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  1. Tim I Done

    Tim I Done Porn Surfer

    May 20, 2012
    A number of people have asked me to tell my life story since I have hinted at some of my unusual experiences. So I think the best point to begin is the night that ended my 10-year marriage.

    It was a Friday night and my husband Tim came home drunk. This had become his usual practice for the past two years. He claimed his boss was causing him increased stress and he had to stop off with the guys to unwind. At first he would come home a little tipsy about when I got our son off to bed. He would insist on fucking me and then fall off to sleep. But on this final night he came in very late, slamming doors and banking things around.

    I asked him to be quiet so he did not wake little Timmy. “Don’t you fuckin’ start on me,” he shouted, “My boss was on my ass all day and I don’t need you hassling me.” I held my tongue because he had begun slapping me around if I upset him.

    As soon as he was undressed he threw back the covers. I had on a sheer short nightgown and he asked, “What the fuck you got that thing on for?” I raise up to remove it but before I could get it all the way off he yanked at it and it hung up on my right arm hurting me. I shoved him away and in his drunken state he fell to the floor. I tossed the nightgown off and looked up at him just in time to catch a fist in the face. “Don’t you fuckin’ push me again,” he said as he hit me again and again.

    Usually I took his abuse without resistance but he was hurting me so I attempted to defend myself. I scream and struck back at him to fend of his blows. Suddenly I saw our son Timmy jump on his back. Tim reared back throwing our son to the floor. I continued screaming and kicking at Tim who continued his striking me with his fists. Timmy came at his father again and Tim backhanded him knocking his son against a chest of draws. I went at him as hard as I could but suddenly one of his punches knocked me unconscious.

    Mercifully I missed what happened next but I was told about it. Tim began to rape me. Timmy went to the phone and called 911. Although the operator asked him to stay on the phone he hung up and went to his room where he picked up his baseball bat. He came to my room and hit his father on the back of the head hard enough to knock him unconscious. He pulled his father off me and covered my nakedness with the sheet. When the cops arrived they found pajama clad Timmy standing over his naked unconscious father with his bat ready to hit him again and me unconscious in the bed. I did not awaken until after I had arrived at the hospital.

    From that time on, I was a single mother raising my son. The judge forebad Tom from seeing either Timmy or me. It was like history repeating itself because when I was a teenager my father left one day and never came back but for me I received child support. Like my mother I had to work to make ends meet.

    When Timmy was getting old enough to date he came to me and ask me about sex. I had been open and honest with him in all things so I determined to answer all of his questions about sex. It was actually easier than I expected.

    When I had answered his questions and he had no more I realized how hot and horny I had become. I thought back to when I was a senior in high school. My younger brother and sister, and I were pretty much on our own since our father had deserted us years before and mother disappear for days at a time. It had been hard on her to make ends meet and I think she had turned to prostitution.

    One day my brother Bob who was a little over a year younger than me asked me what I knew about sex. Like most people my age I thought I knew everything about everything. I had been close to both my siblings so I told Bob what I knew. He was not satisfied with what I had told him and asked if I had had sex. I had not and told him so.

    I had previously persuaded my mother to sign a paper permitting my doctor to prescribe me birth control pills so I was prepared. I can’t quite remember just how the conversation went from there but I do remember we wound up on his bed having sex. After he came inside of me he rolled off and said, “Wow that was good…I could do that again.”

    “Me too,” I agreed. He recovered quickly and we did it again. It seems like we did it all night. Our little sister Sue found us asleep in his bed and seemed not to think anything of it. I sent the two of them off to school but stayed home myself saying I was not feeling well. I thought of quitting school but I only and a few month left to graduation so went back. Bob and I continued to fuck nearly every night for the rest of the school year.

    A few weeks before graduation my future husband Tim asked me out on a date. He tried to get fresh with me on that first date and I pushed him away. He was upset but I said, “I am not ready…yet.” On our next date I allowed him to have his way and he fucked me. I did not enjoy it like I had with Bob but after I got home from that date Bob and I fucked and I slept happy.

