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  1. The Forbidden Road

  2. You Stole my Heart

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  3. Jack and Jill: The Whole Story

  4. Liitle Blue Riding Hood

  5. On A Hot Summer Night

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  6. The Ghost in the Closet

  7. Dreams

  1. Loretta Roberson

    Loretta Roberson Porn Star

    Apr 21, 2018
    Here is how this is going to work....please read the stories and then vote for the one you like....if you wish to comment you may...but if your comment is mean and not constructive in anyway you will be reported....thank you and enjoy!!!! you have a week from 7/6/2018 to vote and read
    1. Douglas Blue
      Also important to point out, these were Fairy Tale Stories.
      Douglas Blue, Jul 8, 2018
    2. Loretta Roberson
      yes that was the intended theme but as it was the first one I am not going to be a stickler on that....I had a few say that fairy tale was not their forte....its supposed to be fun...and those that wrote had fun with it lol....as this is the first we can let a few things slide....the person or persons that take over can dictate the next theme and if they set it as a no-change theme then I hope writers respect that and have as much fun with it as they can
      Loretta Roberson, Jul 8, 2018
  2. Loretta Roberson

    Loretta Roberson Porn Star

    Apr 21, 2018
    Story 1 DREAMS

    She had been orphaned as a child, foster home to foster home she travelled. Her bags never unpacked, her blonde hair a shamble, her jeans worn and red t-shirt stained. Shirley walking down the back alley, spotted a garbage can that glowed. She bent overtop and saw a purple glowing bottle, reaching in she pulled out a piece of paper. Unravelling the paper, she read the passage:

    Lola Lola your heart was stola
    Filla Philla he will Filla
    Dreama dreama filled with creama
    And yours will cum true
    Says this passage 3 times and your dreams will come true

    Shirley desperate for a change and wanted out of her current life.
    After repeating the phrase three times. “POOF!” and a 2 ft. rotund purple man, with an extraordinarily large penis, appeared. His penis near dragging to the floor, he looked her in the eyes. “Hello Shirley – My name is Phil! I’m here to make your dreams come true! Once your dream has been proposed, we must consummate the agreement for it to come true!”

    Shirley thought and thought, doubting Phil, she said “I’d like a million dollars!”.

    Phil replied “Ok – come lay down here!”

    The purple man climbed up on top of Shirley, one hand on each breast, then Phil raising his right hand snapped his finger, Shirley’s clothes were gone and Phil’s purple fleshy penis was in front of her. Tugging on his penis it hardened, the head of the purple extension peaking out the end the thick cock. He pulled back and started his verse.

    Dreams cum true – Dreams cum true
    No longer blue – no longer blue
    You want one million dollars
    Youtocum youtocum

    Slowly he pressed his cock between her labia and pushed it into her. Shirley could feel his thickness and length growing inside her. His small hands and fingers playing with her super erect nipples. He pulled himself towards her mouth, and kissed her lips, still remaining inside her. The full shaft of his cock changing and morphing and vibrating inside her. What was going on? His dick looked near alien but felt great as it pressed into and out of her pussy. Phil held his hand up “finger on” he commanded, his finger started to vibrate and he reached down between them until his finger was on her bean. Almost instantly she was firm and hard. Phil pumped in and out of Shirley, her blond hair partially covering her face, so she didn’t have to look into Phil’s eyes. She felt so good but couldn’t stand looking at his face. But “ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhh Phil!” And poof Phil’s face changed to an attractive short haired male face with blue eyes, “Phil?” She asked and Phil replied “Every time you orgasm, I change from goblin to hunk and once I’m converted one million dollars will be yours!”

    Shirley, finally thinking of something beside the million dollars coming her way, asked, “Phil, how many wishes can I have. Is this a one and done deal, or can I have as many wishes as I want?”

    “No longer blue – No longer blue, that’s all that all that I will say to you”, Phil chanted. “For when I’m changed, you’ll have your wish, and then we can discuss what’s next.”

    What have I come to, Shirley wondered. Fucking a goblin in an alley for money. I’m no better than a prostitute. But, I’ll be the richest prostitute around. Come on Shirley, get your mind in the gutter and start enjoying this. Your future depends on it.

    “Oh Phil”, Shirley purred, “can you help me cum again? I can’t wait to see what you look like when you’re completely changed.”

    Phil, puffing from the exertion, laughed loudly. “I’ve heard it all, these things you say, but I will help you out today. Get on all fours, you will obey, and I will make you cum today.”

    Phil pulled his huge penis out of Shirley. As she turned onto her stomach, she noticed his purple balls were turning blue. Oh, no, that can’t be good, he keeps saying no longer blue, but his balls are turning blue. I had better give him a show, I want that money. Raising onto her hands and knees, Shirley arched her back. Her ass raising into the air. She wiggled her ass, looking behind her. Seeing Phil looking directly at her pussy, she spread her legs slightly, giving him a better view of her hairy twat.

    Phil jumping up and down like a kid in a candy store, leaned forward and put his face in Shirley’s pussy. And immediately pulled back. This would not do, this would not do at all. He wanted to enjoy this and couldn’t because of her being unkempt. Raising his hand, and lifting his finger, he commanded “Finger Clean”. Touching her pussy, his finger removed the hair, making her smooth. Running his finger between her lips, he could see the filth being removed. Happy with himself, he leaned back into her pussy, sniffing and loving the smell coming from her. Raising his finger again, he commanded “Finger On”, and touched her clit. Vibrations emanated from his finger, and soon wetness appeared between her lips. His finger, still vibrating, left her clit and moved between her lips. Sliding in the moisture she was creating, small blue electric currents were beginning to appear, similar to a Plasma Globe.

    Not being able to see what Phil was doing to her, Shirley merely focussed on the feeling. She felt like her cunt was connected to a Tens Unit. It wasn’t a bad feeling, in fact, the more he moved his finger up and down her slit, the more she liked the feeling. Tingles ran along her lips, and into her vagina. His finger seemed to be following the current, as Phil slid into her hole. The current was now hitting her G-spot. He quickly moved his finger in and out, knowing what the current was doing to her. Smiling an evil smile, he pushed his stubby little finger in as far as it would go. He could rub his finger along her smooth vaginal walls, probing her. The current now hitting her cervix.

    As Shirley orgasmed a second time, Phil’s chest, shoulders and arms grew. Looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his body building days. Had anyone been walking down that alley, they would have wondered how he was standing up on those three short legs. Three legs – no two legs and a penis.

    “Just one more time and I will be a man again!” Phil exclaimed. “Give me your booty!” Phil lay on the cool asphalt face up, Shirley proportional to his torso laid face down on top, his goblin like legs extending a mere 12 inches away from her face. His thick massive cock hard and erect the head about 3 inches beyond the back of her head. She rolled her face to the side and pulled hard to get it to reach her mouth. Her tongue and mouth barely holding it in position.

    Phil with his magic, cleaned her entry ways. His tongue, long and pointed, tickled her asshole as his fingers played with and stroked her labia and bean. “Ohh! Be gentle” said Shirley. His thick tongue stroked up and down, taking his time he entered her slit, parting her lips, she released some of her passion. “Ohhh! Your tongue feels so good!” Withdrawing her juices like sweet candy. Phil enjoyed her more than he could’ve imagined. He pushed into her again, as deep as he could, his cheeks touching hers, he wiggled his firm extended tongue feeling her tighten around it.

    “Ohhhh! Phil” cried Shirley as she pulled him out of her mouth and stroked him as hard as she could. Up and down his pre-cum and her saliva the lubricant. Her hand moved as fast as it could. His length so long it would bend on the down stroke.

    “Ohhh Shirley!”as he withdrew again and penetrated faster. His index finger gently massaging her full-grown bean. Phil pulling out extended the top of his tongue across her moist bean, pressing against it and rolling it back and forth. “Ohh!” Shirley gasped as she came, her downstroke the last as Phil shot his load 3 feet into the air. Shirley collapsed down on Phil, still holding his cock.

    *Poof* the sky went dark, stars fell towards earth.

    In the blink of an eye Phil’s legs became human again.

    Paper started falling from the black quiet night. $10, $20, and $100-dollar bills landed all around them. Looking up into the sky, they were stunned by a blinding flash of light. One million dollars lay on the asphalt in that dark, empty alley.

    The sun shown bright in the blue sky. Not a cloud was in the sky. A sign across from the sandy beach read Florida!

    Phil sat up in his beach chair. “Wow! What a dream!” Saying to himself.
    “Surely it wasn’t a dream, it felt so real”. He said aloud. Feeling a tap on his shoulder, he looked up. It was her, the girl from his dream. She was beautiful, coiffed and pampered. She was dressed to the nines. And looked as if money was something she’d known all her life.

    “Excuse me, my name is Shirley, I couldn’t help but notice you have a nice smile!”

    The End
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    Last edited: Jul 7, 2018
  3. Loretta Roberson

    Loretta Roberson Porn Star

    Apr 21, 2018

    Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of Water

    Jack fell down and broke his crown

    And Jill came tumbling after,

    That is the tale that we were told

    There is more of the story you see

    But no respectable parent would be so bold

    As to tell their children the rest.

