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Should I keep my job?

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  1. FriskyMindy

    FriskyMindy Newcumer

    Jul 6, 2018
    My name is Mindy and I just started college this year in a small town a few hours from where I grew up. I also started working at a boutique store in town about 6 months ago that belongs to a woman not much older than me named Elana. There isn't too much going on in the town that we live in except for the college and a bunch of big farms and trucking companies. I have had some crazy stuff happen since I started working for Elana and I need some advice. I'll leave out a few names for certain reasons and I'll try to give as much detail as I can, some of it is a little much to talk about right now though.

    Elana was raised here and her family owns a big farm just outside of town. Her Dad Antonio also owns the property where the boutique is - theres a bunch of stores in the same long building and Elana's is the last one in the back. She told me her parents were still together, but that they had an open relationship, which I thought was really kinky, especially since Elana knew about it. She was really open sexually with me though. Her boutique wasn't doing that well since it opened, but Elana promised her Dad that she would come up with some creative ways to make the store more profitable.

    When she hired me earlier this year, Elana was working alone. The boutique has a bunch of dresses and blouses for the older ladies that live in the area since they are generally the ones who spent money in that area - it was at the opposite end of town from the dorms and campus. Elana had tried to have a store for the students and had swim suits and other stuff...we do have a couple of lakes close to us that everyone goes to, so she thought the first store would work out, but she was barely selling anything. All of the foot traffic was older couples and since there was a tire shop and a car parts store in the property next to us, there were a lot of men around waiting for their cars.

    When Elana was interviewing me, she told me she needed an attractive girl to help her since she just started to offer to model the clothes for some of the customers as an incentive to bring in more business. I asked how she started to do that and she told me that one of the men waiting for his car came in during the week when nobody normally was in the store and was flirting with her...he asked her to try on a bikini for him and after locking the front door, ended up going into the area in the back of the store with the dressing rooms with him. She said that he liked it so much he bought a couple for his wife and gave her a huge tip. She is only 22 and really hot though, so it's not suprising. She switched the style of the store once she figured out the older guys would buy more if she offered to try things on for them.

    Elana said the only problem was that she had to lock the front door when she went into the dressing room area and that since she was actually starting to have people come in she needed someone who was attractive and willing to help model for the guys. I instantly looked up to her since she was so young and had a store...I didn't hear about her Dad owning the property until a lot later and I assumed she was doing everything on her own since she sounded like she had her life together. I wasn't too confident in myself, but I know I'm pretty hot based on the attention I get. She was complimenting me the whole time we interviewed and said I was perfect a bunch of times...I asked her how much she made and she said that it depended on the guy and how much she was showing herself, but that it was usually a lot more than what she made on the clothes. I was kind of worried at first when she told me about all that, but she assured me the guys were all older and really respectful. I needed the job and was kind of turned on by the way she was talking about showing herself off...I liked to do that already and the thought of getting paid to do it was really intriguing.

    After I started, Elana and I got to be good friends pretty quickly and we opened up with each other quickly too. I told her about my sex life since she was so open about hers and I told her how I wasn't dating anyone since I moved for school. She was a lot more experienced than I was and I looked up to how open she was about everything...she told me that she was really attracted to a few of the guys she was modeling for and that she had sex with them while she was in the dressing room. I was shocked when she told me that, especially since the older guys that would come in were just regular guys from the farms and a lot of truckers and guys like that.

    Elana said that was what turned her on - that they normally wouldn't have a chance with her...she kept whispering really dirty things to me about them when guys would come in and would walk around the store and egg me on to go up to them and ask if they wanted to see me in anything at all. I have to admit that did turn me on a lot. I got pretty kinky with my thoughts pretty quickly since I hadn't really had sex for long time (just some making out and oral with a guy from school.) Elana was in my mind like that pretty much since the day I met her, planting seeds for me to be attracted to the customers.

    It definitely worked and I within a week of starting the job, I would go in after Elana started to model for a guy and trade places with her with some of the guys I was attracted to...I actually wore a thong bikini for the first guy I modeled for and Elana convinced me to bring a second bikini with me that I changed into in front of him. Watching a guy in his 40s staring at my chest and pussy was an amazing feeling - really thrilling. I was really wet just from him watching, it was such a turn on! I got a really good tip that day too from just getting naked for a few minutes and Elana kept telling me: see, I told you that you are hot! I am not bad, but I'm like most girls and don't like certain things about my body. I do have a nice ass and a big chest though for not being very tall (I'm just over 5 feet tall.) I'm white, but Elana is hispanic and really curvy too.

