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    “Mom help me, I’m bleeding.” Holly screamed out.

    Lisa rushes to the bathroom to find what's wrong with her 18 year old daughter Holly when she opens the bathroom door she finds Holly standing in the shower panicking with blood running down the inside of her leg.

    “What happened?” Lisa asks her daughter.

    “I was shaving my pussy and the razor cut something.” Holly tells her mother.

    “Let me have a look at what you have done to yourself.” Lisa tells her daughter.

    Lisa washes the blood of her daughter's leg and then wipes off the shaving cream covering her daughter’s pussy then she begins moving her fingers over Holly’s pussy looking to find where the blood is coming from, when she finds it she applies pressure over the small cut with her thumb and forefinger

    “You have only nicked your pussy lip, it will soon stop bleeding.” Lisa tells her.

    “Fuck that hurt mom, I didn't think it was going to stop bleeding, I thought the razor was supposed to be safe.” Holly tells her mom.

    Lisa still applying pressure to Holly’s pussy lip to stop the bleeding, starts to feel her own pussy becoming wet, this is the first time in years since she has touched or seen her daughter’s pussy. She stares at how it now looks with pussy lips hanging open just waiting to be touched she thinks back to the days when her daughter's pussy was just starting to develop lips and how it had began to open up like a flowers petals.

    “Did you use a new razor? You must always use a new razor when you shave yourself, if you use a old one that's blunt you will always have problems.” Lisa explains to her daughter Holly.

    “I thought it was a new one, have I stopped bleeding?” Holly asks her mother.

    Lisa releases the pressure of her thumb and forefinger that was holding Holly’s pussy lip, and the bleeding has stopped. Lisa runs her fingers over each side of Holly's pussy lips and then runs her finger between the lips. Holly’s body gives a slight shudder.

    “Mom what are you doing to me?” Holly asks.

    “I’m just making sure you have not cut yourself anywhere else.” Lisa explains as she continues running her fingers over and up and down her daughter's pussy lips

    “Mom will you please finish shaving me? I'm too scared I will cut myself again” Holly asks.

    “Ok first we need a new razor, now stand closer to me.” Lisa tells Holly

    Lisa after applying shaving cream over and around Holly’s pussy starts to use the razor, with each long strokes of the razor, Lisa rinses the razor under the water.

    “Do you want all your hair shaved off?” Lisa asks her daughter.

    “My boyfriend wants me to have a bald pussy, like a young girl’s pussy.” Holly tells her mother.

    Lisa laughs and tells her daughter. “Thats typical of men, they always want you to look younger.”

    With all of her hair from her pussy removed, Lisa washes the last of the shaving cream of her daughters pussy, then runs her fingers all over the freshly shaven pussy.

    “Now that feels nice and smooth.” Lisa tells her daughter.

    As she continues to rub her fingers over her daughter's pussy lips Lisa starts thinking about the last time she had touched and enjoyed playing with another pussy and then without thinking Lisa pushes her finger inside her daughters pussy and begins finger fucking her daughter.

    “Oh mom.” Holly screams.

    “Sorry, I was thinking of someone else.” Lisa tells Holly as she removes her finger.

    “No, don't stop keep doing it.” Holly tells her mother. “It feels so good with your finger inside my pussy.”

    Lisa pushes her finger back into her daughter's pussy and begins to pump her finger in and out of Holly's pussy, she is finger fucking her daughter and with her thumb she begins pushing against the top of Holly's slit till she finds the hard bud of her daughter’s clitoris and begins rubbing it.

    “Oh yes that feels so fucking good, you're making me have an orgasm.” Lisa tells her mother.

    Holly reaches out and starts undoing the buttons on the front of her mother's dress, Holly then reaches around her mother’s back and unclasps her mother’s bra. Lisa stops fingering and playing with Holly’s pussy just long enough to let her dress and bra fall to the floor. Lisa steps further into the shower wearing just her panties, her fingers return to fingering and rubbing her daughter's pussy and clit.

