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  1. Black Spot

    Black Spot Porn Surfer

    Jun 29, 2018
    Don was glad that the meeting in Denver had been canceled and that he could just go home, take a hot shower and climb into bed. He had a pounding headache and needed some down time badly. Lori had left for university two weeks ago and he was alone in the penthouse. Funny that he had not anticipated the loneliness that his daughter's departure would cause. He would shoot her an affectionate email before he crawled into bed.

    His wife Frances had left the pair of them three years ago. She had simply disappeared, taking neither clothes, pictures, nor keepsakes, not a thing. She was ever a wild and roving spirit; and, her departure did not shock him. It hurt him but did not shock him. Lori and he had bonded in their attempts to console each other. She was the spitting image of Frances when Don had first met his wife: lithe, athletic, vivacious. Since Lori left for school, Don thought more and more of Frances. The picture that Lori had placed on his night table was the probable culprit. Lori's long red hair, her open and infectious smile, that glint of devilry in her green eyes, all carried the stamp of Frances.

    Don smiled as he recalled the sexual escapades that he and Frances shared in their marital bed. Frances loved to relay fantasies as she fondled his cock and teased him mercilessly about who she should fuck and how she would do it. She would get him so aroused that he nearly blew the top off his cock listening to her. She called her debauched stories, her “Frantasies”. She loved to masturbate before their digital camera. She would pretend to be addressing one of their mutual friends or a co workers. She would bring herself to a shuddering orgasm as she lost herself in sexual details. God she was lovely. Lovely and sexy as a vixen. She would often perform a taunting handjob on Don or suck him off as he filmed her. Then she would watch the video and fuck like a mink, all the while suggesting neighbours or friends with whom she would delight in showing her little exhibition.

    Since Lori was gone Don saw no reason to deny himself the pleasure of those erotic clips and fished out the box of disks from the back of the closet. He had been masturbating to them for the last week or so. That night as he pulled into his parking space his cock was already painfully stiff in anticipation. He hoped there was nobody in the elevator.

    Luckily, he got into the apartment safely and threw his jacket and tie on the sofa. He was ready for a little Frances induced jerk off session. Then he'd email Lori and perhaps take in another little sexual tease from his ex. He thought his mind was playing tricks on him when he heard Frances voice coming from his room.

    "You like this, hm? You like me pulling on your stiff cock baby? Like this? You wanna put it here? You wanna fuck me? Hm?" It was Frances’ patter alright. Had he left the machine on all day? He peeked through the crack of the door only to find his daughter Lori sitting in the Lazyboy. Her left leg was thrown over the arm and she wore only her baby doll nightie. The fingers of her right hand were buried deeply between her legs underneath her lacy panties. "Oh daddy, daddy, daddy," she croaked with lust. Don jumped back and flattened his back against the wall. His heart pounding in his chest. Frances kept taunting him in the video and he could hear his own cock squishing with precum as Frances wanked him frenetically. The idea of Lori masturbating to the image caused Don’s prick to stiffen and throb uncontrollably.

    His mind split violently into two equal halves: the protective parent on one side and the fuck starved pervert on the other. If he didn't look again, he scolded himself. He could sneak down the stairs and clatter about in the vestibule till Lori heard him. Of course she masturbated, he chided himself. She was in university. She had dated since her second year in high school. Certainly, I would not be the first parent to catch his daughter or son getting off.

    He tried to quiet his racing heart: to keep it in his chest. Throughout this wrestling match with his libido, however, his hand had somehow worked itself inside his suit pants and down into his briefs. He had his cock firmly in his hand and was squeezing it with a vice-like pulsing grip.

    He had often seen depictions of ta guardian angel and a depraved devil sitting on a character's shoulders but now he actually felt their presence. His parental guardian may have indeed won out had it not been for what he heard next.

    Frances continued to torment him in the video with...""You like that, hmm? Oh yeah, I know you do. You want to put that right in here don't you, baby?" He remembered the filming and the scene vividly. His hand went from squeezing to actively wanking his engorged cock.

    Then, he heard it; and it broke him. Lori mimicked Frances. Repeating the same phrase. "You like that, hmm? Oh yeah, I know you do. You want to put that right in here don't you, baby?" His Lori's voice. He was compelled to peek again through the crack of the door jamb. Lori held her panties to one side and exposed her naked pussy to the screen. My god, a land mine could not have kept him from her.

    His throat dried, he could not swallow, his pulse thundered and his cock fairly screamed to be released. Her next actions nearly felled him. She repeated another phrase of her mother's. "That's what you want isn't it? You want to stick that big cock inside here, don't you?" This was accompanied by spreading her pussy lips wide open and presenting that delicious morsel to a starving man.

    It is amazing how much detail one can capture in a flashing moment. The glistening folds of her inner labia, the extended clit, the intricate flower-like opening to her cunt. He now had those forever imprinted... from that moment onward.

    He gently opened the door and walked up to Lori. She was so engrossed in the video that he got inches from her shoulder. He whispered, "Baby, daddy loves you." His cock was lewdly obvious and stiff as a poker with a moist spot forming at the tip. He was sliding his fly down as I spoke…. Her initail surprise quelled and still he fingered herself seductively.

    He fumbled with his belt and managed to rip down his pants and boxers in one move. A number of shirt buttons popped and flew about the room as he tore it open then flung it to the floor. Naked except for his socks he knelt between his daughter’s shapely legs. They remained splayed and her fingers wantonly presented and probed her open cunt. A guttural purr vibrated in the throat.

    Lori’s lewd, Frances-like invitations had driven them both to a mindless lust. He grasped his turgid cock by the shaft and began working the spongy moist head up and down against her clit; using his cock to imitate the masturbating movement that he had seen her performing on herself. He stared into her glassy eyes and sighed long and deeply. "Oh fuck, Lori. That feels so fucking good. Oh baby, I'm going to fuck you till I pass out. You want that? Hm? You want daddy to fuck you baby?"

    He flattened his cock against the length of his daughter’s cunt. The underside of his dick was moist and warm from her wetness. Keeping it there, he leaned forward and began french kissing her. His tongue explored her mouth ravenously. His hands both worked upwards, under her flimsy nightie. He took one of her breasts in each hand and kneaded them aggressively. She bucked against his prick in reaction. Neither of them desired long lingering foreplay only a riotous animal fuck.

    He released his hold on her left breast and took her right hand by the wrist. He moved her hand up to his mouth and kissed her palm then licked between her fingers. He hungered for the taste of her juices upon her soaking fingers. He then lowered her hand to his cock and wrapped it around the shaft. "Take it baby. Stick it into your cunt Lori. Oh sweety. Let daddy fuck you, right here. Stick my cock into your hot, hot cunt...... Do it. Fuck me. Fuck Daddy.”
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    1. squirtluver72
      So hard right now
      squirtluver72, Aug 27, 2018
  2. Daddy's Hellion

    Daddy's Hellion Porno Junky

    Jul 9, 2018
  3. Kiker86

    Kiker86 Newcumer

    Aug 19, 2018
    Hola tengo fantacias incestuosas
  4. herk01 '

    herk01 ' Amateur

    Nov 14, 2018
    very hot thats for the cum.
  5. Loretta Roberson

    Loretta Roberson Porn Star

    Apr 21, 2018
    A very hot story....you might want to edit a little next time.....you switched from he/him to I .....a couple of times and there are a few other little things but all in all a really good read