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    Dec 2, 2018
    My niece, Mia, sat agaisnt the lounger by the inground pool in our backyard. Surrounding the yard and pool my husband had installed a privacy fence long before he passed away. It was nice because then him and I used to have sex out by the pool. I could sunbath topless there too.
    Mia was about 5'9" and in great shape. She used to be on the swim team in high school. Her hair was dark red and it was cut short. I realized she was my niece, but didnt stop me from looking her over in her tiny bikini. I went to get some lemonade as the day was extremely hot.
    i came back and Mia was not only topless but was naked. She laid back agaisnt the lounger her legs spread out a bit with one hanging off the edge of the chair, "wow getting bold now aren't you??"
    She smiled picked her head up, "I figured you wouldn't mind Aunt Tawni...I mean we are both girls here and there is some privacy."
    I just grinned back, "it good so I guess I can wiggle out of my swimsuit and join you in nakedness." I slipped out of my suit and sat down on the next lounger and saw her look me over a bit.
    "Well, well, Aunt Tawni.. nice shave there down below," she motioned to my pussy of course which was shaved bald, "didnt know you did that sort of thing."
    I just nodded, "yeah well I do. I love how it feels and easy to maintain for the moment, especially in my swimsuit."
    "Well I shave my a bit too, not bald like that," she looked up to me, but I could tell she kept looking at it. I sat down at the edge of my lounger and spread my legs a bit."
    "Well tell me how you lost your driver's license, your mom was very mad about it. She told me the police found you in your car a bit drunk and smoking pot too."
    She let out a sigh, "yeah well I was just sitting there and...well to make a long story short my dad wheeled and dealed with the police and court to just get my license revoked for a year."
    "You are lucky cause you could have had all kinds of charges agaisnt you," I pointed at her.
    "Well to honest with you Aunt Tawni, I wasn't just sitting there I was at an under 21 club and I met a girl inside. We went outside to my car and smoked pot and drank a little," she paused to take some lemonade, "please don't tell my mom but we were kissing and touching each other."
    Now my interest was piqued, "oh yeah, was that the first time??'
    "oh...well yeah.. I had been curious for a long time especially on the swim team. I went to the club the one night and met this girl.." she dropped her other leg off the lounger as I took a quick glance at her curves, "feels soo good to talk to you. My mom wouldn't listen to me."
    "Have you done anything more than that, " wondering myself now.
    She paused for a moment, "yeah I fingered her while she leaned back. I really wanted to try and taste her pussy, but then she suddenly had to go and thats when the cops rolled up."
    "oh really thats terrible," watching her a bit, "If you don't tell, I have been with girl before sexually."
    "oh," she said surprised, "really wow.. never would have guessed. can you tell me more?'
    "Sure, about 8 years ago...two years after your Uncle Eddie passed away from cancer. I was drinking with a friend and she told me about being with a woman..... just one thing led to another and we spent the night together. It was the most amazing time I ever had."
    "Wow. that sounds amazing. I so wanted to get this girl's pussy in my mouth and feel her mouth on me too."
    I sat up at the end of my lounger and openned my legs wider. I licked my lips at her, "well with some discretion you could taste my pussy."
    "I....umm...Aunt Tawni.. not sure.. if I want..." she stuttered as she talked
    "I saw you looking at me as I got undressed.. you know you want it," I moved to her lounger and slowly moved my hands along her thighs so close to her pussy.
    "ohhh," she let out a sigh. She hesitated, "I am not really sure...."
    I moved my hand to touch her pussy lightly. I pushed closer to her as I she moaned a bit, "let me show you how good you can feel.."
    I pushed her back onto the lounger as I moved on top in a 69 position with my shaved pussy inches from her face as I slowly kissed her pussy at first. I felt her tongue start licking as she played with my ass. I slowly licked along her pussy...along her crevice.
    "oh my god Aunt Tawni... don't fucking stop..." she cried out as she buried her face into my wet pussy.
    Using my tongue I licked around her pussy lips while my fingers rubbed agasint her clit. I felt her hot mouth and tongue against my pussy. she rubbed her finger agaisnt my ass and licked my pussy good.
    i did not say a word as I used my tongue to push into her pussy as I rubbed agaisnt her clit. I pushed my fingers into her pussy as i twisted and turned them as I sucked her clit harder
    Mia drove me crazy licking my ass as she pumped her fingers inside me. She moved her mouth to tongue fuck me as she pushed her wet finger into my tight ass.
    We both started to moan together as i felt her cumming. I almost squrited as she licked my pussy like crazy. I sat up try to catch my breath
    "oh my god that was so crazy....." Mia said leaning up in the lounger, "so intense."
    I leaned and kissed her, "well your mom is gonna be here in an hour so lets take shower together and you can tell me more about how you enjoyed yourself..."
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    Did you have round 2 ?
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