    Tim seemed to get better at fucking after that and by midsummer after graduation he had a good job and asked me to marry him. I said I would but I had to continue to care for my siblings. He agreed and for the next year Bob lived with us and finished high school. We would occasionally sneak a fuck in. Sue lived with us for the next four years. She was a big help to me during my pregnancy with Timmy and after.
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  2. Mutherfucker

    Mutherfucker Porn Surfer Suspended!

    Dec 22, 2013
    Lots of instability here:

    Father leaves.
    Mother turns to prostitution and ceases to be a mother.
    You start fucking your younger brother (Bob) every night.
    Younger sister (Sue) is a witness and thinks nothing of it.
    You finish school and marry Tim because he gets better in bed. He gives you a son (Timmie).
    You continue to fuck Bob (brother).
    Tim (husband) has job problems and turns to drink.
    Tim (husband) rapes you and Timmie (son) bashes Tim's skull with baseball bat.
    Marriage over.
    Judge forbids Tom (brother) from seeing you or his nephew (son?) Timmie.
    Son (Timmie) gets inquisitive about sex.

    Is Sue (sister) still living with you?
    Does Sue (sister) mess around with family?
    Is Bob (brother) screwing you or Sue now or is he totally out of the picture?
    Is Timmie (son) screwing you?

    What's your future look like?
    How are you supporting yourself and Timmie?
    Are you, or have you been, a sex worker like your Mom?
    How old is Timmie?
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  3. Mutherfucker

    Mutherfucker Porn Surfer Suspended!

    Dec 22, 2013
    Repeat deleted.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 9, 2014
  4. Mutherfucker

    Mutherfucker Porn Surfer Suspended!

    Dec 22, 2013
    Repeat deleted.
  5. Tim I Done

    Tim I Done Porn Surfer

    May 20, 2012
    Well, you have summarized it well and asked some good questions. I intend to add more as I write it.
  6. Tim I Done

    Tim I Done Porn Surfer

    May 20, 2012
    My True Life Story: Continued

    To continue my story let me say that because at the time that my son came to me with his questions I could look back at my relationship with my brother and realize no harm had been done. While I went on to marry, my brother finished high school, went on to obtaining a very good job and then married a fine woman. I had an opportunity to talk with him and he agreed that what we had done did no harm. He said it gave him more confidence and he even added that when he started dating he felt more mature and he did not have to have sex to develop a relationship with a girl.

    Well as I said after talking with my son I felt real horny. Every time I thought about him or saw him I would get that yearning deep in my abdomen. I told myself I had to resist. I was still afraid I would negatively affect him. Then he said he had more questions. I agreed to answer him honestly. What he asked did not seem difficult but it still made me yearn to do with him as I had with my brother. Then he asked if I could show him. I wondered if he was asking to see me naked or asking to be shown how to copulate. I had an intense desire to do both.

    I asked, “Are you saying that you want to have sex with me?” The moment I asked the question I was sure by the expression on his face that I had misinterpreted his intent.

    “Don’t make fun of me because I want to have sex you mom,” he said as tears came to his eyes.

    I have always been a sucker for his tears. I wrapped him in my arms and gave him a motherly hug. As I felt him snuggle up to me I once again felt that deep down yearning. To fight it off I said to him, “You know that some people believe that is the worst thing that a mother can do with her son.” He only snuggled against me and softly sobbed. I went on, “You know that if we did and anyone ever found out I could go to prison and we could never see each other again.”

    “I’m sorry mom,” he sobbed, “I won’t say anything more.”

    No, you have scared him off, my inner self screamed at me. “I’m sorry too sweetie ‘cause…” I hesitated wondering if I should tell him but my inner self shouted, tell him! “Because I want to have sex with you.”

    I felt him stiffen in my arms. I told my inner self that I would never listen to her again and then my son drew away and looked me in the eyes and asked, “Really mommy?”

    Looking into Timmy’s blue eyes made me fearful that this was going out of control. At last I said, “No one can ever know.”

    “I know mom,” he said as he wiped tears from his eyes with the back of his hand.

    “You can’t even tell your best friend. No one…not anybody can ever know,” I insisted.

    “I won’t tell anyone, I promise,” he said as he snuggled once again into my arms.

    I thought about the many times since his birth that I had held him in my arms. Not until recently had I had a sexual thought with him in my arms and here I was now so eager to get naked and show him everything I knew. I thought of him suckling on my breast like he had as a baby. Any resistance that may have been present within me melted away. My inner self shouted, what are we waiting for!

