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  1. The perverted one

    The perverted one Porn Surfer

    Jun 17, 2015
    It was early spring when a 120 lb 21 year old male named,John was working the night shift from out of town, when a powerful storm would knock out power on his side of town.

    So when John arrived home, to find out that he still didn't have any power, he thought he would go to his mother's place on the far end of town,so he could get some breakfast, get a hot shower, wash his clothes and maybe even get some sleep.
    When John got to his mother's place, he would find out she wasn't home, so with him being somewhat upset, he started to leave.
    Just as John was going to his car a older man about 210lbs named Stephen, across the apartment complex started talking to talk to each other.

    John told Stephen how he just got off work,and how he hungry he was and needed to wash some clothes, and he had no place to go at that point in time.
    So Stephen told John that he could do his laundry and get a shower at his place, and even told John he would even cook him breakfast.

    With John's boyish smile, he gladly accepted Stephen's offer of hospitality.
    Now if there's one thing sure about John, he loves cock and he most certainly a anal cum slut who loves getting his ass fucked. But the one thing he doesn't know is that not only is Stephen gay, but he loves those young and tiny asses.
    Anyways John went into Stephen's place, where Stephen directed him to the bathroom. As John stripped naked and entered the shower, Stephen came on the bathroom and took his clothes to the washer, and returned John a robe and towel telling him that his underwear, and towel are on the robe on the vanity and breakfast will be ready soon.

    As soon as John dried off and dressed himself, he went to the dining room, where he and Stephen ate bacon, eggs, and toast for breakfast.
    Once the guys ate breakfast, John took the plates to the kitchen sink and started washing them, with him telling Stephen this is my way of thanking him for his kindness.

    Stephen came up from behind John, pressing up against him, whispering in his ear, asking him if he was gay.
    John looked back into Stephen in the eyes, with his boyish smile admitting he was gay and ask why to his question. Stephen told John not only is he is gay, but how much he loves fucking the hell out of young guys like him.
    Stephen slowly removed the bathrobe off of John's tiny body tossing it to the floor, leaving him only in his tighty-whities.
    Stephen guided John to the dining room telling him to get on the dining table on his hands and knees.
    Nervously John did as Stephen told him to do, and than Stephen told John, that he was his breakfast.
    Stephen began to take his tongue up and down John's hairless back and body, while taking his hand all over John's ass over his underwear. Than Stephen slid his hands down John's underwear down the crack of his smooth ass, probing John's pussyhole with Stephen's fingers making his new found slut horny as hell.

    Stephen told John that he wants his naked body and John told him to rip off my underwear, I love it rough! Stephen tore off John's underwear leaving his tender naked body all for him.
    Stephen started licking John's small ass all over his tiny cheeks, as he spread them open for his prize, John's pussyhole, Stephen ate John's tiny hole in and out while stroking his balls and cock.
    Than Stephen stood in front of John, stripped naked, telling him to open his mouth. John gladly opened his mouth and took Stephen's 10 inch cock in his mouth.
    With John staring into Stephen's blue eyes with his brown eyes, he would show Stephen how good of a cocksucker he was by licking the head and down the main vein to his balls.
    Than John would drive Stephen crazy by letting him fuck his tiny mouth and throat while playing with his balls.

    Than Stephen grabbed John by his waist, putting John's naked body on his shoulders and carried him to his bedroom. Stephen gently laid John on the bed and lied beside him as John took Stephen's cock back in his mouth again, while wiggling his ass in his face.
    Than John winked back at Stephen, asking, are you going to just stare at my ass? as he took Stephen's piece of meat all the way back to his throat.

    So Stephen started licking and finger fucking John's ass as John continued to drive him over the edge to the point where he told him he wanted to fuck John and fuck him hard.

    John got on his knees and elbows, telling Stephen to cum in his ass and to fuck him hard and fill this cumslut full of cum.
    Stephen got behind John and slid his 10 inch cock down the crack of his cute tiny ass and watched slide into John's cock hungry hole.
    Stephen put all 10 inches of his manhood into John's ass and started to pump him back and forth.
    John pushed up against Stephen, saying Fuck me fast and hard as he would squeeze his cock with his rectal muscles.
    Stephen grabbed John's tiny waist with his hands pounding John harder and harder, and than John told Stephen to get on his back, because he was going to ride him.
    Stephen got on his back, and John straddled over Stephen's cock and took him into his ass balls deep.
    John started riding Stephen harder and faster, while gripping his tool tighter and tighter. As John was blowing Stephen's mind, he began to stroke John's 8 inch cock telling let's cum together! John loved this idea, he started riding Stephen harder and faster while playing with his balls, than Stephen yelled OH MY GOD,I GOING TO CUM! John says oh yes give me the cum shoot that load in my ass, make me your cumslut!
    Stephen's cock would explode in John's sweet ass filling him with cum and than Stephen took John's cock in his mouth while fingering his cum filled ass, with John shooting his wad in Stephen's mouth, than Stephen finished off by licking his own cum out of that sweet ass of John's, as not only John becoming breakfast, but Stephen's toy cumslut.
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