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  1. cuckold93

    cuckold93 Sex Lover

    Jan 25, 2017
    Hello, I'm a new writer, i writer both real and fictional stories, I depend on my writing on suspense not only softcore stories, I'm studying all about cultures and societies to please all tastes, and also all sex fantasies
    I depend on making the reader get into the characters so deeply, sorry for taking along, but I'm going to wait for your ideas and opinions

    Mark and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder " OCD "
    " Fictional Story "
    Mark: The protagonist
    Alexa: Mark's Gf
    Finn: Mark's Best Friend
    Mandingo: Promiscuous Black Guy
    Stella: The Girl That Has A Crush On Finn

    In Las Vegas, Nevada, where Mark lives, Mark is 26 years old; he graduated from The University of Nevada, business school, he is the most friendly, kindest guy you have ever seen, he is handsome, thin, with blue eyes and light-skinned
    He lives with his gf Alexa, 23 years, short girl with black hair, black eyes fit body, flat-chested, and med breasts 34C.
    The relationship between them is pretty good; they love each other from the bottom of their hearts, Alexa loves the trips and to travel all around the US states, she always moves with her lover Mark.
    So the life between this couple is great, but there is one thing is not good, and it's their sexual relationship, Mark has a cock with 4.5 inches, and that is acceptable, but he isn't talented, in details, he couldn't pull it in and out or use different positions, he is unsure in himself, Alexa wasn't feeling right about that, she deserves more than that, but she kept that in her mind and she accepted that just because of Mark, the guy she adores
    on the other side, Mark, he was feeling depressed about that, and he knows that Alexa isn't feeling satisfied, but she wouldn't to sabotage their relationships, he knows everything, he tries to compensate her with many things, the trips she loves, gifts and the romantic treatment
    in 525 Fremont St, Las Vegas, in Commonwealth bar, where is Mark spends his free time with his close buddy Finn
    Finn is 24 years; a guy with tan skin, he lives near to Mark, he graduated from the same university, law school, they were friends 11 years ago.
    Finn has some hobbies such as riding, watching movies, and going to the gym, he is fit with chest muscles and six packs
    In the bar Mark was distracted and sad, Finn noticed that, so he tried to ask him, what is wrong with you bro, Finn said, Mark tried to hide his deep sadness, " i'm little tired " Mark said
    " No, there is something makes you upset, " Finn said
    "No No, I'm great, " Mark said
    " I think you have drunk too much alcohol, I'm gonna order a little fresh juice for you bro, " Finn said
    Mark drank the juice, " Look, there is on one you can give your secrets with satisfaction than me, i'm your close friend " Finn said
    " I know, i know that very well bro, you are my closest friend thx, " Mark said
    they kept silent for a few mins; then Mark started to talk " Why are you keeping single till now Finn? "
    " this my lifestyle, i wouldn't restrict my freedom, nobody could ask me what to do, " Finn said
    " But, Stella loves you seriously, try to get close to her " Mark said
    " i wouldn't hurt her feeling, so I have to get away, " Finn said
    " Ummm, you are right, it is unjust, " Mark said
    " Never mind me, how about you and Alexa? " Finn said
    " Everything is great, she is my angel, " Mark said
    " You are a nice couple bro, i have to go home, my mom is ill, and i should take care of her " Finn said
    " Thx bro, loving soul, thanks, " Mark said
    At the end of the night, where Mark was on his way home, he met Stella,
    Stella is 23 years, blonde girl with big things " breasts and ass "
    they talked a lot, they asked about one another, about their lives, and how it is going, she asked him, where he was, he answered that he was in the bar with his buddy Finn, Stella looked sad when she heard Finn's name, she asked Mark with sad tone " Were you only in the bar " Mark knows very well that she can't stand to see or hear that Finn was with another girl, " No me and Finn only " Mark said, and the conversation ended,
    Mark arrived home, Alexa, as usual, received Mark with hugs and kisses, they had the dinner, and they started to talk, she asked him, how was the day, " I'm unfortunate for Stella, she adores Finn, but he would to be single " Mark said
    " she must finish that, or she has to be suffered along, " Alexa said
    they talked a lot of time then they went to sleep, in the bed, Alexa actually slept, and Mark was distracted by his thoughts trying to find a solution to his problem that maybe puts his life at risk, he got an idea, he remembered a friend is called " Mandingo " as whores would like to call him, Mandingo is not a close friend of Mark, he is into sex all the time, once Mandingo fucked 15 chicks at just two days, Mark decided to talk to Mandingo to give him some advice about his problem
    The next day Mark called Mandingo who is always in strip clubs, Mandingo was waiting for Mark
    In a strip club, there are dozens of guys and girls fuck in public, Mark was not feeling good in that place, but he was compelling, Mandingo received him, they sit on an away table of the noise.