    Holly starts to fondle and squeeze her mother’s DD breasts there much bigger than her B cup breasts, Holly lifts up one of her mother’s breasts and starts sucking on the nipple. Using her other hand she slips it inside her mother’s panties and begins to explore her mother’s hairy pussy, when Holly’s fingers find the opening of Lisa’s pussy, she pushes a finger inside then adds another finger and then begins finger fucking her mother’s pussy.

    Lisa kisses her daughter's mouth, it's not a mother's kiss but a passionate kiss like lovers give each other their tongues flick in and out of each other’s mouth only stopping for the occasional low moan of pleasure. Lisa starts squeezing Holly’s firm breasts as she stops kissing her daughter just long enough to ask Holly.

    “Do you want to go to my bedroom where we will be more comfortable?” Lisa asks her daughter.

    Holly moans. “Oh yes, yes”

    They step out the shower together still kissing and fondling each other as Lisa moves her wet panties to her ankles and kicks them off. They quickly dry each others bodies and Holly giggles as her mother takes her hand and pulls her towards her mother’s bedroom, once inside the bedroom they fall onto the bed wrapped in each other’s arms.

    Please comment if you want me to continue.
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    oh yessss please continue ;)
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    love it
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    As they lay on the bed Holly kisses each of her mother's large breasts, then squeezes them feeling how soft they are, seeing her mother's nipples beginning to stick out further Holly pinches and pulls each nipple. Lisa starts moaning and her breathing increases as Holly's fingers began rubbing over her mother's hairy pussy, holding each side of Lisa's pussy lips Holly pulls them apart, letting her seeing her mother's pink hole.

    Planting a few kisses all around the opening before pushing her tongue into her mother's pussy as far as it could go, she began to lick up and down her slit, each time Holly's tongue touched her mother's cliterous, Lisa's body shaked, pumping her fingers in and out her mother's pussy, Holly's fingers were dripping wet from her mother's juices.

    Lisa reached out to the bedside table and picked out her favourite dildo, it was made from rubber and black and was the shape of a thick 10” cock. Lisa handed it to Holly who licked it and then sucked it into her mouth like she was sucking a real cock, when she had made it wet enough she pushed it into her mother's pussy, until she felt it hitting the back of her mother pussy.

    Holly turned it back and forth and pulled it out and pushed it back in again, the dildo touched every part of inside Lisa's pussy. Holly kept pushing it in and pulling it back out over and over quicker and quicker. At the same time Holly's fingers were rubbing her mother's clit, Lisa's love bud was sensitive and was making her juices flow.

    “I'm having an orgasm, oh baby you have made your mother come, fuck yes, oh yes.” Lisa yelled as she had multiple orgasms.

    Holly smiled and watched her mother's face as she kept using the dildo in her mother's pussy, she was driving Lisa wild. When Holly removed the dildo she looked at the flowing pussy juices running out of her mother pussy, then pushed her open mouth on top of Lisa's pussy sucking up her juices, Lisa held her daughter's head tight against her pussy as she had more orgasms and squirted more juices into Holly's mouth.

    Lisa pulled Holly up beside her and gave her a passionate kiss and tasted her own pussy juices on her daughter's face, her tongue licked all over Holly's face cleaning it of her juices. As Lisa started to move down Holly's body she planted kisses all over her daughter's body, first kissing her neck then each breast and each nipple, with multiple kisses all over Holly's belly.

    Then parting her daughter's legs she kissed up and down Holly's inside thighs, then kissed all around her daughter’s bare smooth pussy, she gave Holly's pussy slit a wet kiss and with her tongue licked up and down the slit as she pulled her pussy lips open her tongue pushed deep inside her daughter’s love hole and wriggled her tongue around the opening, Lisa then pushed two fingers into her daughter's tight hole and gave them a few pumps.

    With Holly's pussy juices beginning to flow Lisa began rubbing her daughter's clit, Holly started to moan and hump her mother's mouth. Lisa picked up her large black dildo and began pushing it against her daughter's love hole as she spread Holly's pussy lips apart the black dildo started to slip inside her pussy. Holly started moaning she never had anything this big inside her pussy before and it felt great having her pussy stretched.