    After that first day, there were a few guys that started to come in every week about the same time to have me model for them...I asked them don't you want to see both of us, and they each told me something like they wanted me badly. I liked the attention and it was kind of a playful competition thing between her and I to see who the guys would like more. But with a few of them it was a lot different...I noticed that they would always come in at the same day and time, and it was always when we weren't busy. I didn't think too much about it at the time, and I was getting really into having so much attention.

    After working there for a few weeks, one of the regular guys who was a hispanic farm worker named Ricardo in his 40s from town asked me if I would bend over for him while he stroked his cock. Before I could think about what he was asking, he had pulled his shorts down and was sliding his hand up and down the longest cock I have ever seen. I was already turned on from trying on a few bikinis for him and being naked a couple of times, so I turned around and slowly bent over while I pulled my bottoms down.

    I was only a foot away from his face while I was bending over since the dressing rooms aren't that big. He was sitting on the bench at the back wall as I was leaning forward with my hands against the dressing room door and front wall. I could hear him playing with his cock and after only a few seconds, I felt his tongue on my pussy as he pushed his face into my ass from behind. I didn't have much room to pull away and by the time I reacted, he had already put his other arm around my waist and pulled me back into his face. I was shocked, but at the same time I was even more turned on and let him slide his tongue into my pussy and lick my clit. After a while, I leaned forward as far as I could too look at his cock and he was rock hard while he was stroking himself...that was so hot to watch. As I had my ass pushed all the way out, he started to focus on my clit and it only took a couple of minutes for me to come in his mouth...I was sooo loud and I couldn't believe how good that felt!

    I had to make sure that nobody heard me from inside the store, so I put the bikini back on and walked to the entrance of the dressing area where theres a big curtain. I looked out and saw Elana outside the front door with the door closed behind her and she was talking to another customer of ours. I was only standing there for a couple of seconds before Ricardo was pulling my bikini bottoms down and had his hand on the head of his cock that he had slid between my legs from behind. I was really turned on watching Elana while he was rubbing my pussy with his cock and I didn't stop him as he started to slide inside me. I was so wet from coming in his mouth that Ricardo was able to slide all the way inside me after a couple of strokes which almost put me over the edge again.

    Ricardo grabbed my hips and started to pound me from behind really hard as I peaked between the curtains out at Elana and the guy she was talking to. After a few minutes he ended up leaving and Elana turned towards to door and saw me looking through the curtain with my hair and chest bouncing up and down. Ricardo had taken my top off too obviously lol. It didn't take him too long and before I could tell him not to, he came really hard in my pussy. I was really amazed at how much he came, I was overflowing while he was still inside me and could feel him dripping down my legs. I let him finish and he turned around and gave me a kiss as I was trying to head to the bathroom. He told me he wanted to see me again next week and he gave me $100 and said it was for the bikini. I laughed and thanked him and went into the bathroom to clean up.

    I could hear Elana open the door and talk to Ricardo for a while and as I was finishing getting dressed and walking out, I saw him walking out the door and Elana putting something in her pocket. I didn't think too much about it at the time, and she and I talked about how hot that was that I almost got caught by the other customer. She asked how it was and I told her how huge Ricardo's cock is. She told me she was proud of me and that she really liked how kinky it was...I agreed and we started to talk about which guys I liked. There are two other guys that really payed me a lot of attention and were always asking for me and she brought both of their names up: Eric and Sam. They are both truckers for a local company and had brought their wives in a couple of times too. They weren't exactly my type since they are a little over weight and a lot older (40s or 50s), but Elana kept telling me how hot that was to have them wanting me since they didn't have a chance.