    Mandingo: What's up man, we haven't seen each other for along time "
    Mark: yeah, I'm a little busy bro, in addition to, i have got engaged "
    Mandingo: Oh My Goodness, congratulations man "
    Mark thanked him and started to tell him about his problem and how he suffers
    Mandingo: Oh man! i have hoped to meet you in a better situation, but, how can i help you
    Mark: I know that your lifestyle is all about sex and chicks, maybe you could give some advice
    Mandingo: Ummm ok, let me tell you something man, before anything, you have to eat so well, and to organize your meals, good health .. good sex, in a case like yours, you have to be more connected with chicks, try to be a manslut to get back your confidence
    suddenly Mandingo shouted " Nikki .. Nikki .. Come on here babe "
    Nikki is a stripper, who was fully naked, she came to him, and she bowed her back, Mandingo got his huge cock out, it was like 10 inches, and he began to fuck her in the pussy " Look Maaaaan, it is very easy " Mandingo said loudly
    Mark dismayed of what he saw, sex for Mandingo is a natural thing, it is like he breathes or drinks
    Mandingo backed to his seat and asked Mark to take the matter easy, and offered him many chicks, but Mark refused.
    " Tell me man, who is your gf, " Mandingo said
    " She is Alexa, " Mark said
    " That's great; she is a beautiful girl, she deserves the better man, " Mandingo said
    Mark came home, and he was a little depressed about what he saw, but he encouraged himself to have sex tonight.
    At home, where were Alexa and Mark on the bed sharing kisses and love feeling, they began to have sex, Alexa started to suck him, Mark thought that he must get his 4.5 inches cock in her, " let's to fuck babe " Mark said
    Alexa felt much confidence of him, like never before, suddenly before he does anything, Mark told her, that he has to sleep, Alexa felt terrible, not because of her, but because of her bf that isn't unsure in himself
    by the days, Mark afflicted with a mental illness is called Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, let's call it OCD.
    OCD is a mental illness, the patient always does things, such as washing his face many times, such as he still thinks that he didn't do something, he actually has done, so he always disordered
    in particular, Mark began to suspect on his gf Alexa, for no reason, he was suspected all the time that she cheats him, so he stayed all the time at home, sometimes he entered their room fastly to caught her cheating, the thoughts of being cheated controlled on Mark's mind, once Mandingo called Mark to go to a party where there were four whores, Mark refused because his mind always tells him that he should be at home to watch Alexa, the illness developed that he thought that Alexa had fucked by Mandingo, so he began to watch Mandingo significantly.
    Mark's life went horribly, Mark called his best buddy Finn to hang out, Finn noticed that Mark's behaviours weren't unusual, Mark was looking all over the bar suspiciously, Finn tried to get his attention
    Finn: I saw Mandingo fucking a girl we both know her " Finn said with a smiley face "
    Mark shocked even though he doesn't know who she was
    Mark: Oh, who she was? tell me, please
    Finn: she was Stella, the girl you asked me to get close, she fucked by that asshole Mandingo
    Mark: How did you find out that?
    Finn: I was at a rock concert, and i saw them sitting alone, they were making love, his hands were all over her body, then they went out of the party, i followed them to see them enter a strip club, i waited for 20 mins, i entered that place trying to see them carefully, and i saw them from afar, he destroyed her by his machine.
    Mark: WTF, i never ever thought of this, Stella looks like a cute girl
    Finn: She is a lier, in this world, you couldn't trust anyone
    Mark shivered when he listened to these words; it made an echo, like, you couldn't trust anyone,
    you couldn't trust anyone
    you couldn't trust anyone
    Mark thought that is a clear message that Alexa is cheating him, he was distracted for a few seconds.
    Finn: Hey .. Mark .. are you there bro
    Mark: yeah, i'm there, tell what you had seen in details
    Finn: i saw him fucking her by standing position, while she was bending on her hands, he was stucking his cock in and out, and he was poured down the wine on his cock, she was screamed as hell " Get Your Mandingo Deeply inside Me "
    in addition to, he fucked her big breasts and poured down the wine all over her breasts
    Mark imagined that Mandingo did the same thing with Alexa, suddenly, Mark asked Finn to drive him home by his car, Finn did
    Mark kept getting worse and worse, Alexa noticed that, and she tried to see what was wrong with him, but she failed
    once, Mark saw Mandingo driving around home, while Alexa came home, Mark thought that Mandingo fucked his gf, and that's happened, the next day Mark called Mandingo to hang out at any nightclub, Mark was going to get revenge on Mandingo that Mark thought that he fucks his gf 100%
    when Mark arrived at the nightclub, he saw Mandingo sitting between two whores sucking his cock, Mark assaulted him forcibly, Mandingo surprised, Mark started to scream " Get Off Of Her .. Get Off My GF .. You Fucked My Girl "
    all the people at the club noticed the fight, the security men came quickly to get Mark out, and Mark still screamed " Why .. Why Did You Fuck Her .. Alexa Isn't Yours, Motherfucker " Mandingo was laughing while the security men were holding Mark then they got him out.
    Mark returned home, and he went to sleep directly, Alexa was anxious about him, he was apparently in a big deal
    She has nothing do, she went to bed with all sadness about her ill bf, suddenly he waked up and hold her hands " Don't go with him .. Don't go with Mandingo " he was sleep talking, the idea of cheating blew his mind, Alexa took his body down quietly to sleep again, then she was cried for him.
    The next day Alexa called Finn as he is Mark's best friend to know what is wrong with her bf, Finn refused that maybe Mark gets angry about that, but Alexa insisted.
    in 2101 Texas Star Ln, North Las Vegas, where is Grand Cafe, Alexa met Finn to know what is the problem with Mark, they ordered two coffees, Finn told her that Mark seems to hide something, and he is clearly troubled, and he tried many times to know what is wrong with him but he failed
    Alexa: Mark acts weird, he always opens our door room violently and fastly, as he wants to catch something, sometimes he keeps looking to me for along, I tried to talk him, but he always says that he is good, but yesterday, he came home and he went to bed without a word, and he was sleep talking " Don't go with him .. Don't go with Mandingo "I never ever see him talking dirty before.