    As Jill fell down the hill so dainty

    Her dress went over her head

    And on her bottom was no pantie.

    Jack saw her plumb bottom so pale

    His crown quickly healed, and he did arise

    Because he wanted a piece of tail.

    He mounted Jill with a hard thrust,

    Like a dog in heat did he pound

    And her virginity he did bust.

    Her tightness gripped him like a glove

    They were lost in their lustful heat,

    For what they were doing was not making love.

    Who do you think you are Young mister,

    Jill said as she felt his cock erupt,

    You know you should not have cum inside your sister.
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  4. Loretta Roberson

    Loretta Roberson Porn Star

    Apr 21, 2018

    Gretel sat naked at the breakfast table with her chin resting on her hands, withher long blonde locks that were split into two flaxen plaits that fell over each shoulder until they almost touched her erect nipples. At 19 her body was in almost perfect condition with flawless skin and bright blue eyes in the middle of her round and innocent face. “I’m bored,” Gretel moaned, “there is never anything to do in this stupid gingerbread house.”

    “You could always suck my cock,” said her twin brother Hansel, who was standing in the doorway also naked and sporting a large hard cock in his right hand.

    As he pulled back his foreskin slowly revealing his purple cock head, Gretel felt her pussy get damp as she watched a pearl of pre-cum appear on the slit. “Well come here then,” Gretel said, grinning widely, “but I am only going to suck you a little bit as I want that gorgeous cock deep inside.”

    Hansel stood next to his sister and letting go of his cock allowed it to spring free and quiver in front of her lips. Opening her mouth Gretel slowly enveloped the cockhead before letting her head sink down until the tip of the cock nearly touched the back of her throat. Then sucking deeply,she pulled back until the cock nearly left her mouth causing a loud groan of pleasure to come from Hansel’s mouth. “You are the best cock sucker I know,” said Hansel as he placed a hand on Gretel’s head and started to move his hips slowly fucking his sister's face.

    “I am the only cocksucker you know,” laughed Gretel as she broke off from her sucking and held Hansel’s throbbing cock in her hand, pulling his foreskin back tightly.

    Hansel decided now was not the time to discuss the mutual cock sucking and more he had enjoyed with a wandering woodcutter one day when Gretel was out foraging in the forest. “Make it good and wet Sis as I fancy taking you anally this morning.” Gretel slid off the chair not letting the cock out of her mouth as she stood bent over at the waist with her legs apart. From this position Gretel could carry on her slow sucking while at the same time finger her soaking pussy and transfer the juices to her tight anal star. Hansel loved the way his sister enjoyed all types of sex and since they had started six months ago when they found a collection of porn magazines, she was insatiable. Hansel could see in the mirror over Gretel’s back how she was working first one finger, then two fingers, in and out of her ass opening it ready for him. The sight was too much for Hansel and grabbing his sister by the hair pushed her face down over the kitchen table sending cups & plates flying. “Tell me what you want Sis,” Hansel said as he rubbed the head of his cock over her anal rose bud.

    “I want your fat cock in my ass,” Gretel said in a husky voice as she reached behind and grabbing a cheek in each hand pulled the globes apart. Hansel was more than happy to oblige and pushing the head just in he heard the guttural moan from his sister. “That feels so good brother,” Gretel panted as her ass adjusted to the invasion, “Now fuck me hard.”

    Hansel knew what his sister craved and grabbing her hips levered himself fast and deep into her ass opening her and making her moan half from pain and half from lust. Digging his fingers into her fleshy hips Hansel began to fuck hard and deep as he grunted, "This is how you like to be fucked isn't it you slut."

    "Fuck yes," panted Gretel like a bitch in heat feeling the burn in her ass as her brother's fat cock slammed in and out. Forcing a hand between her legsas her breasts were mashed against the table Gretel rubbed her clit frantically, revelling in her brother's non-stop anal assault. She could tell bythe laboured breathing that Hansel was already approaching his orgasm and gripping tightly with her anal muscles she elicited a mighty moan before Hansel grunted and exploded into her ass. Each slam sent her crashing against the table as Hansel emptied his full balls into his sister, thrusting with each spurt until he was spent.

    Lying on Gretel's back Hansel recovered his breath as his cock started to shrink before falling out with an audible plop. "Mmmmm that was a nice way to start the day," purred Gretel, "but now I am going to seek out some more fun, perhaps a walk in the woods, maybe even pop over and see Grandma."

    Gretel had called her Grandma but in fact it had been many years before that the old woman had adopted Hansel & Gretel and helped then get set up after they had pushed the old witch into the fire.

    "You going naked?" laughed Hansel as he watched his sister's perfectly round ass bounce gently as she walked across the kitchen.

    "No," cried Gretel grabbing a large blue sheet from the laundry pile and wrapping it round herself, "I shall be little blue riding hood."


    An hour or so later Gretel was walking along enjoying the fine weather and could feel the odd dribble of her brother's cum from her pleasantly throbbing ass. As she rounded the corner there on the side of the path sat a young man about her age with his head in his hands sobbing quietly.

    "Hello," said Gretel, being the friendly type, "I'm Gretel from the Gingerbread House where I live with my brother Hansel. What's your name and why are you crying?"

    "I am Jack" said the young man between sobs, "and all I ate was one bloody bean and now I will never get a girlfriend and will stay a virgin forever."

    Gretel looked confused, Jack seemed a nice young man about her age or perhaps a year or two older, sure his clothes weren'tthe most fashionable but he was pleasant enough in a rough and ready way. "Don't be silly," chided Gretel. "you will have no problems finding yourself a girlfriend."

    "It's not finding them that's the problem," said Jack, "It's keeping them after they see what the bean did." Seeing the look of confusion on Gretel's face, Jack stood and undoing his belt let his trousers fall to his ankles. He was naked underneath and Gretel couldn't help but gasp as she saw the size of Jack's cock, which was as thick as her wrist and fell half way down his thighs where it lay limply against his flesh. "See," said Jack seeing the look of shock on Gretel's face, "since I ate the bean it has made my 'stalk' grow to the point where girls run away screaming, like I guess you will now."

    Gretel swallowed to find her voice and as Jack went to pull up his trousers Gretel stayed his hand with a gentle touch to his wrist and croaked, "no stop." Jack looked at Gretel not sure what she was going to do, when to his relief she sank to her knees murmuring the words, "it's magnificent." Gretel tried to get her hand round Jack's cock but her hand was too small, even though the cock was still flaccid. Starting to work it with both hands Gretel gurgled with pleasure as it started to grow and swell to her touch. Gretel could hardly open her jaws far enough to envelop the head with her warm wet mouth but when she did she was rewarded with a groan of pure pleasure from Jack.

    "Oh Gretel, thank you," Jack moaned as Gretel slowly worked as much of the cock into her mouth as she could while still leaving plenty for both of her hands to work on. Gretel's reply was muffled but when Jack put a hand between her legs he could feel how wet she was and three fingers slid in with ease. Jack started to work them in and out, deeper and faster, feeling Gretel's juices coat his fingers, and when he introduced a fourth Gretel moaned with pleasure around his cock which totally filled her mouth.

    Jack was working his fingers in and out to the knuckle and Gretel writhed on his fingers until finally she removed his now very hard cock from her mouth and gasped, "Fuck me, I beg you fuck me until I can't stand, then fuck me some more."

    Gretel laid on the grass vergeand opened her legs as wide as she possibly could until her inner thighs were straining to keep her open. Jack shuffled between her legs and placed one of Gretel's ankles on each shoulder before taking hold of his cock at the base and looked at Gretel waiting for confirmation. Gretel stared at the cock, which made Jack's hands look tiny and gulped half in fear but more in lust and nodded as she had almost lost the power of speech.

    "OH... MY... FUCKING... GOD," Gretel's shouted, the sound echoing round the forest as Jack slowly started to press the head in then pausing looking down at Gretel who was visibly shaking. "More," Gretel croaked, "Please God more," and happy to oblige Jack increased the pressure and felt his cock slide deeper into Gretel's soaking pussy until finally he was buried fully into Gretel who twitched under him like a fish on a hook. "Fuck... fuck... fuck," was all Gretel could utter as Jack slowly pulled back leaving a huge void inside before slowly pushing back in.

    Jack winced as he felta sharp pain in his shoulders where Gretel had dug her nails deep into his skin clawing backwards to leave thin bloody trails on his back. Grunting Jack started to fuck Gretel harder and deeper, until he was slamming into her body with faster and faster strokes. Not pausing as Gretel's cries of orgasm sounded loudly in his ears, Jack continued to pound feeling Gretel jerk & twitch under him, her juices from her climax making his passage easier. The sound of their bodies slapping together filled the forest along with the slurping sounds that Gretel's pussy made as Jack filled like she had never been filled before. Finally,with a cry like a wild animal Jack jerked and writhed as he emptied his balls inside another human being for the first time.