    Elana dared me over and over to do the same thing with Eric and Sam that I did with Ricardo and I really thought about it. I had really started to enjoy showing off for them and having had so much fun with Ricardo, I told Elana I thought I would go ahead with it. Since it wasn't exactly ideal to have bigger guys like Eric and Sam fuck me in the dressing room, Elana and I set up a bed in the back to the side of the dressing rooms by the bathroom with a curtain around it. It was still a couple of days before Eic was going to be coming in and Elana had me describe what I was going to do to him and how I would seduce him...I told her that I would try on one of the see through mesh bikinis and start to give him a lap dance while I felt his cock. And then I would get down on my knees and have him pull his pants down so I can suck his cock. She kept encouraging me and telling me how hot it was.

    By the time Eric got there, I was really into it and gave him a naked lap dance lol. He didn't hesitate when I started making out with him and when I went to go down on him, he was rock hard! He wasn't as long as Ricardo, but he was really thick and still pretty long. He does have a belly, but he is a trucker after all lol...he still turned me on a lot the way he was looking at my body. I could tell he was really turned on by me for sure and that made me super excited too. I told him that I wanted him to fuck me and he agreed...I led him out of the dressing room we were in and led him over to the bed behind the curtain. I layed down on my back and spread my legs for him as he knelt down and started to lick my pussy. I was so wet and turned on that it didn't take long for me to come in his mouth...as soon as I did, he was on top of me forcing his way inside me. I was really tight for him and it took him a minute to get all the way in, but once he did he started stroking in and out as fast as he could.

    I could hear Elana say have fun guys as she heard the pounding and went out front to lock the front door behind her and wait for us. It didn't take too long for Eric to come though, he was really turned on. After maybe 5 or 10 minutes he came really hard inside me...I didn't say anything this time because I had gotten on the depo shot already and it really turned me on to go bare. I could feel him coming really hard too that first time, he was so excited! It felt really good for me too, since he was so thick it was incredible when he was pulsing and throbbing when he came! He collapsed on top of me, which was the only real problem lol. I had to wait for him to recover and then he slowly pulled his cock out of my pussy while we both watched...he made me roll over in doggie to watch his come pouring out of me...I thought that was really hot too.

    After that, he got dressed and I went to the bathroom to wipe my pussy and clean myself up. After I did, Eric came over and gave me a kiss and he did the same thing as Ricardo and gave me some money that he said was for the bikini I had tried on for him. I told him he was sweet and thanked him for the fun and he went to the front door where Elana let him out. As I was walking back out, I saw she had an envelope sticking out the back of her pocket. I didn't think anything of that either since we sometimes get mail at the store. Elana and I chatted about Eric after that and she kept telling me how proud she was of me. I felt really empowered and like I was doing something really exciting. It was too at a certain level, but I didn't really realize what was really going on at that point.

    It was the next day that Sam came in and it was a very similar situation...he wasn't hesitant at all either and it felt like he was waiting for me to go down on him when I was giving him a lap dance. He is also a truck driver and isn't in great shape...but I was really turned on going down on him and didn't take long before I was asking him over to the bed. He gladly accepted and I led him over to the bed. He wasn't as giving with the oral as Eric and Ricardo, but he was pretty well endowed and I enjoyed watching him work his way into my pussy as I was laying on my back with him between my legs.

    I started to moan really loudly as he started to pound me and after a few minutes of him pounding and me moaning, I heard Elana say hi Daddy and a mans voice ask her, what's that? I could hear Elana asking him to go outside with her and I heard the door close and lock after that. Sam didn't stop because he was already buried inside me and was kissing my chest and making out with me. I got back into it too and after a few minutes, I could feel his cock getting really hard and start to come inside me...it was really hot since I knew Elana's Dad had caught us, but since I hadn't met him yet, I got embarrased pretty quickly after Sam pulled out and I cleaned up and got dressed.

    Sam headed out first and he just handed me an envelope and thanked me...I was a little confused, but I was so worried about Elana and her Dad that I just put it on the bed and finished getting dressed as Sam left. I listened as the door opened and Elana and her Dad returned. They were still arguing and immediately came back into the dressing area led by her Dad. I was still sitting on the edge of the bed putting my shoes on...he introduced himself as Antonio and wasn't very tall, but he was really muscular. As he and Elana were discussing the situation, Antonio started to unzip his pants and told me that I didn't need to put my clothes on. Elana tried to explain as my eye brows went up saying that this was her Dad's property and that he said was going to shut down the store unless I was willing to play with him too. I was really shocked at that point and it took me a minute to process everything...and having just had sex, I was still really turned on...plus I hadn't come yet lol! I told them both I was okay with it when I saw Antonio pull his underwear down and I started to take my clothes back off again as Elana reached past her Dad and grabbed the envelope on the bed. I didn't think too much about that either since her Dad had started to feel my chest and kiss me when she grabbed it.

