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  1. Justin Baylor

    Justin Baylor Newcumer

    Apr 27, 2018
    I recently got divorced. My ex-wife and I got married when we were 22. I got her pregnant during our last year of college, and we married that summer. I am now 41, and our twins are finishing their first year of college. The last few years of our marriage were pretty empty of affection. We were staying together for the kids. After they left for school last fall, we started the process of divorce.

    I moved into my new apartment in January. I re-entered the dating scene by setting up an OkCupid account. I've had some luck meeting women but none that I wanted to start a relationship with. It's been mostly divorced women around my age who are rightfully a bit skeptical of men in general.

    One night last March, I got home from work and had a few drinks. I own a few small restaurants so I got home around 10:00 PM. Around midnight, I decide to try out Tinder. I basically only knew it by reputation and its basic concept.

    Nothing came of it that night, but the next night after a few more post-work drinks, I tried it again. It was Friday night so I had higher hopes. In my desperate state, I was swiping right on anyone even halfway cute. I was shocked when I matched with several different girls in their early 20s. I assumed I was too old for girls that age and they'd think I was a creep. I also wasn't sure if I was being catfished.

    I started messaging a couple of them. One was willing to meet for a drink at a nearby bar. I got their a bit before 1:00 AM. I was stunned when I saw the girl from Tinder walk in. She was every bit as cute as her picture. She was 23 with long red hair and a great figure. She wore a short skirt, a leather jacket and a tank top. She wore red Converses which I thought was pretty cool.

    I got her a drink and we started chatting. She was very flirty. I was very out of practice. As we finished our drinks, I said something awkward like, "I so out of touch, I don't even know what I'm supposed to do on a date with a 20-something."

    She smiled, put her hand on top of mine, and said, "Invite me back to your place for a drink."

    I was stunned. I thought I was so awkward that there was a 0% chance of anything happening. I invited her for the drink and we walked back to my place. As we waited for the elevator, she stood right in front of me. I leaned down and kissed her. We made out the entire elevator ride up. We hurried into my apartment and resumed making out and she started taking her clothes off.

    My head was spinning. It had been 20 years since I was with anyone other than my ex-wife. When she was in her bra and panties, she started taking off my clothes. I reached down and grabbed her ass. I can still feel her perky butt in my fingers. My ex-wife is no slob, but her ass in nothing like this.

    When I was in my boxers, she jumped up and wrapped her legs around me. I almost fell over. I carried her into the bedroom. I wasn't sure how to finagle her onto the bed: do I just throw/drop her on it (but what if she holds on and she hurts my neck?), do I fall over with her (but what if our teeth hit?).

    After a couple of minutes, she took matters into her own hands. She let herself down, got on her knees and pulled out my cock. She smiled at my cock then at me. She then gave me my first blowjob in about 5 years. My heart was pounding so hard I was seriously worried about a heart attack. It felt incredible.

    I stopped her so I wouldn't come too early. I undid her bra and pulled down her panties and threw her on the bed. I kissed her neck and collar and worked my way down to her tits. I rub her pussy while I played with her tits. I was going to go down her, but she stopped me and said, "Next time. I need your dick inside me now."

    I asked about a condom. She said she was on the pill. I wasn't worried about getting her pregnant since I had a vasectomy years ago. I didn't push the point which is stupid but I wasn't in my least stupid state of mind.

    I pushed my cock into her. It was warmer and wetter than I could ever remember feeling. I started to build up a tempo. She was moaning then said, "Oh yes daddy. Harder."

    The word "daddy" threw me for a second. I didn't like hearing it in this context. I must have paused for a few seconds because she looked up at me with big doe eyes and begged, "Please daddy, don't stop."

    I still didn't like but I decided to ignore it. I started pounding her harder. She kept saying, "Yes daddy."

    As she approached climax, she got very loud. She was screaming, "Yes! Yes! Yes! I'm going to come, daddy!" My neighbors must have heard her. She came with a loud "OH GOD!"

    After minute, she rolled over on top of me. She rode me reverse cowgirl for a while. Then she had me get on my knees and fuck her while she was turned to her side. She felt really tight in this position and I think I was hitting her favorite spots. We both came pretty quickly.

    We laid in bed for a while. After some time, she got out of bed and cleaned up and got her clothes on. I was disappointed. I missed sharing my bed. She put her number in my phone. She has texted me for a repeat performance.

    I've kept using Tinder and I am still amazed at the number of young women who want to hook up with a guy in his 40s. More than one has called me daddy. I don't know if that is a normal thing among young women or if I just attract women with daddy issues. I don't hate being called it as much any more. I still don't love it.

    I made a undercover picture during our second sex act while I fucked her doggystyle. I uploaded it here: http://fileups.net/file/36ns64

    Have fun guys ;)
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  2. CatSmall111

    CatSmall111 Newcumer

    Apr 3, 2018