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    Nov 22, 2010
    It all started when my dad left me and my mum when i was 14 years old ...
    We were a happy family .. guess from my point of view ...

    My parents met when my father took a trip to Colombia .He was 20 , my mum was 18 and they enjoyed each other very much ..

    Three months after my dad returned .. he received a letter from mum saying that she is pregnant.Gentleman he was my father returned to Colombia , married my mum and took her back home with him.

    He dropped out of college and took a low paying job in order to support his family.

    My mother was a little bit high maintenance and she was always giving him a hard time.

    After a couple of years my dad started his own company and things started to flourish .He bought a new house by the beach for us to live in , a car for him and for my mum.He got everything my mum could ever dream off.

    My mum was about 5'6 tall , had 32A breasts , a beautiful curvy body and a round perfect Latina ass .She was Caucasian , flowing brown hair and green eyes .

    One day , i woke up and found my mum crying in the kitchen , i rushed to her ;

    Me : "Mum , Whats wrong ? Why are you crying ? "

    She looked at me with here eyes full of tears then she looked away while handing me a note

    I took the note from her hand and started reading

    "Natalia ,
    Im really sorry i had to leave that way ... i had no other choice .For the last 14 years that we have been together , i did not have feelings for you .I just couldn't leave my boy like this .Now he is becoming a man and i need to live my life as i like.I left you alot of money to cover you and Mike for a while and i will send you money whenever i can ."

    As i finished the note ..my eyes were full of tears too .. i took a deep look in my mothers eyes and gave her a hug.

    A couple of weeks passed .. me and mum where in a very depressing state.Every night i would climb into her bed , asking her to sleep next to her and she welcomed me with open arms.

    One morning , as i was heading to school , she came to me and gave me two grand and said

    Mum:"Baby , take this money and buy whatever you want .. we shouldn't stay sad for ever .. we should be happy right ? "

    I nodded in agreement

    Mum:" We should buy stuff to make us happy .. so go after school to the mall and buy whatever you want "

    So after school , i went to the mall alone .I roamed around for a while .. and then saw a bike that i always wanted .

    I bought the bike and rode it back quickly to show my mom my new bike.

    I opened the door to our house .. running in and out of every room shouting her name .

    And then suddenly she came rushing down stairs ..

    I will never forget that day ..

    She was wearing a white , kinda low cut round see through tank top and not wearing anything underneath ,

    She kept on running my way and my eyes are looking towards here .. noticing something new about her breasts ... and i cant even look away .

    She finally came right in front of me screaming ;

    Mum:"Michael whats wrong ? Are you hurt ? is everything okay? "

    I was unresponsive .. My eyes were wide open .. and they were only focused on one thing ..


    She kept on shouting ;

    Mum:" Baby , Answer me "

    I came out of the coma saying ;

    Me:"Mum , im ok don't worry ... i just missed you so much"

    She gave me a huge hug ... While her breast were up against me .. she said

    Mum : "Didn't you recognize any new thing about mummy "

    Me: "No ... sorry i didn't have the chance .. what is it "

    She put her hands underneath her breasts and said

    Mum:"These "

    Me:"What about them mum , i cant see any difference "

    She lifted her top , her absolutely gorgeous breasts looking my way saying :

    Mum : "Really ... You didn't recognize that mummy got new breasts"

    Me:"Really .. congrats mum .. but i didn't notice that im sorry "

    Mum : "Then how come your dick noticed it ? "

    I looked down at my pants and my cock was full hard .. My face turned red ..

