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  1. theonetributer

    theonetributer Newcumer

    May 13, 2018
    My innocent cousin Faiza and her fun to forced pounding.

    Tuesday 15th may. My name's Mo and I am or was up to a point a 18 year old virgin. I’d describe myself as an average sized man with a great physique and light brown skin.

    This is a kinda True story which unfolded 2 days prior on Sunday, I may have tweaked a few things for your satisfaction.

    So let's begin. I woke up on a hot summers day wondering what the fuck I should do; I got out of bed, went to have breakfast ( Burnt Toast if you wanna know), Then I brushed my teeth and did all that other bullshit like shower. After I got dressed in My pajamas, yes my pajamas at 2pm, so fucking what, I then went to my computer and put on some porn, specifically some old - young, incest, foot fetish and oil porn.

    I was getting bored of porn and had always wanted to fuck a family member, especially a young girl, since there innocence would be easy to use. I loved watching young girls, suck cock, get fucked and get used by sick old bastards, it turned me on like trump’s fascination of his own daughter.

    I was day dreaming when I heard my door open, I looked down with my hands in my pants and gazed at my cousin Faiza (7), then my mom shouted from downstairs ''mo, me and faiza’s mom are going out, we’ll be back in a hour, look after Faiza’’, I said ok in an annoyed tone.

    Faiza (7) came and sat on my bed, I still had my hand in my pants, she said “what you doing”, I glanced at her tiny body looking up and down, staring at her cute bare feet up to her untouched vagina, then to her ingrown chest and up to her kiddish smilish. I told her I was playing and having fun, she said “how”. I had a naughty Idea to fulfill my messed up fantasy, I asked her if she wanted to play a game, she instantly said “yeah what's the game”, I said it involves watching people have fun in something called porn and copying them, she said “mm ok” in a cute and innocent manner.

    I told Faiza (7) to come and sit on my lap. I put on a foot fetish vid, in this an old man is licking a teen girls bare feet while jerking his cock, I paused and said let's start with this, she said “ok” with amusement. I lifted both her feet up and kissed her toes as she giggled, I slowly used the edge of my tongue and moved up and down her soles slowly, my cock was out and fully erect at this point as I sucked on both her toes.

    I then moved her feet and sandwiched my cock with them as she looked in awe,I slowly fucked her feet for 2 minutes until she said “what's next”. So I had a plan to make each thing up as we went along. I told her to get completely naked and she responded instantly as my mind blew in excitement, I took all my clothes aswell to fit in. I then told her to kneel next to my cock and do as I say, she said “Okey dokey”, so I told her pretend she was licking an ice lolly, she responded amazingly by putting my entire cock in her mouth only gagging a little as I pushed my cock in and out for 5 minutes straight.

    I pulled out and told her to lay down on the bed. I moved my lips to hers and slowly kissed her as our saliva intertwined and our tongues pushed together, I then slowly moved down to her neck kissing and licking as I went down to her undeveloped breasts, biting on each one as she giggled moving down between her legs and laying my tongue on the untouched gold, I ravaged in there and licked as she squirmed and laughed. She then said “what next”, I glanced over at a new bottle of baby oil with a great Idea in mind, I dared her to pour this oil over both us and rub it all over, she said “yeah ok hehe”, she grabbed the bottle, threw the cap off and drenched herself and I as I rubbed it all over her, on her breasts on and in her holes, even on her face, as she roughed my cock with her oily hands.

    My cock was ready for some action, so I told her let's make it interesting. I said it's going to hurt at first but she'll enjoy it, she said “obviously let's do it”. So I bent her over and kissed her holes, before I slipped my finger in her asshole and teased my cock in between her pussy, she was squirming in pain at this moment until I said ready, her response was hard to here but I lined my cock up at her entrance and slowly pushed in as she screamed in agony, moving into her tight pussy as my finger kept digging in her asshole, I pushed in slowly and built up the pace as my cock hit every wall, every second built in tension as I reached her precious cherry and with one wush I ripped through, as she cried saying “ow stop please” but I was having too much fun, so I picked up the pace and pounded her young pussy until she passed out in exhaustion, my balls tightened up as I pounded furiously, her tiny body body being moved around like a rag doll, then my balls let go of an enormous stream of cum which came dripping out the sides as I roared.

    As I pulled out the cummed dripped out onto her soles and just set there as my cock was still in a state of fury wanting more. My finger still in her ass waiting to be filled, I lined up and went in with my cum covered cock, pounding away as she awoke screaming in agony “no please it hurts, please stop!”, I didn't care as I pounded in and out with her faeces covering my cock, my load building to the point of eruption and shot streams of cum into her asshole as I my satisfaction still wasn't over; I pulled out and all that cum erupted down her legs covering her feet. I didn't want to go waste, so I sucked it all off her feet and spat into her mouth with my cock still erect, I shoved my cock in her mouth and she struggled to breathe with a mouth full of cum and cock.

    I fucked her mouth for 5 minutes until my cock erupted and I shot a final huge load all over her young face and tits. I licked it all up and fed her the cum with a kiss as she laid there in pain and pleasure as she had just been fucked by her older cousin.

    I cleaned her up and put her down for a nap, thinking about the endless possibilities with her. I sat there until both our moms arrived; Her mom came in and said “aww that's cute, did you have fun”, I said we certainly did, she carried on “well since your so good at this, would you like to look after Faiza and your cousin Saima (13) next week, it's going to be an overnight thing”, I had so many thoughts going through my head at this point with an instantaneous answer saying “yes of course”. She said “alright we'll see you next week”.

    I had hit the jackpot, 2 young cousins and endless possibilities. I had to think of a plan and a messed up one at that.

    Till next time in the impregnation threesome.
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  2. Jhalp55

    Jhalp55 Sex Lover

    Apr 4, 2018
    I really hope the 7 and 13 in the parenthesis are not the ages of the girls....because thats pretty fucked up...
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