    I layed back down on my back and pulled my panties off and Antonio was staring at my pussy...he called me a dirty girl and told me he could see come dripping out of my pussy. I got really embarrased and after a few more seconds of him staring at my body, he told me to turn onto my stomach and he started to lick my ass from behind. That was the first time anyone had ever done that to me and I was really turned on. Antonio slid up from my ass after a few minutes and slid his cock right into my pussy...even though he is really long too like Ricardo, but not quite as big he was able to slide all the way in with the first stroke. he only fucked my pussy for a few seconds and once his cock was covered by my and Sam's come, he pulled out of my pussy and started to slide his cock into my ass really forcefully. I tried to pull away as I had never had anal and since he was holding my hips and was so strong, I didn't go anywhere! He reminded me that he would close the store if I didn't play with him while he was holding the tip of his cock in my ass...I felt bad since he had caught me having sex on his property and didn't want Elana to lose her boutique so I let him push all the way into me while I was in doggie on my hands and knees in front of him on the bed.

    When Antonio forced his way into my ass, he wasn't very gentle. After he got all the way in, he was grabbing my hips even harder and he started to stroke all the way in and out, and was going really deep. As he started to speed up and pound me and my ass was slapping against his hips as he was thrusting into me and I started to screem because of the pain. I heard Elana close and lock the door after a few minutes of pounding and Antonio took his time after that. He was fucking me really hard for more than 30 minutes before I felt him getting really hard as he was about to come. I could feel his sweat pouring down onto my ass and back as he was fucking me and when he did explode, it hurt so much as he stretched me out...he came so hard too, I was overflowing with his come and could feel it pouring down my pussy lips and legs. He stayed inside me and pushed both of us down on the bed as he turned my head so we could kiss after he collapsed on me. He thanked me while he was still inside me and was telling me how pretty I was as he slowly pulled his long cock out of my ass...I was so sore after he was done, but it was really hot to watch him stand over me and keep staring at my ass and my chest. He is really muscular and was very dominant, that really turned me on to be honest.

    Once he finished cleaning up in the bathroom, I did the same as best I could (there was no shower at that point) and we both got dressed. We walked out to the front and Elana stayed out front as I said goodbye to her Dad and they continued to talk in front of the store for another hour. At first, Antonio still looked like he was really mad, but after a while he got calm and it looked like he was even happy. I felt a little better because it looked like they were getting along even though my ass was really sore from getting penetrated for the first time. It was really kinky though since I know Elana heard us for a while before she went outside and I knew they were talking about it, Antonio kept looking over at me while they were talking too. After about an hour of talking they both came back in and Antonio came over to me and gave me a hug and apologized for being so rough and that he was just upset because Elana hadn't told him the truth. I thanked him for apologizing and I actually told him it was okay and that it was really hot how he took me. That made Elana blush, but she deserved it lol.

    After Antonio left, Elana apologized to me to and after we talked for a while, she asked if I still wanted to keep going with the guys. After we talked about it for a while, we both agreed to continue. We were both still having fun, she had a couple guys she was seeing and I was still seeing all 3 of my friends. We kept that up for a few more weeks and one afternoon as Sam and I were getting done and getting ready to leave, we noticed Elana wasn't sitting out in front of the store where she normally would smoke when the door was locked and she was waiting for me. I let Sam out and he walked out front and looked around and asked me if I knew where Elana had gone...I told him I didn't know and he told me that he had to go somewhere and couldn't wait for her and he handed me an envelope and told me to give it to Elana for him.

    When I went back inside I was really curious what was in the envelope and I opened it...I saw $1000 inside and was starting to put things together, at least I had a million questions lined up for Elana at that moment. When she got back from getting cigarettes, she saw that I had the envelope on the front desk and that it was open. I had a long talk with Elana and she told me that all three guys I was fucking were paying her for it. She told me that they were paying so much since I was letting them go bare with me and come inside me. She was talking so fast and had a really good argument trying to convince me to keep going. She and I ended up agreeing to continue and to expand operations, and I got to split all the money I was making with with her 60/40 for any of the guys I would fuck.