    As they both slowly caught their breath, Jack, still embedded in Gretel, looked down onto Gretel's face and said softly, "That was the tightest pussy I have even felt round my cock."

    Gretel had an idiot grin plastered on her face which turned a little quizzical as she said, "Thought you were a virgin?"

    "I was," laughed Jack, "for human pussy, but Daisey our brown cow, who I was supposed to sell at market, has been very accommodating at times."

    Gretel clambered unsteadily to her feet and felt some of Jack's copious seed ooze out from the throbbing and tingling mess between her legs. Scooping it with her fingers Gretel sucked her own fingers clean before grabbing her blue cape. Wrapping it round her shoulders she re-joined the path with promises to Jack that she would be round at least once a week to enjoy his beanstalk.


    About an hour later Gretel came across a small thatched cottage nestling in a quiet leafy glade. The househad an immaculate garden surrounded by a neat wooden fence and a sign which Gretel read aloud, "The 3 bears home." Gretel felt her tummy rumble as she was feeling quite hungry so quietly opening the gate Gretel crept to the house and peered through the window. The bowls on the table looked so inviting and with her hunger getting the better of her caution shelifted the latch and stepped inside.

    Tasting a spoonful from the first bowl Gretel spat the contents out, "Fucking porridge, I hate porridge," Gretel said throwing the spoon down as she saw to her disappointment that the other bowls were filled with the same. "There must be something else to eat," Gretel grumbled and started to search the small neat interior.

    When she found nothing of interest on the ground floor Gretel climbed the stairs to the single bedroom and saw that lined up side by side were three beds of differing sizes. Gretel stared open mouthed but what really took her breath away was the vision lying on the smallest of the beds. Totally naked was a petite young woman with small breasts and pert nipples that were standing up erect and proud. Her golden hair cascaded around her head and when Gretel glanced between her legs the same golden curls were visible. Gretel could hear the woman moaning softly as she lay there and stepping closer Gretel could see why she was moaning.

    Her legs were spread and she was holding her perfectly formed pink pussy lips open with one hand while with her other she gently touched and teased her clit that was standing up like a small thumb. The woman's eyes were closed, but as Gretel moved closer they opened and she smiled at Gretel without pausing her gentle stroking. "Hello," she purred, "My name is Goldilocks but you can call me Goldie. Do you like what you see?" Gretel could only nod dumbly as she watched the woman tweak her own clit between her finger and thumb and moaning softly with the effect it had. "Have you ever been with a woman?" Goldie asked, smiling as Gretel shook her head with her eyes transfixed. "Come here," Goldie purred and when Gretel didn't move she repeated herself, but a little more firmly, "Come here and touch me, now." Gretel moved quicklyto the side of the bed and still smiling Goldie reached out and taking Gretel's hand by the wrist moved it until it was touching her pussy.

    Gretel could feel her mouth was dry but other parts of her body were very much not dry as she felt another woman's pussy for the first time. Of course, she had played with herself many times but had never touched another woman and felt so differently yet oh so familiar. Without rational though Gretel moved her fingers across Goldie's clit, flicking and teasing it like it was her own and drew anexcited gasp from Goldie.

    Goldie reached up and unfasted the cape, which fell to a shimmering blue puddle at Gretel's feet and Goldie feasted her eyes on Gretel's body. "Move closer," Gretel whispered and as Gretel complied Goldie tapped the inside of Gretel's thighs in a silent indication she should open her legs. Gretel moved her feet apart and Goldie slide a hand up Gretel's thigh and slipped a finger inside her laughing as she did, "My my, you are very open and wet," said Goldie and quickly replaced a single finger with three causing Gretel's legs to buckle slightly as Goldie twisted them inside her body. "Lick my pussy," Goldie said firmly and Gretel bent her head and inhaled deeply before bending further and taking a long lick to taste Goldie's sweet nectar.

    Gretel found her legs and body being guided as she started to take tentative licks until she was straddling Goldie in a 69 position. As Gretel started to enjoy the taste more and more her licking became more enthusiastic and she started probing and sucking at Goldie'spussy. Returning the compliment Goldie pulled Gretel's pussy down onto her tongue and got a full mouthful of Jack's seed mixed with Gretel's juices. "Yummy," Goldie exclaimed," You have bought me something very lovely to eat," and started to devour Gretel's open pussy sucking the seed and juices into her eager mouth.

    The sensations were sending Gretel mad as Goldie's talented tongue worked its magic and not to be outdone Gretel probed and flicked, delighting in the way Goldie responded to her ministrations. Placing a hand on either buttock Gretel lifted Goldie upwards until she could probe Goldie's anal star with her tongue, something that always sent her brother Hanselwild when she did it to him.

    Goldie moaned loudly as Gretel's tongue probed deeper and deeper sending her wild and unable to reach that far herself had to content with fingering Gretel's ass in encouragement. Gretel returned her tongue to Goldie's clit, flicking and licking while using one finger in Goldie's now wet and open ass. At the same time Goldie did the same to Gretel flicking and nibbling on Gretel's clit although she had two fingers in Gretel's ass which was already lubricated and was fucking her hard and deep. The sensations sent both of the over the top at almost the same time and with a trashing of limbs and cacophonyof noise their orgasms burst through the tiny cottage as they flooded into each other's mouths.

    Lying with both of their bodies covered in a soft gleam of sweat the two women slowly restored their breathing before Goldie tapped Gretel gently on the ass with the words, "Best you jump off love, need to get myself tidied up before the 3 bears get home. Looking for a nice threesome once the little one has gone to bed. You are welcome to join us if you want, DaddyBear has an amazing cock."

    Gretel laughed and shook her head as she grabbed the bright blue cape from the floor, "I need to get over to Grandma's cottage before it gets dark but thank you for the education."

    Blowing each other kisses Gretel quietly left the cottage and set off her journey.


    It was nearing dusk by the time Gretel arrived at the little brick house old Grandma lived in and Gretel opened the door to the dimly lit cottage and shouted, "Hi Grandma, its only me, your adopted granddaughter from across the woods."

    The voice that came back was very gruff and very deep, not at all like Grandma's as it said, "Hello love do come closer."

    Gretel could make out the shape under the bed clothes and from under the covers an almost concealed face peered at her. Gretel blurted out, "Oh my what big eyes you have Grandma,"

    "All the better to see you with," responded the voice raising itshead further.

    "Oh, what big ears you have," said Gretel seeing the pointed furry ears sticking up making her think that this wasn't her Grandma at all.

    "All the better to hear you with," replied the voice and then in a flurry of bedclothes the wolf, which had been in the bed, leapt to its hind legs revealing its naked form with a massive wolf cock jutting out from its groin.

    "Oh,my what a big cock you have," said Gretel wanting to turn and run but transfixed by the sight before her.

    "All the better to fuck you with," said the wolf licking its lips, "after all that’s what you want isn'tit?"

    Gretel felt her heart pounding in her breast as the enormity of the words sank in and she asked herself, 'did she really want to be fucked by an animal, like she was some sort of animal herself?" The reply screamed through her brain like a lightning bolt as she threw off the cape and dropping to all fours turned and presented herself to the wolf, wiggling her ass in brazen invitation.

    The wolf looked at Gretel as she knelt in total subjugation, her breasts pressed to the cold floor and her ass in the air. "Tell me what you want," said the wolf and without speaking Gretel reached between her legs and splayed her pussy lips ready. "I SAID TELL ME," roared the wolf making the windows shake and the wolf loved the way Gretel's ass cheeks wobbled as she shook in fear.

    "I want to be fucked," replied Gretel in a small and timid voice, glancing over her shoulder at the now erect red and angry cock jutting from the wolf's groin, the pre-cumdripping in a steady drip from the end as it stood quiveringto attention like a fleshy steel rod.

    "Louder and more specific," said the wolf, "or I will leave you like this."

    Gretel felt the panic at the thought of being left unfilled run through her body and she spoke with a steadily firmer and louder voice. "I want your big wolf cock in my slutty cunt... in my mouth... in my dirty slut ass if you want. I want to be fucked in every hole like a bitch in heat."

    The wolf smiled and moved over to cover Gretel's body eager to mount her now she had declared her slut desires when suddenly the door burst open and a voice like a steel whip rang outfrom the doorway, "What the fucking hell is going on?"

    Both Gretel and the wolf looked up in unison and standing in the doorway was a woman with a red cape wrapped round her which almost covered her black leather boots. "I am little red riding hood but you can call me Red and the wolf is mine you little slut." Then glaring at the wolf, "and you Wolfie, I am very disappointed in you, we agreed that we would only play together, no extra-relationship flings." The wolf looked embarrassedand went to move away when Red said, "Hang on I am here now so let's give this bitch a proper fucking she won't forget."