    Lisa started moving the dildo in and out of her daughter's pussy, it was tight and the more her mother moved it in and out, Holly's pussy began to relax and accepting the large black dildo being thrust into her pussy harder and faster. Lisa was a expert on the use of this dildo, she had used it on herself plenty of times to give herself an orgasm, now here she was using it to give her daughter an orgasm.

    Holly told her mom. “I love you mom, oh I love what you're doing to me.”

    Lisa kept thrusting the dildo in and out of her daughter's pussy and told her. “I love you too.”

    “I've never felt like this before.” Holly tells her mother.

    Lisa hears Holly start to scream out that she is having another orgasm and she pulls the dildo out of her daughter's pussy and watches as Holly starts squirting a stream of her juices as if she was peeing, squirt after squirt shot out of Holly's love hole.

    “Fuck mom you're turning me into a lesbian, this feels so much better than a real cock.” Holly tells her mother.

    Lisa laughs and tells Holly. “You just need someone who knows how to use their cock properly as they fuck you, maybe you need someone older and not the inexperienced boys you’re fucking.”

    Lisa moves back up beside Holly and cuddles her, Holly takes her mother's nipple into her mouth and starts sucking as if she was being feed. Lisa strokes Holly's hair and rubs her back s Holly's tongue licks the tip of her mother's nipple as she sucks harder on her mother's nipple trying to make it bigger. Lisa fingers are rubbing all over her daughter’s pussy as she remembers the fun she had when she was Holly's age.

    Holly lifts her head and asks her mother. “Are you going to tell daddy about us?”

    “Do you want me to tell him?” Lisa asks.

    “I don't know, will he be mad at us?” Holly asks her mother.

    “Your father would be very excited if I tell him, he will want to know everything that we have done to each other.” Lisa tells her daughter Holly.

    “Does my daddy know how to fuck properly?” Holly asks.

    Lisa smiles and tells her daughter. “Your father is a very good lover, he knows how to use his cock and his tongue, he has given me multiple orgasms plenty of times.”

    “Today was the first time I've ever had multiple orgasms.” Holly tells her mother.

    Lisa's finger starts pushing past Holly's pussy lips and enters her love canal and she begins finger fucking her daughter's pussy once more. Holly loves how her mother is making her feel and she opens her legs wider apart.

    “Sit on my face and lay on top of me, that way we can eat and lick each other's pussy.” Lisa tells her daughter.

    Holly squats over her mother's mouth and lowers her pussy down and straight away she feels her mother's tongue probing her pussy hole. Lisa opens her legs wide apart and Holly lays down on top of her mother and she pulls her mother's large pussy lips apart, then begins licking the hole she had came from all those years ago.

    Holly starts sucking on Lisa's pussy lips as she pushes two fingers inside her mother's pussy and starts pushing them deeper then starts pumping them in and pulling them out over and over she finger fucks her mother's pussy. Holly feels her mother rubbing her clit and her body shivers every time her clit is rubbed hard. Holly copy's her mother's action and starts rubbing her mother's clit, Lisa's moans are muffled by Holly's pussy pushing against her mother's mouth.

    Both of their bodies start squirming and shivering as they each begin to have an orgasm together. Lisa's covers her finger in her daughter's love juices and rubs it over Holly's butt hole, using more of her daughter's pussy juices she draws circles around Holly's butt hole then pushes her finger against the hole, keeping pressure on her finger as soon as Holly's butt relaxes Lisa's finger slips into her butt hole.

    Holly's never had her butt fucked or fingered before it's a strange feeling having a finger pushed inside her butt hole. As her mother starts to push her finger in and pull out of her daughter's butt hole faster and faster, Holly starts enjoying the feeling of having her butt fucked by her mother's finger.
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    “Oh fuck, I'm coming again, it feels wonderful what you're doing to me.” Holly screams.

    Lisa keeps pumping her finger in and out her daughter's butt and at the same time keeps licking Holly's pussy as her juices gushes out as she orgasms again.

    Lisa stops licking and asks her daughter. “Have you ever had a cock in your butt?”

    “No never, what you're doing to my butt is the first time anyone has touched it.” Holly tells her.