    Elana's Dad Antonio came over the next day and we all had a long talk together. Antonio and Elana had already talked a lot about using the store for what we were doing. Antonio agreed to it as long as we would both give him 10% of how much we made with each guy (brought me down to 50% unfortunately) and as long as I let him keep fucking me whenever he wanted to. Elana and I both agreed to that. After walking around the back dressing area, he decided to expand the back dressing room area and build a new bedroom and a bathroom with a shower where the existing bathroom and other stuff in the back dressing room area was. Antonio had his nephews help with the construction and once they saw me they were really into it...they put in a stripper pole, a big bed, a bunch of mirrors and lights and something that looks like a gymnastic thing with 4 legs and a lot of padding that Elana and I can be bent over and tied up to...and they put a couple of hooks in the ceiling and the wall behind the bed to tie us up to. They also made the walls really thick and put a bunch of foam stuff in it to make it quiet. You could barely hear someone screaming inside that room from the dressing room next to it when they were done. It was hot watching Elana's cousins work too and when they asked us to try everything out after work when they had finished, I was surprised when Elana agreed and closed the store to play with them and pay them back for the construction work.

    Elana had told me they were her second cousin's, but I was still surprised the way she was making out with both of them while we were all taking our clothes off. While I was using the stripper pole the first time, one of her cousins had her in doggie on one of the new beds and was eating her from behind while they all watched me. I put some baby oil on my chest since we had a bunch of toys and stuff like that for the new room and they all were staring at me for quite a while as I danced around. As Elana started to have sex with one of her cousins, the other one had my legs spread in the other bed and was working his cock into me. I was really turned on watching Elana get fucked by her cousin...I got pounded for quite a while in missionary and asked if we could turn over in doggie so I could watch Elana get penetrated from a better position lol. He agreed and started pounding me from behind. I think he was really turned on too because it didn't take too long for him to come inside my pussy...I almost came from intercourse with him since it was so hot watching Elana, but I've only had that happen a few times in my entire life.

    After he came inside me and pulled out of my pussy, her other cousin pulled out of Elana and swapped places. Elana made out with the guy who just came inside me while they watched the other one start to pound my pussy from behind. Since I was so wet, he told me he wanted to fuck me in the ass instead. I told him that I don't do that and everyone started to laugh as he said that's not what my uncle Antonio told me. I started to laugh too and gave in as he was forcing his cock into my ass. He was pretty rough too like Antonio and he was pounding my ass really hard within a couple of minutes. He pulled my hair really hard and I had to arch my back while he was fucking me, that really turned me on and Elana started sucking her other cousins cock as they both watched us from the side. I couldn't believe how good it felt being watched like that...after a few more minutes of pounding he came really hard in my ass and fell down on my back...I laughed as he was like a coma patient and just passed out inside me. After a few more minutes he got back up and pulled out of my ass. We all went to the new shower since it was big enough for all of us and we took our first shower in the bathroom. That was really fun!

    For the last several months Elana and I have built up a few more customers each and are seeing someone every day at the boutique. Our regulars are all great and we have built up a good system with her customers coming in the early afternoon around lunch and mine a little later in the afternoon at closing. It's been going really well, but I have had a couple of issues with Antonio in the past few weeks. 3 Saturdays ago, I was finishing my shift with Elana and didn't have a customer that day. She got a page from her Dad and said he was going to be over in a few minutes for me. I figured he wanted to fuck me at the end of the day like usual, but when he got there he had a couple of older guys with him. He introduced them to Elana and I and said they were business connections from a trucking company he works with at his farm.

    Antonio and the guys had obviously been drinking a little and he insisted that I fuck both of them at the same time. I had never been in a threesome and didn't really want to with them since they weren't really attractive guys and were so much older. They didn't really give me a choice though and Antonio told Elana to head home and lock the door behind her. She did as Antonio and carried me into the bedroom and his friends followed. I was surrounded by all three of them, the two guys I had only met once on either side of me on the bed getting undressed and Antonio standing at the foot of the bed pulling my shoes and shorts off. I gave in pretty quickly and let them have their way with me...they pulled my bra off and started to take turns making out with me while the other one was kissing my chest.

