginia City I can’t count the number of saloons, whiskey tents, opium dens, brothels, cribs, whores and so on that bring in every bit of trash in the territory. If the people that those places bring in aren’t bad enough, the people that live here believe that it is their right to dole out any justice that they see fit without any proof--"

    At that point the-Other simply trying to distract the Marshal changed the subject right back to Kay.

    "So what does this woman look like, that ‘Wolf Spirit’ woman who was killing all those bad men?"

    With that the Marshal just took in a deep breath, and as stone faced as before he answered her.

    "Well descriptions are always vague and generalized, but if I had to guess, I’d say that she looks…" as he leaned forward and took on a stern expression pointing at the-Other, "exactly… like… you."

    His patience ending, the Marshal leaned back his right hand still tapping away softly at his pistol’s grip, and he bluntly laid it all on the table.

    "Now I don’t suspect that you’re half Comanche or Apache, and I doubt you’re half Blackfoot. Maybe Rikaree, Kiowa or Shawnee at best, and though I can’t say how many Cherokee you’ve had ‘in you,’ I can tell you for a fact that not one bit of you is Cherokee, not even a ‘half-a-bit.’ Yep, whatever Native half you are is bad, and whatever the white half is, is just as bad."

    "I don’t care what goes on outside of Virginia City. It’s not my job to stop, I can’t control it, but what I can do is keep all the outlaws, bandits, con-men, rapists, wild Indians, and bluntly murders out. Now I don’t keep them out so I don’t have to deal with them, I keep them out so that the people that live here don’t go back to being the self appointed judges, juries and executioners they all think they have a right to be."

    The entire while the Marshal spoke the-Other remained sprawled out naked and still. Her eyes locked on his though her cute little pout had turned into the tiniest of angry knowing smirks, clearly restraining herself from lashing out.

    "So it looks like you don’t have a lot of options. No one in this town is going to give you a job, a place to stay, or even one bite of food. There’s going to be half a foot of snow on the ground come morning, and though it will melt off, it looks like winter is here early, so you don’t have a lot of time to get anywhere else."

    "West you’ll find Alder Gulch and Nevada City, and it’s dead as a mining camp, at best only a hundred people there, and they don’t want you. Beyond it is Bannack where they will flat out shoot you on sight, and past that the various lawless mining camps and then the Nez Perce. Head North and you might make Helena though I doubt it due to the Blackfeet. If I was you though, I wouldn’t try to go to Bozeman or Fort Ellis in that they won’t take to kindly to you having their officer’s patrol map, especially when one of the men made it back to tell his tale. In fact, I’d guess about now they’re hanging every half-breed squaw they can find."

    "Now you’ve had a meal better than most whites here eat, most likely like you haven’t had in some time. You’ve had a chance to bathe, wash your clothes, get warm and rest, and even have your ‘army branded horse’ well tended to… and I’ve even sat here with you till four in the morning to keep you safe… So… what you’re going to do is get up, put on your clothes being extra careful to not draw that knife, put on your heavy coat, take that map, and get out of Virginia City before the town’s people wake up."

    "If you ever come back to Virginia City, then I’ll kill you on sight. Now you may find that harsh, but know I’d do it as one last kindness to protect you. These people here would rip you apart and eat you alive if they knew anything about the stories I’ve heard. Then I’d have to start all over again to bring this place to heel. It sounds like you’ve had a good ten year or longer run, so my advice is, keep running. Now get up."

    With that the Marshal rose and stepped back far enough that there would be no way the-Other could reach him before he’d draw his gun. The-Other slowly rose and began dressing as he had ordered, and though she retained her little smirk her eyes now had a predatorial glint about them enraged. Yet she never said a word.

    Once dressed and having collected her map and coat, the Marshal escorted her down to the stable in the accumulating snow though he stayed a good ten feet behind her. Once she was mounted he took her horse’s reins and stood off to her right their full length only saying one other thing.

    "West, north or Fort Ellis?" The-Other coldly responding "north," and he walked her to the edge of town, tossed up the reins to her, and stepped back gripping his pistol as he nodded adding "at the junction turn north."

    The-Other just hatefully glared at him until she could no longer as she slowly rode west. Keeping that slow pace, she didn’t say a word, fuming that she had to endure that instead of Kay. Angry that Kay had left her in the position of being a half-breed, and enraged that the slaughter by Kay’s hand regardless of who’s mind was guiding it over all of these years was catching up to her.

    Hateful Ride to Helena:
    As the-Other rode out of Virginia City, her steamy breath if anything seemed to expose the fire of hate that was burning within her. The Marshal had been right, already a good six inches of snow had fallen though just mid-September, and as each large snowflake fell before her, she imagined another reason that she should hate the half-breed Kay.

    Kay was lazy, stupid, weak, a slut and meek as usual were part of the-Other’s repertoire, yet to them she began to add other things that were no more true than her usual collection of slurs. She was a sadist, a torturer, a rapist, a thief and murderer. It didn’t matter that it was Scout, Hunger or even herself that had moved Kay’s hands. They were still Kay’s hands, and therefor it was Kay’s fault.

    Her greatest point of contention however was that Kay had allowed herself to be born female and a half-breed. Both of those aspects clearly were at the root of all of Kay’s other misdeeds in that clearly, if she had not the sense to not be born as such, she could have at least ended her own life once she realized that it was too late. Then again, what would you expect out of a lazy, stupid and weak half-breed slut. It really made no sense to the-Other. Neither she nor Scout or even the jumbo-whore Hunger ever did anything to prevent themselves from being killed. Oh sure, Scout would protect Kay, yet when it came down to herself she really didn’t care either.

    Perhaps that was the crux of it. Unlike any of them, Kay did not have the common decency to at least kill herself. If she had, then the-Other would not be trapped in this Western Hell, worst of all in this filthy half-breed’s body. So the-Other ranted on listing out every bit of savagery and bad circumstance whether due to Kay’s mistake, misfortune, or by one of their doing that Kay had ever experienced, and that the-Other had to now live with… And it was a long, long list.

    It was dawn by the time the-Other reached Nevada City, and though early, the few citizens that were out and about welcomed the-Other trapped in the body of Kay as usual.

    "Keep moving fort nigger! Injuns nor army ain’t welcome here!" was shouted at the-Other by one man, as his two friends each picked up handfuls of road apples and began pelting the-Other with them. It did make her laugh though as they each wiped their snotty noses with their hands after.

    Next some woman simply spat at her, then a couple of men tried blocking her way just daring her to nudge them. It went on and on until she finally left the town proper, and the-Other was seething with rage having to hold her tongue and endure all of the insults, thrown objects and challenges. Each occurrence was just one more reason to hate the half-breed, and so as she took the northern fork at the junction the-Other vowed that Kay, and anyone else that she’d encounter would pay.

    By mid-morning the temperature had already risen enough that the road was a muddy mess and except for the snow atop the mountains, most of it had melted off. As the heat rose, so did the-Other’s temper. All she could think of was how much it grated her to have to endure what Kay deserved, and as she began clenching her muscles and randomly thrashing in fits of anger, she simply heated up all the more.

    ‘What did it matter’ the-Other thought to herself. ‘It’s not like there is anyone else out here anyhow’ which was another big chunk of the problem it being so boring and lonely on top of it all. So with that the-Other removed her heavy coat laying it over the horses rump, took off her sergeant’s jacket doing the same with it and opened up her shirt to get some air and cool off.

    It was a few miles later when the-Other reached back for her jacket as she rode through the shadows of a mountain’s peak that she immediately realized that both coats had fallen off somewhere back up the road. Naturally she couldn’t see them, an obviously once again it had to be Kay’s fault. As she turned the horse round to get a better look, just as she finally turned back to decide if she should ride on or ride back, it was like providence in that her answer was quickly approaching at a steady trot.

    The man was truly like a vision. Wearing all black except his white shirt, he sat atop a black saddle that rest upon a black stallion, and even at a distance the-Other could tell that he was quite the dandy and clearly well to do. Removing his hat and resetting it revealed his full head of black hair, and even at two hundred yards she could see his bright white eyes and gleaming wide smile as he noticed her riding with her breasts exposed.

    Holding his black leather gloved hand up in greeting as his smile became bigger by the second, the only thought that crossed the-Other’s mind was that ‘he was wearing one mighty fine caped overcoat.’

    "Well howdy miss, do you savvy English?" he called out as he neared.

    ‘The hell?’ the-Other thought, "English?" as she called back her answer. "No, but I speak American naturally."

    That caused him to be slightly taken aback though he laughed once he was near her, and not surprisingly he got to the heart of the matter.

    "Yes, American, my mistake. I couldn’t help but notice that you feel comfortable getting a little air, and I was just wondering… Oh…" as out of no where he paused when right next to her staring directly into her eyes and then continued.

    "I’m sorry, I thought you were a Native woman. I didn’t realize that you were a… half-breed."

    There it was again, Kay interfering with the-Other’s life. His tone said it all. He was fine with her being an Indian, yet the second she turned out to be a half-breed, it was as though she slipped right down to the bottom rung on the ladder.

    "Yeah, I’m a dirty half-breed, and I like riding with my tits out. So what was it you were wondering?" the-Other asked.

    "Well I, it’s of no matter, I just thought perhaps you were a Native woman… and… Well to hell with it, nothing a little soap and water wouldn’t fix after. I was just wondering how much for a poke, but I know your kind aren’t too friendly."

    It was all the-Other could do to not leap off her horse onto his and pound him into the mud, yet she grit her teeth, smiled wide and did her damnedest to sound sincere.

    "Well I appreciate your generosity, me being a breed and all, but you know, there is something most folks don’t know about my kind." As his interest perked now curious. "We ride around like this because we’d like a good poke too, but I’m not paying you for it."

    After both of them laughed though the-Other’s was clearly forced, she suggested that they move to around a nearby outcrop of rock so that no one would see him with a half-breed. You could hear the leather of her reins creak as she bore down when he replied.

    "Well I’d appreciate that. You know how regular folks are and all."

    The-Other was livid. Not so much in the regard that this man considered Natives so sub-human that he just naturally assumed they were all whores, that she didn’t care about. It was the fact that because of Kay, he considered her even lower. So low in fact that he had to justify sticking his cock in her wherein a Native was all good and fine, knowing how these people loathed and felt superior to Indian’s.

    Once around the rock the-Other moved her horse so close to beside his facing the opposite direction that their legs were pinned. Smiling her biggest smile and speaking as seductively as she could, she helped him to move this along.

    "Why don’t you get yourself a big handful of one of those breasts. Why I bet your hand won’t even cover it, and you can even leave your glove on if you want."

    Grinning wide he gave her an appreciative nod, no doubt regarding the glove to not have to touch her, then leaned over and grabbed her breast and began fondling and squeezing them, and sure enough, his hand was dwarfed by them. The-Other smiled, gave him a chance to get a couple of good squeezes in, and once he had a good grip, she then got down to it.

    "That is one mighty fine coat Mister. Now here’s your poke…"

    With him so stretched out it was nothing for the-Other to swing up her hand holding her knife, and in the blink of an eye, she had stabbed him three times in his chest, pulling him off his horse and onto the ground with her landing on top of him.

    "Oh no, no, no… now hold still a minute, we don’t want to get that coat all messy, and by the way, that is one hell of a nice black leather vest too!" Hurriedly she unbuttoned his vest and then peeled both off of him as his shirt shifted color from a snow white to a crimson red.

    "It’s getting dark huh, can you still hear me? You know what’s funny? Nothing in this world is going to save you, and most of all, a half-breed is going to be wearing your coat."

    Standing over straddling his gasping and shuddering body until he was gone, the-Other thought she had found herself a windfall yet quickly discovered that it wasn’t as good as she hoped. The coat and vest were magnificent. Unfortunately as he had passed he soiled his pants, and ‘she’ wasn’t going to wash them. He had a fair bit of money, thirty-seven dollars nothing to laugh at, yet his horse was branded uniquely, and his saddle and pistol rig were way too fancy and sure to be noticed.

    His hat and his boots were much too big, yet after taking his large black silk scarf, she suddenly remembered those gloves. Clearly Hunger must have been trying to influence her she thought in that just as she slipped them on, an absolutely perfect fit, she was urged to check the size of his cock regarding the old wives tale about small hands. In any case she didn’t, simply taking and dressing in what she could.

    Without a second thought regarding the incident or the man, though bitching about Kay being a half-breed, the other continued northward never realizing that she once had again proven every fear and stereotype about half-breeds to be true.

    Shameful Colors:
    Riding on, the-Other though having enjoyed her moment with the "fancy man" eventually came upon a small collection of tents, shacks and one modest cabin guessing that it was a stage station in that there was little else around. The words "Saloon ~ Meals $.25" were easy enough to understand, so tying her new coat to the back of her saddle and adjusting her new scarf to help conceal her open shirt, she walked up to the entrance just as a man was walking out, and two black cowboys were walking in.

    "Hey boy, can’t you read?" The man walking out stated pointed to a sign. "Niggers and Chinks eat round back. If you want to eat, go there." When he saw the-Other however, he simply spit and muttered something about "and that means no Injuns neither."

    Wishing she hadn’t eaten the Marshal’s meal in that it just made her even more hungry, simply to avoid any problems which was rare for her, she decided to comply as the two cowboys just grumbled and rode off instead. Rounding the building, she had to make her way around the hog pens set right next to the rear, and down a narrow path to the back of the cabin with a garbage pit on the other side.

    There at the door sitting on the ground was an African American family of a husband, wife and four children, all of them sitting except the man. Between the hog pens and the garbage pit the stench was horrific, and just as she walked up the cook walked out with two plates and what was on them was stunning. Clearly what made up these meals were the scraps left on other patrons plates heaped up in a shallow pile. The cook then demanded payment of $.50, meaning that for the garbage the Black family had to pay as much as one would for a fresh meal.

    "Pay first, and leave them plates at the door when done or I’ll send the Sheriff after you."

    Just then he looked up to the-Other and was blunt about what she could eat.

    "Only chinks and niggers eat back here, injuns and ‘specially breeds don’t get nothin, and don’t let me catch you stealin the hog slops or diggin through the garbage!"

    As the man walked back inside the-Other was furious. Again due to Kay she was being treated poorly, and as she considered her options starving, she was made to feel even worse due to being who she was, and what her nature drove her to do. The-Other that instant had decided to take the two plates of food, one shared between the husband and wife, the other the four children. Oh sure, she figured the kids would have to grow up orphans, but that’s life, and just then she was shamed even further.

    Without a word the wife took the children’s meal and scraped roughly half of it onto the other plate, and then took the plate and a half so the children could begin eating and handed the man the half-full plate who then offered it to the-Other. She was livid. ‘How insulting’ she thought. These people that had nothing and were clearly struggling would give up part of the little they had to her. In her mind she took as ‘because of Kay, even these people looked down on her.’

    Furious, the-Other simply said "this is horse shit!" and then pushed past them and in through the door she went. After the sound of a large body hitting the wood floor, in just a minute the-Other walked out with a number of biscuits in her scarf still hanging from her neck, and a large freshly cooked steak in her left hand as she chewed away at the first bite. Once out the rear door, kicking the wife and shoving her husband she made her position clear.

    "Do I look like I need your charity? Go back to whatever southern swamp you came from before I sell the lot of you to a bunch of chinks as slaves!"

    Past the children crying, the family said nothing looking down remaining humble and the man inside groaned, but he’d live. That moment, Scout smirked a little knowing what was coming, it being almost time. Kay tucked away in her little corner wept wishing she could help the family and felt ashamed, and Hunger realizing that her turn was coming, made the-Other become wet.

    As the day rolled on and the-Other had burned through pretty much every reason she had to hate Kay for the third time as just a little before sunset she rode up on a small camp with an ornately painted and decorated wagon. There was only one man there, a drummer or salesman as they might call them back east. Not much taller than she was, he was easily three times as big around, and his features from his bulbous nose to chubby cheeks matched the rest of him. Oddly, he anxiously waved the-Other into camp.

    "Well howdy, howdy there miss! My name is Beuford Presarius, purveyor of fine accoutrements! Come sit right down and enjoy some of this fine coffee brought clear up from the mountains of South America, none of that chicory and other contaminants, the bacon is frying, and I even have some fresh huckleberry jam for the biscuits!"

    Looking him over and then around in case someone was hiding in the brush, the-Other realized he was alone, and more so, he was unarmed. Simply to try and find out why he would invite her to sit, she discovered that he was clearly racially colorblind, and if someone had something to trade, some money or some gold they wished to spend, or not even, well then they were alright by him.

    After a bit of casual chit chat, the man by his nature being quite gregarious contrary to the-Other cautious till the end, found her finally asking what it was that he was selling. His list of hundreds of items that he began to list off quickly had him so excited that he had opened up the back of the wagon and began showing her everything from pots to dishes, meat grinders and thread. Ribbon, hammers, women’s hats, and the list went on and on until the-Other stopped him at one product.

    "Say, why do you have all of those locks of hair like scalps on that board?" The-Other asked.

    "Why you have a keen eye miss, and what every pretty woman like you who has discerning tastes and style should always have on hand. I am also the exclusive distributor of Dr. Marvel’s Miracle Hair Colorant. Just one bottle will provide you with any color on this display determined simply by how long you leave it upon your hair. Why a woman with golden blond trusses can over night turn her hair black, and a beautiful proud black haired beauty such as yourself can shift her hair to whatever color she chooses!"

    "Naw, you’re lying. You mean to tell me that stuff will change my hair to any color there?"

    "Why yes Ma’am!" he exuberantly replied. "Any color you chose simply by leaving it on longer for the lighter shades, and less time for those in between. Why overnight you could go from that luxurious black hair that you have now, to this light golden blonde like winter wheat."

    "I’ll take it, how long? How long for the lightest color that winter wheat one?" the-Other blurted out excited that she might finally through a simple hair coloring rid herself partly of the curse Kay had left her in. Looking Native except her eyes.

    "Well, lets see…" as he slipped on a pair of glasses and began reading the back of the board. As he did the-Other saw something else that caught her eye. A rare silvered glass mirror, and as he was reading, she slipped it into her pocket.

    "It says… to go from your magnificent shade of black to the lightest shade of blonde, six hours."

    "Six hours? How long is that?" the-Other just like Kay having had little use to tell time or even know how to gauge it.

    "Ah, well…" as he pulled out his pocket watch. "From there where we are at now, oh my it is late, to there, just about dawn. At that point you just wash it out, and your hair will be the color you selected."

    "I’ll take it! Winter wheat, or lighter but you got to tell me when six hours is. What about skin, and do you have something to paint clothes a new color?" the-Other blurted out.

    "Indeed I do, though unfortunately the only incredible Dr. Marvel’s skin product I have left only lightens skin, much the same way as the hair colorant. So unfortunately you will not be able to go to an even darker color than your beautiful russet like the last gasp of a Montana sunset. Unfortunately as well, the only Dr. Marvel’s fabric dye I have left only darkens cloth from whatever shade it starts as, to black."

    By that point the-Other’s eyes were bugging and she could not shout out fast enough "I want them all! But you got to help me, okay?"

    Wisely the man took the exorbitant amount of five-dollars from her first, which she didn’t really care about in that she knew that she’d get it back from him, and once out of the wagon he was taken aback in that she was stripping naked.

    "Why miss! I’m quite flattered but there is no need to remove all of your clothing. We can simply turn down your collar to dye your hair and apply the skin paste to your face."

    As she kept stripping, the-Other made the situation clear.

    "All of me. I don’t want just some pale face, I want all of me lighter, and besides, I’ve got to paint my britches and moccasins anyway once I get those stripes off. I want them black."

    "All of you huh? Well, that will take more than one jar of skin paste. I’d guess it might take three more. Are you sure you wish to spend so much? It will be an extra three dollars and six bits."

    The-Other didn’t even hesitate, and though bashful about helping her, the drummer very gently and respectfully painted her from head to toe in the thick hair and skin products, and then even set her pants to soaking in the dye after helping her remove the stripes. At that point he suggested that she get some sleep being he was an early riser, and would wake her in time for the rinsing and unveiling. After ordering Hunger to stay in her hole and Scout to keep watch, the-Other full from her meal and anxious for morning, went fast to sleep for the first time in days.

    When the-Other awoke she already had a plan of action. Rinse all of the stuff off, slash old Beuford’s throat while naked to not mess up her clothes, then take whatever she wanted including one of his Mules to be rid of her Army mount, and begin life anew. Unfortunately it didn’t quite work out like that.

    First of all she couldn’t move feeling as though she was paralyzed. She also couldn’t see having insisted that even her eyelids be lightened, and the entire concoction had dried to her and set like concrete. By the time she was able to get it out of her eyes, she already noticed that the sun was high enough that it had cleared the mountains, and Mr. Presarius was long gone.

    Unfortunately, though he sincerely believed in the products he sold, the Dr. Marvel’s products rarely worked well, and were unpredictable at best. So, after seeing her pants which he had hung up, and guessing from the color of the paste what her hair would look like, just as he had often in the past, he snuck off wagon and all as silent as a coyote and was long gone.

    Finally freeing her arms fully, the-Other chipped and picked away at the skin paste until finally she was free. Unfortunately, it had left her skin even redder than before as though sunburned. Worse still her skin crawled, every inch of it as though she was covered in ants. Enraged, when she felt her hair was still covered in it’s paste she went straight to the stream and began washing it out feverishly as she also tried to bathe away the tingling to her skin. Once back she used her shirt to dry her hair, pulled out her stolen mirror and was aghast.

    Her hair had indeed lightened, and to be fair it actually was soft and fluffy. The problem was that instead of a golden blonde it was red. Not red as in someone having Irish heritage, red as in war-paint red or perhaps at best bright copper. She screamed when she looked in the mirror in that combined with her skin she looked like some wild ass Pawnee wearing a red painted porcupine quill roach that had fallen down, and the very tips were a combination of black or yellow.

    The last straw came when she saw her pants. They now had holes burned into them, and the material varied from green to beige blotches as though they had been stained, and her moccasins were a definite pale blue with brown blotches. Incensed that Kay had once again caused her to suffer, that was it, the final straw. Once they found some people anywhere, or hell even a herd of buffalo, the-Other would let Hunger have her turn at dealing with being a half-breed.

    Though it was not exactly what Scout thought would happen unable to consider emotions into her linear thinking, at least it was one step closer to the-Other pressing for Kay’s return, and Hunger began masturbating furiously.

    Riding out that morning fuming, the-Other rode with purpose intent on relieving herself of having to carry everyone else, and having to endure all that Kay typically did. Soon after starting out however, besides her constant squirming and rubbing to try and get her skin to stop tingling, she ran into a very serious problem. On the hills to the left no more than perhaps two hundred yards away, a small war party of six braves of some tribe had begun paralleling her.

    The-Other didn’t know which was the bigger problem. She was literally twitching and squirming like mad. In that under her breasts, armpits, cunnie and bottom were the most irritated, she had wore only her loose shirt with the strap she used to hold it closed and her moccasins because her pants irritated her skin even more. That and she had to rub those spots constantly. Then again it was ‘six’ warriors out for blood, so she was sure then. It was the crawling feeling.

    Finally she decided to have it out with them, if she was killed, so be it. Then she’d be free of this curse of the half-breed. So with that she told Scout to "get ready we’re in for a fight," and she stopped her horse in the road and turned it facing the braves.

    Gripping her reins after putting her knife in her teeth found the warriors stopping as well and turning to face her. That moment the-Other’s crotch began crawling like mad so she rose up standing in the stirrups and opening her shirt she began savagely sawing at her twat, and once done, she gripped her knife and held it high ready to fight.

    Pausing a moment, one of the braves put his hand up high and waved, and then spoke to the others who all raised their weapons thrusting them up into the air and loosing war whoops over and over. About the only word that she could make out was "Po’haha" and she assumed that one of their other words said before it meant red from the way they started waving red items around, and then they turned and rode off.

    "Gahhh! I want to kill everyone!" the-Other screamed, everyone having heard the common tale.

    Po’haha was the Tewa warrior chief who was a woman. It was a long story, yet essentially she could best the men and wanted to be a warrior so tricked the chiefs into agreeing. Typically when she’d go into battle she would raise her skirt to show her enemies that a woman was about to kill them, and "Po’haha" meant "wet between the legs, ha-ha or laughing" from getting so excited she became wet when going into battle, and laughing at her enemies.

    Any other woman would have been proud to be thought of as such, and coincidentally, it was all oddly appropriate to their collective being. Clearly the warriors thought she was on a quest going to war alone like some red painted she-devil. To the-Other however it was the final nail in the coffin. She would have a revenge on Kay like no other, vowing that she would not only hand their communal body over to Hunger, yet that she would get her somewhere low and vulgar to let the sodomites and defilers enjoy her as they wished.

    Kicking her horse she rode hard as the temperature quickly crashed and a snow flurry kicked up, and as it turned out, an unexpected destination was just up ahead.

    The Red Whore:
    "Injuns!" the-Other heard shouted up ahead as she saw three men on foot scramble, and two on horses wheeled around reaching for their rifles. Though the-Other had slipped on her mottled pants, they could still see her red colored hair and the bright red skin of her face, neck and arms all looking like warpaint.

    Instantly the-Other shouted back. "I ain’t no injun you idiots! Put your guns down before I kill you all!"

    Taken aback by her voice they all hesitated as she continued to ride up, and as a couple nudged each other, suddenly one of them shouted out and they all began laughing hysterically.

    "Bahaha! She ran into Beuford Presarius! Is that why your hair is so short? You tried out his hot hair irons didn’t ya? Last girl her whole head caught fire! Bahahaha!"

    The-Other was livid, and the men continued to tease her though pointed out that it could have been much worse.

    "Damnation, that is one fine shade of red ma’am! What color is that exactly, I’d like to paint my wagon that color!"

    "Aw hell, you made out pretty good looks like. One a them whores got green hair now, another blue, and the other lost every bit of hers! Hell, ya’ll could stand next to one another and almost make a rainbow."

    "Hey look fellas, she’s got the itch too! Tried to make yer’self look like one of them yella’ chinks all over didn’t ya? Instead ya look like a wild injun!"

    Just as the-Other rode close enough, in her rage she leaned over to a man mounted on his horse and in an instant she had punched him in the balls as she shouted "shut the hell up!" causing the rest of the men to howl even louder.

    "Uh oh, she must be one of them new whores from where she’s hittin. Least ways she’ll be easy to find, just ask for the Red Whore!"

    Once she had passed the men, the-Other began to round a curve in a shallow rock pass and noted up ahead what was a sizable camp. There were a few crudely put together cabins, shacks and other wood structures, though there were a significant number of wall tents and tent-roofed half-cabins that made up the lion’s share. It wasn't likely Helena by far, however, there were enough people around that it was a thriving temporary community, most likely a logging and mining camp.

    Recognizing that her army horse and saddle would likely yield more trouble than they were worth, without hesitating she removed her things, slipped off all of the tack on the horse’s head sticking it in the open area of the saddle, and gave its rump a sound swat sending it running into what was now a blizzard.

    Walking into town yielded her the same razzing she encountered coming in, yet a quick spin of her scarf to behind her and unbuttoning her coat let her breasts do the talking for her diverted their attentions, somewhat. Wearing the leather vest over her buttonless shirt had shoved them up and into the opening like a corset. A little tug to the shirt revealed her squeezed together and overflowing cleavage to such a point that there was little doubt as to her gender, the only question being was she a wash woman or a whore as a number of men surrounded her continuing their teasing about Presarius.

    "Laugh on you chortling coyotes. Which one of you has enough sense to point me to the cribs? Now listen clearly, I didn’t say parlor house, or saloon, or brothel, I said cribs. So point me to whomever runs the line…"

    "Oh and by the way! Once I get that room warmed up, tonight is free for anyone as long as they don’t have the pox. Also, whether some of you uppity fellas like it or not, I don’t give two damns if you’re an American, Mexican, Negro Buck or a runty little Oriental. I’m here for one thing, and it ain’t the whiskey!"

    Having heard the word "free" they couldn’t point her to the crib-boss quick enough, and after he had his laugh about Dr. Marvel’s products he suddenly narrowed his eyes and had her turn her head to profile, and then looked at her roots.

    "Who do you think you’re fooling half-breed? You know some of these men are dangerous people, and the wrong one might just decide to tear into you." At which the-Other just smirked.

    "You let me worry about that, I suspect that deep down there is a part of me that can handle those sorts. Besides, what does it matter? I bet these fellas would rear up on a full blood squaw rather than their horse."