    Lisa removes her finger from Holly's butt and says. “I have an idea, first hop of me.”

    Holly rolls of her mother's body and lays on the bed as Lisa stands up and goes to the bedside drawers and pulls out a strapon dildo, Holly watches as her mother straps it on and stands there with a 8” rubber cock sticking out in front of her.

    “Your father loves me using this on his butt, and females use it to fuck each other.” Lisa tells Holly

    “My father likes having that fake cock in his butt and you want to put it in my butt, it's too big for me.” Holly tells her mother.

    “Yes he does and don't worry it will fit in your pussy and your butt, now get onto your knees and place your head on a pillow.” Lisa instructs her daughter.

    Lisa moves behind her daughter and moves Holly's knees further apart, then she starts rubbing the fake cock up and down between her pussy and butt hole. Then Lisa pushes the cock into her daughter's already wet pussy and begins fucking her with long powerful strokes, each thrust pushes it further into Holly's pussy.

    Holly begins pushing her hips backwards against each thrust of her mother's fake cock, every few strokes Lisa pulls completely out and rubs the fake cock over Holly's butt hole covering it with pussy juices. Then pushes it back inside Holly's pussy as she holds Holly's hips tight she is fucking her daughter with a steady rhythm.

    Holly once again screams out. “I'm coming, I'm coming, fuck this is great, I'm being fucked by my mother, I love it.”

    Lisa pulls the dildo out of Holly's pussy and watches as Holly's juices flow out her hole and cover the fake cock, Lisa coats her fingers with her daughter's juices too, then starts pushing them into her daughter's butt hole. Lisa feels Holly's butt relaxing, letting her fingers to go deeper inside her pussy, she pumps her fingers in and out a few times, she feels Holly's butt getting used to her fingers.

    Then Lisa pulls her fingers out quickly and replaces them with the tip of her fake cock, Holly's butt hole tightens not letting the cock penetrate her any further, Lisa waits and just keeps applying pressure against Holly's butt hole. She starts to push the fake rubber cock harder into her daughter's butt, when she has it all the way inside Holly's butt. Lisa stays still, letting Holly's butt get used to having something so big inside her.

    Then Lisa begins pulling back out slowly and pushing back in, she keeps doing this at a steady rhythm, she feels her daughter start getting used to having her butt fucked. Holly's breathing has increased as her mother keeps fucking her, Lisa has dreamed of this happening for years, Lisa has had many wonderful orgasms thinking about having sex with her daughter

    Lisa begins fucking Holly's butt with more forceful thrusts and the strapon makes a slapping noise each time Lisa thrust it fully into her daughter's butt and it slaps against Holly's butt cheeks.

    Holly let out a loud scream. “Fuck yes I'm coming again, fuck me harder mom, oh yes that's it.”

    Lisa just kept up a steady pace with her rubber cock going in and out her daughter's pussy.

    Lisa screams out when she feels a hand squeezing her breast and she turns to see who it is. “Mom what are you doing here.?” She asks.

    Holly looks up and over her shoulder and says. “Nan, what are you doing with your phone, have you being videoing us?”

    Holly's grandmother just laughs and puts down her mobile phone then asks. “Do you mind if I join in?”

    Holly watches her grandmother start to undress, Lisa looks at her mother and smiles at her then returns to fucking Holly's butt. Holly watches as her grandmother removes her bra and lets her large tits swing loose, Holly is surprised when her grandmother removes her lace panties, her pussy is completely bare.

    Holly reaches out to feel it and her grandmother moves closer and Holly's fingers start rubbing her grandmother's bald pussy, Holly's fingers feel how wet she is and she pushes them inside her pussy and pumps them, before sucking her fingers into her mouth and tasting her grandmother's juices.

    Lisa's mother says to her daughter. “Why don't you have rest and let me use the strapon on you,? It's been ages since I've fucked you.”

    Lisa pulls out of Holly's butt and Holly turns and lays there on her back watching her mother remove the strapon dildo and hand it over to her grandmother.