    As Gretel watched, Red threw off her cape and stood in a lace up leather top which she undid slowly as she stared into Gretel's eyes. After undoing the laces Red slipped it off her shoulders and cupped each breast in turn in her hands and rolled the nipples with her finger and thumb. Her breasts were large enough that she could lift one to her mouth and bending her head suckle on each of her large nipples in turn. Gretel found herself transfixed by the scene in from of her and gasped as she felt the wolf's long rough tongue lap along her pussy lips. A very different feeling from Goldie's delicate touches from earlier, this was a rough and more insistent lick that sent shivers through Gretel's body.

    Looking back up Gretel saw that the leather hot pants that little red riding hood was wearing had the same lace up affair down each side like the front of the top. Finally with a little cry of joy Red freed both sides together and the shorts dropped to the ground to reveal a large cock that sprung to attention.

    Red laughed as she saw the look of shock on Gretel's face and then roared with laughter when Gretel blurted out, "you are a man, but you have breasts."

    Stepping close to Gretel's face Red smiled down as she said, "Yes I have breasts, yes I have a cock, but I also have a pussy," and lifting her balls up Gretel could quite clearly see pussy lips gleaming. "I am a hermaphrodite," said Red as she slowly fisted her cock towards Gretel's face, "maybe later you will taste my pussy but now I want you screaming like the slut you areas we fuck you." With that Red lay down on her back and holding her cock in her hand pointed it upwards and nodding towards it issued the terse command, "sit on it."

    Gretel leapt to her feet and straddled Red positioning her open pussy over Red's cock lowering herself gently onto it. Red tutted in disapproval and reached up and grabbed Gretel's shoulder's and pulled her firmly down onto the cock grinning wickedly as Gretel moaned half in pleasure and half in pain as Red's cock filled her pussy. Pulling Gretel's body closer Red bent her head and taking a nipple between her pearly white teeth clamped down causing another grunt of pain to escape from Gretel's mouth. Grabbing a large handful of Gretel's hair Red stared deep into Gretel's eyes and knew from what she saw that this was exactly what Gretel craved, she was a pain slut like herself.

    Pulling Gretel's mouth to her own nipple Red sighed in pleasure as Gretel bit down sending waves of pleasure through her body. Reaching round Red pulled Gretel's ass cheeks apart and the wolf moved forward and gave a long lick before rising up and started to jab wildly seeking Gretel's anal opening. Red's small fingers guided the tip to Gretel's ass and once in position the wolf thrust hard causing a squeal of pain to issue from Gretel's lips as he buried his cock half in.

    "Should he stop?" said Red breaking from her chewing of Gretel's nipple, knowing full well the wolf wouldn't stop until he had bred her.

    "No please never stop," moaned Gretel and then her eyes rolled in a heady combination of lust, pain and pure pleasure as the wolf drove his cock fully home. Gretel orgasmed like she had never orgasmed before,lights flashing through her brain as she bucked and writhed as both Red and the wolf fucked her with sperate yet synchronised movements.

    Gretel's howl joined the wolf's as he forced his knot inside her ravaged ass and started to pump his seed deep inside. Red felt like her cock was gripped in a vice as Gretel's pussy was so tight and the movement of the wolf throbbing against her own cock caused her to spurt deep into Gretel's pussy.


    After both of the cocks had gone from inside her Gretel finally staggered to her feet feeling bruised and battered inside and strangely empty. As Gretel bent to pick up her cape Red looked up from where she was sucking the last of the wolf's cum from his cock and snapped, "You won't need that, from now on you are naked."

    "Yes Ma'am," said Gretel bending her head waiting for Red's next words.

    "I have seven very small friends who would like to meet you," smiled Red, "but that's another story.'
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    Apr 21, 2018

    Alex was a ghost. How he got to this state will be revealed in due time. When Alex was alive, he had a fairly normal upbringing, with a normal mom and dad, two sisters, one older and one younger. Elizabeth (Lizzie) was older by 3 years, while Carol was younger by 2 years. Alex was square in the middle.

    When Alex was 13 or so, his hormones started to kick in. Hair started to grow in odd places (odd to him at least) on his body. His chest started to expand along with muscles all over his body, while his hips lost all that baby fat. He also noticed that girls were very different from boys in some decidedly interesting ways. In other words, Alex was well into puberty (a most difficult time indeed!). He started spying on his older sister, Lizzie, but that was a dead end when she almost caught him. From his friends at school, he learned about 'Madam Palm and her Five Sisters', and 'spanking the monkey' and a few other terms for male masturbation. He did it well and often! However, as all boys eventually find out, there was something missing.

    By the time Alex was 18, he was just over 6' tall, an outstanding athlete in several sports and had very few female contacts. Since he was enrolled in an all boys high school, there were few (if any) opportunities to explore the obviously delightful differences between girls and boys. He listened to some of the other guys as they regaled each other with their female 'conquests' and, to be honest, he lied about his encounters with various and sundry girls, many of which were strictly the product of his over active, if vivid, imagination. In other words, Alex was a virgin.

    Well, high school ended with graduation and the summer loomed. Alex was looking forward to spending some quality time between the thighs of the first willing girl he could talk into taking off her panties. Alas, it was not to be. On the first day of summer vacation, several of the guys got together to head off to a graduation party. “Alex, me man – there will be YARDS of very willing pussy for you to sample!”, said Roger his best bud (and a self proclaimed Master Cocks Man!). Alex was all for that! Along with two other guys, they set off for the party. They loaded into Rogers beat up old car (christened 'The Mayflower because, Roger said, “So many girls have come across in it!”) and away they went. On a warm Spring night, they met a semi who crossed the center line head on. Roger and one of the other boys were killed instantly. Alex and the other boy were cut out of the wreckage in dire condition. The EMTs labored over them in the ambulance but the other boy was DOA by the time they got to the hospital. Alex survived but was on life support. In fact, he was clinically dead three times during the ride in the ambulance, only to be brought back by heroic efforts on the part of the EMT.

    After a lengthy stay and multiple procedure in the hospital, the doctors admitted that there was no chance for his recovery. Alex was going to die. The family decided to take Alex home, as they wanted him to at least die in the comfort of his own room. And so, on August 10, 1955, Alex passed away and was buried in the church yard to Rest In Eternal Peace. Well, that's not exactly what happened.

    In the after life, Alex was presented with a choice. He could come back as a baby and start all over again or he could become a ghost and haunt his old home until such time as he could 'do the deed' with a willing live girl. If he could get laid, Alex would be restored to life in the same condition as he was before the crash. He would be equipped to accomplish this feat with a fully functional cock and balls. Now that was an offer he found hard to refuse! “OK – ghost it is!”, he exclaimed.

    In the twinkling of an eye, he was transported to his old home. He found that after life time was really different from mortal time! In the interim, his family had sold the house and moved away. Alex's ghost was confined to the house and couldn't go beyond the front door. The family who moved in was comprised of a mother, father and GOD DAMN IT two teen age boys! No opportunity here, as he needed a willing live girl! Oh well, he had plenty of time to wait. After all, he was dead!

    The years passed and Alex watched the boys grow up and leave home. Vietnam came and went. One of the boys failed to return. The crazy sixties were replaced by the wild seventies, sexual revolution, bra burning, free love, the works! Alex mourned the fact that he was born into the wrong era as he observed the wild goings on in the outside world. All that free and easy pussy and he never even got to cop a feel! The eighties came and went. Now it was the nineties with drugs, booze and yet more sex. He was in a state of almost consistent frustration and started to make his presence felt by doing small manifestations in the house. No one noticed. By now, it was inhabited by two old people who rattled around this big empty barn of a home. At last, they decided to move (“Florida seemed nice”, the old lady said many times) and the house went on the market. It didn't sell quickly and they were still there as the year 2000 dawned. Finally, the place sold – to an older couple who planned to turned it into a B&B for senior citizens!

    “Christ! Can't a guy catch a break!?!”, he exclaimed!

    Well, for the next 15 years, Alex put up with everything from old men who had prostate problem to old ladies who wore Depends and pants suits! Life (or the facsimile a ghost endures) was exceedingly dull. No one noticed the moving candle holders (bad eyesight), the keys that were misplaced (lack of short term memory). or the bumps in the night (hearing aids turned off). “Endure, Alex, ENDURE!”, he muttered to himself as the years rolled by, an endless series of old farts coming and going, with not a nubile young girl in sight.

    “Can't somebody bring along a grand daughter on these trips!?!”, he asked himself. “I'd settle for an ugly fat one – anything with a pussy that isn't mummified will do!”. But it was not to be.

    Eventually, the old couple closed the B&B and put the house on the market. It was now 2016 and the place remained vacant for a year. One fine spring day, a car drove up and a middle aged couple came to the front door with a real estate agent in tow. Alex floated down from his afternoon nap (yes, ghosts sleep from time to time – what else did the poor guy have to do?). “Yes sir! A fine old house in a great neighborhood! A positive steal as the sellers heirs want to unload it as soon as possible”, he heard the agent say. The couple walked around the house, going from floor to floor, looking into room after room. “We'll talk it over and get back to you”, said the man. Alex shook his head and went back upstairs.