    "Oh, sure they would, but you ain’t a squaw, you’re a breed, and as it stands señoritas, negresses and squaws only get two-bits. You’ll be lucky to get that if they even are willing to risk getting near your kind. Besides, crib rent is twenty-five dollars a week. That means a hundred men at their rates. Granted, the gals are typically working thirty to fifty a day, and lord knows we got the men, but--" As the-Other cut him off.

    "How many gals do you have in this town, working off their backs that is, and how many men?"

    "Well, as of this mornin, we only got seven gals working, we’re not the richest camp like some of those around big strikes, the other three left. They said our men were too horny and too rough. And men? Oh I reckon about eight-hundred including the chinks and niggers in that they come and go quick, most are transient… but, winter is hitting early. So those that don’t get out soon will be stuck here, and that means if you don’t, you will be too."

    The-Other openly howled with laughter at his numbers realizing that she could be a pig and she’d do business. The funniest part though was, she’d get to see Kay through Hunger be defiled beyond all reason, so with that she made her position plain.

    "Show me the line and whichever crib, end of the line is fine even. You definitely need me here half-breed or not."

    With that she reached in her pocket and handed him twenty-five dollars as he walked her to and showed her inside the eight by eight-foot room. It had only a small stove, an oil lamp on a shelf, two buckets, one for water and one to be used as a chamber pot, and a rope frame bed with a stained and beat up straw mattress upon it, two wool blankets and an oil cloth. Then he laid out the rules.

    "You pay me up front each week. For that I keep your lamp filled, and keep enough wood in there so you don’t tear up the walls for it. You get your own water and empty your own waste in the pit behind the outhouse out back. You can buy your meals out back of most of the saloons or cook shacks, but women ain’t allowed inside either, whore or not. But, they’ll sell you a real meal just like the men get. Oh, and most men won’t even be taking their boots off. So use the oilcloth on the end of the bed to keep the mud off."

    "That said, we ain’t no Wyoming Hog Ranch, so you be dressed if you’re out on the street. Up and down the line here you can have those big tits of yours out, but no showin your slash or being nekkid unless you’re on your doorstep. If I was you I’d get a gun, I doubt there is much you can do with that knife. By the way, what do I call you?"

    The-Other just smirked dying to tell him Kay yet after that Marshal she decided otherwise, including using Nellie-Jean.

    "Well sir, I was always partial to Bluebell… So you can call me Red. After all, that’s the parts these fellas are looking for."

    All of that out of the way, he lit her lantern and stoked up the fire, and for a promise of a free poke next week, he tossed in his large red bandana for her to use on the door. Once he was gone she laid down her rules to Hunger, and she was already so excited that the-Other was sopping wet.

    "Okay now listen all of you, and that means you especially half-breed in that ‘all’ of this is for you. Yes, yes in a minute, settle down! You’ll get all you need in a bit. Scout, no, no, now wait, let me talk to scout first! Scout, just watch like you do but no killing everyone. We’ll never get out of here alive if you pull that kill em all stuff. I’m going to… shut up until I’m through. My gawd you’re a slut… I’m going to watch all this for just a bit. That breed slut is getting hers and I want to see it, but then I need a break. So Scout, you gotta watch, and no listening to that breed to make Hunger stop."

    "Okay jumbo-whore, you heard that moron’s rules, now here are mine. Stay in the crib, all the action is here, and it’s what you wanted so enjoy. No letting anyone carve or beat up on you except a little, and no sticking them, let me or Scout do that. I’ll eat because you won’t if it requires that you take a cock out of your mouth, but you gotta bathe at least twice a week. The cleaner you are, the more men will want to mount you."

    "What? I don’t care, let a hundred hump on you at once for all I care, but you got to charge them. We got to have money to pay the line boss and to eat, and we’re not going to cut men up for it or just eat spunk. More importantly, no whiskey, no laudanum, and no opium! If somebody brings you some, wait until I’m there to control it. Otherwise, if the half-breed gets it we’ll be rutted up our ass from now till doomsday like back at the mine, I’m the only one who stays in control on that stuff."

    "The most important rule though is, let the half-breed see, smell, taste and feel it all. She deserves every bit of this, but whatever you do, don’t let her wrangle control from you. Got it? Well get to humpin jumbo!"

    With a fluttering of her eyelids and an unbalanced stagger, just that quickly Hunger opened her bright green eyes and beamed.

    Red’s In, White Out:
    Hunger couldn’t strip fast enough as she then flopped back on the bare mattress and rubbed out two orgasms in all of a minute. When she finally got up walking around the tiny room looking at the few things in it, the floor, walls and ceiling, she looked like a new pauper bride walking into a palace for the first time, knowing all this was now hers.

    She loved it. Better than she imagined, just enough room for small groups, not big enough that they could get away from you. She liked how grimy and wore it was. The very thought that people may have screwed in this very room thousands of times already had her squatting down and rubbing out a third orgasm as she imagined every square inch of everything in it was covered in spunk. It was wonderful, and she would have cried with joy if she had even the slightest idea of what that was. Yet she didn’t in that it wasn’t enough, and never would be.

    That moment Hunger remembered the red bandana that the-Other had procured to signal that she was available, and like an excited schoolgirl, she raced the two steps to cross the room, and buck naked opened the door wide and froze, her grin growing wide at the site before her.

    Already the snow was three inches deep and the flurries were so dense that you couldn’t see more than fifty feet, yet there stood what had to be at least forty men waiting.

    "Howdy boys! Are you all here for me?" Hunger asked in surprise and hopeful anticipation, yet the men just stood there frozen and wide eyed until one finally spoke up.

    "Hell yeah! Howdy Red!" as the man pushed his way to the front, and the rest of the men broke their silence with their own cheers and whoops, shouting out their own comments, laughing and excited to have a new gal in camp.

    "The red whore!… Old Presarius got another one… Hell I like it, I ain’t never see’d no red woman afore!… Horse shit, you reared up an a bunch a squaws… That ain’t injun red, it’s like that fire wagon they got in Helena… I’m goin first!… Hell no, me first… Quit shoving! Look at them tits!… Look even her pits and gash is scalped!… Miss Red, me first!…"

    For a good minute they all shouted, pushed and shoved, and Hunger had become so wet that suddenly standing there with her legs parted, an almost steady dribble of wetness began to fall, and the men went wild. Pushing and shoving with punches about ready to be thrown, Hunger looked out to the men and shouted.

    "Do you want to fight, or do you want to fuck? It’s too cold out here boys, so how about you just line up out the door?"

    Turning round leaving the door wide open, Hunger raced to the bed setting her ass to its edge, parted her legs wide and pulled her knees back and sat up on her elbows. At first just one man shoved his way in and just inside the door he froze staring at the sight before him. For most of them it was the most vulgar display of wanton carnality that they had ever seen, and they liked it. Once the man moved up to in front of her with Hunger beaming and anxious, he clumsily removed his hat staring in wonder at her heaving breasts and slick enflamed cunnie spread wide, finally asking a question.

    "Miss, uh, Miss Red? How much?"

    Hunger just smiled at him and answered so everyone could hear.

    "The-Other… I mean, I told those other boys that tonight was free for anyone. So though I’ll be hungry tomorrow, and poor so I can’t buy no whiskey which makes me extra randy, or might not be able to make my rent so they might toss me out, you don’t have to pay nothing. But if you want to, I won’t say no. In fact, I never say no… to anything."

    Again the men cheered as the first man frantically fished out his cock, stepped up, and pulled out a silver dollar holding it up and Hunger responded surprisingly.

    "Thank you! Just throw it on the bed and please, please!… Let me have a poke, I need it something awful!"

    The coin had barely hit the bare mattress by the time he had saddled up and sunk his cock deep into her as instantly she began moaning, writhing and grinding her hips to move him around inside of her. She clamped down with her cunnie, and grabbed his hands yanking them to her breasts, yet there was a problem as the man froze and then shouted out his shock.

    "Gawd all mighty! She’s hot as the smelter, slick as butter and her parts is so tight she’s grippin my pride so hard can barely move!"

    That did it. As he started to finally pound away, Hunger writing and moaning without shame, all of the other men grew silent anxiously awaiting their turn. The first man lasted at best only half a minute cumming deep within her with a roar of release. The second man up also removing his hat mimicking the first seeing what he had thrown down pulled out a gold dollar and went right to it standing there at the edge of the bed.

    The-Other watching it all through Hunger’s eyes laughed hysterically and constantly shouted and taunted Kay who remained in her private corner of darkness of what was now Hunger’s mind. The-Other didn’t care however shouting away. Scout remained stoic as always splitting her watching between the men, and oddly, the-Other.

    ‘Yeah! Fuck that half-breed gash you stupid bummer, fuck her! How do you like that breed? Now you’re the filthy slut I always knew you were. You stupid bitch, are you enjoying this breed? Here comes number six, get ready now. Jumbo-whore, don’t forget, you got a mouth, tits and ass too. Bahaha! Did you see that breed, that one painted you from your tits to your face!…’

    Kay didn’t even hear the-Other consciously, but she knew. She could see, hear and feel it as though it was her doing it herself unlike the-Other and Scout. She would even orgasm the many times that Hunger did throughout the night, yet none of it really registered. It was like she was in some catatonic sub-space, nothing mattered except that she missed Hum. Kay didn’t even care if it killed her or not, though Scout did, and so she shifted all of her attention to Hunger and the men, her muscles tensing and formulating new plans of attack each second. By the tenth man the-Other running out of steam she also went and found her own little corner of darkness to rest like she needed, and as she did, Hunger gladly worked on.

    Throughout the night Hunger catered to any of the men’s wishes not balking at even a single request. When a man wanted her standing and bent over she gladly complied. If he wanted her mouth she would squat down her back against the side of the bed and would ravenously suck his cock. Those that wanted her backside she gladly would comply in any position they asked for, and when a few wanted to fuck her breasts, no matter if laying back or squatting in front of them she would squeeze her breasts together tight, and open her mouth wide.

    After the third man gradually the men had pushed closer and closer to her inside just to watch. By the seventh man there was a line out the door leading all the way up to her bed, and by the eleventh man they had crowded into the tiny space, and fortunately the floor rested directly on the ground or it would have collapsed. They were amazed at Hunger’s exuberance. Every time she’d orgasm they’d cheer as though that man had won some prize, and they cheered often. At one point she began taking a man in her cunnie and one in her mouth at the same time, and she would often use her hands to inspire those within reach to firm erections.

    Quickly after a bit of grumbling, oh about the ninth man, to be courteous those using her cunnie would often pull out and cum upon her. When the next man up wanted to touch that part of her, he’d clean her up with his bandana of which there was a significant pile of them by the end of the night simply left there. The spunk pumped down her gullet or into her bottom however was left there, and the men kept on coming.

    If it had not been so late it would have been hard telling how many might have made use of Hunger. By perhaps two in the morning it all finally stopped, the final tally being forty-three men, which oddly thirty-seven had paid, and much more than they typically would. Perhaps to impress her, most paid a whole dollar in silver or gold coins, and some even more, others in tiny bags of gold dust. A few of the men were so stunned by their orgasms that they even threw down more money afterwards. Most men lasted no more than a minute or two, with the longest perhaps lasting all of four. All told from the thirty-seven that had paid, Hunger reaped fifty-four dollars and seventy-five cents, and not a penny of it meant anything to her.

    As dawn broke through the cracks in the walls and Hunger slept soundly, the-Other awoke to see what damage had been done, and she was stunned. Hunger had spent her time sleeping smearing the cum ebbing from her cunnie and that left upon her all over her body as she lazily masturbated unconsciously. What stunned her however was the vast pile of money and dust pouches laying beside her head, and as her own head cleared she had to wake up Hunger to find out what had simply gone on.

    "My gawd, you stink. Couldn’t you have at least bathed after? Who cares if you like the idea of it, you’re rank! Oh my gawd!" as the-Other started laughing. "I’m totally stuffed, you have to be kidding me, you swallowed that much spunk? Huh? What do you mean they brought you food? Whiskey and tobacco too? Why, the breed was supposed to be free? No, that’s a lie! They hate half-breeds, what do you mean they just seem to like you. How many men? So they gave you all this money, and the food and everything else? This is horse shit!"

    In a rage the-Other rose up and looked about the room. There was the money, and there were three bottles of whiskey unopened, a significant cache of food uneaten and everything else Hunger had mentioned just sitting there. Furious the-Other stormed to the door and opened it dumbfounded.

    Though it had stopped snowing and was beginning to melt off, to all of the other cribs on the line there were just a few tracks in the snow. In front of Hunger’s crib however, the snow had been trampled down until there was only mud, and then the-Other seeing something else staggered wide eyed outside and turned back around. The whole row of twelve weather beaten bare wood wall cribs were dull gray except one. At first she thought it was just the door, yet she then noticed that the entire front of Hunger’s crib had a fresh coat of red paint applied to it, and the-Other screamed in anger.

    "What in the hell, did you make them do this? How couldn’t you know? What do you mean you think its sweet? They didn’t like you, do you got that-- I don’t care if they kept telling you that! Why would every one of them take off their hats, you’re a whore! No, horse shit! They said thank you because they felt sorry for you being a breed slut!"

    Once back inside to bathe and dress the-Other ranted and raved, and even Scout cracked a smile when she went out behind the line to use the outhouse and then suddenly screamed seeing that they had even painted the back side of Hunger’s room. The-Other was incensed, outraged that these men who she always seemed to be mistreated by had shown Hunger so much respect. It didn’t matter that she was able to watch Kay’s form do all that, just her being violated wasn’t enough, she had to be hated too if anything to simply prove that the-Other was right. So her solution was simple.

    "Get up and stay up. Do it again, and keep doing it until they see the half-breed for what she is. A stupid lazy filthy slut!" With a wide grin Hunger went to the door and hung the red bandana upon it to signal she was open for business as the-Other went back to sleep. Each time in the days to come yielding similar results or even better, the-Other would rant again and make Hunger get back to it which she did gladly.

    Winter did come early and it was a brutal one. By the time the men had given up trying to leave there were only roughly four hundred and fifty of them left, and three more of the seven whores left as well. Mining due to the cold had come to a full stop. The deep snows however aided in moving logs on sleds, so all of the men shifted their attention to logging.

    Granted, that had its up and down sides. The men were no longer covered in dirt, yet logging paid much less so their visits to Hunger were made less often, and to both Hunger and the-Other’s displeasure, that meant less men visiting, and less frequently, though still they came.

    Trapped there now until the snows cleared some six months later, Hunger ate better then they had since Kay was in the Wapiti with Hum. Also sensing when the-Other would go hide in the darkness pouting and ranting, there where many days when she could enjoy a good drunk, smoke tobacco, wallow in a laudanum stupor, and two times even enjoy the poppy with the Celestials. It also grated the-Other that the men treated Hunger more and more respectfully, some even going so far as to try and court her. Hunger however was thrilled at the fact that the better the men came to know her, the more varied and diverse their inclinations became as she learned new perversions that she had never dreamed of.

    More than a few men liked lapping at her cunnie and ass, and some even loved slathering over her feet and underarms which would throw her into fits of wild masturbation during. There were the men that liked cumming upon her literally everywhere. Those that liked sticking this, that or the other up inside of her, or pouring something on her a favorite being honey, or having her squat over them and urinate or spit though thankfully not shit upon them. Others liked her sticking things in them, and then there were those who liked role playing with a countless number of scenarios and games.

    At one point even a small few men had asked if she could meet them elsewhere fearing being caught visiting with her, having scorned such things. At that point one of them came up with the idea of cutting out a board on the back wall and made her a little door she could open. Not large, perhaps a foot tall and eight inches wide. They’d knock on the back wall, and she’d open the door, take their money and they’d stick their cock through the opening and she’d do the deed, and the list of new things went on and on.

    The biggest problem however was, the men who asked for the odder things would often pay much more, most likely fearing her scorn which she would never do, or their discovery by others. She had collected so many large heavy coins and bags of gold dust that they took up too much room and couldn’t be carried. With that two of the men helped her by taking her to the gold assayer. He exchanged the gold and coins for script, something most didn’t want though it reduced the weight considerably. All told by the end of the six-months, Hunger had accumulated $4,379.35, a veritable fortune worth almost eighty-six thousand dollars less than 150 years later.

    All good things unfortunately must come to an end. Round about late-January, one of the older men asked if he could bring his beloved hound inside so it could stay warm while he was there. Naturally when it became curious and then insistent, Hunger as you might expect only had one thing to say, "he has to pay too." The-Other howled with laughter watching the hound every couple of weeks pound away at Hunger, though Kay to her way of thinking, rolling her eyes, moaning and cumming all the while.

    Unfortunately, at the end of March when speculation and debate broke out in one of the saloons one night about what "Red would or wouldn’t do," and then "how much she could take," various scenarios were discussed. When one of the men proposed his opinion, the man who had the dog suggested they just ask her.

    Twelve men stood outside her door when she answered. Hunger’s eyes grew wide as she exclaimed "you know I love big groups!" yet they simply had a question instead, the one man having to ask it being his idea to do so.

    "Miss-- uh, Miss Red? Uh me and the fellas got a bit of a wager going on. Well, you don’t have to say iff’n you ain’t wantin to, but uh, and please don’t be offended, but, uh, we was a wonderin, have you ever had anything as big as, or well maybe, well… Do you think you could handle a stallion?"

    Hunger’s eyes narrowed and her lips pursed as she looked down, and the men thought that they had offended her. Slowly she began nodding her head and then looked at the men beaming, and her response was not all that surprising in that consequence of any form had never been a factor in Hunger or Scout’s thinking, and the-Other often sought out negative results for Kay.

    "Let’s find out! Who’s got one?"

    Once the crowd of now twenty or so made it to the stable, Hunger had tickled his sheath like one would to clean them and made him drop. Having worked him up to a considerable size though by no means fully, just as she bent over to maneuver it into position, the owner of the logging concern walked through the door wondering what was going on and stated flatly;

    "What in the hell are you doing to my horse!"

    As he began to drag her to the office, Scout who was just about to stop Hunger anyway, waited until they were out of view, and then simply knocked him out cold, yet nothing more. The-Other was thrilled and raucously laughing and insulting Kay while Scout raced back to the crib. Gathering all of their things, some of the food, a blanket and all of the money, Hunger’s six-month career as the consummate whore was over as Scout raced southeast into the night.

    Unfortunately, once out in the wilderness of the mountains, Scout seemed to sit catatonic once again for two and a half days while she tried to coax and even force Kay into her own consciousness to take control. Refusing time and again, the-Other decided that she would endure being the half-breed once more, intent on burning her down and destroying Kay through her own guilt.

    Scout would have to wait until Kay chose to live, and if never, then so be it. She’d not help or even save the-Other ever again.

    When Chaos Reigns:
    Spring arriving early around the Deer Lodge meant that soon enough people would be travelling once more, though initially it would only be those that had an urgent enough need. The-Other could tell from Scout’s frustration with Kay that she had given up on her. In one regard that gave her hope. Kay was now alone and undefended, though at the same time she also realized that if she ever needed to call for help, Scout wouldn’t be there for her.

    As one might guess, the-Other naturally attributed that to Kay once again interfering in the-Other’s life. It burned her how most of Kay’s problems found others often all too willing to help her. Hunger’s success simply scorched her even deeper partly in that she took it as Kay once more doing well, yet through no efforts of her own. To that end the-Other fixed in her mind that everyone was against her, and if that was the case, then she would become Comanche, an enemy to everyone, and if that meant their communal end, so be it.

    The-Other had two advantages however. The first being, after her struggle to get out of the Yellowstone, she had made Hunger ask man after man that visited her to look at her map and help correct or add to it. In short order that map was discarded and a better one was given to her, and once they had each added their input, she ended up with one of the more complete and accurate maps of the territory. Her second advantage? Kay’s body, and though the hair dye had washed out long ago, the long winter indoors had shifted her complexion to one much more akin to whites.

    Selecting an obscure road that would not be too heavily traveled yet enough that she wouldn’t have to wait long, the-Other found a vantage point on a hairpin bend. From there she could watch both sides, and then race down one side or the other and prepare for her unsuspecting victim. Sadly, her wait wasn’t long.

    The first was just a freighter. A lone man and his two mules with a wagon loaded up with cargo, yet the way she viewed it, that was more than she had so she deserved it. When the freighter rounded the curve, there was the-Other buck naked except for her moccasins trudging along as though in shock, and at the last she collapsed to her knees right in the middle of the road blocking his path. Jumping out of his wagon concerned for this obviously terrorized woman, he ran up and wrapped his blanket around her shoulders then squatted down in front of her to help.

    "Ma’am, what happened, are you alright? You’re okay now, no one is going to hurt you, I’ll get you somewhere safe" the man stated, the distress in his expression and tone obvious.

    Now close, the-Other lifted her head with a malevolent expression, and responded bluntly.

    "Indeed, but who’s going to save you?" As in an instant she had slashed his throat.

    Standing over his body and having no use for the wagon itself, the-Other then considered how much more fun this would be, if through this single act she could reap just a little more destruction. So with that thought in mind, she stripped the man then scalped him. Her intentions being that it would make others lash out at the Natives in the area in retaliation, and unfortunately that is exactly what happened.

    After going through his pockets and going through all of his cargo, for the cost of a man’s life she netted just a few things. His knife, a brand new pistol, his hat and just a little over two-dollars she took off his person. From the wagon however she took his short shotgun that clearly had the barrels sawn off, also a new lever action rifle he had, and all of the ammunition she could find, though oddly the pistol and rifle ammunition looked the same to her, yet that was really the point. After setting the wagon afire and discovering that neither mule would be ridden, off she went up into a deep draw with a creek flowing from it, and it is there she learned how to shoot.

    The shotgun was simple enough after she learned how to load it and that she had to cock it, though her first attempt to shoot it holding it wrong left a nasty bruise on her breast and shoulder. The pistol was a whole other set of problems. Pull as she might the trigger would not set off a round, and then like the shotgun she realized it had to be cocked. Once she figured that out and after expending all of its rounds, all poorly shot, it took her forever to figure out how to open it and then eject the shells. After almost shooting off her foot twice however, fast draws were definitely out. The rifle had its own complications, yet eventually they might all be workable tools.

    Her next attack played out equally as easily though yielded poorer results. Once again naked though dragging a blanket behind her, when two Native American braves of a tribe unknown to her rode up, when they dismounted to help her their concern evident as well, she swung the shotgun out from under the blanket, and it was over. Unfortunately their horses ran. However, after scalping them each in hopes that it would rile up the Natives, one tomahawk and a knife were all they had worth taking.

    Frankly the-Other was already tiring of such minimal results, and that was the day that she decided to go for broke. It wasn’t what she could take or gain that meant anything to her. The-Other did not see herself as selfish, so naturally her own secondary goal was the vast pleasure she derived from the chaos she caused. Sure the terror she was able to witness was satisfying, yet those ripples out into the world they caused, that’s what mattered, like the American’s blaming the Natives and visa versa, and what would ensue due to that.

    Her most important goal however was for another, Kay. The-Other had helped her so much, let her share in her own pleasures, and helped her experience absolute freedom as she viewed it, free from guilt, regret or restrictions. Yet Kay had refused to embrace it all, and so scorned, the-Other wanted nothing more than for Kay to suffer. If all worked out well, the mourning Kay had felt for Hum would be like heaven in that the-Other would cast her down into her own guilt ridden hell.

    Moving to a third road, the-Other simply waited until she heard the sound of horses, and peaking out she saw a stagecoach approaching. With her shotgun in one hand and the rifle in the other, the-Other stepped out from behind the rock in just enough time for the driver to see her, and there being little of anything of consequence on board, he decided it would be wise just to stop.

    Naturally to the driver and the passengers this moment was a scary one to be sure, yet just like most good people, they hoped for the best, and why not? This was now the era of the "Gentleman Bandits."

    After the era of the Montana Vigilantes wherein the more violent and vengeful men took the law into their own hands, hang first and ask questions later the norm, once law and order took hold, there came an unspoken agreement of sorts. One might holdup or steal from the wealthy, yet as long as they were not robbing the poor, molesting the women or naturally committing horse theft and murder, then though they would be hunted for their crimes, when caught they would be treated justly. Most importantly though, from their acts of giving to the poor, being courteous to the ladies, harsh on the rich yet uplifting to the downtrodden, many citizens looked upon them like dark heroes. Robin Hood comes to mind.

    "We ain’t got a strong box, just passengers and mail!" the driver shouted.

    "Get down slow and leave your guns!" responded the-Other, and once he had she ordered everyone out of the coach. More specifically though, "anyone who doesn’t get out of the coach or draws a weapon dies."

    Three men and two women stepped out of the stagecoach, yet the second they were out one of the men had a slightly differing opinion than the others.

    "What in the hell? You’re a woman, and a half-breed to boot! I ain’t--" And that is all he said as from ten feet away the-Other shot him in the head with her rifle.

    Instantly the men began throwing down their wallets and watches as the women tossed down their bags. The-Other however simply drew her revolver cocking it, and as she leveled her shotgun at the men, pointing her pistol at the women she ordered them to gather all of the men’s weapons and toss them down. Once done, she had a new command.

    "You two women, strip the men. I’m tired of doing it myself."

    The women balked, the men protested, and when one of the men flat out refused, the-Other showed them all what buckshot could do to a man’s legs. As he lay there screaming and the women wailed as the men looked on horrified realizing that they should have fought, the-Other issued the order again and it was complied with, and when she ordered the women to strip and the driver spoke up, the-Other gave her pistol a try.

    With one man dead and two others moaning in agony, then the-Other turned vulgar and cruel.

    "You bitch, down on your knees" as she pointed to one of the terrified women, and once she had, she pointed to the other one. "Step up in front of her. Closer, closer, put that cum-ditch of yours right on her nose. Now you… lick" placing the shotgun to the naked woman’s head.

    It didn’t take much to make her comply, the option already proven as both women sobbed embarrassed and defiled yet the-Other wasn’t through. Though fearing for his life, the last man had become somewhat inspired. So pointing the pistol at him she made her demand clear.

    "Step up behind the lazy cunt and mount it, now" cocking the pistol to make her point.

    With even the man weeping and apologizing they all complied, even when at the very last second she issued her foreboding statement after the numerous vulgarities she spewed out during.

    "There you go, here it comes, almost there and now, grab each other tight… There it is! Now say goodbye" shouted out just as the man began to cum and she fired off the shotgun.

    Naturally they all thought they would have been killed, yet she fired it into the air and that was the point. It was the terror of it all, and the terror they’d tell all of if they survived. Laughing at their humiliation, naked and brutalized the-Other sent the two women stumbling up the rocky road. The man she buffaloed striking him with the gun, yet it didn't matter. Most likely the women would be taken by natives, or raped by those less savory, and she had other plans for the men.

    After searching the coach for what she might want and taking one of the four horses, she put the finishing touch on her work. The women in shock though still walking turned in fear at the sound of squealing horses and a fast moving coach, jumping off the road just in time to see the terrified horses trying to escape the stagecoach in flames. All four men dragging behind it.

    Over the next month the-Other ramped up her senseless horrors on a total of five riders, two freight wagons, and three more stagecoaches. Though she netted a substantial amount of gold and cash from the people and strong boxes, she simply took it and stashed it all away so no one else would have it. The torture, suffering and trauma is what pleased her, mostly in that she just knew that Kay would finally understand that being the worthless half-breed that she was, this all could have been avoided if she had just killed herself. It was her fault, not the-Other’s, and the-Other as she so desperately sought, was about to make Kay take notice.

    Another stagecoach, yet by this time they had learned to run fast through here, and most had begun to travel with a guard riding shotgun while also encouraging passengers to be ready and armed. The-Other had prepared for that. Selecting a road around the edge of a mountain, narrow and perilous as it was more so moving so fast, the-Other pulled herself back into a crevice on one of the narrower stretches right at the apex of a sharp outside curve.

    The-Other didn’t even step out as she simply shot the lead horse with the rifle while at the same time peppering the driver and guard with the shotgun as the coach passed by. The lead horse drove the others over the edge as it stumbled and fell, and naturally the stage and all of its passengers with it. The-Other was elated at having been able to catch the last second of the eighty foot drop before it all crashed into the rocks below, and she was excited to discover how much harm she had done, almost falling herself as she worked her way down the steep cliff.