    Finn: Oh, let me tell you something, Mandingo is a person
    Alexa: What! Who is Mandingo?
    Finn: An asshole guy, he lives in strip clubs with whores
    Alexa: what is his relationship with Mark?
    Finn: I don't know, i think there is nothing, we were talking about him and how he had sex with Stella
    Alexa: Oh, Does Stella works as a stripper?
    Finn: Maybe she does, she has sex with him in public, so maybe Mark affected with what we were talking about, then he sleep talking
    Alexa: Ummm, please Finn look after Mark, i will be in connect with
    Finn: for sure, don't worry about him
    Finn has known that there is something mystery between Mandingo and Mark
    Alexa left the cafe, Finn still thinking about that, he decided to call Mandingo
    Mandingo told him that he at a near cafe, Finn asked him to wait till he comes
    in the cafe, they asked another about their lives, Finn tried to lure him and to know what he wants to know without asking him
    Finn: i'm a little dull, i used to hang out with Mark, but he disappeared these days,
    when was the last you saw him?
    Mandingo: i saw him yesterday
    Finn: where he was?
    Mandingo: I don't remember, don't pay an attention man
    Finn: I think that Mark is in trouble these days
    Mandingo: to be honest, he is in a big deal with me
    Finn: Have you cheated on him
    Mandingo: No NO, Don't trust him, he is an idiot
    Finn: Ok, tell me what is the big deal
    Mandingo: Yesterday, i was at a nightclub, he called me that he would like to hang out, he came, suddenly out of the blue, he assaulted me with words like " Get Off of Alexa .. Don't fuck her again " then the security got him out
    Finn: Ummm, so, you didn't even get close to her?
    Mandingo: For sure, No, you know, i don't fool around any chick, the chicks fool around me
    Finn: but why he did that, in particular with you!?
    Mandingo: i was surprised like you, I don't know?
    Finn: was there any dealing with you? How is the relationship between you and Mark?
    Mandingo: Look, man, it's dangerous, so, I have to tell you something i didn't want to say to you, but we have to find out a solution, Once, Mark asked me to give some advice about sex, cuz he isn't talented, and he couldn't carry his gf the pleasure
    Finn: what was your reaction?
    Mandingo: I told him that he should look after himself healthy, eat so well, and to try to connect with chicks sexually to get back his confidence
    Suddenly, Stella came, when she saw Finn, she shocked
    Mandingo: let me interduce to you, Stella, my new friend, she is great in bed
    Stella started to cry " Please No "
    Finn left
    The next day, Finn called Alexa for an important thing, in Grand Cafe, Alexa and Finn met each other
    Finn: I have about something I didn't want to ask you, but let's try to find out a solution, how good he is at sex?
    Alexa: he is very high " she wouldn't expose their secrets "
    Finn: What would you do if your bf has 4.5 inches penis
    Alexa: Sex is the last thing i care about, I'm looking for love
    Finn: Even if you dated a guy who could only lick you?
    Alexa felt that Finn has known something, he was that he tell her what is always happens between her and Mark.
    Alexa: I think you have something to say, speak frankly Finn
    Finn: i'm looking for a solution, you have to be honest, if you would be, maybe we can find a solution, if not, we will not move forward an inch
    Alexa: Who told you that Mark's penis is 4.5 inches
    Finn: I just guessed
    Alexa: Don't be evasive Finn
    Finn: i promise you, i'm gonna be honest, but you have to sincere
    Alexa: Look, Finn, Mark is my everything, he is not good in bed, that is right.
    Finn: Have you ever tried to cheat on him?
    Alexa: Never
    Finn: You have to go a trip with Mark to clear his mind, i think you love the trips?
    Alexa: Yeah, for sure i love it, we would travel to California, Los Angeles next weak
    Finn: Have a good time, i'm gonna miss Mark so much
    After a week, Mark and Alexa moved to Los Angeles; they booked a room in Shutters On The Beach hotel for two weeks.
    The first four days were so beautiful, they both were too happy, Mark felt that the most excellent opportunity to have sex.