    Several weeks later, a moving truck pulled into the stately driveway and started to unload various bits and pieces of household items and rooms of furniture. Something caught Alex's attention – a white single day bed. “Don't get your hopes up, Alex”, he thought to himself. “Could be any thing”.

    Finally, the new family arrived. Alex was plastered to the upstairs window, his ghostly essence hanging like a lace curtain over the glass. Mom and Dad got out first, then the rear door opened and a young boy got out. “AH, SHIT!”, exclaimed Alex, almost shattering the window! He started to turn away when the other rear door opened. Still sitting on the rear seat was a beautiful teen aged girl, with long blond hair, wearing a sun dress that barely covered her delightful legs! As she stepped out of the car, her dress rode up and Alex had a brief view of her pantie covered pussy! Now, if a ghost could faint, Alex would have done so! “At last!”, he shouted. “A real, live girl! And just look at those tits! She's got legs that go on forever!”

    Alex flew downstairs, eager to get a closer look at what Heaven had sent him (“Long overdue!”, he muttered). And, indeed, Heaven had smiled on poor Alex. She was about 5'4”, a positive stunner in looks, a fabulous figure, about 17 years old. With beautiful blue eyes and freckles over her perfect nose. She so graceful she seemed to float when she walked (modeling school had paid off quite well!). Alex knew not to rush this. If the family thought the house was haunted, they just might bolt on him. Silent as a cat, he floated back upstairs, waiting to see which room this young goddess would inhabit. Once that was determined, Alex took up residence in her closet. With the amount of stuff she put in there, he hardly had room to breath (not that that was any impediment as he was a ghost after all!). “Christ! How much stuff does a girl need?”, he thought. Well, as he was to find out over the next few weeks, LOTS!

    Alex spent every waking hour watching this girl. He almost revealed himself the first time she stripped naked in her room! “Wait, Alex, wait!” he cautioned himself, “Wait and watch!”. He soon found out that her name was Lindsey, she was 17 and older than her brother by 3 years. Lindsey had a drawer full of adult toys, which she hid from her parents. She used them very frequently when the house was quiet. She would close and lock her door, strip off her frilly nightgown and kneel on her bed with her head cradled in her curled arms, her breasts flat on the sheets. She would peel her panties down over her hips and pull them off, her blond, fur cover, pussy and ass high in the air. She would select just the right toy and reach back between her spread legs and proceed to work her cunt to a froth! Alex would stand at the closet door, his hand wrapped around his erect cock and stroke himself to climax. He could smell the wonderful scent of her sexual arousal, which pretty much drove him to desperation!

    One night, about a month after the family moved in, Lindsey was in her favorite position, pussy and ass high in the air, face mashed into a pillow, legs spread, a dildo buried about 6 inches into her dripping pussy when Alex could stand it no longer. He slipped out of the closet, floated up over the end of the bed and came up behind her. Lindsey was so far gone in a fuck fog that she didn't feel him grasp the end of the dildo and slide it all the way back. Her hand, which was holding the dildo, fell to the sheet as Alex took over fucking her with it. She started to moan out her climax, her head, nestled in the pillow, muffling her cries.

    “Go for it, Alex!”, he muttered to himself as he dropped the dildo and moved into position behind this magnificent ass and very wet pussy! Not only very wet but a very willing pussy (if he was any judge!). The head of his cock brushed over her aroused clit, sending a quiver through her body. He lowered himself and placed it between her engorged, slick pussy lips, finding the tight ring around her vaginal channel. Slowly, he slide into her, finding no resistance. Yes, Lindsey was no virgin! Deeper and deeper he went until the base of his cock was flat against her ass cheeks. His ghostly hands grasped her hips, pulling her back as he thrust forward, seeking to get as much cock as possible into her cunt! She moaned again and again as he fucked into her, pulling back and slamming forward each time!

    “OH, God! This is HEAVEN!!!”, he shouted in his ghostly voice. On and on he pounded into her, her pussy clasping his cock in what felt like a velvet fist! Lindsey was bucking back each time he thrust forward, pulling away as he slide back. He rocked his cock up and down inside her impaled depths, hitting a soft spot somewhere inside with the head. By now, Lindsey was moaning almost non-stop. He heard her say “Fuck me! Fuck me harder!” Well, he didn't need any orders in that department! His cock was buried as deep as it would go, so he moved his hand so he could investigate the puckered hole that was her anal rose bud, inserting one finger in and feeling his cock through the thin membrane that separated her ass from her vaginal channel. He could feel his cock sliding in and out of her depths!

    After years of frustration and waiting, Alex knew he was going to cum inside this girl. He didn't know if his sperm was capable of getting her knocked up, but, at that moment, he didn't care! All he knew was he was about to blow his load inside her! By this time, Lindsey was having one climax after another and had to realize that there was something fucking into her cunt other than the dildo she had selected for tonight's festivities! That thought seemed to be far from her mind. All she knew was she was getting laid, and very well laid at that!

    Alex's climax was positively boiling in his balls. With a last mighty push, he buried his entire length into her, his cum rushing up and out of the head of his cock! He pulled her back on the hard length of his member, grinding himself against her ass cheeks. His cum jetted into her, wave after wave, pulse after pulse! Her pussy walls clasped his embedded cock, milking it for every drop he could deliver. It seemed to go on forever! Finally, it was over, the after shocks racing down the outside of his thighs, as he bent forward over her ass. His deflated cock slipped from her very well fucked young cunt, his cum sliding out and dripping on to the sheets. He rocked back on his heels, feeling totally drained.

    Alex raised his head to see her looking back at him, a catlike smile on her face. “What took you so long?”, she asked.

    “Huh”, was all he could say.

    “I sensed you from the moment we walked into the house. I knew there was a very horny ghost here. I knew you were watching me and I tried for the past month to entice you into fucking me. What took you so long?”

    “How did you know?”, he asked.

    “I'm a sensitive”, she said. “I can see ghosts and sense them when they're around. You, by the way, are no longer a ghost! What the hell just happened!?!”

    Well, Alex had a bit of explaining to do! He was mortal again, in a strange girls bedroom, a strange girl that he had just thoroughly fucked! A strange, thoroughly fucked girl with a father and mother who just might not understand. He was buck naked, no cloths, no money and really no way out!

    Lindsey listened to his explanation and (after some additional pleading on his part) agreed to help him. She hid him in her closet (which, with all her stuff jammed in, was way too small for a 6' guy, even if he was buck naked!). The next morning she managed to come up with some cloths and Alex was able to make his escape. Money was no real problem for, as promised, he was equipped for his new life. There was a sizable bank balance available for him which he was made aware of through occult means. He took an apartment in town and managed to get a license and car. He continued to see Lindsey, but now as her steady boyfriend. He enrolled in the same college she went to that fall. All in all, despite his gruesome death in 1955 , Alex was one happy guy. He got to fuck this wonderful girl as often as they both wanted, which was often indeed! And life was good!
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    Apr 21, 2018

    One of her favorite Meatloaf songs had just begun to play as Shelby was walked down the path through the woods behind her house. Smiling as she repeated the words, “On a hot summers night, would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?” She loved how the male voice became more passionate with each “yes” he spoke. Picking up her pace, the female asked “And will you love me?” The male, growling and guttural, said “yes”. That particular “yes” stirred something in her, a want she had yet to experience with anyone.

    Warmed up, she turned up the music and began to jog. Her auburn hair, pulled into a pony tail, swung from side to side with each step. Watching the path for roots or wildlife, she was totally focused on each step. She’d tripped on this path before, and that was a long painful walk home, an experience she did not want to repeat.

    Scanning ahead, she noticed something red in the middle of the path. With an abundance of caution, she slowed her pace until she was able to discern what was in the path. It looked, she thought to herself, like roses. Dozens of long stemmed red roses strewn across the path. Turning the music down and taking the ear buds out, she scanned the area with her eyes and ears. Trying to see or hear anything, other than the roses, that looked out of place.

    Not seeing anything, she decided to carefully walk through the roses, not stepping on any of them. Halfway through, she heard…something. Stopping to concentrate on the noise, she didn’t realize she was standing dead center of the beautiful roses. It sounded like galloping. Maybe deer, no heavier than that. Looking around, she saw a fleeting glimpse off to her left. The galloping was getting louder.

    At the turn in the path, she saw a huge black horse, slowing slightly to around the corner and continuing ahead straight toward her. Atop the horse sat a man. Controlling the horse, they slowed until stopped, five feet from her. The horse breathing heavily, his nostrils flared, stamped his foot on the ground.

    Looking down from his perch atop the horse, the man studied the woman before him. Shelby, looking to her right, tried to pick her way through the roses to get to the side of the path. Laughing, the man said “If Thunder crosses the path, his weight will crush the roses. Let me help you gather them.” Jumping off of the horse, he began bending down and gathering the roses.

    Shelby, unsure of what was occurring said, “These aren’t mine, I’m not sure why they are on the ground or who may have left them.”

    “These roses look as if they need a home then, and you look as if you could provide that home. Will you help me pick them up?” the man questioned.