    They were both taking turns fingering me and grabbing my chest and ass and I got really wet, they were both being pretty rough though and were a lot bigger than me. I got slid sideways on the bed, both guys stood up on either side of the bed and I had my legs over one guys shoulders as he slid into my pussy while the other slid his cock into my mouth. They both had really big cocks and I was gagging as he was trying to force his cock down my throat. I pushed him back a little until he calmed down some and let the other guy pound me so I would slide his cock in and out of my mouth from getting fucked. I did like that part a lot and as the one guy fucked my mouth, he started rubbing my clit and chest and made me come really quickly. That made the guys go nuts and they started flipping me over on my knees and took turns in front of me and behind me. The whole time Antonio was sitting on one of the benches to the side watching me get fucked by his friends, that was pretty hot too tbh.

    After 30 minutes or so, one of them said that he had an idea and told me to ride him. I was happy to do that since it was going to be a break from going down on them, but I didn't count on the other guy getting behind me and forcing me to bend down on the guy I was riding...he didn't hesitate and he pushed his cock into my ass while I was riding his friend. They both held me down so I couldn't move and it only took him a few seconds to push all the way into my ass. They both started to slide in and out of me at the same time and I was in a lot of pain at first. After a couple of minutes, I was getting used to feeling so full and I could feel them both getting harder and getting ready to come. I could feel the guy below me explode as he started to come and he was coming really hard in my pussy...I almost came again from that and I was really turned on from it feeling so good. After he stopped the guy behind me started to pound my ass really hard...he took a couple more minutes before I could feel him shooting his come deep inside my ass, that was pretty intense!

    The only problem at that point was that I finally looked over at Antonio and he had his phone out and was recording them both fucking me at the same time. I was so pissed and yelled at him to put his phone away. He did and apologized, I told him he better delete it and was held down by his friends as he laughed at me. I was eventually let up and they watched me take a shower and get dressed. After the threesome, Antonio and I talked for a long time after his friends left and I told him I would never do something like that again. He threatened to send the video to Elana and a bunch of the people that he knows in town if I don't keep letting him bring any guys back to see me that he wants to.

    After we argued for a while and got really loud with each other, Antonio grabbed me, bent me over and tied me up to the padded thing with 4 legs and fucked me from behind really hard. I was really turned on and couldn't help it, but that actually was one of the times I came from intercourse. After I came and as he was inside me, he reached over to his pants on a chair and pulled out an envelope with a bunch of $100s in it. He put $1500 of it in my shorts pocket next to his pants on the ground and told me how good I was at my job as he started to pound into my pussy again. He came really hard too, I can still remember feeling his come shooting into me really hard...and draining out later while I was driving!

    So after the past two weeks, I've been really thinking. A couple of other things have happened, including Antonio taking pics of me with some of the other guys he's brought in the last 2 weeks. The question I keep asking is should I keep working there? I am making a lot of money now and having fun most of the time. I am just worried about Antonio since he has already been by every day I have worked this week and is kind of taking over my personal life since he's keeping me late a lot. He has asked me to move in with him a couple times too...I know he has some girlfriends on the side and Elana says her Mom is okay with it for whatever reason. But he has been telling me that I need to live in an apartment away from school and that he'll pay for it. That sounds kind of nice, but I'm worried I'll have to spend the night with him a lot and won't be able to have a personal life of my own.

    Here's some pics of me btw

    Here are a couple of Elana and me
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    You have gorgeous body
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    I can honest god give you no actual advice but what I read was really hot ;) But if it's real and it makes you uncomfortable...well, that's up to you. As a fantasy though, this gets me going! And you are very beautiful. Wonderful storytelling!
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    Oh my God your body is amazing love it thank you for sharing
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    Very hot story, thanks for sharing. You are very sexy, great body!
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    Interesting STORY . . . .NICE Pictures . . . . .Thanks for sharing . . . .What's next . . .? ? ?
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    I can see why he wants you. He might set you up in your own business. But I think you need to make a few movies and post them here
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