    I repeated her words aloud, “What are we waiting for?”

    “Now?” Tim asked as he kissed my neck below my ear.

    I wondered if there was any benefit in waiting. I wondered if we had talked enough. He is not my brother, I thought, he might be harmed in ways I can’t know. Again I felt that yearning down deep in my gut. My inner self said, yes now, and I repeated her words aloud.

    He kissed my neck again and any doubt was gone. I kissed the side of his head and he pulled back and our lips met. It was only a chaste kiss, one like we had often shared before. He pulled back and looked into my eyes. We kissed again, hard this time but still chaste. Then we moved together. We stood and rushed to my bedroom. With trembling fingers I hurriedly began to unbutton his shirt and he suddenly pulled it off over his head tossing it to one side. I began unbuttoning my blouse and he helped me. Soon it too was tossed aside. He went to the hooks on my bra and deftly undid it. As my bra began to slip he pulled it down and let it fall to the floor. Within moments his lips were on a tit. With a fleeting remembrance of him as a baby at my breast I realized he was no longer my baby but a young man.

    In only moments we were standing naked before each other. His member was standing tall like a man’s…not larger, not smaller. Somehow I had thought it would appear different. I lay back on the bed opening myself to him and he stood looking at me. I had one more fleeting thought that I should stop this. Then my body gave me a little spasm like a pre-orgasmic spasm and I reached out my hands to him and said, “Now.”

    He positioned himself between my legs and I guided his member to my wet opening. He pushed gently and stopped. “That’s it,” I said and added, “Now push it all the way in and then do what you feel like doing.” He thrust all the way and stopped. He pulled back and thrust in again. He did not need instruction…it came natural to him. He lasted maybe a minute and a half. He cried out as he ejaculated within me and collapsed down on me. I hugged him tight and whispered, “That was good sweetie.”

    He seemed to be catching his breath for a bit and then he raised up and looked into my eyes. His eyes seemed to smile at me as he said, “That was…oh wow!” He, like his uncle at this age, recovered quickly and was soon back at it. I determined I would allow him to do as he chose. There would be time later for further instruction. This was his night.

    The following day was Saturday and neither of us had anything scheduled. We awoke in each other’s arms. My mouth was dry and I was sure my breath was horrid so I excused myself to go to the bath room. I peed and brushed my teeth. Just as I was putting my tooth brush away Tim opened the door a crack and asked, “Can we take a shower together.”

    “I was just going to teach you about sex not be your lover,” I said. I really would not have minded having him in the shower with me. I moved to the door undecided as to whether I should allow him in.

    “I do love you mom,” he said from the other side of the door.

    “I know you love me dear but I want to keep this relationship between mother and son and not between lovers. You will someday need to find a young woman your own age and if we let this turn into a romantic relationship you may never be able to.” I amazed myself with that insight. “You go and use your own shower and after we will talk over breakfast.”
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  7. chels_n_chi

    chels_n_chi Sex Machine

    Jan 3, 2014
    No judgments here. But the story does have some type-o's.. and it is a little jumbled as to who's name is what. Let's chalk this up to pounding out your heppenings while being very nervous :)

    Maybe reform this on a word program. Then paste it in the blocks?

    Deffinatly get this moved to the "story board" thread. :)
    Ask a mod for help?
    Sexuality is for questions not life events and soul bearings.
    I am very curious as to how things go from here. Please keep going

  8. Tim I Done

    Tim I Done Porn Surfer

    May 20, 2012
    I begin teaching my son

    I took my time in the shower as I thought about what I was going to say to Timmy. I was sure that all he was thinking about was how soon he could fuck me again. I had to convince him that the only reason I was doing this was to help him learn to make love to a woman. Knowing how much I wanted to fuck him again I did not know if I could convince him I was only doing it to teach him. I thought about what else I had to teach him and decided that by telling him about what I intended to teach him would make it seem more like a lesson.