    All but one horse was dead and it was done for. Not inhumane the-Other finished it off with her pistol. The coach had disintegrated leaving only splintered wood shards and iron scattered about with all of the contents, yet the real prize was the people. The driver and guard were dead long before they hit bottom. Unfortunately none of the three women survived, they always made for the best sport being so emotional. Of the six other men however, four were left moaning. So the other went to work.

    Seeing the first man was too far gone, she simply shot him. Standing on the second man’s twisted leg didn’t yield a sound, his spine broken, so she shot him too. The third man she froze upon seeing, then smiled telling him "I’ll get back to you." The forth man she wanted to use her knife upon, yet unfortunately he breathed his last, and that made the-Other question if this was not the best spot to use in that it killed to many. Then she turned back to the third man. She set down her guns, pulled out the knife she had in the Yellowstone, straddled then sat down over him.

    Slapping him twice as he was fading in and out going into shock, the-Other smiled wide and spoke sweetly.

    "Well, well, well… This must make you happier than a pig in shit. You were right. All this time I bet you kept asking yourself, ‘is Nellie-Jean really Kay? Is that poor half-breed that I threw out of Virginia City really as bad as they say?’ Well sir, I’m here to tell you. You are one smart buckaroo. Howdy Marshal, I’ve missed your inspirational, though granted long-winded talks."

    "So you were going to kill me huh? Like my knife? Oh yeah, it’s the same one… Uh oh, cough it up, don’t choke out on me now. Would you like some water, or are you hungry perhaps? Well, this is the moment that I tell you, yes sir, you were right, well mostly. See I’m much, much worse than you ever heard, but don’t worry. They’ll tell you all about me in Hell. Now try and stay with me. I don’t want you to miss a bit of this, lets start by--"

    Suddenly the-Other jerked violently, and when her head snapped forward, all the Marshal could see were the whites of her eyes as she sat their motionless.

    Hunger did not want to mount him, she was uncharacteristically cowering wherein usually she would be masturbating in anticipation of the carnage to follow. Scout only stood there looking down. Her focus was upon the void much like a child hiding under the blankets. The-Other had without warning been violently yanked out of her consciousness and was slammed down onto the floor of her mind shattering her as brutally as was the Marshal.

    In an instant Kay squat over her, and in a tone that had even Scout dropping to a squat and balling up in trepidation, Kay used the-Others very own words against her.

    ‘Enough… Now stay. I’ll get back… to you.’

    To the Marshal it seemed just a flutter of her eyes that took them from gray to white to dark brown, yet he saw it. Kay slowly bent over him, the compassion in her eyes so sincere it would be impossible to question.

    "I’m sorry. You are a good man, and you helped your people. I will never do any of this again. You saved them." And Kay locked her eyes upon his softly until the light left his.

    What had happened, all of it from the first day to now hereon in would be only Kay’s burden to bear, and she would never under any circumstance let the-Other loose again. The-Other got her wish and had been heard, and she would never have to suffer living as a half-breed forevermore.

    When Kay slowly lifted her head and turned it toward the setting sun, for just a moment she seemed to still as the four within her gathered once again. Hunger uncharacteristically sat there unmoving and silent looking down to not incur Kay’s wrath. The-Other just lay there though she was shaking as Scout took on the duties the-Other typically had performed in telling Kay what she needed to do while Kay debated.

    ‘Take it, take it all. Go through their pockets and open the strongbox’ Scout pressed.

    "I don’t want it, any of it. What would I do with it anyway?" was Kay’s response.

    ‘You will need it to live in Mexico, and it is of no use to any of them’ Scout continued to insist.

    "Perhaps I won’t head south--" Kay muttered as Scout cut Kay off.

    ‘Canada then…’

    "Or maybe I will never go to Mexico or Canada. Maybe I will simply stay here."

    That caused Scout to seem to restrain a chuckle as though amused by a foolish child.

    ‘Kay, you have to grow up sometime.’

    "Do I? Do I really? Maybe it doesn’t matter. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be dead, you’ll be dead, and we’ll all be dead like everyone else. Maybe we’ll all be dead like Hum and Ji… Maybe we’ll be dead like that Marshal, or those people. Maybe we should just kill them all and raise the territory to the ground! Maybe I should just cut my own throat and--" As Scout once more interrupted Kay.

    ‘Shh, rest now.’

    "Scout no! I’m in contr--" yet the moment that Scout waved her hand in front of Kay’s face, she simply collapsed in her own mind and went to sleep.

    …And so, for good or bad, Scout was loose once again.

    ** Authors Note: According to the 1870 U.S. census, Montana's entire estimated population consisted of 18,306 whites, 1,949 Chinese, and 183 African Americans. The estimated Native American population was 19,300 (which fell far short of actual numbers citing "civilized Indians"). By 1872, the Montana Immigration Society was established in Helena intent on drawing new settlers to the region. Wyoming in contrast was estimated to have a population of only 9,118 non-indigenous peoples.
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    A Half-Breed Reborn

    66. Outlaw Mourning
    67. Widow Hail
    68. Black Widow of Missoula
    69. To be a Silk Purse
    70. Stagecoach to Salacious
    71. Job?
    72. The Way of the Snake

    Outlaw Mourning:

    To say that she was groggy and disoriented would be an understatement. Her eyes fluttered open and she had enough time to clear her head, yet she sincerely called out softly truly confused.

    "Hum, where are we? Ji? Where are you two?"

    As far as Kay was concerned, the last thing that she clearly remembered was the three of them making love last night then going to sleep in a heap. Kay had been pressing her slick folds to the top of Hum’s cock laying over his chest as Ji pressed to the underside of him with hers, and they both slowly moved up and down in perfect time as though joined at their bottoms. Kay remembered when Ji and her both came, and it was impossible to not know when Hum would orgasm due to his mighty roar and the copious amount of cum that spewed up like a geyser painting both of their bottoms.

    Kay somewhat recalled Hum rolling her off him in the morning, yet past that all she could remember were her horrifically vivid dreams. Perhaps stranger still that she still that moment could as they seemed more like memories rather than the fantasies of slumber. Again Kay called out for Hum then Ji, and when she didn’t receive an answer, she crawled out of the bedroll and stumbled up the rocky slope of the gully she was in until she stood on it’s lip, and slowly turned in a full circle.

    "Hum! Ji! This is scaring me where are you? Where is this place?" Kay shouted out beginning to panic. The rocks, soil and terrain nothing like that found in the Wapiti Valley.

    ‘You are in the Montana Territory. Go back by the fire and warm, then eat and drink.’

    Kay heard the voice in her own mind clearly, yet it wasn’t the-Other. It almost sounded like… ‘No, it couldn’t be’ she thought.

    ‘You need to eat and drink, you have not in three days. Then you should bathe,’ the voice stated once again.

    "Scou… Scout, is this you? Where is the-Other, and where is Hum?"

    ‘Go back down the hill and go to the fire. Then eat and drink, you will not think clearly until you do.’ Scout stated once more.

    "Scout, where is Hum? Scout, did you do someth--" wherein Scout promptly cut her off.

    ‘Be quiet. Eat then drink, then all will become clear to you. Do this now or I will have you rest again. We have done this three times already this morning word for word. Break the circle, go now.’

    Finally after two hours and three tries by Scout, Kay walked down the hill and ate then drank. After she nibbled just a little and took a sip or two of water, when she tried to get Scout to talk with her, Scout simply stated that ‘she would not speak with her further until she had enough.’

    True to her word, Kay had to work to get down enough food and water to Scout’s satisfaction, and that took her easily two more solid hours as the entire time she became more scared that Scout had done something terrible. When Kay could finally take it no longer fearing that Scout had slaughtered Hum and Ji, and perhaps even the-Other she truly began to panic, and then it struck her. The-Other, Scout and even a vaguely remembered spirit by the name of Hunger had all left her roughly a year ago. She had been free from them since arriving in the Wapiti, so why was Scout here now?

    Knowing Scout was not the ideal conversationalist, Kay needed information, and though the-Other was abusive to be sure, Kay told Scout to go fetch her, to which Scout refused.

    ‘I cannot. You have cast her down’ being Scout’s blunt though unclear reply.

    "Scout, listen to me, this is really scaring me. I want you to try and tell me the best way you can, where is Hum and Ji, where is the-Other, and where are we exactly?"

    That was something that Scout could do, perhaps in a way that would break it to Kay in such a manner that the extreme shock of it all… Suddenly being slapped with the loss of your loves, home, a year of your life, and on top of it, all of the carnage all at one time… Would not have the same devastating impact, and so she answered.

    ‘Think back to your last memory’ Scout said, which Kay was able to quite easily. ‘Now think back to your first dream, then the second.’

    For a moment Kay thought Scout was making a ridiculous request. No one could think back to all of their dreams, especially in order. Yet when she tried without any effort she was able to. Her first dream was how she knew Hum and Ji had been killed, so she cast herself over a cliff into the abyss repeating a phrase all the way down. Her second dream however was of her mourning them for thousands upon thousands of years. So long in fact that she mourned them no more.

    Without prompting she then thought to her subsequent dreams. Scout carrying her up from the void, then the pow-wow of the four, her tormenting of the-Other like a spirit herself, and then hazily watching the three of them, to then finally attacking the-Other. When she asked Scout if they were real being so clear, and then asked about Hum once more, Scout responded much the same.

    ‘Imagine you are me, now think back to my first memory, and to now.’

    Kay thought that was crazy, yet when she tried, then focused and tried again there it was. Hurting the men at the cabin, then carrying Hum and Ji’s bodies back to the cabin and laying them down. In fact, every dream or more true to the point every memory that Scout had from that point to now, and when she tried Kay discovered that she could do so with the-Other, and even Hunger. With that Kay seemed to soften and wilt as her expression became one of slight sadness having in a few moments relived an entire year. Kay only stating that she understood with a single word.

    "Oh…" Though the impact was softened in that all of the emotions, the anger, grief, sadness, fear and so on of every bit of it had been remembered and felt as well, all of it already worked through and come to grips with, it still left Kay a little sad and she simply sighed.

    Looking down to the end of the gully she noticed a small stream, so as the morning warmed she bathed, and then walked to the wagon that Scout had procured. In the back of it were eight small wooden crates, the markings upon them having been charred off. Kay knew from thinking back to Scout’s activities that inside they contained equal amounts of gold dust, script and coins, all so tightly packed that it was impossible to tell what was in them. Essentially the bounty of the-Other’s rampage.

    Still naked, her habits of the Wapiti seeming like only yesterday, Kay walked to the head of the buckboard wagon and found what were now two maps. The one that Hunger had procured of the region, and finally one that stretched from parts of Mexico all of the way up to Canada, and after considering what she might do, then what Scout wanted her to do, Kay devised her own plan of action.

    Thankfully, Scout had foresightedly as always collected clothing for Kay and placed it and some other items in a carpetbag along with some script. She missed her Native clothing, armor and ornaments however, yet sadly she realized that just like the Natives themselves, her time to live as and wear such had all but come to an end. There was one other leather suitcase however that Kay didn’t think back to why Scout or even the-Other had kept it, simply opening it instead.

    Inside was an actually beautiful black lace and satin dress, including all of the many, many… ‘did people really wear this much?…’ many items that went under and with it including even gloves, stockings and a hat with a full veil. Clearly the entire outfit had been bought by some woman to wear in mourning every bit of it black, and as Kay thought back to why the-Other saved it, she was horrified by her plans to use it as a disguise to raze Helena to the ground. Never the less, it gave Kay an idea.

    Though it took her quite a bit of time to figure out just what exactly went on first, eventually she figured out the numerous layers of constrictive clothing. It took no small effort to put on the corset and even the dress over her breasts, and the high collar that went clear up to under her chin felt like it was strangling her. Once dressed however, and even brushing out her hair before putting on the veiled hat and finally the gloves, Kay struggled to get up into the wagon, the mass of clothing and impractical boots making such a minimal climb a nightmare, and off she went.

    Already sweating being most likely mid-May, her head to toe outfit entirely black, Kay headed off toward Hells Gate and the newer town of Missoula. She would do as Scout insisted, and then get out of the territory before she was discovered to be the-Other.

    Widow Hail:
    To any that might have caught site of her, Kay would have looked like the consummate widow in mourning that had sat on an anthill and had a boa constrictor crushing her under her dress. She was constantly twitching, squirming and stretching, pulling and shrugging at her dress. She kept lifting up the veil to breathe and peek out from under it. She had even at one point taken the exorbitant amount of time to unbutton her boots from her shin to her toes. Then hiked up the many layers of petticoats and her dress to her waist, and set her feet to the corners of the footboard her legs wide, just so she could cool off her feet and cunnie. Worse still the bustle shoved her so far forward on the seat that she was constantly fighting it to not fall off.

    Once she saw riders approaching however, Kay grudgingly frantically redressed and tried to sit like she wasn’t a two-bit whore, and then tensed expecting the usual string of slurs, spits and threats. She knew she was in real trouble however when the three men nudged one another, and then pulled their horses to either side of the road lined up facing it like a gauntlet. Once upon them they made their intentions clear as mud.

    "Ma’am… Ma’am… Ma’am" each one of them stated, just sitting there looking at her taking their hats off saying nothing more just waiting as their mounts shuffled.

    Stopping a few feet from them, Kay just looked to the three and then blurted out her own greeting.

    "What? What do you want?"

    "Well uh…" one of them began. "Uh nothin ma’am. Just making room for ya to pass and showin respect is all. Sorry for your loss."

    Kay sat there for a moment confused, and then once more voiced her witty response.


    "Uh well…" another chimed in as they all three looked at each other confused. "Ma’am, are ya lost?"

    "No… well, I don’t know. How far is this Hells Gate, and is that town or Missoula better for shipping crates?" Kay responded.

    "Well that would be Missoula Ma’am, it’s just up ahead. Helena I’d reckon would be a heap better but it’s way back east, more than two days. Ma’am, I know it ain’t none of my business, but you shouldn’t be out here alone. There’s injuns, robbers, bears and even some crazy murderin squaw runnin around. How bout we escort you into town?"

    "No, hell I’m fine, I’ve got a knife" her naive response. The men however were shocked then snickered when she said ‘hell.’

    "I’m sure you are ma’am, but just the same I think we should. My momma would have whupped me somethin terrible if I had not helped some lady."

    With that he rode up next to the back of the wagon, jumped off his horse onto it and tied it’s reins to the rear and started crawling into the seat next to her reaching for the reigns.

    "What are you doing?" Kay shouted. "I don’t have nothing you want!"

    "I’m sorry ma’am, guess I startled you, we don’t think too much on such out on the ranch. I suppose I should’a climbed up proper. I’ll drive you in, it ain’t right that you’d have to drive with us fellas here. C’mon boys, maybe we’ll get another drink… Uh, sorry ma’am. Maybe we’ll go back by that preacher’s while we’re there!" As he winked to his friends.

    Kay stiffened right up, her experiences with men over the years typically being nothing like this. It is then that she realized that she had absolutely no idea how to act in typical American society having always been outside of it or on the fringes. Oh sure, she could fight him if he wanted, curse, spit and scratch her rump with the lowest, heck she could even hang with the whores if need be, yet anything else she was in trouble.

    That moment she realized that she was sure to be caught which simply made her more nervous by the second. After roughly five minutes of silence she couldn’t take it anymore, and she began unraveling quicker than she expected simply due to trying not to. At first she began to squirm, then tug at her clothes, and finally she just lashed out turning to the young man driving her wagon.

    "What in the hell is wrong with you? Why don’t you say something!"

    "Oh well I’m sorry ma’am," again taken aback by her cursing. "I just figured that be-in in mourning and such you didn’t feel like speaking. Sides that, I might just be a dumb ranch hand, but even I know it ain’t polite to go spoutin off with no older lady present and just yappin away."

    "Older, what makes you think I’m older?" Kay’s replied her minimal vanity touched upon.

    "See what I mean? I ain’t got no sense sometimes. I just figured you bein a widda and all. Reckon I didn’t figure on ya might a lost someone else. I weren’t gonna ask it bein none of my business."

    "It’s all right, these clothes are just hot and strangling me is all" Kay replied not realizing that to say such a thing was way out of the norm. "Look, what’s your name?"

    "Oh gosh, I didn’t think to say since we ain’t been introduced. If it ain’t offendin ya to say, my name’s Spurrr… uh… Jack Williams. Jack Williams Ma’am."

    "Jack Williams? Bahaha! You hear that Haytop? All this-here time we been a-ridin with Jack Williams!" One of the other men shouted. "Spurt’s name is Jack Will--"

    "You shut up Roach or I’ll tell everyone your real name!" the first man shouted. "Sorry ma’am, just is, most of us fellas not havin families and such cept each other just get used to not havin no manners."

    "Say Jaaack, why don’t ya tell the widda why the gals up to Belle’s call ya ‘Spurt?’"

    That moment Jack or "Spurt" stopped the wagon and stood up ready to leap onto Roach, and out of the blue Kay let them know unintentionally in no uncertain terms that she was not a typical "city woman."

    "My husband may he rest in peace, Mr. Hummingbird Hail, who by the way was as big as you three fellas put together and fought Natives since before you were born, could spurt more, farther and more accurately than a Mule Skinner could spit at a Jack Rabbit. So spurting isn’t going to make me raise my brow one way or the other…"

    "On the other hand," Kay continued, "I’d be more concerned about being named after some wild Pawnee’s haircut that looks like the hair peeking out of a miners bent over backside. But that’s just me."

    When Kay said that she figured that Hum would appreciate such a tale. Roach didn’t find it all that funny, yet Spurt and Haytop found it hilarious and as Spurt sat back down and began driving again, he just looked over to Kay and nodded as he whispered "thanks ma’am."

    Eventually and without much more drama they made it to Missoula wherein Roach and Haytop peeled off and went most likely to a saloon, as Spurt drove Kay to the shipping office known to have the best record of getting freight through. It surprised Kay how every man they passed riding through town took off his hat. Even tipping a hat was not all that common, yet the people showed their respect for someone in mourning quickly enough and Kay didn’t even have to wonder if they would have done the same if her veil was up.

    Once there, Kay encountered a real problem. She could not figure out how to get down off the wagon due to the many layers of the dress and the boots being less than athletic, and it was of no surprise that Spurt reached up and helped her down, and then escorted her in.

    Telling the man inside the office that she had some crates to ship, the first thing he stated cheerfully was that they would need to be weighed, so outside the three went. When the man and Spurt were distracted a moment, Kay instinctively walked to the back of the wagon, and knowing Scout was much stronger than she was, Kay prepared for it and yanked. When the two men turned around, there was Kay shuffling leaning back, clearly straining with all her might.

    "Ma’am! You don’t have to do that!" Spurt yelled as both men and a third raced over to take the crate, yet when the shipping clerk grabbed it, he almost toppled over as did Spurt.

    The eight crates ranged in weight from 116-119 pounds each, and beyond both being stunned due to their small size, they were shocked that Kay had loaded them on. When jokingly it was asked "what’s in em, gold?" Kay simply stated "I wish it was. Unfortunately it’s just rock and soil samples of my late husband’s for copper and lead mining." At first she had no idea where that came from, then she realized that all of the experiences of the other three, in this case Hunger’s from the mine, was now engrained in her as though she had lived through it herself.

    With that it became a matter of where they were going and time. As to where that required looking on a map and after some discussion she decided upon Sacramento, California, though with a catch. First off, they would need to be held there for some time, perhaps even years as she finished what she needed to do. Secondly they were important, and she needed to be assured that they would be there, and that whomever picked them up could do so with either a receipt or code word.

    The freight clerk set to work figuring it all out, which would also entail a couple telegraphs. So in the meantime Kay asked where the stage office was and that she would be back, it being a short distance back in to town. It was then that Kay said her goodbye to Spurt. Though a considerable amount of money, she pressed a ten-dollar gold piece into his hand making him take it with him balking all the while, yet her comment of "make good use of it at Belle’s" had him blushing and accepting.

    Leaving the wagon, as Kay walked to the stage office just as before men would remove their hats and step back waiting for her to pass. A number of them however expressed their concern.

    "Ma’am, you really shouldn’t be walking around here alone. It ain’t proper, and there are a few rough ones that come into town" a common statement.

    Never the less she would politely refuse their help, and once to the stage office Kay ended up purchasing a ticket to Corrine, Utah which turned to be something of a central hub due to the railroad whatever that was. It was not a cheap fare running along the Bitterroot, past Wisdom to Bannack, and then on down to Eagle Rock, Idaho, past Fort Hall and on into Utah, some five hundred miles. The fare would cost her $225.00, and that would not include meals, baths, rooms, or the balance of the distance to Sacramento.

    Fortunately however Scout had placed one thousand dollars in script and gold coins in the small purse that came with the outfit. So with part of her trip paid for, enough to get her far out of the territory she returned to the freight office to discover that it would not be an inexpensive venture as well.

    First off, they asked if the freight needed to be protected and insured, which of course meant an additional cost. After explaining to Kay what that meant, and then needing a value of the contents, Kay knew that to say would almost insure its loss, and perhaps her being discovered. So, she put on a modest value of $500 per crate upon them. Enough to insure proper care, yet not enough to draw undue attention. It was then decided that a bank should be use to hold them, not so much for the value yet the long term storage, and naturally they had a fee. Typically freight costs were "seven dollars per one hundred pounds" from Dillon, Mt. to Corrine, Ut.. That had added to it the shipping from Missoula to Dillon, rail freight from Corrine to Sacramento, and delivery to the bank.

    All told, the freight would cost her $463.00, and quickly Kay was realizing that she would be riding a horse again soon enough. When it came to the paperwork however, Kay actually expected that she would never be picking up this fortune, yet she wanted it to be able to be passed on. To that end, the name on the receipt would read "Mrs. Hummingbird Hail." The code that someone would have to use to confirm that they bore that receipt legitimately would be "Aut-23," and they would be able to identify the crates by a mark to be placed on them which she drew out. A number "10" over an "X," Ten-X. Though seeming like a warning it was not. It was just a reminder of the Wapiti Valley.

    With $302.00 left and needing a room for the night the stage not leaving until the morning, she asked directions to the nearest hotel, and prepared to head to it. Walking outside to the wagon Kay decided that to just leave it would mean questions, and people trying to track down the owner, the horses thankfully were unbranded. Foolish perhaps having thought to sell it for what she could get at the stable, an opportunity presented itself that she couldn’t pass up.

    A small Native American family was passing through town. The men were casting out slurs, the few women in that area adding their own, yet the family just kept their head down enduring the onslaught pulling a travertine by hand containing their belongings. Silencing the people as Kay walked directly to block the Native’s path, fortunately one of them spoke "American" and found Kay guiding them back to the buckboard. With that she helped the old woman, wife and two children up, then she and the man lifted their possessions travertine and all up on the back. Not surprisingly, without the help from the men around as the women spoke of the shamefulness of it.

    Asking them to wait, Kay went back into the freight office and with the clerk’s help, she wrote out a receipt of sale. Insuring that the man’s name, "Swooping Owl" in American, was on it as well as her own, she then added at the four corners her "Ten-X" mark once again, though this time as a curse and warning. Taking it back out to the man, he slipped something into her hand which she dropped into her purse, then she grabbed her carpet bag, and off they went.

    The people there were stunned and disgusted, yet as far as Kay was concerned, it was the only good thing that she had done on this first day of her rebirth as a widow.

    Black Widow of Missoula:
    It was funny Kay mused, then again not. However, as she walked down the street the men that had been so respectful and concerned for her safety who had witnessed her act of kindness, now suddenly looked down on her. Granted, not as much as they had that family, and no doubt not as much as they would have if they knew her to be a half-breed, yet it was obvious to them that she was a traitor to her "assumed" kind.

    Reaching the suggested hotel just as torches and lanterns were being lit to illuminate the streets and businesses, Kay walked in and easily enough took a room, yet with it came an instant problem. As the man began to walk her to it, right away they went to the stairs and Kay quite simply froze.

    Bluntly though seeming simple enough, she had never seen stairs. More so a feeling of dread swept over her realizing that she was in a more hostile land than any wilderness, and most of all that she was totally out of her element. Painted walls, padded furniture and paintings though all simple items did not fill her with wonder as you might expect, yet simply reinforced how different of a place this was than she had ever known.

    "Ma’am, Mrs. Hail? Are you all right? It’s just up the stairs" the man queried.

    Kay couldn’t help herself. Instantly she began trembling, and as she began to whimper and cry in fear, the man stepped down and offered his hand misinterpreting what he was seeing.

    "I’m sorry Mrs. Hail, did you lose your husband recently?"

    "No, it was a while ago, though it seems like just yesterday to me. He was my world to me, Hum and, oh gawd, him and Ji…"

    Kay couldn’t help it as she burst out bawling. The combination of the fear and it truly seeming like only yesterday that she lost Hum and Ji simply amplified it. The man naturally assumed that Ji must be her child, and though after a bit of effort he was able to get her to her room, then cope with her being unable to work the door, and as Kay settled in he naturally began the gossip.

    Kay on the other hand could not stand it literally wanting to jump off the balcony to get to the street, or in truth, the soil, mud and even waste of the animals to simply be closer to nature. Acting wiser however, Kay finally made it out of her room and down the steps using both hands on the railing. As she almost raced to the door to simply get outside, the owner once more stopped her and voiced his concern.

    "Mrs. Hail, Mrs. Hail! Is everything alright with your room?"

    "Yea, yes, yes it’s fine, I just need some air!"

    "Mrs. Hail, will you be staying on the porch?" The man continued.

    "I just need to walk a bit. Don’t wait up for me…" to which the man raced to her gently trying to grasp her arm.

    "Mrs. Hail, I’m sorry yet it wouldn’t be right for me to let you go out. It’s not safe out there without an escort, especially at night. Why don’t you sit down and I’ll make you some tea. Perhaps one of the other guests can sit with you on the porch, would you like that?"

    "No I wouldn’t like that! What I would like is to be outside, a meal, and hell, I might even find somewhere that will sell me a drink, and I sure as blazes don’t want an escort who I have to protect."

    The man was stunned only responding "Mrs. Hail! Well I nev… your key!" expecting her key back at least as she stormed out the door.

    Finally she could breathe again as she began heading down the walks only wishing that she could be walking down the middle of the street. She kept going quite a while not unsurprisingly uninterested in the multitude of things offered within the shops, coincidentally as disinterested in them as the-Other had been with the wonders of the Yellowstone. Up this street, turning here, then that way, eventually Kay encountered a more populated and well-lit street.

    It was obvious that she had found the saloon district commonly called "Front Street," and as she walked down it she encountered much of what she had earlier. Most men would make way and remove their hats. Many asked if she was lost, needed help, and offered some even insisting to her blunt refusal to escort her. It had become loud and chaotic from the drunks, the laughing, music and sounds of the saloons. But up ahead she noticed a café knowing that she wouldn’t be allowed in a saloon, and as she walked toward it, she passed an alley.

    Just a dark space between two buildings, black and going back so far that there was no light, yet something had alerted her out of the corner of her eye, and it was then that she turned, and began walking into it. The alley turned this way then that, boxes and garbage littering the way as she instinctively looked to a narrow section to her left. Far to the back of it she saw three forms, and as the female of the three barely eeped out "no please just let--" before her mouth was covered, Kay couldn’t help herself.

    Two men had dragged some young woman to the back of the passage and had pinned her to the back wall. Already they had ripped open her jacket and shirt slamming her against the wall atop a crate as one covered her mouth and mauled her breasts, and the other had shoved up her dress and petticoats and ripped her drawers instead of untying them to get at her cunnie.

    Kay couldn’t move as the one who had shifted her dress grabbed her ankles and lifted them high and wide, and in a moment the other man had loosed his cock and shoved it inside of her. Still Kay stood there frozen as the man grunted and thrust, and his friend behind him whispered out his vile comments to spur them on. Just as the first man began grunting in such a way that signaled his orgasm was imminent, Kay almost longingly reached into her bag having added something to it in her room when she removed the item given to her by the Native.

    Like a wraith she moved all in black. The girl’s eyes horrified in their expression by what was happening to her, suddenly widened seeing Kay move up behind the three, but the men didn’t pay attention. Kay couldn’t help herself as though drawn to do this, needing to, as suddenly she sank her knife in deep in the right side of the man holding her legs. With it buried to the hilt, she drove it up at an angle drawing it around until it reached his spine while her glove-encased hand covered his mouth.

    She almost became irritated that his spine stopped its progress, yet after dragging the knife over it she continued up to his ribs on the other side almost cutting him in half.