    at the end he failed, as usual, Mark felt upset more than any time before, his behaviors got too bad, Alexa was worried too much for him, so, she called Finn to come, the distance between Las Vegas and Los Angeles is near, it takes 4 hours by car, Finn drove to Los Angeles, he booked a single room
    in the morning the three had the breakfast, Alexa went to the beach to sunbathe, Finn asked Mark to go to the coast cafe because he needed to talk to him, Finn told him that knew everything about him, and what happened between him and Mandingo, and asked him to sober because his behaviors aggrieve her
    Mark: I'm not feeling sad for me, i'm feeling sorry for her, i'm trying to give her my best
    Finn: You oppressed her by assaulting Mandingo, so, the people think that there is a relationship between Alexa and that faggot, if you couldn't do the right thing, don't do the wrong
    Mark: you are right, excuse me, i need to be alone
    Finn: Alone! Aru you here to be alone! You are dealing selfishly
    Mark stood up and said" I'm sorry, this more than I can handle
    Mark went to sleep, Finn called Alexa and told her what happened between him and Mark, she cried hard
    Finn: I'm not here to make you cry, you are here to be happy
    Alexa: sorry Finn, to bug you with my problems
    Finn: please, don't say that again, I'm gonna solve that sooner or later, be ready for the nightclub where there will be electronic music
    Alexa: really, I can't wait, thx Finn, you are a loving soul
    Mark had all meals in the room, he refused to hang out with them all the time
    Finn and Alexa spent a good day with each other, sitting on the beach, drinking and went to the nightclub
    The Next day, the three had the breakfast, they drank tea, Mark was keeping silent, Finn tried to make fun with him till he got him in the mood, Finn was so gently " You have a beautiful girl, but you don't deserve her, you deserve a girl like Stella " Finn said sarcastically
    They all laughed, Alexa went to the beach to sunbathe, Finn and Mark went to the room window, they got some drink.
    Mark: I'm sorry bro, but i was upset yesterday
    Finn: Not at all
    Mark: i lost the confidence, till now i suspect than Mandingo is around
    Finn: because you saw him fuck, he is talented as fuck, so your mind told you that guy has sex with your girl, the idea expanded in your mind, till you believed your ill thoughts
    Mark: I Don't care of my life or anything about me, i'm only caring about Alexa, i give her everything except sex
    Finn: today, you have to have sex, i see you are in a good mood.
    The next day, Finn was waiting for Alexa and Finn for breakfast, they came, Mark's face doesn't bode well
    Alexa tried to hide that, but it was obvious, they all kept silent after they finished, Mark went away.
    Finn: Don't be upset
    Alexa has nothing to say
    Finn: Excuse me, I'm gonna follow Mark, i want to talk him
    Alexa: Ok, take your time
    In Mark's room, Finn entered the room; they kept silent for 15 mins.
    Finn: Let me ask you, Mark, What would you do if you see someone like Mandingo have sex with Alexa
    Mark: I'm gonna kill him
    Finn: Is that because he is a bad guy
    Mark: Are you stupid! that is a belief
    Finn: what would you do if she asks you to have sex to get her pleasure
    Mark: So, You have fucked her alight? You have fucked my gf " angerly
    Finn: Oh bro, I'm your best buddy, how can you thought of that!
    Mark: So, what's up now
    Finn: What would you do if i tell you that i would fuck her!
    Mark: WTF, Are You Crazy, What Is The Hell Are You Saying
    Finn: It just a solution to your suffering, we would love each other in the bed, and you would love her all the time
    Mare: What an asshole you are, you were fooling around her, all the time
    Finn: Never, i have Never ever fooled around Alexa, when she asked to meet me, i refused because of you, but i accepted because of your lousy problem
    Mark: Do you think i'm an idiot, ha? you are trying to convince me that you do your best for me, but the fact is you fooling around her
    Finn: Look, Mark, Alexa deserves the better, any way you still love each other, and I'm your best friend who does what you couldn't do, It is up to you now, you have two choices`, to let me give her the pleasure she deserves or to live in misery forever
    Mark: I see you are too sure that she will agree!
    Finn: I know she would never cheat on you, and i didn't ask her bro, but this the confidence which you lost
    Finn went out before he went out he said " im gonna ask her, don't worry, i'm not gonna tell her that you have agreed "
    At 11 Pm where were Alexa and Finn on the beach, Finn began to give her the offer
    Finn: You know Alexa, the relationship between you and Mark is very high, all you are missing is sex, Mark told me that he doesn't care about his pleasure as much as he cares about your pleasure
    Alexa: Mark lost his identity completely, i was satisfied with him, but now i have lost my pleasure and happiness
    Finn: what would you say, i tell you i could get the pleasure and the happiness to you
    Alexa: What do you mean? Is Mandingo around? LOL " they laughed
    Finn: let's take it seriously, i thought a long time to get a solution, but i didn't find any solution except that
    Alexa: i see that you are talking seriously?
    Finn: yeah, and i'm perfectly sane, i want to have sex with you
    Alexa: I appreciate what you have done with us, but what are you saying now is impossible!
    Finn: I wouldn't steal you from Mark, I'm just want to give you what you want, and what every pretty girl like you wants, you know, Mark doesn't care about his pleasure
    Alexa: this is called cheating, and i will never ever cheat on Mark, by any way
    Finn: me too, he is my best buddy, everything will be with his permission
    Alexa: Oh! What do you say, is he good with that!
    Finn: No, i will tell him, but you are the stakeholders.