    I decided to dress in a summer dress, without a bra but with panties like I usually did in the summer. I put my wet hair in a ponytail and went to the kitchen in bare feet. Timmy was sitting on a stool at the breakfast bar with only a towel around his waist. He did not hear me coming and I stopped to contemplate. I was sure I was right. He was thinking about fucking me on the table or counter. As I stepped up beside him I looked down to his lap. The towel was tented indicating his aroused condition.

    “Well, what would you like for breakfast?” I asked.
    “I already made coffee. I am hungry but you don’t have to fix anything special,” he replied.

    I was right…all he can think of is fucking. “I’m so hungry I’m going to make us bacon and eggs. Think I’ll have three eggs. How many do you want?”

    “Three, I guess,” he mumbled.

    I was at the stove with my back to him as I put the bacon in the skillet. I glanced over my shoulder and saw he was looking down at my feet and legs. “Get six eggs out of the frig,” I said. I watched as he attempted to hold the towel in place and get six egg in his hands. He placed the eggs on the counter where I indicated and started to return to his stool. “Either forget the towel or go get some shorts on. Either way won’t bother me,” I said as I put bread in the toaster. I did not look back to see what he did. After turning over the bacon I turned to Timmy. “Want to get me the butter?” I asked.

    I watched as he stood, laid the towel over the stool, and walked to the frig. His boner was sticking out like a weapon ready for action. The toast popped up as he was bringing the butter to me and I turned my back to him. He placed the butter tub on the counter, stepped up behind me pressing his boner to my lower back, reached under my arms taking a breast in each hand, and kissed me on the side of my neck. “Now you are trying to be romantic,” I said.

    “I am just trying to say I love you,” he insisted as he squeezed my breast and kissed me again.

    “I know you love me. You don’t need to do this to show me you love me. What you want is to fuck me right now. Admit it, the fact is that all you can think about is fucking me,” I said as I concentrated on buttering the toast.

    He retreated to the stool on the other side of the breakfast counter. “I’m sorry mom. That is all I can think of.”

    “Pour us some coffee,” I told him. He got two cups down from the cupboard and filled them at the coffee pot. As I removed the bacon from the skillet I said, “You are a normal man. If you were not thinking that, I would say you are not normal after what we did last night.” After cracking the eggs into the skillet and salt ‘n peppering them I turned to face Timmy and said, “We are going to talk about the other things that I am going to teach you before we do anything else.”

    “Gee, what else is there?” he asked.

    “Have you ever heard about oral sex?” I asked as I turned back to the eggs.

    “Well yeah but…”

    “But what?” I asked wheeling around to face him.

    “I didn’t think we would do that,” he said very softly.

    “Because I am you mother and you don’t like to think that I have ever had a dick in my mouth,” I said.

    “Well, yeah I guess,” he murmured.

    I turned back to the eggs and began removing them from the skillet. “If you are going to be good at making love you will have to learn how to pleasure a woman in ways other than sticking you dick in her twat.”

    “Gee mom, I thought only guys and slutty girls talked like that,” he said.

    “I’m using words you understand aren’t I?”

    “Yeah but gee…”

    I interrupted him by asking, “Would you rather I used penis and vagina?”

    “I don’t know?” he said apologetically.

    I placed the plates on the table and said, “After we eat I will give you the best blow job you will ever have and then I will teach you how to eat pussy so you will know what a woman likes.”

    “Mom…god...gee mom…I never…oh god…”

    I really had him flustered. “Don’t you want to do those things?”

    “Well sure but…”

    He could not seem to finish a sentence. I finished it for him, “But it does not seem right doing it with your mother.”

    “That is not it at all. What does not seem right is you talking about doing it.”

    “Okay I got you now. Let me tell you I was a lot younger than you when I sucked my first dick. I did not do a very good job the first time. But with practice I learned how to do a good job. What I am going to do is show you how I did it that first time and then show you how it should be done. That way if you find that special girl hasn’t learned how to give a good blow job you can teach her.”

    He was now rapidly shoveling his eggs into his mouth and listening intently to me. I was silent for a while as I ate my eggs. I continued by saying, “Once we get the blowjob out of the way we will spend the rest of the morning teaching you the many ways to pleasure a woman without fucking her. Once I had a guy pleasure me for three straight hours. God that was fine.” Every time I thought of that time I got excited like I was as I talked to my son.

    “Who was that?” he asked.