    "Oh fuck yes… you filthy whore!" The second man groaned out cumming within the girl as his friend behind him just dropped. His eyes then fluttered open as a lace-gloved hand wrapped around his forehead wrenching his head back. And Kay drew the knife across his throat so firm, that it’s tip traced around the vertebrae in his neck.

    The first spurt of blood streaked the girl’s face from her hairline to her chin, the rest painting her breasts and dress as the man seemed to melt and then crumple before her. Kay didn’t know why she killed them, she just knew that she needed to. She understood no more than she grasped why she had stepped up to the girl and slipped two of her gloved fingers deep into her soiled cunnie. Softly twisting them inside of her, Kay lifted her veil to just her nose with the hand holding the knife, and licked from the girls chin up to her brow causing Kay to shiver and moan. With that she turned, and vanished into the shadows.

    Slipping back out of the alley Kay was surprised by what she had done. She had wanted to help, she really did yet that wasn’t it. Scout she could tell was no where to be found, even Hunger seemed to be hiding, and it was then that something struck her. The-Other had not forced her hand or even whispered to her, yet the moment Kay had turned and moved away from the gruesome scene, like some final farewell, the-Other looked to Kay gratefully mouthing "thank you," and just like that, she was gone as though she had never existed.

    Finally making the café, every man on the street in passing be they drunk or sober removing their hats and stepping aside, found the people inside just as respectful. Instantly the room silenced as Kay walked in the door. It was actually disconcerting making her wonder if she was covered in gore much like Scout often would be. However those few crude bummers who did not know enough to take their hats off indoors did so, and as she passed every now and then someone would softly say "Mrs. Hail" in respectful greeting, and once she had passed she would hear the whispers of "Hum… Ji… husband and child…" and so on.

    Quickly the owner met Kay halfway and softly greeted her stating; "Welcome Mrs. Hail, please come this way, we have somewhere that you can eat in privacy."

    Though Kay didn’t understand such courtesies and protocols, when she saw the alcove like booth, and they ultimately closed the heavy curtains granting her privacy, she assumed it was for many reasons. Normally used as a private booth for those requesting such, times like with Kay it would be utilized so someone in mourning could avoid prying eyes and whispers. Women would be able to remove their veils shielding grief stricken eyes, and if they needed a moment to collect themselves unused to eating alone, they could do so.

    Before the owner sealed her in however he had asked; ‘what she would like to eat,’ as Kay responded; ‘anything light,’ as he then turned up the lamp, set a basket of rolls on her table, and stated that he would fix some tea and seal her in. Not even thinking Kay reached for a roll, and it is then that the whole world vanished except just inside the alcove.

    There it was concealed in the palm of her hand she had reached for the roll with. Her knife still thickly coated with blood. Instinctively, Kay then reached for a roll with her other hand freezing once again, her two fingers of the black glove were slick and streaked with the wetness and spunk from the rape. It was as though she was compelled to do it, slipping those two fingers deep into her mouth as her eyes rolled up and she shuddered and whimpered. Then looking to the knife once more, pulling her fingers out of her mouth and grasping a roll with that hand, she wrapped it around the blade and wiped down to its tip, and then as though hiding the evidence, Kay ate it.

    As she did Kay noticed something else. Frantically gathering up the hem of the dress and many layers of petticoats, she then slipped her hand to the crotchless drawers and discovered as her fingers plowed through her folds that she was truly sopping wet. Outside of the alcove the other patrons near enough could tell what they were hearing. Clearly Mrs. Hail had begun sobbing. Her muffled moans, whimpers and whines all too telling in that it could be nothing else, and so, it was not surprising when she abruptly exited the alcove, and asked the owner to show her out the back.

    On unfamiliar streets Kay grappled with what she had done and what she was feeling. She was not going mad like her time with the Crow, she was sure of that. She could also tell that none of the three spirits within her had influenced her, of that she was positive as well. It was then that she struck on it, the obviousness of it glaring.

    Kay had simply saved a girl’s life. Her hesitation was natural, to not have would have meant something more. The savagery and the skill simply was from her unfortunately vast experience, and the vulgarity of molesting the girl and fascination with the blood, simply the remnants of the-Other’s year long control of her. The good of it was however, now the-Other was gone.

    As that problem resolved itself, almost simultaneously Kay caught the scent of something familiar, and heard a voice that she recognized instantly. Halfway upon turning her head toward the voice she confirmed the direction of the scent, and oddly seeming driven once again, Kay moved to the voice walking up to the three young men from earlier today.

    "Mrs. Hail are you alright? How did ya get over here, you ain’t alone are ya?"

    "Hello boys. Spurt, would you come with me please, I need your help?" Kay responded in a calm though direct tone.

    "Uh, well sure ma’am, I’ll be glad to walk ya back to your hotel. You really shouldn’t be out alone be-in a lady and all. Fellas, go on ahead, I’ll see you back at the ranch" Spurt called out to his friends as he extended his arm, Kay taking it, and she began to lead him back the way she came, yet soon turned to the left away from the hotels.

    "Mrs. Hail, I think you’re lost. The hotels are back the other way. You don’t want to be goin down this a’way. Hell… err sorry, heck ma’am, I don’t even come over here."

    Kay’s hand resting atop Spurt’s, as they walked deftly slid around his until gripping it intertwining their arms, and as they began to move into a somewhat secluded part of town, Spurt definitely became progressively more apprehensive and even scared. His hand resting on his pistol nervously fidgeting with it though Kay became even more focussed and insistent.

    "Yes I know Spurt, I’m not lost, I’ll know where we’re going once I see it. I just need your help for a little bit, but don’t worry, you’ll like this."

    "Ma’am I think we should turn round, I hear about a lotta bad things over--" as Kay suddenly interrupted him.

    "Ah, right here… You can smell it. It’s okay Jack, really. Just stay with me and you’ll be fine. Really, I need your help, will you help me Jack, please?"

    Spurt looked terrified as he should have when Kay pulled him down a narrow alley with a torch lit by an open door. Her voice, posture and even gate seemed to become more seductive by the second as time felt like it slowed just the slightest bit. As they walked down the steps into the basement of a building, they then instantly turned walking down a few more steps, and then down a dark stone lined hall. They turned again with a single torch illuminating that narrow alley, and they eventually turned once more in through an arch, and Spurt’s senses were overwhelmed from all directions.

    The heat was almost overwhelming and it was difficult to breathe the air stagnant, and thickly laden with a sweet smelling haze. Though dark and poorly lit, as his eyes adjusted he began to make out the forms and shapes of people lounging about, and just a moment before he jumped, Kay rest her other hand atop his on his pistol just as a small Chinese woman walked up.

    "Mrs. Hail, we should go this--" as Kay interrupted him again.

    "Shhh, it’s okay Jack, you’ll like this." Kay then looked to the woman and held up a single gloved finger and handed the woman a five-dollar gold piece, pointing to a plush looking alcove.

    Leading Spurt through the sights and sounds of the opium den had him terrified though the smoke filling the air had already begun to affect him. Once in the alcove, Kay spoke directly though seductively to him. Her voice almost as hypnotic as the swaying bodies, flickering lamps and dense swirls of blue smoke that would occasionally waft up like vaporous ghosts of Cobras.

    "Jack… I need your help please. You simply need only to relax and I will do the rest. Believe me… this place, and with me here, there is no where safer in the world, and you will be so glad that you helped me."

    Slowly unbuckling his gun belt as she spoke and slipping it down to the floor beside the deep ornate sofa, Kay then undid his belt buckle and top button on his pants as she gently helped him to sit, softly shushing him as he began to protest once again. Standing there in front of him Kay then took a step back and began the long slow process of removing most of the many layers of her clothing.

    Never removing her veiled hat or gloves, Kay began to slowly undo the thirty to forty small buttons that ran from the high neck on her dress, down to her waist. Slowly slipping off the black satin and lace dress and laying it beside him, she then slowly removed the three layers of black petticoats that had been under it, each one below more of a tease than had been the one above. Next Kay removed her bustle, and finally she unbuttoned her bodice covering her corset.

    With the corset too difficult to remove and put back on, Kay unbuttoned the top three on its front and folded the corners over her breasts down and out like lapels. Finally Kay slipped the edges of her chemise that she wore under the corset into it, and extracted both of her breasts. Lastly, parting her feet wide slowly, Kay untied the two cords holding the crotch of her drawers together and her slick and flush cunnie instantly came into view.

    Spurt became wide eyed at her breasts though in the dim light could not make out their darkened hue. When he saw her hairless mons however he was taken aback, yet the heavy smoke in the air had done its work and he simply gasped.

    "Shhh, relax Jack. Lay back, there is nothing to be afraid of. Juuust relaaax."

    As Spurt fixated on her breasts Kay laid him back by placing one nipple in his mouth then leaned toward him, her hand all the while smoothing up and down his thigh. Once he had laid back, Kay only then began gently stroking and squeezing the bulge in his pants. With her nipple in his mouth, the madam of the den arrived with a fresh pill and a pipe, and once ready she offered it to Kay.

    "Mmm, watch me Jack. Just like this…" leaving her nipple in his mouth Kay turned her head taking a long slow draw from the pipe, her body seeming to relax in mere seconds.

    Sliding down him slightly, as one gloved hand worked loose the remainder of the buttons on his pants, the other brought the pipe to near his lips as she leaned close, her lips brushing his ear and she whispered to him.

    "Jaaack… What you’re about to feel will be wonderful, yet listen to me. This is the only time it will, here now with me. Any other time it will simply be a pale shade of what we’re about to share, and each time thereafter that you do this, it will slowly become a nightmare. This moment is your one time in paradise. Now draw it in slowly, and enjoy, gentleman Jack."

    Once Spurt began to draw from the pipe and Kay could feel his body soften and melt before her, as her hand extracted his cock she slowly slipped her mouth down to it. Pulling the pipe away and waving to the madam no more, Kay grasped his hand and slid it over her bottom to her flush, slick cunnie. As her mouth engulfed his manhood and began to slowly almost lazily rise, fall and twist, her hand moving the opposite in time, Kay could feel him curiously begin to explore her depths and folds.

    There was no rush, there was only now, and when Jack finally came almost a half-hour later, flooding her mouth with so much cum that it took three swallows to get it all down confirming the girls at Belle’s opinions, Kay did as well. That moment, surrounded by the blue cashmere haze of the dragon with a young man’s seed filling her maw and his fingers filling her shuddering cunt, Kay saw Hunger writhe in one final orgasm, and then… simply vanish as though she had never been.

    Once Spurt had drifted off into his opium-laden dreams, Kay collected her clothing to dress with the help of the madam. Once she had however, she withdrew a twenty-dollar gold piece from her purse offering it to the woman, the five she had paid already a massive sum on a condition. That the madam never allow Spurt in there again and would give him no more now. When the madam took the coin smiling however Kay made it clear.

    Holding onto the coin long enough, she raised her veil and glared in the madam’s eyes repeating herself. The reaction of the woman made it clear, Kay’s demand had been understood and would be abided by. So Kay left the den just before the sun had begun to rise, making it back to her room with enough time to bathe what little she could get to without removing the corset. Taking her carpetbag and making the stage with time to spare, Kay left Missoula forever.

    The story of the Black Widow of Missoula, Montana would last a while however. Tales of a poor grieving widow, suffering the loss of her family so much that she gave everything away then vanished forever would die out quick enough. However, the one regarding butchered men in the night by a black sheathed widow like wraith lasted a few years longer, and why not?

    What decent woman wouldn’t want the evil men of their community… to be fearful of shadows in the night?

    To be a Silk Purse:

    Having reached the stage office early, it was no surprise that when she saw the driver open the door to the carriage that she moved without a word to board it. Two rather large and well-appointed men however were not so attentive. Just as Kay reached for the handhold and raised her foot to place it on the step, the two men hearing the station agent call to board, wheeled round and slammed right into Kay, knocking her to the ground.

    "You clumsy son of a… Ma’am! Sorry, I didn’t see you standing in my way and you know how it is with first come first serve" one of the men blurted out.

    "No, I’m sorry I don’t. How is it? I’ve been waiting here for a half-hour or more already, so I’d be curious to find out" was Kay’s softly sarcastic retort.

    What was surprising was how both men just stood there looking down at her as Kay at first struggled in the mass of dress and then the station agent half their height and a quarter their width raced out and helped Kay up. Begging to know if she was alright, when the station agent was sure that Kay was fine, he then wheeled round, and Kay could tell from the rise of his ears that his expression changed as he crooked a finger for the man to bend down.

    The much larger man seemed to lose all color from his face and his stern brow softened as the tiny station agent whispered. As the agent wheeled round to face Kay once more smiling pleasantly as ever, he made the situation plain speaking as though nothing had happened, while at the same time the two men removed their hats.

    "Ma’am, you may board any time that you’re ready, please take your time and if you need any assistance, just call. Have a wonderful trip."

    "Say, why ain’t you fellas gettin aboard?" another man called out walking up behind the two large men, and just as he walked around them Kay coming into view, his whole tune changed.

    "Well good morning Ma’am!" as the man instantly removed his hat. "It looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day." That said, the man seemed to stop completely whatever agenda he had as he began rocking gently back and forth smiling.

    "Well? Are you getting in or not?" one of the first two men blurted out at Kay, and the fire in both the station agent and the third man’s eyes swelled in rage as Kay put the whole issue to rest.

    Reaching out her hand toward one of the rude men as though asking for assistance up, as he grumbled and stuck out his arm, Kay slipped her hand under his, grasped his elbow with the other hand and pushed as though helping him into the stage. Embarrassed yet not willing to say anything as clearly the diminutive station agent intimidated them, when Kay then looked to the second man and said "well come on," he grudgingly boarded as well. After the other men laughed, the station agent graciously helped Kay up, and in just a couple more minutes they had a total of seven men inside the coach, six on top, and Kay in the front seat between two later arrivals and off they went.

    Soon after pulling out already it was clear that this was going to be a tough journey. Due to the poor condition of the roads, besides the coach lurching from side to side casting this passenger or that onto another, Kay four times in the first hour was launched onto the floor due to her bustle forcing her so far forward on the seat. With a mere six miles behind them, stagecoaches actually rather slow averaging five-miles per hour, there then was some grumbling about a couple men not removing their hats due to the cramped quarters in that Kay was there, and she made the whole situation clear.

    "Gentlemen… and you other fellas," which roused a chuckle from many, "we’ve a long ride ahead, and I don’t know about you men yet I suspect we all paid a lot to ride in this hatbox. I appreciate your sentiments yet my husband and Ji passed a long time ago… or so it seems" she trailed off. "So with my thanks I say please just relax and make yourselves comfortable. In fact…" as Kay stunned them all by standing up and turning round bracing her knee on the seat, she reached up under her dress and petticoats slipped down and off her bustle, then upon sitting back down stated;

    "…and that fixes that."

    As the heat rose, so did the tempers and restraint within the coach. When one man was chastised for wanting to smoke in front of Kay she once more urged them to do so. When another man was barked at for cursing, Kay put them at ease once more telling a tale about the most vulgar randy whore she met in a mining camp, curse words included. When one man pulled out a bottle and was nudged to put it away due to Kay, she made her stand clear on liquor reaching for the man’s bottle, most assuming that she’d toss it out.

    "Alcohol fellas is one thing I cannot abide by. That is unless I get the first drink!"

    The temperature throughout the day continued to climb. The men pulled at their collars and fluffed their coats, discreetly tried to adjust their privates and shirts, none wanting to be disrespectful by even loosening a tie. Kay once more tried to put them at ease at one of the many "swing stations" placed every twelve miles or so. When the driver announced "ten minutes, stretch now!" Kay upon exiting went around to behind the building and removed her petticoats. The men were stunned by the mass of material which along with her bustle had her bag overflowing. Her intent she made plain however.

    "There now fellas, now we can all relax instead of baking in that oven."

    Openly appreciating those men who were courteous, and making comfortable those who were not, over the course of that long first day Kay did everything short of just getting out to make the men feel at ease. That even extended to when a couple of them began bragging about this fight or that, Indian attacks or outlaws, both by the way forbidden topics on most stage lines. When others tried to silence them to not shock, horrify and scare poor widow Hail, Kay set them at ease once again.

    "Well I’m sure those were scary times for you fellas. Heck, the first day I caught up with my husband at his home, there out in the open found me between a twelve brave Blackfoot raiding party, and my husband unarmed, bare chested and with a broken leg to boot. Fortunately, he had fought them so many times in the past, and most other tribes, that their leader threw down his tomahawk and they rode back home not willing to do so again."

    With that a couple of the ‘fancier’ men challenged Kay stating that it had to be a tall tale. Kay set them straight without hesitation.

    "I don’t lie… Hummingbird, and yes that was his name, was the gentlest man I ever knew. He was such because he was also the strongest, largest and toughest mountain man that you’d ever come across. So he could afford to be. Then again I don’t suspect many men can relate to living out in the wilds, alone, here in the Rockies since 1839. He was all man… and he weren’t half bad in the sack neither," settling any qualms they might have about those sorts of discussions.

    There was little debate about Kay being able to hang with the men by the time the second day rolled around. The men were truly charmed in that here was a woman who knew what she was speaking about when it came to the ‘Wild-West,’ and she was no wilting flower fitting in well, suiting her male travelling companions to a tee. They were enamored, that is up until early afternoon of the second day.

    Having finally made it through the Bitterroot Valley, past Wisdom and Bannack, and finally just into the Idaho Territory, the heat was even worse than the day before. So it was of no surprise to the men when Kay announced "enough of this, it’s long past time I stop mourning," and at the next ‘home station,’ Kay asked for her bag once again, and used one of the rooms in the station to change.

    There in the room finally rid of all her many black layers, having hung them up for someone who might need them standing there naked, Kay discovered that she didn’t have a lot of options due to Scout’s choices. For a top all she had was another large light blue men’s shirt with no buttons upon it and a belt to hold it closed. For below she had two options. Either a pair of stovepipe chaps with numerous conchos running up the legs and a leather loincloth, or she could wear the cotton skirt that would hang to only mid-shin. For her feet her only choice was a new pair of tall Shoshone moccasins.

    Choosing the skirt, and hanging up all of her widow’s clothes including the veiled hat, Kay brushed out her hair and walked out to where all fifteen men from the coach were eating, and the loud room instantly silenced.

    "How’d you get in here injun?… Damn squaw, is this your station bitch Bob? Thought I smelled something rank!…" and it went on and on, all of them at the same time except the rude men voicing their hatred.

    "Where’s Mrs. Hail? You better not have hurt her prairie nigger! Someone find Mrs. Hail!" Someone finally shouted.

    "I’m standing right here, the ‘prairie nigger,’ except it gets even worse. I’m not all ‘injun,’ I’m just half ‘injun.’" Kay replied.

    If they were upset before, now it was much worse as they all felt betrayed, deceived and sickened by the fact that they had shared words, courtesies, and perhaps even air with this low being. All that had changed about Kay was her clothes and their own assumptions as to her race. Instantly they all began demanding that she be thrown off the stage, and when she pointed out that not only had she paid more than most going further, the men issued their ultimatum to the driver. ‘Either reach your destination with thirteen men, or one filthy squaw.’

    The driver and guard didn’t take ‘that much’ issue with her, however cornered, they asked her to remain. They also mentioned how the next stage through from Virginia City was typically light, and that the driver wouldn’t have issue even being willing to give a squaw a poke every now and then. The trouble was, she’d have to walk twelve miles to the next swing station, and she’d likely have to anyway in that ‘the station master here hated redskins.’

    When Kay walked up to the table glaring sporting a wicked smirk, the most witty comment that one of them made as they all jerked back when she took some biscuits and bacon was, "d-d-don’t touch me injun!" Past also taking two canteens of water she did nothing more, simply walking out and heading down the road.

    Sure enough in just a couple minutes up they came and fast. Stepping off the road and back a ways to the windward side to make sure that she wouldn’t get run over, spit on or dusted, Kay didn’t shout back in that it was pointless. It’s funny the form that providence often comes in for both those that turn their cheek, and those that cast stones.

    It was perhaps five minutes later that Kay heard a lone faint gunshot up ahead, and quickly after the patter of little pops, they then faded and became random. Kay above anyone I suspect would have some idea as to what happens when a lead horse and a driver were shot, and as she rounded the bend if she had thought back she might have thought this was the-Other’s doing.

    There up ahead was a lone man his face covered in a burlap hood laying on the road, his horse slowly limping off. Just a little further on was the carnage that ensued when a lead horse fell on a curve as the five others tried to avoid it without any guidance from a driver. The stagecoach was a wreck, luggage, cargo and bodies scattered about. A couple were bandits, yet the lions share by far were the fifteen men on the stage, though it was odd. The couple that lay right beside the road oddly ‘now’ wanted her to touch them as they pled for help, yet no matter how much she thought she wanted to, after standing there looking down upon one of them, when it got down to it, Kay just walked on.

    It was about an hour before sunset when Kay finally made the swing station. The man there didn’t care one way or the other about her race, simply asking why was she there and then nodding when she showed him her ticket. His more pressing concern was where the stage from Bannack was, Kay’s response was plain enough stating; "they won’t be coming in, road-agents got them."

    As the distant scattered high clouds streaked the sky in the last gasps of sunlight, Kay looked south over the vast flat sage desert basin. The mountains in all other directions were so far away that they almost seemed like mirages, and just then, Kay faintly heard the signal horn of the of the Virginia City stage blow like Gabriel calling, and it put the most terrible thought in her head.

    She didn’t think on what the-Other had done or wishing that she had done that to those men. Nor did she wish that she could have warned them somehow, or even have been able to help them by being there. No, what struck Kay is that she wished is that she had been there with them facing the same end because they had accepted her. She felt so alone in life, that she would have embraced death if it meant she could have just been one of them. So left with no other options, she would simply have to be who she was, alone.

    ‘Perhaps the people she had heard were right’ she wondered not fully understanding the proverb. She would never be a silk purse, and come to think of it, not even as lofty of a goal as a sow’s ear. Perhaps everyone, and even the-Other was right. She was just a half-breed so either embrace it, or do herself in.

    Stagecoach to Salacious:
    Kay didn’t even look up when the stage rolled in and the driver and all of the passengers pouring out began speaking a mile a minute describing every gruesome detail of the wreck. It was only when the driver asked "is that her, the half-breed?" and began calling to Kay that she even glanced in that direction.

    "So you is alive, well I’ll be damned." The driver stated. "That one fellas last words was ‘the half-breed walked away.’ Guess he was right, it don’t look like there is a scratch on ya."

    Rising up and lifting her bag, just the stretch had Kay’s shirt opening wide to her belly as it pulled the bulk of her shirt out of the belt. As she walked up, you would have thought from the way the driver stared and spoke to her breasts that her eyes were there, and Kay just shook her head and thought to herself, ‘yep, this is how it would always be. They would either want to scorn or mount her, and nothing in between.’

    "Bob said you would be ridin with us. Some fellas don’t appreciate a more rustic woman I suppose. Pity, thems the good-uns" as he winked trying to sound charming, grizzled and grimy as he was, as just then one of his passengers spoke up.

    "That injun ain’t going with us is it? I ain’t ridin no stage cooped up with a redskin."

    "You just mind your mouth and get back on board boy. Sides, she’s spoken for" as he looked to Kay. "Best seat on the coach missy, right up top with me, and ya ain’t even got to tote the shotgun."

    That moment Kay was sure of it, she wished she had been on the other stage she thought to herself sarcastically. Never the less, with everyone aboard up she climbed. The reach and stretch opened her shirt all the more, and when she looked at the driver who was staring into her shirt she simply said "anytime mister, best keep your eyes on the road."

    Naturally he didn’t, commenting how that ‘on this stretch the horses can drive themselves.’ After roughly the twentieth clumsy and crass flirtatious line in ten minutes, all ending in "whew, it sure is a hot one tonight," tugging away at his own clothing, Kay just couldn’t help herself. Looking at his eyes which were locked on her breasts, she had to laugh when she gave her shirt the slightest of tugs, and instantly he was whipping the horses to get the wind to pick up to try and open her shirt even farther.

    "You are one horny bastard. What say you save the horses and I’ll save you the trouble" Kay stated half laughing, though more to not work her own ire up, and with that she just pulled her shirt open wide, and tucked it under her breasts.

    "By gawd gal, that is one fine pair of udders if you don’t mind me sayin. Hell, I ain’t never seen em that nice on any American, red gal or even a colored, and they bounce nice too!" The driver blurted out getting more excited by the second.

    "Well how about you not bounce em, okay? Besides hurting when they do, enough of that and they’ll be down to my knees and won’t come back up."

    The driver staring was one thing, and even though he hadn’t, if had reached for them Kay figured she could tolerate as well. However, for as much as the horses could "drive themselves," they weren’t doing a very good job at it as the leather strapped suspension had the coach lurching and pitching from side to side so bad at times that it was all Kay could do to hold on. As bad as that was, when her skirt flew up exposing her legs clear up to her coochie, Kay was just about thrown out of the seat onto the ground from him suddenly grabbing his crotch and giving it a couple rough shoves.

    "Enough!" Kay shouted. "You’re going to get us all killed you horny bastard! Look I’ll make you a deal. I’ll do that…" pointing to his prick, "if you keep us riding straight with no bouncing. Oh, and I damn well expect you to back me up at the stations, deal?"

    He didn’t even say a word just nodding wildly with the biggest semi-toothless grin that you ever saw, so with that Kay scooted over next to him and got to it. Slipping her near leg under his and hooking the other over his shin, just to avoid the inevitable she grabbed his whip hand and wrapped his arm around her jamming his hand to her right breast, then began working at his belt and britches. Finally fishing out his cock, she didn’t even have to spit on it as his sweat already had it slimy, and as her left hand grabbed the rail of the luggage rack, her right began slowly jerking off his cock working up and down.

    "Gal you got the touch, hell I’d be willing to pay--" as Kay cut him off.

    "Just drive! Save your smooth talking for a gal that needs it, and warn me before you start to spit. I want to make sure we’re on a straight stretch before you do!"

    As Kay stroked away she didn’t concentrate on what she was doing, though she did pay attention to how he was driving. For the most part just lazily jerking away, Kay pondered on ‘was this how her life was to be?’ It seemed to her that by no doing of her own that her "hand was always forced," at which point she chuckled, to endure one of three things. She was either using her hands to keep from being beaten down having to defend herself, using them as a whore, or in the worst of cases use them to stop the worst of them.

    The more she thought on it, it was probably beyond coincidental that the-Other, Hunger and Scout had respectively been the guiding force behind them, and so with the-Other and Hunger now gone, perhaps it was best that she took over for them rather than have Scout force her hand. Considering her options, better a whore she supposed than an instrument of wrath. So, Kay jerked away.

    Perhaps it was her lack of effort, or perhaps he was simply a stud, yet it wasn’t until about a half-hour later that the driver’s hand mauling her breast began trembling, and he forewarned of his impending eruption in his own conservative style.

    "Uh, uh oh. Uh oh! That rooster’s gonna spit!"

    "Keep your eyes one the road!" Kay shouted as she finally put a little effort into it, mostly to just keep it aimed up to his own chin and not her own.

    "Holy hell!" Kay exclaimed. "What you lack for distance you sure make up for in volume," pulling her hand away and slinging it a couple times toward the road to get the bulk of it off, she then wiped away the balance on his blanket sitting there, just in the nick of time.

    Just then the skies opened up, and though she considered toughing it out like the driver who didn’t even flinch, as the temperature quickly crashed already sopped through to her skin, Kay stated bluntly that ‘like it or not she was getting inside, and if that meant seven men riding on top, so be it.’ That said, considering her typical three options, and now soaked to the bone, Kay decided why fight it, and perhaps instead of simply dealing with the consequences, she would shape them.

    The first thing the men saw was Kay’s moccasin setting to one of the windows, and then with her skirt hiked up and stuck to her, they all had a glaringly obvious view of her legs and even her twat as it lowered past the window. The next thing they knew a large pair of tits were thrust though the narrow opening followed by her head. "I’m coming in boys, if you don’t like it, then get out!"

    Five of them "now" were more than happy to welcome her in. The two though that were sitting on the center seat between the doors were none too happy about it however stating bluntly that ‘they’d not ride in the coach with her in it.’ Leaving the door open, Kay simply pointed to it falling on the front row of three men already covered up in buffalo blankets and stated flatly, "that’s fine, the roof is up that a way. I’m stayin!"