    Holly giggles and says. “Now I get to watch nan fucking mom, this has been the best day ever.”
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    Damn just when you think its over you throw in a curveball and make it even more intresting.
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    please keep it going mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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    love it. dont stop
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    Holly watches as her mother stands at the edge of the bed with her legs apart and bends over resting on her elbows with her breasts hanging down and her head looking at Holly who smiles at her mom. As her nan begins fingering Lisa's butt, Holly's grandmother pushes her other hand's fingers into Lisa's wet pussy covering them with Lisa's juices, then wipes her wet fingers over and around her daughter's butt hole as she continues stretching Lisa's butt hole.

    With her fingers wet again she drops more of her daughter's juices over the rubber strapon and wipes the tip with her fingers. Then she lines up the strapon with Lisa's butt hole, she starts to push the tip of the strapon against Lisa's butt hole. Holly watches her mother's face, Lisa's eyes are closed and she begins biting her lip as the strap on is pushed further inside Lisa's butt hole.

    With the strap on now fully in Lisa's butt, her mother tells her daughter. “I had forgotten how good it felt fucking your butt.”

    “Come on nan, start fucking her hard.” Holly tells her grandmother

    Lisa opens her eyes and looks at her daughter and asks. “Are you enjoying yourself?”

    Holly giggles and tells her. “Hell yeah, this is much better than watching dad fuck you.”

    Lisa gives her daughter a dirty look and asks. “How long have you been watching your father fucking me.”

    “Ever since he started leaving the bedroom door open slightly” Holly tells her mother.

    Lisa asks. “Your father knew you were watching?”

    Then she starts moaning “Oh fuck oh fuck me, bloody hell I forgot how good this feels.”

    As Holly's grandmother, starts fucking Lisa with long hard strokes and Lisa begins moaning each time the strap on is pushed inside her butt, Holly watches her mother's large breasts swinging back in forth as her grandmother her daughter's butt with the strap on.

    Holly begins fingering her pussy at the same time starts pulling and twisting her nipples. Holly's grandmother watching Holly's fingers pumping out and in her pussy, starts humping her daughter's butt harder, Lisa's juices are running out her pussy after just having another orgasm.

    Holly's starts rubbing her love bud with her thumb as her finger pushes into her pussy she can feel her body getting ready to explode with a massive orgasm.

    “Yes, yes, oh fuck yes, I coming again too.” Holly screams out and as she removes her finger her pussy starts squirting a stream of pussy juice out of her pussy.

    Lisa's mother smiles and thinks to herself how they are all squirters as she stops fucking her daughter's butt and pulls the strap on out of Lisa's butt. After removing the strap on, Holly's grand mother takes hold of Holly's ankles and pulls her closer to the edge of the bed, then going on her knees she buries her face into her granddaughters bare wet pussy.

    Holly rubs the top of her grandmother's head as she starts licking between her pussy lips, trying to push her tongue deeper into her love hole and with a finger rubbing her cliterous Holly pushes her grandmothers mouth harder onto her pussy as she again feels her body getting ready to orgasm.

    Holly grabs hold of both her breasts and squeezes them hard as her pussy begins squirting its juices into her grandmother’s mouth. Lisa watches as her mother tries to capture every drop of Holly's pussy juices, when Holly pussy stops squirtin the three of them lay on them bed cuddling each other, trying to recover and get enough energy to go again.
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    holy fuck please dont stop
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    As the three of them lay on the bed with Holly in the middle between her mother and grandmother, Holly has already recovered and is feeling her mother's and grandmother’s breasts comparing the size and weight as she squeezes them, when she starts twisting and pinching their nipples, Holly feels how much bigger her grandmother’s nipples are compared to her mother's.

    Both women love how it feels having Holly's hands exploring their breasts, when Holly's left and right hands move between their legs as her fingers begin to explore their pussys each woman open their legs wider allowing Holly's fingers to penetrate into their pussy holes and begins fingering each of their now wet pussys.

    Holly starts moving down the bed as she says. “Nan, I love how your pussy feels it's all nice and smooth to touch.”

    Then she looks up at her mother and says. “Mum you really need to shave your pussy and get rid of your bush, it would be so much better.”

