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    Jan 28, 2017
    So my parents got divorced when I was younger and when I was in high school my mother started dating this guy who lived in the same town and his daughter was 2 grades ahead of me in high school. It started to get serious and my mother married this guy which made this girl my step sister. I was a sophomore in high school and she was a senior. We were pretty cool and when my new step dad and stepsister moved in we started getting closer. I had friends who were in here grade and went to the same parties as her. One night I was drinking in the woods and she was there so we drove home together. We got in her car and she said do you wanna get something to eat. We went to mcdonalds and went through the drive thru and she pulled over instead of just driving home. We were talking and eventually started making out. She sucked my dick in the parking lot and i came in her mouth. We went home and that was it. This happened on a friday night. The next night I went out with my friends and was texting her thoughout the night. I was drinking and i told her to come by my room when she got home. I was in my room drunk as hell at about midnight when she came in and without saying anything she just layed down in my bed with me. We 69nd and I fucked her. She rode my dick and I pulled out and came all over her stomach and tits. She was hot. She was like 5 foot 1 but had a fat ass and nice little round small tits. We fucked many times. I am 23 now and on holidays when we are together we have sex even though she has a boyfriend. I have cummed in her a couple times too.
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      Nice!!! Lucky you!!!!
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    Jan 3, 2017
    Mmmmmm nice
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    Jan 13, 2017
    My dad married a woman when i was 17 and she had a 7 or 8 yr old daughter.She was my buddy but i moved out and didnt see her too often over the next few years.She had a crush on me and liked showing me off to her friends and talked highly of me . She got really pretty in her teens but I didnt think much about it. Dad adopted her and she was just my kid sister. My dad had to have surgery and I was asked to housesit. She was still living there but was a college freshman and was pretty sheltered. Wanted me there to make sure she was safe and they didnt want guys over.I was 27 or so. She was around 18 I suppose.When she was younger she would try to catch me naked and it was kinda cute. We were both developed and had nice bodies at this time. We never saw each other fully as brother and sister but we loved one another like family. She knew she could call me no matter what she was involved in an I would come get her without question.We would talk when she couldnt go to her mom or my dad. They treated her like a child and she was kept in dark about alot of things. Sexuality was never discussed with her by them. She had alot of questions and made me aware she had interest but had almost zero experiences. It was a bit of an awkward conversation that night but got way more comfortable and we talked about sex quite a bit. The next day I was out by pops pool gettin some sun. She got home and said she was gonna change,make slushes and join me if I didnt mind my dorky kid sis . I said "of course not".
    She came out in a very small bikini and I was floored. I said " wow , kiddo " she acted like she wasnt aware she was a lil hottie. She told me not to make fun or be grossed out. I said " youre beautiful" She blushed and said " i know im not ugly but im not SEXY like the girls you date". I told her that she was very sexy and I had to remind myself who she was and not stare. She told me " That made her feel good for me to say that and she would love it for me to stare and be honest if she had ugly parts"..told me that she was in her tanning bikini and it was a cpl years old and made her look fat. I told her she had a great body. She stood and asked if her legs were too skinny?" They were long and toned from soccer. Then she said " I have a honky butt" She turned and showed me and had her fingers and fixed suit. I said " damn, thats a hot lil ass " I told her she was way too hot to be posing like that" said " Im a man and its been a bit since ive seen anything like that" She said " aww shuddup,youre the one thats hot ...always have been"
    Told me her and her friends used to worship me. Told me they chatted their fantasies and wondered what i looked like naked " she said " i saw IT once for a second and IT was way bigger than the only other one she saw" I said " whattt? , when was this ?" She told me at my old apt when she stayed the night ,she saw it in the mirror when door was cracked. Told me she hated my gf i had cuz she could see it all the time and she thought it was unfair and laughed. Then said " it was really nice though and she never forgot it" I was shocked and the whole situation was awkward but I was really fighting arousal. She asked me to let the dog out and when i got up I was about half hard. She said " oh my god" I told her that I was sorry ,but her body and the conversation had me a lil turned on " She said " For realz, that it was so awesome that she could do that" She told me "not to be sorry and not to be creeped if she stares".I said "i have been staring through my glasses,and thats why im this way" She said " youve seen me in panties tons" I said not as hot as you are NOW" She rolled on her back and wanted to hear what i liked .Her titties were way too big for her top and I told her they were nice. She giggled and I told her her legs were sexy. She stuck a leg in the air and flexed and it was obvious she