    Sure enough, the two men found no support from the others yet having already made their stand let their pride get the better of them. So they headed out the door the stage still rolling, and up onto the roof in the pouring rain. With the center seat free, the men on the rear seat frantically tried to remove the back brace for it simply to get a better view.

    Modesty a rather moot issue at that point, Kay questioned whether she should remove her clothes to dry, and once again it struck her. She could either suffer scorn, fight or fuck, and frankly after the first coach she just wanted to get along, and perhaps a little, be welcomed for herself, even if the only parts of her they cared to get along were the parts of her body that they could use.

    With that thought in mind, Kay announced to the men as she moved over to the center seat which was more like a leather covered bench, "any of you fellas that are bashful, best hide your eyes now. I’m soaked and I’m getting warm and dry."

    It was rather evident by the wide eyes and big grins that none of the men were shy as Kay removed her belt then moccasins, and after removing her shirt she lifted her rump and yanked off the skirt hanging them up on the coat hooks.

    "Where’s the other buffalo robes?" Kay queried. Their response of "these four is all they had so we got to share," instantly found four robes lifted up and open inviting Kay inside, and for the first time in a long time without her being disguised, everyone laughed.

    Moving to the back between the two men had them looking to the others like they had won a prize. When Kay asked why weren’t they drinking, instantly three bottles were shoved at her and it all fell apart or fell into place depending upon your viewpoint rather quickly after that. The men on either side expectedly groping her under the blanket, and the conversation quickly moving well beyond risqué just ramped up from there.

    When the man to her left mentioned that she should be glad he was still dressed because his size tended to scare horses, Kay naturally just had to reciprocate his mauling and reach over. Granted, he was surprisingly large yet her stating "dang… why do you keep that shotgun shell in your pants?" just helped it to move along. When the men on the ends of the front seat complained about only having a guy in the middle to grope, Kay really opened things up when she laid out across the middle bench to see for herself.

    Buck naked her butt up on one side, and her head under the skins on the other, just led to comments about her cunnie being slick and bald, her rump firm, and the men in front about the size of her breasts. All the man in the middle though had to say was "damnation, her mouth’s hot!"

    Moving from one side to the other and then back again, in short order it simply became a practical matter to lay out a robe on the middle bench, and with Kay laying over it her hands and feet found more prominent diversions, as ten hands found curiosities of their own. Kay’s particular favorite was when one man used her mouth, another her breasts, and still another in her cunnie as her hands worked the two others. It went on throughout the night. Even when they stopped at the next two stations none of those in the coach got out as they kept laughing and moaning.

    The next station found two men each taking a buffalo robe, naked underneath and racing to the privy to then swap out with two others. The station after that found them all silent except for the snoring, and the next station found the six of them in the coach, right back at it again. Early the next day however something new happened. Pulling into the home station just outside of Eagle Rock before crossing the Snake River, Kay looking refreshed and vibrant emerged from the coach and told the driver that she’d be going no further, still a solid 170 miles from her destination of Corinne, Utah.

    During her time in Missoula, through all of the way to here, if nothing else Kay realized one thing. Even if she didn’t suit the people here in the West, such a place as Sacramento would not suit her. With the Wapiti seeming like just days before, the difference between there and even little Missoula was simply too extreme. So, Kay decided that she would give it a little more time, in no small part due to how much the idea scared her, and so for just a while longer, here she would remain.

    As to the five men in the coach? Well lets just say that when three other travelers tried to get on, they didn’t want to know why five naked drunk and passed out men were lying in a sweaty heap on some buffalo skins. They opted instead to ride on top, good thing it was going to be a warm Spring day.

    Eagle Rock ultimately to be renamed "Idaho Falls" at the time was essentially not much more than a single bridge across the Snake River, and a toll bridge at that. Just like elsewhere people were migrating into the region, however this area had little to offer settlers. Most people had one thing on their mind, and that was gold. So after the strikes up at Bannack, then Alder Gulch and eventually Deer Lodge in Montana, those coming west along the southern route into Utah blazed a path due north just to be stopped by a river and the canyon it had cut into the rock.

    A ferry near the site of the bridge worked for a bit, yet as the traffic quickly increased to a constant stream of people, and more importantly cargo, a freighter had decided that a better way to prosperity would be to build a toll bridge. So around that site a modest town began to grow as others decided to go no further and make an honest living, or not, there at the bottleneck. As lawless as a town could be, the camps even more so, the one saving grace however was that be they freighters, miners or pioneer immigrants, most people were trying to get somewhere else.

    As Kay strolled through the tent city like elsewhere she was driven off often, yet eventually she found herself a place to get a bath, and once she had the owners pushing her to be quick, she finally found a little tent tavern that would serve her… Just as long as she sat outside, and a little off to the side. So with her belly full and a warm beer in hand being either that, indian-whiskey or alkali water, Kay tried to get her head on straight.

    As said, to Kay it felt as though it had just been a few days since she lost the two loves of her life. In the back of her mind however was the seeming thousands of years of mourning, and if she thought about it even the taxing year that Scout, the-Other and Hunger gave living as she always had to a go.

    She could tell Scout was still with her though for some reason since the day of her rebirth as she viewed it, Scout had slipped away to somewhere quiet in her mind, and Hunger and the-Other as far as being conscious entities were simply gone as though never having been. In fact it was such a stark of a difference that it unfortunately left Kay feeling as though she had actually done those things no matter how much she knew better, in that now they were her memories.

    Regardless, it seemed to Kay as though in that single year so much had changed in the world. The West that she had known was a land of numerous Native tribes, a few random American’s who came here to escape it all and finally far separated tiny communities and forts that were barely towns. Now however it felt like the invaders from the East were everywhere, and the Indian’s were the scattered few. Small towns like Missoula and Virginia City were simply overwhelming to her, and she could not even imagine the far away places like St. Louis, Chicago and San Francisco that she had heard mentioned.

    It was too much, and as bad as it was these new people and places bluntly frightened her. For the moment perhaps even forever, places like Sacramento she would avoid, and she would try to find somewhere small where she would fit in.

    As Kay pondered the winds of change watching the constant stream of bullwhackers, mule skinners, and the flood of people, it amazed her how along with the numerous white and black folks that had come here after the war in the East, the sheer number of Celestials or Orientals as they were also called passing. She did see a couple of Natives though they were so far removed from their people that she would likely be more welcome, and just as they passed another man caught her eye.

    A more mature man and larger in stature than many there, he had the biggest mustache that she had ever seen, and he kept stopping every person, poking his head into this business or that tent speaking with everyone. Finally he made up to where Kay was sitting instantly approaching the few men there. The men laughed at what he asked, clearly responding that they had other places to be or things to do, and then he saw Kay and asked if he could sit for a minute, yet then instantly went into what he had been asking everyone.

    "So, you wouldn’t happen to be looking for work would ya?" he asked right off the bat.

    "Work? No why? If you’re wanting a whore, I saw a few tents a row over that has em." was Kay’s response.

    "Whore? Who said anything about those women? I said work, as in do you need a job?"

    "A job? What’s that? Why would I need one?" Kay asked actually out of ignorance.

    "Well… why? Everyone has to have a job. How else would you buy things, eat, have a home or anything?"

    "Mister, you aren’t making any sense. No one ‘needs’ to buy things, and if you want to eat you just find food. Same thing with a home, you just build it, and that goes for anything, you just make it. Oh sure, I’m wearing fancy American’s clothes at the moment which might have confused you, but buckskins suit me just fine, and the only reason I wear them is because so many of you folks are so sensitive. So I don’t get what this job thing is?"

    The man just laughed and shook his head seeing the logic in it, yet even he knew those days were fading fast so he tried to explain it.

    "Hmm, well how do I put this. Ah, well you know how a farmer works, right?"

    Kay looked totally lost responding "no, what’s a farmer? What do you do with it?"

    As odd as it may sound, Kay’s response was a fair one if she had always lived out in the prairies and the mountains, so he tried again.

    "Okay, well, see this fellow driving that mule team?" to which Kay nodded. "That’s his job. Either he works for himself, or more likely someone pays him money to cart all of that cargo in his wagon to wherever they want it to go. The man who sold you that beer, that’s his job. He makes money fetching people drinks. Most all of these people you see doing things around here working, well that is what they do as their job. They do it to make money so they can buy things, which often is a lot easier and often better than making them, and makes it so they can live well in a community like this."

    Finally understanding what "job" meant, Kay had a different take on things, frankly not understanding any aspect of so called "civilized" society.

    "Fair enough, but it sure seems like that way of living makes you kind of a slave to money, and heck to other people. Money doesn’t bear as much weight with me I guess. Besides, I’ve got some money now, so I don’t reckon I’ll need any if I really have to buy something, and if it runs out then I don’t suspect I’ll miss it. So no sir, I don’t need a job."

    Understanding her position, the man slapped his hands to his knees and nodded as he stood up to leave. "Okay then, well thanks for your time, I’ll keep looking then, I really need some help."

    "Help? Well why didn’t you say you needed help? What’s your problem, maybe I can help?" Kay instantly offered up.

    That actually made the man laugh at his own way of thinking realizing how much he had drifted away from what he himself once valued. So with that he just stated his problem.

    "My mistake, sorry for that. Not many folks speak plain anymore. I’ve been trying to get a ranch built up over a few years to raise cattle on. The trouble is, a lot of the men I had working for me have been leaving to run off and go prospecting. So I’ve been looking for men that will come work for me and help me out."

    "In case you haven’t noticed mister, I’m not a man. So if it will take a man to help you, then that cuts me right out."

    "Well I say men because most women don’t want to do that kind of work, it’s pretty tough. Besides the fact that there aren’t many gals out here means most gals don’t have to work with a bunch of mangy cowpokes, it can get pretty rough" the man stated though the whole aspect of delicate females was somewhat lost on Kay.

    "Look mister, do you need help or don’t you? Half of what you say doesn’t make any sense to me. Are you just looking to get a bunch of folks out on this ranch thing of yours, or do you need help?"

    Realizing his mistakes on how to speak with Kay, the man finally understood what she valued, and that her sort of person was just the type he had been looking for. "I need help."

    "Alright then, lets go" was Kay’s straightforward response.

    After a bit more discussion telling her about the work and what she’d be required to do, Kay was rather blunt about letting him know that she had no experience with such things. However as she put it, "so it will take me a bit to learn them" which again suited him just fine, her lack of hesitation in this case not the mark of a fool, yet one of a person not afraid to try.

    That however led to a new problem, that being her lack of anything required to do the job. His solution was simple enough being that he would lend her a horse and the rig explaining to her why just a blanket like she was used to wouldn’t work. He would even give her some old clothes he had and even a hat, and the list went on and on.

    Kay however had a better idea not wanting to be obligated to the man, oddly needing the very money that meant nothing to her to do so. She would buy a horse from him, and that way if things didn’t work out she’d have one. She would also buy any gear that she would need here so he’d not be left short. He tried to explain to her that it would take a lot of money though she wasn’t concerned. As she put it, "guess if I need more money than I have, then I guess I’ll just have to get a job."

    What she did note however didn’t sit all that well with him. That being how most folks here wouldn’t do business with her, so if he wanted her help, he’d have to help her pick out all of the things she needed and make the people sell them to her due to being a half-breed. His answer however sounded somewhat familiar as he agreed without hesitation.

    "Hell, most Americans are half-breeds, it doesn’t matter their color, the Indians too. Why I used to know this trapper who said he was part Irish, part French, part Italian, part Spanish, part British, and a whole bunch others too. He used to call himself a ‘mutt’ and he had this trick where…"

    Kay just smiled and listened while they procured everything she could possibly need. She was positive she had heard that story before, chalking it up to a small world with few people in how much that "mutt" had gotten around. The funny thing was though, perhaps it was not the mutt that was so well traveled. Maybe it was Kay.

    The Way of the Snake:
    It was late afternoon by the time Kay and the man headed out of Eagle Rock with the back of his wagon filled with supplies for the ranch, and on top of it all everything that Kay had purchased. None of it was too fancy, yet all of it was fine quality, and if Kay decided that helping him didn’t suit her, she’d be well equipped to head out ready for anything.

    One thing she didn’t want that the man strongly urged her to purchase however was firearms. Kay balked at the suggestion of a repeating rifle stating that she could hunt animals at such short range with other things. When she relented however, she then purchased the best, a new model Winchester. When he then turned to the pistols Kay stated flatly that she really didn’t need one of those, at that range a knife would do her fine. Never the less she ended up with a new Colt. She was all for the shotgun, however, when he pointed out a long range Sharps Kay flatly refused, her opinion on that made for a good point.

    "If I need that to shoot at something that far away, then I can avoid starting a ruckus just as easily."

    Two hours into the ride as the man explained ranching and what she’d be doing as a cowboy that Kay finally interrupted him, and asked bluntly for his name.

    "Oh hell, where’s my head at. My name is Burly Tennant, but everyone calls me ‘Boss’ or ‘Boss Tennant,’ and I’d appreciate it if when you meet the other fellas that you not tell them my first name. No one knows and I kind of enjoy keeping them guessing."

    "I came out here early in ’39 with a couple of friends of mine I grew up with in Tennessee, that’s real far back east. Anyway, after we poked around the Wind a bit and then up into Jackson’s Hole, one of my friends decided that he wanted to keep heading north. So Jake and I followed the Tetons south till we found the pass trail, and when we came out on the other side, we knew we had found what we were looking for."

    Kay then asked him about his friend Jake and his other friend that he hadn’t named suspecting who it might be.

    "Well Jake is still with me. Guess I might as well tell you now in case you can’t abide by such, but after a few years of keeping squaws and so on, Jake and I figured out that we preferred each others company, and that means exactly what it sounds like." His tone at the last implying that he was ready to end their trip before it got started if Kay objected to which she just shrugged.

    "And what about this other fella, the one who went north?" Kay asked again.

    "Oh Hum? Last I heard he was still poking around up north. He kinda thought about things the way you do. The Natives suited him better than Americans. I think about him a lot, it was Hum who talked us all into coming out here. I reckon however he’ll out live all of us from his clean living, and I guess even the Blackfoot got tired of fighting him. He was one big fella, big and hairy as a bear."

    Kay just smiled and said nothing. Boss Tennant for the balance of the ride and even once they camped that night talked on and on always at Kay’s prompting. He spoke of what a ranch was and why he wanted to own one. Why he had it where it was commenting on the unique beauty of the valley due to the substantial rains it received contrary to around it. He then went on to explain to her about the work and how to do it, and finally, about cowboys in general.

    He told of how most cowboys were of any race, creed and color, that most were orphans or at least runaways and typically not that ambitious, many running from something just living day to day. When he got around to talking about how most of them went by a nickname, that’s when it suddenly struck him.

    "I’m so sorry, I told you I didn’t know where my head was at, here I’ve been talking away since we were in Eagle Rock, and not once have I asked for your name. What do you like to go by?"

    Kay just smiled understanding that it was she that kept him talking, and frankly, it would have suited her fine if no one ever knew her name. However, when she began to answer him planning on making something up, it struck her how much she liked being known as Mrs. Hail. More than that, considering that one day she might tell him about Hum, if and when the time came she’d want to be known by her full name, Hail the first last name that she could ever remember having. So with that in mind, she simply told the truth.


    "Kay, well that’s a nice name, is there anymore to it like a last name?"

    "There is, but let’s just leave at Kay for now. In fact I’ll tell you what. I’ll help you for a week, if at the end of that week I don’t pan out, then just cut me loose, no skin off of either of our noses. However, if I last two weeks and I don’t quit, then I’ll answer any questions you might have, but I have to warn you… Don’t ask anything that you’re not positive that you want to know. You might not like the answers."

    "That sounds fair enough though it does hint at that you don’t want your name tossed around. Since eventually the fellas will end up giving you a nickname that sticks, how about we just go ahead and introduce you by one that you pick out" Boss Tennant proposed.

    Kay just shook her head no, and then left it up to him. In response he said he’d think on it, the answer would come to him, and that it would be a good time to call it a night.

    Up early the next morning, after perhaps two hours of riding in the wagon they reached a landmark in the distance that signaled to Boss that it was time to turn east. Kay that moment became rigid, and finally reaching for his thigh she squeezed it and asked him to drive to it instead. Roughly five minutes later they reached the edge of what would years later be named "St. Anthony Sand Dunes." Kay just sat there and stared, be it the dunes themselves, or perhaps the fact that she was about to be among cowboys again, oddly right next to Boss reminding her in name of a trail boss, and she just couldn’t help herself.

    Getting out of the wagon, Kay removed not only her moccasins yet all of her clothes tossing them onto the seat. Boss was a little taken aback and asked her what she was doing, and with a ‘I’m doing this whether you like it or not’ tone and expression, Kay answered him.

    "Perhaps I’ll tell you in two weeks, but remember, be careful of what you ask for. I’ll meet you at the end of them." And with that, Kay ran vanishing over the second dune of white sand.

    Boss didn’t understand, and to be blunt neither did Kay yet she ran never the less. Almost immediately the memories and the rush of running for her life over the dunes swept over her. She could feel the heat and her sweat running down her to evaporate before it hit the ground. Her mouth was dry, and her cunnie became soaking wet. Kay didn’t know what came over her. She suspected that it was Scout making her do this, yet when she concentrated Scout was no where to be found.

    It was then that it hit her as her feet burned, her muscles screamed and her heart and mind raced so fast that she thought she would pass out. Out of nowhere Kay felt compelled to stop and squat down. Just as she did, without a single touch her eyes rolled up to stark white orbs, her back arched and she began shuddering violently cumming. It was not the run, the sensations or her emotions. What caused it however scared her, a simple thought or perhaps memory that without warning enveloped her mind, and like some cycle she was unable to break, it only inspired her to run again. Three times all told before she reached the end.

    When Boss Tennant reached the end of the dunes Kay was already there. Beaming, her smile wide and her skin aglow, when he was close enough Kay began walking toward him, and he didn’t want to know what it was that had already dried to a fine crust upon her inner thighs.

    "Feel better? You’re one crazy gal. You won’t be doing things like that too much around the boys will you?"

    Kay just shrugged stating "it’s hard to say--" as Boss suddenly interrupted her.

    "And that’s how that works… I’ll introduce you as C-gal. The fellas will think it is maybe something like ‘seegal’ and have to figure it out. Crazy-gal, cow-gal, however you want to put it will confuse them long enough that you can choose your own when the time is right. See there, you’re becoming a cowboy already."

    Crossing over Henry’s fork which found Kay stripping once more to run a rope across, they then paralleled north of the Teton River canyon, finally making their way to the foothills of the Tetons where they camped on Bitch Creek. It had been a long day, and since Kay would say little, Boss had continued teaching her the little tricks he had picked up regarding working cattle, filled her in on each of the ranch hands, their little quirks and so on, and then off to sleep they went.

    Boss didn’t know what time it was so late into the night, however he was suddenly awakened with Kay’s hand over his mouth, the back of his head against her bare cunnie, and her legs over his shoulders and wrapped under him to keep him pinned. After a brief struggle Kay whispered to him speaking soft and slow.

    "Shhhh… Don’t move and stay quiet, just turn your head and look" as she slipped her hand off of his mouth and pointed upstream.

    As Boss slowly turned his head, no more than forty yards upstream in the steep walled gully he could see shadows in the brief flashes of moonlight peeking through the clouds. Silently they slipped down the side of the bank, moved into the river and then scaled up the opposite bank to then vanish over the edge. Perhaps a dozen humans all told as Kay whispered to him again pointing the other way.

    "They’re hunting him," Kay pointing to a large Grizzly no more than another forty yards downstream in the river. "Shh, stay quiet and watch, we’re down wind from him, don’t move and stay here" as Kay slowly released Boss Tennant.

    Sure enough in roughly five minutes you could hear the whistle of four arrows and as the bear bellowed and roared two braves with lances leapt from the edge and onto him sinking their shafts deep. In a panic unsure what to do the Natives so close, he reached for his gun finding it gone, and then looking for Kay found her already thirty yards up river slowly leading the horses away upstream. There was nothing he could do laying there now trapped and helpless, so he watched them gut then dress the bear quartering it up and celebrating, and then like wraiths, they vanished up over the side they had first crossed, and were gone.

    Perhaps ten minutes after they left found Kay walking the horses back downstream to him, with Boss grumbling quietly about her doing all of that without telling him. Kay just listened and then put it all bluntly.

    "Well, your fire would have had them on us. The smoke and smell if dowsed as they were coming would have had both the braves and the bear on us, and you were snoring loud enough it would have drawn them both as well. As to your guns? Well I saw you looking. You would have maybe killed one or two, but they’d be toting out your hair along with the bear."

    "Sorry to tell you Boss, yet a fire and a gun isn’t going to keep you safe. You’ve made your fortress, your ranch, but out here neither you or I are the top dogs. That’s what I was saying about the guns, best learn how to get along, cause they don’t have to. You can stoke up your fire now if it makes you feel better."

    Boss was still mad yet he saw her points though they stung. After a few minutes and Kay returning his guns, Boss just looked over at her going back to sleep and whispered.

    "You know, you’re kind of scary don’t ya? You are one crazy woman… C-gal. Oh, and next time don’t touch my guns."

    Kay just turned away and smirked. She definitely belonged out here and not in civilization. Boss Tennant however had apparently long forgotten what it was like to live out in the wilds. The way Kay figured it simple, and when pressed by Boss to tell him what she meant and how she saw them coming, she answered him as honestly as she could.

    "Do you feel safe on your ranch?" When he nodded Kay continued on. "Well that’s because you imagine that you control all of it. It’s yours, you’re the top man, the top predator even if it doesn’t obey you, then you run it off or kill it. Out here, nothing and no one sees you that way. Once you leave your ranch’s borders then you’re not the top. This is that bear’s land, and those Indians. They set the terms and just like you, it either gets along ‘their way,’ gets run off or gets killed."

    "Well, that’s all changing. Soon there will be more American’s here than Natives or bears." Boss replied.

    "Fair enough, but let me ask you. Will it be better? And when some other American comes with more money or a faster gun, then how safe will you be on your land? It’s been a good way to live out here, you folks from out east talk about freedom, yet it seems to me that the only free ones out here are the Natives and that bear."

    Conceding that he would consider what she had said even though he took affront to being called an easterner having been out here so long. With that Boss went back to his original question.

    "So how did you know they were there, and even knew far enough ahead to put out the fire?"

    "I told you already… You always feel safe and in control. I’m always scared… always. That’s why you lay there snoring while I sleep with one eye open. I didn’t know they were there. I just made sure if someone did show up, then they wouldn’t see me. There’s no Indian magic to it. I’m just afraid, so I’m careful."

    It was tough to argue her logic and it had Boss thinking hard enough on it that the balance of the trip he didn’t speak. Kay however couldn’t speak.

    Riding along the foot of the Tetons was impressive enough, yet soon she could see the Big Hole Range to the west as they began to enter "Pierre’s Hole" as the mountain men called it, and that was the moment the world changed. Instead of rock and dirt scattered with sagebrush, all of a sudden the floor of the valley was afire with lush green grasses and wildflowers of every color. Dense woods denoted the river and creeks lining their banks, with the balance being clear and fertile, the river flowing down the middle of the valley as countless feeder creeks fed it just making everything all the more lush.

    As they worked toward its end the valley began to narrow slightly, and as it did everything just intensified. Eventually, Kay could see that the basin had an end to it as the Big Hole Range ran square into the Tetons closing off the end of the valley. It was magnificent and beautiful all at the same time, a true Garden of Eden. With the end of the valley less than ten miles off, Boss Tennant turned west into the wetlands that had been formed by the many springs and creeks, and just as they approached the river she could see the ranch on the other side.

    A very light smoke from well burning stoves wafted from what had to be the main cabin, actually the smallest of the three, the cook shack and bunkhouse. There was a barn, stable, chicken houses and pig pens just as one might expect on a self sufficient spread. Horses stood about in the corrals, and off in the distance cattle milled grazing. Down over the heavy plank ramp into the river they went, and then after crossing it perhaps only a foot deep there, they rode up the other bank’s ramp and through the arch having finally made it.

    "They must just be starting dinner, lets head on in and I’ll introduce you to the fellas" Boss Tennant stated excitedly, tired yet glad to be back.

    "What say we finish our business first" as Kay pointed to the horses. "Are those what you have to choose from?"

    "Well, are you sure?" Kay just looked at him sternly wanting to have a horse in case things didn’t work out. "Alright then. Yeah, that’s most of them, which one would you like to know about?"

    Kay hadn’t even put her feet on the ground before she had answered. "I’ll take that Palouse mare, the one with blanket markings on its rump. You said ten dollars right?"

    "Oh you don’t want that one. None of the fellas have been able to get on it even." Boss replied.

    With that Kay snaked through the fence and walked up to it taking up a rope bridle and reins, and slipped it over its nose and head. Walking it to the fence, she stepped up one rail, and started to swing over it from its right side instead of its left.

    "Hey now! You don’t… Well I’ll be damned, it’s Indian broke."

    After Kay had it mill a minute, she slipped off and returned the bridle slipping through the fence once more, and then reached back to her things and pulled out a ten-dollar gold piece handing it to him.

    "A Palouse is a Nez Pearce horse. You know, maybe those same fellas we saw hunting last night. You do know you’re right betwixt Nez Pearce, Bannock, Shoshone, Crow… awe hell, damn near every kind of Indian there is, they all pretty much lay claim to this area. Hu… uh, a trapper I knew used to come here a lot and said they all come here. Heck, even Blackfeet, Gros Ventre and maybe even Ute’s. This used to be where all those mountain men would rendezvous if I’m thinking right."

    The more capable Kay proved herself to be the more uneasy Boss Tennant became. Never the less their business concluded, Boss walked her up to the cook shack and paused before they went in.

    "Now some of these boys might seem a little course, a couple might even be rude, but they’re mostly good fellas. Just keep in mind that they’ll rib ya a bit at first, they do everyone. Get through that and you’ll be fine" as he reached for and opened the door walking in. "Hey fellas, here’s someone I want you to meet…"

    …And so, having found where she belonged, fearfully, Kay went where she didn’t once again.
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    Taming a Half-Breed Wild

    73. Buckaroo Bluster
    74. The Cowboy Way
    75. Bustin Kay
    76. The Fork at Jacko
    77. Games People Play
    78. Kin of the Hole
    79. Red Dawn of Idaho

    Buckaroo Bluster:

    Over the trip from Eagle Rock, a long three day ride that formed three sides of a box to travel to here due to not having simply traveled due East, Kay had each day grown more confident and comfortable. For Boss having lived in the region for as long as Hum had, he sure didn’t know much about it. Then again, he had spent his years building up a ranch and a life in this valley, and as Kay suspected, he had lived like most Americans. That being totally against the grain of the West, though on the other hand, doing it your way was the Western way.

    When Kay stepped through that door however every bit of pride and confidence she had developed in those days crumbled. They were an odd lot to be sure and all worth noting, yet here she was walking into a hornets nest of people that she didn’t know, who’s motives were often difficult to determine, and in some cases simply carried with them either justified or simply mimicked hates. Most went by a nickname in that either they couldn’t remember their own, didn’t want to, or enjoyed the persona something as simple a new name gave them.

    Once in the door the raucous room filled with laughing, yelling and the sounds of eighteen men eating more food than Kay had ever seen in one sitting, suddenly fell silent, for the moment.

    "Hey fellas, here’s someone I want you to meet…" Boss Tennant yelled out over the noise, and after the initial comments he introduced them one by one.

    "The hell? He brung us a squaw! Looks like you’re in the bunkhouse Jake… Shut up before I knock your teeth out!… Squaw hell, that’s a filthy half-breed!… We got a whore now?… I ain’t sharin my stove with no female!… Yeah-yeah!… Oh momma, damn look at them--"

    "Everyone bite your bit and be quiet or I’ll have Jake take a rope to ya! This here’s C-gal, and just like my name you’re gonna have to guess--"

    "Bet it rhymes with runt--" as suddenly the surly man leapt up and leaned over the table two men down and punched that guy in the mouth. "Jake quit hittin me damn it!"

    "Then shut up like I told ya." Jake replied sitting back down.

    Having filled Kay in already to the men, their nicknames and personalities, just to get through this so he could sit down, he went round the table pointing to each and naming them off.

    At the head of the table was "Jake." Boss’s life long "friend" who had come out here with Boss and Hum, and he was the Cow-Boss. Having a good week or two’s growth on his face, his mustache was twice as big and long as Boss’s, though his demeanor was at least consistent. A good example being when asked about getting a nickname he responded; "How bout I kick my boot up your ass…"

    Next was "Silent Frank." A giant of a Black man even bigger than Hummingbird. No one knew anything about him except that at one time he had been a slave, he would never speak and even his expressions were softened and often muted.

