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  1. Nymph3min3

    Nymph3min3 Porno Junky

    Aug 31, 2015
    Okay, maybe not a dude, but not a truthful little whorling. That was a fast response. I can prove im real, kinda odd you dont use fb.... what if someone wants you to prove your indeed a woman vixen? I can prove im real and a woman, this site is a SAUSAGE FEST. ive been on here 3 years, im bi and goegeous, ive made just 2 true female friends. Sorry to assume, ive also uncovered over 10 *women* with pics, that were indeed just horny/pervy husbands or bf that post fake pics , or pics of their gf's...
  2. Floridadude84

    Floridadude84 Porn Surfer

    Mar 20, 2017
    I've done that with my chick several times. Love it.
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  3. VenusInFurze

    VenusInFurze Online Odalisque

    Oct 30, 2012
    Considering that on Fet you can't even mention incest and bestiality, I think a lot of people on xnxx wouldn't find it very kinky or taboo at all. We just engage in BDSM with consenting adult human beings who are farther removed than first cousins. Big yawn, right?
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    1. Hush
      Don't forget rape as a group, and minors in any regard (image, and sexual discussion) as well. Though the long running constant rash of "trigger", rape/non-consent drama and supposedly cute "my kid found our gear and took it to school" ilk is taxing at best. Frankly, though I have (net)-met some great folks there, some very well known and experienced, there are a LOT of posers (perhaps comparable to here). However the rare gem can make it worth it, though I've kept my distance for some months. (I find it difficult to keep my rage in check as a lot of "wannabe victims" and "comforting white knights" constantly are on about their uncontrollable "triggers" or when some gal was brain raped because some guy looked cross-eyed at her, or are long suffering because they didn't get a pony, or turn every spanking into some world shattering inspiration of love)... Kids...

      Hush....an alias
      Hush, Mar 23, 2017
    2. Hush
      BTW, as you mentioned in another thread here, put up a singular foot pic there and see what happens... LMAO, holy shit!

      Hush....an alias
      Hush, Mar 23, 2017