was waxed. I was growing and i moved it to the side. She said " that is soooo big , how big does it get ? " I told her she was about to see if this kept on going like this" She said " Really, I can see ?" I said " you can tell now " She said " boo, I thought I was really gonna get to see it" I asked if "she really wanted to see my dick? " She said " omg yesss" Then she told me the neighbors wernt home for hours and that she tans topless out her all the time and pulled her top to show tanline and showed half her nipple.I was now hard as fuck...I was already sticking out above my waistband. I stood up and took my shorts off and her jaw was dropped to her titties. I have 9 inches hard and she was stunned and would not look away. She kept asking" I did that?" I said " hell yeah you did" ... I told her the nipple did it.She asked if i liked her breast and took her top off. SO PERKY and perfect.I said " youre so fuckin hot" and it made her more turned on and she rolled on her side and rubbed her hip and ass. Asked me " if i really thought her ass wasnt flat and ugly ?"and thonged her bottoms. I started stroking myself and she was blown away that i would do that. She asked if i jack off alot. I told her pretty often but I couldnt help it seeing a really hot naked woman that likes looking at my dick. She said " Im not naked ,but i can be,if you promise you really want to see me cuz i think my hooch is ugly" I said " i highly doubt that " I told her to look how hard I was and I didnt see anything ugly on her sexy body. She stood
    up , put her back to me which was the ass and slid her bottoms down and sat back down with her hands covering her pussy . I told her " dont be embarrassed at all,and that i would never do anything to hurt or disrespect her" She showed me and I was soooo hard it hurt... I told her how i wss sooo hard and she asked "how hard do they actually get?" I asked " what do you mean, like size or do you wanna know how rigid?" She said " rigid , does it get like bone?" I asked if she wanted to touch my dick?" Her eyes got huge and I took her dainty hand and put it on my dick and it wouldnt go around it. I was so worked up and started jacking off with her hand. I sat on her lounge chair facing her with our legs opened. When she spread it her pussy opened a lil and it was sooo wet. I told her it was so bald and beautiful" she was ashamed it was completely bald but she didnt want to have pubes show with her suits. I told her " i loved it that way " i only had a lil patch on mine because i didnt want to be bald at the gym. She kept saying "its so big , I cant believe im touching my bubs dick" I told her to have fun playing with it" She said "she never done it before" I told her I "wasnt gonna try to have sex with her" I said" we are just playing and enjoying each others sexy" I asked her if " she was gonna be freaked out when i cum " she said " she had never seen it but heard it was really messy and kinda gross. I showed her the ooze i had and put her finger on it and let her feel it . She said "its sticky" i licked her finger and she wss a lil freaked by it. I rubbed her thighs higher and higher then massaged her clit ...she moaned and squirmed hard. I turned to the side and used her tanning oil for lube,jacked off and shot a huge load over the chair i was first in. She was in awe and I told her i couldnt help it ,she had me so turned on and was so hot that i had to explode.She said " you do that in girls mouths " i said " only the ones that want it and at that time it wasnt but a few. We went inside. We took a shower together and washed each other . She went in her room and came out in panties and tshirt . I stayed nude and she was shocked that I didnt feel a need to cover around her anymore. I told her if it bothered her I would " she said "ummm nooooo". I told her to look ,ask,touch all she wanted. I told her i didnt want her to feel uncomfortable,that we were,adult, not blood and really didnt do anything bad or wrong. We talked more about sex, oral, porn, turn ons and what guys liked. I noticed her panties were wet . I pulled her shirt off and when it came off she started kissing me ...awkward but its what she felt and all she knew to do. I pulled her panties off and layed her down and stuck my tongue on her clit and she was worried i was gonna think she was gross. I love eating pussy and drove her crazy and she was so turned on she kissed me with her pussy on my face. Freaked a lil but kept on.She asked if wanted her to suck my dick cuz she wanted to try .I told her "only if she wanted to" she said " please dont squirt in my mouth because if it tasted bad she may get sick." She did her best .Gagged and got toothy but really got hot with my dick in her mouth. I made her rub herself and it really turned her on. I rubbed the head in her and it was soooooo tempting but i didnt. I asked if i could cum on her ...and before she answered i came from her pussy to throat. She froze.. I told her it was okay ,no big deal and told her it really didnt taste bad. She asked " how do you know?" I licked it off her pussy and she licked it of my tip. The next 4 days were even better and more fun. I rented porn ,we stayed nude . Sucked her toes, she measured my dick, licked and tongued her asshole,lots of fingers and oral.
    I left and nothing happened again till 3 years later aftershe had a big breakup.She came over upset ,drunk and feeling like she wasnt sexy or good enough.Started sucking by dick and tried to put me in her. Got about 3 inches in and it was soooo tight and i couldnt let her do that in her state.She slept at my place . Woke up and apologized for two days and we never mentioned it again.
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    Hot story!!!