    Lisa tells Holly. “Yes I should, you're father has been asking me to shave it a few times.” Then Lisa laughs.

    “What's so funny?” Holly asks her mother.

    “He asked me shave and to have a bald pussy like yours?” Lisa tells her daughter.

    Holly asks. “When has he seen my bare pussy?”

    “A few times when he has gone into your bedroom to kiss you goodnight you have been asleep and have kicked of your sheets off and as you're always sleeping nude like we do, he has had a good look at your pussy and naked body.” Lisa tells Holly.

    “I never knew he did that?” Holly tells her mother.

    “Some nights when he comes back to our bed his cock is extremely hard and when we fuck he calls out your name and asks me to call him daddy.” Lisa tells her.

    “I think your father wants to fuck you.” Holly’s grandmother tells her.

    “He wouldn't would he?” Holly asks her mother Lisa.

    “I shouldn't be telling you this but I used to fuck my father.” Holly's grandmother tells her.

    “Your father’s very kinky, I've watched him jacking off into your panties.” Lisa tells her daughter.

    Holly’s grandmother says. “It’s upto you what happens, there is nothing wrong with daddy and daughters having sex.” Then she pushes Holly’s head closer to between her open legs and waiting pussy.

    Holly with so much to think about is extremely excited and starts to lick her grandmother’s bald pussy, using her tongue to lick from the bottom of her nan’s slit, in between her pussy lips right up to the top of her slit and around her clitorous, then repeats the process over and over and every now and again she pulls her grandmother’s pussy lips apart and pushes her tongue deep inside her pussy.

    With her grandmother’s juices beginning to flow out of her pussy faster, Holly starts using her fingers to push inside her grandmother’s pussy pumping them in and out, only removing them when she feels her mother passing her the black rubber dildo. Holly pushes it deep inside her grandmother’s pussy then begins to fuck her with it, deep powerful thrusts and slow withdrawals Holly uses the dildo every way she knows how too.

    Lisa has now moved to the floor and lays on her back between Holly's legs, lifting her head and reaching out with her tongue to lick her daughter’s pussy, Holly squirms and twists her hips till she feels like she is in the right position, then she drops her pussy down onto her mother’s face covering her mouth with her pussy,

    Holly begins rocking her hips back and forwards as she continues to lick and push the dildo into her grandmother’s pussy. Holly’s grandmother starts moaning out that she is close to having an orgasm, Holly wants to have an orgasm at the same time and she grinds her pussy onto her mother’s mouth.

    “That’s it keep licking that spot.” Holly tells her mother.

    “Oh my sweet child your just made your grandmother have an orgasm. Oh fuck yes.” Holly’s grandmother tells her.

    Holly climbs up on the bed beside her grandmother and gives her a wet passionate kiss letting her grandmother taste her own juices of Holly's face. LIsa moves up the bed beside Holly and starts kissing her daughter wiping her daughter’s juices of her face onto her daughter’s face. They lay there next to each other as their fingers play with their own pussies.

    “Nan did you really fuck your father?” Holly asks her grandmother.

    “Yes I did, we started fucking when I was much younger than you, my mother helped me understand what was happening and then it began a weekly event unless it was my time of month.” Holly’s grandmother told her.

    “Wow that’s incredible, mom would you let daddy fuck me and help me?” Holly asks her mother.

    “If you want to and you want me to be there when he fucks you I will be there.” Lisa tells her daughter.

    “Do you think daddy wants to really fuck me?” Holly asks her mom.

    “Why don't you ask him now?” Lisa tells her daughter as she points to the bedroom door.

    Holly looks over at the door and there stands her father naked stroking his large thick cock smiling at the three of them.

    “Which one of you girls want daddy’s cock?” he asks them

    “Me, me, me first.” Yells Holly excitedly.
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    It was good! But them both holly & nan should have given Lisa a spanking on her bare buttocks and slapped her upturned cunt too. Then holly should have taken a cat o' 9 tails to whip her mothers asshole before fingering her butt. And in the end nan should have slowly but surely pulled oiled and stretched her daughters Lisa's labia till they hung out like piss flaps
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