    Alexa: that is horrible Finn, i love Mark
    Finn: and i will help you both to still with each other forever, all i'm gonna do is to enjoy you, in the other side, Mark has become doesn't care about sex, since he isn't talented
    Alexa: Don't talk like this about Mark " in anger "
    Finn: Oh, I'm sorry, i don't mean to mock of him, i'm gonna leave to Las Vegas, my being here isn't useful
    Finn canceled his residence and got his car heading to Las Vegas
    At night, with some mood blues music, Alexa and Mark were had the launch, Mark felt that he got into many problems, his life had become dark, especially after he knew which was between Finn and Alexa
    Mark: Look, babe, i used, to be honest with you, whatever it was, this is the first time i talk to you about my serious problem, Finn was right, i don't care about myself, i care about you only " she interrupted him"
    Alexa: But, you did everything for me, i couldn't blame you by any way
    Mark: but i must tell you, that Finn asked about the same thing he has asked you early
    Alexa: Oh, i can't believe this, what a bastard he is, what was your reaction
    Mark: i scolded him, I charge him with treason, but he told that my life would be as hell, and he wouldn't do that for him but us, also, he said to me that i destroyed your life by suspecting you and sparking controversy about an affair with Mandingo, I'm sorry for all of that
    Alexa: Now, the thing is that you must avoid that guy, Finn takes advantage of your weakness
    Mark: Ok, i will " he wasn't convinced "
    Alexa believed that her bf would avoid Finn entirely, but with reasonably he understood which his buddy Finn wants, but he had to follow his gf, as he was trying to fix his mistakes
    days passed, the trip finished, they headed home
    Mark stayed away from Finn as he told,, he spent most of his time at the house, on the other side, Finn didn't call Mark since he left the hotel
    The idea of cheating came back again to run through his mind; he tried to get control of his acts
    One day, at 1 am, Mark was in bed thinking of his illusion, the world grows distant,
    In a very dark night, heavy thunder, lightning and rain, the streets were so dark and deserted, Mark wore his Rolex leather watch and went to his other apartment, he got his motorcycle, on his way, he put his hand in his pocket and found old dollars bills which he never took it out
    when he got arrived, Mark saw an old woman in front of his apartment looks happy and smiling and opened the door of the apartment; he saw two girls, Alexa and Stella,
    " I love you! " Stella said
    He ran to the kitchen and pulled out a knife and slaughtered her, then got Alexa to the bed and fucked her as hell for an hour, when the brutally murdered Stella on the floor soaked in blood
    Mark went out to the front of the apartment to find that old woman has passed away, he cried for a little time, and looked to his hand he didn't see the watch, put his hand in his pocket and didn't found the old dollar bills, he looked over in his right and left and also the motorcycle disappeared
    Mark heard some orgasm; he went upstairs and opened the door, he found Mandingo riding the hell out of Alexa, with doggy style and one leg up, where Mark could see Mandingo's huge cock clearly in Alexa's pussy.
    Alexa has had an orgasm " Fuck Me, Baby, I Need Your D**k Inside ME "
    Mandingo was hyper, he looked at Mark and laughed loudly and said
    " Heeey Maaaaan, Your Girl Needs A Man, She Needs To Get Some, And You Have To Clean My Cum "
    Mandingo was like a big machine, laughing, talking, and fucking, his BBC destroyed Alexa's pussy
    Mark attacked him, But, he took a stip, Mark found himself surrounded by four guys who got him out, while he was screaming " Get Off Of Her Fag "
    They took him away and threw him in the street, one of them would hit him by a stick, Mark was screamed and got up
    Mark looked right and left, Oh, he was laying on his bed!
    Oh! Mark dreamt, he was horrified, Alexa wasn't beside him
    After one hour, Mark stayed in bed; then he remembered what he has seen in the dream, he focused on Mandingo's scene, his mind took him back to his illusion about Mandingo
    Mark stood up and decided to go out to looking for Mandingo to get revenge on him; he ran out, Alexa noticed him, but Mark was running
    Mark on his way to Mandingo's house, suddenly he remembered the scene of the four guys, and how they threw him like a trash
    Mark decided to return home and revenge on Alexa that he approved that she is a whore
    Mark's mental condition was in a dangerous direction so that he builds his reality from dreams and illusions
    Mark entered the house angrily, he shouted on her
    " You are a lier; You are a whore, You are cheating me with Mandingo "
    Alexa was shocked as hell; she felt as she is facing another guy, he was like an angry bull, screaming and shouting all over the house
    Mark's face got red and fainted
    Alexa screamed, she called Finn for help.
    In just ten mins, Finn arrived and carried his fainted buddy to his car
    In Kindred Hospital, Las Vegas, Sahara, Dr Jerome Hruska told them that the patient's blood pressure is high as a result of nervous shock and asked them to provide him quiet and to stay home for a month and the necessary care and wrote a prescription
    Finn told the doctor that Mark maybe had a mental illness which makes him very suspicious and acts weirdly, in addition to, he suffers from a personal issue
    The Doctor told him that they must treat him lightly, but if his behaviors stay the same, you will be bound to take him to a psychiatrist
    Alexa was so uptight because Mark remained unconscious all the day, they took him home and laid him in bed, Alexa stayed beside him all the time, while Finn was in the balcony
    It was 1 am, nothing changed, Finn went to buy the medication for his buddy, Alexa asked him with all sorrow to come early, Finn told her to be ok and he will not take much time
    in just 10 mins, Finn came with the medication and fast meal and provided it to Alexa who didn't eat for a long
    Alexa: You are too gentle, i'm sorry about my awful words in the hotel!
    Finn: Don't be sorry, it's me who should say, I'm sorry, for my silly request
    Mark began to wake up, Finn got close to him eagerly, Mark stared at Finn as if she didn’t know him
    Mark: Who you are?!