    Beside him tending his jaw was "Cat-shot," something of a twist on "shoot the cat" or to vomit which he did every Friday night after drinking.

    Next at the table was "Kid," though he preferred "the Omaha Kid" which no one would call him, fancying himself a gunfighter and tough.

    Beside Kid sat "Jim," and beside Jim sat "Jim." The two Jim’s were both solid buckaroos and best friends, and each would have been glad to have a nickname, but they weren’t about to give up their name unless the other did. It was so much trouble calling one to do this and the other to do that, that they just kept giving them two-man jobs.

    Near the end of the table was "Hat." Short for "Too much Hat." He was older than most there, and contrary to the term in his case they meant it as "all hat, no sense" in that it was speculated he had been quite the unsuccessful outlaw before coming here.

    Up next was "Fire Horse," a large Native American that considered them all too beneath him to speak of his people, let them hear his language, or for that matter even speak in English deliberately using derogatory pidgin like whites would when making fun of Natives to be sarcastic.

    Beside him was "Preacher." A Mormon that fled to this region when his six wives all of which hated him, and why he kept getting more, threatened to gang up and kill him. He fancied himself a Godly man though he had a bit of work to do in that regard.

    Then there was "Sugar" who picked up that handle for his hair color. More mature than most, he was also quick to fight, opinionated and stubborn.

    Beside Sugar sat "Beans." He supposedly came from a very wealthy aristocratic Mexican family. He dressed the part of a charro looking perhaps more like a bull-fighter than a vaquero, he spoke the part, and considered himself to be quite the Casanova.

    Next up was "Two-Pop." The youngest of the bunch, he was a mix of Native American, African American, Creole, Hispanic and White. They called him that because none of the whores in the makeshift town or that passed through would "pop his cherry," due to his mixed race. So they would tease him that he’d have to get laid twice to lose his virginity.

    "Chalk" was their "bronc-stomper" named such because a horse couldn’t get him off them much like trying to get chalk off your pants. Mid-aged like Hat, he was stable and a top-hand yet had a bit of a checkered past.

    Then there was "Jenny." Jenny firmly believed that he was meant to be a girl, and he liked the boys. Wherein normally that might cause some problems, Jenny could outfight any three of them, so everyone played along. Oddly, he had one of the deepest voices of the bunch.

    "Butch" was Jenny’s guy, though he was probably twice as tough as Jenny and had more of a temper. As you might expect, his voice was higher than most topped off with often effeminate inflections.

    Finally there came the three old-timers.

    "Old Ship" who for most of his life had been a seaman had been everywhere and seen it all, and could back it up every time, or at least no one else could prove him wrong.

    The cook was "Bear-Tail." Bear-Tail was named such when a Grizzly ransacked his chuck wagon on a drive which made him so mad he took out after it with a meat cleaver though was only able to get its tail. He had never shaved his entire life and his beard reached his belt. Unfortunately that meant that people were always getting hair in their food before they made him tuck it in his shirt to cook. He also had no teeth, so he never ate much that he prepared unless Ching-Chong chewed it up for him first with his eleven teeth having lost the other twenty-one.

    Lastly there was "Ching-Chong," short for "Ching-Chong Yeah-Yeah." He was their "little Mary" or cook’s assistant and thought to be ancient. He hated being called Ching-Chong, named that by one of the guys as in speaking "that ching-chong language" implying Chinese. Most of the time whether the answer was "yes, no, maybe, or a long explanation," he’d only answer "yeah-yeah." He was always mad, and always cursing at everyone in Chinese because they didn’t understand him though he understood English.

    Taking less than a minute to introduce them all, Boss exhausted from the trip left it up to the others to help Kay get settled in.

    "Jake, I’m heading up to the house. Ching-Chong, bring me up a short plate and some coffee. Now you boys listen, this here gal is here for a reason that I respect. So you act like you have more sense than Ship’s mule. Ship, help get C-gal bunked up." Looking to Kay briefly as though to say ‘good luck,’ Boss went off to bed and the second he was out the door it became instant chaos with comments and questions being thrown at Kay in between the massive bites of food they were shoveling in.

    Jake: "Sit down there at the end C-gal, and feel free to stomp any of these bastards that get out of line. Ching-Chong! Get her a plate, she looks half starved."

    Ching-Chong: "Yeah yeah… Nǐ de yìsi shì húndàn!"

    Kid: "Well I ain’t losin my hair tonight to no breed, I’ll shoot her first, you got that redskin?" At that Frank reached for the biscuits knocking Kid’s milk over onto his lap.

    Butch: "Well I just love that sun in your dark hair C-gal."

    Chalk: "Shut up boy, you ain’t tough."

    Kid: "You stupid nigger! Niggers, chinks, wetbacks and now a breed for ‘chief Ugh’ there, this outfits gone to hell!"

    Hat: "She’s got the hair of the bear on her for sure. Best watch your mouth Kid if you don’t wanna lose all your teeth like Bear-Tail."

    Old Ship: "So C-gal where do ya hail from?"

    Fire Horse: "Ugh, me likeum milk-woman." As he mimed grabbing large breasts on himself. "Um-big! We get full belly, howgh!"

    At that Kay looked directly at Fire Horse and finally spoke.

    "Tá'e ononésto'eétahe vá'nenėhesémanéhe."

    Though Fire Horse glared at her saying nothing, after a couple seconds of silence expecting Kay and him to start going at one another, the men went right back to gorging themselves and rending up their comments.

    Sugar: "Great, now on top of ching-chong, mex and that creole nonsense of Two-Pop’s we gotta listen to tree-nigger as well."

    Ching-Chong: "Bì zuǐ nǐ xiǎo tā mā de!” as he then threw a biscuit at Sugar.

    Jenny: "Well I’m just glad to have another woman around finally."

    Jake: "I’m about ready to stove in some heads if you bastards can’t mind your tongues."

    Beans: "Allow me to introduce myself señorita C-gal" as he slowly rose up to standing then bowed. "My name is Jesus Ruiz Enrique De la Vega el séptimo, with warmest regards I--"

    Preacher: "Gawd damn it you blaspheming wetback son of a bitch! Quit claiming that you are our lord and savior!"

    The chaos continuing, that moment Bear-Tail set two plates before Kay literally overflowing with a massive steak, six biscuits covered in gravy, mashed sweet potatoes, green onions, and the list went on. Ching-Chong added a pitcher of milk, a large cup of coffee and a bowl of canned peaches. Kay simply stared at it all, and then without warning she covered her face with her hands and began sobbing unable to stop herself.

    They had all been there in one way or another, though few had ever experienced hunger like Kay. However, they all had felt the overwhelming relief upon coming here even if just for one night. So as the young guys muttered quietly it being all too recent for them, and those a bit older became silent as the oldest of them just softly smiled, and the remainder of the meal was the quietest one they had in a long time.

    The Cowboy Way:
    Though Kay just picked at her meal having only a single bite of the steak and the biscuits, and did a little better with the potatoes and onions, she wanted to gorge on the milk and peaches never having had either before. However, after just a half a peach and a couple swallows of milk she was stuffed beyond any time that she could ever remember. Sure, her and Hum ate well and had enough, yet they never gorged themselves and lighter foods were the norm.

    After the meal Kay asked if it would be alright to walk around a bit, and though she didn’t say why, all of those people in such a tight space indoors frankly scared her. The comments by the men, even those that were crude to even offensive didn’t really bother her. That sort of talk is what she had mostly known except from Hum so she was used to it. A few of the guys wanted to go along naturally for her safety, but in the end Old Ship had convinced them that he would show her around, and sensing her unease, he simply walked near her, yet said nothing.

    When Kay had settled herself, Old Ship asked her if ‘she’d like for him to set her up a temporary place in the barn or stable? Then added that they’d get her a room fixed up so she’d have some privacy.’ Up until his offer, Kay had pretty much decided that sleeping under the wagon was where she would go, however, though she understood his kind offer, it made her feel distanced, separated and different from the others. As much trouble as she knew it might be, she made her stand to try and fit in, and braced herself for the countless possibilities running through her mind stating "I’d rather sleep where all those who work here do. I am one of the hands, right?"

    Old Ship knew too, and he expected that at some point in the night there would be a fight when someone decided that Kay was there for more than just to work on the ranch. At her insistence though, he relented, and Kay resolved herself to trying to get along instead of simply play it safe. Offering to help her carry in her things, off to the bunkhouse they went.

    When they opened the door just like in the cook shack the loud sounds and talking went dead silent. It went so quiet that Kay and Old Ship had already made it in ten feet before someone said something, and not much of it was good.

    Kid: "You’re not letting that breed stay in here is ya? We’ll all be dead by morning if you do!"

    Sugar: "Dead would be a blessing, otherwise we got to live with the smell, we already gotta live with a nigger and an injun!"

    Butch: "Did Boss say this was okay? How are we gonna get undressed?"

    Chalk: "Well I reckon just like you always do Butch, maybe then you’ll stop prancin around nekkid if she’s here."

    Preacher: "It offends the eyes of Gawd an unmarried woman sleeping in the company of--"

    Hat: "Shut the hell up Preacher… The only offendin goin on is your words in my ears."

    Fire Horse: "Fire Horse mountum squaw first, uhh!"

    Jim: "Like hell, if we can rear up on her then Injuns is last!"

    Kid: "I ain’t kiddin! I ain’t sharin no bunkhouse with no filthy half-breed savage gash--"

    "Then get the fuck out!" Kay suddenly lashed out looking directly at Kid.

    Though her outburst startled him, after a few seconds he stoked up his nerve and started raising his hand toward his pistol, and that is the moment that the wilting nervous woman seemed to change in an instant as though some switch had been thrown.

    "Do it… Do it! Go ahead and do it" Kay demanded as she began walking focussed right toward him, her eyes fixed and afire and in just a couple of seconds was right up on him. "Draw that gun boy. You brought the wrong weapon to a knife fight. See what happens."

    "Don’t test me breed, I’ve killed lots of men, and don’t give two hoots about killin no breed bitch!" Kid finally barked back, most of the men however were still standing there in shock, that is except for a couple.

    "Damn right, wrong weapon to a knife fight." Hat stated as Chalk and the older men just nodded.

    "Think you idiots got that backwards!" Kid retorted. "Besides, I ain’t gettin thrown off this ranch for no breed. But no knife ever beat a gun."

    That moment Kay debated on what to do, mostly in that she feared that Scout might rise up, yet oddly she sensed that Scout felt no threat. Kay also considered what a foolish thing it was to tip your hand, yet if she could just get through this night, then there might be a tomorrow night. So slowly she lowered setting her pack down, then slowly rose back up with her arms tight to her sides.

    "Then empty your gun and learn something. Or don’t… it won’t make a difference, but I will make you a deal. If you can draw on me and beat me, I’ll turn and be gone forever, or is that pretty toy just for show?"

    Kid was fast, in fact faster than many. He was accurate as well, though it was debatable if he would be when actually shooting at someone. Never the less the offer was just too tempting, so with that he pulled his gun, emptied the cylinder, and once he had put it back he looked to Jim and said "say go."

    Just then, Jake burst into the cabin with his "thumpin stick" bellowing out "what the hell is going on in here!" Granted, in the midst of welcoming Boss home wearing just his faded long-johns with the bottom buttons undone and his cock and balls out didn’t help much.

    "We’re havin a contest" Chalk replied, and with Kid and Kay’s eyes locked on one another, Jake responded "well get on with it!"

    It was then that Kay looked to Jim and shook her head and then turned back to Kid. "He doesn’t need to say when, you just draw if you can work up the nerve."

    That lit a fire under Kid’s butt, and after a couple seconds of his eyes widening and putting on his scary face, Kid in a flash yanked his hand up drawing his pistol, cocking it on the rise. The sound of steel scraping across hollow formed leather lasted but just a split second, yet almost instantly he looked frustrated and was straining as Kay just stood there calm and cold.

    "Let go of my gun gawd damn ya!"

    Kay had done nothing more than swing her hand up when he did his and then stopped letting him pull the pistol up right into her hand leaving it pointed to the floor. After he yanked for a couple seconds, smirking now, Kay slowly raised the gun to level with her belly.

    "Better pull the trigger, you can still win."

    His expression became one of grasping for a second chance as he pulled it, yet nothing happened, no click of a hammer striking an empty chamber. The web of her hand wedged between the hammer and the frame, and as he squeezed and struggled, she looked to Jim and said "say when…"

    Almost instantly Jim said it, and in such a blur or perhaps just no one expecting it, Kay raised her opposite hand to his throat holding the knife that she had withdrawn from her pack and had been concealing. Kay just stood there expressionless. She could feel the pressure into her hand of the knife pressing to his throat, and she could feel her mouth go dry, her heart flutter in excitement, and a single drop of wetness start to creep down her leg.

    She had no reason to, all she knew is this second she was compelled to cut his throat if anything to feel the hot spray across her eyes and lips. Perhaps it was to feel him shudder, and then watch him thrash. Though it was just a couple of seconds later, when Kay began to tremble she lowered the knife and dropped it. It was then that Kay smiled sweetly and spoke softly.

    "Let me show you a fine trick. Now grip your gun, hold on as tight as you possibly can."

    Still yanking away Kid bore down. Once he had a good grip, all Kay did was rotate her hand quickly and the gun pivoted around his trigger finger, the grip slipping up and out of his hand. It took nothing to yank it off that finger, and with her now holding his gun, she thought about it a second then said "oh what the hell," buffaloing him. Not skull cracking hard, just one of those little knocks that stings and aches like the dickens as she then pried the hammer open and off the web of her hand, and tossed the gun on his bed.

    Jake: "Thank gawd, we finally got someone else who can knock you boys into shape. Now pipe down and go to bed!" Jake shouted then walked out.

    Hat: "Yep, wrong weapon. I told ya, hair of the bear on that one."

    As Kay picked up her things and Kid stormed out to sleep in the barn, Old Ship raced up to her and reached for her hand to check the web of it, hammers on old pistols having nasty spikes for firing pins. He had expected her to be bloody. What he found however was a dent from the hammer in an old scar, surrounded by many other similar old scars. Yet it’s after he walked her to her lower bunk and watched her from afar after he saw many things the other guys didn’t.

    Kay actually had an almost imperceptible limp. Her elbow had a hitch in it, and her shoulders in fact most of her joints didn’t quite move freely. Kay didn’t think twice about undressing there as she’d not freeze in the night due to sleeping in sweaty clothes. They’d all see her eventually in such close quarters, so why hide it now as a couple of them didn’t already. Kay’s only comment being "I’ve seen em before, though granted they were bigger."

    While the young men saw only large breasts, others a firm bottom or belly, Kay actually more lean and tone than most women of the day, too lean for most men’s liking, and still others looked to her bare legs or hairless cunnie, Old Ship saw what few would unless they took the time.

    Kay was covered in scars. Some long, others jagged or from holes, old rope and leather burns, cuts, scrapes, dots from sparks and small shot. Granted, her skin healed nicely leaving just razor thin white lines on her darkened skin, those wider fading to the point that they blended in giving her a slightly mottled appearance. Then there were the deep ones wherein the skin may have healed, yet what to some might look like creases from muscle or fat instead ran contradictory to them forming depressions that never filled in underneath, and they were countless.

    Kay herself never really noticed. Every joint that worked poorly, bone that ached or scar that she saw was somehow forgotten. Most of them in fact had not happened when Kay was consciously living yet when Hunger, the-Other and most of all Scout guided her hand. As much as they seemed like invulnerable forces, they really hadn’t been. It was just simply that they didn’t care, and therein perhaps was Kay’s power.

    She could endure. This was just how she felt everyday. It wasn’t pain or a stiff joint in that to her that’s just how she felt constantly. So, she really consciously didn’t feel or perhaps pay attention to it.

    But Old Ship had, and eventually, so would a few others.

    Bustin Kay:
    Kay awoke in the morning on the floor under her bunk. It felt nice to be sure that burlap stuffed mattress yet it felt so unnatural that after tossing and turning she gave up on it for the night. What also troubled her were the sounds, or perhaps it was the lack thereof. Late at night the outdoor world comes alive, and she counted on the noises that the little things would make to let her know all was safe. The big noises were never anything to be scared of. It was when the little ones would go silent that you knew you were in trouble.

    Here it was the sound of up to fifteen men sleeping. Boss and Jake had their own house, Bear-Tail and Ching-Chong the cook shack, yet everyone else slept and lived in the wide open bunkhouse. Besides the snoring, it was when this guy or that would leave to go to the outhouse. It might be this one was dreaming of his sweetheart, or another reliving the war or an Indian attack. Then there was the other thing that men do, something that Kay had been thinking about for herself of late more and more.

    That first night no less than seven men jerked off. A couple as quietly as they could in their bunks, the rest all walking to the gear closet though in that each would pause by Kay it would just wake her up just that much more. Two-Pop in fact made three trips that night, and one of them, well, he popped twice. Finally there was Jenny. At first Kay thought that it was Butch and him walking in there, yet when they came back she noticed that it was Sugar, and when Jenny got back to his bunk, then Butch awakened by Jenny climbing into the upper decided to go for a ride.

    At breakfast Kay looked haggard from not sleeping but she’d live, and after eating light still unused to food, Jake handed out the work details that day. When he got around to Kay he was very specific. "First day no work for the new fellas, err gals either. It’s tough getting settled in" and Kay just about threw a fit.

    "No, give me something to do. I didn’t come all of the way out here to loaf around."

    Jake balked and then suggested that she work with her horse, ride around and get to know the place to which she refused. He then suggested that if she felt like it to tag along with whichever fellas she wanted to with, and learn what they do, yet again she refused.

    "I said work, not play. You don’t understand, I need to work, I’m, I, I’ve got to burn off some vinegar. Hard work, put me to work… Put me to work or I’ll go where they work me!"

    Jake had no plans to ever work her that hard. He thought Boss had brought her here as a charity case, and maybe she might help push some cattle around yet that would be it. So he thought, ‘let her work a bit and when she wants to call it a day, so be it.’ With that he told her about the little clearing just up the mountain. The cattle would loiter there if there was more room. So push back the edges till you get tired, and come on back down for lunch. Showing her the tools, he then pointed it out perhaps five hundred feet above and four times that back. So grabbing a shovel, poll-axe, canteen, axe, a long length of rope and a mule in a harness, off she went.

    When Kay didn’t show for lunch, Jake sent Jim out to fire off a couple rounds though she should have heard the bell. When she emerged at the edge he tried to wave her down yet she never came. Jake just assumed that she was just napping. When she didn’t show for dinner then he became worried, and so griping all the way about having to hunt for some split-tail napping in the woods, he had Beans and Cat-shot grab their guns just in case, and they all rode up.

    They could hear it just off in the distance when they neared the crest, and as they rode over they stopped in their tracks. There was Kay, her shirt tied up tight to keep her breasts from swinging, her skirt pulled up between her legs and tucked in, swinging a pole-axe getting the last of the branches off of the last of many trees that she had felled. There was a massive pile of scrub and limbs, the edge having been pushed back a good ten feet all around the already large area, and to top it off using the mule she had pulled many of the stumps, and stripped the trees for timber.

    "Didn’t you hear us?" Jake called out trying to sound angry.

    "Yeah, I heard you. Why were you bothering me?" Kay’s equally curt retort.

    As Jake chewed on her for not coming when called, issues such as Indians, snakes, bears, and a host of others used as the reasons, Kay then and there stripped off her shirt and began wiping down her chest, legs and crotch with it. When he punched Beans and kicked Cat-shot for looking, Kay made it rather clear.

    "Look… I’ve lived out here all my life with all of those boogey men and critters that have you so concerned. You people scare me, not them. I know what they’ll do. Hell, these boys looking? That I understand and it doesn’t bother me." At that point she stormed up to him in such a rush her breasts were lurching every step, and as she continued her temper now up, she even poked him in the chest a few times.

    "What I don’t understand is why Boss brought me out here. If you want me to lay around so you can have some female for show, then buy me some fancy clothes. If he did it so I would be the ranch whore, then fine, double what you were going to pay me and I’ll flop on my back right here. But believe me, you don’t want me idle. Ask Preacher, ‘Idle hands are the devils workshop,’ and you don’t want my devils loose. So work me or send me packing."

    With that Jake’s lower lip began to quiver partly out of rage, yet partly holding something back, at which point he barked at Beans and Cat-shot to get back down, he’d walk ‘C-gal’ down himself. After they had left, in a still gruff tone he praised her work warning her not to tell anyone, yet then confessed that he had become worried. Though he spoke as though he was just talking about her it finally struck her. All of his bluster was concern, and it was the only way he knew how to tell her, though really he was confessing about the other guys as well.

    The rest of the way down she just let him talk. Mostly about his fears for the other men, though she doubted that he meant to say all of that. What struck her most however was how just barely knowing her he was now worrying for her, and Kay had no idea how to deal with that. Everything she had known, as bad as it may have been she at least understood, and she could feel that who she had become and resolved herself to be quickly crumbling from the camaraderie here.

    That night she ate the scraps from dinner and that made her feel better not so singled out. She bathed in the horse trough much to Boss’s chagrin, mostly in that so many of the men were hiding around to peek. She was even able to sleep in the bed after the hard day’s work, although, when she tried to soothe sore muscles and other needs late in the night, she discovered for the first time that she could recall that she could not cum.

    The next five days was much of the same. She’d have breakfast, skip lunch and simply because they made her promise, would make it back from wherever she was working for dinner. Wherein most of the men would balk about not working from a horse, the trees she felled, wood she split, brush she cleared and trenches she dug suited her just fine. Kay enjoyed the hard work in that besides making her feel useful and actually able to see the results of her labor, it burned off enough energy that she was too spent for less savory things, sex being the least of them.

    On the sixth day however Jake insisted that Kay be back in time for lunch. Trying to get along, when she heard the bell along she came. For some reason all of the men seemed excited. They rushed through their meal which was uncharacteristic to say the least, and then they raced to the bunkhouse. The next thing she knew they were all piling out carrying the two or three shirts, pants and pairs of socks that they owned and began heading toward the mountains along a well worn path.

    When Kay asked what was up, she was answered as though it was the dumbest question in the world. That being, it was "payday." Finally when she cornered Jake, he answered by telling her that ‘on the monthly payday everyone quit work after lunch. Most of the fellas would then go up to the hot-spring to do their washing, and then they’d head into town.

    "Hot-spring" was the kicker in Kay’s mind. Considering that she had wore the same outfit all week, it was an easy decision on what to take as she hurried to catch up with Jake who unfortunately was unable to catch her once he realized where she was going. By the time Kay neared the spring already most of the guys laundry was strung up in the trees and drying, and when she reached the upper spring where they soaked their clothes she just froze.

    Either standing around drying, soaping up or soaking was everyone in the outfit except Boss, Jake, Bear-Tail and Ching-Chong. It took about a minute, yet suddenly Butch screamed out "C-gal! What are you doing here?" Then all hell broke loose.

    Cat-shot, Kid, Jenny, Butch and Two-Pop all scrambled to cover themselves and hide. Jim and Jim ran head on into one another having soap in their eyes shooting for cover. Beans setting one fist to his hip and making a sweeping gesture with his other hand announced "Bienvenido señorita C-Gal, el agua es maravillosa!" Sugar had a different take on it stating "great, I may hafta share my bath water with a horse hung colored but I ain’t gonna with no breed." Preacher was able to get out "Gawd said--!" before half of them told him to shut up, and the rest just didn’t seem to care except Old Ship who smiled and waved.

    Kay didn’t even hesitate it taking her all of ten seconds to peel off her shirt and skirt tossing them into the upper spring and skinning off her moccasins heading to the main pool where the water had cooled a bit. They had all seen her naked each night in the bunkhouse and at other varied times, yet for some reason that moment it seemed different as she stood there waiting for the guys around the edge to give her a way past.

    Fire Horse who was sitting on a rock fully dressed suddenly stood up wide eyed. Silent Frank just smiled gently, and Chalk, Hat and Sugar all sat there staring their mouths open until suddenly Chalk spoke up.

    "Dibs on Flossie! I’m goin first in town!" Hat responding "damn it, you went first last time!"

    "Jezebel of Sodom--!" was again all Preacher could get out before he was pelted with wet clothes. Always the Romeo, Beans pushed Cat-Shot to the side making a space extending his hand as he puffed up standing there as naked as she and asked; "por favor señorita C-Gal, come sit by me, please…"

    Kay didn’t hesitate taking his hand and slipping into the water as Sugar griping stormed out followed by Kid, Preacher, Cat-shot and Butch, who much to his upset, Jenny wanted to hang around as she said later ‘to get some pointers.’

    "So why didn’t you guys tell me about this place? I just lo--" as Hat cut her off.

    "They didn’t tell ya because they was too busy watchin ya in the horse trough to improve their closet time!"

    "Shut up Hat, least wise we bathe more than once a month!" Jim barked out as the other Jim chimed in too.

    "Yeah, shut up Hat! We all watch her in the bunkhouse too!"

    Kay all of a sudden had a look of concern on her face noting that Two-Pop seemed to be in pain curled up, and yet he wouldn’t get out of the water so she asked; "are you alright, did you eat too fast tonight?"
    "No honey, he’s just having man trouble seeing you is all" Jenny responded in his deep voice.

    Feeling so good finally able to find a hot-spring, Kay just couldn’t help herself. Suddenly rising up and turning around as she bent over in an exaggerated fashion, her feet wide complaining about a rock poking her caused her cunnie to splay wide just to joke with him. Unfortunately, it turned out not to be a laughing matter.

    "Gawd damn it Two-Pop! We’re usin the water too, can’t you control that?" Chalk suddenly blurted out causing Two-Pop to bolt.

    Kay loved it, and after that first day they all became used to Kay bathing with them. In fact, the typically weekly or in some cases monthly baths for most became much more regular due to Kay bathing in the spring daily. For a few of them, sometimes even as much as twice a week, and yet not one time did anyone ever get too out of line or even hint at sex with her. They’d joke and flirt, and she would in kind, yet for all intents and purposes it was like she was one of the guys. Well, except for Jenny, Butch, Boss and Jake, and naturally Two-Pop.

    That afternoon as all of the guys made a beeline for the makeshift camp that was the best they had in the way of a town, when Jake told Kay there would be no work done for the next two days, she decided to head out on her own. The trip to here had been eating at her since she arrived, and she figured that town would simply be somewhere that she shouldn’t go for a bit.

    What surprised them is how she decided not to use a saddle and how she dressed for her ‘little ride.’ Donning the ornate bone choker the Native had given her in Missoula, she then put on her chaps and loincloth which floored them for some reason seeming more obscene to them than when she was naked due to her butt hanging out. Finally she topped it off with her buttonless blue men’s shirt and one of the huge silk scarves she had bought in Eagle Rock to keep it closed, and another around her head as she headed out with Jake yelling.

    "You’re gonna get shot! You look like a damn Apache!"

    Kay knew what she was looking for and in just a few miles riding along the base of the Big Hole Range she found it, and it couldn’t have been more obvious. There heading into the Big Hole mountains was a trail that was easily hundreds of years old. It always made her laugh how when someone anywhere across the country thought they had blazed some trail, that in reality they had just found some long used Native one. With that Kay rode south-west, and by that evening she was camped out in the next valley over right beside the Snake River with Eagle Rock almost due west and perhaps thirty miles away.

    She was so proud of herself having found Boss a much easier and quicker way, and once back she was right in the midst of telling him though he seemed distracted by something when all of a sudden Jake charged out of the barn heading right for them.

    "If I were you I’d ride hard out of here for a bit--" was all Boss could get out before Jake was upon them.

    Jake didn’t even hesitate reaching up grabbing her arm and dragging her off her horse. The whole while he was yelling about her ‘being gone over night, dressing like an Indian, risking getting shot, raped, eaten by a bear…’ and countless other things because she had been gone since noon yesterday. As he bellowed he dragged her toward the house. The entire while his other fist would clench and he reared back a number of times reflexively wanting to punch her like he would one of the men, Kay the whole while begging him to stop.

    "Jake don’t, you don’t understand, please let me go! Jake no, no, let me explain, please stop, I can’t help myself, Jake you don’t know what you’re doing, Jake no!"