    Shelby got onto her knees and began picking up the roses still laying on the ground. Trying to look at the man, without him noticing, she saw how long and wavy his hair was. How tall and muscular he was. How his pants fit his thin hips and long legs perfectly. Was that a tat sleeve peaking out from under his shirt?

    As the last of the roses were picked up from the ground, the man walked to Shelby as if to hand them to her. “Your arms are already full. Can I help you get the roses back to your home?”

    “But they aren’t mine” Shelby said. “I can’t take these roses home. Someone left them here for a reason.”

    “I see no one around. We shouldn’t leave them here. They’ll die quickly without water. Come, let me help you onto Thunder, and we’ll get them back to your place.” Introducing himself he said, “Raff. Raff Lovett at your service.”

    Swinging himself back into his saddle, he asks “Hand me your roses, and I’ll help you up.” Shelby, raising her arms, hand him the flowers she is holding. Balancing the roses in his right arm, he lowers his left hand to her. “Take my hand. Put your left foot on mine, and I’ll lift you. I’ll place you in front of me and you can hold the flowers.”

    Lifting Shelby easily, he sat her in front of him on the horse and handed her the roses. “What shall I call you?” Raff asked.

    “Shelby. And Raff, I still feel a little odd about this.”

    “Shelby, beautiful name for a beautiful woman. Made more beautiful for the roses you hold. I can’t tell which smells better, you or the roses.” Raff said, leaning into her neck.

    Shelby, feeling Raff’s breath upon her neck, relaxed into him. Lifting her head, elongating her neck.

    Raff, under his breath and directly onto her neck whispered, “Would you offer him your throat?”.

    Using his teeth, he nibbling gently along the back of her neck. When he reached her shoulders, he began kissing the juncture between her neck and shoulders. Wanting to mark her as his, he pulled her skin into his mouth and sucked. Shelby, as if mesmerized, didn’t pull away. Instead she moaned low in her throat, enjoying the sensations.

    Feeling her melting into his chest, he held the reins in one hand and using the other, turned her face to his. He began deeply kissing her. His tongue running along her slightly opened lips. Feeling her opening up to him, his tongue slipped inside her mouth. Her tongue touching his, they were now kissing each other.

    As her attention was completely on his mouth, he moved his hand lower, sliding his hand between her tank top and her skin. Her smooth, soft skin. Sliding upwards, he felt the sports bra beneath his fingers. Lifting it, his hands now held her firm, tight breast in his hands. The nipple, puckered and hard. His fingertips played with that nipple, rolling it, twisting it.

    Sliding his hand down, he wedged his hand between her shorts waistband. As she pulled in her breath from beneath his hot kisses, he was able to move his hand further down. Touching her slit. Sliding a finger along her slit, until he felt wetness, he continued until that finger slid inside of her.

    With his mouth still pressed against hers, he mumbled, and would you offer me your hunger? Pulling his hand out of her shorts, he lifted his head away from hers. Raff looked Shelby in the eye and slid his finger into his mouth, tasting Shelby for the first time.

    Thunder had stopped outside of her house. Shelby, unable to take her eyes off of Raff, hadn’t noticed they were no longer moving. Raff, lifting Shelby into a sitting position said, “I believe this is your house. I’m going to dismount, then help you down.” As Raff lifted himself off of the saddle, he moved Shelby into the seat. Lowering himself to the ground, he lifted his arms and slid Shelby into a princess carry, the roses held securely across her chest.

    Walking into her home, he carried her down the hallway and into her bedroom. Laying her on the bed, he looked around and saw a vase. Taking it to the bathroom, he filled it with water. Sitting on the edge of the bed, he took each rose from her and put them in the vase. When full, he set it on the bedside table.

    “Shelby, I’ll starve without you.” And with that, he turned and began undressing her. Raising her arms in the air, he lifted her shirt above her head. Instead of taking if off, he wrapped it around her hands, still raised, until the shirt had tied her hands together.

    Unzipping her shorts and lifting her hips, he slid the shorts down her long, shapely legs. Seeing her thong wet, he spread her thighs and put his nose against her. Smelling that wet spot. Sliding his tongue along her slit, making the wet spot a long thick stain. Raising her hips again, he took the thong down and off.

    Putting his lips back onto her sex, he began to lick and thrust his tongue into her. She was already wet, and with that treatment dripping. Raff sucked on her, not letting a drop fall from his mouth. Shelby, no longer able to hold her orgasm back, came multiple times. When he inserted his fingers into her, she squirted on him. And a deep, guttural “Yes” came out of his mouth.

    “Shelby, on a hot summers night, would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?”

    Shelby, looking down between her spread thighs at Raff, simply said “Yes”.

    Raising himself, until they were eye to eye, he put his hard cock at her entrance, and sliding it in until he couldn’t go any further, laughed low and said “I bet you say that to all the boys.”
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    Apr 21, 2018

    The young squire trembled in fear. No one in their right mind would travel the forbidden road, but here he was, and alone for that matter. He had been given an important task from his lord, he was to deliver a message to the king of the raids taking place on his lands and send reinforcements. The problem was the squire had two choices, one, go behind enemy lines where he would be guaranteed to be caught and killed, or two, travel the forbidden road. He tried not to think of the risk, but if he was lucky, a band of thieves might be his only trouble. Mythical beasts were rumored to live in the forest surrounding the road, and a slow and painful death could be around every turn. He had been on the road for a few hours when he first smelled it, death. He carefully continued until he found the source. A large hairy beast stood on the path, devouring its most recent kill. At first it resembled a bear, but the joints in the legs weren't right and the jaw moved from side to side instead of up and down as it chewed. The path had become too risky, and his only option was to travel through the woods. After reviewing the map, he realized he could cut through the woods to the South, he would eventually reach the road again, saving him countless hours. However, the woods were designed for the predator and not the prey. There were too many places to hide and stalk, by the time he would notice an attack, it would be too late. But the squire had ran out of options, so he carefully entered the forest. The lad was careful, hiding from tree to tree, examining his surroundings before proceeding. After a while he could see it. The road leading out straight ahead. The excitement of surviving the woods caused him to become careless, which was a dangerous mistake. He felt his legs being swept out from underneath him, his head hitting a rock. He was hanging upside down, dazed and confused when he realized he had stepped on a trap. A trap, of all the things that could have ended his life, he was taken down just yards from the road by a stupid trap. His vision was burry as he saw three figures approaching him. He took a deep breath and succumbed to the injury thinking, " I won't be able to feel the pain of death if I'm unconscious".

    When he awoke, he was naked, tied and bound to an old wooden chair inside a cave somewhere. He looked around and noticed to his left a large pile of bones, some of which were human. He could see a fire out in the distance, and the shadows of his abductors casted on the wall. He closed his eyes and pretended to still be knocked out as he listened. He immediately noticed that they were all females.

    "This could be extremely dangerous! You know what will happen if we go too far?" Said one of them

    "We just have to be careful, we need the seed to produce." Said the second in a voice full of authority, making him think she was the leader.

    "Besides, look at him, he's young. There couldn't be any safer specimen. He will have us cover in cum in no time." Said the third.

    The second voice spoke again,

    "Remember get him aroused by any means necessary, but his seed must be planted deep inside us for it to work, then we can consume him after."

    "These nasty old hags want to have sex with me and eat me!" He thought to himself.

    Even though the squire had messed around with himself before and often, he had never been with a woman before. Now the thought of losing his virginity to these witches seemed worse than death. He was so lost in thought he didn't notice the conversation had ended and the women were now surrounding him. He finally noticed when he felt the soft touch of hands run across his shoulders.

    "Wakey wakey young squire" the leader of the group spoke in his ear.

    The young man was afraid but opened his eyes to see what had pushed his knees apart. He looked down and first noticed the eyes. They were an unnaturally glowing green color, but once he saw past them, he was shocked. These weren't old nasty wrinkly hags, but beautiful young women, well kind of. Their skin was green, their hair was not hair at all, but plant like. The flowers in their hair weren't picked and place there but instead seemed to be alive and blooming on the top of their heads. Without those features they could have been mistaken for average humans. They even had clothing, made from stems and leaves, but to him seemed normal. The woman in front of him was on her knees. She seemed larger than the other two even though he couldn't really see much of her body. Her hair was short, and.... Bushy? Yes, her hair was a bush. Her face was full, with large cheeks that encased her large smile. Her chest was outrageously large, covered by a couple of long leaves woven together that barely covered the nipples. Boobs bulged out from above and below the grass straps.

    He looked to his right and noticed the second woman, the one who had spoken in his ear. Even with her monstrous characteristics, she was the most beautiful woman in the land. Her hair was long, and wild, and vines. Her hair was vines, that moved with her. Her face was asymmetrical, everything sized and placed perfectly. Her clothing was tight fitting, a top that covered the majority of her chest, but showed how round and perky her tits were. A thin strap ran down her tone stomach, veering to the left of her body to keep her belly button exposed. The strap then circled her hip, creating a thong to cover a little of her pelvis before circling the right hip connecting the bottom together.