    Finn: I'm Finn, bro
    Mark looked around and said " what's going on "
    Alexa: yesterday, you were too angry with me, for no reason, you shouted at me, then you fainted, we took you to the hospital
    Finn: you must control of your acts, and throw away anything could hurt you, live free, bro
    Mark caught his breath and laid his brain on the pillow, Finn went to get some fresh drinks to Mark; also he helped him to drink kindly
    Mark was embarrassed because Finn never abandoned him, while Alexa asked him to break up with him
    Mark: whatever happened between us, you still my best buddy
    Alexa: Finn played a heroic role, he rushed over and carried you like a warrior
    Finn: No need to thank me, i only did my job, now, you have to take the medication, and to eat so well, and you have to stay home for a month, i have to go back now
    A month passed, Mark got better significantly, but he was feeling bored to stay home
    Mark called Finn and offered him that he wants to get a tourist tour, and he felt like a prison
    Finn: Sounds excellent, choose the place you love, and you will be at there
    Mark: It's your part, i'm not in the mood to select or to book
    Finn: that's easy, you will get a room
    Mark: No, two bedrooms, you are going to come with us
    Finn: I want to give you the comfort to have a romantic time
    Mark: Me and Alexa are insisting that you should be with us
    Finn: Ummm, Ok, I'm gonna book, wait 10 mins
    Finn: I have booked two bedrooms in the fanciest resort in Orlando, Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort
    Mark: Oh My Goodness, It's costly bro, and the distance between Las Vegas and Orlando is far away
    Finn: I know, I have booked three plan tickets
    Mark: are there no limits to your generosity?
    Finn: You deserve a lots, bro
    Mark: Thank you, Finn
    After a weak they got the plane headed to Orlando
    The first night up there in Orlando, Alexa and Mark were preparing to launch, the same with Finn, But in his room
    Mark: I think your opinion of Finn has changed alright?
    Alexa: significantly, he is too kind
    Mark: Finn will never do anything hurts me, i trust in him without borders
    All went well; The third day, the three were in Finn's room getting together before, then they went to have the dinner after they finished Mark gusseted going to Capa Fireworks
    Finn: Great idea
    Alexa: I wanna go to Lobby Bar
    Mark: Anyway i'm going there, call me if you would be there
    After 30 mins
    Finn: Let's go to Capa Fireworks, it sounds fancy
    Alexa: It supposed to be close, we have to call Mark to find out where he is, call him, i forget my phone in your room
    Finn: Oh, my battery is dead, what do we do now?
    Alexa: Your room is so far, but we have no choice
    They went to Finn's room, Alexa found five missed calls from Mark
    Finn turned around to get out of the room, suddenly, Alexa put her hand on his shoulder and said " Where Are You Going, Let's Do it " she winked
    Finn: My battery wasn't dead, it was a trick " he smiled "
    Alexa: Capa Fireworks is open now it was a trick too " they both laughed "
    Alexa closed the door; they sat on the bed, looking to each other
    Finn: Since that night, when i offered you, but you refused, i still sure that there a bed would bring us together
    Alexa: When i see you, i feel hopeful, and that you will compensate me for all that I have missed throughout my life
    Finn: Mark is a good person, But you deserve to be treated much better, i promise you that i will give all the pleasure you need
    Finn got his face close to her and kissed her, it was a single kiss, suddenly
    fireworks began to fly in Orlando's sky
    Finn: have some fun Mark " They laughed loudly "
    Finn took off his Rolex watch and put it on the nightstand
    Then they went to bed and laid on top of her; she held his nape to get his lips close to hers
    Finn was like a hungry child eating his best buddy's gf lips
    Their lips made a soft sound, Finn raised his back up and took off his muscles t-shirt and backed to his previous position and they got their lips locked, it was a seductive kiss, Alexa's one hand was rubbing his hair, and the other was on his right chest muscle, she was high like as she never kissed like that before, maybe Mark isn't talented in kissing also, finally, he gave her a single kiss and they looked at each other after an epic time of hard kisses and smiled
    They held up their bodies to be on their knees, Alexa took off her t-shirt, to be only on the bra, Finn kissed her cleavage " the line between breasts " and licked it slowly, he backed to kiss her on her neck, while he was taking off her bra to show her 34C breasts, Finn began to suck one cup dark brown nipple, her nipples were too hard
    Alexa: Your lips are like a charm on my nipples
    Finn: Your boobs are pretty hot, baby
    Alexa took his short off, so that was only on the boxer, he was sucking her breasts, while she rubbed his cock over the boxer
    He held up his head up, Alexa pulled his head to her and kissed him, seemed like she was eating his lips
    She bent down and kissed his cock; then she took his boxer off to see that cock which should compensate her
    Finn was fully naked; his cock was hard as a rock, his cock is 8 inches length and 1.6 widths
    Alexa: Oh My Goodness, it's huge, I have forgotten how to deal with big dicks " laughed "
    Finn: Let's see how would you withstand it?