    Me: "Im sorry about that mum ... i did not really intend for this to happen .. im so sorry"

    Mum: "Don't be sorry Hun , its not ur fault ... we are here to help each other "

    She took my hand and moved slowly towards the living room .As i walked behind her i kept staring at her ass as it wiggled right and left and right and left

    We arrived in front of the couch and she turned around saying :

    Mum:"Sit down Michael .. this will all be over soon "

    Me: "Mum , what are you doing .. what is going on"

    She pushed me on the couch .. then took off her top saying :

    Mum: " Do you like mummy's new boobies"

    Me: "errrrrrrrrrmmmmmmm......i dont know"

    Mum: " You know what i taught you .. dont you ever lie to me .. Do you like mummy's new boobs"

    I covered my eyes saying :"Yes Mummy , i like them "

    Mum :"Ok baby .. mummy will take care of you ... mummy will always take care of you "

    Shw slowly got down on her knees in front of me with her nipples hard and her eyes full of desire ,

    She started unbuttoning my pants and slowly pulling it down .As she dragged my pants further and further my cock just rised in front of her

    Mum : " My god baby ... How ...How big is that ... how come ... your father isnt that ... "

    She then smiled and said

    Mum:"You must have taken your grandather's genes "

    I smiled ... and she kept staring at my cock for 15 seconds ..admiring it .

    She then put her mouth above my cock and spat on it .Her hand then started to move slowly towards my shaft and before you know it .. her hand is around my cock .

    I realeased a strong moan as i could see a smile not fading away on her face ,

    She started stroking slowly while her other hand other hand squeezing her boob .

    I reached out my hand to touch her boobs .. she slapped it hard ,

    Mum:"No ... you dont get to touch this "

    Her hand started to speed up the stroking as she kept saying

    Mum :"Do you wanna cum for mummy , michael"

    "Please cum for mummy "

    "Cum for mummy honey "

    Not 15 seconds passed and i felt something i have never felt before

    Something i cannot describe .. a feeling so good

    She saw it in my eyes and kpet yelling

    Mum :"Cum baby ... Yes baby"

    I was trying to hold to the couch .. she was stroking my cock so hard .. suddenly i felt somehow a release

    I closed my eyes and it was like fireworks in the house ..

    My cum was going in all ways .. in every way while she was screaming

    Mum:"Yes papi yes ....ah yes .. cum for mummy "

    I opened my eyes again seeing mum covered in my cum on her boobies and face

    Me:"Im really sorry mummy ..please forgive me "

    Mum while licking some cum of her breasts "No dear i enjoyed it as much as you did ..it has been a long time since i felt warm cum on my face."

    She then stood up .. and turned away from me saying

    Mum:"Ill go take a shower baby .. take to you later "

    I sat at the couch .. couldn't gather my strenght to stand up and wondering what the fuck just happened

    .....................................................................To be Continued...........................................................................
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    Aug 9, 2017
    Not bad
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    Nov 22, 2010
    @Adiggle20 Anything in particular you would like to improve .. so i can take note to in the upcoming part
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    Aug 9, 2017
    Just how the son will have sex with other female from the family like his aunt cousins that he helps please them maybe some. Kinky sex to help him thats it ok
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    Nov 22, 2010
    It has been 3 months now since my encounter with mom , things were very awkward between us .We never talked much .. i feel that we have been drifting apart ,

    Before the encounter we could never leave each others side but now we barely talk , we dont have any meals together and i dont see her at all ,

    Ever since that day i could not get her out of my mind , her beautifuly tanned body , her gorgeus round ass and her new fake DDs ,

    She was not making life easier for me .She was always working out ... her body was getting hotter by the day.She began wear more revealing clothes .

    Everyday , Before noon , she would put on her bikini and go lay down on the pool.She then take a dip in the pool and then take of her bikini and get her body tanned .

    Of course she doesnt know that i watch her do that .. i skipped school several times to catch a glimpse of the show.I would look at her from inside the house , masturbate and then leave .

    One night i was just preparing for bed when i heard noise outside . I slowly opened the door and walked out , She was standing in the hallway ready to go outside ,

    She was wearing a dress i will never forget .It was a low cut V neck black dress , very short barely covering her ass and it was so tight showing every detail in her body .Her ass was popping out of that dress that i noticed she is not wearing any underwear and her cleavage looked amazing with a very nice necklace between those boobs ,

    She turned around and saw me standing there shocked in my place , jaw nearly hitting the ground .