    Off to the distance was the third and final woman. This woman was clearly much shyer, smaller, and younger than the other two. Her hair was long, thin strips, with sharp edges. Grass, it's grass! Her hair draped over the left side of her face, hiding her left eye. Her body was extremely slender, with small mounts for breast. Her top was also made from grass, with shoulder straps that held a top that covered her chest and upper ribs. Her lower half was covered by a skirt, which was short in length, but wavy in design.

    His focus shot back to the woman in front of him as her hands took hold of his penis. It was semi hard at the moment, but the softness of her hands had him fully erect in seconds.

    "Show him your special skill sister." The leader said to her sister.

    He flinched preparing for whatever painful skill she had when he felt the overwhelming sensation from his dick. He opened his eyes to see that the bigger woman had taken his dick completely in her mouth. The pleasure was nothing like he had ever experienced before. Why did he ever dream of pussy when a mouth was this great. Her mouth was so warm and wet and even though she rocked her head back and forth, she didn't allow much of his penis to ever escape. The leader pulled his head back, and passionately kissed him. He was enjoying this so much, however, the over-heard conversation was running through his head. What was so dangerous? What seed? His cum? Arouse, seed deep, consume... consume? Wait, they are going to eat him after he came! His dick had already grown to lengths it hadn't before. The woman choked on the new size of his penis, pulling it out of her mouth.

    "I think he's ready sister." She said as she stood up still coughing from recently being choked by his penis.

    The squire, for the first time, could really evaluate the body of the dick sucker. Thick in size, her stomach was round but fit, she was not wearing anything below, but the squire’s curiosity of their sexual organs would have to wait; her chubby thighs made it nearly impossible to make out what was happening down below and her bushy leaf pubic hair hid the rest.

    "Why don't we let Nassella go first" the leader suggest.

    Nassella must have been the youngest one, because she immediately began begging with her sister to not have to do this.

    "Oh, please no, it's my first time, and what do I do if..." Nassella said before being cut off by the larger woman.

    "Relax, he's all tied up, I have him all worked up, you're going to have to do it soon or later, best to get it over with." She said to her.

    Fuck she was right thought the squire. He felt his dick filling with cum and soon he wouldn't be able to hold off on shooting a huge load.

    "My cum, that's what they want, you have to resist, you can't allow them to get it out of you." He thought to himself.

    The young woman approached hesitantly. As she drew nearer, she lifted her small skirt up. This time the squire could see everything. The young woman's pubic hair was short, like fresh new grass at the beginning of Spring. The crease between her legs was small in size but hung out, and away from her even smaller legs. She threw one leg over his lap positioning herself over him. She tried to stand on the tips of her toes, but it made her unstable and the larger woman had to hold her to keep her balanced. The larger woman coached her along. She reached down and took his penis and positioned it directly in front of her pussy.

    "Straight down, nice and gentle. Now remember, it's going to hurt, it's going to hurt a lot, but don't stop, take as much as you can, he has to plant that seed deep inside you." She informed Nassella.

    The tip of his penis began to feel the warmth of her insides when he felt a soft barrier. He felt it tear apart like the ripping of leaves. Nassella let out a painful scream and tried to lift off herself off, but the larger woman held on, and slowly pulled her down.

    "Sshh, Sshh, it's ok, it's ok, keep going and it will feel better." The larger woman told her sister gentle.

    By the time her pussy hit the bottom of his dick, the screaming changed into somewhat pleasurable moans. She was his first, and as much as he enjoyed a wet and warm mouth, he thought he was in heaven in her tight pussy. She was extremely tight, as if a rope was wrapped around his cock and squeezing him tight. But that was the best part, it was soft and moist and shaped perfectly to his dick. Instinct took over as she rose herself up and down on his shaft. The tightness lessened a little but was still pleasurably tight on his cock as she moved up and down. She rocked her hips and moaned a little louder.

    "Easy now, he has to be getting close. Maybe he likes boobs, maybe this will help." The larger woman pulled Nassella’s top off exposing her tits.

    Yes, the squire like boobs, but these ones were tiny, miniatures of the full-grown ones he saw passing by brothels. However, they were perky, no sag whatsoever, and even had a small jiggle to them when she thrusted up and down.

    "Easy Nassella, what the hell is taking him so long! Rose take your top off. Put your bigger tits in his face now!" The leader ordered the other woman.

    Nassella was in her own world, enjoying the cock rubbing against the inside of her vagina walls. Rose must have been the name of the larger gal, as she ripped away the thin grass covering her nipples. Her breasts were huge, much larger than the ones from the brothel. She pushed them in the squire’s face. He had dreamt of this often and played with himself after he saw his first pair of tits, but never did he imagine it would be this great. Her nipples were broad and tough, her areolas were bigger than his mouth. He fought hard, holding back his cum that was aching to shoot out like a geyser.

    "It's not working! Nassella you have to stop! Shit hurry do something quick!" The leader was panicking.

    Nessella's body had become uncontrollable, bouncing on his dick like a galloping horse. The leader pulled his head out of her sister’s tits and kissed him with more passion than before. But it was too late. There was a burning rage moving from his pelvis to his thighs. He pulled away to look and saw that Nessella’s crotch had set a flame. Nassella's eyes shot open, no longer green, but red. She screamed as fire blew from her mouth and into his face. The fire rapidly surged throughout her entire body, burning everything until all that remains was some smoldering ashes on his lap.

    "You fucking asshole! Why didn't you cum!" Rose yelled at him as tears rushed to her eyes.

    She slapped him across his face in anger.

    "He is stronger than we thought sister," the leader said behind them, clearly in pain as well " but we can't stop now, we have to collect the seed."

    Rosa nodded in understanding, as a determined look swept across her face. Before he knew it, she was on his lap, his dick buried between her pussy lips, gritting her teeth as she slid down his hard cock.

    She reached up and pushed her boobs towards his face.

    "That was it wasn't! Her tight, small, virgin body wasn't your type. You like fatties like me don't you! You want to get lost in these huge breasts to, you want them to swallow you like mommies did when you were a babe, that's it isn't it? You want to fuck your mommy!" She yelled at him as she thrusted her body harder and faster on his cock than Nassella ever did.

    Her pussy wasn't as great as Nassella's, but between remembering how her mouth felt and the filthy words coming out of her mouth he found himself getting more turned on. He began noticing other things about the situation, like the sound of her thighs smacking against his, her massive breasts slapping him in the face. Her pure weigh pushing down on the shaft of his dick. Oddly enough he felt like he was going to lose it. He had to think fast and her running mouth gave him an idea.

    "Oh yeah, you think your hot shit! Dare you to untie me and see what I can really do to you, you fucking skank!" He yelled back at her in desperation.

    She immediately stopped, shock took her by surprise.

    "Cut him loose!" She yelled at the other woman.

    The other woman when to speak, but Rose cut her off, "I said cut him loose!". As the other woman began slicing each and every restraint, Rose began fucking him again.

    "What the fuck you going to do little boy! You're too much of a little bitch. You won't do shit" she taunted at him.

    If she thought he was going to hurt her, then she was right about him not doing shit, but he had learned from Nassella that he just had to make them cum. However, he had no plan on how to make her cum but knew he would cum any second if he let her continue to ride him. He was going to have to take control. When the last rope was cut he knew he had to do something. He held on to the woman's ass as he flew out of the chair. He was too weak to carry her but was able to launch them across the cave to a nearby ledge. She cried out in pain as her back slammed against the edge. He pulled his penis out of her and spun her around so she was facing the wall. He had seen some of the raiders take women like this, the woman completely unable to stop them and that's what he needed, control. Her ass was rounded, and perfectly large. He slammed his dick deep inside her from behind. She jolted back in pleasure. He saw the opportunity and took it. He reached up and was able to take a handful of branches from her head. As he fucked her harder, he pulled the branches closer to him. She moaned and scream but that didn't stop him, his focus was on being complete control he didn't even feel the need to cum. The other woman rushed behind him and tried to pull him off of Rose. He had to let go of her branches and get a full grip of her hips as he was thrusting into Rose to keep the other woman from taking his power. Then it happened again. The burning heat on his pelvis, the scream followed by the waves of flames over her body. His hands burned and he released an inflamed Rose, falling back onto the other woman. The large woman glowed in flames before an explosion happened and left no remains.

    "They are dying during sex, as long as I don't cum, they die!" The young squire thought as he began to understand what they meant when they had said that this was dangerous for them.

    He spun around quickly to position himself over the final woman. She was ready for him, her eyes locked with his freezing him in the moment, her eyes glowed and looked deep into his soul.

    "Listen here young man, it may not seem like it, but I've been around for a while. The fetishes, the picky body types, it's cute and all," her voice change to a sexy whisper "but it's me they always want, it's me they can't resist, it's me they desire. And right now, here in this moment it is me that YOU desire." She reached down and pulled the thin cloth covering her pussy to the side, her vagina lips opened layer by layer, glistening from her moisture.