    Alexa opened her mouth wide and took his cock from its end to cock's head slowly; he moaned " OFFFFF "
    Finn: Suck Me Off Babe .. Your Lips Looks Sexy On My Dick "
    She sucked him all over his cock for 10 mins; also she licked his mushy balls
    Finn: Oh baby, you are sucking me so good
    Alexa: I adore you dick
    Finn held his phone and played some blues such as " I'm Gonna Make You Love Me " " Blue Light "
    " Ain't No Sunshine "
    You maybe play these pieces of music, it gives a deeply romantic feelings
    Anyway, Finn laid down, and his head on the pillow, Alexa took off her hot short and underpants to be fully naked, she sat on him to taste his cock " Women On Top " position
    Finn's cock began to touch her cunt, she took his cock gently inside her, here we go, the moment has arrived
    Finn held her hips by his hands to help her to get up and down, she was moving slowly, and the effect of the music, that was erotic, they were making love and talk at the same time
    Finn: You know how long I've been waiting to do this
    Alexa: Yeah, and we are doing it in the fanciest place in Orlando, look at this patio, it is like a dream come true
    Finn: Oh baby, your pussy seems warm on my dick
    Then he began to hold her two breasts
    Alexa:I need your cock buried deep inside my pussy .. you are like a worrier That leads me to the pleasure of orgasm
    Oh fuck me, Finn, fill my pussy with your magic dick till your balls .. ahhhhhhh
    Alexa began to feel the pain of the pleasure, she was screaming, his balls were hitting her ass
    Her back straightened, she used his chest by her hands to fuck lightly, her breasts jiggled
    Finn: do you love my cock ha ..you look like an angel riding my dick
    Alexa: Rub your hard cock against my pussy .. I love the way your skin feels against mine.
    Finn: You make me horny baby, get your sweety boobs so that i could suck them
    She leaned her back down, he raised her leg, so that he could fuck her fastly
    Her boobs were swinging to his face, he licked the hell out of them
    Alexa: Ahhh .. OH Baby .. Fuck me Harder .. i Worship your Dick
    Finn held her back and turned around to get himself on top of her " Lying Down " position
    their bodies were bounded down, his ass was swinging fastly, he got his cock deep and deep, at the same time she got her hands together and hugged him, and licked his ear and, she moaned softly
    Alexa: How good your cock inside me baby
    He raised his head a little up so that their mouths got close
    Finn: How good you are in bed .. i'm gonna fuck your clint till i cum
    Alexa: I'm your baby .. ahhhh ..Aaaarrrrgghhhh
    She rubbed all over his body affected by the pleasure, she rubbed his back, head chest and she held his buttocks to get his cock deep
    they turned to " Doggy style " position "
    Finally, he cum all over her breasts, they laid beside each other and caught their breath
    Alexa: That is the best fuck i have ever had
    Finn: And it will not be the last
    Alexa: You are so great in bed
    Finn: You got me so horny, You are so hot, Kissing you gets me so fucking hard
    Alexa: Your dick feels so huge inside, i love
    Finn kept silent and kissed her lips slowly
    Finn: i have to take a shower, i feel sleepy after this fuck
    Alexa: Me too, let's take it together
    He smiled and stood up and carried her to that fancy WC, they shared kisses and he rubbed her pussy as she rubbed his cock and balls under the shower, they also had some selfies
    they dressed and went out to the cafe, Alexa said she wasn't worried about Mark if he knows that, she was quieted that Finn will solve that matter with Mark
    They had two Vodka cokes and relaxed for a lot of time
    Alexa: Look, despite You have given me the pleasure i was lacked, but there is no way to keep that without telling Mark
    Finn: I wanna that too, he is my best buddy, Let me handle this, now you have to go to your room to sleep, and i will talk him tomorrow
    The next day, after the breakfast, Alexa said to the two guys that she would go to the lake to relax
    Finn started to tell Mark about which happened last night
    Finn: Do you remember when i told you that i could pleasure Alexa
    Mark: Yup
    Finn: but, why did you agree?
    Mark: I was convinced with your point of view, that you want to competence her with the pleasure which i couldn't do
    Finn: " Smiled " So, It is still up to us
    Mark: I have nothing to say, should i let you do it, and that makes me a cuckold, or i would refuse, and that unfair for Alexa, it's complicated
    Finn: If Alexa would like to have sex with Mandingo, what would you say?
    Mark: I would never withstand that, he is an asshole
    Finn: So, you would refuse because he is an asshole or because that makes you a cuckold?
    Mark: If i would let her, i would never let a guy like Mandingo
    Finn: So, dear Mark, let me tell you that i had the best fuck in my life last night with your girl Alexa
    Mark swallowed his saliva of shock and kept silent
    Finn: I could keep fucking her in secret, but this is shit, you are my buddy, and you have to know that
    Mark kept silent, Finn took the advantage to convince him much and much
    Finn: I know it is hard for you, but you have to deal with that, your gf was too high last night, don't be selfish
    Mark: Ok Ok, i need to sleep, excuse me
    Finn smiled proudly, Mark stood up and stepped a foot
    Finn: Hey bro, " Everything will be with your knowledge .. and maybe in front of you "
    Mark: Everything is up to you, You are authorized, you run things " with a disappointed tone "
    Mark left, Finn called Alexa, then he went to hang out with her in the Lake, he told her about the dialogue between him and Mark
    Alexa: You are a fox, freaking smart
    Finn: it's our time, i'm gonna make him deal with that so that he would ask me to watch us
    Next day, Mark was alone in the pool, he listened to his phone ring, that was Finn calling him
    Finn: where are you bro
    Mark: I'm in the pool, come on, the water here is very healthy
    Finn: i have a big deal with Alexa now in your room, i need you here
    Mark felt as there is something weird, he quickly went to his room
    At the moment when Mark open his room door, OMG
    Alexa was on top of Finn, riding his big cock
    Finn: Come on bro, you have to watch your girl getting the pleasure she missed
    Mark had no choice, but to watch
    Alexa: I'm sorry baby, i still love you, but Finn is better in bed than you
    It was an epic, Oh my god, Finn fucking his best buddy's gf in front of him, he watched how Finn is talented and that he has a bigger cock
    Alexa turned around to face the mirror while Finn could see her back, his legs slightly bent at the knees and threw them wide apart
    she moved up high and down deeply so that the bed was extremely shaky
    Alexa: " screamed " Ahhhhh Oh baby .. Fuck me sooo good .. Your cock is sooo good
    Finn Carried her, to turn to the standing position, she put her arms on his shoulders, he held her butts by his hands to get the control and fucked her like a hero
    Finn: What do you feel, baby?
