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  1. BB_Indiana

    BB_Indiana Newcumer

    Sep 5, 2018
    My first glory hole experience was something I will never forget, I had sex many times prior to the experience but never before at a glory hole.
    I stumbled upon it by accident when I was 14 My stepdad had dropped all us boys off (myself and 4 step brothers) at the mall for a few hours.
    Of course after all the coke I drank I had to take a piss so off to the mens room I went I went into a stall cause well young gay boy I was shy of str8 men - when I got situated I noticed a hole in the partition and I looked thru it and theres a face there looking right at me scared the hell out me my heart was pounding I did my business and was about to dash out when the guy on the other side still looking thru the hole tells me stick your dick thru here I'll suck it horny teenager I was no way I would refuse a good suck job so I quickly slid it thru and he began work on my hard cock now Ive got my eyes shut and my mind is going crazy with sensations and I hear a squeak I open my eyes and omg I had forgotten to latch the door this older black man probably in his 40s smiles at me and gives me a thumbs up he comes on into my stall and latches the door he immediately starts grabbing at my ass and whispers in my ear he wants to fuck my sweet little white ass he gets down and starts putting some serious tongue to my hole while the first guy is still sucking me and in a swift motion he stands up and I feel a huge huge cock resting between my ass cheeks he pushed and popped the head inside me I let out a yelp cause with only spit for lube it hurt like hell he reached up and put a hand over my mouth and whispered in my ear stay quiet and relax your ass let me in and he gave a hard shove balls deep it felt like he split me in two and he let it rest there for a couple moments while the sucker on the other side was hard at work on my cock finally he started pumping in and out of my hole still holding his hand over my mouth and he hit the spot and forced me to release my cum into the guys mouth he swallowed every drop and he pulled off my cock I heard him stepping out of the stall and then it happened he tells someone else hurry get in there hes a young guy and you can probably suck another load out of him before I know it Ive got a new mouth throating my cock and im in absolute heaven dude thats in my ass is picking up speed and fuckin me really hard now and forces another load out of my balls just as he shot a huge load deep in my ass.
    I was shaking head to foot and the guy behind me slowly pulls his big cock out of me and released his grip over my mouth he again whispers to me to get on my knees and open my mouth and orders me to lick his cock clean which I did enthusiastically then he puts his cock away to leave and he opens the door theres another older white guy standing right outside the door he pushes his way in and asks me if he can lick my ass clean real quick I knod yes and he bends me over and begins what felt like 15 min of tongue scooping cum out of my hole when he was satisfied he thanked me I quick got dressed and dashed out first of many weekends spent at that mall glory hole -I sure do miss that mall its been torn down now it was always a great place to get sucked and suck cock of older men that just wanted to feel my young mouth swallow their cum. To this day I think there should be a glory hole in every mens room so I can service mens need to cum it would just be proper.
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    1. Bama4life73
      That's a hot story.
      Bama4life73, Sep 6, 2018
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  2. knighthood

    knighthood Sex Lover

    Jan 22, 2015
    very Hot story. Hoping to read about some more of your adventures.
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  3. Cmlvr69

    Cmlvr69 Porn Star

    Feb 1, 2018
    Love to be done like that
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  4. DenverCumPig

    DenverCumPig Sex Lover

    Jul 2, 2017
    Having Gay Sex in public restrooms always seems to start young.
  5. Cmlvr69

    Cmlvr69 Porn Star

    Feb 1, 2018
    Yes it usually does