    Kay screamed like a terrified child yet she didn’t fear what he might do to her, yet that after this wonderful week where she could feel herself changing for the better, she was terrified that he would rouse Scout. When Jake wouldn’t listen dragging her toward the house, Kay turned to inside to plead with Scout to let this go. Fearing that upon Jake’s first punch Scout would without warning make her rest. She instead found Scout looking disinterested, and though Kay probably just imagined it, she could swear that Scout turned her back on her and walked off.

    With that Jake suddenly stopped as he ranted on. His face was beat red and he spat as he hollered, and just as he bent over her his fist balled and ready to strike, he stopped for a moment and shook enraged. Yanking Kay another two steps he suddenly jerked her up to standing and then he sat with an iron grip to her wrist.

    In a flash frustrated that he couldn’t hit her, he yanked her over his lap and with his other hand he jerked her loincloth free… and then brutally began to spank her as he yelled out; "And if you’re gonna run around bare-assed, then that’s how you’re going to get it!"

    Kay had never experienced such a thing. She shrieked in surprise and then pain, his large hard hand swatting her bare bottom without any restraint. She begged and screamed for him to stop, at first fearing that Scout would rise up, and then upon realizing that she wouldn’t, then from the fear and sting of it. Jake spanked her so hard and fast that in roughly half a minute he had given her a good thirty swats or more. He then just pushed her off his lap and stormed away. Kay lay there bawling and gripping her rump which was beet red with shades of blue already forming.

    Just about then Cat-shot rode up, drunk and stunned by what he saw commenting at the brutality of it.

    "Damn that’s got to hurt! Now I’m glad he just punches me in the jaw!" And with that, he barfed and fell off his horse passing out.

    Kay was in shock as she at first crawled, then limped into the bunkhouse. She was stunned that Scout hadn’t helped her though she was grateful. She also couldn’t believe how bad that hurt and how helpless and weak it made her feel, yet in a good way, sort of. One thing was for sure, and that was she felt she was actually cared for and mattered to these men. However until a couple weeks later, she’d not know how much.

    The Fork at Jacko:
    Over the next couple of weeks life at the ranch went on without any incidents of note. Kay worked hard, ate well and gradually learned how to sleep without the need for the sounds of the wild and to be alone. Her rump healed up quickly, the spanking not quite as bad as she first thought. However, there was a couple of days there where the guys were wanting to rename her "Little Chief Red Bottom," which fortunately didn’t stick.

    Perhaps of greater importance than the unappreciated value of normalcy, Kay had actually begun to learn how to get along with these men. She always seemed to talk about trying to get along out in the wilds, yet doing so with people had for the most part always eluded her. Never the less she was fitting in quite nicely. She learned how to joke with them, or argue without getting too out of hand one way or the other. More and more she was invited to participate in their varied forms of recreation, and perhaps best of all she had learned how powerful of an experience it was just to sit with someone, saying nothing, and doing nothing just enjoying their company.

    Kay still felt that she was not fully a part of the outfit, yet that was actually only natural in that she could neither think in terms nor relate to being a man, and this was surely a man’s job. So Kay resolved herself to the fact that she would never fully be accepted as one of the boys. Then again, if you’re thought of as one of them, then you would never be thought of as something more.

    It was about mid-week when "Jacko," pronounced more like a French Jhacko, came back to the ranch. On and off over the years he had worked brief stints yet always seemed to be moving on quickly. A steady job and a life devoid of constant excitement were not his style or so he claimed. As Kay would discover the younger guys were always excited by his arrival, those a bit older would run hot to cold, though the older fellas didn’t care for him at all.

    It took Kay all of two minutes however to know this man from top to bottom. He was instantly everybody’s best friend, overly charming and very gregarious. He always seemed interested in what anyone had to say just long enough to most likely whip up his own lie to top their story, generous to a fault although Kay could tell just so long as he got back ten-fold what he put in. He was not exceedingly handsome yet good looking enough and had been graced with a healthy body, yet all of that and more then coupled with his eyes and expressions told Kay everything she needed to know.

    He would feign his joy at seeing others, and worked at seeming interested as though he cared. He never had a bad word to say about anyone or anything unless it complimented what they were saying. Without any effort Kay could tell that like some habitual con-man, everything he said or did was false, mimicked and worked at in that he himself didn’t realy feel those emotions. Every tale was a habitual lie, and he clearly felt himself superior to everyone, though openly he was humble to a fault as he would strive to manipulate and work even the most inconsequential subject to benefiting him.

    At the heart of it all however, she could see his deep seated and uncontrollable malice. The veiled sneers, loss of attention and diversion to other things all designed to fill his needs. In her time they’d just call his sort a bad egg, and if caught when doing worse things, a maniac. Years later however the head doctors would come up with some fancy name for what he was to make themselves sound important, and that name was a sociopath. Kay had dealt with his sort many times in the past, so she had resolved herself to have no interactions with him, yet as the day wore on she realized that would not be the case.

    If Jacko had tried to befriend, impress or even manipulate her like he did all the others, perhaps even scorn or attack her she would not have been concerned. Instead however he kept his distance. He even went so far as to divert a number of the fellas attention when they tried to get him to meet Kay throughout the day and even at dinner.

    He was almost manic as he joined in every conversation, yet would go out of his way to never look at Kay directly. To be sure he’d glance at her for a second here or there as he would stretch or pan from one guy to the next. Bluntly, he worked much, much too hard at appearing as though he hadn’t noticed Kay and had no interest in her in the least. If he stood up and ranted about hating half-breeds she would have felt safe. As it was however, she knew as long as he was here, she was in danger in that he had already targeted her.

    Kay decided that her best course of action would be to go on to bed and get some rest, then stick near some of the older guys when she worked tomorrow and until he left. She figured that would be soon, Jake clearly did not like him, nor did any of the older guys, and both Boss and Jake kept asking him when he planned to move on. When Jacko suddenly came up with a couple of bottles of prime whiskey insisting that all of the fellas drink with him, most guys not allowed to drink during the week, Jake and Boss figured that once the guys had hangovers, Jacko would get bored and head out.

    Kay wasn’t sure how late it was that the guys finally made it to their bunks, Jacko having done his best to "show them all a good time," meaning, get them drunk. However after a bit though on edge, she went off to sleep herself.

    Kay had no idea how late it was when suddenly she felt Jacko’s left hand press over her mouth, the outer edge of his hand jammed tight to her nose. His right knee brutally bore down on her hip and abdomen pinning her right hand, and his right grabbed her left pinning it down.

    "Shhhh, relax. Stay still cunt." Jacko whispered, "Don’t you even think of moving or I’ll crush that skull of yours like a nut." His hand was bearing down on her mouth and jaw so hard she thought they might break, and his knee was jamming into her guts so brutally that she thought they might burst.

    "Don’t make a sound, just stay still, don’t struggle and you might get through this alive. Now lets see what you’ve been hiding from me all day." Jacko didn’t even hesitate yanking her blanket down to her feet leaving her lying there naked as he panned up and down her body illuminated by the moonlight streaming in.

    "That’s a good little cum-ditch, just like that, you stay still or you’ll never see morning. They’ll all believe that you attacked me, they know I’d never get near some breed gash. Now don’t… move."

    Jacko was sure of it in that he had done this so many times before to the women whose men had foolishly trusted him. He could see it in her eyes as they narrowed no doubt trying to squeeze shut to not have to watch. He could tell from how she was frozen in fear when he slowly released her wrist and began mauling her breasts then slowly slipped his hand toward her cunnie and still she stayed still. He was positive that her trembling which had turned into a brutal shaking was the best response that she could muster.

    When he pushed her legs apart and then shoved the far one hard to make her open them wider, Jacko knew this would be easy just like all of the rest. However, when he violently shoved his two filthy fingers up into her cunnie he found her so wet that it made a sopped squishing sound. Roughly he began jamming his fingers in and out and yanking her around by her own cunnie because otherwise so wet it wouldn’t hurt as much. It was then he knew she’d not even try to stop him so he ramped up his brutality quickly, his thrusts into her cunt had become even more violent, and his face was contorted just waiting for her to break down.

    Without warning his probing slowed then he unexpectedly drove in with an excessively violent thrust and then he stopped. Balancing himself by pressing down even harder on her mouth, he slid his knee to between her legs and then dragged his shin to between them as well. Jacko knew her violent shaking had been out of the fear he drove into her, his fingers in her cunt almost lifting her hips due to his brutality and excitement.

    That second Kay heard a click, then another a split second later, then two more as suddenly a match was lit and used to light a lamp bringing everything into view. There stood Beans, Chalk, Hat and Jenny all with their pistols cocked and pressed to Jacko’s head as all of the other fellas stirred and were getting up to see what was wrong.

    "Hey fellas! Wow, this gal is sure some firecracker, just about killed me dragging me to her bed why I--" Jacko blurted out, cut short by a fist from Preacher across his mouth.

    Hat told Kay to "stay there" and Old Ship raced over to check on her. Silent Frank had grabbed Jacko by his upper arms from behind and squeezed them together so hard she could swear that she heard his shoulders cracking. As all of the men rushed him out of there, Kay heard their varied suggestions.

    Fire Horse wanted to skin him, Chalk hang him, Sugar drag him and Preacher even wanted to literally crucify him. Though she could only guess in that she heard no more voices not even Jacko’s, she could only assume from the sound much like meat being pulverized that they had decided to deal with him using fist and boot. The sickening thuds, grunts and cracks came so fast that he would have no chance to explain, though Kay however was a wreck.

    She was so upset by the event shaking uncontrollably and looking as though she was about to vomit and bawl, that she raced to the closet to collect herself. Once there with her face in her hands in a deep squat, she whined and growled in frustration as the entire event replayed itself in her mind… the way it actually happened.

    All of what Jacko saw was true… almost. Her eyes did indeed narrow and scrunch closed for a moment as she yelled at Scout in her mind. Her mouth though contorting was not in some restrained scream yet drawing up into a malicious smirk. She didn’t move because she had to be patient, and her shaking was due to it having been so long that she couldn’t contain her excitement, and indeed, her cunnie became sopped beyond all remembrance thinking about what she had already planned.

    ‘Get ready, it’s just under the edge of the mattress’ Scout whispered to her even more excited than Kay.

    "No! Be quiet, you’re ruining it, just wait!" Kay urgently whispered back to her in her own mind.

    ‘Let me do it, I already know what to do, I’m supposed to--" Scout frantically whispered back.

    "Stop it, get off me. You’re spoiling it! Just wait, be patient. He’ll do it, just wait…" Kay harshly whispered back feeling as though Scout was leaning over her shoulder, egging her on like some schoolyard instigator and had to be shrugged off.

    Kay felt that such times were almost boring, and certainly pathetic. It was all so predictable. The same threats, the same petty goals to make themselves feel more powerful and her weaker as they’d simply use sex as the weapon to try and break her. Jacko was already ramping up fast, his thrusts into her cunnie had become violent, and his face was contorted just waiting for her to break down, and Kay knew exactly how this would play out having been here many times before.

    His thrusts would slow and then stop after one excessively violent one. Then she would feel it. The pressure from his knee would ease off the tiniest amount as he prepared to move, and he’d balance himself by pressing down even harder on her mouth. Kay would have to be patient though. She’d have to wait for him to move that knee to between her legs, and then still have to wait longer for his shin to drag over hers, and once it had, then she could move.

    Stretched out as he was to cover her mouth and maul her cunnie was perfect, and then there it was, his knee slipping to between her thighs, and as he did, Kay’s hand slowly slipped down beside the mattress.

    Now! Do it now, it’s time!’ Scout urged her almost shoving Kay forward in her mind.

    "Shush! Be quiet you’re ruining this, wait, be patient" Kay harshly growled back.

    There it was. His shin dragged over her own and then fell between her legs. Kay didn’t have to move fast as she slipped her calve over his own and gently moved her free hand slowly to his wrist of his hand over her mouth. No doubt Jacko thought she had been shaking became more violent out of the fear he drove into her, his fingers in her cunt almost lifting her hips due to his excitement. Yet truth be told, it was the anticipation of waiting for it all to fall into place.

    ‘Just a couple more seconds’ Kay thought. ‘Wait, wait…’ in just a few moments she’d grasp his wrist and lock his leg down with her own keeping him stretched out. That second her knife would come up and drive into his abdomen by his crotch, then in a single fluid motion slice up to his ribs. She moaned at the thought of all that his belly contained spilling out onto her. She knew however unable to slice through his ribs that she would instantly have to tip her blade and drive it through his diaphragm, and shove her forearm up under his ribs. Then after a few wild jerking slashes she’d savagely destroy his heart and lungs slicing them to pieces.

    That’s when he would gush over her. Hopefully she prayed, he’d not try to undo his belt instead leaving his fingers brutally within her as then he’d thrash and yank, and if she was lucky… really lucky, then and there as his hot blood washed out over her, Kay would cum.

    "Wait… wait… here it comes" Kay thought to herself speaking to Scout, her tension so peaked that her mouth was dry and her cunnie was gushing. "Wait… okay… now--!" Yet now never came. That second Kay heard a click, and the rest was history.

    Kay was terrified, excited and frustrated all at the same time. She knew that would play out exactly as it had right up till the guys stepped in and wrecked it.

    "Oh my gawd…" Kay suddenly whimpered out covering her mouth with one hand as her other dropped to her belly and she wondered, ‘how did she know? Where did that all come from, and worse still how could she have planned all of that in such exacting detail before it even happened?’

    She knew it wasn’t like back with the Crow after the massacre by Scout at the mine. She also knew it wasn’t Scout. She instead just watched and cheered her on as though Kay was the hand, and she was the mind. Worse still she couldn’t understand how excited it made her, and how she was so frustrated this moment that she could scream. It was then Kay realized that her hand was roughly sawing away at her own cunt, and the worst part was, the rape was not what excited her, yet the thought of gutting him which had her jilling away frantically.

    Old Ship could hear Kay whimper and muffle her own screams of fear not even considering that it might be frustration. For a good hour she stayed in there he assumed sobbing from the sounds, long enough in fact that most of the men had begun to filter back in.

    ‘That is why you should let me do it, you’re too indecisive’ Scout harrumphed at Kay.

    "I was waiting like I should have for the right time, you were too anxious!" Kay thought back.

    ‘Look at you now because you waited too long. Did you ever consider that you don’t want to do such things, or is it that you enjoy them too much savoring it? Maybe it’s time you grew up,’ was Scout’s insightfully cruel retort.

    Kay’s hand began cramping having rubbed, pressed and mashed cunt for so long. Worse still she had become dry and was unable to cum. Her guess being that she was just sexually frustrated is why she couldn’t stop.

    "Enough!" Kay screamed out in her mind yanking her hand away. That had to be it. Scout… It was Scout’s mind that made her think those things and made her feel that way, and for some reason, Scout pushed her like the-Other always had, then again… Oh, she didn’t know… so Kay decided to work it all out in the coming days.

    Slumped over and hugging herself, Kay walked out into the bunkhouse naked to something she would have never expected. There were all of the guys except Hat and Preacher, and as she expected them to tear into her for instigating it, or perhaps blame her for sleeping naked, suddenly Beans walked up to her with a caring smile and wrapped his blanket over her shoulders. Then Chalk did the same, then Fire Horse, and by the time they were all through wrapped in all of their blankets they had to help her to a bed from the weight.

    "Here, sleep in my bunk tonight, stay away from yours till you feel ready" Chalk stated firmly as they all helped her to it, then laid her down and made sure she was tucked in under the massive pile of blankets.

    With that they all went to the bunks on either side of her, pulled up chairs and sat on the end of Chalk’s bed, all of them facing out and away. They weren’t doing so to show that they were ashamed of her. They did so to show that they all were on watch for her, and come dawn that is where they were all still sitting.

    The next morning Kay told them all she was fine, she just wanted to soak in the hot-spring yet they all escorted her and posted around it to give her time. When she was through, they walked her back down to breakfast, Kay noting along the way that Jacko’s horse and rig were still here, yet Jacko was nowhere to be seen, and never would be again.

    As Kay looked round the table at the compassionate faces of nineteen men, Kay realized she had found a second home, the only one she ever had other than in the Wapiti Valley with Hummingbird. So with that, she covered her mouth as her eyes welled up and she whimpered, finally able to say to them "thank you all, you mean so much to me" then choking up and clearing her throat as she wiped her eyes looking to Jake.

    "Put me to work, the hardest you can think of."

    Inside however she said something else. "Scout, no more. I choose to not do such things."

    That moment Kay took a different fork in the road of her life, the signpost having been Jacko.

    Games People Play:
    Except when she was with Hummingbird and then Ji, Kay could never remember having been part of a family, yet here she was. Granted, it was like living with a bunch of brothers in that no one ever tried anything with her, but that didn’t mean they never looked and maybe even fantasized a bit, but then again so did she.

    The next few months were wonderful as spring turned into summer. Kay worked like she always had though they also insisted that she work on developing her skills as a cow-hand. When she’d work on a horse though, it made the guys laugh how she would use her large silk scarfs to hoist up and pull tight to her chest her breasts so they’d not bounce. Then again when it was hot and that’s all she’d wear as a top it wasn’t exactly funny.

    Granted, she did get a few more spankings from Jake like when he’d find her working naked or for other things that for one of the guys he would have issued a punch, yet as much as she hated them, she loved the way they made her feel cared for. Though much of life on the ranch might have seemed mundane, just the conversations alone could fill a book. The good memories she’d garner from her first six months there were so numerous that they would last her a lifetime.

    One of the many things that Kay particularly enjoyed were the various regular games that they’d play on rainy days or late at night after easy days. Oh sure a lot of them would play cards or dice and other things, sometimes horseshoes or make a game of practicing roping, yet Kay liked the ones where they would tell stories or lies the best, though she wasn’t very good at them.

    Old Ship was the best at it. He had stories about everywhere in the world that he had been and all of the amazing things that he had seen. Some of the fellas had a good laugh when Old Ship brought out a map of the world, pointed to England and then showed a course around the horn of Africa into the Indian Ocean, and then jumped to the other end of the map and continued on to China. Kay’s face scrunched up wanting to see what was in between so she flipped the map over finding nothing.

    "That’s a lie" she stated, "you can’t be there and then appear over there like magic. Besides, looks to me like you would have fallen off!"

    After the few that knew better laughed at her, the others not getting it either, Old Ship curled the map into a tube to show how the world really was. Who’d of thought the world was shaped like a log? Kay was amazed. What she found more amazing were the paintings he had that looked so real that he called "photographs." He had hundreds. So every time he would tell of a boat that could carry hundreds of men, or a real animal called an Elephant, most thinking it was just a term for being unfocussed, or speak of some city, hundreds of things, he’d back it up with one of the pictures.

    Kay would sit there for hours when he spoke of the world, mouth open and eyes wide having known of nothing past her day to day experiences on the prairies and around the Rockies, and it made Kay dream and wonder. Unfortunately to play they’d make you also participate. Sure, she could tell them about things that Hum had taught her, tell them about how the Natives really were though none believed her except Fire Horse. She even tried telling them about "her" trip through the Yellowstone and the amazing things there, which no one believed, yet they’d push for more.

    She just wanted to hear Old Ship’s tales and see his pictures. So when push came to shove she’d get mad and answer them about the things she knew. Things like, whores in gold camps will do up to fifty men a day. When they called that a lie she told how much they could make, and that they really didn’t believe. So she tried telling them what went on in Opium dens, fortunately Hat and Ching-Chong backed her up there. The ones that really went over badly when Kay was pushed was when she described how long it really takes a man to die, or where you should really stick someone with a knife and how to twist it and so on.

    Kay liked the game, she just wasn’t good at it. What she was good at besides working hard, no one was sure they really wanted to know why, most assuming that it was simply some instinctual "spooky Injun thang" being a half-breed.

    The day came mid-summer when Jake and Boss told Kay they needed her to go with them down to the south pasture for a little hunting. It seems that something had been killing off the cows every now and then, and to date no one could catch it in that it seemed to do so at night.

    "Well that ain’t saying much" Kay noted. "Grizzlies, Wolves and Lions all hunt at night. What kind of marks were on the carcasses?"

    When told there were none, she told them that it had to be disease. When they told her no, it wasn’t disease, or bad feed or water, Kay claimed they weren’t making sense, so they showed her. There by some brush was a fresh one. No marks, then again no meat or skin left only bone. Kay just shook her head they both wasting her time after the long ride to get here.

    "Are you two joking? If the skins are gone too then it has to be rawhiders," essentially people who lived like Gypsies day to day, typically out of their wagons Kay stated.

    Nope, no wagon tracks that they found, or horse prints past the unshod wild ones.

    "Ah…" Kay finally getting this. "You want me to help you hunt Indians. Well let me ask you this, where are all of the Buffalo that had to have lived here?"

    "Well we killed em all off" Jake noted. "They was eatin all the grass. Besides, it can’t be Injuns. We kil… err runned them off too."

    "Well did you ever think that maybe, just perhaps, you might have missed a couple? Indians that is. Listen, I’m not helping you kill off a bunch of hungry Natives just because you drove them out of their homes and killed off everything that they eat. So you can chew dirt, spit or whack my butt if you have to, but I’m not doing it."

    Still they disagreed about it being Natives. So agreeing to stay with them to discover "what" it was, Kay made them agree to hear them out if that’s who was doing it. The first thing she did though had Jake throwing a fit, and that’s when she kicked out their fire and dowsed it with water.

    "Hey! That bacon ain’t done yet! What are we gonna eat and how are we gonna see and keep warm without a fire?"

    "Did you ever think that maybe the reason you never catch who it is be they man or beast is that they see your fire and smell what you’re cooking from miles off? Besides, you can’t see in the dark if you’re staring into the flames. Give it a few minutes. Sit still and watch" Kay suggested.

    Sure enough having not been out in the wilds without a fire in decades, Jake and less so Boss were amazed at how much you could see, smell and hear when you looked at the world the way that it was, not how you tried to force it to work. After a couple hours watching Deer, a few Elk, Fox and other critters in the moonlight, even a Grizzly, Kay suddenly perked up and pointed whispering "shhh, look."

    There it was slowly moving toward the south herd, what clearly had to be a pack of wolves, two of the five so distinctively obvious. As Jake and Boss raised their guns, Kay grabbed the barrels and asked them what they were doing? "Gonna kill em" was Jake’s response as Boss nodded "we shoot wolves on sight!" and Kay reminded them that they had a deal with a whisper.

    "Yeah well first off you aren’t going to hit them at this range… Yeah, go ahead you can say it, you thought it was a lot closer, well it ain’t, it’s a good three-hundred paces. Secondly, you two can’t get closer without spooking them in those boots. So unless those tender feet got suddenly tough, you best stay here. Besides, they aren’t wolves, I already told ya. So just wait here, I’ll see who they are."

    Though he didn’t like being told what to do, Jake and Boss really did not like the idea of Kay getting closer. What they liked even less though was when she stripped off her chaps and loincloth, and then even her shirt tossing them down and put back on just her moccasins.

    "What in the hell are you doin?" Jake whispered getting angry.

    "The conchos jingle and are too bright, so is the shirt." Kay responded as she poured some of the bacon grease and water into an empty can of pears Jake had eaten, and then dumped in a bunch of the cold coals. With that as she crushed it all up with a stick she then stuck her knife in one moccasin, and tomahawk in the other and beamed turning to head out.

    "Get back here, you ain’t goin out there, Injuns or wolves!" Jake angrily whispered again as Boss agreed, both finally understanding what she meant by ‘how whatever it was might be able to hear or see her conchos,’ meaning she’d be getting close.

    Kay just beamed like it was a game, and looking at them as she dipped her fingers in the black paint, and dragged three spread fingers from her forehead to her neck and bolted with Jake doing all he could to not yell. By the time Kay had worked her way up to behind the five figures, she was painted black from her cheekbones up. Her cheeks had patches, her collarbones were striped, and she had painted her breasts, belly, thighs and arms in large streaks and splotches that would make her form confusing in the dark.

    Kay was thrilled to be able to make use of what she knew for once. More so in that she was able to use it for Jake and Boss. The hunt however reminded her of less noble pursuits, and concerned over that she checked, sure enough finding that she was sopping wet. At first it scared her, yet then she realized that none of the terrible thoughts that she had such times were striking her. Instead, she was just simply having fun, excited at the prospect of getting close to something dangerous, and joyous to be running around wild and free.

    Kay intended on just getting close enough to try and make out the tribe, Hum having taught her many of the differences between them. However, as she got closer, she thought maybe just a little more being down wind. Then a bit more, and finally, with a stealth that rivaled Scout’s, Kay slipped in so close she could hear them breathing, and then she just couldn’t help herself.

    Like counting coup, Kay could tell they had no idea she was there so she just wanted to see if she could get right up behind them. Once there she worked closer, and though no thoughts of murder or blood filled her head, and this was a very dangerous game that could get her killed, she just had to try to touch one of their moccasins on the sole as they lay there looking at the herd. Once she did that, she didn’t know what came over her yet she slowly raised up, then bent toward them and then softly growled for a second, ending with a scream like a Cougar.

    Later Kay would admit that she didn’t know what she was thinking, that it was stupid and that it could have gotten her killed. Well mostly after the spanking. In any case, that moment all of the braves jumped and one was so startled that he fired off his rifle into the distance. Of the five only two turned ready to fight, yet all of them looked terrified so caught off guard and Kay couldn’t help but bust out laughing. Not simply a chuckle, yet a gut busting uncontrollable roar of laughter that Jake and Boss could hear across the valley.

    Kay was laughing so hard that though two were upset having been so scared, eventually the other three began laughing, yet when one stopped and said something to the others, they all stopped. That moment Kay realized this was a mistake, so as the one brave began pointing and harshly speaking to her, her laugh faded, and she slowly crouched reaching for her weapons preparing to run.

    "He'emoho'néhe! Móhénėsehe? He'emoho'néhe! He'emoho'néhe!”

    Seeing Kay become still and realizing that she was doing something with her hands, the brave then put up both of his hands as though to say stop or wait, and then tried to calm her.

    "É-áhanáehóho, névé'e-óétsétáno! Ována'xaeotse, ována'xaeotse…" at which point he frantically spoke to another man who stepped up and translated.

    "Peace, we are, err, we want peace! We have no fight with the Wolf Spirit Woman. You are her –mo? Err yes? You know Iron Hawk, you… Éhe-stse'eme…" as he began speaking frantically to the others, "you ‘sex?’ him at the peaceful spring, yes?"

    Unsure how to explain that one of the Wolf scouts knew her, he turned back to the one man who first spoke as the man hurriedly yanked aside his loincloth and wagged his cock at her and dragged his finger from his nose to his chin. Kay couldn’t believe it. It seemed as though she would never get away from the reputation of that day. A story for that matter that all of the fellas would have claimed she was lying about. With that she just nodded and rose as she spoke, finally even pointing to her twat and bowing her legs in acknowledgement though in her fearsome black paint she likely didn’t appear all that sexy.

    "Yes, yes you mounted me, I remember. All of you, come with me. You need to speak to my boss, uh, come speak with my chief, okay?"

    After discussing it a moment, three of them very hesitant, they finally agreed. So realizing that the gunshot probably startled Boss and Jake, Kay led them back where she could shout before they could see her and the braves.

    "Boss, Jake! Don’t shoot! It’s me, I’m coming in with friends, okay?"

    "Well come in damn it! Where in the hell have you been, who shot at you?" Jake yelled back, the concern in his voice evident.

    "No one shot at me, I just scared them is all…" as Kay stepped out even in the moonlight Jake and Boss stepped back from her startling appearance looking like some wild ass Ree warrior. When the braves followed in close behind however, they instantly began to reach for their guns yet Kay harshly stopped them.

    "Don’t! Boss don’t you dare! We had a deal! Iron Hawk agreed to come speak with you, so we’re going to talk. Jake, now would be a good time for fire and bacon, okay?"

    "Fine I’ll make a fire, but there better not be no Injun nonsense, and you get that paint off and put some clothes on damn it!" Jake harshly lashed back.

    Kay just stood there about to laugh when suddenly Iron Hawk spoke as Long Arrow translated all the while.

    "Iron Hawk asks if this is the Wolf Spirit Woman’s Chief?" When Kay acknowledged that he was, and even introduced him as Boss Tennant, Iron Hawk looked confused and spoke again with concern in his voice.

    "Did this man steal you from the Grizzly Man? You would not have been sold. Where is your husband? Where is the Grizzly Man?"

    Kay looked solemn as she answered, but did so as bluntly as she could.