    Alexa: I feel that your big dick fill me up .. fuck my tight pussy .. faster plz .. harder " she was moaning "
    Finn licked all over her neck and her bouncing boobs
    Finn:" softly " Have you believed me now that Mark would deal with that " they laughed loudly
    Alexa: All i need is your dick into my pussy, it feels me that i'm a real woman
    Mark was busy watching her gf having the pleasure she needs
    They fucked for an hour; they went to take a shower, then Finn dressed his boxer and asked Mark to talk to him in the dining room
    Finn: I see that you are okay with that, are you?
    Mark: Yup, cuz of she has got the missed pleasure
    Finn: I promise you that i will compensate her with all my might, your girl is very hot and she deserves my abilities
    Mark: I have never thought that you are good in bed like this, also you have a big cock
    Finn: i see that you have enjoyed watching me banging your girl, i was sure that would deal with that
    Mark: Thank you bro, you always get solutions for any problems
    The trip over, The three moved home, after two weeks, Finn was in his buddy's house to pleasured his girl, Finn forgot his watch, Mark saw it on the table, it was a Rolex watch, the same watch that Mark was wearing in his dream
    That astonished him. Also he noticed that Finn came by a motorcycle that is identical to the motorcycle that he rude in his dream
    All of this stuck in his head; it's wrecked his head for a long time
    After a year, Mark married Alexa, contrary to the usual rule, Finn was with them on the honeymoon night, the fact is he is her actual husband, and the relation between Mark and Alexa Is a real love which ends when Finn comes
    Mark deals with that as he owes to Finn, but it's unfortunate that he has forgotten that his buddy Finn pleasures with his wife which itself something that Finn should thank him for
    By using " In Vitro Fertilization " Mark had a baby, Alexa and Mark were unanimous in calling him, Finn, in recognition of his role in pleasuring Alexa
    Finn always says to Mark that he doesn't screw him, but it is unfair to leave her without any help, and the good friend who is pleasuring his friend's wife that her hubby is impotent, and it is better than to be screwed by a stranger or a bad guy like Mandingo
    Alexa considered that she has two good guys, the first is her hubby Mark with loved soul, and the second is her hubby's buddy Finn with his ability in pleasuring her
    Finn and Mark bought a fancy villa to live with each other with Alexa and her baby, Finn " Mark's son "
    So they live together Overjoyed
    Mark's dream came true, he dreamed that he was wearing a Rolex watch and riding a motorcycle, but he hasn't any watches or vehicles, in his dream, he had some old dollars bills, let me ask you some questions
    Do you remember the first time Finn had sex with Alexa in Four Seasons Hotel in Orlando, before he has sex with her, he put his Rolex Watch on the nightstand.
    Do you remember when i told you in the beginning of the story that Finn loves riding?
    Yes, he loves to ride motorcycles
    Do you remember when i told you that Finn loves to keeping old stuff?
    Yes, Finn keeps $150 old dollar bills
    Mark dreamed that he slaughtered Stella after she said " I Love You ", But Stella doesn't love Mark, she loves Finn
    The summary of Mark's dream that Finn's character inhabited Mark's body, so Mark wore a Rolex watch and rode a motorcycle and found some old bills in his pocket
    Mark slaughtered Stella for no reason, but Finn's character killed her because Finn hated Stella after he saw her having sex with Mandingo
    Mark dreamed that he fucked Alexa so good, but in real life, but he isn't talented in fucking, Finn's character fucked Alexa and pleasured her for an hour in the dream than in real life
    Mark dreamed that he went to his other apartment, but in real life he has no other apartment
    As i told you recently, that Mark and Finn bought a new villa, and for sure Finn fucks Alexa at there
    In Mark's dream, he went down to the front of the apartment " At this moment, Finn's character went away of Mark's body, so he went upstairs and caught his gf Alexa having sex with the guy he hates Mandingo and also he suspects of him
    Mark now lives in peace with Alexa and his buddy Finn and his son Finn
    After two years Finn's mom passed away, do you remember that old woman who was in Mark's dream, when he saw her in front of his other apartment smiling, Finn's character in Mark's body was happy to see her smiling, although she was ill
    After he went upstairs and killed Stella and fucked Alexa, he went down to find that old woman passed away, he cried
    Finn's character in Mark's body cried because she is his mother
    Finn's mom passed away in real life, so the dream actually been achieved

    In the end, I hope that you have enjoyed the story, your opinions and ideas interest me, positively or negatively, so that I could improve myself

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