    He slid his cock inside her tight wet pussy and watch as her eyes and mouth were half open and a little whimper came out. He almost came right on the spot. There wasn't a single flaw in her body or actions, her pussy was heaven around his dick. He went deeper and her expressions we're more dramatic. He couldn't thrust into her again and see that face, that sexy please cum for me face without shooting his load deep into her and if he did that she’d kill him after cumin all over his dick. He stared down, attempting to fuck her without eye contact, but she reached down and pulled her breasts out from her top. Her tits were perky, large, firm, for it was like they we're molded by an artist. His eyes wandered more, down to her stomach. Her tone stomach laid idle until he thrusted into her, then her stomach filled out, became more feminine, as it seemed like his dick was reaching up that far inside her. There was no winning her. Everything about her made him want to squirt his seed in her. She gentle rubbed her fingers again his arm,

    "I need your cum, give it to me." She softly moaned at him.

    There was no more time, there was no more holding back. He grabbed hold of her legs, pinning them back so he could get deep inside her blissfully tight and wet pussy. She knew she had him and played it up. She moaned with every thrust, she bit her lip and stared into his eyes. He was going to give it his all, he was going to cum and it was going to be worth it. She began begging him,

    "Cum baby, that's right cum for me, fill that pussy up." He noticed she was becoming more impatient with her commands.

    Her sexual teasing was becoming less controllable, that was when he realized he had her. He had her where he needed her, if only he could hold on for a few more seconds. Her hips thrusted back at him, her voice deepened. She arched her back and let out one final scream. He screamed as well as the cum shot like a cannon from his raging penis. The flames shot from her mouth, and the fire engulfed her in seconds. Some green pieces remained, covered in melting cum. His body was blackened from the smoke and ashes as he held a firm grip on his penis, feeling the final few glops of cum drip out. He had survived.
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    Apr 21, 2018

    Ian McConnel pulled up in his brand-new copper colored 2018 Audi R8 V10, the tires screeching to a halt under the canopy of the Savoy Covent Garden in London. Opening his door, the camera flashes began as soon as his black Bally Lajor Leather shoes with buckle detail and red toe cap were visible under the door. Ian stood up closing the door. He was voted most desired man for 2017 and now 2018. He had short spiked blonde hair, blue eyes and a chiseled body, sculpted into a black two piece Dolce & Gabbana wool suit. All the women within his vicinity let out a sigh as he gave them a wave and blew them each a kiss.

    Meanwhile inside the hotel, Cynthia, also known as Cyn, was working security detail for the Man of the Year Gala. The Heart of Eternity had been flown in for this specific event, and Cyn was being paid to ensure its protection. The diamond valued at $16 million dollars, requiring special care. Cyn, an extremely attractive mature woman, physically dominant due to her daily ritual of 3 hours hard paced treadmill running. She had worked in the security field for many years, she was mentally and physically prepared for any potential attempts at stealing the Blue Heart. After placing the last CCTV camera and connecting the motion sensor, Cyn place the glass cover overtop the Hearts stand.

    “Now to go have a shower and get ready” Cyn said to herself as she pressed the up button for the elevator.

    Meanwhile Ian was walking into the hall and noticed that all the women in the room had dressed in their finest to try and catch his eye. The mayor’s wife flicking her hair and donning a big smile as Ian took his seat at the round table.

    “Hello Ms. Tary” said Ian as he held her hand and kissed the top, sensually brushing her knuckles with his lips.

    Ms. Tary giggled with excitement. “Ohhh Ian!”

    As Ian was flirting with the mayor’s wife, Cyn was enjoying a nice hot shower. Hot water splashed against the tile walls and floor, filling the bathroom with steam. Cyn opened the shower doors and stepped under the hot water. She started washing her shoulders and down her arms feeling the water take away the sweat and dirt that had built up after a long day at the job. Next, she moved down her chest washing under her breasts and making sure she cleaned the valley between, letting the water wash over her hard-sensitive nipples for a moment. Then, she moved onto her legs, bending over to wash down her legs and calves, enjoying the water pounding on her back. Streams of water running down the front of her thighs, merging at her clean-shaven pussy. She lathered up her puffy brush that was on a wooden handle, scrubbing every inch of her body clean. Using her hand and a squirt of soap she cleaned her pearl and pussy, slightly stimulating her pearl to near complete erection. Sadly, she didn’t have more time to play, so she rinsed her body and washed her hair, then put conditioning in it to make it nice and soft. After rinsing the conditioner out Cyn turned the tap off and pulled the towel over the glass. She started to slowly towel herself dry.

    While Cyn was getting dressed and ready for work. Ian was thinking back over how long he had known Ms. Tary, realizing that it had indeed been for a very long time. Therefore, he knew her game, and it started nearly as soon as he had sat down. Her high heeled shoes touched the inside of his dress pants, slowly creeping their way upward. She adjusted her chair to be closer and sure enough, not 15 minutes into their conversation and she was pressing the bottom of her shoe along the length of Ian’s cock, massaging it, making it fully erect. Ian slowly moved his hand down and gently moved her foot to the side.

    “Ms. Tary, come now.” He directed her attention away from trying to get his cock.

    “You cum now!” Ms. Tary responded.

    Ian looked at his watch. “Ms. Tary, I have to go! I will be back in 15 minutes!” Then he got up and walked away from a pissed off Ms. Tary.

    As Ian was trying to fend off Ms. Tary’s advances, Cyn was getting dressed for the gala. She stepped into her black deep V-neck gown, pulling her hair to the side, she reached around and zipped up the back, nearly catching her shoulder length deep brown hair. Her perky breasts were visually appealing under the satin fabric. She brushed and teased her thick wavy hair, a golden streak slightly covering her right eye. Next, she put on each of her black Evangeline glittering suede sandals that had high heels. After adding her accessories, she proceeded to check on the diamond one more time.

    As Cyn was walking down the hall she saw Ian walking towards her. She was immediately taken by his appearance and his athletic look. As she scanned him she noticed his red cap leather shoes and his thick thighs, noticeable bulge, firm chest, and his eyes. Eye contact was made, and each smiled a grin of passion as they passed by one another. Cyn did a double take and thought to herself,

    “Holy crap that was Ian McConnel.” She understood now why he had been voted most desired man again this year.

    Cyn made her way to the diamond.

    “It’s gone!” She yelled.

    Lifting the cover, the alarm went off, but the diamond was indeed missing. Cynthia slid into her security role and went to the control room to check the video. Scrolling through there was an image, a man possibly, dressed in a uniform operating a vacuum on the carpets. The image moved closer to the diamond and in one frame it was there, and the next frame the diamond was gone. She zoomed in and thought;

    “Those shoes! I’ve seen those shoes before!” Re-watching the video she could clearly see red tips on the shoes.

    “That guy! The bastard stole the diamond!” With that Cyn became enraged at the fact that she had walked right by the bastard.

    Cyn looked at the active hotel security video and spied Ian going into his hotel room. Cyn looked to see that his room number was 6007, meaning that his room was on the 60th floor. She kicked off her heels and the chase began. The elevator was wide open when she entered the lobby and quickly pushed floor 60. Running down the hallway, she saw his door open. She dove at Ian, knocking him to the floor.

    “What the hell lady!” Ian blurted out.

    Straddling him she suddenly realized she had no undergarments on, and his wool covered bulge was pressing up against her suddenly wet and excited bare pussy. She became very flushed, for it felt so good. She hadn’t had sex in a long long time.

    Ian, a take control kind of guy, rolled her over, quickly becoming aware that she wasn’t wearing panties. He positioned himself at her feet, slowly kissing each of her pink painted toes, dragging his tongue along the top of her foot to her ankle.

    “Ohh! Ian!” She panted as he kissed a trail up her inner thighs.

    As Ian moved up Cyn’s legs to her moist pussy his head starting pushing up and under her black dress, going further Ian finally found that secret treasure every woman has, tickling her pearl with his nose. Ian slowly slid his tongue out and started running it up and down her wet slit, before he pushed her dress up with his hands and spread her legs to give him better access.

    Cyn squirmed “Deeper Ian deeper!” Ian repositioned allowing for two fingers to penetrate between her fleshy thick labia, his tongue lapping at her button.

    He could feel her harden beneath the firmness of his tongue. Slowly he stroked inside her pussy, pausing with his firm tongue deep inside, tasting her moist wetness. His forefinger curling upward and stroking her pleasure spot deep inside.

    “Ohh Ian! I’m going to cum!!” Just then her pearl wiggled out of control and her pussy clamped down on his fingers.

    Her juices flowed down into the palm of Ian’s hand. After catching her breath, she rolled over on top of Ian.

    “I will be right back! I need my essential oils for what I want to do to you!” Ian smiled laying on his back, his cock hard in his pants.

    Cyn walked out the door, got on the elevator and pressed the button for the main floor. Once the elevator started to move she reached inside a secret pocket in her gown and pulled out the Heart of Eternity.

    “I knew I could count on him!” Cyn smiled “He’s definitely the Man of the Year!”
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