    “You don’t want to know. After I am convinced you know how to properly pleasure a woman we will have to fuck to finish off the lesson. We will try a different position so you can learn something new.”

    “Different position?” he asked.

    “Yes, a different position. Different positions give different sensations and keep you from getting bored,” I explained. I finished off my eggs and bacon and sipped my coffee.

    “I was wondering ah…” he hesitated, looking down at his plate as if he was embarrassed.

    “Go ahead you can ask me anything,” I assured him.

    “Well I ah…how many guys have you had sex with?” he asked.

    “Oh my, you really want to know?” I asked. He nodded. “Counting you?” He nodded. I counted off on my fingers as I pretended to remember all of them. When I got to 9 I looked up and said, “You know I think I am not going to answer that because it is better you not know. But this one,” I held up my middle finger, “was your father.”

    “Um mom, did you ever love my dad?”

    “Yes I did. He was a fine man until he started hitting me. The first punch knocked all the love out of me but I might have forgiven him if he hadn’t hit you. I don’t think I ever thanked you for stopping him.”

    “I ah…I thought I killed him when he didn’t move. I pulled him off onto the floor and he didn’t move. I hit him harder than I meant to. I was so relieved when the cop said, ‘He’s alive.’”

    “I’m glad you didn’t kill him,” I said as I thought about how little we had talked about his father. I reached across the table to hold his hand. Then I said cheerily, “Hey listen, let’s talk about him another day. This day we have some lessons to learn.”

    His expression instantly changed from pain to pleasure. “Okay!” he nearly shouted.

    “Okay!” I shouted back. “I have to go pee. I’ll meet you on the living room couch.”

    ____Note to the reader: We will finish this later. Feel free to comment about what I did and not about my writing.
  9. malibug

    malibug Sex Lover

    Sep 29, 2011
    Mother of the year!

    You are a loving wonderful Mother. He received his greatest gift from you. Bless you both.
  10. J.G.O

    J.G.O Porn Surfer

    Jul 15, 2013
    So what happen after this?
  11. AllyATha

    AllyATha Porn Surfer

    Feb 18, 2014
    And what happened? Tell meeeeee !!!

    PS: Wow ! Beautiful story ! Wish i was the sister of ur son... :excited:
  12. the merend

    the merend Amateur

    Aug 22, 2012
    iwant to hear more
  13. Bst123

    Bst123 Amateur

    Dec 28, 2015
    Love incest stories would love to chat with people about it
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  14. SweetieBrit

    SweetieBrit Amateur

    Jan 12, 2018
    Um, is this real???
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  15. shy guy

    shy guy Porn Star

    May 9, 2014
    Real or not is a revived 4 year old thread
  16. Jack Mine

    Jack Mine Porn Star

    May 30, 2009
    Should be in the story forum and left for dead!
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  17. shy guy

    shy guy Porn Star

    May 9, 2014
    It was so long, it couldn't be read!
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    1. Sweetpassion
      Maybe cause as Jack said it is a story and don't belong here. Lol
      Sweetpassion, Jan 19, 2018
    2. Jack Mine
      Do you feel like having me read you a short but very thick bed time story tonight? It's about Jack giving beaners up the hill when he went up without Jill. Fuck fetching a pail of water, who uses that word? He went up the hill with Jill to get a little pussy, hj or a bj? When did you know of anyone going up a fucking hill to get water? Water runs downhill why the fuck go up? I'll tell you why to try getting into Jills bloomers her knickers for you Uk people
      Jack Mine, Jan 19, 2018
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    3. Sweetpassion
      They went up the hill to have a little fun!! Ya the water was totally just a excuse!! What about just panties?? Sounds alot sexier.
      Sweetpassion, Jan 19, 2018
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    4. Jack Mine
      You write your story and I'll write mine, okay? You can just proofread it and help with that grammar shit! Shh not a word!
      Jack Mine, Jan 19, 2018
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    5. Sweetpassion
      Lmfao as you wish!!!!!!
      Sweetpassion, Jan 19, 2018
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  18. shy guy

    shy guy Porn Star

    May 9, 2014
    I've been up to long, I'm going to bed!
  19. Greendragon

    Greendragon Dragon Master

    Jan 15, 2007
    Very good!