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    Sep 15, 2018
    It was a Saturday evening and my mom had invited a guy she met at her gym over for dinner. She was really excited and put on one of her sluttiest dresses worn with a pair of open-toed high heel shoes.


    She looked absolutely amazing with her long legs on full display.

    The guy arrived at about 18:45. He was young and handsome with a muscular physique. His name was Lance.

    Lance's jaw was on the floor when he saw my mom in her skimpy dress that showed off her amazing figure. He asked my mom if she needed any help with the food and she told him that it was already done.

    We set the table and sat down to enjoy the meal my mom prepared. I mostly ate in silence, watching the two of them flirt with each other. The sexual tension in the room was palpable.

    After we had finished eating my mom gave me a look that I knew all too well - it was time for me to go up to my room so that she and her male companion could have some naughty fun.

    I dutifully went upstairs and waited for a few minutes before quietly coming back down. I hid around a corner and peered into the living room.

    Lance was eating my mom's pussy on the couch. She was moaning and licking her lips while he had his face buried between her long sexy legs.


    My mom sounded like she was in pure ecstasy. She was breathing heavily and kept biting her lower lip.

    Eventually Lance surfaced and he and my mom shared a hot, passionate kiss. Lots of tongue action.

    Lance then stood up and dropped his pants. My mom went for his cock. She sucked it hard and fast. Lance groaned loudly.


    My mom sucked that cock like a pro. Saliva ran down her chest between her beautiful tits. She deepthroated Lance and he shouted "Fuck" and grabbed her by the back of the head, forcing his cock even deeper into her throat.


    After her gag reflex kicked in my mom spat out Lance's cock. The dick was drenched in my mom's saliva.

    Lance then sat down on the couch and my mom lowered herself onto his hard cock, her back facing towards him.


    They both groaned loudly as Lance's cock was swallowed by my mom's pussy.

    Lance: "Fuck, that pussy is so tight around my cock!"

    Mom: "You are so deep, baby. You feel amazing".

    My mom started bouncing up and down energetically on Lance's rock hard cock.


    She looked like incredible as she rode him on that couch. The sound of their skin coming into contact made a loud repetitive clapping sound.

    Lance: "Yeah, ride that cock, baby. Ride it hard".

    My mom clearly enjoyed being in control. She would stop bouncing every now and then and just grind on Lance's lap, his cock still buried deep in her cunt.


    Mom: "I want you to pound me hard, baby. Make my tities bounce".

    Lance happily obliged. He raised his hips and started thrusting hard and fast into my mom from below. He placed his hands on her hips as if to keep her from flyng off his cock due to the intensity of his thrusting.

    My mom started screaming like a woman possessed as her lover began fucking the shit out of her.

    Mom: "Oh God yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Don't stop!"


    The sounds of their wild love making echoed loudly throughout the house.

    Lance had incredible stamina and endurance. He rammed his cock up my mom's pussy so hard I was sure she must have been in some kind of pain. But that wasn't the case. She kept begged him to fuck her harder and deeper.

    Eventually Lance yelled out that he was about to come. My mom jumped off him and got on her knees. Lance stood up and pointed his cock at my mom's mouth just as hot cum erupted from the tip.

    It was a large load. My mom grabbed Lance's cock and sucked it clean. Her face and tits were covered in his man juice.

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      That Mom pussy is so Damn GREAT&AWESOME!
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    Very hot
    What's next? Did you get caught? Will you join? Tell me more
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    About to cum......
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    So fucking hot.
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    Another story is up.