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  1. kp19621966

    kp19621966 Newcumer

    May 23, 2018
    The following week

    During the following week Dave and I talked about what had happened and what Kate actually ment when she said “I’m yours to do what ever you want with and whenever”. So Dave suggested I talk to her and find out how far she would go I guess pretty far as we have a film of her fucking our dog and me eating dog cum from her pussy.

    So when Friday come around Dave went to the pub with Tyson as normaly and Kate and I stayed in and chatted over a couple of bottle of wine. I built up the courage to ask her what she ment after we had a couple of glasses Kate said excatly what it ment i’m yours and Dave’s to do what ever you want when ever you like, with that I ask her how far would she go and is there anything she wont do. She sat the thinking for a second then giggled and said I fucked your dog dont think there anything I wouldnt do from now on, and we both laughed.

    Dave come home that night we left Tyson down stair and we all went to bed all 3 of us slept in the same bed I guess Dave and I were just testing thing out and as Kate said she did what every we asked that night.

    So on the Saturday after Kate had gone home Dave and I sat down and started talking about what we should do with kate. I suggusted we start of slow with her Dave said why dont we all go to the pub Friday and maybe play on the way home if the weather nice good idea I said. So on the Monday I rang Kate to let her know what the plan was about going to the pub (didnt mention about plaing on the way home) she said cool what do you want me to wear being a little shocked she ask me what to wear I just said I will talk to Dave and ask him and ring her back during the week and let know she said ok we said our goodbyes and hung up. I spoke to Dave later that day about it he said you choose this time so I had a couple of days to think about it.

    On Thursday I rang kate back and said I want you to wear short black skirt, stockings with heels and a off the shoulder top and a bra she thought for a second yep I have something that will do see you Friday.

    When kate turned up on Friday she was wearing exactly what I ask for. Short black skirt, stocking the skirt was just long enough to cover her stocking tops her naked houlders and neck looked so sexy So I grabbed my bag gave Dave a wink and we headed out as we live just out side a small village theres 2 ways to the pub, follow the road or through the fields either way takes about half hour to walk so headed down the road. We spent a couple of hours in the pub had a 5-6 wines seeing kate dressed like that was making me horny so i said ok drink up lets go while its still light . We headed out the pub I suggested we walk through the fields on our way home Dave agreed after a couple of hundered yards we was in the lane leading to the fields I looked around the was no one around I thought I would try my luck and test kate Dave had no idea what I had planned I told kate to stop and she did I stood in front of her and lift her skirt up to reveal her stocking and knickers I grabbed her knickers and said “you wont be needing these” and slided them down her legs she stepped out of them and I gave the to Dave to stick in he pocket. I could feel my own knickers getting damp.

    I reached into my bag and pulled one of Tyson old collers and leads put the coller around her neck done it up connected the lead and said come on lets go walkies Kate just smiled at me I then gave her a gentle tug on the lead she started walking. Dave was walking Tyson and I was walking my bitch. Once we hit the fields I stopped Kate and removed her skirt,top and bra now all she had on was stockings heel and a dogs coller and lead.

    We had only got half way acrross the fields when Tyson was sniffing at Kate ass so I stopped I ask her if she was Tyson bitch she just smiled and said “yes and yours and Dave’s”

    Good I said is Tyson cock sticking out is he ready to fuck with that she looked under him stood up to face me and said “yes” good girl get on your hands and kness he needs to fuck you right now she did as she was told Tyson was on her straight away fucking her hard and fast. Checking to make sure no ones about I said to her you can make as much noise as you like no ones around to hear you . With that her moans got louder and louder with a a oh fuck yes / fuck me hard / oh god fuck me encouraging Tyson to fuck her good which he did. Once he had finished cumming in her he jumped off and i gave her a tug on the lead and we walk the rest of the way home.

    By the time we got in the house dave let Tyson out the back I stood kate in the kitchen still naked with Tyson cum running down the insides of her legs and cum soaked stockings I unclipped the lead from her coller but leaving the coller on I told her when I put the coller on her she will do as she was told once I or Dave had finished with her we will remove it and play times over and told her never to wear knickers again she just smiled and said yes Amy.

    I couldnt let all that cum go to waste so I told her to put one leg on the chair and I got down and licked her pussy clean making sure i got plenty on my face once I had finished cleaning her I told her to clean my face which did eagerly licking my face and pushing her tongue in my mouth clean every inch.

    I then removed the coller and she went for a shower. Dave said to me that he wasnt sure how far she would go I said nor was I just thought i would test her. I could see Dave had a big hard on so I unzipped him and sucked him dry.

    10 minutes later kate returned naked apart from heels and stocking I know how you love me in stockings she said. She was right we sat in the front room had a glass of wine I asked her if what happened that evening was ok with her, tring to resure myself that I hadn’t gone to far she just leaned over kiss me gently on the lips and said yes.

    So there nothing you wont do Dave asked kate just shock her head for you two nope.

    We agreed that when we put the coller on her it was play time or she could put it on herself to let us know she wants to play.

    If you want to know more of what happened over the next few week please leave a comment and I will post them I have loads written down which i tend to do after each weekend spent with Kate.
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  2. knighthood

    knighthood Sex Lover

    Jan 22, 2015
    O hell yes MORE I like your story, easy to read and I can tell you got some good plans for a bitch her saying "there is nothing I won't do for you" Interesting I just know you have some shocking plans for Kate
  3. TheArticFox

    TheArticFox Newcumer

    May 10, 2018
    Wow, yes please do.
  4. Marvin65

    Marvin65 Porn Star

    Nov 18, 2010
    Please post more
  5. Thomas98

    Thomas98 Porn Star

    Jun 17, 2013
    Please post more so good
  6. chefkb

    chefkb Porn Surfer

    Sep 15, 2013
    Need to read more, can't wait to see wwhat she's willing to do!
  7. Drew8x

    Drew8x Amateur

    Apr 19, 2017
    Love it... Bitches in heat are a great turn on...
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  8. bone43head

    bone43head Sex Lover

    Mar 17, 2018
    Nice reading lucky Kate getting all that attention, Tyson knotted in her yet. ?.
  9. Wolfman020267texas

    Wolfman020267texas Gentleman Wolf

    Mar 13, 2018
    He'll yes I want more, I think I'm in love with Kate lol