    "The Gizzly Man was killed in the Wapiti over a year ago…" as Kay seemed to drift it seeming so long ago and her old sadness prodded at her. "Evil men killed my Hummingbird. I’ll mourn him forever, but this man, Chief Boss has eased my pain."

    Boss and Jake at first looked to Kay never thinking that she might have been married before, Boss having never taken advantage of her offer to answer any questions. Yet when she spoke mentioning Hummingbird and the name Grizzly all too fitting for their old friend, Boss asked her as simply as he could.

    "Hummingbird? Hummingbird Hail?" Kay just nodded in response and whispered "later."

    All of the Natives seemed to grow sad, Hum having been a good friend to many, and out of nowhere Iron Hawk began yelling, and the others joined in with angry war whoops.

    "Iron Hawk says we will hunt these men and avenge the Grizzly Man for you! For you Wolf Spirit! All of the Nations know of your love for each other, they will all seek them out and avenge your loss!"

    "No! No!" Kay shouted causing them all to go silent. "I already avenged my sweet Hummingbird and Ji. That day, that very day in the Wapiti… They suffered long and warned all others."

    After Long Arrow translated, one of the other braves mumbled something, then another began shouting over and over the same phrase as the others began lunging at Kay and yelling seeming to celebrate. It all finally made sense to them, and a couple even began thrusting their palms at Kay spreading their fingers wide and then would cross their arms in an X.

    "Mȧhtohto’x! Mȧhtohto’x! Ckh, ckh! Mȧhtohto’x! Mȧhtohto’x!" at which point Long Arrow also began shouting in English.

    "Ten-X! Ten-X! We know of the ten-X! Strong medicine and we should have known after your vengeance upon the black sashes on the Aashilitshia river, the, the, stinking water! When you kill all the black sashes on the stinking water river! Ten-X! Ten-X!"

    Everyone was looking at Kay standing there naked in her seeming warpaint of black, the "death" color to many tribes. Three of the braves continued to make yips in celebration at her victories. Boss and Jake however looked to Kay stunned. Stunned at her having been married to Hum, yet more relevant to the moment, in shock having heard about the Stinking Water Mine Massacre, and even having heard the true version about the Ten-X.

    Just as they were about to ask her though, the two last braves began shouting and lunging at Kay in a threatening manner. Their eyes wide in fear clearly to her trying to ward her off. Jake wasn’t sure what to be more concerned about, yet he then set his hand on his pistol focussing upon the two braves, Boss just stood there but was ready as two other braves tried to calm the two threatening ones by shouting "Ovánėhoo'ėstse! Ovánėhoo'ėstse!”

    When Boss started to reach for his gun, he found Kay’s hand lighting to his own and she whispered. "They’re just scared, don’t… As firm and direct as you can, tell everyone that no one is going to hurt anyone, do it now."

    Boss assumed that she meant he was supposed to tell them that. So just as she said, his inflections were firm making it sound like an order as in a direct stern voice he spoke, and then he looked to Kay as though to ask if that was right as she expected he would.

    "No one is going to hurt anyone here… No one!"

    When he glanced to Kay however she just rounded her shoulders and dropped her chin looking down, then took a step back. Instantly the braves went silent once his words were translated, the resolve in his voice and expression had been perfect. Instantly the two braves began lunging at him and raising their weapons causing Kay to touch his hand again as he reached once more for his gun, and when the others also began shouting out war whoops, the translator finally spoke.

    "Iron Hawk says you must be a great Chief to be followed by such a warrior as the Wolf Spirit, we would be proud to listen to what you brought us here for."

    With that Kay just pulled at his wrist so they could speak privately a moment, Jake stepping back with them.

    "There you go, they fear and respect you now. So get along and be fair. Deal with them as fair as you would Americans, make them a deal to buy the steers instead of stealing them."

    Jake instantly interjected that first off when they got back she was going to get a whopping like she never had. Boss however agreed to listen, so after they all sat down, ate a little by the fire and the Natives told why they were here. Essentially, they were Cheyenne far from their own people placed on the Wind River Reservation with their enemies the Shoshone. They had come through the pass out of Jackson Hole last year looking for Buffalo, their people starving. When they again found none, they decided to hunt the white man’s Buffalo.

    It worked out easier than any of them expected although payment for an animal other than a horse made no sense to them. As it turned out, they had gold coins which were of no use to them although everyone just let it lie as to where they got them. Kay even suggested that Boss pay them in cattle to do certain jobs for him which they had no time to do themselves. Things like hunting problem bears, wolves and cougars that killed the steers on occasion. The big impasse however came in the form of "which cattle they could take."

    After trying to explain what a steer was, Kay finally moved to one of the braves who froze, and without warning yanked away his breechcloth. First she pointed to her cunnie and stated that they should take no females. Then she grabbed the warrior’s balls to his surprise and stated no bulls. With that she grabbed his cock and made a cutting motion at his balls with her hand to his distress stating "root, no balls, no balls…" Finally they got it.

    As they spoke, now primarily to Boss and Jake clearly respecting them for who they must be to command the allegiance of Kay, to them a spirit warrior for the Nations, Kay noticed that a couple of the braves were telling tales about her to one another. As their conversation progressed, they began trying to catch her eye and interest, so it being of little consequence to Kay and realizing that it would seal the deal as to Boss’s authority, she whispered to him to say something.

    "Offer me up to them to use if any have ‘need’. Say it to them, and then look at me and point to our bedrolls and be firm."

    Boss looked stunned that she would do that for many reasons. Jake however had firm opinions on it.

    "Like hell! I ain’t gonna have you get--" as Kay cut him off.

    "Listen to me for once, I know what I’m saying. Hell, I already fucked Iron Hawk there and a whole bunch of other scouts… Oh I’ll tell you later… Just do--" as Jake cut her off.

    "You’re gonna tell us a whole hell of a lot later, we got some things to talk about anyway" as he began to mutter about her running off, being naked and so on.

    "Fine, whatever…" Kay snippily responded. "Just do it, and you two might want to think about accepting that handsome one’s offer when he makes it. He’s had his eye on you two since they got here, I think he likes your mustaches."

    They were both aghast having never even thought of such a thing, partly in the regard they actually believed that no one knew they were a life long couple, though all of the guys did. Never the less Boss did as Kay said, and to Jake’s horror she obediently walked to her bedroll humbly, and dropped to all fours her knees wide, her ass and cunnie facing the fire.

    Boss was shocked and Jake was mortified when two braves gladly complied heading directly to her. Though obscene it was also erotic. Kay there on her hands and knees as each brave stepped up and took his turn, each wanting to feel the power of having taken the Wolf Woman. Unfortunately for Kay she couldn’t cum though she really wanted to. Partly in that Iron Hawk translating through Long Arrow told of Kay and the Buffalo hunters and that worried her. He then spoke of what the Lakota had said about the cattle outfit and their time at the hot-spring, mostly though about what she meant to the Native peoples, as well as what Hum had.

    When Iron Hawk took his turn having never believed that he would get another chance again to rut with Kay, Kay was horrified that during she had to hear Long Arrow’s telling of what he had heard about the "Black Sashes." He then told about the Ten-X, and numerous other accounts of bad Natives and bad Americans meeting brutal ends at the hands of the Sky Eyed Wolf Spirit avenger.

    Fortunately during, when the one gay brave told Long Arrow to tell Boss and Jake that they could be intimate with him as well having noted their glances, Boss insisted that Jake do so to his displeasure, yet grudgingly, somewhat, he complied. Kay just hoped that what Boss heard while Jake was away, he’d soften in the retelling. By the time the evening was through all five braves including the gay one had their time with Kay, all of them believing that by doing so they would be blessed or just perhaps take with them a little of her power. Though Boss declined "Stern Jaw’s" offer, he did however slip into the rocks after to get a little of what Jake had with him, probably mostly to hear about it.

    By the time the Cheyenne rode off Boss, Jake and they had formed a strong alliance and they would benefit each other in many ways. Kay however had some questions to answer. A whole lot of them in fact, and in the process she earned more than a few spankings. She didn’t mind though, or so she thought.

    Kin of the Hole:
    Both Jake and Boss were silent as a tomb riding back to the ranch. Boss seemed to have terrible concerns weighing heavily on his mind. Jake however just seemed to be stoking up his fury until out of the blue he stopped, then got off his horse and said "Burly… hold up a minute."

    Kay could see it in the set of his lips and the furrow of his brow. She was about to get a beating, and though she didn’t want it, Jake’s spankings not being playful swats by any stretch of the imagination, she definitely enjoyed the dynamic they had once she finally understood him.

    "C-gal… Uh, you know… gawd damn it… now I’m tryin to be fair here but--"

    Not wanting to get dragged off of her horse and knowing what was coming Kay slid down, and realizing that she had her chaps on again meaning another bare assed whipping, she slowly began backing up.

    "Now Jake, it all worked out, right? Hell, you even got a little by that pretty fella…" which Jake definitely did not want to hear.

    Realizing her mistake, just as she was about to bolt figuring she might at least wear him out a bit to knock some of the mustard off his swats, Boss realized what she was about to do. So like roping some disobedient calf, he lassoed her and tied her off to his saddle shouting; "get her Jake!"

    When Kay tried to wriggle out of the lasso, Boss just gave it a quick jerk and she was down. By that time Jake was on her grabbing the belt of her chaps hoisting her off the ground and carried her by them all of the way to a large rock. This time however he wasn’t going to put up with her typical struggling, Jake more mad than usual this go round. So with that, yanking her up so she was straddling one of his thighs, he bent her over and swung his other leg over the small of her back. With her outer leg pinned by his leg that she was over, the best Kay could hope for was to flail her arms and kick her one leg over his.

    "Jake no!" Kay screamed out. "I did everything right and everything worked out! Jake! I’m a grown woman gawd damn it!"

    Up until then Jake had nothing to say, yet after he yanked off her loincloth completely, in an instant his hand came down in a furious swat catching the meatiest parts of both cheeks, and did so each phrase there after.

    "That’s for runnin around without your britches!… That’s for runnin around like some wild ass heifer with your tits out!… That’s for paintin yourself up like some wild injun!… That’s for riskin your life just to show off!…" Jake ran through a good twenty "that’s for’s" before he gave her two more solid ones, Kay screaming up until the bawling took over. "That’s for… gawd damn it! That’s for gettin all lathered up down there when I spank ya!… and that’s for gettin them five injuns spunk on my hand!"

    "Jake! Don’t let her up yet!" Boss called out, and as he walked over he spoke bluntly to Kay as out of her view he handed something to Jake.

    "C-gal, when I was a kid I didn’t get no hand… I got switched! So this is for you not telling us you knew Hum!" as just then Jake switched her with a green willow branch, and boy was Kay glad to get a spanking after that. "This is for you not telling us how well you knew those Indians! This is for you not telling us how you know damn near every tribe west of the Sippi! This is for not telling us how many scraps you’ve been in."

    Just then he pointed to Jake to stop, and then squat down in front of her and lifted her chin.

    "And this is to tell you…" as Kay instantly became terrified that he was going to kick her off the ranch. They could beat her, hell they could do anything and she’d take it, but that would have killed her.

    "…that you really don’t know how much trouble you’re in. Now I don’t know what Americans have it in for you, but girl, that fella Long Arrow told me that if you show your face around a Cheyenne, Arapaho, Pawnee, Lakota and a whole passel of other Soiux, Crow… Ah hell, just about any redskin tribe out there’s village, they’re gonna kill ya."

    With that Jake unpinned her and actually started rubbing her rump to soothe it as Boss kept talking.

    "Now listen to me. They all think you’re some kinda touched by whatever heathen Gods they got woman, that’s got some kinda avenging spirit in you. They all really respect you, and they revere you. But, you scare the hell out of them and as far as they’re concerned, you aren’t a human no more. So to them that means that humans don’t mean squat to you, and ‘that means’ they’re afraid that just because you take a notion to, you’d kill them all just because."

    "So you better figure out how to get along in this world of Americans. Like us or not, and like how we live or not, we’re all you got."

    Pouting, her black war-paint streaked from her tears not having taken it off yet, Jake and Boss walked Kay to the stream and told her to strip and "wash that damn war-paint off!" Once she had, Jake dried her off with his shirt and once she got dressed they tried to ride off. Unfortunately, with Kay’s backside beet red and already bruising, plus the added bonus of being striped feeling like cuts or scrapes, Kay really wished that she had used her saddle and stirrups instead of just a blanket. So she rode most of the way kneeling on her horse or walking.

    Oddly, Jake and Boss talking up ahead took a detour across the river. Kay figured they were going to the camp, the little makeshift town that grew and shrank literally day to day depending upon how many people were drifting through. Almost instantly as they began passing the few people and tents used as homes and businesses, with Kay walking, dressed as she was, leading a Palouse and naturally being a half-breed the problems started.

    "Mind your hair, Injun in town!" some transient miner yelled out, yet when Jake was about to say something Boss stopped him. Most likely Boss wanted Kay to have to work out how she was going to get along in this world.

    Stopping at one of the surprisingly ‘three’ makeshift saloons in the camp, Kay just leaned up against the rail, yet when Jake got off his horse he grabbed her by the collar of her shirt and pulled her in with him as Kay instantly dug in her heels.

    "Jake, they won’t let me in there. Fact be, they won’t let me, Frank or Ching-Chong in there."

    Jake just kept pulling until they were at the door and said "keep moving," and instantly when they walked in there was trouble.

    "Jake, get that breed outta here!" the owner shouted. "No injuns, niggers, chinks and especially no breeds!"

    Jake just pushed Kay up toward the bar, Kay however began yanking at her loincloth to try and cover as much of her butt as possible as a few of the guys from the ranch were there, and instantly started laughing about her red and striped butt. "Ba-ha-ha! C-gal got another wuppin!… Hey C-gal, come ‘sit’ over here!" When Kay wheeled round about to say something Jake just smacked the crown of her head. However, one of the usual loafers in camp decided to razz Jake.

    "Why Jake! I woulda never taken you for a squaw man. Hell, I always thought you were a--" as just then Jake punched him in the jaw, dropping him like a sack of potatoes.

    "A what? A Dad? Well I am, now you all know. Meet my daughter, C-gal. Now give me a bottle so we can share a drink together."

    At that Kay’s mouth opened and her eyes welled up looking up at Jake who didn’t even glance at her not looking for recognition for how he felt.

    "Jake, now I don’t care what you want to call that breed of yours, yet you know I can’t serve no injun nor breed even white man’s whiskey. Sides, I don’t serve em at all so get her out of here."

    That moment Jake reached across the bar and pulled the bartender halfway over it and spoke loud and clear.

    "Bob, now you’re gonna sell me that bottle cause if you don’t, you ain’t gonna be sayin nothin outta that smart ass mouth of yours for a while. Past that, I reckon if you say another bad word about C-gal, her brothers… who must have decided to take the day off when they’re supposed to be mindin the ranch, just might start the second battle of Pierre’s Hole and raze this place to the ground."

    "Brothers? What brothers?" Bob asked back.

    When Bob asked that, without a word Hat, Chalk, Sugar, Beans, Jim, Jim, Butch, Kid and Cat-shot all stood up intentionally tipping their chairs over looking ready to fight. Unfortunately for a new guy in the area, he made the mistake noting that everyone looked so different of saying "at a boys, throw that bummer and his squaw out!" Butch being closest flattening him with one punch.

    Kay was sobbing with joy as Jake took his bottle and walked out with her. The second they were out, Kay thought the fellas were tearing the place up, yet in reality they just knocked over a couple of tables as they all scrambled out the back to race to the ranch.

    That night Jake and Boss did something with Kay that they never did with the fellas. Walking up with her to the hot-spring, they had her get in with them and as they drank which Kay was definitely not used to, they talked with her mostly about Hummingbird wanting to know everything they could about their life-long friend. They all laughed a lot, then cried a bit too. They really wished that they could have seen him once again, yet they were grateful that fate had brought woman that he chose to be his wife to their home.

    After that they asked about the various tales the Cheyenne had told them. Kay to a great degree outlined her life to the Ten-X, naturally changing the aspect of Scout, the-Other and Hunger being there so she’d not sound too crazy. She also left out all of the mutilation and other cruelties. Dead was dead, the rest making little sense to her either. Though the tale made them sad, it was impossible not to justify the things she had done considering what she had to suffer first. So they understood, and perhaps for the first time got a sliver of a glimpse into what it was like for a half-breed to live in this land.

    By their reckoning, Kay had suffered all of the years before her father left her, the years after, and roughly the fifteen since that is except for being with Hum. Kay debated on whether she should say anything about her year travelling through the Yellowstone and into Montana, yet then decided against it. After all, it was not really her that did those things, and most likely unlike with the Natives, it would all long be forgotten.

    Unfortunately, Kay, Boss and Jake were awakened the next morning by the sound of seventeen pans being banged on rocks as all of the fellas whooped and hollered. Besides having passed out in the water now looking like prunes, their heads felt the size of Texas making for a rough day. However, just as Bear-Tail always said; "we ain’t got no sympathies fer no self inflicted wounds!" Ching-Chong naturally adding; "Yúchǔn de báirén! Nǐmen dōu ràng wǒ fēngle!"

    Red Dawn of Idaho:
    Most folks gauge the balance sheets regarding their life as in is it improving or getting worse, annually. Is this spring better than the last, how much have I accumulated or lost and so on. Some if lucky when considering the positive side of that scale might be able to a few times each year, and others perhaps even monthly. Kay however was noting positive changes literally day by day, often even by the hour. The fears and loneliness of years past vanishing each moment and she looked forward to each dawn, each meal and even each conversation as her life would just improve with every one.

    That’s not to say that she didn’t experience ups and downs, yet wherein the past would seem to suck her into some whirlpool of tragedy drawing her ever deeper, the down times now only meant that that it would get better, often the resolution itself just moments away. The few arguments and disagreements that she had seemed to only strengthen her relationships. So Kay worked hard, her friendships only grew, and though everyone was so different on the ranch, for her it became like one great big family.

    As her outlook improved, so the valley seemed to as well. The ranch built up quickly now in no small part due to Kay’s industrious nature, the seasons shifted and brought new life as well as exciting changes. For all intents and purposes it was paradise in all regards.

    A few weeks after the incident with the Cheyenne, found Kay on a hot summer Monday, the one after the July payday, clearing brush beside the river her pole-axe in hand. It was so hot in fact that Kay had earlier in the day changed into just a large silk scarf wrapped around her waist as a short skirt or wrap, a second one doubled over and running under her breasts and up around her neck just to support them. Frankly way too much skin for anyone in those times save for male Native braves or the whores working hog-farms. However the fellas had grown used to Kay’s quirks, if not even enjoying them, and even Jake had all but given up on trying to paddle some modesty into her.

    Hearing the bell for lunch, Kay slipped out of her wraps and moccasins quickly washing and cooling herself off in the river, and by the time she was redressed in her immodest attire, she was already dry as she walked into the cook-shack expecting Jake to give her another lecture.

    "Happy Birthday!" all nineteen men shouted as she walked through the door, late and the last one as usual. Kay just stood there in shock as they all stood there beaming. Her clever retort being; "What’s a birthday?"

    It seems that Boss and Jake as they were handing out pay took a suggestion of Jenny’s and ran with it. That being how Kay had never had a birthday her entire life, in fact she had never even heard of it before so they decided to give her one. Old Ship explained to Kay what a birthday was and how in her case they would just pick a date now set in stone as July 14th. Kay found Ching-Chong setting up cups all around the table for everyone to split a bottle of whiskey with, Bear-Tail setting out something she had never seen, a birthday cake, thirty-two candles in all by their best estimate.

    Almost instantly the typical chaos of this large family ensued as all of the guys charged the end of the table to pile before her a mound of presents, each shoving and pushing to set theirs in front of her first.

    "Mine first… Hey! You’re on my foot!… Quit shovin!… Hat get out of the way!… C-gal open mine… Why would she want your’s?… Bái móguǐ nǐ dòng!… Ugh, good day for C-squaw… Move Chief Ugh!… We should all pray… Gawd damn it Preacher, not now!… With a full heart Señorita C-gal--… Everybody sit down or I’m gonna start bustin heads!" Jake shouted pounding on the table at the last.

    Once everyone sat down and quit elbowing each other, Kay just stood there with her eyes wide and mouth agape, and then she started crying. Kay had been crying quite a bit of late. Never bad cries, just those overwhelmingly joyful moments that we all experience, yet for her they seemed to come numerous times each day. So they waited impatiently, Old Ship having explained to the guys weeks ago why she was crying so much and that it was a good thing. Once she had stopped, it giving Ching-Chong time to fill their cups, Boss and Jake stood up and raised their glasses.

    "C-gal--" Boss began as Jake cut him off.

    "Stand up you idiots!… Sorry Boss."

    "C-gal, we know you never had a birthday, yet know that we’re all grateful for the day you were born. Today we celebrate ‘our lives’ getting better due to that day many years ago, and we thank you for sharing this day with us. Happy birthday C-gal." Wherein they all raised their cups and said "Happy Birthday C-gal" in unison.

    Kay looked around fighting back another round of tears croaking out "I don’t know what I’m supposed to do?"

    "Blow out the candles C-gal and make a wish!" Jim blurted out.

    With that Kay began to bend over the cake to blow, and when the scarf holding her breasts tight risked catching on fire, she just yanked it over her head and off, and blew out all of the candles as all the men cheered except Jake.

    "I am so going to give you a birthday spanking… Put your shir… rag, awe hell whatever it is, put it back on you uncivilized savage!"

    "Open your presents C-gal!" Butch shouted out.

    As Kay looked over the pile of eighteen presents, just as she reached for one Boss stopped her. "Oh no… Mine first. Take it outside to open it." And the guys handed down the brown paper and string wrapped present. Kay was wide eyed as she slowly rose and stepped just outside the door carefully unwrapping it, and then it came. The loud initial "waa" as she began bawling, and in just a couple minutes she stepped back in the door and stood there.

    A simple thing really, a yellow button-down dress with tiny light blue flowers decorating the fabric and a pair of matching yellow slippers. Unfortunately, selections limited in town and most dresses more proportional in their cut, it was tight from her waist to her breasts, and from the bottom of them up she couldn’t even button it her breasts already squeezed together tightly that her cleavage was overflowing. The guys all sat there with their mouths wide open and staring at Kay for the first time looking like a woman to them until finally it started.

    "Wow… What the hell, you’re a girl?… The whores in camp don’t look that good!" Hat slapping Cat-shot’s head for saying that. "Ain’t you got no sense?… Ugh, bigum udder woman… Magnífico… Damn…" At that Two-Pop suddenly scrambled out of there grabbing his crotch, and it went on and on as they pressed her to open her presents. Kay right off gave Boss a hug and a kiss, just like she did with each of the guys right after opening each, crying, then thanking them.

    Nothing was too extravagant, their modest pay only allowing little things, yet to Kay each item be it store bought or homemade was priceless.

    Chalk had bought her some little silver bells to wear on her moccasins because she wouldn’t wear spurs. Hat gave her a hand mirror, Sugar a small antler handled knife, Preacher a rugged wooden cross on a leather thong, Silent Frank a little bottle of Lemon Verbena perfume. Two-Pop gave her some hard candy, Jake some leather pants to help with the spankings, Jenny a set of combs, Ching-Chong a pipe and some tobacco, and Bear-Tail made her a Badger fur hat and mittens for the winter.

    Jim bought her a fancy pair of red trimmed crotchless britches essentially knee length underwear which netted him a punch from Jake, Jim a matching chemise and Kid matching stockings and garters, all three having got their suggestions from the same whore, at the same time. Fire Horse made her an ornate beaded breach-cloth, Beans a blanket poncho, and Cat-shot bought her some lace trimmed ladies handkerchiefs.

    Though each present was ‘the most’ special to her, the last two stood out. Old Ship’s was very thin and flat, and when she slid out the piece of cardboard, upon it was a photograph of all nineteen guys posing in their cowboy finest. It seems that a fella was passing through town taking photos of the region around Yellowstone and the West for folks back in Washington. Old Ship happened to know him, and was able to talk him into snapping one of the outfit for Kay. Kay loved his pictures, and now she had one of her own of the most amazing and wonderful ‘true story’ she had known.

    When Kay opened Butch’s, she scrunched up her face and instead of crying and did all she could to not laugh. "Butch, where did you get this?" she asked.

    "Oh well there were this ol’drummer that were passin through, that’s where most of the fellas were able to find your store-bought stuff. That stuff there will make your hair any color you can imagine by leavin it on longer knowin how you is always fussin cause yours gets all streaked from the sun. It’s called Dr. Marvel’s Miracle Hair Colorant, the fella had a whole board of scalps too to prove it! His name were… Uhmm…"

    "Beuford Presarius, purveyor of fine accoutrements." Kay finished for him. "I love it! I’ve used this once before. What do you think about me changing my hair to ‘winter wheat’ to match my dress?" It being all Kay could do to not howl out laughing.

    When he agreed, Kay stated she’d put it on tonight and would reveal it at breakfast. The remainder of that day was wonderful, and after lunch though she loved her dress and her first birthday party, after she changed her clothes, back to work they all went. Kay suspecting that it was the best birthday that anyone had ever had.

    Putting on the dye the night before remembering what the-Other had gone through, Kay woke up early and washed it out discovering as she had hoped that Dr. Marvels products were at least consistent. Walking into the cook-shack wearing a bandana over her hair, when everyone was ready she revealed it, everyone expecting her to be a light blonde. Just as before, thankfully not losing her hair like other gals, her hair was that same bright war-paint red.

    Everyone howled with laughter and instantly began chucking out their comments though Butch looked mortified until he saw Kay laughing just as hard, and then Jake started in on her.

    "What in the hell? Didn’t you say you used that stuff before?" Jake yelled enraged, Kay telling him ‘yes.’ "Well did it do that last time?" Kay once more hollering back ‘yes’ over the laughter. "What are you stupid! Then why did you use it again?" Jake lashed out.

    "Because Jake, we all gotta pitch in and do our part!" Kay yelled back.

    "Well that’s the dumbest horse-shit I ever heard. What in the hell does that mean?"

    Kay just smiled as she pointed at the guys all having a great laugh at her expense, and they’d be laughing for days over it, some unable to not bust out laughing every time they looked at her for a couple weeks. Jake never got it, but Boss stood there beaming and nodding understanding what she meant, and that was good enough.

    Over the next couple of weeks as the temperatures rose, so did tempers however they were soothed because of one thing, well, really five things. Five new whores came into town having turned down the wrong valley which caused the old three to leave due to no business. Everyone was excited, yet no one more so than Two-Pop.

    Unfortunately, just like the others they flat out refused to let Two-pop bed them. One because he was partly Black, another because he was partly Indian, and the last three because he was a quarter-breed adding white and Hispanic into the mix. Naturally seeing them just sent him into fits of chronic masturbation. So, though they’d work him hard enough throughout the day, he’d stay up all night whacking-off five up to eight times.

    It became so bad that Boss promised his next trip to Eagle Rock he’d take him. They supposedly had whores there that would "even" let African Americans, Natives, and even Asian’s or "Celestials" as they were called mount them. Kay on the other hand had her own problems. It was so hot that even her scarf wraps which looked like some mini-skirt and bikini top was even too much for her. So her ass tended to be redder than her back which brought up other problems.

    Jake didn’t want to hit her face, and he never did, but Kay enjoying the "tough love" having never had anyone who cared in that way had other issues going on. She hadn’t been able to cum herself much since Hum. Her attempts at masturbation were futile, and Jake had noticed that during her spankings she had begun to hump his leg just a little too much so he had taken to bending her over a hitching rail.

    Then came the rainy day wherein Kay was watching Hat, Bear-Tail and Ching-Chong slaughter a hog in the very slaughterhouse Kay had built for just that purpose. Standing there watching, as they cut its throat a massive spurt of blood painted Kay from the top of her war-paint red hair to her breasts right across her face, and that caused Kay to instantly freeze. After the pig stopped struggling, Hat apologized as Bear-Tail just shrugged and Ching-Chong made fun of her in Chinese. Kay just stood there catatonic, that is right up until Hat spoke up and then finally grabbed her.

    "C-gal, C-gal are you alright? C-gal!"

    Kay didn’t even really snap out of it simply saying curtly; "don’t touch me…" and then she walked out heading directly to the bunkhouse through the rain. Once there, she just stood inside the door blankly staring as a couple of the guys asked and then yelled, asking if she was hurt. When one of them touched her however, she flailed to pull away, her eyes seeming wide in horror.