    She walked towards me slowly and showing a very evil smile on that gorgeus face .She stopped in front of me , her boobs still jiggly from the walk , a lovely perfume coming out if her .

    Mum: " Baby , why arent you in bed yet ?"
    Me: "errrrrrrrmmmmmmmmm .........."
    Mum: " ha ha ha , Do u like mummy's dress ?"
    Me: " ummmmmm.... ye..yes mum you look beautiful "
    Mum :"Thanks baby .. now go to sleep you have school tomorrow "

    She walked away from me , opened the door and went out .

    I went back to my room , all thoughts running through my head .I imagined my self ripping that dress and fucking her brains out .

    I put my self to bed although it was really hard to fall asleep with all these thoghts popping in my head .

    I woke up a couple of hours ago , my boxer filled with cum .I stood up , walked slowly towards the bathroom.I cleaned my self and put on a fresh pair of boxers .

    As i was heading to my room i heard noise downstars ,i heard my mum giggling and the door of our home closing ,

    I walked slowly downstairs , where i could see a glimpse of the door .My mum was standing in front of the door alongside a guy .She was signing him not to make a sound .

    From their behaviour i noticed they were drunk .They both started to kiss and they were all over each other .

    I took a seat on the step and started watching them .

    They moved to the couch in no time and in the matter of seconds the guy took off his pants and shirt ,

    My mom took of her heels and spread her legs showing her pussy , she then signed the guy with her finger to come to her ,

    The guy moved crawled towards her and started kissing her thighs , my mums eyes was rolliing in pleasure,

    Then he started to lick her pussy slowly .at that time i was full hard and i was enjoying the scene.

    The guy then stood up and put his knees on the couch.His cock was rock hard and it was facing my mum's face ,

    She slowly aproached his cock , licking the tip and then taking it in her mouth ,

    They guy let a big moan .. she took out the cock and shushed him .. then took the tip inside her mouth again ,

    At this moment my feelings transformed from extremely horny to extremely jealous ,

    I stood up slowly and headed to my father's study.I knew he kept a gun there but didnot know where is it placed exactly ,

    It took me 5 mins to find it .I then ran out of the study to the hallway , down the stairs ,

    I took a deep breath and walked down the stairs slowly holding the gun in my right hand ,

    At that moment my mum was on her back on the couch , totally naked.. and the guy was on his knees in front of her ... he was ploughing her like today was the last day ,

    As i walked towards them my mum noticed me and she was wording " NO " to me as i walked towards her ,

    I faced the gun towards the guy's head and i said

    Me:"Step away from my mum "

    They both looked at me in surprise as they stopped moving ,

    Mum:"Michael , no please , drop the gun "
    Guy :"Seriously kid , take your toy and go to your bed "

    He continued fucking my mum harder but she was not enjoying it anymore , knowing that im holding a real gun to his head ,

    Me: " I saiddd step away from here "

    As i said that i pointed the gun upwards , loaded it and took a shot

    The guy was in complete shock as he now knew that this was a real gun ,

    He pulled out his cock quickly , grabbed his clothes and ran away ,

    My hand was shaking a little as i placed the gun on the ground , i took a look at my mum spreading her legs on the couch completely still ,

    Me:"Mum , Do u like yourslef that way ? Acting like a whore
    Do u like guys taking advantage of you and throwing you like garbage at the end of the night "

    She closed her legs and sat up , looking towards the ground , she was so embarrassed , saying in a low tone

    Mum :"Im really sorry baby , but i have needs .I wont do that again baby im so sorry " saying that she was staring to cry ,

    She stood up quickly and gave me a deep hug .I could body surronding me .I backed up a little and said ,

    Me:"I can fulfill your needs Mum "

    ================================================ To be continued ====================================================
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    Can't Harley wait to hear the rest of the story.
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    How's possible that the same day she got here breasts done she was running around and giving hugs? She would have been in so much pain from the surgery that would spend most of the time in bed. Therefore I call BS.
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    Thank you sir for your honest opinion